Strip Club Orgasm

It was 2am in the morning and I was horny like someone just watched 10 pornos. All I kept thinking about was a strip club. I haven't been to one in a long long time. The one around my way got shutdown several months ago. There was a shooting outside of the club one night. I won't say the name of the club but this was my very favorite strip club. Just about anything goes there Anyway, something told me to google the name and see if the club relocated. The name appeared in several blogs. I've came across one blog that actually gave the relocated spot. I couldn't believe it, like 5 minutes from my house. How did I not know about this??? I started to get freshen up so I can check out their new spot. I like to leave out like around 3am so I just chilled until it got around that time.

And now it's 3am My dick is throbbin, very thick black creature just waiting to be touched by one of the strippers. I had on some black sweatpants and black t-shirt, little bit cologne and my tim boots. On my way out the door, I took a shot of Henne. "Ahhhhh", I said after the Henne burnt my throat.

I am now in my car and feeling so gooood! "Here I cumm bitches", I said out loud in my car with the windows rolled up. Like I said, only 5 minutes to the location but, when I got there, I could not find it. I drove up and down the block like 5 times. Finally I asked someone "Yo, Is ???? around here?". "Yeah!", some dude said, "it's right there". No wonder I never knew they were located hereThe street is dark, some little door with no sign on the top and no crowd outside. I parked my car and took another shot of Henne. As I walked to the door, I could feel my dick throbbing like crazy. He knew it was bout to be party time.

As I opened the door, the same muthafuckas is working at the spot. It's like nothin never changed. It was a better location though. it's was very dark, a lot of neon lights but where's the bitches, didn't see any. "They're thru that other black door", guy at the entrance said. He had to pat me down first and take my money, $15 bucks and 1 free drink

As soon as I opened that black door, women were everywhere. Sexy women, black women, rican women, tall women, short women, petite women, busty women, fat round asses women, pussy was everywhere. I walked in like I've come there all the time. I must've walked like 10 steps and already some short petite light-skin girl was in my face. "You want a dance", she said smiling and touching my huge dick print on the outside of my sweats. I said to her "it depends, do you like to grab on a dick during the dance?" She said "yeah". I looked her up and down and said "okay, lets go". She pulled me by my dick to some dark corner and made me pay $10 for my dance first. After all that, I could feel my dick poking thru the hole in my boxers. When she put her booty on sweats, it felt like she was touchin my dick for real. It felt too good. She started workin her ass and hips. I started fundlin her soft tits and then I pulled them out. I felt like all eyes were on me while I pervertedly touch this woman. I was enjoyin her dance but deep down inside I wanted a lil bit more.

Finally, my dance was over and I proceded downstairs to their basement level. It was extra dark down here, could barely see anything. But you can still see the bitches The bar was in the back so I used my free drink ticket and got me another shot of Henne. I slowly sipped on it cuz I was already feelin it and I just scoped the room out to see what strippas were being the freakiest.

After I finished my drink, I made my way to the back of the room to sit down on one of their benches. Some dude next to me was getting a real nice lapdance from some shorty. Her ass looked so soft and round, about size c tits and a honey brown complexion. While she was givin him his dance, she started lookin at me and lickin her lips. My dick responded by jumpin in my pants. It was so dark in here I said It wasa so dark in here that after sittin next to them for like 3 minutes, I noticed she had his dick pulled out and playin with it. Now, I am really horny! My dick was rock hard in my pants waiting for her touch. She leaned forward and put her tits all in his face, so close, he started lickin on her nipple. "mmmm", my dick said.

