Gym Teacher 5

I hope you have read parts 1 through 4, to really understand this whole family and friends dynamic that my wife of almost 30 years had with her family, and our good friends Pete and Karen. They were our first swing partners and remained close friends through all of these years. We even got to be godparents to their youngest daughter, Tiffany. They also had a son too, Pete Jr. Those kids were raised as nudists.

My wife’s sister Kim, was also very close to us. She is 4 years younger than Carol, my wife. And, if you read the last installment, you will know that Carol passed away over 8 years ago now, when she was 60, from cancer. When she and I met, Carol was 30, and I was 22. For me, and Kim alike, that was the hardest day I have ever lived through. But, we were strong for each other, and have remained very close, to this day.

Kim met a guy about a year after Carol and I got engaged. His name was Drew, and he seemed a likable person, although he did shows signs of a temper now and then, which I never liked. But Kim loved him, and he did fit into the family lifestyle, although was shocked by it at first, with all the nudity. They had 2 kids, a girl and a boy. In fact, their son, and Pete and Karen’s daughter are married and have 1 daughter. Kim and Drew married a year after we did.

Unfortunately, Drew walked out on Kim 6 years ago. He told her he loved her, but was not in love with her anymore. Come to find out, he was cheating on her with a girl much younger than he was. Kim was devastated by that, especially coming on the heels of losing her best friend, and sister, Carol.

Granted, Kim didn’t retain her 26 year old shape, which was 5’ 4, 125 lbs, but tell me one woman that actually does, especially after 2 kids. But she only gained like 20 lbs over the years. I won’t lie, I found her sexy as hell, and enjoyed many a time with her. She was, and still is, a firecracker in bed. In fact, being 64 now, she still loves sex and is very vocal in bed and there is nothing she won’t try or do, but that’s for later in this story. This is about how she was introduced to Pete and Karen and all of our fun we have had over the years.

After we came back from the camping trip, at the nudist resort, Kim started hanging out with us more and more. We didn’t always have sex with her, but every 4 or 5 weeks, the 3 of us would play together. Kim felt that this was enough for her, and took care of those urges we all have.

The first time was about a month after we got back from the resort. She was over on a Friday night, and we were all drinking. She suggested strip poker, since we just got back from dinner and were still clothed. By time everyone was naked, and all the sexual innuendos, it was a forgone conclusion that we all would play.

Kim said, “Fuck, I am so horny. Will one of you just get down here and eat me?” Carol and I laughed, but then Carol took Kim’s hand and led her to the bedroom. I let them go ahead and cleaned up, before retiring to the room and watched. The girls were in a 69 position, just lapping away at each other’s pussy’s.

Too many, this would be what is considered an act that should never happen, but to us, it just felt natural, and really no harm in it at all. I sat there stroking my cock as I watched these two sexy ladies take care of their needs, knowing soon, I would be asked to join in.

Carol was on top, and was taking Kim to heaven, as she ate her wet slit. Kim was moaning more than licking Carol. It did not take long for Kim to reach her first orgasm.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkk, Yessssssssssssssssss, eat my cunt. I am cumminggggggggggggggggggggg”

Carol was lapping up every ounce of seminal fluid that Kim was offering. Carol had yet to cum, but rolled off of her sister; lay next to her panting away. As we lay there, you could hear the headboard from Karen and Pete’s bedroom knocking against the wall, and Karen being quite descriptive in what she wanted.

“Who the hell is that?” Kim asked. Carol chuckled and said, “That’s Pete and Karen enjoying the same as us.” Kim giggled and said, “Wow, she’s really into it, I’d say. You guys should hook up with them.” I looked at Carol, and she at me, and just gave a slight smile.

“Oh my God, you guys have hooked up. Damn, you 2 are such a slutty couple.” Carol laughed, and I just smirked. Carol looked at Kim and said, “Sis, who are you kidding, you are just as slutty, if you haven’t noticed anything we have done so far here tonight.”

Kim giggled again and said, “Never said I wasn’t sis. I can’t help I love sex, and who better to have it with than 2 people I trust the most, and can satisfy me, big time.”

She looked at Carol, as the moans of pleasure still seeped through the thin walls, and told Carol to get on me and fuck me. “I love watching you 2 fuck. It’s so damn hot to watch.”

Carol started to straddle me and Kim said, “Wait. Ride him facing me, reverse cowgirl style.” Carol looked back at me and I just said, go for it. Carol did as instructed and straddled me again and Kim guided my cock into her sisters waiting pussy.

“Go slow babe, I want take our time.” So, I naturally did as I was told, and started slow. God her pussy feels so good no matter how many times we did it. After about 8 minutes of this, and watching Kim play with her pussy, she moved to where she got a close view of us fucking.

“This is so fucking hot to watch. God Tim, you have a great cock.” Then I felt a warm tongue licking my balls and then up my exposed shaft. Then I heard Carol, who could see what Kim was doing, gasp and moan out. So I had a good idea Kim was licking her clit.

This was making Carol and I hotter with each lick. Kim started gently sucking my balls now, then would lick back up until she got her sisters clit in her mouth.

“Fuck Baby, she is going to make me cum soon. Fuck me harder.” I started pistoning my cock in and out of her slit now, all the while Kim was sucking her clit. Kim was now playing with my balls and her clit as Carol and I were racing to an orgasm.

“Oh Fuck” Carol yelled out. “Fuck, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmm” she yelled out. I know Karen and Pete had to have heard her, but all 4 of us could care less about stuff like that.

Carol’s body tensed up, her legs were straight out now , as Kim kept sucking her clit. Kim then started licking up Carol’s juices as they came flooding out of her pussy. I could feel them cover my ball sack and then down my ass crack.

“Oh my God Carol, you are cumming buckets”, Kim moaned out, as she kept licking it up. This set me off then. “Damn, I’m cummmmmmmmmminggggggggg girls”, and let loose with my hot streams of love juice, deep inside Carol’s waiting pussy.

Carol then collapsed back down onto me. Most of the time, she had her arms back and was holding her upper torso off of me. I held her as she fell back on to me. Kim was now pulling my cock out and started licking it. “Mmmmmmm, this taste so good.”

Carol then slid off of me and lay next to me. Her legs were bent at the knees, and spread some. Kim was still licking my shaft when carol moved. Kim then grabbed hold of my cock, and bent over and down to lick Carol’s pussy, which now had my cum leaking out of it.

“My god, where do you store all of this cum at?”, she asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders and chuckled.

Carol told her to keep stroking me, to keep me hard. “I want to watch you 2 fuck next.” I looked at carol and mouthed, “You sure?” “Oh yeah, you 2 are hot looking together.”

Kim kept me hard, while I recuperated from my session with carol. Carol was still in the same position, since she slid off of me. Kim then straddled me and guided my now hard cock inside her slick snatch.

“Ughhhhh, damn, this feels so good inside me” Kim leaned down and had her nipples graze my chest and said, “you like that don’t you Timmy. My hot cunt all around your cock and my nipples touching your chest.” Before I could even answer, her mouth covered mine and her tongue shot into my mouth, where we passionately kissed. I could hear Carol moaning as she watched us.

We could also hear Pete and Karen still fucking away next door. “Fuck, does he have a bionic dick, or what?” Carol laughed and said, “No, but he does have some great stamina. They do this about 5 times a week. Which then gets us going and we fuck right along with them”

I was holding Kim’s ass as she kept impaling herself on my shaft. She is quite the moaner too, so I was wondering if Pete and Karen could tell the difference in her voice, compared to Carol’s.

