Finding a Master to use my wife

Once again, I am writing to tell you more about my slutty sexy wife and some of our sexual encounters. I am hoping you read our first stories (Letting a stranger use my wife), so you know a little more about us.

Like I said previously, we have had some pretty crazy times. My wife even had a website years ago, where guys would email her things to do and what they would like to see her wear. It was fun for a few years because, I got to be the cameraman and set up the scene. But after a while it started to get boring too, so we looked for another way to have some kinky fun, and we started to dabble into the lifestyle of BDSM. We both read lots about this and studied the way we could get into this without someone getting hurt. Once we started getting more and more deeper into this lifestyle the crazier, we got.

One article we read was about lactating. The article was about how any breast will product milk if the nipples get sucked on regularly, so I went out and bought a breast pump. I would put the pump on her everyday sometimes twice a day and leave it on for an hour at a time. She would complain that her tits were getting sore but also her nipples were getting very tender. We did this for about three weeks, when one day I put the pump on her and after a few minutes of sucking, there it was. White drops of milk started to seep out of her nipples, as Tamara whined a little.

This was wild to see, my wife’s tits leaking milk. I would tie her to the bed, arms above her head and her legs spread wide, insert a dildo into her pussy, and then put the suction cups on her tits with a bottle hooked to them. Her nipples would get sucked hard as I turned the pump on faster, making her nipples bright red and huge. Milk would flow out of her tits and into the bottles, and at the same time her pussy would flow cum out of it. I would leave her there for an hour or more then go back remove the dildo and fuck her wet cunt.

We would do this almost everyday and each day more and more milk would fill the bottles. Her tits were getting bigger and her nipples really started to stick out. Now she had to watch what tops she could wear as her nipples would stick through most shirts, even with a bra. The other issue she had was now her nipples would leak at times, making it hard to wear some of her sexy tops. If we were out of town, I would make her wear sex shirts and no bra. Her tits were beautiful, and her nipples would stick out nicely, showing them off to the world. Suddenly, Tamara would be shy and blushing, I would then notice that her tits were leaking, and her nipples were all wet through her shirt. She felt humiliated and tried to cover up. “No!” was my reply. I wanted to let people see her tits and wet nipples as part of her training in public.

I read lots about training and being a Master, but I wanted to know more and wanted to become skilled at it. I needed to be taught, so I could get the real hands on experience and learn more from him. I decided to put an ad on CL looking for someone to show me the ways of becoming a true Master. The ad I read. “Looking for someone with experience to show me personally how to become a true Master. I will give you full access and hand my wife over to you, to use for your pleasure and to teach me the proper technics.”

It wasn’t long before I started getting replies. Some were guys like me just trying to use my wife, but then one guy went into detail about his life and sent me back a six, page check list. The list was long and had all kinds of questions in it. It was so he would know more about us and what we wanted to explore and what was off limits. What things we wanted to try and what things were fantasies that maybe he could make realities.

Tamara and I started filling out the pages, lots of kinky stuff listed in there. Some things we had no idea what they were, so we had to look them up and we thought we knew it all. Lol. Once we had the list complete, we sent it back to this guy. Shortly after we got an email back from him. He said he might be willing to train Tamara and to teach me along the way, but Tamara would be totally under his control while we were all together. I was not to interfere with his training unless I was told to help, out as he was in control of the moment.

Tamara was a little nervous about her and I agreeing to his 100 percent control, but excited at the same time about the Master/slave control idea. She set a few hard limits, but not very many and we waited for his reply. He agreed to her hard limits and hoped the training would go well. If she was good with her training and not feeling uncomfortable, he said he would like to work on her hard limits or even experiment with some things on the list that she thought were too freaky. We both agreed and that was the start of Tamara’s training.

He introduced himself as Master Jake and now that we have committed to him, Tamara can and must address him as Sir Jake. He now wanted to start training her over emails. He will give her commands to do and I was to take pictures of her and send them to him, but not interfere with his orders. She was to do as he says, and in the time that he allowed and if she did not, I was to inform him as soon as possible.

He sent Tamara an email, telling her to go out and buy full size white cotton panties, and those were the only ones she was allowed, to wear while her training was going on. He then instructed her one night to remove all her clothes except for her white panties, then knell down, spread her knees wide and tilt her head back. She was to close her eyes and stay in that position for half hour or more. Next day she would have to knell but this time she had to hold her chest out by keeping her arms behind her back and keep her head down and not look up again for a half hour.

I was told to take pictures of her and to send them to him while she was still knelling in those positions. She was doing well, and he complimented her on doing great. Next my wife was told that she was not allowed to wear a bra between one o’clock and three o’clock. No matter where she was or what she was doing, she was to remove her bra between those hours and must obey. This was a little tricky for Tamara to do as she worked part time at the bank and how would she do that without others noticing her nipples or even her leaking tits. She was to take a selfie and send it to him, to prove she had done that and obeyed his command.

Two or three times a week he would text her out of the blue and tell that she had half an hour to send him a picture of her masturbating, he wanted to see her wet pussy and her fingers deep inside her. Again, this was challenging as she was busy at worked or doing other things. If she was at the store, she was told to go into the restroom there and finger herself till she came.