I was waiting for such a long time that I realized this guy isn't goint to let her go. I stood up and started walking And then all of a sudden, this caramel complexion, 36 double dd, 5'6" fat round ass, shorty stepped in front of me. She put her hands on my dick real gently and whispered in my ear and said "Wassup, you need a dance?" I said "it depends". "On what?", she said I decided to get real nasty with her and said "if you like to play with my big ass dick while you giving me my dance". She smiled and pulled me by my dick to some dark corner. I paid another $10 and she immediately turned around and started rubbin her ass on my dick, still standing up. There was something unusualy about her ass though; it made my dick feel extra special. My dick was so hard that it made her go up and down, up and down on it. I grabbed her tities they felt like 2 water balloons with extra water getting ready to burst. While I squeezed on her tits, she started rubbin my dick thru my pants, strokin it slowly. I whispered in her ear "I know you wanna feel that long hard black dick". She smiled and responded back by moving her hips faster. And then she did the unexpected, 1st time in my life at a strip club, she went down my sweats and touched my dick with her bare hand. "whoa", I said to myself, "this feels too good".

She started strokin my dick inside my pants. I damn near forgot I was at a stripclub. I started lookin around to see if anyone was watching. About 2 guys were looking and another female stripper too, she was doin the same thing to the guy she was giving a lapdance too. For some reason, I didn't give a fuck. I was letting my body relax and enjoy it. All of sudden, she pulled out of my pants because the dance was over. I told her I want another one and keep doing what she's doin. She said to me "thats $20 a dance to keep doin that". I didn't give a fuck so I paid her.

She put her ass back on my dick and started working that ass again. In less than 10 seconds, her hand was back down my sweats rubbin on my dick. My dick was so fuckin hard like I haven't cumm in weeks. I whispered in her ears " you know how to stroke a dick so fuckin good". She smiled and said "thanks, and your dick feels so long in my hand" The sensation on my dick was gettin too sensitive. I started to worry because I didn't want to cumm in my pants. But for some reason, I wasn't stopping her I whispered in her ears and asked "Have you ever made a guy cumm in his pants?". I was shocked when she said "all the time, that's nothin new!". "So if I cumm in my pants, you won't look at me like I'm some sick freak?!" "Naw, she smiled, that's what you're here for". "Hmmm" I said to myself. Could this be the 1st time in my life I'm letting some stripper bring out the pure nastiness in me? Will guys laugh at me if they see I cummed in my pants? Is she lying to me and just tellin me this so she can get me? All these questions were goin thru my mind but still the way she was strokin my dick just felt so good.

I said to myself "fuck it, let's just let this thang flow". So, I really got into it. While she rubbin my dick, I started moving my hips like I was fuckin her hand. I decided to put my right hand down her thongs and start fundlin her pubic hairs. I manage to get to her wet clit and pussy and start fingerin her pussy. Her pussy felt like a warm moist oven with pubic hairs. She started moaning and strokin my dick real fast. My mind was spinning like crazy. I looked at the stripper from across me and she lookin at me like she know I'm bout to cumm. She started smiling at me. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. I was in heaven. I felt like I was fuckin for real. Then all of a sudden, her hand left my dick for like 10 seconds. I thought my dance was over but she went right back down my pants bu this time, her hand felt wet and slick. What??? Did she just put some lube on my hard black juicy dick??? Yep!! I was done now, no turning back. I whispered in her ears 'I feel like I'm bout to cumm, should I do it?" ""Let it out baby, let it out for Cinnamon". "okay", I said and I started fuckin her hand like there was no tomorrow. There's no turnin back now And then it happened, my dick tingled it's last tingled and cumm started shootin out my throbbin, spurtin cock. She kept strokin and lookin cool while doin it. Nobody knew I was cummin in my pants. I felt cumm feeling up my sweats on my thighs, my knee and leg. I spt cumm like 8 times before I stopped. As I slowed down movement, she slowed down her movement. "Damn, I never done some shit like this before". She didn't say anything, just kept rubbin my dick until every drop was gone. I felt so stupid and so dirty.

Finally, she stopped and pulled her hand out. She had handywipes in her purse. I gave her an extra $60 for her service. She was satisfied and told me to cumm back again. She walked away and stood in the same spot for like 5 minutes. I could not walked, I felt so wet in my pants. I finally managed to start walking up the stairs out of the basement. I felt like all eyes were watching my pants but I didn't see anyone gigglin at me. I left the stripclub, got in my car and cleaned up. "What the fuck just happened??" I asked myself. I started to laugh and drove the fuck home. I will definitely go back to Cinnamon

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