Kim and I had a nice rhythm going when carol moved and straddled my head and gently put her pussy right on my mouth. I started licking her twat now, and I noticed that Kim had slowed down some, so I knew they were kissing.

About 5 minutes later, Kimmy started fucking me harder, and harder. Moaning a great deal and I could hear sucking noises, so I figured Carol was sucking her nipples.

“Oh Fuck Man, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Kim yelled out. She ground down on me and started moaning real loud, then heard “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”, and I could feel her pussy contract all around my cock. I kept fucking her hard now, while she came. It was hard to concentrate on Carol and fuck at the same time, but I did bring Carol off again, once Kim started orgasming.

Kim stopped moving, so I knew she needed a break, so I stopped as well. Carol rolled off to my one side and Kim rolled off to the other side of me. Being that it was a queen size bed, it was a cozy fit for the 3 of us.

After about 5 minutes of panting and sucking in air, the girls started regaining their composure. Carol goes, “Woooooo, that was awesome, and so intense” Kim agreed and just lay there, still out of breath.

Kim then looked at the clock and saw that it was after midnight. “Shit, I have to get going so you 2 can get some sleep.” Carol, now acting like big sister said, “no sis, you are staying here tonight. We can’t have you driving all fucked up now.” Kim said, “Ok, I’ll just get some sheets and take the couch.”

“Bull. You’ll sleep with us here. There’s plenty of room for the 3 of us.” Kim chuckled and said, “Good. Cuz I can’t move. How do you fuck this man daily?” “That thing is a lethal weapon”, and laughed.

“Sweetie, we do fuck a lot, but we also make love a great deal, and we both have a very high sex drive, so it works for us.” Carol exclaimed. “you sure you don’t have a twin Bro?” Kim asked. “Not that I am aware of, sorry.” The girls then got up and went to the bathroom. When they returned, I too needed some relief. When I got back, the girls were snuggled under the sheet, so I got in next to carol and spooned with her.

“Sorry Tim”, Kim said. “For?”, I asked. “You didn’t cum that last time when we did.” Carol laughed and said, “Damn girl, if you wanted him to cum, you 2 would be still fucking. His 2nd or 3rd time usually takes him a good 20 to 25 minutes of good sex for him to cum again.” Carol told her. I said, “Don’t worry about it, I am good. How many men can say they enjoyed to gorgeous women the same night, in the same bed.” We then kissed each other and fell off to sleep.

The next morning, I got up around 8, while the girls were still sleeping. I got coffee going and started frying up bacon. The smells must of awaken Kim, for she come padding out into the kitchen, still naked, as I was too.

“Nice view from here” she said. “Well my view is damn nice too.” She looked at me and asked, “Any regrets about last night?” “None, and I hope you don’t either. It was pure fun, at least for me.”

“Fuck, you act too mature at times. But, I do like you and I do enjoy being around both of you, and definitely like the sharing aspect of this family relationship.” As she smiled big towards me.

“You do realize that my sister is totally in love with you, and from what I have seen so far, you are with her. I know we have a fucked up family life, compared to a regular normal family, but this is us.”

“Kim, I hardly think your family is “Fucked Up” and true, many folks would say it is not normal, but who really knows what normal is anyways?” I retorted. “Plus, there is no way I would ever do harm to your sisters and mine relationship. I love her so damn much it hurts.”

Carol then showed up and kissed me good morning, then kissed her sister, and asked what we were talking about. So Kim filled her in. I was now cooking eggs for us all, while Kim got the toast ready and Carol set the table.

As we ate, Kim asked, “So what gives with your neighbors, and don’t sugar coat it.” So carol explained how we all met and what has transpired since then. That we have played a few times together, but we also have just gone out to eat, or boating, even took in an Indian’s game, even though they suck.

“Well, I hope I can get to meet them sometime. They sound cool and may be you guys would like a 5th some night you party.” Carol laughed and said, she won’t promise a thing with that. She went on to explain that they have no desire to be with other couples and hope we don’t either, since we all know we are clean, and us girls on the pill, we do go bareback.

“Still, I would like to meet them. If they are friends of yours, I should get to know them, since I am around here a lot lately. God, I need a man who will cherish me like Tim does you.”

Carol just kissed her sisters forehead and read up the dishes. I told them I would wash them and finish up. The girls then took a shower and got changed for the day. Kim left about an hour later.

Later that afternoon, after going to my parents for dinner, we ran into Pete and Karen out in the parking lot. They were going to the store. Carol invited them over later for supper. We all decided on Pizza, and picked 6pm as a time.

When we got back with the pizza, and Pete and Karen came over, we got right down to eating. When we were finished and just sitting at the table, Karen goes, “Sorry if we got too loud last night. We smoked some good weed, which makes us hornier then hell” Carol laughed and said “No problem. You know we like hearing you two, it gets us going too, and boy did it.”

Now we have been with them sexually 4 times now, since we met, and we all get along great. Karen and Carol have become very good friends, and do a lot together, especially shopping, since Pete and I aren’t too fond of it. Pete and I like doing some things together too, like golfing and skeet shooting, plus enjoy watching sports together, so we have become good friends too, besides sharing our lovers.

Karen then asked, “may be it was just me, but I swear I could hear 3 voices over here last night.” I looked at Carol, and she at me. I don’t think she wanted to say anything, since it was her sister who was with us, so I decided to let her answer.

“well”, Carol started, “You did hear 3 voices. Now before I say anything more just keep an open mind.” “Always”, said Karen. So Carol went on to explain about Kim and even her mom, and them being brought up nudist . And then, how it evolved into what we did at the campground, to even last night. She even told them how Kim and her used to masturbate together as teens and even played with one another.

Pete did not say a word throughout the whole monolog, and I really didn’t expect him too, for he is a quiet one. Karen just sat back and took it all in, then finally spoke.

“Number 1, why aren’t we all naked right now? Number 2, so what?, and we all laughed. “No, seriously, so what? My sister and I used to play around too. Not anymore mind you, and I would too, if her boyfriend wasn’t such a douche, and I am sure Petey here would love to fuck her once.”

“God, I wish my family was this open, but that will never happen. I have to wonder how my sister and I were ever brought into this world. My mom made sex sound so dirty.”

You could see the relief come crashing over Carol’s whole body. She went over to Karen and hugged her tight and thanked her for being so understanding.

“Now, back to my first question. How come were not nude?” Carol chuckled and spoke, “Well if you 3 want too, have at it, but I know if we all get naked, we’ll end up fucking, and actually I am pretty sensitive tonight, and don’t think I would enjoy it much.”

Karen sighed but also said, “well Sweetie, if we all don’t get naked, then none of should. Remember our rules, we all play or no one plays. “ we all agreed to that a while back, so no one was left out, and feelings would not get hurt.

“As for your sister, we should invite her over one evening when we all feel like playing. If she is anything like you Carol, I think that could be a lot of fun, especially for these two hunks.” The 4 of us then made plans for the following Friday, to renew our sexual friendship. And, as always, it was a blast.

Four weeks later, we were hanging out with Pete and Karen on a Friday evening. The girls drinking wine, and Pete and I drinking some beers, playing rummy. It was close to 10:30 when we heard the intercom, someone wanting for us to buzz them in. Carol looked at me and said, “who in god’s name could that be?”, then went and buzzed the door.

A minute later, there was a soft rap at the door and Carol opened it. Standing there was Kim, tears running down her face. Carol put her arm around her and led her inside to the couch.