One day he then instructed her to buy a half a dozen ping pong balls and with a marker write Sir Jake on all of them. He then had her insert four balls into her pussy first thing in the morning and keep them in her till noon and at noon to remove them. This was one thing she was told to do every day. Again, she was to send him a few pictures of her pussy with the balls being inserted into her pussy and some with the balls being removed. This continued for well over a month, when he said that things were moving along great and he was very impressed with how well my wife was doing with all, of her commands. He wanted to meet in person soon but had one more task he wanted me to do to Tamara to see if I would listen too.

I was told to lay my naked wife down on our kitchen counter, get white duct tape and tape her tits tightly together. Next, he wanted to see if I would see what vegetables we had and to stick the biggest one into her cunt and something of my choice in her ass. So, we did as he asked, I laid her down, taped her tits tightly together, and then found a large zucchini and stuffed it deep into her wet pussy. I then found a red spoon thing in the drawer and stuck the handle into her ass. I then took some pictures of her like that and sent them to him. Prefect was his reply, it is time to meet face to face.

He called me a few days later and said that he has a room booked at the Monte Carlo Inn for next Wednesday and to make sure we would show up. I will be sitting at the corner table to the right when you walk into the bar/lounge and waiting for your arrival at five o’clock sharp. You will notice me wearing a gray suit with purple tie and dark sunglasses. I was told that I was to hand my wife over to him and place her on his left side and then take my seat on his right. I was not to interfere with anything he asked of my wife. He also reminded me that Tamara must obey all his commands and to answer him as Sir or Sir Jake only, or she may be punished.

Tamara received an email shortly after my conversation with Jake and it was her list of things she had to do and wear to our first in person meeting. She was instructed to insert four ping pong balls into her cunt. Wear the white cotton panties, black bra, white see-through shirt and a black skirt, along with black four inch, heels. She was also to bring a sex toy that she liked to use on herself. She was reminded not to talk unless she was instructed to, also reminded that she must address Jake as Sir or Sir Jake, only.

Wednesday came and I could tell Tamara was a little nervous about tonight. Not knowing what Jake looked like or what he would be doing to her gave her a funny feeling, but also made her very excited. We only had a half hour drive to the hotel, but we talked about the night. What if he was ugly or what if he was to weird or a freak, or he gets to crazy. Well, we walk away, or you use your safe words if you don’t like what’s going on.

We walked into the hotel lounge and looked around, there were a lot of people in there having dinner and drinks. I noticed Jake right away sitting at a table in the corner, so we walked over. He was probably in his early fifties but was handsome and well, groomed. I introduced myself to him and then told him that I hand over my wife (Tamara) over to him and placed her on the seat to his left. I then moved to the other side of the table and sat to his right, just as he asked.

“Great!” he said. “Now would you like a drink and what would your wife like or should I say my new slut like?” He ordered our drinks, along with a glass of water for Tamara. He looked at Tamara with her head still down. “I gave you a list of things to come here with, so I want you to stand up, face me and lift your skirt up.”

Tamara hesitated for a second. “Now!” Jake spoke in a demanding voice. “Stand up lift your skirt. Lift it high enough so I can see you full panties.”

Tamara stood up and still held her head down, grabbed her skirt with both hands and lifted it up high. She did well and held it high enough so Jake could see all, of her white cotton panties. Jake smiled, “Very nice. Now turn around slowly so I can see your back side too.”

My wife started to turn slowly, others in the lounge watched her too, not knowing what was going on. Jake had her stop turning for a minute, so he could admire her beautiful ass. ‘Very nice. Now put your skirt back down.” Before she sat down Jake spoke again. “Go to the restroom by the lobby. Remove your bra and put your shirt back on. Also, while you are in there, take three of the four ping bong balls out of your cunt. I hope you have the four of them in you.”

She turned to go to the restroom and went to reach for her purse. “No purse.” Jake said, “You go in there with nothing in your hands, but when you return to me, I want you to hand me your bra, in one hand and the three balls in your other hand. Oh, keep your head down too. I don’t want others to see your eyes.”

She was not gone long, but as she walked back into the lounge everyone watched her, probably wondering what was going on. Or they were starring at her nipples as you could see them sticking out through her shirt. She looked so sexy.

“Hand them to me before you may sit.” As he reached his hand out to hers. “Excellent the balls are still wet and nice and warm. Your tits are beautiful, and your nipples are perfect. They will be fun to play with soon.”

Tamara sat back down on Jake’s left side and we had our drinks, while Jake and I talked. He then handed Tamara her glass of water. “Drink some water too. I want you to stay hydrated but also want your mind clear, not blurred due to alcohol.” We talked a little more when he looked at Tamara again. “Remove your panties. Now!”

Tamara reached under the table with both hands and slowly lifted her skirt. She then hooked her fingers on her panties, lifted her ass off the chair a little and slid her panties down her legs. She was about to pull them off her ankles when Jake spoke again. “No! Leave them down there. Let them stay on your ankles.”

