An unforgettable school trip

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First of all, I would like to apologize for all the mistakes you will find in the text below, I’m a French student and this is my first story…
This story is a little bit long, so if you prefer short story it might be a good time to leave.

This story is half true, half fictional, to separate one from another you will find a line with “*”; it will indicate that what’s below never really happen but might have… (Who Knows?)

At the time, I was 15, and never really done something “interesting” with a girl before.
It all happened during a school trip to New York ;-)
In the group, I had some friends but they almost all had girlfriends that were also on the trip.
We can say I was one of the only guys in the band that was single…
And why is that? I think it’s time I start to describe myself : some would say I was a little bit overweight, a little bit short, even in my boxer ;-), I would rather say I have tones to love…
Even though I wasn’t George Clooney, I had (and still have) one of the most powerful weapons to hunt a girl down when you’re not as attractive as Brad Pitt: it is to say  Humor.
I was the funny guy of the band, the one who always make jokes on everything even on subject I shouldn’t!
Well let’s go back to the story…
As I was almost alone during this trip, I became closer and closer with a girl of the group called Maria (of course, that’s not her real name).
During normal school year we never talked much but during those two weeks we spend in the “big apple” we really hit it off together (that expression does exist, doesn’t it?).

During the morning we would visit the city with a guide and the teachers, and during the afternoon we were allow to go on “free time” by group of at least 5 and do whatever we wanted as long as we were back to the hotel at 18h30 to get ready for dinner.

During one of this afternoon, Maria and I left the group (don’t say anything, I would get into trouble ;-) and went on walk in central park.
There we talked a lot about her, me, school, friends, the trip, the teachers, tensions with her roommates but what was special that day, wasn’t what we said, but what we didn’t : through all our tour, we almost avoid all eyes contact, because they reflected the only thing we didn’t dare to talk about : us.

18h00, time to go back to the hotel.
For those who are curious, we stayed at the Milford plaza (270 W 45th St # 1, New York, NY 10036)

Once there, we each went to our own room where I found back the guys, I had a hard time explaining that nothing happen and that we were only friends!
We were still only friends? Is that what I wanted, do I love her? Do I want her?
During the dinner, we were separate by old buddies that sat between us, so I had plenty of time to think about what I really wanted to do…

After dinner we went for a walk in the city with class, and I walk with Maria.
At some point she get cold and I offered her my jacket (being full of “love” protect you from getting cold), she thanks me with a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t anything really, but I looked into her eyes and saw something, I saw what I hoped to be lust…
A few blocks later, her hand brushed mine and slowly but surely our hand met and I hold her until we were back to the hotel. I can still remember today the giggle of my friends that walked behind us.

22h30, we arrive to the hotel, the teacher give us a speech on why boys and girls aren’t in the same room, why we needed to go to bed and have some sleep, etc.
We all agreed and went to our respective room, waited a little bit for the teacher to live the corridor and we all (I mean my friends, not the whole group) met in one room to watch the 5th element on TV.

The light was off, in the room there were two queen sized bed, a couple was laid on one and tried to stay focused on the movie, some were sat on the floor, between the two beds, in front on the TV.
Personally I was on the second bed, trying not to wake up Christelle that was sleeping next to me, and hoping that Maria would come soon!

After about half an hour, we heard a shy knock on the door, it was her, I was sure of it.
First she sat on the floor with the crowd, but ten minutes later she was complaining about back dolor… she hadn’t even finished her sentence that I asked her if she wanted a massage.
She said, “Yes, of course” and climb on the bed with me, I sat, the back against the wall, my legs spread and her tiny body against mine.
She wasn’t what you would called a sexual bomb, but she surely was a cutie, she had dark brown eyes, long brown hair, with some little freckles on the cheeks, she had two sumptuous round tits about (French size, sorry mate) 85B, and had one hell of an ass, she weight no more than 48kg and was probably 1,55m tall at the time.
But let’s go back to our massage session…
I was slowly massaging her shoulder, caressing her arms, her hands and her beautiful neck.
At some point I thought I heard her moans. It’s when I jokingly but with a tone of challenge said “and what would you do if I continue with my hand until they rest on your breast?”
She turned back to face me and slowly answered “why don’t you try to find out?”

