New england summer pt 3

I awoke the next morning a bit disoriented. The alcohol from the night before clouded my perception as I slipped into consciousness. It also gave me a small headache and raging thirst. The strange bed I was laying in and room that contained it threw me at first and I wasn’t one hundred percent certain of where I was. The girls head on my chest was nice but unfamiliar. Her hand pumping my dick to firmness was even more unfamiliar.

“Good morning,” Kari said as I stirred. “Hope you slept well.”

This girl now cuddling on me and turning me on with her hand was more amazing every time I looked at her. She had gorgeous hazel-green eyes that were perfectly offset by her dirty blond hair. Her hair fell around her face and framed her small, perfect features. Her head rested on my shoulder, her breasts pressed against my side, her body struggling to be as close to me as possible. The fact that I’d known this girl less than 24 hours and that she’d chosen me were still astounding to me.

“I’m a bit hung over,” I finally replied, “but I can’t imagine a better way to wake up.”

Kari beamed at me and continued to pump my member, which was almost fully engorged now. Feeling bold, I reached a hand down behind her and stroked her lovely ass. I remembered now that she’d mentioned actually being a cheerleader and I could feel the firm gluteus muscles beneath her taut skin.

“Well,” she said, “what do you say we start this day off right?”

“You’re insatiable,” I said, and grinning added, “and I think that’s great.”

Wasting no time after my agreement, she lowered her head to my cock, taking me in her mouth. I noticed I was a bit sensitive, almost sore, from the previous nights activities and I flinched a bit as she sucked on my dickhead. Not deterred, she worked on, taking a good four inches into her mouth as I groaned with pleasure. I shifted her hips so her ass was in the air and I had access to her pussy. I quickly slipped a finger inside and started stroking at her G-spot.

After just a moment of foreplay, she was adequately lubricated and mounted me. Sliding her pussy over my cock, she slid down quickly. Before she built up a rhythm, I realized that I was tired of being beneath girls and decided to be aggressive and switch positions. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her off of me, gently flipping her over onto the bed. I grabbed my cock and reentered her quickly.

“Oh, that’s nice too,” she said as I began pumping my cock into her wet pussy. I brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her cheeks before finally connecting with her mouth. She probed her tongue into my mouth until she found mine. We kissed passionately as we fucked there in her bed. After such a short time I was surprised at how fast I’d seemed to fall for this girl, but she was so gorgeous it was sort of understandable.

As her pussy began to tighten, I shifted positions slightly. Grabbing both legs behind the knees, I pushed them back until they were close to her head. She reached a hand up and rubbed her clit as she approached her orgasm and I felt myself getting close as well as her vag grabbed at my penis.

“Ugh ugh uggghhh!” she screamed as she came. I followed shortly after, spewing a relatively modest amount of cum directly into her pussy. After a few more strokes, I pulled out and sank down onto the bed next to her. She curled up on me once more and we just lay there for several minutes.

“This is really nice,” I finally said. “I would really like to spend more time with you.”

I really did like Kari and I was actually a bit nervous about saying this, even though I had a strong feeling that she felt the same way. Anytime you put feelings out to another person, you are making yourself vulnerable and this breeds nervousness. I didn’t have to wait long, as she rose up and looked me in the eye.

“Oh, I’m glad to hear that! I want to see you as much as possible the rest of summer!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, I asked her what time it was. It was nearly noon (although we didn’t go to sleep any earlier than about 3 am) and we decided a shower and some lunch was in order. At our lunch we discussed many things and our miniature romance grew as we got to know each other a bit better. We had many things in common and we seemed to have similar backgrounds and interests. We decided it would be quite possible to spend nearly every evening together and have several long weekends as well. I didn’t work Friday’s and neither did she. She was busy the next day but we agreed to meet the next evening and have our first date, dinner and some other activity. I bid her goodbye with a kiss we parted until the next evening.

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