Innocent wife becomes nudist

Hello guys. This is my first story. It’s based on some true incidents that had happened previously and changed my life a lot .I have spiced it up bit for u all.

I am John and I am from Bangladesh. It’s a small poor and developing country. I had a tough childhood living and growing in the neighborhood. But I worked hard and got myself into a good company. Busy with my life I never had any great relationships and beautiful girlfriends and had an arrange marriage fixed by my parents. I went to see a girl named Alia. The moment I saw her I was mesmerised by her beauty. She was brown the same complexion as all but was fairest among all. 5 8' height beautiful black hair and that moment in itself I decided she is the one that I would like to spend my whole life with. We came to know each other; she was impressed by my wits and my physique.

She was very shy in nature, kind and loving but very prude well it wasn't her mistake that’s how we all are raised here. They teach us that sex is taboo here, not to discuss it in open not to speak about it, not to show affection in public and all traditional and bullshit stuff that irritated me and annoyed me. We got married. And the first night we had amazing sex. She was indeed created perfectly. Had 34 C cups. Really pretty, tight breasts, dark brown nipples with beautifully shaped areola. She was bushy down there. Really innocent not really having much of sexual knowledge and very reluctant to try new things. Well time passed and we agreed to try new things and make love in more compassionate way but she would always object with new things. She would not like to wear revealing clothes, no cleavage, no bikinis. Well it was her personal choice but it really pained to see me how she hid all her desires and how sexually frustrated she was. I tried my best to befriend her and talk to her more personal stuff and discuss intimate things like masturbating and told her it’s OK to enjoy it with me and never to be shy with me. I tried to watch some soft porn and loving things and Kamasutra and sex stories of other couples but it took her time to understand and let her feelings come out from the deep down where she drowned it. Within 2 years I excelled in my job and got an opportunity to work for a US company. It was a great opportunity and I wanted to move out from that place. We shifted to US.

It was great experience for me and Alia. I was very good in my job and my boss was really impressed by my work. His name was Carl. He is 49 years old short guy. Well he was really impressed my skills and really liked me. I got the best employer of the year bonus and all because of him. I knew the perks of keeping boss happy. And it was sort of my aura that attracted interesting company. We went to a bar to celebrate and I got really drunk. We shared some personal stuff our wife’s stories our sex lives. Well he spoke to me very freely well and I was really high and one thing slipped out of my mouth and that was my wife was very prude , very uptight, wont dress freely and won’t reveal and all my sexual agonies actually, I showed him the picture of Alia and he was taken by her beauty. He whispered to me that he will help me out with the problem and though I won’t remember any of this stuff tomorrow but I would have never regret that I told him about it. Well indeed I was hammered and couldn’t drive. So he drove me home and met Alia first time.
Alia said “Hello. Oh dear! Is John ok? What happened? Everything fine?" and took me in her arms and helped to sit on the couch.
Carl replied “Hello, You must be Alia. John has mentioned about you many time. I am Carl. John’s boss, well we guys had a celebration party at office as John was selected best employee of the year." Alia gave a pretty smile and invited Carl in.
Alia was wearing traditional Bangladeshi Kurt which covered her from head to toe. Carl tried to analyse her figure but couldn’t see anything and realized what I was talking about and came to know it would be a difficult task to transform her. He shook hands with Alia and sat on the couch besides me. I was in no condition to open my eyes. Alia "I am really thankful for what u did for him. Got him back home safely, John frequently says that you are very kind and helpful. Its great honor to meet you." she said it so sweetly that Carl could feel really feel the desires rising in himself. Carl “Well it's my duty to take care of my employees and besides John is really hardworking and smart. I seriously wish to know you guys more personally. How about we meet on Sunday for lunch .My wife would really like to meet you. Please tell John about it when he gets his wits back and I will tell him tomorrow in office also".
For Alia it was real surprise and honor being invited by her husband’s boss and she joyously stood up along with Carl and thanked him for inviting and dropping me safely home.

