Kara, My Love

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“So it’s going to be one of those days?” I think to myself as I suck on the scratch I just received from the corner of my desk as I leaned down to pick up one of the shoes I’ve been dreading wearing since last week when I realized my holiday was over and had to rush to try buy all my books for the year, my final high school year. Was I sad to leave it all behind? All my friends, no, family, that I’ve come to know over the past five years? To know this was my last year to play school boy rugby, my last year waking up early just so I can get to school early so I can hang out with my bro’s? You bet your ass I was, my mind had been plagued constantly with these thoughts since yesterday morning when the full realization of this fact hit me as I was playing CoD: black ops 2 online against my friends, my brothers, Joe, Roman and Chris. Now don’t think I’m not looking forward to the future, quite the opposite, I’m ecstatic, I’m thrilled, the next three years of my life are completely planned out, I’m moving down to the east coast, Umhlangha specifically, I just got my car for my 18th a couple days ago, a Porsche Cayenne, and I’m going into a zoology course at the local university. I couldn’t ask for more. Anyway, back to the story, so I stop sucking on the scratch and see its bleeding, and quite heavily, “Way to go Michael, great start to the day” I grumble to myself as I run it under some water in my bathroom basin, it finally stops bleeding so I disinfect it and wrap it in a bandage so it doesn’t go septic knowing my luck. I go back into my room and see that it’s still too early to get going, so I sit down and connect my phone to my sound system (it’s basically a high-end surround sound system that I integrated a Bluetooth chip into so I can connect to it) and put my S4 on shuffle, I then proceed to fall asleep, typical.

I woke up in a flat panic not knowing what the time is, only to discover I’d only been asleep for ten minutes and that I could finally warrant leaving without my sister, Joe was having car trouble, so I needed to pick him and his little sister up, by little I mean a year younger than me, and two younger than Joe. I wrote a note and left it outside my sisters door explaining why I left, said bye to my mom, and left to pick up Joe. It was a rather short drive, but on the way there are a couple long straights with almost no traffic, and I think I clocked about 280kmph on the longest stretch. That Porsche is big, but fuck it can move. I get to Joe’s house and he and Hannah (little sister) are waiting outside the gate, he only noticed it’s me when I stopped right in front of him and said “hop in”, I swear, I’ve never seen him look so surprised, his face is PRICELESS, “dude! No ways! Your mom ACTUALLY bought it? I thought she was kidding!” he says, “I know man! Hey Hannah” I say, “Hey Mike” she replies and gets in the back, “congrats with the car” she says with a smile and then promptly closes up as usual, she and I have never exactly got along, we can talk if we have to, but we aren’t friends, and it suits me just fine. On the way back to school I top out at 270kmph on the longest stretch, we get to school and Hannah says thanks and then runs off to her little group, Joe and I just sit in the car and wait for Roman to show up (Chris is my oldest friend and is pretty much literally my brother, his older step-sister married my dad and we are now related, we’ve known each other since we were 5, and he doesn’t go to the same high school as us) many of the guys stop and check out the car and drool and then walk off feeling slightly green, and a couple girls too. Roman gets there and re-acts much the same a Joe did.

