Kitty (#1)


Hello. This is my first ever entry, so please let me know how I did and if you want to criticize me, please do so in a manner that I will give up writing these stories. I’ve always has a fascination with these types of stories, turning myself on more of writing them then actually imagining them. I like to add some features before I start the story because, well, it saves time and you get to read better thing then have me describe everything! This is also like a story inside a story. Just please try to follow along and everything with play out. I do hope I do slightly well for my first try. I will try to keep things lively and upbeat so please help me out! Thank you! Please continue to read…

The fact that you must be reading this, well, I believe you wanted something different. My life is not “normal” buy most peoples standards, but it is good enough for me. Let me start out by describing myself. I am 5’7 and weigh around 125-130 pounds. Mind you, that is only 25% body fat. I guess I have an hourglass figure, wide hips, but none of the super VaVOOM features. My hair, cut short, shortish, is a strawberry blond color with blond streaks and although I spend much time in the sun, I never get tan. I am paaaaale! Let me tell you! My arms reflect sunlight… and if you think that’s WHITE you should see my ass. I still have a tan line… from two years ago! My eyes are round with thick black eyeliner around them. I put a point in the front of my eyes and on the back to give them a more feline look. I have always liked that look. My eyes change colors though! Sometimes they are green, or brown, or both creating so many mixtures with the colors! I have freckles (angles kisses as my friends call them), a cute round nose that points up a little, also contributing to the felines, and full, red lips. I’ve got “normal” size breasts I guess. My friends say I do. With a big B cup or a small C they fit into my own palms perfectly. I’ve got a flat tummy with a hint of abbs underneath, and thick, strong legs. I don’t know if I’m every man’s dream but HEY I like the way I look!

I remember that one night that changed my life forever and I wish to share it with you. The one night I figured out I wasn’t “normal”. The one night I figured out there were others like me, who wanted to be taught and used like me. I didn’t believe it until I met HIM.
(Side note, please excuse the jumping between third and first person… I tend to do that a lot)

Sasha, a girl of 18 years old, woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, went to school, came home, did her homework, ate dinner, cleaned her room and went to bed day after day after day, nothing changed. Only on the weekends she would let herself sleep in and do whatever she wanted because on weekends, her parents went to go visit her grandmother. Every week of every year was exactly the same… wasn’t there anything different in the world?

Secretly, Sasha snuck onto her laptop at night and those hours she spends alone without her parents to fill her sexual desires. She applied to several porn websites with her own credit card to watch everything that went on. One night, while watching a regular porn video she spots one saying “Sexy Girls Tied Up and Raped in all Three Holes” and, being tired of the regular, clicked on the link. What she saw changed her life forever.

Three girls sat on different walls of the same room, their arms tied above their heads in chains, completely naked. This wasn’t one of your regular people actors posting home-made videos, it was real. Each girl was naked. One was pudgy with long brown hair, mascara rimmed her eyes and red welts covered her body. Her breasts were about C or D sizes. Her pussy was shaved. The other two girls were blond, obviously twins, also having their eyes rimmed with mascara and both with welts. Their pussies were also shaved. B breasts and tan skin with medium-short hair, they looked irresistible. One blonds lip was split and dried blood cracked with she moved her mouth. More welts then the other two girls covered her body, exactly on her breasts, pussy and ass. Sasha’s pussy started getting wetter and wetter every second she watched, wanting to be one of those girls. Her eyes grew wider as she watched what happened next.

The sound of steps behind a closed door, drawing closer and closer to the door had all three girls looking up. The brunette looked eagerly at the door, straining her body toward the door that He would come through. Her breasts were jut out and a sound of happiness escaped her lips, a smile dancing at her lips. The blonds didn’t seem too happy at all. The blond with the split lip glared at the door, her upper lip pulling back, cracking more of the dried blood, her hands curled into fists and she started squirming, a string of curses coming from her lips while the other blond whimpered and pushed herself as far back as the wall would let her, trying to cover up as much as her nudity as the chains would allow it.

Suddenly, the walking stopped, and the door, the door all three women were looking at, slowly creaked open. A man around 6’2 walked into the room, covered in nothing but tight pants and a mask. His strong arms stayed at his sides as his sharp blue eyes scanned the room. He noted the brunette trying to reach him, making little happy sounds while the two blonds didn’t even move to try and greet him. His hands clutched together in anger. He would have to fix that…

He began to walk over to the brunette, slowly, taking his time, his large cock already springing to life. He stopped right in front of the bitch and took out his eight and a half inch rod, holding it out in his hand. The brunette’s eyes went wide and she stretched foreword trying to get her mouth around his cock. He was standing just enough away that she wouldn’t. She stretched even more, forcing her tongue out, the tip almost reaching the bead of precum out the top of his cock. He smiled, watching her struggle to lick him. He could see the wild desire in her eyes. With no more then a second thought, he pushed his cock back into his pants, zipping them up. She looked up at him, her lower lip quivering and her mouth still open, her pretty brown eyes wide.

He ignored her and went to stand by the two blonds. He went to the cowering blond first, bending down slightly to run his finger down her cheek. He noted that tears had washed away traces of dirt, leaving paler streaks. He didn’t even have time to tough her lips before her sister cried out.

“Don’t you dare touch her you fucking sick prick! Leave her alone! If I wasn’t tied up against this wall like some lab rat I would beat you for sure!” Her voice rang though the room, loud and clear. She continued to glare at him, even when he took a menacing step forward.

“What did you just say to me, Bitch?” He growled, cupping her face in his palm and yanking her head up, not releasing the grip, nor softening it.

“What’s the matter?” she shot back, a sneer crossing her face, “Did I s-s-s-stutter?”

With a snarl plastered on his face he raised his hand and it made contact with her cheek with a loud smack! He let go of her chin and smirked down at her, already seeing the redness of his handprint on her perfect pale cheek. Tears watered in her eyes but she forced them back and down. She had to be strong, for her sister. She growled at him, pushing herself against the chains that held her there, wanting so badly to be free, to beat his ass. He grinned and smacked her cheek again, loathing the little bitch.

Sasha gasped, but felt tingling in her pussy, wanting someone to treat her like that eventually. Her body was already hot and her hand was down her pants rubbing at her hard little clitty, making herself drip love juice all over her panties. She continued to watch intently as everything played out around her.

(please tell me if its good or not with comments and suggestions over mail instead of just rating this positive or negative. thank you!)

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