The next day when I woke up I had no idea what happened in bar and didn’t know anything about Carl's intentions. Alia was sleeping besides me in her full nighty. I hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks and gave her good news about my bonus.
She replied "Congratulations Baby! And you shouldn’t drink so much if u can’t control. It was Carl who came yesterday and dropped you. And the most amazing thing is he invited us for lunch on Sunday. Isn’t it amazing? ” I was surprised as he didn’t tell me anything about the lunch and then I thought he might have told me about it but I might have not remembered it as I was hammered. Well I got ready and went for my office as usual.
Carl called me to his office and said “How u feeling now? Well it was nice time we had in bar. Well I doubt if u would remember but we decided that you would show up this Sunday for lunch with your wife. I wanted you to introduce you to my wife Nina. She would really be pleased to meet you both". Well I had some of my own plans with Alia. I thought I would celebrate it with her and hot sex and some fun time and even she might allow me to try stuff as my reward for hard work but I couldn’t say no to Carl it would be rude after yesterday and besides he was my boss and one thing that I knew about him was he always wants things done when he says it And those who listen to it surely get rewarded and it was my good chance to get the manager's position. I happily agreed to him without thinking another moment not realizing what I was getting into.

It was Sunday. It was hot and humid day. We were getting ready for the party. I wore a causal T-shirt and shorts. I thought who keeps parties on such hot Sunday afternoon. Well it seemed strange for a moment but I let it go without thinking. Alia came out in one of her traditional kurti that covered her completely and showed no little cleavage at all. I hugged her tightly and touched her breasts thought the kurti. She naughtily kissed me and didn’t resist and said “You deserve this and I will make sure that after we come back from the party I will make you happy."I knew it was my lucky day.

Well we reached their house. It was just an hour drive. On the way I told Alia about the new manager’s position that is being opened and said it was my good chance to impress Carl and get the job. I rang the bell and a beautiful Lady opened the door. She was around 38 but looked really young, she had a special glow on her face, had blonde hair, brown eyes. I was shocked to see her: she was wearing a short robe that was kind of transparent it didn’t reveal much but one could tell easily that she was not wearing anything below it. I could easily see the shade of her round breasts and perky nipples clearly poking out.
She greeted us “Hello I am Nina. You must be John and Alia. Please Come in. we have been waiting for you. Carl has said allot about you both. It’s really pleasure to meet you both". We greeted back. She came forward to hug me and I could really feel her boobs pressing against me and realized that even Alia might have felt it. As we entered I saw a shock and surprise on Alias’s face. I said her to remain calm and just blend in and be normal even I didn’t have any idea what was happening. As we sat on sofa Carl came in and to my surprise he was also wearing the same kind of robe but thank got it wasn’t transparent.
He greeted us and said “It’s really hot today. By the time the Barbecue gets ready we should go in garden near the swimming pool. It’s cool there". We followed Carl to garden. The way Carl's robe was positioned I knew he was not wearing anything beneath it and by Alias’s looks I understood she also figured that out but didn’t say a word and just walked in utter shock.
The garden was beautiful. It was covered with High fences from all sides, had few big trees that gave cool shade and there was huge swimming pool at the center of it and one side the barbecue grill was getting ready.
Carl and Nina came together and said " it’s really nice to have u both here .To begin with you both might be wandering what we are doing in robes here. Well we don’t like to even wear this. Actually we are nudists and prefer to stay natural but thought you guys might not like us seeing nude and it might freak you out both. So we just put on robe. I hope you both don’t mind. And besides it’s really hot and this really helps to beat the heat".
Nina sweetly smiled and took hold Alias’s hand and told her “Come help me with the barbecue dear. Let the boys talk and catch up". I knew Alia was freaking out as she speaks very little and just hoped she might mingle well with Nina or it might be a big problem for me. I was even wondering how Carl could never mention anything about nudism earlier. I wondered if anybody in office knew about it.

