“After this you owe me baby, I want that gorgeous sex bomb girlfriend Gloria of yours next week while you watch.”

“Okay, deal, look forward to it,” she smiled as Ric continued kissing her arse with a throbbing erection.

Watching him grab her arse cheeks then slowly slide his ten-inch cock into her as he built up a rhythm was a real turn on especially the noise he made as he slapped into her arse cheeks.

That was a week ago when I arranged a younger bi-sexual man to pleasure both of us for Anne’s forty-fifth birthday.

As part of the arrangement after Anne had him he gave me a tremendous blow job while Anne watched as she stood behind me and teased my nipples. At the same time I could feel her grinding her pubic hair into my arse while she offered encouragement and ogled his huge cock.

The only sex we have had since then is oral sex just once four days ago. I almost feel inadequate with my eight-inch cock after watching Anne take Ric’s huge ten-inch erection in her cunt for one orgasm, then in her arse for another orgasm.

One week later we are in a similar situation. Anne is grinding her pubic hair into my arse while she offers encouragement while her girlfriend is blowing me.

Her girlfriend Gloria really is a gorgeous sex bomb. A tallish and very attractive size 14 blond with a full, voluptuous figure. Gloria has it all legs, arse and tits and she is very uninhibited.

When Anne invited her over she explained why: the expectations of a threesome and the circumstances. Gloria was on the phone with her for at least forty minutes and I could hear Anne telling her how she had ten inches for her birthday present while I watched, enjoyed, masturbated and received a blow job from the other man.

“I owe my man and he asked for you. We are kindred spirits when it involves sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Should be lots of fun and very good sex for all of us,” Anne said as she finished the conversation.

After some small talk when Gloria arrived she was determined to play the moment and maximise the obvious sexual tension.

“You two have quite a reputation for your sexual antics. I am very pleased to be part of it today and really looking forward to it.

“Who wants to be naked first? She teased as she took my shirt off and rubbed her hands over my chest,

“I am going to enjoy Anne watching me pleasure you,” Gloria smiled as she removed my shoes and trousers.

“How about you Anne, are you going to enjoy watching me pleasure your man?” Gloria asks as she removes my tiny black g-string.

“Your cock is far too big for that.

“Would you like me to undress you as well?” Gloria asks without waiting for an answer a she lifts Anne’s very short dress over her head leaving her stark naked apart from high heels.

“Love your body, magnificent thighs and that glorious big arse is to die for.

“Now me,” Gloria smiles as she undoes a long zip and shrugs out of her dress leaving her completely naked.

Gloria really has it all, a full voluptuous figure, legs, arse and tits and she is very uninhibited as we are about to find out.

“I wish you knew how much I have been looking forward to this. Sex with you two is the talk of the town.

“What would you like me to do to heighten your sexual pleasure while Gloria blows you?” Anne asks.

“I love watching you masturbate with your vibrator and the pleasure it gives you with me watching,” I answer.

“And so I shall, I love to please my man sexually. Your turn on is my turn on and right now that really will be a turn on with Gloria watching as well.

Gloria has her hands all over me as Anne positions herself in a chair with a huge vibrator in one hand and teases her cunt lips with two fingers of the other hand.

“Ready when you are,” she purrs as Gloria sits in chair and positions me so she can suck my cock and watch Anne, and Anne watch us at the same time.

The moment Gloria’s lips touch my cock Anne inserts the very noisy vibrator into her cunt and starts moaning.

“So fucking good watching my voluptuous naked friend blowing my man with a vibrator in me, so fucking good.”

Gloria is obviously very turned on watching Anne pleasure herself while she licks along both sides of my rock hard erection, then take it between her very wet lips.

“I love watching this, love it, I have been on a sexual high since I had ten-inches last week, I am so fucking horny, so fucking horny,” she tells us as she works and slides the vibrator furiously with one hand and rubs the sides of her cunt with the other.

“So fucking good, so fucking good, so fucking good, baby yes, yes,” Anne is almost screaming as she orgasms and squirts.

“I have been hanging out for that for a week, so fucking good.

“Now I can give you two my full attention,” she purrs as she stands behind me.

As Anne is grinding her pubic hair into my arse while her girlfriend is blowing me she is recounting how, “A week ago I was watching a man with a ten-inch cock do what you are doing to my man.

“He had just fucked my cunt with his ten-inches.

“Then after he blew my man he gave me ten-inches up my arse while my man watched and held my hands.

“I want to watch Gloria lick you to orgasm after this, and you do the same to her,” I tell Anne.

“And so you will, we have been planning it all week over the phone,” they both answer as one.

“Are you going to masturbate for us while you watch?”

The thought of watching these two very sexy women pleasuring each other while both of them are combining to bring me to orgasm is a wonderful thought and a huge turn on as I ogle Gloria’s voluptuous naked body while she is expertly sucking my throbbing erection.

“Nice big thick cock, but Anne told me she had two inches longer last week, twice she said,” Gloria teases as she licks and teases the tip of my cock.

“What else would you like me to do to bring you off?”

“Fuck me while Anne watches?”

“No dice, Anne told me no intercourse, oral sex only.”

“How about Anne licks your cunt lips while you blow me.”

“Let’s do it,” both women smile as they position themselves on the bed, Gloria on her back, knees up, legs open to accommodate Anne.

“I can taste my man’s cock,” Anne smiles as they passionately kiss each other on the lips before Anne teases Gloria’s cunt lips with her fingertips.

“Love your big tits, what do you do to keep them so firm?” Anne asks she licks each of Gloria’s very erect nipples in turn.

“And I love your glorious big arse, what do you do to keep it so firm? It really is sensational, beautifully proportioned and dimple free.”

