The nasty sister

It was about 6 PM, as i was on my way home from school,i was really mad,because i've had plans for this evening already but my sport teacher made me stay because i was sick 2 weeks ago and i've missed alot.
School ended at about 3 PM but i had to stay and at the Gym and do stupid exercises for 3 hours.
To make things worse it was summer,i didn't want to get kicked out of the school,so i didn't had much of a choice but to stay at school.It was a Hot day, like +25°C. I was so mad,i was all sweaty and sticky,on my way home, tried to not go through the city, i really smelled bad, because i forgot my deorant at my friend's that i stayed at a few days ago, just like most of the stuff and she didnt had the time to give it back to me yet.
so finally! Im at home,dripping wet and all sticky,smelly and very tired,this day can't get any worse can it?
i was just on my way to the shower when i saw my big brother at the kitchen, he was always calm and silent,we were very different, even for siblings.He was just sitting there: wearing Navy Blue Jeans,a Black long-sleeve T-Shirt and Black shoes, he never liked to dress colourful, he said ''it makes you look like a hippy''. He was pretty smart,wasnt very authletic but didnt look like a dork too,he had an average shape,Brown Hair and a cute smile i always found adorable,he was only one year older than me, not even a full year, so we had a quite good releationship
i went into the kitchen and said:
- David,I'm home!
- i noticed Sarah,it's really hard not to notice that smell.
The day can any worse (i thought,its not often that my brother is beign an asshole to me unless somethings wrong)
- Fuck you! (I said in response)
- Love you too (he answered)
- I'm going to take a long and ni..(Before i could finish my sentence he interrupted and said)
- Shower? you do know its broken right?
- What?! i thought dad fixed! ( now the day is really ruined, how can it get any worse?)
- Well he didn't
- Where the hell is he now?
- Haven't you been listening?
- Whatever, i'm gonna borrow mom's deo.You know where she is?
- That's what i've been trying to tell you sis, they went on vacation yesterday!
- What?! how come i didnt know anything about it?
- Because you're aDo you really want me to answer that?
- Great,just great! and all of my friends are probably gone on vacation too, what a waste,we have the house all for ourselves and all my friends are probably already gone,so i'll have to hang out with you and your f..
- I'm not inviting anyone,it's just stupid.
- Wow,just wow.
- Has Cassie called yet about my bag,i left at her?
- Nope, ah come on! Most of my clothes were in that bag!
(i figured i could as David to borrow me a clean dry shirt)
- David could i borrow one of your shirts for a while? (i asked)
- No way! you're smell like hell,i dont want you to wear any of my shirts.
- Like you have a choice (I started running,thinking he wouldnt go after me but he did, i ran upstairs, he was quite falling beheind, but i could hear him running and screaming)
- Don't touch my damn stuff,for fucks sake!
( I ran into his room and just when i was about to open the drawer..David tackled me and we both fell on his bed,i quickly rolled over and landed on top of him, holding him restrained, i don't hink he had a problem of getting free,i think he didnt want to)
- What are you gonna do now?! (Chuckle)
(then i felt it, his penis pressing against my lap,it was hard,real hard,pressing against my jeans)
I was wearing tight jeans,black/white sneakers,black socks, a red hoody,a long sleeve grey t-shirt and a tank top, i dont know why i was dressed that way,it was real cold in the morning, but now its just melting hot.
i had Blonde hair and blue eyes,i wasnt an ugly gir,i take care of myself, i dont mean to sound silly but i found myself quite sexy,i had a nice body shape and big breasts, i think it was a C or a D,i never really cared much, they were about 9 cm big.
So we looked each other in the eyes.
Something snapped! i bend over closer to him and started kissing him on the mouth,in the dirtiest way i ever did.He didn't mind.
But i was shocked,i always hated nasty stuff like that.
but i kept kissing him,spit was all over our faces.
i stopped for a second and asked:
- Do you want to go on?
- Hell yeah! (he responded)
i quickly started taking off my hoody,i was wearing a light grey long sleeve t-shirt,i took it off, he chuckled, i took a look and noticed my armpits were all sweaty (Gross)
i took the t shirt off, leaving the tank top on.
my tank top was completley wet and David said:
- Wow sis,have you been swimming in sweat?