Carl handed me a bottle of beer and we sat talking all about the baseball and cricket and summer and what it was in Bangladesh at this period of time. He was really interested in culture and wondered what exactly Alia was wearing it looked beautiful but it was not meant for summer.
I said “Well she is really very conservative and she always wears these kinds of clothes. She doesn’t really like to show much skin”.
Carl lied “oh! I am sorry for you. I didn’t know about that .You never told me about that. If I knew I would have been dressed properly. Lol I mean I would be dressed at least in some clothes. She has a beautiful body and she should be proud to show it. Even you are smart and have a good physique I hope you don’t mind loosing up a bit and show some skin. Come on its hot lets hit swimming pool".
Saying this he stood up kept his beer on the table and moved towards the swimming pool. I followed him and said “Hey Carl. Actually I didn’t know we were going in water I didn’t bring any extra clothes or swimming costume".
Carl “ Who needs swimming costume? Can you see me wearing any. And it’s fine by me. I don’t mind seeing you naked its natural come jump with me in water. Girls will also be joining us soon after the lunch is ready". Saying this he dropped his robe and stood there naked. He was completely hairless down. Had a 7 inch circumcised penis which was throbbing and was completely erect when it got out in open. I joked not to poke anyone with it or he might hurt someone. The thought of getting naked felt kind of strange but Carl was already in water and he wouldn’t let me get away with it and besides it would be really rude if I said no now.

Girls were in the kitchen and it was relief that I didn’t have to strip in front of them. I removed my t shirt and placed it as I was about to open from nowhere Nina appeared calling for Carl. She paused there for a moment while talking to Carl eyes glued to me and I know she was standing there only waiting for me to get naked. I felt goose bumps rising all over my body and it kind of felt really erotic and it felt like I was enjoying one of my wild fantasies and then I let it go down. My 5 inch penis popped out and I felt my erection standing as Nina observed it thoroughly and saw her jaw dropping. I don’t have a long penis but believe me it is really thick and black. I don’t shave and it was really bushy down there. I hurried and jumped in water before Carl and Nina could comment. I splashed water around and let the cold water subside my erection.
Carl said ”Now that’s my man!” Hearing this Alia came out of kitchen and saw me playing in water. She said “Great! The Chicken is well marinated and needs to be put on grill. John i never knew you brought your swimming costume. You should have told me about it even I would have brought it. Now I won’t be able to enjoy the pool.”
Carl said “don’t worry Alia we already have taken care of that .” Alia didn’t get what Carl meant, I kind of knew where this conversation was going. I didn’t know how will Alia react when she finds out that me and Carl are naked here. she will really go frenzy and might even panic. She is among those who feels shy even to show her body in bikini. She would wear those full bikinis that made her look like grandmother. Maybe today something might change, I didn’t know what would happen.

Nina and Alia both went in and started bringing the food items and setting the table outside. They put the chicken on the grill and let it barbeque. It was a hot day and it was even hotter near the grill. I could see Alia sweating even from far, she was really getting uncomfortable, while we were chilling in water. Nina came to us and said “it’s really unfair we girls are doing all the work and you guys are enjoying and having fun in the water, now it’s our turn to get in and you go and finish grilling besides you are really good at it.”
She called Alia and told her to come with her in water. As she was saying she removed her robe and stood there naked. Nina had amazing body, Even at that age she was all fit , had flat stomach, had smaller breasts but they were round and tight and firm figured out the must be b cups. And something that really caught my eye was she had peach colored nipples. She was all clean under like a baby. I could clearly see her lips from below. Even in cold water I could feel my dick getting erect. Alia was in shock she didn’t understand what just happened. She scanned Nina and looked away as if she accidentally saw her and apologized to her.
Nina said “it’s completely ok. You can look at me as much as you want. Why don’t you also join me? We all are adults here and you have already seen us nude its nothing bad, and there are no strangers here. And besides John has seen you nude many times it’s nothing new for him and he is also having fun completely naked. You can also join him. I am sure he won’t object”. Alia raised her eye brows and looked at me and tried to see what was there underwater and realised that none of us were having anything below.
She didn’t mean to be rude and just kindly said” Ahh.! Ya sure but someone has to look after the chicken on grill or it will burn I will just make sure everything is fine there.” She just wanted to leave the awkward situation that she got herself into. At that moment Carl interrupted her and said “wait, I will help you with that. You can relax in water. Actually I am really good in barbecuing; I have been doing since I was 14 years old.” He said that and came out of water. Alia stood there for a moment and observed well shaved dick of Carl. His dick was all shrunk up and he went to get towel. Alia just silently went away and started grilling. As Carl was drying himself he told me “Is anything wrong with her. Is she fine?” I replied she just needs some time, she will soon adjust. While we were talking Nina was swimming and floating over the water boasting her beautiful body around.