“I love a challenge, especially when it involves sexual pleasure and I am looking forward to fucking you with my tongue while you are blowing my man.

“I love pleasing another woman with my tongue, especially while she is blowing my man.”

Just as Anne commences licking Gloria’s cunt lips she motions for me to put my cock in her mouth again.

The sensation of receiving a blow job from a voluptuous, sexy woman, while I am watching my even sexier wife enjoying pleasuring her cunt lips with her tongue is to die for.

“Baby, you are a woman of immense sexual power and mystery, immense,” I whisper as I watch Anne licking Gloria’s cunt lips.

“Glad you like watching, watch and enjoy and keep talking to me. You know I love lots of commentary during sex.”

“Love your tongue on my cunt lips Anne,” Gloria purrs as she momentarily stops sucking me.

“And I love looking at your glorious arse while your girlfriend is blowing me.

“You really do have the world’s best arse, magnificent.

“Gloria is almost as good as you at blow jobs.

“The way she licked to both sides of my rock hard erection was magic.

“Then she licked the tip of it.

“Then she swallowed half of it while you watched.

“And her technique is very good.

“Lick, suck, lots of tongue pressure, then blow.

“Remember the first time we fucked? You were a challenge, and I thrive on challenges.

“After we fucked was the very first time I had seen your glorious big arse naked. Magnificent, an epiphany moment to savour forever.

“The first the time I watched you pleasure yourself sitting in a chair naked with a vibrator was very exciting, especially when you told me to masturbate while you watched. We both had huge simultaneous orgasms.

“Then one night you told me you would love to watch me fucking another woman, no kissing though.

“And a few days later you did watch, even though her man expected to have me as well while you watched and masturbated. You were far more exciting than her.

“Do you remember the first time you watched another man give me a blow job? He really was a big hunky man and very well hung.

“I held out for almost half an hour while you had your hands all over me and you kissed me.

“You were teasing your cunt lips all the time with your fingers.

“You were stark naked but he had no interest in you.

“Though you were impressed by his big cock.

“You told him my cock was never that hard for you, though at the time it was hard for both of you.”

“Love you teasing me with your tongue and teasing my nipples with your fingertips, love it, you are very good Anne, especially with your man’s cock in my mouth.”

“Watching you two while Gloria is blowing me is so good, I can’t hold out much longer, not long at all,” I tell them as I can feel a huge orgasm building.

“Are you going to cum for me baby?” Anne whispers to Gloria. “Then I want you to lick me, I am so turned on.

“Are you going to cum for me baby?” she repeats as I watch her pinch Gloria’s nipples.

I can sense Gloria is very close to orgasm as she increases the pressure on my cock.

“This is almost as good as the first time another woman watched me fuck you. Something I had fantasised about from the first time I had you. She was really impressed watching me fuck you from behind. She loved your glorious big arse and she tongue kissed you and talked to you all the time.”

“Are you going to cum for me baby?” Anne asks again as I watch her pinch Gloria’s nipples very hard while I am hovering on the edge of a huge orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Gloria answers as she momentarily stops sucking my cock.

“So fucking good.

“Now me, fuck me with your tongue while my man watches Gloria. He wants to masturbate while he watches another woman pleasure me. And I want to watch him.”

Anne is standing sideways in front of a wall length mirror with Gloria kneeling in front of her.

I have just watched Gloria kiss and lick my wife Anne’s glorious arse cheeks with great enjoyment and sexual pleasure for all of us.

“You have a magnificent and awesome arse, now I want to lick you to orgasm while your man masturbates,” Gloria tells Anne.

A short time ago I had received a brilliant blow job from Gloria and my erection was no more.

However, as soon as I saw Gloria kneel in front of Anne, prise her legs apart and commence licking her cunt lips I had a raging erection again.

I find it very exciting watching another very sexy woman naked woman pleasuring my naked wife who is wearing her heels to accentuate her legs and arse.

As Gloria grasps Anne’s arse cheeks with both hands and licks her very teasingly, I hear her whisper, “Like that baby? I want to pleasure your cunt lips until you scream.”

“Promise me,” Anne smiles back.

I sit myself on a chair close to the two women and rub oil all over my erection and start teasing it with my fingertips.

“I love watching you licking my wife like that Gloria. And I can see Anne likes it as well. And masturbating while watching is a bonus.

“Is she good baby? Do you like the way she is licking your cunt lips? I can see her tongue on your clit. Do you like her digging her nails into your arse cheeks?”

“Yes, she is very good, very, very good, and I love watching you masturbate while another woman is licking my cunt lips.

“This time last week I was watching a man with an eleven-inch cock blow you.

“Now you are watching a woman pleasure me while you masturbate. Which do you prefer?”

“Nothing like the current sexual pleasure, the next one always promises to be the best and it is very exciting watching you being fucked with Gloria’s tongue.

“I love the way Gloria is licking and pleasuring the full length of your cunt lips while I masturbate for you.

“Kiss and lick my arse cheeks for me while Gloria licks me, I am getting close.

“Very close baby, I love the way you kiss and lick my arse.”

I can sense Gloria increase the intensity and pressure of her tongue and lips on Anne’s cunt lips.

“So close baby, so close, I love the way you kiss and lick my arse while another woman is licking my cunt.

“She is so good.

“So close baby, so close.”

Anne is groaning with pleasure and I can see and feel her tensing as I bite her arse to heighten her orgasm while she screams with pleasure.

At the same time I tease my very erect cock to a glorious orgasm with my fingers with two women watching.

“So good baby, so good. Next time you two fuck can I watch?” Gloria asks.

“Even better I would love to have the man with the eleven-inch cock while you both watch, please baby?”

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