- i'm sorry, you know i sweat a lot,it's a hot day and i had to stay at the gym for 3 hours (i responded with a little bit sad face)
- It's okay sis,i don't mind, i actually like it!
- you like what?!
- everything sis!
- wow thats quite gross you really like it? even the smell?
- yea sis i do!
- cool,i like that (I smiled)
He went down,i thought he was gonna lick my breasts and he did, but then i felt a tickle.
(that's so gross!)
he was like crazy,he took off my tank top and licked on my bra
he went down and licked my belly,he unziped my pants and pulled them down just a little,licking on my undies,i was wearing a red string and yes,just as you thought wet,smelly and sticky, and my brother liked it.
i started liking it too.
he went back up and licked more on my breasts (Through the bra) and my armpits, then he went to kiss me on my mouth (i was shocked! how could he do that, after licking all the sweat off from me, he wanted me to kiss him) it was to late argue,his tongue was already in my throat, and it wasnt bad, it was salty and warm and not what i expected.
at first i thought he hugged me,but he just wanted to take off my bra, he took it off.
started licking on my large breasts.
we were sittin on the bed, i was sitting on my knees, with my jeans pulled half way down.
he went further licking my belly, and then he pulled down my panties, to the same level the jeans were.
he told me to lift my feet, and he started to lick my pussy
(oh,my GOSH,it felt so good!)
his tongue was like crazy he was licking my pussy my asshole,my asscheeks everything.
then he took off my jeans and panties
i was gonna take off my shoes, but i was afraid,because of the smell.
while i was considering it, he took my shoes off already, leaving the black short socks on.
the smell was strong (smelled like swiss cheese) he started licking on them, not on the feet on the socks, sniffing them licking them..(i didnt find it gross anymore, i found it hot) i couldnt wait any longer
- David,fuck me please! ( i moaned)
He took off one sock and bend over to me and we both started licking on the sock like 2 wild dogs.
I didnt mind the smell any longer.
- Stick it inside me sweety.
3 seconds later something massive went into my vag, i got up and holy crap! his dick was massive!
he started pounding on my hard i jumped a little and i fell on my back.
He fucked me Missionary and kept kissing me,touching my breasts.
he took off the other sock but he didnt lick or sniff on it yet.
He started pouding even harder,i started moaning real loud.
He touched my breasts,my asscheeks, kissing me.
i got up and turned it all the other way around.
now i was on top riding him, i said:
- Open your mouth david,
he did and i spat in his mouth slowly,he swallowed it and said:
- Tastes real good sis.
I kept riding him hard, for about 7 minutes,he told me to get off.
i thought he was gonna cum,but he just wanted me to suck his dick.
i started sucking on the Head, later putting it in my mouth, it was hard considering that his dick was massive, i sucked on it for about 2 minutes and started licking his balls, i dont know why i did that, i kept jerking him and licking both the balls and his dick. 2 more minutes later he got on top of me.
He again started fucking me hard for about 4 minutes we fucked and i had multiple orgasms, i had this odd feeling i never had during sex i told David to stop, and i realised i was about to squirt.
i started rubbing it, i didnt had much experience and a fountain squirted all over the bed.
I was screaming at the top of my lungs holding onto the bed sheet and my brother.
once i finshed, my brother started fucking me again, and took the two smelly socks i was wearing we started playing with it, he took my tank took to, we licked,smelld everything got even wetter from the spit, we kissed so dirty and then my brother said
- Shit sis i'm about to cum
I was happy, and said
- Just go on baby don't stop now,dont stop,right there! ( i moaned)
- ahh shit! (David moaned)
- Ahh David! baby don't stop
I didnt give a shit if he came inside me,i actually wanted it somehow
-shit sis im cumming,let go!
i didnt let go,and i felt something warm running down me.
- ahh sis,god baby youre fucking awesome
-thanks hon, god that as the best sex i've ever had David
- yeah me too.
- Can you imagine, we have the whole house all for ourselves for 2 weeks.
- Yea, think we can do this again?
- Absolutey! i'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!
(we both laughed)
i knew the next 2 weeks were gonna be awesome.

To be continued?

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