Carl dried himself up and this time didn’t put the robe on and went towards the grill. And I knew the disaster was about to happen. I mean Alia would really freak out if Carl would stand naked besides her and talk. It was like completely against her moral. I was afraid she might not say anything rude to Carl. I was observing from far how she would react. As Carl approached the barbeque and stood behind Alia watching how well the chicken is cooked, Alia just turned around dodging him and trying not to look at him and leaving the place and walking fast over the pool. Carl felt weird and so did I and I knew I had to handle the situation.

I immediately jumped out of water and went to her and took her towards the other end of garden and explained to her “See, its completely normal and fine being naked. These guys are completely cool about it and you are freaking everybody out. Just relax and loose up a bit. Carl was constantly stressing me to remove my clothes and jump in water I couldn’t disobey what he said, it would be very very rude and would create really bad impression on him and I can’t risk to lose the manager’s position which is going to open for such a small thing. They are constantly stressing you to shed clothes and get in water, it will look very rude if you don’t do it, they seem like they both wants us to be naked and if we don’t do it will become very awkward for me to handle the situation and beside you are the only odd one out here all of us are naked here and it really feels great being naked. Come on cheer up and join us like a good girl”.
I knew I played my cards well. She really loved me she would never want to jeopardise me and bring me in awkward situation. She just nodded and sweetly said she understands and she is trying her best. We both walked back to the swimming pool. My penis was bouncing here and there as we walked. She looked at it and I could feel her hands clasping my hands tighter.

As we approached Nina asked “Is everything fine Alia? Are you feeling alright?” Alia replied” Yes everything fine. Just because of heat I was feeling suffocated. I think I should also join you guys in water it will make me feel better.” And she started removing her clothes. Nina, Carl and I we all stood there with our eyes open and glued to her and observed her each and every move. She slowly removed her kurti and her pants; she was in her beautiful white bra and panty. And she turned her back towards me and asked me to undo her bra. I understood she was playing along, it’s just I couldn’t believe she got persuaded so easily. I opened her bra and she gradually let her panties down I could feel her nervousness. She had a thick bush down. She was completely exposed now.
Carl and Nina seemed as if they were raping her with their eyes. She kept her clothes besides mine and turned towards me and looked me in my eyes. I could see how much she loved me and was ready to do anything for me even if it hurt her rules and ethics. As I saw her I looked at her lovely breasts and the only time I see her naked is when we have sex my mind raced up again and my dick stood completely erect. I saw Carl and I could see even he was all aroused and his dick was also standing. As I saw him he turned around and started cooking. Alia pushed me hard in water and also jumped in water. As I recovered from surprised push she giggled and everybody laughed. She hugged me tight and I could feel her beasts pressing against me. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and pressed them hard letting her know how much I appreciated what she was doing for me and whispered thank you in her ear. We swam in water for some time when Carl called out everybody for lunch. We all came out of water and wiped our self dry. I threw the wet towel besides my clothes.

Alia seemed ok with nudity now. She didn’t try to cover her up now. She was just wiping herself dry and rubbing her hair. She looked extremely sexy and I could see that even Nina couldn’t keep her eyes of her.
Nina came from behind and put her hands around Alias’s waist and said” Come lets go for lunch” I could see she was also enjoying every bit of her. As we approached table Carl said” Here comes indeed two prettiest ladies that I have ever seen. You have such a lovely body Alia, Why are you so shy to show it. You should be proud of it and should be boasting around your lovely pair of breasts.”
Alia replied “Well this is first time I am nude in public. It felt really strange for the first time but now its feeling really great. I never thought I would be able to walk freely like this. But I think it’s just because of you both you make me feel really comfortable and safe.”
Nina said” Thank you. Surely Alia you have really beautiful body. I envy you. I mean your brown complexion makes your figure look even sexier. Indeed you look like angel and I just want to stare at you all the time. I bet John wouldn’t let you wear clothes at home” and she giggled.
I replied “I appreciate her courage. It’s actually first time she has come out of closet. She doesn’t even like to show her body in bikini and she took a big leap by stepping out nude like this. I told her many times she has such a lovely body she should be more willing to show it but she always fears something and is always shy. I am really proud of her as she is willing to try something new.” And I kissed her on her lips.
Alia replied” Ya, I always feared what people would say? and besides I can’t imagine in Bangladesh being so open like this to anyone. I think it’s my shyness that hindered me from trying this. John has asked me to wear bikinis on beach many times but I always chickened out. Well I think after today things might change.” and she smiled. What Alia just said made me excited I wanted to clarify what exactly she meant when she said things might change but it wasn’t right time.