Some people sitting around us and even others sitting across the room watched as my wife sat there with her white panties wrapped around her ankles. “Now, I want you to stand up and walk over to the bar and get us two more drinks. Make sure you don’t lose your panties.”

My wife got off her chair and with her panties at her ankles, slowly made her way with tiny steps to the bar. She got us our two drinks and slowly made her way back to our table. Again, everyone there was watching her the whole time.

“That was a cute sexy walk my little slut. I’m sure the others enjoyed it as much as we did.” As Jake took the drinks out of her hand. “Now before you sit, I want you to bend over and pull your panties off.”

Tamara bend over exposing half of her ass to the tables behind her as she pulled the panties off her ankles. Some guys hooted and yelled out like mad men to show their appreciation. With her panties in hand she handed them to Jake. He took them with both hands and brought them to his face. “Nice. Very nice. They are soaking wet. So, you like this humiliation it must excite you. Good it makes me feel good to know you are this excited. Sit down now but lift your skirt so you naked ass sits on the leather chair, and drink more water, if your panties are that wet, you will need it”

“What toy did you bring tonight? My little slut.” He asked. Tamara reached into her purse and pulled out a small pocket vibrator. “Really you like that little, toy? That excites you?” He placed her toy into the table, then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out and large purple egg shape object. It was twice as big as an egg maybe even bigger about as big as an apple and had a small wire hanging from it.

“I want you to finger yourself and rub your wet cum all over your cunt. I want to see your finger wet when I ask you to lift them up to me.” He said.

My wife reached under the table with both hands and started to rub her pussy with all fingers. She moaned a little and I’m sure I could hear her fingers slushing around in her. She had her fingers in her for about two minutes, when Jake asked to see her hands. She brought them up over the table and her fingers and palms were shinning with wetness. “Nice.” Jake said, “Very nice.” He then placed the huge egg shape object into het hands. “I want you to put that into your wet cunt, Slut.”

With the object in her hand, she reached back under the table. I’m sure others could see if the really looked but no one yelled or hooted. She slid her pussy closer to the edge of the chair and then inserted the large egg. A small moan escaped her lips as the egg entered her cunt and slid deeper into her. Jake told her to lean back and lift her skirt, so he could see if the egg was really in her. “Spread your legs, I want a good look at that cunt of yours. Excellent. You have a nice, looking cunt and I can’t wait to use it. You can sit up now and have another drink.”

Jake looked at me and he said that I did a great job training my wife, so far and that he feels honored to work with such an obedient slut. I too, was proud of my wife, as she had not said a word or disobeyed an order from this new Master. He then spoke to Tamara again. “I am proud to train you and now want to see what things we can check off that check list you filled out and maybe experiment with more

Tamara sat back up in her chair with this large purple object stuck deep into her pussy. “Well, you will really enjoy that toy even more, once I turn it on.” As he reached into his pocket again and pulled out a remote control.

We talked more about embarrassment and humiliation and then Jake asked Tamara how she felt. She said, “Nervous and a little embarrassed to be in front of all these people. Sir, knowing some of them are looking at me makes me scared.”

“Good.” Jake replied “I like you to feel that way. You must, be excited too, my little slut or your cunt would not be that wet.”

“I guess, Sir. Maybe a little.”

“A little.” He laughed. “I can’t wait to see you when you’re really excited then. So, let us see if I can get you more excited and to give these people a better show.”

He then hit some buttons on the remote and Tamara moaned. “Now lay back in your chair again and slide your ass closer to the edge. Spread your legs for me but keep your ankles together. I am going to control you and make you cum in front of all these people.” Jake then pulled a rubber strap out of his pocket, bent, over and tied it around Tamara’s ankles. “There now you will not be able to spread your feet about.”

Tamara did as she was told and looked like a total slut with her knees spread open and her pussy in clear view of Jake and I and a few people at other tables that wanted to see my wife watching her laying there too. Jake spoke again. “I want you to look around the lounge and make eye contact with someone at another table. I do not care whether you pick a female or a male. I will leave that up to you, but just pick someone soon. I am going to control the object in you and decide on my own what you will like. I want to bring you to the point of cumming, but you may not cum. Do you understand?”

“Ya.” Tamara replied.

“Pardon me.” Jake said back in a stern voice.

“Yes. Sorry Sir Jake. I understand. Sorry.” Tamara answered.

“Much better, but that little slip up will cost you once we get to the room.” He replied, back.

Jake hit a few buttons on the remote and Tamara shuddered a little and moaned. “Oh, good my little slut likes that, but maybe you will like this one more,” as he pushed on the remote.

My wife jumped and let out a little grunt. You could hear the buzzing noise come out of her pussy, as the thing inside was vibrating like crazy. “Do you like that slut?” Jake asked

“MMM… Yes Sir. It feels good. Sir.” Tamara moaned.

“How about we warm that cunt of yours right up.” As he pushed another button on the controller.

“Ummm… Sorry Sir, not sure what you mean. Sir.” Tamara moaned back again.

“You’ll see soon what I mean. Now find someone to look at.” He demanded.

