On a Train

On a Train
My First Time (off the record) ;)

The reason I say off the record, is because I was never willing to admit this happened, until now.

When I was 16 I went on a train trip across the country with my family. As I mentioned in my earlier stories I am bi, but have been fantasizing about cock since I was young. While on a long stretch between towns I noticed a man that would look at me and smile every time I passed him. I would always return the smile. Back then I was 5’11” and weighed nothing, I was skinny. So I was pretty sure he liked me. He was tall and had dark hair with wide shoulders, looked to be in his forties and seemed very nice.
My friend I was with was always sleeping, my family was boring, and even at night I couldn’t sleep. Needless to say, I was board. I made a decision to try to seduce this guy. I started looking around for good places to have him use me. I loved the thought of an older guy using me. The bathrooms were too obvious, there were parts of a snack bar that were hidden but not well enough. Then I found it. A baggage room that was never locked, I checked it three different times and it was never locked. I figured at night when no one was awake, we could go in there, but would he?
When ever I saw him the next day I would be more lude. Once when I passed his seat I licked m lips slightly. The next time I squeezed my ass as I went by. Another time I actually stuck my finger in through my shorts. He never gave me any signals back. Later that day I was in the snack bar getting candy. As I was sitting down to drink my soda and eat a candy bar he came in. He looked at me and did a double take and smiled. I was so horny by this point, I was so board. I started staring at his bulge in his jeans and I looked up and he was looking at me. I quickly looked away. After he got a drink he sat at the table across from me.
He spoke to me.
“you look board” he said.
I said “I am”
We made small talk for a while I told him I was headin east with my family, he said he was going to see his ex-wife. After a while there was an awkward silence. I spoke up.
“I am so board on this train” I said “there is nothing to do”
He said “I don’t blame you, Im board too”
“I haven’t even been sleeping” I said.
We eventually started talking about chicks. We even started talking about what we like to do to them. The conversation got crazy kind of fast. He mentioned he was dominant and liked young submissive girls, and proceeded to tell me about a young hooker he got once. I mentioned I liked womens’ feet and he really agreed. I mentioned that I was more submissive to girls, that I liked to be dominated. I was getting so hard I had to do something. I said I had to go. As I got up I looked at him with a very serious face and said “I’ll be in the baggage room, one car back, at 2:00 am tonight, it’s never locked and I’ll be very board.” and I walked away hoping he knew what I meant.
That night I was so eager. Would he show? Would he bust me?Would he use me? I was so nervous I had never done anything with a guy but I just loved watching chicks in porns making those guys feel so good. I wanted it in the ass too, but the most I had put in there was cigar tubes, tampons and comb handles. But I wanted it bad.
It took forever for 2:00 am to come. Once it did I got up and went to the bathroom just incase someone was watching me. I crept out of the bathroom and went to the baggage room. I was a lil late and he wasn’t there, so I decided to wait. There was racks of luggage and piles of it. I sat behind one of the piles and behind a rack too, incase someone came in. Just as I was sitting down a train employee came in grabbed something and left. My heart jumped into my throat, and my heart was pounding. I decided to wait ten minutes then leave. Five minutes later the door slid open and there was a pause then I heard a whistle. I did nothing. Then I heard a whistle again, so I lightly whistled back, I heard the man say is that you, I said yes.
He walked over to wear I was sitting looked at me and asked, “do you want to be dominated?” A little nervous I said yes. He said “good, your already in the right position.”
He stepped forward and undid his belt and pulled out the hugest cock I had ever seen. I was a little hesitant, so he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his fat veiny cock in my young mouth. He was not holding back. He began fucking my mouth rapidly and hard. I asked him to slow down and he just said “you’ll get use to it you little cocksucker.” and he gave me one more hard thrust and I gagged and thought I was gonna puke for a second. My eyes were watering, as he took his cock out of my mouth a long string of precum hung between his cock and my mouth. He kept face fucking me for a little while, all the while saying things like, “yeah you little cock whore, swallow my cock” and “yeah, take my huge cock boy slut.” I barely had time to say anything or even think.
After fifteen minutes or so of ramming his cock down my throat he looked down and said, “I’m gonna fuck your boy pussy now.” I was so scared. I said “I think it’s too big.” and I’ve never,” “shut up” he snapped, “I’ll take care of that.” He picked me up and tore off my pants, tore a hole in my boxers and bent me over a stack of luggage. “I’ll loosen you up good” he said. Just then he stuck his tongue in my ass hole and started making out with it passionately, like he was kissing a gorgeous women. “god, you have a delicious ass” he told me. I was in ecstasy, trying really hard not to moan but couldn’t help it. “shut up bitch, we don’t want anyone to hear you” he said. He bagan fingering it while he was licking it and before I knew it he had four fingers in me, spreading my hole, he was good.
He stood up and got ready to mount me, when I asked if he had a condom. He said “no, we don’t need one” “why” I asked, He said “because, I know your clean, and I know I’m clean, and your my lil cum slut so your gonna do what I say!” Before I could respond he slid the head in, and the feeling of his soft dick skin on my soft wet anal tissue, felt incredible. He slowly worked it in, as I began moaning he covered my mouth. He started pounding away after a minute. It felt so incredible, I could feel his cock pulsating in my tight hole as he pumped away. By this point all of my clothes were off and I was getting pounded by a stranger, bareback, in a luggage room, on a train, in the middle of the night.
He flipped me over on my back and started fucking me with my legs over his shoulders. He smiled and said “so you like feet huh? Do you want me to suck on your nice cute toes?” “god yes” I said. He fucked me even harder as he sucked on my toes the same way he did my asshole. Just then he said, “fuck, I can’t hold it anymore” “wait” I said, just then his body tensed up and I could see the veins in his neck as I felt a very warm tickle in my ass as he was nutting in me. He let out a big groan but he was trying to be quiet. I could feel string after string of hot man cum shoot in my young hole. He pulled out of me, zipped up said “good lil bitch, damn” and walked out. I was still laying on my back with his cum deep inside me. I kind of started freaking out because some stranger had just unloaded in me. I got dressed and went to the bathroom to expel his huge load. It was a ginormous load, I felt like it took forever for his load to drip out of my ass. I felt good but weird. When ever I saw him over the next couple days he wouldn’t even look at me. I was so turned on by what happened, but so freaked out I didn’t do it again for years and have not even mentioned it til now.

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