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Laura -- Chapter 1

After getting two college degrees over eight years, I got out of psychology before I got into it. What was the problem? People are not like cars. The muffler gets too loud in a car, you patch it or change it and the car is quiet again. People? Lots of times it takes years to change them. I wasn't built for it. I wanted a profession in which you could fix something quick and it worked. Psychology was just not like that.

But I did spend three years in a psychiatric hospital internship before I chucked psychology totally. The hospital had a wing for kids with serious behavior problems, for example an eight-year-old kid who had lit up his house and burned it down. I remember my first day on the job. I had to do an intake on a sexually active 11-year-old girl. Her name was Laura. She sat down opposite me as I had asked her to, but in a minute or two walked over to my side of the table and began sliding her hand on my thigh, aiming for my cock. I couldn't get her to sit down. I told her to wait a couple minutes and I'd be back. I went to the chief psychiatrist and said I didn't see how I could give her an intake exam. The chief psychiatrist told me, "Nikki, just do what it takes to get the data. I'll leave that to you."

So I went back, and we did a little bit of negotiation. It ended up with her sitting in my lap with my comb in her hand, continually combing my hair and caressing my face, sometimes kissing my cheek, while I went through all the psych tests. It wasn't half bad. We got through the testing part in less than two hours. Then I had to ask her about what brought her into the hospital. She explained that she always liked rubbing her pussy and she always liked cocks, and she used to fool around with her playmates when she was small. At age 9, she had a baby sitter, a boy, and she seduced him. She said he was 16. After her parents were gone that night, she sat down near him and began rubbing his thighs. She said nothing could happen to them because she was too young to have babies. She had listened to her parents talking about sex whenever she could.

So she got this baby sitter aroused and finally unzipped him and got her mouth around his cock against his objections, which didn't last much once she started licking the underside, and taking her lessons from watching her parents when she was supposed to be asleep, she began pulling up and down on his cock and finally made this poor kid cum in her mouth and she drank it all down. She wasn't finished with him. His cock was flabby, but it didn't take much to get it aroused again. She pushed him down on the couch and put it into her pussy. Somewhere, with all of fiddling that she had done in the past, including sticking things inside it, she had broken her hymen, and it was no big deal to get that cock stuffed inside her, and she began to feel sexual feelings. So she bounced up and down on this poor baby sitter until finally he came inside her. That got her really heated up. She was too young to have a cum, but she felt as if she was missing something and she bounced up and down on his cock for maybe a half hour, making it cum a third time, but she couldn't get off on it. She was just too young for her own cum.

That changed when she was with one of her father's friends a few months before coming to this psychiatric hospital. She had him alone, and she did the same thing, and she got to work on him, and he gave in the same way, and this time when she bounced up on him this little vixen finally came. It wiped her out, it felt so good. In fact, she wouldn't let the man up until she did it the second time. Two cums in her first session of what she called real sex.

So this man felt so guilty he finally told her father, who after an initial bout of fury, realized that his friend was outclassed by his daughter, who could convince any man to stick his cock into her. How did the father know that? Because his daughter had already tried with him, and he had a system of signals to get his wife in the room fast when this happened. Unfortunately, his wife was shopping one day and his daughter was such a pushy little kid he ended up giving up, lying down, while she bounced up and down on him, and he came inside her. So the father could not blame his friend for gving in to Laura after a while because Laura could talk any guy into fucking her just by bugging him long enough.

Anyway, her mother and father realized that they had a problem and that's how this kid ended up in the psychiatric hospital. When we were done with the interview I told her I thought there wasn't a chance in hell that her folks could get her to change and quit hassling guys for a fuck. For behavior modification to work you have to have a reward that is better than the reward given by the bad behavior. It was clear to me that this kid just loved fucking at age 11. I didn't think that the hospital had anything for her that was more fun than getting a guy to stick his cock in her and and to cum inside her. Since I was so straight with her telling her all that, she became an immediate friend, and she said, "I won't do anything to get you into trouble around here."

I would eat with the kids at lunchtime because it was fun to talk to them. She was a vixen. She just didn't try to control herself. She would sit down next to me and while we were eating I would feel a hand under the table grabbing at my pants over my cock, and I said, "You said you were not going to get me into trouble." And she would grab my cock before letting go and say, "Yeah, I know, I'm a bad kid, I have fucking in my genes."

Three years later I was out of that internship and I was going to school nights for mechanical engineering while I had a day job in an auto repair shop. Well, I was walking in a shopping mall on a Saturday, and who did I bump into? Laura. But now she was 14, and her tits stuck out of her chest practically like spikes. This was one good-looking 14-year-old girl who didn't look a day under 18.

I shouldn't say I bumped into her. It was the other way around. She bumped into me. Literally. She saw me before I saw her and she immediately recognized me. So she walked over from the side, where I couldn't see her, and deliberately banged into me. So I thought I must have been walking clumsily and I started apologizing to the stranger even before I looked at her. But right in the middle of the apology I stopped and said, "Laura! Wow, have you grown!"