“My god Kim, what’s wrong sweetie?” Kim was dressed in a long coat, so who knows what else she had on under it, and was trying to compose herself. She finally spoke.

“I went out tonight on a date with a total asshole. We went to dinner, and judging from his manners there, I should have left after that, but noooooooooo, I said yes to going to a club.” “Then while we were there, he started to get drunk and was pawing me all over and had the balls to say he was going to fuck me so good tonight.”

She was starting to cry again, so we had to wait a bit for her to calm herself. “Luckily, I took my car and followed him there. Once he said that, I went to the table, grabbed my coat and told him bye. He followed me out to my car and as I tried to get in, he grabbed me, calling me a bitch and slut. When I pulled away, his hand caught my top and look.” She undid her coat and you could see her top was ripped and her boobs hanging out. She also had on a black, leather mini skirt.

She went on to say another couple had just come out and saw what was going on. The guy yelled at him to leave her alone. Then Kim’s date looked at the size of the guy and took off. The guys wife, we later learned, wanted Kim to relax and then said she should call the police, but Kim declined and then drove here.

She was crying pretty hard now. Karen came over and put an arm around her too, to comfort her. She introduced herself, and Pete to Kim. Kim just said Hi, and then said, “Oh great, I wanted to meet you guys, but not like this.”

Carol grabbed her hand and pulled her up and led her back to the bedroom. Karen also went with her too, while Pete and I just watched. I said, “I hope she tells me this guys name. I would love to find him and kick his ass.” “Not worth id Bud. He’s just going to keep on doing this, but maybe one day, he get what’s coming to him.” Pete said.

About 45 minutes later, the girls came back into the kitchen area and sat down with us. “How is Kim doing?”, I asked. “She sleeping now, and is going to spend the night here. I am going to call mom and let her know Kim is here, but not say why.” Carol said. “Yeah, that is good thinking. No need to get Susan upset, and Kim needs to be around you Babe, you are her family.” “No Babe, we are her family, and yes, she needs this tonight.”

Karen and Pete got up and said they were heading home now. Carol apologized, but Karen said nothing to apologize for, and if tomorrow evening is cancelled, they would understand. We had made plans to spend a fun filled night with them.

About an hour later, we crawled into bed with Kim, who we thought were asleep. “Sorry I ruined your evening guys.”

“Hush Kim, you did not ruin anything. We were just playing rummy and you are far more important than a card game. And, Pete and Karen fully understand, as does your sister and me.”

“By the way, when did you get this waterbed?” Kim asked. Carol explained that 3 weeks ago, we were out at the mall and saw it in that one mattress shop, and just started looking at them. She had heard they are great for people with bad backs, and some of the women she works with have them and say they are great for sex time.

“Well it does feel nice. I am so sorry for the trouble I caused you guys tonight, but I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t want to get mom all worried.” Carol hushed her and said that she is always here for her, no matter what. They kissed and Carol just hugged her sister close and fell to sleep.

The next morning, we all woke up around 9am. I got the coffee going, while the girls took turns showering. Once they were done, I went and took mine. Kind of weird not having Carol in there with me, but that was ok. Wheni got back out and dressed, I heard a bunch of chatter from the kitchen. I could actually hear Kim laughing too, so that was a good sign.

When I came in, I saw Karen was there too, in just PJ’s. Karen said good morning to me as I entered. “Nice PJ’s.” I started to say, since when did you wear them, but thought better of it, since they said they are always nude when home.

Carol looked at me and asked, “Would you mind much if I went with Karen shopping? She needs a new outfit for a function she needs to attend. Kim is coming too” I smiled and said, “No, be my guest. I have to do some things over at the house anyways, so I really don’t mind at all.”

Carol kissed me and said they might be gone a few hours, and told me she loves me. Kim gave me a hug and kiss and said, “you know, I do love you too. You are always so good to me.” I actually didn’t know what to say back to her, but just kissed her forehead then, and off I went.

It was around 4pm, and I had just finished a bunch of chores mom had been asking me to do. “So, can we expect you for dinner tonight?” “No. we are planning on playing cards with Carol’s neighbors and are getting pizza later, so I doubt I’ll even be home tonight.”

“You two do spend a lot of time together. I just hope this is real for you and not some fling, and you get hurt.” Mom said. “No, it’s not a fling, we do have deep feelings for each other. I know she is older, but it doesn’t faze me in the least, nor does it to her.” Christ, I hate these talks. I know is just watching out for me, but give up. She just smiled and said “Ok. You know what is best for you.”

I then called Carol and she said they just got back and was going to shower. She told me to shower too, and get my cute little butt over there and check out what she bought.

I showed up about an hour later. Carol greeted me at the door, just wearing a robe. I had never seen that one before. It was peach color, and almost see- through, and god, she did look sexy in it.

“You like?” she asked. “Absolutely. You look fantastic, and very sexy.” “Good, that was what I was going for.” Then we kissed for a few moments. I could have easily taken her to bed and made love to her. She then told me to follow her, and so I did, to the bedroom.

She held up a new dress, that looked extremely short and quite sexy. Then showed me some other tops and jeans she bought. All the while I am thinking, “thank god I didn’t have to go and be dragged shop to shop.” I would have gone and not bitched, but I do hate shopping like that.

Then she pulled out a package from this one bag, from Fredericks. It was a strap-on dildo. But small in size. “New toy for you ladies I see.” “Yeah, Kimmy picked it out.” I shook my head and asked what for. Carol laughed and said “Honestly?” “Well yeah” as I chuckled/ “She wants me to use this one time you two are doing it, and as you do, she wants this in her ass, so we can do DP, which is a big fantasy for her.”

“No way”, I said. “She really wants to try that?” Carol giggled and said, “Yeah. Since she doesn’t have her own man, who she trust to swing with us with, this could be her way to see if she likes it.” She then continued, “and to be honest, I want to experience that too. I know you and Pete could fill the bill, but I am not sure I want your girth in me there, so this makes perfect sense to try.”

My mind was just rushing all over the place, and of course, the sight of these two women in bed with me and doing that is something that could make a man hard for days. I just told her, “Cool, I am game if you are. If it gives you pleasure, I will do anything you ask.” She kissed me, and as we kissed, she was rubbing my cock. So I place my hand by her pussy and rubbed the lips. She was soaking wet now.

“We keep this up, we might not answer the door for a while.” I told her. “I know” she said, “But I have gone all day without you in me.” I pushed her away and said, “Sweetie, you can have me all you want later. But now we have to order food for later, and I have to go pick it up.” She pouted a bit and said, “Ok”, then smiled at me.

“Oh, by the way, Kim is coming over too to join us.” My eyebrow shot up and said, “Really? Does she know what we’re going to do tonight?”

“It was Karen’s idea, and I went along with it. Kim needs a break and probably some good sex.” Carol went on to tell me that Karen and Kim got along great and one time in Horne’s dressing room, were making out like 2 high schooler’s. I shook my head and thought, “Oh wow, what a family I am involved with.

Carol had already called in our order, from this Italian place a few blocks from here. So I went and picked it up, and got back just before 7pm. When I arrived back, Pete and Karen were there, along with Kim. Everyone was dressed in jeans, and either sweaters or long sleeved shirts. But if I was a betting man, I would say sans any underwear, like me.

We ate in the living room. Some of us on the couch and others sitting on the floor. Wine was flowing pretty good amongst the girls, and beer for Pete and I. Pete and I decided to watch our intake, so we could enjoy this whole experience. After dinner, and all the stories of what went on the past few weeks, the girls started reading up. I told them Pete and I would do up any dishes.

