Highschool exploration chapter 3. Todd gets feminized

Thank you for reading my story. This is a true story as I remember it. This story may not be for Everyone.

Thursday morning I find myself at school as usual. Gym class is next. I'm in the locker room getting changed​. Probably flag football again. I'm wearing my bright pink panties. They feel so nice. So very soft as they are silk. But so firm. I'm going to have to untuck in order to participate in gym activities but I haven't done so yet. It's raining outside. Unusual weather for late October for sure but it's better then snow right.
Coach comes into the locker room and starts his pre practice pep talk. Fuck, we're going out in this shit. You gotta be kidding right.
This year we've had a great year 14 and 3 record. Mostly because Jim has really stepped up his game.
Today I thought we'd do some cardio in the gym. The last few games you guys looked out of breath here and there so get them cleats off boys. Get them gym shoes on. That was coach's way of saying he just smoked a fat doobie and he can't concentrate.
We all head for the gym. I'm pulling up the rear as usual. Walking while I'm tucked hurts a bit but I like it all the same.
We stretched for ten minutes. Then we ran lines for twenty minutes​ then we ran laps around the gym for another twenty minutes. We spent the last ten minutes cooling down, stretching and listening to coach Bible about nonsense.
Ok boys good enough, hit the showers and we all ran for the locker room. Me pulling up the rear. Most everyone was gone by the time I got off the toilet. I took my panties off and untucked so I could go to the shower room.
Jim was still in there. The way the sun was glistening off his naked skin turned me on a bit. I looked around to make sure we were alone. Then walked in, hung my towel with my panties inside and turned on the shower next to him. The warm water caressed my naked body as I settled in and relaxed.
You know you really pissed her off last night right.
Snapping me back to reality all too soon.
Ya well that was not my intention believe me. Well you should watch yourself, she's got plans for you. Her and a bunch of her friends are gonna grab you after school and take you to some salon or something. Hay that reminds me. You better not make her mad again. I don't like begging for head and seeing as she didn't do it last night. You're gonna right now.
I looked down to see he was hard as nails.
I drop to my knees and study his cock as if I was thinking of not doing it. Ya right.
Come-on let's go. I don't have all day here, Jim snapped.
I leaned back away from him leaning against the shower​ partition wall, you want head well you're gonna have to face fuck me and I opened my mouth wide. He got the message and stepped up to the plate so to speak and pushed his fuck stick in my mouth. He grabbed my hair on both sides and rammed it in as far as he could. He was brutality fucking my sluty mouth, telling me how much of a faggot I am, how I'm nothing more then a cock slut and he was all powerful. A couple times there I thought I was going to Black out from a lack of oxygen. Finally he couldn't take it any more and grunted out you fucking pig! He cummed down my throat. I made sure I cleaned him up properly and then stood up to finish my shower.
Lunch break I found Cindy with her friends outside by the picnic tables.
Hey can I talk to you a minute I said.
She just looked at me as if I wasn't even there.
I'm ah not going through with the um plans. I just um can't do it.
Excuse me girls. I need to put this sissy faggot in his place as she got up and calmly approached me.
She started out calm cool and collected…
I know you're not talking to me. After all I didn't give you permission to talk to me. But here you are talking to me as if we're best bff's. So am I confused or could it be you that's confused.
You tell that worm girlfriend I hear from one of her group.
Don't take that shit from no nerd Cindy another says.
I backed up a bit. But Cindy stayed right there in my face.
So it's you that's confused right.
Ya, I uh mean yes, I'm confused.
So now that we got that clear, you will meet me in the parking lot after school and you will not be late. Do you understand me. She said.
Um ya, I don't…
What did you say???
Nothing. I'll be here.
Good gurl and don't forget it's going to cost you about $250 tonight.
Ya ok Cindy was all I could say without pissing her off again.
Who would have thought such a shy quiet person could be such a bitch I thought.
After school I found Cindy in the school parking lot. She had borrowed her mom's car. I got in right away and she started out onto the street.
Where are you taking me Cindy?
You'll find out soon enough she said.
A short while later and we were at a beauty salon. Her friend that graduated two years ago greeted us at the door.
Cindy talked to her friend. I don't remember her name but she was a working girl. She had a kid right after graduation and the guy dumped her. So she works at the salon and I've heard the she turns the odd trick too for money.
I felt sorry for her but they were her discussions.
So this is the guy you told me about. And he did it with that tranny at the mall? Why are you helping him Cindy? What's in it for you.
Just do it. Do your magic girlfriend.
