The Trick


It was the first time Ryan had been invited to a party he was a little bit nervous because a girl he liked was there and so was her boy friend everyone thought he was gay because of the way he dressed and spoke and how he acted. As Ryan enter the girl Charlotte walked up to him hugged him and passed him a beer Ryan was shocked but liked it and he was sure she noticed his cock getting hard in his pants as she hugged him close he was embarrassedut if she noticed she dident mind as she walked away hche couldn'tntelp but stare at her ass she was smaller than him about 5.7 and he was 6.3 she was chubby with huge tits and he was tall and wewell-builtubut yet she always seemed to not take notice of him.

As he looked around he found Charlotte's boy friend Jake watching him so he stared back at him as the night went on Ryan drank more beers and tried to avoid Charlotte and jake as much as he could as every time she was near him he got a full erection and it was hard to hide it with an almost 7 inch cock. As people started to leave the party at Charlotte's house she grabbed his hand and took him upstairs into her parents bedroom it was dark and Ryan couldn't see but she started kissing him and moving her hands round him touching his arse then his cock. He realised she was stripping him he couldn't believe what was happening so he kept kissing her.

She pulled his head down so she could whisperer in his ear 'I want you to so something special for me' 'of course anything Ryan whisperd back his cock prodding her in the stomach 'I want you too suck me off' she softly whisperd to Ryan he was shocked but excited 'how can I do that' he said back then he noticed something hard poking him 'my strap Charlottetete said with a smile this had always been one of ryans desires to be fucked but a woman with a strap on he nodded and saOKOKCharlottetfinishedheded stripping him and put a blind fold on him and tied his hands behind his back with herRyanyanan dident dare say a word as in her mind he was her bitch her sex slave and he would do anything then she let go of him ancouldn'tldent feel her near him but he heard the creak of the bed as a pair of ear muffs were put on him.

He couldn't see anything or hear anything so he headed in the direction of the noise he walked into the bead and fell onto it then felt the covers pulled over his head he felt feet next too his head so he kissed them softly moving up the leg it was so soft the skin and sexy he loved the smell of them and the taste when he reached her groin he felt the hard strap on poking him in the cheek it felt so realistic it even had balls 'she wanted this Ryan thought 'so im going too give it her' with that thought he took the head of the strap on in his mouth it was so warm and tasted so good he forced himself too take it deeper making himself gag he felt Charlottette shudder it must be good for her he kept on sucking harder and sliding his mouth up and down the long shaft of it.

It must have been about 7 inches long and his was forcing himself to take all of it in his mouth he felt it down his throat he started to like the feeling he felt the covers pulled off him he dident care it made his cock go even harder and he balls tighten he sucked the strap on faster and faster then when he took his mouth from around it to get breath it cummed on his face and chest which dripped down onto his cock and balls it must be one of those cum strap ons Ryan had seen on the internet 'she's watching' he thought so he started to lick all the cum thing he could off his face it tasted good must be a sweet flavour he thought he felt the legs move and himself pulled up off then the blind fold was puled off he was in the bathroom charlotte was stood there shaking Ryan thought she must have really enjoyed it the strap on was still wet but she then pulled a razor out of a bag and grabbed his left leg he dident object so she shaving his legs and balls.

He felt sexy and woman like when she had finished Charlotte smiled and whisper 'your turn now' as she put the blindfold back on aswell as the ear muffs she led him too he bed again and got him under the covers his cock still hard he felt her mouth licking his newly shaven legs he squealed in delite as she got neared and neared too his cock then to his surprise she quickly and a little bit hard took his balls in her mouth and started sucking them he let out a cry of pleasure when she released them and licked up and down his shaft her tongue flicking over his slit it was so good then in one move she took then entire length of his cock down her throat if she continued this he would cum quickly she slowed down working on his sensitive head then quickly back down it was too much she lifted her head clear off his cock and threw off the covers just before he cummed all over her face he could imagine it now.

He still had her cum thing on his face she wanted it kept there so he let it dry it felt good he felt her move off the bed he waited a couple of minuets then slowly undid the bra tieing his hands behind his back he was the only one there she was nowhere to be seen there was a big wet patch her he and her had dribbled sucking each other off as he stood up and took the blindfold and the earmuffs off he heard the bathroom door open then the light was turned on once his vision had returned he saw Jake Charlotte's boy friend standing there naked it suddenly dawned on him that he had given Jake a blow job and had eaten jacked cum at the same time Jake realised he had done the same thing to Ryan they both avoided eye contact and hurriedly looked for there cloths all Ryan found was a picture of him blowing Jake when he looked up Jake had a picture of him blowing Ryan on the back of both was the words 'come downstairs your clothes are here' he couldn't believe it Charlotte had done this to both of them they hated each other..