“Good. The girls and I need to go do something.” Carol told me and the girls headed to the bedroom. Pete and I talked as we did up the dishes.

“Next year, Karen and I are looking to buy a house, and then start a family.” Pete told me. “Awesome man. That is great.” I said. “Yeah, we are super excited about this. I know it will change the dynamic of this friendship we have going, but only until she is pregnant and then after the baby comes. I really like what we 4 do.”

“I do too, and we would never pressure you guys into something that would endanger that Pete.” “In fact, I am thinking of asking Carol around Valentines day to marry me. I just don’t know what she’ll say.”

“Who are you kidding, you know damn well it will be yes. But I am not going to say a word to Karen, for fear she’ll blow it and say something. I know her, something that big would be hard for her to not let it slip.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, and I definitely won’t be saying anything to Kim or Susan until maybe a few days before.”

“Wonder what those ladies are up too?” Pete asked. “Who knows but I am sure it has something to do with playing tonight.” I said.

“By the way, I brought some good weed over. Think Carol will mind?” “No, she is fine with that for sure. We only do that on rare occasions, and tonight would probably be one of those times. I’ll talk with her.”

The ladies finally came out, and wow, did they make an entrance. All 3 were wear see-through, white teddy’s, with matching see-through, white bikini style panties. Hot doesn’t even come close to what we saw then. Both Pete and I were speechless, and probably had our jaws on the ground.

“Damn Honey, you 3 look fantastic. I mean sexy doesn’t come close to what you look like”, I told them. Pete said basically the same.

“Good”, Karen said. “That’s what we were going for. So are you 2 going to stare all night at us, or strip down to get this party started”, she went on.

Pete and I stripped down and stood there as the girls took turns kissing and fondling each other. Then Carol backed away and came over by us and said, in a low voice, “Tonight, could you guys make Kim your focal point. She really needs to know that she is attractive and wanted.” We both agreed and said we’d do anything she wanted to do. Pete asked Carol if she minded him lighting up a joint, and she said, “Cool, it would drop any apprehensions and inhibitions.”

Pete got out 2 joints and we fired them up and passed them around until they were all done. Pete and I then went and sat on the couch and watched as the girls got down on the floor and started kissing and rubbing each other.

The 3 of them got into a daisy chain and were licking each other’s pussy’s. Pete and I watched, while stroking our cocks. Karen, after a few minutes of this, got into a 69 position with Carol, and now those 2 were really going at it. Kim got behind Karen and started licking her ass for a bit. As she ate her ass, Kim would look at both of us guys, over the top of Karen’s ass, and would wink at us.

About 5 minutes went by and Kim crawled over to Pete, grabbed his cock and said, “Damn, you 2 do have some healthy looking cocks that need some attention.” Pete just moaned, released his cock and watched as Kim placed her mouth over the crowned head.

Karen picked up her head, and looked on, saying, “Suck him good Kim, he hasn’t had any all day, the poor dear”, then chuckled.

Kim then started to devour his cock. Taking him into her mouth almost the whole way, then slowly slide it back out, until only the tip was on her lips, then do it again. Pete was moaning out, “Oh Fuck Kim”.

Karen and Carol were driving each other crazy. Both had their tongues buried deep inside each other’s pussys. I didn’t know who to watch really, so my head was like on a swivel, going back and forth. Then I got down on the floor, on my knees and moved next to Kim. I started rubbing her ass and playing with her puckered hole, while she ate Pete. This got her to moan some, then I slid it down to her slick slit, and played with her pussy lips. “Oh yeah Baby, finger my pussy.”

I only played with it for a minute. Then decided she needed some help sucking Pete off. Pete saw that I was kneeing back up and looking at him, so he spread his legs more, for he knew what was on my mind. Kim’s mouth was all the way at the top of his engorged cock, leaving his shaft exposed. So I licked from the base to the tip, then kissed Kim, then place my mouth over the head.

“Oh fuck Tim. I have been dying to see this. Let’s suck him good.” We both them licked down the shaft, then to his balls, and each of us, sucked one in. Then back up his shaft, until Kim took him all the way in his mouth. This went on for a good 10 minutes, and during that time, the other 2 girls came twice with each other.

Pete yells out, “Kim, you better stop or I am going to cum in your mouth.” I backed away and watched to see what she was going to do. She too, released his cock from her mouth and hand and said, “Not yet sweetie, I want that cum inside me later.”

The girls were laying on the floor panting like they just ran a marathon. Kim said, “Ladies, come up here and fuck these 2 cocks. I want to watch you 4 fuck, but make sure you are facing me.”

Karen got up and came to me, turned around so her ass was facing me, straddled my cock and guided it in. Carol did the same with Pete. Both girls let out a moan “Ahhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssss”

The 4 of us started fucking slow now while Kim sat there in front of us watching and playing with her pussy. She was really getting into this, which I was glad of. I really didn’t know how she would react, but seeing that Carol and her were sisters, I should have known better.

After a few minutes, Kim got on her knees and crawled to Karen and I and started licking us as we fucked. Her tongue gave us both a bath and when I was deep inside Karen, she would suck her clit. After a minute or 2, she moved to Carol and Pete and did the same. Carol was going crazy when she did this.

Again, she only did it a few minutes and switched back over to me and Karen. This time though, she also was playing with Karen’s nipples as she sucked her clit. When she wasn’t sucking clit, she would lick my shaft then lick my balls.

I started fucking Karen harder now, with Karen moaning out, “Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, god damn Kimmy your tongue is driving me wild bitch”

Kim said back, “Good slut, this was my intention, now make him cummmmmmmmmmm”

Karen was almost jumping up and down on my dick. I was very close, and Karen was already starting to cum, when I yelled out, “Fuck Karen, I am cumminggggggggggggggg.” “Shoot it deep in me Babe, give me that cum”. I was shooting a great deal inside her, and I could feel it leaking out. Kim was there licking it up.

Kim then switched back over to Carol and Pete, and those 2 were already deep into their own orgasm. Once again, Kim was there to lick up any of the leakage that they had. Karen dismounted from me and lay on the floor, trying hard to catch her breath.

Carol then dismounted from Pete and fell into Kim’s arms and they French kissed a good while. Kim was so turned on by all of this, as was the rest of us. They broke from their kiss and both lay back on the floor.

My cock stayed relatively hard, even though I had came. Pete was also sporting a nice hard on. Maybe the weed and 3 beautiful ladies were helping with that.

Karen looked at Kim and said, “well sweetie, why don’t you take that (pointing at Pete) cock of his for a ride. He won’t disappoint you, trust me”

Kim got up and straddled him, looked back at Karen and said, “Mmmmm don’t mind if I do. Never let a nice hard cock go to waste.” The girls all laughed and then we watched Kim and Pete start to fuck.

Carol said to Kim, “Hope you are in shape baby sis, he is going to fuck you for a good while now” Karen giggled and said, “Oh hell yeah. Once he cum’s the first time, he’ll be inside you a good half an hour.”

“Oh fuck, my pussy is going to raw after tonight. Not that I am complaining.” And chuckled. I have to admit, that all the banter that was going on made what we were doing a lot of fun. Those 2 then started fucking slow. Pete goes, “Damn Kim, you are so tight” she giggled and said, “You would be too if you only got it occasionally.”

Carol pulled me to the floor now and started kissing me, then pushed me back so I was laying down. She then mounted my cock. “Mmmmmmm, I sure need this Baby” Then Karen got up and said, “Time to clean me up lover, since you made the mess.” She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. As I ate her, she and Carol kissed and fondled each other’s tits.