Tamara had still not made eye contact or locked eyes with anyone yet. But looked nervous and scared. “Sir! That toy is getting hot. Really warm. It feels weird. I might cum soon. Sir.”

Jake pushed the remote once again and slowed the toy down, but said he was going to keep it getting hotter. He them reminded her not to cum or she will endure more punishment back in the room. Other people from across the room looked over and were watching my wife laying there and still not really knowing what was going on. They probably had no idea she had a huge sex toy stuck in her cunt.

Tamara finally made eye contact with a gentleman that was sitting a couple tables away and they locked eyes on one another. He looked like he was in his fifties and was a good, looking man too, almost looked like her new Master, Sir Jake. Jake noticed the two of them looking eye to eye at each other and pushed the remote once more. Tamara grunted like a wild animal and moaned instantly, as she tried to catch her breath. I could hear the buzzing coming out of her cunt clear as day and watched her knees as they started to quiver. I knew she was close to cumming.

Her hands were grabbing the side of the chair tightly and her legs were shaking more and more.even her feet were, lifting off the floor, making her legs spread even wider and wider, showing off more of her cunt. She did not have a care in the world at that point and could care less who was watching her now. Tamara then screamed out. “I want to cum Sir! Please, Sir Jake may I cum?”

Jake shouted back. “NO! Not yet. Do you understand? I don’t want to have to punish you more. OK.”

I thought my wife was going to ripe the arms off that chair as she held her breath. “Please Sir, I can’t hold it anymore. Please! Sir! Please!”

The guy she had eyes on must had read her lips and just smiled, giving her the thumbs up, along with a few other people watching. Jake hit one more button which made Tamara jump again and then gave her permission to cum. “OK you, fucking slut. Cum! Look at all the people watching you. You, fucking slut. Cum for them.” He reached over and lifted her skirt up above her waist, so he could see her pussy cumming and wanted to watch her cum drip out of her cunt as she came, but also let others see her wet pussy too. Her cunt was soaking wet and you could see the head of the purple egg trying to stretch out of her lips while drops of cum dripped out of her wet hole.

Tamara looked around and half the people in the lounge smiled as they just watched her cum for her new Master. She tried to catch her breath and started to get embarrassed a little. She could not believe she just exposed herself to everyone in the lounge. Jake turned the toy off as cum still dripped from her pussy hole as she tried to sit back up in her chair. Most everyone in the lounge, suddenly cheered and thanked her for a great show. Not all people of course some were not happy to see what just happened in front of them, but oh well, shit happens. It was hot to watch as my wife was forced to cum in public for a stranger while others around her watched her put on a great show.

Jake complimented Tamara, saying that she did very well for her first public, display and he was proud of her control and not to be embarrassed as most of them loved the show. He told her to lift her feet up so he could untie the rubber strap. As she lifted her feet again, her knees went wider and wider exposing her wet cunt to anyone that was watching. He also reminded her that she had a little punishment issue to deal with when we get to my room. Now let’s get ready to head up. Finish your drink and stick that egg back into your cunt deeper and make sure it does not slip out of you while we walk up to the room.

As she stood up, she left a little cum puddle, right in the middle and along the edge of the chair, and once again got a loud cheer from almost everyone in there.

Jake looked at my wife, “See, Tamara you are a star. These people love you, so give them one last look. Lift your skirt up high and hold it up while we walk to the elevator and let them see that cum covered cunt and your sexy ass, one last time.”

As we walked out, the people in the lounge stood up and gave her a standing ovation while cheering loudly. Tamara turned beet red. We got into the elevator and up we went. It was only a five, story building so the ride was short, but Jake did manage to stick his fingers into Tamara’s cunt just to check if she was still getting wet.

The room was right across the hall from the elevator which was funny location because if my wife started screaming while she was being trained and forced to cum, anyone could probably hear as the got off or on the elevator. Later Jake told me he picked that room on purpose and that was what he wanted, hoping someone might hear her and call for police or security, then they would have to enter the room. This way my wife would be exposed to more strangers and they might to get the chance to see my wife cum and forced to orgasm.

The lights were on in the room and Jake made Tamara go in first, as she walked in, she noticed all kinds of sex toys, bondage stuff, whip, cranes and lots of other kinky stuff sitting on top of the dresser. The look of fear brushed across her face. She was scared not knowing what her new Master had in mind for her for the night. I sat down on the couch and Jake in the armchair, he told Tamara to stand in front facing him and to keep her head down.

“Unbutton your shirt and let it fall to the floor.” He asked. “Nice. You have beautiful tits perfect nipples that will love what I have in mind for them.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Tamara replied

“Step closer to me.” Jake insisted

My wife took a couple steps closer to him, so she was now standing between his feet. Jake reached up with both hands and grabbed her nipples, he squeezed them pretty, hard and Tamara let out a little whine. Milk squirted out of her nipples as he pinched them. “WHAT THE FUCK!” Jake yelled out. “Are you breast feeding or pregnant? What the hell is going on?”

“No.” Tamara spoke up. “No. Sir Jake, my tits make milk because.”

“Because what!” as he looked at me.

