Daddy's Big Debt

Dahlia couldn't remember where she was.

In fact, she couldn't quite remember what she was doing stark naked in the middle of her dark bedroom.

With a muffled groan, she tried to prop herself up on her elbows but only got as far as the groan - she was tied in place.

"Oh my God!" she thought.

This was a bad dream. It had to be! Desperately she tugged at the restraints on her wrists above her head. Now that she was fully awake, she could see that she was strapped down on her own mattress, completely stripped and spreadeagled with both her wrists and her ankles bound tightly to the four posters of her bed. In fact, there was even some kind of cold and heavy metal collar encircling her neck.

Dahlia began to scream in earnest. This couldn't be. It was a nightmare. Who would ever do such a thing to her? Were there intruders in her own house? The twenty-one-year-old girl began to leak salty tears from her eyes as she frantically tried to think of a way out of this.

"It's no use."

Dahlia gasped and whipped her head to the side. Out of the gloom she could just barely make out the silhouette of a manno. Three men. No, seven. They were all tall and powerfully built, and in her prone position, their shadows danced menacingly on the wall like guffawing dark angels.

The one that had spoken stepped up and flicked on her lamp. The sudden light blinded her for a moment; she blinked and squinted, and then focused on her quickly approaching attackers. All wore masks over their eyes as if at a masquerade ball, and all wore black. One sweep of her eye told her that each one had a discernible bulge in his pants.

Her breathing quickened.

"W-who a-are you?" she squeaked out.

The first who had spoken, seemingly the ringleader, cocked his head to the side and considered her for a moment. "Does the name Jesse Ferguson mean anything to you?"

She gasped. "My dad?!"

He grinned evilly while the other men shared a round of chuckling. "Well, let's just say your old man paid off a big debt to us with something other than money. Something we couldn't refuse."

Dahlia was starting to go dizzy with the whirl of events, still trying to process what this meant. At last she managed to get out, "B-b-but why? What did I do? Why are you all doing this to me? Why?"

"HmJesse may have mentioned something about his little virgin cunt girl finding out about his affair with Sonya."

Dahlia bit back hot tears. She shouldn't even be in the humiliating position right now, with these bastards talking to her this way! "Please. Just let me go. Tell my dad I promise not to tell my mom. And - and I'll pay you! Whatever you want! I have money. I'll pay you everything he owes! Just please, please don't do this to me!"

"Shut up, bitch!" one of the taller men in the back snarled. "Enough of your whining!" He strode toward the bed swiftly, picked up something from her pile of destroyed clothing on the floor, and stuffed it into her mouth before she could even struggle further. Dahlia sobbed and gagged on the material. It was her own panty, laden with her long-day juices. She tried to spit it out, but all to no avail. Now she began to sob in earnest.

"Shut up!" the man repeated, slapping her so hard that her head whipped back on the bed.

The ringleader laughed. "She'll be a fun one, boys! Get me some tape."

Another guy produced a roll of duct tape; the leader tore off two strips and slapped them on over her panty-filled mouth, nearly sealing off her nostrils so that she started to heave and gasp for air.

"You like that, don't you, you little slut?" the leader spat.

Dahlia shook her head violent. She was trembling all over now, from her limbs to her belly, straining away in the coldest, most chilling fear she had ever felt in her life. One by one the rest of the men were now closing in on her - they were touching her, kneading her muscles, patting her mound, slapping her ass cheeks and pinching her nipples until she squealed in pain. Several laughed.

"Why, you're still a virgin, aren't you, cunt?" one of them whispered in her ear. "Your daddy was right! You'll be so much fun."

"Aww, Rick, just get it fucking over with. Move over."

Before she knew it, a thick calloused finger was groping around the bulging lips of her vagina. Dahlia squealed into her gag and bucked for all she was worth, squeezing her legs together as hard as she could. But it was no use. Her restraints were cuffs of steel.

The finger pulled out for a moment, and for a brief second Dahlia dared hope the slimmest hope that they would all just change their minds and go away. But no.

In a flash the thick finger plowed straight into her virgin hole, which was the tightest and driest any of the men had ever felt or seen. Dahlia shrieked at the raw pain of skin inside her. The man continued to finger fuck her, pulling out and then sliding back in rapidly and digging into her inch by inch until finally he was buried up to the third knuckle. The tip of his sharp nail brushed up right against her tight little hymen.

He grinned. "Oh, she's a virgin, all right."

The leader wordlessly shoved the guy out of the way, cruelly ripping his finger out of her cunt. Her lips closed with a smack. But all too soon there was the ominous rustle of pants being let down, and then another warm object resting on her labia - the head of his dick.