I love eating a pussy after cumming in it. Most guys would never dream of doing that, but I do and do it all the time to Carol. We could hear Kim and Pete fucking away, moaning a great deal, as carol fucked me, and I tongue fucked Karen.

I lasted almost a good twenty minutes of steady fucking. Around the 10 minute mark, Karen and Carol switched, so Karen was riding me now and Carol was on my face. During that whole time, Kim came twice, but kept on fucking Pete.

I was getting close to cumming again. Carol had came on my cock when she was fucking me and now was cumming in my mouth. Karen started cumming right after hearing Carol start to cum again.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I am going to cum” I yelled out and Carol said, “Shoot it deep inside her Baby” and I did. My balls were so tight up against me when I started shooting deep in Karen’s hot pussy. It felt like an hour of cumming but I knew it was only 10 seconds or so.

Karen was pretty drained by now and slipped off of me and onto her back. Carol also rolled off of me, but she got between Karen’s legs and ate mine and Karen’s combined juices from her twat. After a minute or so, Karen goes, “Stop, I can’t take anymore” So Carol quit. Slid back to me and kissed me hard.

“Fuck Baby, I am so turned on by tonight. I love tasting both of your juices” I held her close and kissed her again. As we laid there, Pete was building up to his orgasm and told Kim, “I’m going to cum Lady.”

“Give it to me Pete. Shoot it deep inside me. OH MY GOD, CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG”

All you could hear then was body’s slapping together and lots of moaning as they both came.

“Holy Fuck. I feel so good right now. And so worn out at the same time” Kimmy said.

Kim then got off of Pete, leaned down and kissed his dick, then kissed Pete. “Sweetie, you can fuck me anytime you want too, with Karen’s blessing that is” She looked at Karen and said, “Damn girl, I envy the hell out of you. That’s one magic dick you have there.”

We all laughed and Karen said, “One of the many reasons I married him. I like sharing, but I ain’t ever giving that up” Kim got up and kissed Karen and said, “You ever want a 3some partner, just call. I’ll be right over”

We all had played now for almost 2 hours, and it was quite enjoyable. Kimmy seem very happy, as did everyone else. Whatever nervousness there may have been earlier was long gone now.

After a few more minutes of resting, Karen got up and grabbed Pete’s hand and said, “come on lover, let’s go to bed. I’m pretty worn out, unless you have maybe one more round in you”. Pete stood and they collected their clothes and said good night to us.

Kim chuckled and said, “Wow, they didn’t even dress when they left from here” Carol laughed and said, “Why would they, we’re the only 2 units on this floor. We do it all the time when we just visit, or play.”

“I guess that makes sense now. Do they play with anyone else, or even do you guys?” Carol shook her head no and said, “No, we decided back in the summer that if we want enjoy this type of life, let’s just keep it between us 4. Then no one has to worry about STD’s and such. They are aware that we do play with you and are quite cool with it and now that we 5 have played, I am sure it will continue like this.”

I told the girls I would finish up straightening up out here, if they wanted to head to bed. Kim headed down the hall, but Carol hung back. Carol came up and kissed me and said to me, “Babe, thank you. She really needed a night like this to get her head on straight. Did you see how her eyes lit up when she got to screw Pete?” I chuckled and said, “Oh yeah. I didn’t mind at all because I had 2 very hot ladies to attend too.”

“And boy did you. Think you have one more left in you Stud? If so, I got something for us 3 to enjoy first.” And showed me another joint. We then padded off to the bedroom, where Kim was already laying on the bed, legs spread wide.

Carol lit up the joint and we passed it around. Kim smiled and said, “Good, I was hoping we weren’t done yet. Tim and I have yet to do anything tonight, and sorry sis, but I do enjoy his cock.”

“That’s ok, because I love his cock, but I like sharing him too”, and then smiled at Kim. Kim blew her a kiss and said, “God, I really need to meet a guy as open as you guys. Yes, I do know that what we do is not the norm, but shit, nothing in our family is normal anyways.”

Carol laughed and said, “Nothing is normal in our family, and look, we have corrupted this poor man here, but, he hasn’t run off yet, and I really hope he never does.”

The girls now were laying on the bed and I started eating Kim, as they kissed. Kim said this felt a little weird since the bed moved some as they did. I told her that this was a semi-waveless bed, so it will have some movement to it, but nothing like the older waterbeds, and to wait when we fuck later. You wont feel my full weight on you, it gets dispersed quite nicely. Carol agreed and said she could go for hours if I could keep it up, a whole better experience.

I kept switching then back and forth on the girls. Lick Kim for a few, then move to Carol and lick her . “Hey, you don’t mind Pete’s cum in me?” “Hell no, just adds to the flavor”, I said and laughed.

After about 10 minutes, Kim asked Carol, “Can I try that new toy with you guys? I have been dying all night to try it out”

“Sure, if you really want too, but it may hurt at first. I know I haven’t really got lover boy in me like that to where I enjoy it.”, Carol cautioned her.

“No, I am good and with that small thing in me back there, it may help for future times with a real DP.”

Carol rolled off the bed, went to her nightstand and pulled out the strap-on, and some KY lube. It took Carol a few minutes to figure the contraption out, but once she was ready, she smiled at Kim and said, “Ready Sis?”

Kim made me get up and lye in the middle and then mounted me, then guided my cock into her steaming hot pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhh, damn this cock feels so good.” Carol positioned herself behind Kim, and had to steady herself. She put a good amount of lube on the rubber cock and then Kim’s ass.

She slowly started to insert it into Kim’s tight ass. I told Kim to relax as Carol started inching it in. “Stop, stop, stop”, Kim Said. “Let me get used to it”. After a minute, Kim said to keep going, but slow. When Carol finally was fully inside Kim, I could see her grimace with some pain.

“Do you need her to pull out Kim”, I asked. “No. just sit there a minute. God, I have never felt this full before. Your cock even feels bigger now too. Damnnnnnnnnnnn”

“Ok, let’s start fucking. Tim you do the moving and see how we should go from there.” So I started fucking her slowly. Carol pretty much did not need to move. The bed would move and so that made Carol move in and out slightly. After about 3 or 4 minutes we started getting the hang of it.

Carol leaned over Kim’s back some, for this let have better control. She thought the 2 of them would be too heavy for me, but really, it wasn’t. This was my first time doing tis too and it was a strange feeling because I could feel the dildo through the thin membrane that separates the two openings, and then I started picking up some speed when Kim moaned out.

“Oh fuck yesssssssssssssssss. I love this. God you 2 make me feel so fucking good. Gotta wonder what a real cock would feel like.”

We fucked just another 5 minutes before Kim had a very strong orgasm. Somehow, Carol had a small one too, for both girls were shaking and twisting all over me. As they calmed down, Carol rolled off of us and fell to the side of me. Kim slid off of me then too, panting very hard.

“Oh my god Carol, you have to try this. It’s amazing how filled up you will feel. I bet my ass is sore in the morning though”, and giggled.

Carol said, “I will try it, but not tonight, but I am going to ride this man and get him to cum right now.”

Carol did get on me and fucked the hell out of me. I lasted about 10 more minutes and shot my 3rd load of the night. My cock was actually getting sore from fucking like we did. After we both came, Carol rolled off and lay next to me, cuddling with me. Her sister lay next to her as well, and was spooning her, as we all fell asleep.