I then told him that I wanted her tits to get bigger and to see if those articles are true, about making any girls tits produce milk and start lactating if their nipples get sucked on regularly two or three times a day. So, I explained to him how I bought a breast pump and hooked my wife’s tits up, once, or twice a day and that it is true. She started lactating within three weeks. He looked somewhat surprised and then an evil grin came to his face. “Really? This will make things a lot more interesting. MMM”

He gave me the thumbs up and spoke back to Tamara. “You are a great little slut, aren’t you? I still want to see your level of pain. I will try that again, this time more slowly and I want you to tell the pain level from one to ten as I pinch your nipples. OK? Do you understand?”

“Yes. Sir Jake. I think I can do that.” Tamara mumbled back.

Jake then proceeded to pinch her nipples. “Now. What number?”

“Five Sir Jake”

More milk squirted out as he pinched harder and Tamara said. “Seven maybe eight. Sir Jake.”

His fingers pinched her once more. When Tamara grunted out. “Ten, Owww… TEN! SIR!”

“Ok. Good. Now I know what your nipples can handle. You are low on the pain scale, maybe because of that pumping, but after a couple months of training and clamps. Your nipples will be squeezed so tight, this will be nothing for you.” As he grinned.

My wife looked a little nervous, as she heard him say that, and wondered how much pain she will be able to take, without using her safe words. Jake then made Tamara turn around so, that her backside was now facing him, he then reached up and unzipper her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He then told her to step out of the skirt and feet about shoulder width.

“Spread your legs more.” He told her. “I want them a little wider. Now bend over and grab the sides of the coffee table.” This made her ass and pussy totally exposed to him as he sat there. “Nice. Very, nice. I see that you must be excited, you little slut. Your cunt is soaking wet and still oozing out your cum. MMM… I like that. Stay bent over like you are and don’t move but, take your hands off the table and place them on your ass cheeks, and spread your cheeks open so I can have a good look at both your holes, you fucking slut.” He then reminded her once more that he wants to be addressed as Sir Jake, all the time now. Not just Sir.

He leaned forward then spit on her asshole. He then stuck his finger as fast as he could deep into her. Tamara grunted for a second as she was not ready for his quick finger to penetrate her asshole that fast.

“Oh!” he said. “I guess my little slut didn’t like that. Eh.”

“Ummm… No Sir. I mean Yes Sir, but you just surprised me. I guess I was not ready. Sir Jake.”

“Exactly. I’m not going to tell you ahead of time, or you would know what was going to happen to you. That would take away your surprise. This way you never know what I might do to you,” as he pulled his finger out of her ass. “And glad you listed to me,” as he looked at his finger, “nice and clean. What a good little slut.”

“Thank you. Sir Jake. I’m glad you approve.” Tamara replied.

“Now stand up and lay on your belly across my lap. I want your ass right in front of me.”

My wife did as she was told and gently laid herself down across Jake lap. She looked just like a small girl ready to get a spanking. He rubbed her ass with one hand while the other pinched her nipple. “Remember when we were at the lounge you did not answer me properly. It is now time to pay for your, mistake and for you to receive your punishment. I will give you two choices. Choice one, you will receive four hard nipple pinches on one nipple and four shacks on your ass. Or choice two, I will give you two hard pinches on each nipple and eight smacks on your ass.”

Tamara looked puzzled and not sure what she wanted, but probably realized that her one nipple would not be able take four hard pinches. “I choose choice two. I guess.”

“Pardon Slut!” Jake answered quickly

“Oh shit! Sorry Sir Jake. Sorry.” As Tamara asked for forgiveness.

Jake answered back “Ok I will forgive you for that slip up, but if it happens again you will receive double punishment. So, be more careful. Now, here is the deal, you must count out loud as my hand makes contact, with your ass. Do you understand me?”

“Yes. Sir Jake. I do.”

Jake raised his one hand, “I will start with your punishment once I hear you ask me to spank you and ask for your nipples to by pinched, and you must ask nicely. You know I hate to do this to you but, it must be done so you learn respect for me.”

Tamara laid quiet for a second, then softly spoke. “Sir Jake can you please spank my ass and pinch my nipples. Please Sir Jake.” And as she finished asking him, his hand came down on her ass. “One.” She whimpered. Another hit came down. “Two.” She whimpered again. Then his hand some have squeezed her nipple as I saw my wife’s face clinch a little.

Jake smacked her ass four more times in a row and snuck another nipple pinch too and Tamara did well, counting the hits. I could see her face and tears looked like they were starting to form in her eyes. Jake then spoke again. “Good we are almost done. Do you remember what number we left off on? Don’t guess wrong or we will have to start over again.”

Tamara thought for a second, “Six Sir Jake. Six ass spanks and two pinches.”

Her tits hung over the side of his legs and milk dripped out of her nipples in a steady flow. It was kind of wild to watch, her tits leaking milk. He then squeezed each one of her nipples again and Tamara whined a little. As he pinched her tits milk came squirting out and all over the side of his pants and floor. Then the last two smacks on her ass came down hard. Tamara grunted and cried out, “Seven, Eight,” as tears ran down her face.