The bell rings for start of school and we go to the amphitheater where we received our time tables for the term, all three of us had bio first lesson, and as we were walking to the lab, we were called back and told to first organize ourselves into our separate grades. To our immense relief, Joe, Roman and I were put in the same class, we were just high-fiving when I heard Mr. Yates mention a name I hadn’t heard before, a girl’s name, and she was in our class, all three of us strain to see where the new girl is, and as she came into sight, it was as if the world had stopped spinning, she was, I had no words to describe her, all of my hours and hours of reading romance books and English literature couldn’t have prepared me for what I felt as I watched her look around absently, not quite knowing where to go. Joe, being the ass he is, noticed, smirked and called her over to us, by now I was so distracted by her absolute beauty I had actually forgotten her name, so as she walked up to us smiling shyly, I melted inside and made sort of a gurgling noise. Now, when you see a guy that’s 6’5, weighs 220lbs. and gyms for fun, one thing you don’t expect him to do, is gurgle. As I did this, she stopped dead, looked at me and just broke down laughing, as did Joe, Roman, and anyone else that heard, I turned blood red and just punched Joe as hard as I could as if it were his fault while I broke down laughing as well. When we had both finally calmed down, I went to her and said “Oh my god, that was so embarrassing” and giggling, she replied “Just a little” oh god, her laugh was intoxicating, “So now that that’s over, I’m Michael” I said, extending my hand with a mock serious face, “Hello Michael, pleased to meet you, I’m Kara Kinsley, how are you?” she asks also in a mock serious tone with a smile playing at the corners of her gorgeous mouth, “I’m very good thanks and you miss Kinsley?” I ask in continuation,”Now, now Michael, there is to be none of this MISS business, you will address me as Kara” she replies in a mock haughty tone, which just sounds absolutely adorable from her, “Well then, Kara, I think we had better be quiet immediately to avoid being caught” I say laughing, she sticks her tongue out at me and she just laughs with her angelic laughter. Afterwards we realize she takes most of the same subjects as me except for geography and the joy in her eyes absolutely blew me away, I passed it off later as her just being glad to have someone she could talk to. The day blew straight by, and I got to know Kara a little, she enjoyed sports like hockey and swimming, and she played the piano and sang, her favorite bands were BMTH and Nickelback. Throughout the day I kept looking at her, and the more I looked, the more I saw, the further I fell, she was 5’7 with blond hair and tanned skin, a cute nose, had a rather shapely ass, a flat stomach, hazel eyes, legs that could kill and I’d guess her chest to be a C-cup. As we left our last lesson together, I saw our reflection in a window as we passed, and I saw how short she looked compared to me and I let out an involuntary chuckle, “What’s so funny?” she asks, tilting her head slightly, looking so innocent and adorable in her confusion, “Not much, I just saw how short I make you look, even though you’re quite tall” I say with a smile. She playfully punches me and then asks, “So when are you thinking of getting that English essay done? Would you mind helping me? I’m completely clueless about it, I wasn’t concentrating in class” she says with a slight blush, laughing, “Well, I was planning to do it tomorrow, but that wasn’t actually going to happen, and yea sure, when do you want to do it” I say laughing, trying to cover my nervousness, “how about, tomorrow? Sort of 12ish?”, “Yea sure, that sounds great, hey, you want a lift home?” I ask as we enter the parking lot, “Sure! That’d be awesome mike, thanks! This is yours?” she asks as we walk up to my car and I unlock it, “Yea, I got it for my 18th a couple days ago, you like it?” “It’s beautiful” she says as her eyes wonder over the car with undisguised awe, and as she looked up at me, I could’ve sworn there was a hint of lust as she looked at me, “You wanna drive?” I ask, “What? You’re not serious are you? No Ways! Yes! Please yes!” she exclaimed as she literally bounced over to the driver’s side and grabs me in a bear hug and jumps in place, so we get in the car and she drives us into the neighboring estate and swipes us in with her card, we drive and drive and drive until we finally reach her house, she pulls up outside the front door and I quickly run around to her side to open her door for her, she smiles that smile I’ve grown to love throughout the day and it makes me melt like butter, I close the door and say, “Today was actually a really good day, despite that noise I made this morning”, “What was it again? *grrrgrgrrrr*?” she says laughing as she tries to mimic the noise I made earlier, her attempt came out so weirdly it drove us both to hysterics as we bent over laughing. As we both finish laughing, I look at her face, and the way the sun is shining through her blonde hair, it looks as if she isn’t human, as if she is an actual angel, and as she looks up at me through her eyelashes, I knew I wanted her to never look away. She broke the silence by saying, “Hold on, I don’t have your number yet, pass me your phone” as she took her phone out her pocket and handed it to me to put in my number. When we had finished she said “I think 12 is maybe a bit late, don’t you think? Try get here by about 9, and don’t eat breakfast, my mom makes THEE BEST waffles and pancakes EVER, I mean, you’ve never tasted anything so good” with a smile, “And keep your whole day open, you’ve got to explain to me how the whole school works and everything there is to know about everything, I’ll message you later okay?” she says, then gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and runs into the house giggling like a little girl while I just stand there smiling. I hardly noticed anything on the way home and even when I got home everything was a blur, all I could think was “Kara.
After I had showered I connected my phone to my speakers and put it on shuffle and “yours to hold – skillet” started playing softly as I checked my phone. I had 5 messages from Joe, 7 from Roman, 3 from Chris and 2 from Kara, I didn’t even read them, I just typed: “Sorry guys see you tomorrow, was out with Kara, ask me tomorrow” and then opened Kara’s messages, they read:
K: Hey Mike! How’re you?
K: (15 minutes later) Hey… You there?
M: Yea, sorry, I was showering and eating :P lol
K: Ooooh, cool, you enjoy it? ;P
M: Yea, haha, would’ve been better if you were there tho ;P
K: Hahaha, in your dreams ;) so what you up to?
M: Not much, listening to music, you?
K: Cool, watching a movie and curled up in bed, movies just about finished, gonna hit the sack now, night mikey <3
M: Night angel :P
K: Oooooh, so why am I angel now?
M: Because when I look at you I feel like I’m looking at an angel :)
K: Awwwww! Thanx mikey! Night night! <3 see you tomorrow
M: Night angel :) x
And after putting my phone on charge, I slipped quietly into blissful sleep

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