Dahlia struggled for dear life. She kicked, she screamed, she jerked her head up and down against the choking collar. Her mind was an incoherent mess of "Lemme go lemme go lemme go oh God please help me lemme go lemme go!"

Suddenly there was a click and then the feel of a cold metal barrel on the side of her head. "If you don't quit struggling, bitch," snarled the leader, "you're gonna feel three rounds of bullets in your brains. And then we're gonna fuck you anyway. So if you wanna live, keep still and shut the hell up."

Dahlia whimpered and at last ceased her struggles.

The leader smiled a toothy smile and then leaned back again to guide his pulsing cock toward her cunt. In a second the head had popped in, and he was slowly and methodically pushing in and out of her, sinking deeper by an inch each time. She had never been fucked before, and her almost dry vagina clung around his penis, making her rock back and forth on the bed each time he slid in or out. Her breasts jiggled, and with a low chuckle, he grabbed one and began kneading it, twisting and pinching the nipple till she yelped.

Just then he pulled out all the way and rammed himself to the hilt inside her. Her cherry burst open, and she screamed against the pain for all she was worth. She was being ripped apart. No one could take anyone as big as him. He had to be at least a foot long!

"Stop crying!" he barked.

Now he was rough. He grabbed her hips, his dirty fingernails digging painfully into her soft flesh, and used her waist as a leverage to slam himself over and over and deeper and deeper into her. His balls were slapping against his ass cheeks in rhythm to his thrusts. Dahlia couldn't stop crying.

The leader made some kind of gesture with his head, and immediately one of the tall men jumped onto the bed and straddled Dahlia across her chest. Her ripped the gag from her mouth, making her scream involuntarily a second time, but he paid no heed. In less than a second her open mouth was filled with his huge dick. The head penetrated the back of her throat, blocking her voice and making her gag twice as hard as she had on the panties. He pulled out a little and then thrust hard, burying himself in her mouth and bringing tears to her eyes. Her jaws were stretched to the limit; she didn't know if she could take any more of him.

The guy moaned in ecstasy. He paused only briefly to whisper in her ear, "Just remember, slut, if you even think of biting me, I'm gonna blow your eyes out." Dahlia shuddered and opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and the man yelled, "Good bitch!" before driving himself all the way in.

The leader was still pumping faster and faster into her pussy. She had grown somewhat accustomed to his girth now, but the sides of her vagina were still sore. Yet now she began to feel a tingling feeling somewhere deep in the pit of her stomach, a feeling that made her shudder with almostpleasure? No! This was rape! She was not a slut. There was no way she could be enjoying this! At the mere thought, she began sobbing again.

Suddenly the man inside her mouth went still and hard, and then his cock shuddered spewed out load after load of thick white semen right down her throat. She choked and struggled. There was no way she was swallowing his cum! He growled and grabbed her by the hair and rammed her head back down on his cock, blocking her nose and forcing her to swallow at all costs lest she suffocate to death. After three or four painful long gulps, he finally released her and stepped off the bed, leaving a trail of cum from her mouth across her face. He was almost immediately replaced by another.

The leader now took his turn to cum inside her cunt. Dahlia started to shake her head, dizzy with denial. She was a virgin. She'd never taken pills. She could be pregnant with this fucking rapist's bastard tomorrow!

And so it went. As soon as the leader stepped away, leaving her hole gaping and empty, another quickly stepped up and rammed himself deep inside her. As soon as one climaxed inside her mouth, another shoved him out of the way and had his way with her throat. She swore she could feel her insides bulging and sloshing with all the cum inside her by now.

Dahlia passed out more than once through the entire nightmare. Suddenly the hellish daze was broken by brief and ripping pain - someone was sliding her restraints around so that she was now face down on the bed with her arms stretched and twisted hard over her head, and her finely sculpted butt was sticking up perkily into the air. Someone guffawed and spanked her hard a couple of times, making her yelp with the combined sensations of pain and wet pussy.

"Bet you're a virgin through and through, aren't you?"

Dahlia had no idea what he meant. But when she felt the familiar thick head of someone's cock pushing around for her asshole, she knew exactly what was happening to her and exactly how much it would hurt.


"Shut the fucking hell up, you worthless piece of shit!" The leader thrust something up her dripping abused pussy - his gun.

Dahlia gasped and shuddered until she was perfectly still.

"There's a good bitch. Follow your masters, and you won't get hurt."

He moved around again to her remaining virgin orifice and guided the head of his penis to the hole. His dick was still liberally coated with cum from her cunt, and now he easily popped the first inch or so into her tight hole. God, it was tight. It was heaven.