“Great.” Jake said. “I am sorry to do this to you but, you must respect my rules. Now stand up, wipe your tears away and stand before me in your position. Head down and legs spread apart.” She stood like that for a minute. “Put one leg up on the arm of the armchair.” She did as she was told and that opened her legs more so, now I had clear view of her pussy. Wow strings of cum hung down and dripped onto the arm of the chair. “Beautiful, glad to see you must have enjoyed that you slut. Your cunt tells me so. Your wet cum is just running out of you.”

It was so hot to see her pussy that wet. Jake reached into his pocket and must have pushed the buttons on the remote control. Tamara jumped and screeched for a second and her pussy flowed out even more cum. I could see her one leg now starting to shake, which meant she would probably cum soon. You could hear the buzz loud and clear as it vibrated inside her. I think it made more noise because she still had one ping pong ball in her cunt too, along with the huge egg.

“Do not cum.” Jake yelled at her.

Tamara just moaned loudly and tried to balance on her one shaky leg. Her pussy was dripping, and her breathing started to get faster and faster. “Please Sir Jake, may I cum? Please!”

I was surprised when Jake said yes. Tamara let out a scream like she was being murdered and kept screaming. Cum dripped out of her faster and even a steadier stream as she tried to keep standing. Jake put his arms around her to help hold her up and then told Tamara to push out the egg.

“Now!” Jake yelled. “Push that toy out. I want it in my hand but make sure the ball does not come out with it.”

Tamara yelled out. “Fuck… It feels so good. Sir Jake. Fuck I love it.”

You could see her cunt starting to stretch wide and watch as the purple egg started to make, it’s way out of her vagina. In one plop the wet egg was out and into Jake’s hand. A load of cum gusted out of her cunt at the same time, soaking Jake’s hand. Tamara started fell over onto Jake lap so, he guided her down slowly. Once she was sitting on his lap, he gave me the egg and with his wet hand he rubbed my wife’s, cum all over her tits. I could not believe how hot the egg was, Jake must have left the heat on it as it was hot as hell. Know wonder her pussy was dripping. He then went to stick his fingers into her cunt, but Tamara’s body was still trembling, as she tried to close her legs tightly.

Jake smacked her thighs hard, “Open your legs. NOW! Do not stop my fingers from entering your cunt. You slut. Open them NOW!”

My wife spread her legs wide open and Jake immediately stuck two fingers into her wet cunt and started to rub away at her g spot. Tamara’s moans turned into screams, as she grunted like a wild animal. “OH… FUCK… FUCK… SIR JAKE… PLEASE… FUCK…I… CAN’T…”

Suddenly, she went crazy and started to squirt and squirt. Her screams were loud and continued for minutes. If someone in the hall would hear her, screaming like that, I’m sure the cops would be coming to check this room for sure. Jake continued fingering her as she kept squirting, soaking the floor and coffee table in front of them, along with soaking her skirt and blouse that were laying on the floor too.

This went on for a few minutes when finally, Jake stopped moving his fingers, and told Tamara how proud he was of her. “You are a great fucking slut, and we will for sure have some good times.” He then looked at me. “You have an amazing, wife she will be a lot of fun the train.” His fingers were still deep inside her. “Good that the ball is still in you. I was starting to wonder.” As he laughed.

It was wild to watch, listening to my wife scream so crazy and watch her get forced to cum and cum was just the hottest thing ever. Tamara was almost passed out on Jake’s lap, when he asked me to lift her off him and lay her down on the bed. Jake and I talked and had another drink while Tamara lay on the bed sleeping. Jake let her rest for about a half hour then asked her to get up and join the conversation. He told her that she was still really the one in control and that he was only there to help her with all her sexual desires and fantasies. He loved her list and loved the fact that she had very few hard limits. It will be great to push you towards you needs and maybe even beyond them.

“Well, now that you had a little rest. Would you like to continue for another round of play? It’s up to you.” he asked.

Tamara looked at me. “What do you think?”

“Not up to me darling. This is your call. I am willing to stay and watch more, but up to you.” Was my reply.

“Ok, I think I can handle one more, round.” As she laughed a little.

“Excellent,” Jake said. “Have a drink of water and we will start up soon.”

Tamara excused herself and went to the washroom. When she came back to the room, she gave me a kiss and said, “hope you like the show and hope you learn from Jake.”

“Pardon!” Jake yelled out.

“Sorry, Sir Jake. I meant to said Sir Jake. I guess I am still waking up a little.” As she yawned.

“OK. That is one more free pass for you, but that is all you get. Remember!” He told in a stern voice. He then had her stand in the middle of the room and kneel, down. “I want you in your kneeling position, head back, arms to your side and remember chest out.” He went to the dresser and picked up a blindfold and placed it over Tamara’s head covering her eyes. He then picked up a piece of rope and wrapped the rope around each tit squeezing them tightly, next he grabbed two nipple clamps and fastened them to each nipple, but as he was doing that her nipples started to leak and squirt out milk. Tamara wined a little as he was trying to get the clamps to stay on, probably because her nipples were red as can be, tender and sore after leaking milk but also the nipple pinching, she got earlier. Jake tried a few times, to clamp them but with milk leaking the clamps kept slipping off.