Ya, ok. Stand back and let this witch get to work she said.
Cindy laughed and turned to me.
You will do everything she tells you! Got it?
Yes Cindy, I'll do as she says.
Good. Me and a few friends are going to be just down the street. We'll pick you up in a couple hours she said as she was looking at the stylist.
She shook her head no. I'm good girlfriend but he needs​ a lot of work. Better give me 3 or 4 hours.
Ok. Do you want me to pick something up for to eat or maybe a beer Cindy asked.
Sure. That would be great. And almost all the girls left.
Let's get to work. She says as she passes me a white robe. Change into this in the back please.
What's this for I ask.
We make hair look pretty and we get rid of ugly hair elsewhere so go. I'll be there in a minute.
I did as I was asked again I kept my pink panties on under my robe thought.
The stylised and an assistant came back after they locked the door to see me sitting there doing nothing.
Ok. We need you to stand in the shower so lose the robe please.
The robe I ask. I thought you were gonna make my hair look good.
We will but we are going to get rid of the rest first. So kindly strip.
I need a minute I said. I have to use the washroom?
Ok. In through there as she points me towards the back of the store.
I got in the room and took my panties and tuck tape off. I put them in the robe pocket then i went back to the shower area and striped.
They both laughed and giggled as I got in the shower saying things like, aw isn't it cute and it's so small does it work. I ignore their comments. The ladies sprayed all over my body from the nose down with some kind of stinky chemical.
What is that I ask.
This will help to remove all the hair we don't want she says.
How does it work?
Well we spray it on, leave it for twenty minutes then we use sponges to rub all over your body. And the rest we use a razor blade, unless you'd rather we did a Brazilian waxing on you. Um no thanks, I know what that is. They both laugh at me again.
A half hour later and the ladies are showing me off. I'm smooth all over. They rubbed cream all over my body to moisturize. Even my cock, balls and ass. Then we went back up front to the salon chair. Ok, let's see how bad it is.
They started by checking for split ends and Frazzled hair.
Pretty nice hair, for guy one of them say. Ya I think a minor trim and style should do it.
Being rather cocky I ask, so what's gonna take 3 or 4 hours.
Well your make-up of course. They both laugh.
A little while later and they got my entire face wrapped in a steaming hot towel. I was totally relaxed even though I could hear them giggling and laughing a bit.
What's so funny I ask. Oh, um nothing. Nothing at all they say.
Next the hot towel came off and they started plucking my eyebrows and curling my hair and eyelashes. And a bunch of make-up. Can I see now I ask as the two women stood there in front of me admiring their work. Ok they say and spin me around so I can see myself in the mirror.
At first I didn't recognize myself but​ those are my blue eyes staring back at me.
OMG you are a witch I said. I can't believe it.
The assistant looked at the clock. Oh shit, he's gonna kill me, I gotta go now. I'll see you tomorrow. And she was gone.
I don't know why but I thought of the two ladies giggling and laughing so I asked again. What were you two ladies laughing at.
She giggled again as she said you're hot pink panties in your pocket. And she laughed again.
I blushed a bit and said that's all I had at the moment.
I have lots of panties she snaps back.
Well you're a woman so that makes sense right. As I stare right at her.
Well you are a young man. Why is it so small. I mean does it even work?
Looking down I reply with I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know. You don't know why it's so small or you don't know if it works?
I just looked at her as I said I'm still a virgin quietly.
Oh I see she says. Well we all got our problems right. And she turned and walked to the back of the store.
So what now i yell with no reply. Should I get dressed?
She came back into sight saying did you say something. She was holding a leash and collar. And a hair net.
She handed them to me and told me to keep the net on at all times until the party.
And these I ask.
Cindy told me to make sure you are wearing them when she gets back.
I'm not someone's pet to be lead around. Fuck that. I draw the line right here.
Can I ask you something? She says.
Ya, sure. Go ahead.
They say a blind man's other senses are heightened because he can not see. I guess so. Why?
Well in your case, god a has seen fit to give you such a small package. Does that mean you're more talented with your hands or ooo your tongue?
I just sat there looking her in the eyes, trying to come up with an answer but drawing a blank.
You know I'm a lesbian right!? Well I need someone to lick my pussy tonight. Like right now. Look as she pulls her skirt up revealing a shaved pussy. And I can see her juices from here.
This is my lucky week I think to myself​.
If you agree then I have a few conditions she says.
I'm a guy and she just offered up her cunt to me. I'd agree to slay satan himself to get into her panties I'm thinking to myself.
What's​ that I ask?