For some reason they walked next to each other still naked downstairs there was noone there but every TV showed Ryan sucking jake's cock and him cumming all over Ryan's face or Jake sucking Ryan's cock then everybody jumped up and laughed at them both Ryan and Jake dident know what to do they were in a kind of trance one person came up bbehindthem and made them hold hands people took pictures and llaughedthen they were pushed into the middle of the room neither of them could bbelieveeee it there was a packet condomsoms aViagragra and evcushionsoRyannnn knstraightigt away what was going to happen to his surprise the mob forced him onto his knees.

He heard the tablet being forced down jake's throat and the condom packet being opened and one being put onto jake's already hard cock people guided jake's cock to Ryan's tight arse hole people were pushing him back into it and spreading his arse cheeks for jake's cock. The head touched his hole and Ryan tried to clench as tight as he could but people help it open as muck as they could then Jakes cock was rammed into him Ryan screamed in pain and some delight when he looked back it was just Jake moving he was fucking Ryan on his own!

He even noticed a slight smile on Jakes face 'the bastard's enjoying this' Ryan thought as he was repeatedly rammed by Jake. Ryan couldn't believe it he was starting to like the feeling of Jakes hard cock throbbing inside his tight virgin arse and the feeling it caused every time Jakes balls slapped him Ryan couldn't stand the feeling of Jakes cock on his prostrate he let it out 'ooh MY GOD' Ryan screamed as his orgasmed and let his head fall to the floor.

Jake was still fucking Ryan's tight arse but soon he filled the tip of the condom up with his hot sticky cum Ryan felt his cock expand and slowly start to be pulled out of him it hurt a little but Ryan was glad it had happened Jake fully pulled out of Ryan's arse and left the condom in he then noticed Charlotte with a video camera 'she had been filming the hole thing' Jake thought but he dident care any more he wanted to do it again and again it was so much better than any time he had fucked Charlotte.

Ryan stood up and walked behind Jake a tablet of Viagra was thrust at him but he denied it his cock was already hard he even left Jakes cum filled condom in his arse it felt good but now he wanted to fuck Jakes tight arse so hard he even denied the condom he wanted Jake to feel every little thing and he was going to dry fuck him with no lube. He knelt down in-between Jakes legs and rubbed his cock around Jakes tight arse then he suddenly shoved his hard cock into Jakes arse. Jake cried out in pain and so did Ryan as his foreskin was pulled back so far it hurt he was in Jake now and he wasn't going to pull out until his hard-on had gone down.

He slowly started fucking Jakes arse hearing him moan it made Ryan's cock even harder He looked around and saw that everyone had there mobile phone out taking pictures and movies of there gay experience only Charlotte dident have her phone out she was holding a video camera filming it 'Time for my big moment' thought Ryan in response he started fucking Jake faster and faster making him moan loudly it was all to much for Ryan and Jake as Ryan cummed inside Jakes arse Jake orgasmed simultaneously.

Ryan made sure every last drop of cum was in Jakes arse before he pulled his now soft cock out of Jakes tight hole he dident know why but Jake rolled over onto his back and pulled Ryan's head towards his Ryan dident need any encouragement he killed Jake like a lover would it felt right and so good he felt Jakes tongue pushing apart his lips and his tongue touching Ryan he only just noticed that there cocks were touching everyone still laughed and took pictures and texted other people Ryan dident care he loved what had just happened.

He stopped kissing Jake and they both looked at the camera and smiled at it. When Ryan spoke it dident feel natural any more his voice cracked and once he had cleared his throat he spoke in a higher pitch voice it felt right and good. He helped Jake up off the floor onto the couch where the two carried on making out still naked Charlotte sat in front of them so they stopped she had four bags next to her two marked 'for burning' and the other two marked 'for a new couple' Ryan understood what she meant him and Jake she passed him one of the 'couple' bags and Jake the other when he looked inside it was womans clothing but it was all his size there was even make up and high heel shoe's !

Ryan slowly started to dress up in his new cloths as did Jake once they had finished Charlotte applied there make up and they looked in the mirror they were beautiful 'I thought you two should know each other better' Charlotte said with a sly grin 'I've always wanted two gay bitches I can film and now I have' she said with an even bigger smile Jakes voice was now a higher pitch as well 'did you set this whole thing up to turn us gay?' he questioned her she responded with 'huni you don't become gay your always were I just set you two free' with that she left them alone Ryan and Jake looked each other up and nodded they kissed and walked off upstairs towards Charlotte's parent's bed room what everyone had-dent seen because they were watching the recording of Jakes and Ryan's fuck was Ryan taking the whole packet of condoms and Jake taking the whole bottle of Viagra 'This will be a fun night' Ryan thought as he help Jakes hand as they walked toward the bedroom door.

The End
The Real

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