Tamara looked sexy kneeling there with her head back, chest pushed out and her tits starting to turn purple. The ropes were so tightly wrapped around each tit causing her tits to be rock hard and change color, as milk now ran out of her nipples and down her chest. Her tits were not the only thing leaking, her pussy too was dripping, as strings of cum hung to the floor.

Jake then stepped in front of my wife and started to tell her what he wanted. “Reach up, slut and undo my belt.” Tamara did what he asked. “Unbutton my pants.” Tamara unbuttoned his pants and started to unzip his fly. “Did I tell to do unzip my pants?”

“Sorry. No Sir Jake.” Tamara answered

“You are a horny slut aren’t you. In a hurry to get my cock out.” As Jake grinned. “Now you can unzipper my pants and pull them down to my ankles so I can step out of them.”

Tamara slowly unzippered his pants and pulled his pants down to his ankles, Jake lifted one foot then the other and stepped out of his pants. He told Tamara to place her arms back at her side. He was not wearing any underwear and his cock hung there only inches from my wife’s face. He had a huge cock too. Holy, it was about eight or nine inches long and it was still hanging. Plus, it had to be about the size of a baseball bat in diameter. Pre cum hung from the head of cock as he told my wife to lean forward and to lick the cum off his dick. Tamara still had the blindfold on, so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She felt the head of his dick and slowly licked the wet cum off the head.

“Open your mouth I want to place my cock in between your lips.” As he held his cock.

Tamara opened her mouth and Jake place the head of his cock to her lips and pushed the head into her. Her lips stretched out, but she could not open her mouth wide enough to get his whole cock head into her. Tamara’s mouth was as wide as it would go and there was no way Jake’s fat cock would get all the way to her throat. “Good girl. I know you can’t see my cock, but can you feel how big it is?”

“Yes. Sir Jake.”

“Good because it will be inside you occasionally, but before it goes into you, you will have to beg for it and ask me nicely. Got it!” He replied.

“Yes. Sir Jake. I understand.”

Jake then instructed me to place a couple of the sofa cushions on the coffee table, while untied the ropes around my wife's tits, he then had my wife crawl over to the table on her knees. She was told to lay on her back on the cushions. Her head at that end with her arms down to the floor. Jake then picked up some rope and walked over to my wife while she lay on the coffee table waiting for what he was going to do to her. Next Jake had Tamara lift her feet up and bend her legs tightly to her thighs as he tied them together. With both legs tied he took another rope and tied it around her knees and pulled her legs down and open, exposing her pussy wide open. Next, he tied her arms down to each table leg and then put a collar around her neck and tied it down too.

She laid there totally helpless and bound, her tits were turning deep purple and nipples were bright red and swollen. Jake then went to the dresser, picked up a candle and lit it up. He held it above Tamara’s body and then tilted it. Tamara moaned in shock as wax dripped onto her chest. Jake did not say a word he then moved the candle and dripped some into Tamara’s thighs and again she cried out a little.

Jake then spoke to Tamara asking her if it felt to hot. She replied that it was hot but not that bad just the first drop in different places was a little shock. Good Jake said as he then poured wax all over one of my wife’s tits but not on her nipple. The wax ran down the sides of her breast and started to harden in streaks. He then run the wax from her tit down along her chest to her belly and stopped just above her pussy.” How was that you little slut?

Tamara moaned. “A little hot but exciting.”

“Good.” He then poured wax straight onto her nipple causing Tamara to grunt.

Tamara moaned out loud. “Holy fuck that was hot. Sir Jake.”

He then poured wax onto the other nipple and again Tamara moaned. He then held it above her pussy and waited to build up more pourable wax. Her pussy was dripping cum as steady stings of cum hung down from her soaked wet lips. He looked at me. “This little slut must like that, or her cunt would not be that wet.” He then poured wax straight onto her clit and all over her cunt.

Tamara screamed out loud. “FUCK! That is hot Sir Jake.”

Jake then put the candle down and reached into the ice bucket, he had a few cubes in his hand and then stuck all three cubes into her cunt.

Tamara screamed again. “Holy fuck I’m going to cum. Sir Jake! May I Fuck! I’mmm… I'mmm going to cum!”

She started to screamed, as Jake dropped to his knees between her legs. His cock was huge probably eleven inches long but as round as a baseball bat and rock hard. “Do you want my cock in you. My fuckin slut?”

“YES! Sir Jake. YES!” She yelled out.

“Ask me again slut. Like you really want it.” He shouted back. “Beg!”

“PLEASE! Sir Jake. PLEASE. I want your cock in me. PLEASE!” She begged.

She was still cumming when the head of his cock entered her lips causing her to scream louder as she felt his huge cock start to fill her hole. Then in one motion he pushed his whole cock into her as deep as he could. Tamara grunted and screamed louder and louder and was still cumming like crazy. Jake fucked her cunt and with each push Tamara moaned and screamed. Her cunt lips were stretched around his cock so, tight, I have never seen her pussy take such a big cock before. Her juices trying to escape as his cock was being pushed in and it sounded like a sprinkler going off. Tamara yelled out, “What the fuck are you fucking me with? Holy fuck. My pussy feels like its going to split in two.”