You have to be blindfolded and restrained.
What? Seriously! I won't be able to see what I'm doing!?
That's the point little man she said.
Ya ok.
And I might get a little aggressive so we need a safe word! How about fireman?
Whatever floats your boat is my answer.
Ok well come with me and lose the rode and put those sexy pink panties on.
Okie dokie I said.
She lead me down some stairs into a dark room. I couldn't see a thing. Suddenly there's​ light and I'm instantly hard as iron. I'm standing in the middle of a dungeon. There's whips, chains, leather, lace, PVC and various items to do with hard sex games.
Get comfortable on the altar Todd​, I'll be right there she says.
What is this place. I ask.
This is my dungeon. I bring slaves in here and make them do what I want. And only what I want. My cunt juices are so sweet Todd. Your not gonna want to leave. And well you're not gonna leave until I let you anyway. She laughed.
About 15 minutes later and she enters the dungeon dressed in very revealing black leather and PVC outfit. There's spike's and chains all over her outfit. Her breasts are pushed up and out to see. Her pussy is fully exposed. Her spiked heeled boots go up past her knees. She is carrying a riders crop. And a bunch of fuzzy handcuffs.
You will lay on your back spread eagle. She demanded.
I did as she said but not as fast as she wanted and she whipped my ass with the crop. I yelled in pain saying, what the fuck.
She didn't like that and whipped me again screaming do as you're told you fuckin worm.
I moved as fast as I could to the alter. She put handcuffs on each extremity. Then a blindfold. Then it got very quiet for a while.
I couldn't hear a sound. Nothing. It was as if she wasn't there.
In a rather low voice after what felt like ten minutes or so I called out to her. Are you there? No response.
I raised my voice just above a whisper. Hello?
Nothing again. I tested the cuffs by pulling just a bit. There tight alright.
You could have heard a pin drop, that's how quiet it was.
Suddenly and without warning, whap right across my chest. She whipped me with something. I scream out. More so because it scared the shit out of me. But I held my tongue and didn't say a word.
Good worm. You will not speak unless I give you permission. Do you understand me?
In a whisper I reply with one word only. Yes.
Whap whap she hit me twice more. Again I stayed silent.
You will address me as mistress at all times before and after each reply. Do you understand?
Mistress yes mistress was my reply.
Perfect she says as she touches my chest with something smooth.
Is it true your a sissy slut?
Mistress yes mistress. I say.
Is it true you got ass fucked by a tranny at the mall?
Mistress yes mistress.
Is it true Cindy helped you with picking out some woman's clothing and you did not thank her?
Mistress I don't know.
Whap whap whap. Three whips access my upper legs.
Did you forget how to address me sissy.
Mistress no mistress.
Ok. Then answer my question?
Mistress yes she helped me pick out some new clothes and no mistress I don't think I thanked her mistress.
That was not nice of you worm. Cindy took time out of her day to help a sissy worm like you and you can't say two simple words. You will be punished for that worm. Do you understand me.
Mistress please don't whip me again mistress.
Whap whap whap whap. She hits me four times.
You dare tell me what I can not do in my own dungeon.
Mistress no mistress.
She calmly says good. Your punishment will not by the crop. You will wear panties at all times once you leave here tonight. Do you understand me.
Mistress yes mistress. Was all I could say.
I could feel the altar moving. It was lowering down but only the end where my head is.
Now sissy. You will stick out your tongue and hold it out as far as you can.
Mistress yes mistress was my reply and I stuck my tongue out.
Is that all you got sissy? She inquired.
Mistress no mistress.
In a stern voice she says what did I request from you?
I stuck my tongue out all the way.
Now that's better sissy and then her pussy rested on my tongue. The first pussy I've ever tasted.
She rubbed her cunny on my tongue, nose and chin for a while. I made sure not to pull my tongue back in my mouth. Her juices were all over my face now. She was moaning and lightly clawing at my hairless chest for the next fifteen or twenty minutes until she shook and squeezed my head between her thighs very hard and yelled out oh god yesssss. She shook and jerked as she sprayed my face with cum. A few minutes later and she picked herself up off my face, the blindfold had shifted a bit. I could see out of my right eye a bit. She walked to the left. I heard her fumbling with something and then returned.
You need not worry sissy. This is a brand new one. I felt her pull my panties down a bit, she giggled then something smooth and cold touch my cock. Then she took it away again. I heard a tic tic tic tic tic sound and then I felt it touch my cock again.
She laughed as she took it away again and a bunch more tic sounds followed. Then it touched my cock again.