The next couple of months were a blur, with the holidays approaching. We had a couple more sessions with Pete and Karen, but just the 4 of us, and we also enjoyed Kim’s company a few times.

Two weekends before Christmas, my mom held a party for the group she usually hangs out with from the school, which included her boss, a bunch of teachers and their spouses, her best friend who she works with, and even Nancy and her boyfriend.

Carol was a bit apprehensive about those 2 being there, since she pretty much doesn’t talk too much to her anymore. I was more worried what people would be saying when they realized that we were dating. But all went fine and no one, to my knowledge said a word about us.

Mom did go with me Christmas shopping. She told me to see what size her clothes were, which I did one evening. She helped me pick out a few sweaters and a couple of tops that she believed Carol would like, and then I picked out this diamond pendant and matching ear rings. Mom thought for sure I was going to get her a ring. But I said that I was going to wait until Valentines Day for that. Mom was pretty cool about it, but also cautioned me that we may be going too fast.

The following weekend, which was a few days before Christmas, we decided to have Kim, Pete and Karen over for a party. Of course we all knew what that meant. Now mind you, Kim and Karen had become good friends now and twice, that we know of, Kim has stayed over at their place. The first time, Carol and I were lying in bed and could hear the norm from next door, but then could hear the unmistakable voice of Kim. We just smiled and then laughed. Carol goes, “Such a slut”

That night at our party, the girls must have gotten together before hand, because after eating, they went to the bedroom and come out in Santa’s Sexy outfits. Short red see-through tops, no panties, but red garters and red stockings. Then to top it off, they each had a sprig of mistletoe taped just above their clits, and were wearing red elf hats.

Being the good boys we are, Pete and I felt obliged to kiss and lick each pussy, as did the girls. This time though, Pete brought some white powder with him. It was Kim’s first experience with it, and trust me when I say, she was a tigress the whole evening. She couldn’t get enough sex. None of could though really. Towards the end of the evening Carol and I exchange gifts with them, as did Kim. All in all, it was a very nice Christmas holiday spent with people we adore. When they were leaving, Kim got up and went with them too. That was fine with Carol and I, but, for the next hour you could hear some heavy sex going on next door, while Carol and I made slow passionate love to one another.

Christmas itself, we spent dinner time with my parents, then later that afternoon, spent with Carol’s Mom and Kim, and even Bill was there. Mom had gotten Carol a couple of outfits and they gave me money to buy what I wanted. Before we went to my mom’s, Carol and I exchanged gifts. She got me some tapes of some of my favorite bands and a gift certificate to this local golf course I like to play. I gave her clothes, that mom picked out, and she truly liked what I got her. Then I gave her the necklace and ear rings. She was speechless, but I also think a little disappointed, since it wasn’t a ring, but never said a word.

New Years Eve we went to a party at one of Carol’s friend’s house. It was kind of boring and we left shortly after midnight. After making love, to start the New Year, Carol said, “You know, we should have just stayed here and did this all night, what a perfect way to start the year.”

I had been pretty much staying there almost nightly now, except when she needed to grade papers, when she taught health class. Dad was pretty cool about it, but mom still had the old fashion beliefs and didn’t think it was proper for me to stay there.

At the beginning of February, I took mom to the jewelers, to help me get a ring. As we looked around, she said, “Honey, are you absolutely sure? For this is forever and not to be taken lightly.” I told her I was positive. I had been saving for this, and had $1500, but back then, that amount of money was quite a lot.

After looking for what seemed like hours, I settled on a ¾ carat pear shaped diamond, set in a gold band that had a small diamond on each side. That came to 1400, but I still needed the wedding bands, but figured Carol and I could pick those out. They did have a matching one for her ring, which was 300. Mom said to get it and loaned me the 200 more I needed. I really hate owing people, even my parents.

After I dropped mom off, I headed over to Carol’s mom’s house. After letting me in, I was grateful that she and Kim were wearing robes, instead of being naked, which is their normal attire at home. For some reason, I get uncomfortable with Susan because she is so touchy feely and loves to hug and I am always afraid of popping a boner with her. For 48, she is still a fine looking lady and I would fuck her if she wasn’t Carol’s mom.

After sitting down I told Susan I am here to ask for your permission to marry Carol. She looked at me for a good minute, without saying anything, then said “you are too cute. That is so old fashion, especially for this screwed up family.” “Of course you can marry her. As long as you are positive about this and know full well, this is for keeps.” I said that I was and I am very positive.

They both stood and gave me a long hug. Susan kissed me right on the lips and said, “Welcome to the family son.” Kim hugged me too and said, “See, I told you, you would be my brother Bro”, and kissed me too.

Her mom left for the kitchen and Kim said, in a soft whisper, “If mom wasn’t here I’d take you to my room and fuck your brains out.” I laughed after that, which helped any apprehension I was feeling.

They asked when I was going to pop the question and so I told them, I just haven’t figured out where yet. I did tell them that I did make reservations at this one restaurant that is very special to us and that she loves going too. They were excited for us and I asked not to spill the beans. They said mums the word.

On Valentine’s Day, which was a Wednesday that week, I was quite nervous. Thinking all the possibilities, especially if she says no. I had requested and got the next day off. Mom did me a favor too, and talked with the principle of the school that Carol works at and set it up, so she would be off Thursday as well. Mom was good friends with the lady.

I wore a suit that evening and mom was so happy with that. I am not a suit wearer, but tonight was special and I wanted Carol to know that. Our reservations were for 7pm and I told Carol I would be by a little after 6 to pick her up.

I arrive just after 6 and decided to go over to Pete’s first, since Karen didn’t have a clue, well, unless Pete spilled the beans. I knocked on their door softly and Karen answered.

“Wow stud, don’t you clean up well”, she said. Pete was there and they looked like they were going out too. I kissed Karen and wish her a happy Valentine’s Day and shook Pete’s hand.

Karen looked at me and said, “you got something planned don’t you?” I laughed slightly then held out the ring. Of course she sheiked. I help my fingers to my lips, in hopes she didn’t get louder. Pete smiled and said congrats.

I asked Karen, “So do you think she’ll say no?” Karen chuckled pretty good and said, “Oh you big dummy. She thought for sure at Christmas you were going to ask, so I would say NO, dumbass, you won’t hear that word tonight.”

“When are you going to ask? Oh, and where?” I shook my head. Girls like to know these things. “I am not sure, but probably after dinner, when we get back.”

“Wrong answer Bucko.” “You go over there now and ask her. Let her show it off and admire all through dinner. You men, I sometimes wonder how we ever get married.” “Then when you get back, get your asses over here so I can see it on her.”

I left them after that and walked next door. I got my key out and went into the apartment. I yelled out that I was here and Carol answered back that she would be out in a minute. We;; of course that meant 5 more minutes.

When she did come from the back, I was in awe. She had on this sapphire blue dress, that hugged her body nicely. V cut enough to show me a little of her cleavage, but not to overdone. The skirt part came down to about an inch above her knees. She also had on the pendant and ear rings too that I gave her.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight Honey. I mean beyond beautiful,” She smile and said, “Thank you Baby and you look so handsome tonight. First time I have ever seen you in a suit and you look great”

She then went to the coffee table and handed me a card, which I opened. It was a very mushy Valentine’s card, one you would expect two people in love would give. I read it and kissed her softly on the lips and told her I love you.

I too had a card I was holding and gave it to her, but asked her to wait on opening it. She had a confused look on her face. I grabbed her free hand and started talking.

