Syphrice Don Vladimir's Chronicals pt. 1

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Her dad was even prouder than when she won her college pageant. Sally was happy to have him still in her life; especially since her mother pasted away. And with this new model contact, she was going to buy a reliable truck for hard working father. For her 24th summer birthday present, she wanted to go to New York: where a lot of her college friends moved. Her father mentioned some cousins, from her mother’s side, near the city. She was definitely looking forward to meeting them. It won’t be too long before she would get the chance to finally meet me.

083008-10:15am - The aroma of the boiled shrimp reminded me of a time when I would go out to the Pathmark supermarket which was at least a mile away, at any hour of the night, just to satisfy Sal's desire for shrimp. I would bring it home, strip my 6'-201 lb self down topless-oiled well-framed chest, shoulders & arms and noticeably defined abs, down to my shredded jeans top button open-hanging off of my bubble butt and walked around bare foot, prepared and cooked the shrimp immediately. Burned my forearm bad with the boiling hot water, kept cooking. And prepare it on a tray, in a decorative style, with a dipping cup of warm buttermilk. And when I'd watch her take her first bite with her pleasurable smile and satisfied eyes. She quickly glanced at the large swelling-red scar on my arm. I would either hum or sing some R&B and found pleasure in doing so. The nicely trimmed thin mustache smirk on my face told her all she needed to know as to why I did it. So, I quietly left her to her favorite show, "Top Model"; and favorite treat.
I went in the living room, entangled the soft, warm fur of the throw rug in between my just pedicured bare toes; as I felt the inviting heat from the crackling logs in the fireplace. I grabbed my spanish guitar aside the large, cream colored leather sofa. I started strumming the intro "I'm So Sick" by Neyo. I closed my eyes and hummed the lyrical melodies, as I was really getting into the rhythm.
I felt a presence near me. Figuring it was her, I change it to her favorite spanish song. She didn't know what it meant or what the lyrics was saying, but all she knew is the melody penetrated her body, sent soothing shock waves of subtle pleasure down the sides of her neck, and pulsating jolts of ecstasy down to her already moist pussy. As I squinted my eyebrows together, I concentrated on the notes, stroking the strings sensually, perpetuatingly making luv to the spanish guitar. I wanted her hot, ripe and ready for me. I finally open my eyes, the once deep brown color of my iris grew to a chestnut brown, then a bright brown as I hungrily stared at her 5'9" self swaying her hips left & right in only my long white tee; on the edge of the coffee table immediately in front of me. She had one arm up and over her head as her head leaned on it-tilting back a little, the other hand caressing her perfect 36Cs, grazing her nipples through the white cloth and caressing her small model figure. She had her long legs crossed around the thighs and ankles squirming in anticipation. She knew what I could do, and love to fight it anyway. I snarled with a half smile revealing my slowly growing white fang. As the color of my iris in my eye now grew to a blue/gray (like a white eskimo wolf) I used my seductive powers to gradually unravel her legs. She tilted her head at me focusing on fighting the urge. Her smirk told me she wasn't going to make this easy. I stroke my spanish guitar faster, picking up the tempo. She moaned and squinted her eyes in passion, turning her head left & right trying to block out my distraction. Her knees shaked and knocked against each other as she drove the balls of her small bare feet into the curls of the long haired throw rug. I unconsciously said,"submit to me!" She wailed in seduction as she gave way. Her legs parted just as the first drop of her warm juices fell from the coffee table onto the rug. My heart began beating heavily as the site of her nectars oozing out of her clean shaved pussy-into a puddle on the table glistened from the light of the fireplace; it took me over. My already oak wood hard cock pulsated; about to burst out of my jeans. She snickered and said, "You see, trying to be Mr. Seductive. I knew this was going to happen. Now you're hungry." I sarcastically smiled & laughed at her. Then took one hand, palm open, to elevate her entire 125 lb body independently from the table. "Whoa! Hmm, ha ha. You haven't did that in a while.", she giggled as she floated, hovering over the table. "Hmm, you haven't resisted me in a while." I returned as I carefully set aside my spanish guitar with the other hand. Then signaled our surround stereo to turned on "One in a Million" by Aaliyah from across the room. I slowly spinned her as she