And she said, "Almost as tall as you, Doc," and she walked up to me, flung her arms around me, and planted a kiss on my lips. That was Laura, all right. She never wasted a second. I knew the sign. If she could have fucked me in the middle of the mall, she would have. I just let go. It felt so good to see her that I put my arms around her and fully returned the kiss. For that, I got a tongue rammed as deep into my mouth as far as it could go. I sucked on it, I returned the favor with my own tongue stuck as deep into her mouth as far as mine could go, and there we stood for about a minute wrapping tongues and hugging each other for dear life. Aside from the sheer lustfulness of the kiss, it really felt good to hold her in my arms, like an old friend rediscovered. As we disengaged, she said, "Doc, if we weren't in the middle of a mall I would be reaching for your cock here and now," to which I replied, "Tell me about it."

It turned out that she needed a ride home, or she would have to wait a half hour for a bus. I thought I would like to see her folks again, so I volunteered to take her home, just a few minutes from the mall. When I delivered her, she invited me in, and I was looking forward to that. "Where is your mom?"

"I live alone." That flabbergasted me.

"What? You can't live alone. You're not old enough."

"Sorry, Doc, but I went to court with my folks and we got me declared as an emancipated minor. I can live alone. I have a job. I'm taking care of myself."

"Wow! Don't call me Doc. I'm Nikki."

"That's not why I asked you in. I need to know something straight. Do you have any STDs whatever?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Nikki, answer the question."

"No. I'm clean."

I could see her body relax. "Good, I need you to do something."

"We just met the first time in three years a half-hour ago --"

"Nikki, before we become fuck-buddies, I have to know that you are clean because I am. I like fucking without bags. I like knowing that a fuck will not kill me or give me a bad disease. I believe in germs. I love fucking. That's what my life is all about."

"Who said anything about fuck-buddies?"

She looked me straight in the eye. "I did. Ever since I sat on your lap three years ago I have been wanting your cock inside my pussy, and whatever it takes to get it there, I will do it. I'm so hungry for it I can practically taste it."

The enormity of what I could get into was just beginning to set in. Becoming fuck-buddies with a gorgeous underage girl was heavenly except for her age. "What are we talking about? What am I supposed to do?"

"Just get yourself tested. A full blood test for all STDs. Then come back here and then let's fuck like bunnies. Nikki, I'm dying to get your cock in my pussy. And I don't want a baggy in the way."

14 years old and she had more sense than any 30-year-old woman I knew. In a flash I had my mind made up. I wanted her. I would do exactly what she asked me to do. A week later I was back, papers from the doctor in hand, with a clean bill of health. And when she put the papers down we hugged and kissed, standing there like long-lost lovers, intertwining tongues, running fingers through each other's hair, caressing arms and cheeks. And I knew then and there that I would never leave her. I could never leave her. I was holding in my arms more woman than any woman triple her age.

As we moved apart she put both her palms on my chest and said, "Let's fuck, hon. No. Something better. Let's take a shower together."

And then I remembered something. "You'll get preg--" Her hand shot up in front of my face and one finger sealed my lips shut. "I've had my tubes tied."

"Why? Don't you want kids?"

"No. I want to fuck, all my life. I don't want kids. If I ever change my mind, I can always adopt. Now, let's get into the shower." And I took her into my arms, placed my lips on hers, and proceeded to unbutton her blouse as she unbuttoned my shirt.

Once that shower water was the right temperature, we were in each other's arms kissing, getting pounded by the water, while she fussed around, reaching for my cock, which was already extended as I looked at that gorgeous body being pounded by a hundred streams of water, making her even more beautiful, if that were possible. And I loved her.

The entry into her pussy, standing in the shower, was like a dream. My cock was throbbing. In order for me to get it inside her, she had to stand on a small step stool she kept in the shower. As I caressed her breasts those nipples stood out even more. I could feel her beginning to shiver as her pussy tightened up on my cock. It was getting more slippery inside there. Our lips were jammed together, our tongues reaching for each other's throat. As I got turned on more and more my knees became weaker and weaker. I could feel her body beginning to shiver. I couldn't hold it any longer. Suddenly, I began spewing love juices into the depths of her pussy and she dug into my back with her fingernails and breathed into my ear whispering, "Cum, cum, cum, I want every drop inside me." Her quivers turned into spasms as her belly jammed into mine and she lost control of her teeth, biting my lips while pouring her juices around my cock. It never seemed to end. Her knees became weak and wobbly and I held her up, lips jammed against hers, as our tongues sought the depths of each other's throat. And when the quivering had subsided for both of us, we stood holding each other, looking into each other's eyes, fingertips sometimes caressing the other's cheek, and this time the kisses were incredibly gentle, lips barely brushing against each other.

After that intensely beautiful interlude we got down to having real fun. Each one soaped the other, everywhere, cock, pussy, assholes, her tits, my face. We found out that the bottom of our feet tickled when we washed them. And she said, "I have to pee. Do you?"


Without warning she wrapped both legs around my right thigh and proceeded to pee on it. This was war. Holding my cock against her belly I let go of my yellow stream, trying to get it into her belly button. And then we stood under the shower kissing and caressing each other's back.

I loved wiping down her tits and pussy, she was so beautiful. She did my body up and down and got on her knees for a few seconds to stick my cock into her mouth. Just teasing, but I knew there would be more later. When we had finished wiping ourselves dry we hugged and looked into each other's eyes. She said, "I have a problem. I have fucked a lot of guys, but this is the first time I fell in love."

I told her, "That's my problem too. I am head over heels in love with you. Never happened to me before."

She had a smile on her face. "Good. Now that we both know it, it will come in handy."

[There will be more.]

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