We all sat down and started our lunch. The food was really tasty. We ate and discussed how Nina and Carl met and what other things have they done. Well it seemed even they were new to nudism and just stayed nude at home and even they wanted to try new things and were looking for some company. They said there was a lovely nudist resort not far from here and we should visit it sometime but Alia said she didn’t know if she would be able to be like this around other people and said that we will try to go there some other time. They couldn’t say anything after this and told to take her own time and get adjusted with this. We finished our food and thought we should play something.

It was big garden and there was enough space. Nina went in and brought two pairs of rackets. I and Alia were good players so decided it would be really unfair if we both were in the same team so we decided to split. So it was me and Nina in one team and Carl and Alia in the other. It was wonder to see Alias’s breasts bouncing every time she hit the shuttle and Nina had such and beautiful ass, it took me a lot of control to keep myself calm. It was clear that both I and Carl were distracted a lot. Still I managed to defeat Carl and Alia. Nina jumped and hugged me and I could feel her breasts. I took it casual as possible trying not to get erection. Alia just shook hands with Carl and came running to me. She was all sweaty and sweat shined between her cleavage.
I couldn’t control and my erection stood there. She saw it and didn’t heed much attention and just started talking with me. We all sat down on grass and Nina brought lemonade for all. She sat in front of us in such a way that we could clearly see her smooth pussy and asked “Why don’t you guys shave? You both look wild down there. Seems like bushy couple from pre medieval time.” And we all laughed.

Alia replied” It was never needed actually John never said anything about it and I was too careless to take care of it. But now I will get rid of it.” Saying this she brushed her hands over her pubes which was too bushy and again my dick started rise and this time everyone looked at it. Carl smiled and said “Someone is getting too charged here.” And Nina couldn’t resist and said “I must complement John you really have a thick penis. I mean the whole girth is amazing. I have seen few Dicks as amazing as yours and its fine if you are getting erection its natural actually I think Alia should take care of that! Make sure he doesn’t get blue balls.” and giggled. I could see such discussions embarrassed Alia and her cheeks turned pink. Everyone was getting tired so we decided we should rest and tan a bit. So I and Alia lied besides each other on towel on the grass under the tree in the shade and Carl and Nina were in the sun tanning. We were already brown I wondered how much more tan we needed.
Alia looked at me and now instead of embarrassment and shyness I could see naughtiness on her face. I told her”I am really sorry for all the embarrassment you had to bear for me. I know how tough it was for you to strip and you did really well. How can I thank you for all this?” As is said this I slipped my fingers on her clit and started massaging.
She replied”I never thought I would able to do it. But I kind of fantasized about it but never got courage to tell you about this. I didn’t know what you would think of me.” And grabbed my dick. We positioned each other in such a way that her hand was on my rock hard dick and my fingers in her pussy and it seemed as if we were resting on each other. We looked back and saw Carl and Nina lying with their goggles. We couldn’t tell if they were looking at us or were sleeping. But I reached the state where I didn’t even bother if they came right behind us. Her soft hands were on my dick and she was gently rubbing it. I slipped few fingers in her pussy and could feel her juices flowing. We were getting crazy I kissed her on her lips and kissed her neck. She couldn’t bare it anymore and she orgasmed. Her whole body jerked and she moaned. She grasped my dick harder and started shaking it harder and I ejaculated on her thigh and on her stomach. We let each other go and synced in the moment.
We saw Carl was applying Lotion all over Nina and he was hard. It was obvious that they saw us. But it seemed it didn’t bother Alia any more. She had already done all the unthinkable things and this was one more. After resting for an hour or so we heard Carl and Nina moaning we saw and they were on each other and were having sex. My dick was again getting hard but Alia said she doesn’t think it will be appropriate to do it here and I thought Yaa! After all we did today she still thinks of what is appropriate and not appropriate but I didn’t force and after Carl and Nina were finished we stood and hit the shower near the pool. Alia had my cum all over her stomach.