And I was a bit in shock, when I said that I never hoped that she would allow it, so I slowly but my hands on her ankles and continue until I hand both my hand on her breast.
Even thought she was wearing a shirt and her bras, I could feel her nipples hardening…
And in the same time she could feel my pricks sticking in her back.
I had to go slow, not to make important movement, because don’t forget that there were people all around us…

We stayed there for quite a time, her trying to restrains her moaning and me fondling her breast.
But then, we heard a knock on the door, I we weren’t expecting anybody else, we all panicked, thinking that it was one of the teachers…
But hopefully, it only was Marion, who had wake up and wanted to come with us.
As the fear started to disappear I started to look for Maria, where as she gone?
A moment later she emerged from the bathroom, what a relief, I though she felt ashamed and left.
We took back our position, trying not to wake Christelle up, and I was ready to continue my special massage but she turned back, gave me a big smile and told me: “I have a present for you”, and just regain her position, watching the TV screen.
I wonder what it was, but as soon as I put my hand on her breast, I knew: remember, that during the panic she went to the bathroom, I didn’t think anything about it but now, I sure do: she had took her bras off…

I was on her shirt, trying to twist a little her nipples, and then she put her hands on mine and guided them under her shirt.
My cook hurt in my boxer and I’m sure she knows it because she took her right hand put it around my erected manhood; I almost came right then but I wanted to impress her.
As she slowly started to jerk me off, I started to slowly go down with my right hand from her right breast to her stomach, her pubis, thinking each centimeter would be the last.
I thought she wouldn’t let me go down to her moist pussy.
But as I had passed ma whole hand through the waistband of her panties, I realized that she was ok with this…
I slowly started to massage her slit, according a special treatment to her clit. The more I massaged her lips, the quicker she jerked me…
What an incredible feeling! But everything was emphasis by the fact that there were so much people in the room.
A moment later, she took her hand off, I was very disappointed, but she quickly went back but this time directly into my boxer, catching my cook and jerking it faster than ever.
I knew I wouldn’t keep on very long with this treatment, and I grunted as quietly as possible, whispering in her ear that I was cumming. And as the first spurt came out I slipped a finger into her love tunnel and she came too…

Some people in the room started to wonder what this noise was all about, but it was too late, we had already had regain a normal posture and started laughing out loud, waking Christelle up.

We waited for everyone to concentrate on something else than us, to return to our little things, but Christelle was awake and wasn’t ready to go back to sleep.
Maria asked me if I wanted more, being a boy, of course I wanted more, so i asked her what she had on her mind.
She told me that she would do as if she was leaving, she will say goodbye to everyone, open and close the door, but will be waiting for me in the bathroom…
In 5 minutes, I would apologize, I do the same thing.
So she did as she said, and I waited for 5 long minutes, maybe the 5 longest minutes of my life…
Then, I apologize to and did what she told me.
When I arrived in the bathroom, I didn’t saw her. I quietly asked for her “Maria?!”
She didn’t answered me but in my back I her heard the shower’s curtain open and when I turned around, I saw her standing there, naked!
She slowly walked up to me and pushed me against the sink; I sat there and look at this beautiful girl with this lovely devilish smile…
She delicately pulled my boxer down she looked a bit disappointed that I wasn’t erected, and asked me “is that all the effect I’m having on you?”, she hadn’t finished her sentence that my cook was indicating twelve o’clock. She put her hand around my prick and started to massage it, I closed my eyes and though I had died and went to hell but then, she put me in her mouth and started to play with her tongue on the head of my dick, and I corrected my thought, I must be in hell for this to be so damn good! I watched her head going up and down on me she was so beautiful. I started to push her head further down; I wanted her to put it all in her mouth.
She looked up at me and asked “do you want a free tour of my throat?”
Hearing that I almost cum, but instead I focused on something else, I desperately wanted to last for some precious more seconds so I closed my eyes again and though about our teachers.
But then she did it, she engulfed the whole length of it into her mouth.
I almost passed out, I grunted what I thought to be loudly but nobody came except me, I came and I came hard, down her throat one, two, three, four, five huge spurt shout out of my cook and she took it all, but started to gag so I wanted to take my cook out, but she held me tightly putting her hand on my ass and pushing my dick further down her throat, her nose resting on my pubis.
So I stayed there for quite a while until my cook went limp and fell out from her mouth.
She pushed me from the sink and drunk a little bit of water to help her swallow all of it.
I had put my boxer up and was ready to go down on her, but we heard a knock on the door.
“Is anyone in here?” “Why is the door close?” “Who is there?”

I guess she would have to wait for us to explain what we were doing here until I could give her another climax…

More to “cum” if you want…


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