Cheating Bridesmaid

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I was a bridesmaid several months ago at my friend's wedding. Her soon to be husband was from Scotland so he flew over with a group of his English friends. I was pleasantly surprised because they were all quite cute and tall, and spoke with the most arousing accents. We spent several days prior to the wedding all hanging out together taking pictures and building up to the wedding. I hit it off with a tall and very cute twenty six year old Englishman named John. He was very attractive and well spoken, over six feet tall, but very skinny. I don't usually go for skinny guys but he was a charmer.
John knew I had a boyfriend so he kept his flirting with me subtle and I was not planning on misbehaving so I just played along discretely not really expecting or wanting anything to happen. I must say all this leading up to the wedding reception turned me on and by the time the wedding was over and we were dancing at the party, I was having serious thoughts about being a bad girl. The way he was holding me on the dance floor and running his hands over my back and brushing his body into mine was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch him right there.
Well it ran into the night and we all decided to go get in the hot tub at the hotel. John, one of the other groomsmen, my friend Stephanie, and I. The hot tub was unfortunately broken so we all went back to his room to hang out. One of the other groomsmen was passed out drunk in the bed already by this point so we all just sat around talking. It started getting really late and my friend Stephanie went back to her room and the other groomsmen went into the other bedroom in their sweet to go to sleep. This left just John and I sitting alone in his room on the bed with the drunk groomsmen snoring beside us.
Both of us forget he was there and started rubbing our feet together and touching each other playfully with that awkward wanting but knowing we shouldn't. He started playing with my breasts under my bathing suit so I slipped it off so that he could see them better as he proceeded to slowly suck and lick my nipples with previously unsuspected skill. They are brilliant he would say to me as I blushed and acted shy loving every minute of it. I began kissing his neck and rubbing my hands over his body as we began to kiss passionately flicking our tongues together. I knew he was getting very turned on as he was running his fingers into my bathing suit and rubbing my ever swelling and increasingly wet pussy. He had very long fingers which found there way deep inside of me as I began to grind on his hand. I could feel his semi erect cock inside of his pants as my hand began rubbing between his legs, curious as to what his cock looked like. He slowly drew my hand away from him and undid his pants and slid them down his white thighs. He was quite pale but not in a disgusting way just in that English way I imagine.
I was shocked as I looked at him. For such a skinny guy he had the most amazing cock. It was not that long maybe seven inches or so, but it was extremely thick. Extremely thick! It was a nice light color with a head that must have been the size of a golf ball, and the sexiest foreskin that covered about half of his tip. His head was massive and a candy pink which was turning me on at the sight. I love pink cocks. It wasn't as thick as a can but it must have been close, I couldn't even get my fingers anywhere near around it as he squeezed the bottom making his head very full and firm. I slid down his body and got on my knees between his legs as he lay back on the bed, slowly running my tongue up his rather large balls and all the way up his cock flicking and rolling my tongue around on the top of his head. He began to taste salty as I noticed that his cock was beginning what proved to be a never ending leaking stream of pre cum which I began to let run on my tongue and lick onto his cock as I stroked him with my hands. Two hands I might add, a cock that thick needs two hands to do it justice. I pushed his thick head into my mouth and began to suck him with a feverish passion as I turned my head swirling his cock around in my mouth while I squeezed and rolled his thick balls in one hand and twisted his shaft with the other. I could feel my pussy dripping with every salty sensation and taste of his delicious pre cum as he leaked into my mouth. I used all of my tricks and everything I could think to make up for what seemed like ten minutes when I could feel his cock getting extremely hard and he was obviously about to cum soon from the look of the now swollen and protruding veins which pushing through the thick loose foreskin on his cock. I started to lick the slit on his tip as he began to erupt like a stallion of a volcano, licking every drop that I could, which was quite a challenge because he was spraying everywhere at least ten or twelve huge spurts before he just began to run out all over my mouth and down his thick meaty cock. He began to get up to go wash himself off but I pushed him back down on the bed and began continued to slowly suck his cock until I felt him start leaking pre cum as he began to harden up again. He asked me if he could go down on me, and I thought about it for a second, but this cock was so amazing I just wanted to play with it. I told him to just lay back and I was going to suck him until I was tired of it. I sucked him off three more times that night before we went to sleep and passed out friend never woke up. Sometimes girls just need a little fun.

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