"I'm begging you, please, I'll do anything! Just please don't take - aaargh!"

Somebody had shoved his slobbery mess of a cock straight up into her mouth to shut her up. He deepthroated her even more roughly than all the others, and silently the ordeal began.

Now another masked guy slid in under knees until he was face to face with her, grinning wickedly. She widened her eyes as it hit her fully what they intended to do with her. Still filled to the back of her throat with manmeat, she struggled and tried in vain to close her pussy. But it had been mercilessly ripped wide open by these fuckers, and there was no way out of. He laughed once and drove his spike into her well-used cunt. "Gawwd!" he groaned. "You've taken seven loads of cum and you're still so fuckin' tight!"

Dahlia had no time to react anymore between the cock in her mouth, the cock in her pussy, and the cock now invading her ass. The leader was taking his time, twisting and twirling his dick just inside her sphincter, teasing her and making her breathe hard and quake with fear. She would never know just when he would do it.

Then he began easing himself in, not half as gently as the first time, going more than an inch at a time with each new thrust. Dahlia couldn't help it anymore; she shrieked and wailed and screamed against the penis in her throat as much as she could with her severely constricted breathing. Getting her cherry ripped was nothing compared to this. Her asshole was completely dry, lubricated only by the cum on the leader's dick, and there was nothing to stop the agonizing pain of being torn slowly piece by piece in half. She felt like she was taking a telephone pole up her ass. It filled her, solid as rock, seeming to push all her organs aside and make her belly bulge. The man underneath her was still pounding her pussy, and now that the new cock in her ass was starting to rub against the membrane between her two canals, she felt she would die. Her calves were aching and her arms and shoulders were burning from the pressure of the restraints, and she felt like she barely swallow, much less breathe, with the metal collar still around her neck.

With one bestial roar, the leader pulled out of her asshole and rammed back all the way in to his balls. She gave one tortured scream and then passed out.

But fate was not merciful enough to let her sleep through this hell. Barely seconds later, Dahlia awoke woozily to the now comparatively easy feeling of a guy cumming continuously into her mouth. The hot, sticky semen coated the insides of her mouth well until she could hardly even move her jaws to make a sound. Her mouth was then filled again with another long, thick dick. Her gauntlet was starting all over again on a whole new scale.

The man below her was still pumping away enthusiastically at her cunt, no doubt pleased by how the leader's cock in her ass made her canal even tighter. The two men pounded ruthlessly at her in unison, sometimes alternating, more often driving into her at the same time until she felt she was literally impaled on two arms.

When would this end?

Without warning, the man in her pussy pulsed and climaxed with a roar. The hot cum burned her insides, and all of a sudden she felt that twitching in the pit of her stomach again. A new cock began pounding inside her, and her asshole stretched more and more to accomodate the leader, who seemed to be nearing his own climax. Dahlia started to trembled uncontrollably. It was a wave of heat, lust, pleasure - unexplainable, ineffable pleasure. The new dick inside her was stimulating a particular spot each time it pumped in and out. It was building up, gaining pressure, pressing her in on all sides until she felt she would burst. Then it happened. She bit down on the cock in her mouth and screamed for all she was worth, bucking and kicking and writhing on the bed with the painful intensity of such pleasure bursting inside her.

The leader cummed at the same time, shooting his record long stream of semen into her belly with a frenzied yell. He breathed hard and then slapped Dahlia's ass cheeks hard. "You liked that, didn't you, you whore? Didn't you? Huh? Didn't you?"

Now Dahlia was quivering in the last throes of her ecstasy and in fear of the realization of what had just happened. She'd just had her first orgasm, and she'd had it while being raped by three different men at once.

They were right. She must be nothing but a dirty little slut.

As soon as the cock in her throat pulled out, she drank in ragged breaths of air and gasped, "Pleaseno moreplease"

"No way!" one of the other man yelled. "I'm having a go at that amazing ass of hers!"

Dahlia wailed. Then she was plugged up again repeatedly as the rest of the gang had their turns at every single one of her abused holes. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, dazed with pain, shame, and pure exhaustion. How much longer would this last? She almost wished she had simply resisted and gotten herself shot instead.

"Hey, boys!" said a new voice from the doorway. "How come you're getting all the fun? Wasn't I invited to the party too?"

Dahlia shook her head to clear it - the voice was so familiar. Then she flew wide, wide away with a gasp. "Daddy?!"

Her own father came swaggering up to the head of her bed, all stripped and erect jewels in full view, and leaned down to wink at her. "Hey there, Squirt."

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