As we hit the shower Nina and Carl also joined us. It was small place and we were all close to each other. I don’t know what intentions they had but it really seemed they wanted us to make out with them and I knew Alia was still not ready for this. After we cleaned our self we gently stood away from shower clearly giving away our intentions that it was too early for us to try such thing now, maybe some other time and they understood that well. I dried Alia and she rubbed me with her towel while giggling and touching each other and caring each other.

It had been long day and it was time for us to leave so we started dressing. I wore clothes and decided I should go commando then I heard Alia exclaim” Oh! It seemed John you left your wet towel on my clothes and now my kurti and bra is wet.” Hearing this Nina came in and told maybe she could lend one of her T Shirts. She went in and brought a white t-shirt. Nina was smaller in size and height than Alia; I didn’t know how she will fit in the clothes. Alia tried and it was very tight, without bra her breasts were popping out and you could clearly see nipples poking out and it was clung to her skin like another layer .Before anyone could say anything Alia exclaimed it was perfect and comfortable. I was pretty astonished how she got ready to wear it because I remember previously I had asked her many times not to wear bra when she comes out with me but she would always deny it. I couldn’t believe how stripping her clothes made her change her mind and opinion and now she was more slutty and open minded.

We were walking out of house when Carl and Nina came forward and hugged Alia. I could see Carl was trying to feel her breasts while hugging. But Alia seemed to be fine with it so even I was not worried. Nina told” It was amazing to have you guys. I had an amazing Sunday. Hope you guys had fun” and Alia replied “Yes it was really awesome. I also had nice time. We should probably meet again but this time dinner at our house. It will be amazing. You guys like spicy food, I will prepare some local Bangladeshi food items and you will really like it. “I shook hands with Carl and Nina and sat in car.

While I was driving back to home Alia was saying how she enjoyed it: being nude and how open, and relieved she felt. She said from now on wards she will make some changes to her wardrobe. And she really liked Carl and Nina, she found them to really loving and caring couple and that they understood each other well. And seeing them nude made her curious and let her into trying it. I asked Alia what she meant by when she said “Things Might Change”. To which Alia gave a naughty look and said just wait and watch.wearing
She slowly slid her hands on my pants. She knew I was not wearing bower and she slowly unzipped my pants and grabbed my penis and started sucking it. I couldn’t believe what suddenly happened. She sucked my dick harder and harder and took it deeper in her throat. I stopped the car and parked it safely. I held the seat back and pulled her from my dick. I removed my pants and shirt and she removed her t-shirt. I sucked her brown nipples. The smell of her breast drove me crazy. She removed her pants and jumped in my lap. I could see her wet and hairy pussy. I bit her breast hard and grappled them with both my hands she led a moan and gently inserted my dick in her pussy and started moving up and down. Though there was not enough space and it was really uncomfortable but she was fucking like she has been possessed. It was she who controlled the pace and looking at her she was not going to slow down. It was hot in the evening and the car ac was not working and neither were the windows open and it started to become hot in the car. The whole car smelled like sex hormones.
We both were perspiring we were socked in each other’s sweat. Her sweat smelled sweat and she was moaning harder and harder something happened for the first time she squirted and orgasmed. I could feel her juices flowing all over my dick, my ball and my legs. I wanted to lift her and lick her pussy dry but it was not possible. I could feel the tension rising in my balls, my legs cramped and I exploded right in her. My hot cum and her juices were all mixed, she slowly felt my cum and slowed down. It was the most amazing and passionate sex we had. We laid on the seat for 15 to 20 minutes waiting to get back into our senses and kissing each other. She slowly lifted herself and sat in her seat. I knew things at home would be different and couldn’t wait longer to see how they would change…

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