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I am a 38 WM professional in CT. I am pretty much
normal looking and behaving. I am 5' 6" 150lbs, good
build (no fat), brown hair/eyes moustache.

From the time I was 11 or 12, and started to notice my
more frequent desires i was hooked on woman who
wore stillettos or very high heels. I later became
attracted to what I was told, by a woman, were CFMP's.

It all started with a my next door neighbor. My window
faced her back yard. She was divorced and had two
children, both younger than me. I was 11. I had just
really discovered masterbation and magazines. One day
I was looiking out the window and my neighbor was
sunbathing. As can be assumed, I started fanatasizing.
However, when she got upo and put her shoes on to walk
to the house, my fantasy took a turn.

My neighbor slipped her feet into a pair of backless,
pumps with very very high heels. It made her look so
tall and thin and her calves took on more shape. I
couldn't help but stare at her legs. I was
fascinated. More an appreciation for her shape and a
desire to run my hands along her legs and feet and
heels, than it was a sexual feeling.

Ever since that day, I couldn't get the image of her
out of my mind. I often fanatasized of running my
hands along the backs of her legs and feeling her feet
and shoes. About three weeks later, while I was
outside, she came out and asked if I would help carry
some boxes to her basement. I readily accepted and
followed her in. She was barefoot and her toes were
painted a light pale blue. I became fixated on her
toes and actually imagined what it would be like to
lick them. Well, anyway, I followed her to her
bedroom closet where she piled five or six shoeboxes
in my arms and she took an armful as well. As I was
following her down the stairs the top few boxes
teetered off the stack and when tumbling down the
basement stairs. I got to the bottom and set the boxes
down and started to put the shoes back. I was
apologizing and was afraid she would be mad at me.

Instead, she put her hand on mine and said it was ok.
It was then that I noticed the shoes themselves. That
were black with straps that go around the ankles and
had 5" heels. The heels were steel or some type of
metal. They felt so good in my hands that I was
fondling them without realizing it.

"you like those do you?" she asked breaking the
silence. "Yes..". She smiled at me and asked if I
would like to try on a pair. I spent the rest of the
afternoon trying on different pairs and wit her. She
looked awesome in heels. I especially loved the thigh
high boots. A few times I saw her look and the bulge
in my pants, as I was in a constant state of arousal,
and smiled.

About a month went by without either of us talking
about it although I began fantasizing more of her in
the shoes and boots. Then, my parents had to leave
town to visit my brother at college and since I as
still in school, my neighbor agreed to look after me.
I took the bus home from school and arrived before her
kids as they went to a private school and lasted an
hour longer than mine.

The first day, after school, when I entered the house,
she was standing there in a two piece bathing suit and
her thigh highs. She look distrurbed and yelled at me
for not wiping my feet. She had me on my hands and
knees wiping the floor in places she pointed out with
her boots. I probably spent more time looking at her
footwear than the floor because she told me to stop
what I was doing and to follow her. We went in to the
den where she sat on the sofa and had me sit at her
feet. We discussed my fascination for her shoes and
she tryed to explain some of the finer points of pre
teen years and feelings. I really wasn't listening as
I was lost studying the curves of the leather, the
sharpnes of the heel and her thighs just above the
tops of the boots. Eventually she sighed and said I
could touch the boots if I liked. Thats all I needed
to here. I was running my hands slowly all over the
boots and soles and without her saying a word found my
self drawn towards them until I was running my tongue
along the sides up the zipper line and down again. She
held her leg straight out so I could lick underneath
and had me suck on the long heels. There I was, at
this point, lying on my back sucking her heel while
her other foot rested on my stomach. As you can
imagine, although young, I was still showing a little
tent in my shorts. She laughed and said I was weird. I
didnt mind as she moved her foot down until the heel
of her boot was jabbing my tent. This continued for
about ten minutes until she said she had to get ready
to pick up her kids. I didnt say anthing, but I am
sure she noticed that I had stained my shorts.

Although we never were nude, and she never actually
touched me, it became a regular event, of me sitting
by her feet and touching, fondling and licking her
boots and other shoes. Eventually, it lead to my
orally servicing her feet and toes. This was the
beginning of a lifelong fascination for womas feet and
pumps and a lifelong obsession to orally please the
entire body.

If you would like to here more of my happenings I will
be glad towrite more. I have had many experiences
since then with girls in highschool, college and in my
adult life. Once I was even seduced by a woman in
pumps that turned out not to be a woman!

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