“Sweetheart, I think you know how much you mean to me.” As I was saying this, my hand went into my pants pocket and her the case. “I love you more than life itself and would gladly give up my life for. But, in order to do that, I need to ask” I got down on one knee, and looked her in the eye,

“Would you please honor me and be my loving wife?” I pulled the case out and open the case and took the ring out of it. Her hand was already up at her mouth, and I could see tears in her eyes. Since she didn’t say anything, I was now scared that no was forthcoming.

Then she finally spoke softly, “Yes”, then louder “Yesssssssssssss, I will be your wife. Oh Honey, I love you” I placed it on her finger and stood up and pulled her into me, where we kissed passionately for the next five minutes.

She then opened the card and read not only the I love you’s from the hallmark people, but also my own words on how she has made me the luckiest man alive and since she is reading this, she had said yes and that I will always love her, and only her, no matter what comes our way.

Of course we kissed more and more until I said, “Sweetie, we need to get going for our dinner date. Of course she had to check her makeup, but then we left. Luckily the restaurant was only 10 minutes away. The whole ride there she kept looking at the ring. “God, this is so beautiful. God, I love it”

At dinner I told her that mom helped me pick it out and that I went a few weeks ago and asked her mom for permission. “You didn’t?” then laughed. “I bet mom was floored by that. The old fashion way and all”. “No not really, but thankfully, she was wearing a roe=be, because she gave me a big hug and you know how I get around her when she is naked and wants to do that.”

Carol just laughed and asked what Kim thought. I told her our little conversation after her mom left. Carol laughed and said, oh the little slut, but said it in a playful manner. I also told her that Karen thought I should give it before we left for her. “All these women giving advice, but you know, I wouldn’t have cared if you asked while doing grocery shopping.”

Then she got serious and asked, “Why don’t you move in with me, not just the 4 or 5 times a week, but every day. I can’t stand when you aren’t there with me.”

“Might as well, because we are going to be married and we spend so much time together now, why not start this marriage off now.” “Well good, that’s settled. Not sure how your mom is going to like it, but come on, most couples live together before being married now.”

After dinner, we went to my mom’s house and Carol showed her. They hugged and talked, while dad and I just sat there and kept quiet. He did hug her later and welcomed her to the family. Then we went to Carol’s mom’s. Kim and Carol were both crying after she told them, and so did Susan. I was real lucky tonight, Susan was dressed because she just got back from dinner with Bill, who gave me a big hug.

It was about 9:30 when we got back and Carol asked if we should knock on Karen’s door. I said we should or she would be totally pissed off. Karen answered in like 2 seconds. Her and Pete were just in robes, so they either just gone done with sex, or were waiting on us.

“About damn time you two showed up. Now let me see the ring girlfriend.” Of course we had to go through the oohs and awes some more, but soon left those two for our place.

Once in the apartment, she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom, where we stripped each other and stood there locked in a deep kiss, then we got in bed. Carol lay down first, spreading her legs and said, “No foreplay honey, just put it in me, I need you so bad right now”

I turned off the light, got between her legs sunk my cock slowly inside her. She was on fire, and super wet. “I’ve cum twice already tonight, just being with you, now make love to me and make me cum more the right way”

I started pushing in, and she would say, “I love you” and then the next time, “I love you” again, so as I pulled out, I would say it, and for the next 5 minutes we did that. Her pussy seemed so tight tonight, and she would use her muscles every time I drove inside her, making her even tighter.

“Oh Baby, I love you and I am cumming” she moaned out. I couldn’t hold back any more and said, “Yes, here my love, all for you Honey” and came hard inside her. As we came, we kissed passionately, tongues intertwined; moaning as our body’s stayed connected the whole time.

As we came down from our high, I was still hard, so I started again. “Oh my, someone really must need some lovin tonight” I smiled at her and said, “Tonight and every night for now on.” We locked in another kiss, her arms around my neck, her legs locking behind my back.

We still were going slow, but this time it seemed different. She wanted to be taken, and whispered, “Harder Lover, Harder” So I picked up my speed and drove in harder. We were now fucking. My balls we smacking against her ass, and you could hear our skin slapping together.

“Yes Baby, Yes, just like this. This is yours. Totally, forever more, and you are mine forever” We really got the water sloshing around now, and my effort wasn’t needed to much. I was getting close again and moaned out, “Oh Babe, I have to cum”

“Give me your love Baby, because I am starting to cum too, God, I love you” I shot another big load inside her, as her legs really clamped hard around my waist, while she came hard too. “Oh my God Baby, Oh my God” she moaned out.

After a little rest, she looked at the clock and said, “damn, I need to get some sleep. Work tomorrow.” I chuckled, then said, “No. Mom talked with your boss and you have off tomorrow, same as I do. They’ll mark it down as a sick day, so you get paid. Not bad, paid and laid for the day.” And we both laughed.

“You really had this thought through tonight. I am so glad we met.” I kissed her again and was still inside her. What shocked me more was that I really did not go soft. It lost a little rigidness, but not much.

“My God Babe, did you take something tonight? Your dick never stays this hard without any effort on my part.” I licked her nipple and then said, “No, just a good meal and then making love to the only woman I ever want to make love too. You have no idea how sexy and beautiful you are to me.”

“I want on top, since I don’t have to work” we rolled over, with me never leaving her. As she sat up and looked down on me, I could see her beautiful figure. I was wishing I had left the light on now, so I could see her smile better.

“I knew this day was coming, but to be honest, I really thought at Christmas. But you know, this is way better. It is a day for lovers, and what better day to do it, then come back and make love all night.”

“I thought about asking then, but felt most couples do it then, so I waited it out. It killed me to wait, but I did it and glad I did. I have known for a long time I wanted you always.”

“Well Lover, to be really honest, I knew that night you held me at Nancy’s, while those two went off to her room. Any man who was just lay there and hold me, and comfort me like that, had to be the one.” “Yeah we did have sex then, but I had a feeling it was lots more to us, then just sex. Especially after talking in that other bedroom. You actually listened to me and didn’t belittle me, but when you made love to me afterwards, I knew then, “yeah, this is the guy”, and see, you are”

“I’ll tell you when I knew for sure, was the next day, on the boat. Just looking at you, seeing you smile so brightly, and then when you said our age difference meant nothing to you, I knew right then and there, you were the ONE” I told her.

“I know you are in me and I love this feeling, but I just want you to fall asleep inside me now. We’ll make love again in the morning, or maybe even earlier.”

She lay beside me, facing me, and we positioned our legs so I could go back inside her. Great thing about waterbeds, you can do positions like this without hurting your partner or making them uncomfortable. We did fall asleep in short fashion and made love the following morning and afternoon too.

A few months later, we went to our first wedding together as a couple. It was a cousin on her mom’s side. Carol and her mom were having a good time showing me off to the other family members. Kimmy was having fun too, and we even danced together a few times, since she was dateless.

We had been sitting at one table with 2 other couples, both cousins of Susan, which made them 2nd cousins to Carol. At one point, it was just her one cousin, Barb, and us. She is 41, married, and has one child. She is also a clinical phycologist.

She told Carol how happy she is for us. “Now, can I offer some sage advice?” Carol said sure. “Well, in today’s world, keeping a marriage together takes lots of work on both parts. Don’t ever assume anything between you two. Work on always making it better, especially in bed.”

“Most couples take sex for granted, but don’t. It takes work there too. Keep it fresh. Experiment with ways that you are both comfy with. Them old days of missionary are gone, like our grandparents. Don’t ever cheat. One vagina or one penis, is no better than any other. “

“Always talk through problems. If you get mad, walk away for a bit, then discuss what the problem is. Too many let the stress of life interfere with what counts most, and that’s your loving relationship.”