danced in mid-air with all the trust in me not to drop her. Another drop of her sweet nectars, from a soft hot pink lips, made it's way to splash on the coffee table. Beinging a neat freak and loving a woman's sexual liquids, I slowly motioned the levitation of all her still warm juices on the table over to me. I sensually glided my tongue over my thick pink lips, then bit the corner of my bottom lip in anticipation. As she was just spinning over to see what I was up to, she folded her arms and said, "I want some too!" Just as I was slurping up the last drop. I felt the burn on my arm start to heal. I joined her in air, cupping her face with both my hands as we spinned. Kissing her passionately melted her like butter as her arms and legs fell to a dangle. Then rose back to life, wrapped her arms around my neck and probed my surprised mouth for her pussy juice. That sent us ravishing in ecstasy as she unzipped my boxerless jeans and I pulled my white tee from over her head and let them all fall all the way down to the rug. With our eyes closed, our tongues explored each other's mouths as our hands fondled and groped each other all over. At this point, I motioned us horizontally immediately over the large leather couch and faced her toward it. I then nipped at her bottom lip and smirked. She slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes grew wider as she shrieked. I let go and dropped us on the couch. She pounded on my chest, "You ass! You promised you won't do that again!" She detested. "I couldn't resist", I laughed. She started marching off, crawling over me. "Where do you think you're going?" Just as her hot pot was immediately over me I wrapped my arms around her thighs to pin her. "Let me go." she command. I started to lick the lips of her wet pussy, cleaning up her precious nectars. She moaned and collapsed on me. She gyrated her clit on my tongue as she closed her eyes, held her weight up with one hand on the couch arm and the other caressing her face, neck, and making her way to her chest then twisting her hard quarter inch nipples. I grabbed her cute ass-cheek for balance as my other hand slowly made it's way over my chest, abs and down to my trimmed pubic hairs. I wrapped my hand around my hard member and stroked it long and slowly, clenching my bubble butt cheeks together as I made my way down the base of my shaft. The low bass moan of my voice caused her to stream even more female cum into my awaiting mouth. Her squirming signaled me to hold tight to her buttocks and secretly wrap my other arm around her leg. She moaned loudly,"Oh shit, Syphrice! Ah, fuck!" She slowly sneaked her hand behind my head. Then she squealed as she began bucking as the vise-grip of her hand behind my head locked me in. I was trapped, but loving it, as she grinded her erect love button hard against my tongue. A wave of numbing warmth took her over "Y-yah s-see, this is wh-whachu g-get for f-fucking with me!" She studdered through her long orgasm. "Oh, ah. Oh shit; wait!" She was trying to pull loose as she realized the grip of my arms around her legs tightened. I firmly pinned her to me with one arm and was sucking her pulsating clit hard, as my middle&ring fingers made their way between her lips and inside her warm gushy pussy. I closed my eyes and squinted my eyebrows again, turning my head to one side as my fingers found her G-spot. I mechanically finger-popped the shit out of her coochie, each time I pulled out a few drops of her nectar spilled out. I can feel her vaginal muscles clenching around my fingers as another hot wave climaxing passion was growing in her. "OH FUCK! JUST. OMG! Aaaaaaaaaaah shshiiiiiiiiitt!" Her yell echoed through the halls of the house. The room was spinning fast as her eyes fluttered and rolled to the back of her head. She went in erotic convulsions as her hot juices streamed a long squirt directly in my mouth waiting wide open. I almost choked at trying to swallow it all. She jerked and had spasms, then to top it off, I lapped my tongue at her clit; which sent her into seizures of pleasure. Then she collapsed on me, her head and arms hanged over the edges of the couch. I pulled from under her,"Baby?" Put my hand under her nose, still breathing. She pasted out again. I picked her up into my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and made my way to the bedroom. My hard-on bounced all the way into the carpeted bedroom. I gently laid her down on the california king sized bed and pulled the cover over her naked body. I watched her peacefully satisfied expression, while I ran my fingers through her hair over and around her ear. With that she came to,"wait, I'm not finished with you yet." She muttered. With what little recovering energy she had, she pushed the covers off of her and slowly slumped over onto her stomach

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