I am writing this for you to publish this hopefully so that other readers can enjoy this. I am a truck driver, I was on my way to a well known toy manufacture to pick up a load of toys to deliver to a warehouse distrubution center for a well known store. When I arrived at the warehouse, it was roughly 1hour ahead of time. The shipping office told me that there was a problem with the order and it would take about an hour or so to fix. It didnt really matter because I could use the time to catch up on some sleep. I slept for about 1/2 hr. I stepped out of my truck to take a piss and heard a voice saying " Is that real, I have only seen them that big in magazines? " " Yea this is the real thing, there darling. " I finished my piss and and went into see how they were coming with the order, I was informed that the whole entire load was wrong and it would be at least a day or so to fix it. I asked if there was any place still open to eat and get a room. One guy said up the road 'bout 10 miles or so. I told them that was were I was heading. I started to drop my trailer when I felt a hand on my crotch slowly rubbing my manhood. Without looking I said " Wake the Monster ya gotta put him to sleep." Not a problem said the voice on the other side. I turned around and saw red, a drop dead red headed green eyed angel. She said that her name was Ginger, she was also leaving to get something to eat and I could ride with her. I told her that I would. We get to the resturant and it is closed. She decides to take off and we end up at her house, inside she informs me that I was welcome to get comfortable and make my self at home. As I sat on the couch she asked what I would like to drink, " Beer if ya got any." I told her, she then asked if I liked a burger & fries, I said ya. She hollowered from the kitchen to come in and eat dinnner was served. I walked into the kitchen and there she was laying on the table bare ass and bald spread eagle. She looked over and said that I was overdressed for dinner and had to remove my clothing. I could not believe my luck. I stripped and sat and slowly kissed her inner thighs, when I felt another set of lips and hands on my semi erect cock, I looked under the table and almost shot my wad right there, twins I was in heaven. As my cock was being attended to. My mouth went back to work on my " burger. " She screamed she was cumming and the mouth under the table started sucking my now steel hard 10" of manhood harder and faster, this red had that little landing strip, both girls 38-26-38. I ate my fill stood up and said "who wants some USDA prime tube steak. " Both Ginger & Brandy both took turns licking, sucking my cock. Ginger wrapped her legs around my waist and slowly pulled me to her. Brandy seeing my hard member aiming for her ass said " She won't take it there, but I do? ", She took my member and slowly slid it into Gingers tight wet juicy bald pussy after a 30 minute fuck session I felt like I was ready to bust a nut when she started shaking and screaming that she was coming, and for me not to move. I just stayed were I was. Ginger rolled off and she said that she hasn't been fucked that hard for a very long time, and that she was done her cunt hurt. Brandy slides up to me and starts to slowly sucking my slowy dying prick after bringing the monster back to life. Brandy just said " Doggie style. " I slowly insert my hard cock and slowly slide it's full length into her. She starts to fuck me like a jockey. Brandy looks over and sees Ginger feverishly rubbing her clit, sucking her own nipples and sliding her fingers into her gash, and into Brandy's as well. Brandy starts to cum from the rigourous fucking and the finger-fucking from Ginger she had multiple orgasms as I pulled out of her wet juicy hole I blow my wad. Sliding my semi erect dick up and down the crack of her ass. Brandy exclaims that she wants it in her ass, " Please Fuck me in the ass, please ? " I slowly slide the head of my meat monster into her ass and Ginger slides under Brandy's awaiting mouth, as Brandy eats Ginger I slowly increase the tempo of my anal invasion, I feel the warm flesh of a well trained tounge licking my balls. I pick up the tempo and and Brandy says that she wants it all the way up her ass. Begging for it, giving her everthing I could I finally feel my nuts start to tingle and pull out as I blast my man goo all over her well fucked ass. I lay down on my back as the girls continue to finish off each other. I reach down and grab a hold of my dick and start slowly stroke it to the sight of the girl-girl action going on it front of me. I stroked on my manhood unit it got hard again and invaded the wet juicy pussy of Ginger and pounded it until I came. I pulled out and grabbed Brandy by the head and shoved my cock into her mouth as she sucked me. It was Brandy's to get slammed, I assuluted her bald pussy for 20 minutes, blew my wad once again. Ginger announces that she would like to lose her anal virginity to me. I said " OK" , told her to get on her hands and knees and slid in behind her and slipped my raging member into her pussy slowly fucked her as I did Brandy got some vasoline out of the night stand and slowly inserted her lubed covered finger into her back door as I sill slowly fucked her twat. Brandy rubbed my cock with the lube also as we fucked, saying she was ready I slowly lined up the head of my cock with her well lubed ass. I just got the head in and she started to moan I told her to slide back when ever she was ready. She slowly slide back unitl all 10" was buried up her ass. As I was fighting off shooting my wad this early I felt Brandy slide under us and insert the strap on she was wearing into Gingers tripping wet pussy hole. We fucked like this until we all came. I pulled out and lay back on the bed. We all fell asleep, Brandy woke up and called in and asked if the load was ready and they said it would be about another 6-7 hours. I woke up the the girls taking turns on my pussy pleaser. Then I was informed that the load was still not ready yet and then they went back to work on my cock. I said nope this is going in some one ass Ginger said it was her turn and jumped right up and got on top of me and slid down my dick slowly gyrating her hips as she lowered her self. Not to be outdone Brandy climbed on my face and said breakfast is ready. Just as I was starting to enjoy my feast the phone rang and Ginger picked it up and said time to go my load was finished and my trailer was loaded and waiting for me. The girls told me to make sure that I came back. After we got back I called my dispatch and said that I would take that route on a permanent basis. If you all think it is ok Ill write more.

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