My very first time with an animal

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This story is true, I am currently 23 years old, and the first time I had any sexual encounter with an animal was my sisters was only 8 months old and my sister could keep her dog with her so I told her I could keep it, How it happened was i got back from work and I was extremely tired, took a shower and I remembered my clothes was in the washer and I was already tired so I went to lay down on my bed naked, no one was home but the dog, and I currently live alone too. I was watching keeping up with the kardashians and I got a boner while looking at kim's big ass, I was really horny so I jerked it and that made me even more tired and I didn't clean myself. I was falling asleep when the next thing I knew i felt an awesome sensation on my cock. IT was the dog, I couldn't believe Wat it was doing , She was licking my cum off my dick, I pushed her away and I got really scared for some reason, The dog ran away and a couple days later, I got home tired from work again. Jerking it usually releases all the stress, But this time I rented a porno and When I was jerking it the dog came back, I didn't know what its problem was, but It was so tempting to let her lick my cock.

So me being so horny I let her lick it, It felt so awesome not as better than a real girl, but close enough, she licked it for a good 30 minutes and I blew a huge load on my self, she then started licking my body and that turned me on even more, The movie was over I got on my laptop to look up if this was normal and it turned out there are tons of people who do it too. but most of the videos are guys actually fucking them. I couldn't do it I told my self but i was extremely horny and the last time I had sex was about 6 months ago. So the next day I did it I bought a condom and I let the dog lick me for a while, then I put on the condom and I put it in her vagina she yelped so fucking loud i jumped back and took it out, I got scared i did something wrong. My dick is big either I'm only 7" but she went sniffing to my cock and tried licking it so I thought she wanted it this time i did it slow and it was wonder full the tightest hole my dick has ever been in. I cummed in less then 10 minutes. After the 3 weeks of fun with her my sister came to pick her up and I never saw her again.

The second time was with a female deer a "Doe", I don't hunt so that's not how I got the doe, How I got it was I was coming back from a movie and I live in a small town and I went to a bigger city that everyone goes to, to go watch a movie it was around 10:30 at night and my friend was with me next thing I knew a deer comes out of no were and I barley hit it but it knocked it out, My first thought was to take it to the police see what they could do but when I dropped my friend at his house I got a better idea. I was still horny from my sisters dog, and after that experience I been looking at furry hentai, and bestiality pictures. So when I got home The deer was still knocked out I tied her up and tied her mouth shut, I garbed my gun and shot it. I live out in the country but it's only 1 mile from the town. once it was dead I untied it. and saw it was a girl it was a doe, I inserted it in her vagina and ass both felt great I kept the body for 2 days and then through it away.

When I got news that my sisters dog died I was sad so I went to got buy myself a dog, I ended up getting a collie and it was the best, I still have my dog but my girlfriend ended up moving with me so know I only get to do my bitch when ever my girl isn't around I still get to do my girlfriend but she barely gives out. I learned how to hunt so I'll take a doe once in a while, I tried a bunny one time that didn't really work out, I remember when I was training my dog how to suck my dick she about bit it right off. I once got a cat I had it for 2 months I thought it was going to be awesome fucking it. Damn thing almost cut my dick off the time I got it was when I took her to the vet and I told the vet that my car rarely slept so she gave me pills to put in her food and I noticed it would fall asleep and wouldn't wake up until 3 hours later.It was good but too expensive while I could just get my dog to do it. I stop doing it now, I'll do it once in a while, I haven't been hunting in a while either. That's all I got to say about my experience with animals, This website says I have to right more so Im just got to put a song lyric here:

* It was the heat of the moment Telling me what my heart ment The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

The disco hot spots hold no charm for you You can concern yourself with bigger things You catch a pearl and ride the dragon's wings
'Cause it's the heat of the moment The heat of the moment The heat of the moment showed in your eyes
And when your looks have gone and you're alone How many nights you sit beside the phone What were the things you wanted for yourself Teenage ambitions you remember well

haha good song huh?

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