Just then Jake moaned and pushed his cock into her cunt as deep as he could. He used short little strokes and I knew he was filling my wife’s cunt with his load. Tamara started to cum. “Holy fuck, that your cock I feel cumming inside me?” As she started moaning again. “Holy fuck. It’s fucking big. Sir Jake.”

Jake kept his cock deep into my wife’s cunt until she finished cumming and then pulled his cock out. A huge flow of cum poured out of her pussy as his head pulled out. Her cunt stayed open too so you could see deep into her dark hole and white cum ran out steadily. What a site watching my wife get fucked by a guy with a baseball size cock and filling her full, with his seed.

Jake just stood up and there was a knock on the door. “Yes.” Jake spoke out. It was the hotel manager and a security person they wanted to know what was going, as there were a few calls made to them, so they need to know if everything was ok. Jake went to the door and opened it up, he only had on a shirt and was naked from the waist down, the shirt just barely enough to cover his cock.

I heard a voice from the hallway asking if they could come in to see if everyone was ok. My wife was still blindfolded and bound to the coffee table. The dried wax hung to her tits and nipples and a line of wax streaked down from there to her wax covered pussy, that was now oozing cum and dripping onto her clothes on the floor. I heard Jake reply. “Sure, we have nothing to hide just having some fun.”

Next thing I knew Jake walked past me and the two guys right behind him. Their eyes widened wide when they stopped and saw my naked wife tied to the table. I think they were shocked and then asked her if she was ok. “Yes.” She tried to talk but she sounded very scared.

One of them asked her again. “Are you sure Miss?”

Jake went to walk back over to Tamara when they stop him. He told them he was going to remove the blindfold so she can tell you face to face. But they did not want him to get closer to her just yet. Well he then told one of them to remove the blindfold. I sat there and watched and was told to say seated while the manager bent down and unbuckled the blindfold and pulled it off my wife’s head. They then asked her once more. “Miss are you ok? Are you here on you own free will?”

“Yes!” Tamara answered. “Yes. I’m ok. Ask my husband he’s right there. Everything is fine. We were just having fun.”

The two of them just starred at her and told her that they thought someone was in trouble, so before they called the police they had to come and see what was going on and the tell other guests all is good. They also said they tried to call the room, but no one answered so they had to come up. The manager then walked over to the phone and noticed it was unplugged and asked why. Jake told them that the phone would take away from the excitement. They apologized for coming into the room and headed back out the door. You could hear other voices in the hallway maybe guests that wanted to know what was going on themselves.

Jake smiled at me then asked Tamara how she felt. She said that that was probably the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. Tied to a coffee table naked and cum dripping out of me while two guys just starred, at me the whole time they were there. “Yes.” Jake said. “Humiliation is good thou, as your pussy is still wet and I am sure not just from my cum but your cunt is flowing with excitement knowing you were laying there helpless and totally open and exposed for anyone to see you like that. I’m sure they will be talking about you for a while. Does that not excite you?”

“If you put it that way Sir Jake, I did feel strange, scared but excited. Maybe you are right.” Tamara replied.

“Oh, my little slut, I know I’m right.” And with that he picked up her cum soaked clothes and placed them over her head, so the wettest spots were, placed over her mouth and nose. He then got back on his knees between her spread legs and stuck is hard cock back into her wet pussy. She screamed as he entered her, and I knew she would cum soon. She tried to ask for permission to cum, but it all went to fast, and she could not get the words out of her mouth in time. She started to cum almost instantly, as he fucked her fast and steady while she moaned loudly and grunted with each thrust, he made. Her orgasm must have lasted three to four minutes then Jake pulled out and shot his load all over her belly and tits. “Now I know you enjoyed that, and you were probably thinking of those two guys starring at you. Right?”

She caught her breath.” Yes. Sir Jake. How did you know?”

Jake got up and told me to untie her while he went to the bathroom. He came back shortly with a warm wet towel for her. “I want you to clean yourself off here and then we will talk about the night. See why I picked this room.”

Tamara wiped herself down and started to get dressed when Jake handed her, a large men’s shirt. “Put this on and your shoes only. That’s all.” She did as she was, told and he picked up all her clothes and placed them in a large bag that had “I am owed by a Master.” on both sides.

Tamara still had the collar on, and Jake told her that she was to wear that whenever we get together or if he instructs her to put it on at any time, and she was told to leave it on her until we get home tonight then I can remove it. We talked about the night and how my wife felt about everything that happened to her. She said she was scared a few times and embarrassed at times in the lounge and scared with the hot wax, but also excited at the same time. That is perfect Jake said that was the best kind of fun you can have when you are scared and excited, your sexual desires will get stronger and stronger and your orgasms get crazier too. We also talked a little about what I thought of the night too. All was good and we all enjoyed a wild night.

The three of us look forward to another wild night and what will happen to my sexy slutty wife will be a mystery until we meet again.

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