My sis wants her first time

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I always fancied my big sister, but wow i nener thought anything would ever come of it.

My mum and dad would often take my younger brother out for the day, leaving me and my sis at home, today was no different. my sis had gone over to see her friend lisa across the road leaving me at home. so i grabbed one of my dads porn videos and put it on, being only in first year at high school i hadn't had much experience so porn was my only outlet for frustrations. my sis lauren is two years older than me.

Watching the porn for bout twenty minutes i was getting very excited, sitting stroking my hardon through my jogging bottoms, i had just pulled my bottoms down and was slow wanking through my briefs the front door opened and my sister came in, back early from her friends. To say I shit myself was an understatement, trying to get across the room and turn the porno off at the same time as pulling up my trousers wasn't easy and I went flying.
"Are you ok?" came my sisters voice from behind me at the livingroom door. "What the hell are you doing?" She screamed at me, my hardon starting to go away as i stood up. "Please don't tell dad" i said nervously. She came into the livingroom and sat on the couch beside me, "I'm not going to tell, but you have to do something for me" she said. "Anything" i said quickly. "Come to my room in a minute" and she left te room. fixing my trousers i waited and then headed through to laurens room, i walked straight in and got the biggest surprise of my life.
My sister was standing in the middle of her room totally naked, my jaw dropped at the sight. Wow, was all I could say. "I take it I'm not ugly then??" she asked smiling as she pointed to my hardon straining through my joggers. I naively tried to hide it and blushed. She sat down on the bed and motioned me over to sit beside her, i sat and then asked, "Why are you naked? Not that I am complaining mind, your body is wow, shame you are my sister or I definately would." she smiled and placed her hand on my thigh, "I'm glad you think like that, because what i want you to do for me is be my first."
"Your first what?" in asked stupidly. She answered me by placing her hand on my stiff cock, " erm yes please" was my answer. so i stood and took my clothes off as quick as i could, stranding in front of lauren she immediately wrapped her hand around my shaft. she started by kissing the tip of my cock, it was already coated in precum but that didn't seem to bother her, i closed my eyes as i felt her mouth close around my glistening helmet, one of her hands was on my cock and the other was teasing my balls.
Her mouth slipped furthur down my cock as more of my length slid into her mouth. Wow, heaven. I could feel my balls starting to contract as my orgasm drew closer. "Stop or I"ll cum" i said. placing my hands on her shoulders, "I want to try tasting you now" and i pushed her gently back onto the bed. I kissed her passionately on the lips, then started kissing down her body towards her small breasts, nibbling her nipples as i went. My hand went between her legs and i started to circle around her wet cunthole, she was very hairy down below but as i was very, very horny it didnt bother me. i continued to kiss down her body over her belly and between her legs.
This was the first time i had ever seen a pussy so close, i could smell her musky scent as i got closer to her cunt with my tongue. the first taste of her was heaven. i let my tongue slip down her lips and back up to her clit, she let out a low moan, 'wow, i must be doing it right' i thought to myself. i kept licking her lips till i got braver, letting my tongue slide inside her. I felt her hands on my head as she pushed my head onto her cunt, she grinded her hips against my tongue and i felt her juices flowing down my tongue and into my mouth. she tasted great
She let out a loud scream as she came on my face, her body shook on my tongue as her orgasm flowed through her. I stopped licking her and stood up, i got ontop of her and guided my hardon towards her wet pussy and my tip touched her opening. I gasped with anticipation as i eased more of me cock into her, she moaned quietly, i kept pushing into her until i was halfway. "Stop" she said, "It's getting sore" so i stopped and waited. As i was about to try again to penetrate her there was a knock on the front door. I have never moved so quickly in my life. I rushedly put my clothes on and lauren ran into the toilet. as she went passed me she said"will speak to u in a bit". i watched as she entered the bathroom, i composed myself then answered the door. It was our next door neighbour, she was telling us that our parents were through at hers having a cuppa, "Ok, I'll tell Lauren and we'll be through in a minute". I closed the door and went back to laurens room, "Are you ok?" i shouted through. "Yes" came the reply."but it was getting sore. We can try again tonight if you want? when mum and dad are in there bed." "That sounds great to me. Anyway, mum and dad are next door. i said we'd be right through." She came out the bathroom unfortunately fully clothed and we headed through to see our parents

to be continued

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