You're kidding me right. And it was removed again.
Mistress what is it mistress I ask.
Well it's a sissy cock cage but it appears it's too big for your little clitty. She says as she laughed. My God boy. How old are you?
Mistress I'm 18 mistress.
If you say so, 18 with a 12 year olds size. She giggled.
I'm going to have to use a thick zip tie to hold this in place she says as she walks to my left again.
A few minutes go by and she walks back. Her boots making that familiar clicking sound on the concrete floor. She puts the cage on me and I hear a zipppp. I screech in pain as the zip tie pulls extra tight around the top of my dick and the underside of my balls. She let it go and then uncuffed my restraints and let me go.
Now you will call me mistress from now on. Anywhere you see me. I don't care where it is. Do you understand me clearly.
Mistress yes mistress.
I want you here every Wednesday night at eight o'clock sharp.
Mistress yes mistress.
And you will wear your women's clothing from your house to here. Do you understand me.
Mistress I, um mistress. I knew I fucked up I thought.
Let me repeat what I said but this is the only time I will waste my breath she said in a slightly raised voice.
You will wear your women's clothing undergarments too from your house to here every Wednesday night and you will be here at precisely eight o'clock. If I see any clothes that I deem to be anything other than women's clothing. You will be severely punished. Do you understand me clearly now?
Mistress yes mistress I said. I'll have to figure a way out of this later I told myself.
Good now get upstairs and shower. I'll have to redo all my work again.
Well move your ass and she whipped me across my ass again.
Mistress yes mistress and I ran upstairs to the shower.
Mistress blow-dried my hair, styled it then reapplied my makeup, this time she put a bright red lipstick on me. She showed me how to apply it, then gave me the tube.
Cindy knocked at the front door. Mistress answered it saying perfect timing! She's almost ready to go.
Cindy looked at me then gave mistress a hug and said the witch with skills strikes again. Wow you did good girl.
She handed mistress a pizza and a six-pack of beer, then kissed mistress full on the mouth. I couldn't believe it
They broke their kids and Cindy whispers something to mistress.
Oh ya, well I did say almost ready.
She walks up to me, grabs the collar and puts it around my neck tight. Then loosens it one notch. Then hooks the leash on it and hands it to me.
When you have this on, you are not a person. You are a weak pathetic dog and Cindy owns you fully. You will listen to her every word and you will do as you're told. Do you understand me?
Mistress yes mistress I whisper.
Mistress bangs her fist on the vanity and screams, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?
Mistress yes mistress I say in a loud clear voice.
Good, now that will be $300 dollars she says.
Now I'm in trouble. I only took $250 out of the bank. That's what Cindy told me I would need.
Mistress I only have $250 on me but I can bring the rest next Wednesday mistress.
Cindy has a confused look on her face. Next Wednesday? What's going on she says.
Mistress gave me one of the dirtiest looks I've ever seen and walks up to Cindy and they whisper back and forth for a bit.
Cindy says fine, no problem as she puts her hands up and tries to walk away. Mistress grabs her and forcibly kisses her again. Cindy just kinda melted into Mistresses kiss.
They finally stop and whisper some more and then they both smile and Cindy calls for me to come to her.
I obey right away.
Don't you think you're forgetting something she says.
I finally clued in. I was only wearing the pink panties.
Is that a??? Cindy tried to ask.
I um have to wear it all the time. I said embarrassed.
Mistress hands Cindy a key and she has a second one.
Only you and I can unlock it. But don't ask me why we would ever want to set that little thing free mistress says. Cindy, you can take him home like that. I'll burn the clothes she wore in.
Come along sissy, Cindy says.
Thank God it was after 9 o'clock at night. The town I live in isn't that big at 8950 people.
I hurried all the same to the car.
Cindy drove me home and I snuck in the back window directly into my room.
I looked myself over and liked what I saw.
I went to bed and fell asleep right away.
Friday morning and my mom knocks on my door as she always does to wake me up.
Get ready for school Todd. Your not gonna learn anything in bed she says.
Oh shit. I can't go to school like this. I'll have to say I'm sick.
I don't feel well at all mom. A bunch of kids at school have some kind of 24 hour flu and it's a nasty one mom I call through the locked door.
I hate lying to my mom like that. She works very hard to give me and my older half sister the things we need.
You sick she calls back. Ya mom. I'm gonna stay in bed all day. I'll talk to you later ok.mom.
Ok, I'll check on you after work and she left for work.

If you want to know what else happened then please comment and vote. Positive or negative. It's up to you.

And thank you in advance.

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