“If your problems escalates into a shouting match, or stomping out on one another, then try this. Both of you go to the bedroom. Get Naked, and then try and fight. I’ll bet my life, you won’t and you’ll talk, and by the end, you’ll end up making love. Your brain sometimes forgets the beauty but the eyes don’t and wallah, it’s sex time. Oh and oh yeah, it is nice to make love, but every now and then. Fuck like there is no tomorrow, because that my lovely friends, is the fun sex, and needed.”

I wanted to say, no worry there, we already do that. Carol thanked her for the sage advice. We chit chatted some more with Barb. Then danced a few songs and finally went home, which is where I am now staying all the time, in Carol’s apartment.

About two weeks later, I officially moved in with Carol. Dad was cool with it, but mom thought we should wait until we were married, but she also knew I was going to do this anyways, and she gave in.

That first week living together was nothing short of a sex fest. We did it every night, and almost every morning before work. Even Carol couldn’t believe how much love making we were doing. That Saturday, after I moved in, we were lying in bed watching TV, and she was curled up next to me. Her hand rested on my flaccid cock and I said “Babe, would you mind if we didn’t do anything tonight but hold each other?”

She burst out laughing. I asked “What?” She stopped laughing to tell me that she was going to ask the same thing. “I love making love to you sweetie, and lord knows we have done enough this week, but I need a break.”

After that night, we talked, and agreed, 4 or 5 times a week should be enough to satisfy our lust for one another. We both have a very insatiable appetite for sex, and that lasted throughout our marriage, until a year or a little more, before she passed on.

Summer rolled around again and Carol and I enjoyed the summer months on the boat. Most times it was with Pete and Karen, and also Kim. Kim would have an occasional date that she would bring along, and for those days, bathing suits were always worn. Most of the guys she dated just didn’t seem interested in a long time deal. Hell, TJ and Kim even dated, but she found him to be very self centered and wondered how I was friends with him.

We also visited the campgrounds with Kim and her mom a couple of times. Of course, Bill was there too, and towards the end of July, he and Susan got married. They went to Vegas and done the cheesy Vegas marriage plan.

We had told Pete and Karen about this place and they seemed quite receptive to checking it out, so we made plans to go the weekend before Labor Day. Luckily, they had met Susan already, but she was clothed then, so they really don’t have the full scope of how things really are in the family, like I do.

I do remember one day, a few weeks after they met Susan. The girls were doing a “Girls Day”, which was shopping, then coming back and playing some, while Pete and I went golfing. Pete said, “Damn, you are going to have one hot looking mother in law.” I just shook my head and said, “Yeah, I guess so, but I don’t view her like that”

He laughed and said, “Shit, if she was mine, I’d find a way to fuck her” I snorted and said, “Ewww, no way, I could never do that with her.” He just laughed and said he could. I told him how she makes me feel uncomfortable when she is nude and always touching me. He just laughed and said I should go with it, call her bluff some time.

We left for the campground, early that Friday. By the time we got there, it was almost noon. Pete and I dropped off the 3 girls and took the boat to the ramp and put it in. By the time we got everything stowed away, the girls already had set up our bedroom. Susan had already got an extra cot, for Kim to sleep on, since the couch sucked to sleep on.

Then, the 5 of us, got undressed and joined Susan and Bill, out on the deck. Susan formally introduced Bill to Pete and Karen, and of course, Susan gave Pete a big hug, as she also gave Karen one too. Pete smiled as she hugged him, looking me dead in the eye. Bet if we left them alone, he would fuck her, or she would fuck him.

Later that evening, after playing on the boat all the afternoon and then eating, Susan and Bill took off to their friend’s cabin. We knew what that meant. Pete, Karen and Kim went inside. Carol and I stayed out by the fire and enjoyed the last of the wine.

Carol spoke, “So do you think they are fucking by now?” I laughed and said, “Oh hell yeah. Kimmy was so horny, she would fuck a tree branch right now.”

“Well”, said Carol. “I’m horny, so let’s go have some fun with them” “Lead on My Love”

When we opened the door to the bedroom, Karen was on her back. Kim was between her leg’s, eating her, and Pete was behind Kim, buried deep inside her. “About time you two showed up”, said Karen.

Carol laughed and said, “I don’t think you are in need of anything from us right now, so just carry on and we’ll join you soon.”

Carol and I got on our bed and started making out, and before long, I had her legs wrapped around my waist, as I plowed deep and hard inside her tight pussy. After we both came, the other 3 were just lying there, catching their breath, after a long cum session.

Carol went over to the other bed, and Karen Joined me. This time, Carol ate Kim, while Pete fucked Carol. Karen got me hard by sucking me, as we watched them. Then, once I was hard again, Karen mounted me and said, “OH yeah baby, fuck me good”

“I think that is the plan my dear, and it’s quite easy when I am with you.” We did fuck for a good 20 minutes. Karen came twice before I finally released my love juice deep inside her. The other 3 were just finishing up as well.

Pete spoke, “Well, this is different, but a good different and I have to admit, seeing all the naked people all over, does make it exciting.” Kim giggled and said, “Trust me, there is plenty of fucking going on in this campground right now, and most of it is not with the person you came with.”

Pretty much the same happened the next night too, where we all shared ourselves with each other. Though Kim did pledge to have her own playmate next time she comes here. “I love being with you guys, and really like you include me, but it would be so much better if I had my own man to share this with.”

Life was really good for Carol and I now. As the holidays rolled around again, we made our plans for the wedding, which was going to be that next May. TJ was going to be my best man and Kim was Carol’s maid of honor. We did speak to Kim about TJ being the best man though.

“I’m cool with it. But he better understand I am not going to bed with him. We did that, and we weren’t even close to being compatible.” TJ thinks women should be subservient to men, and if you know Kim, that ain’t ever going to happen with her.

Up until this point, Carol and I did not have cross words with each other. We almost did with this though. We both wanted a small wedding, maybe 50 people at most. We both knew her mom could not afford a big shindig, but both parents wanted to invite all these people. And, we were trying to pay for this on our own.

Before any blow up occurred, our parents got together and said they would pay for anything over the 50 mark, that we set. That alleviated a lot of pressure on us. We could now concentrate on the wedding itself, and then the holidays as well.

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Kim started dating a guy, named Drew. She was in another world now. We met him New Year’s Day, at Susan and Bill’s house. He seemed like a nice enough guy and treated Kim very good. Of course I never saw his temper until after they married and started having kids, so my first impression did not change until then.

Since meeting Drew, we did not see Kim much, and when we did, there was no playing, or even going nude with them present. She even quit seeing Pete and Karen for this time period. Carol had asked Kim if she even told him about the family secret and she said no, and doesn’t know how to approach it with him.

A few weeks before the wedding, Kim came over, by herself, and talked with Carol on how she could tell him. She felt HE was the one for her, and that she did not want any secrets. Carol suggested they both come over one evening and just outright tell him. Carol did ask if the “L” word has been used yet, and Kim said yes. I told her that if he truly loved you, he would accept this, or take a walk, pretty simple actually.

That night they came over, we ordered pizza and decided to play Rummy. During the card game, Kim looked at Drew and said, “Honey, I love you and I know you love me, but I have been holding out one detail about my family, which includes mom and Carol.” Drew just looked at her with a quizzical look.

“Drew, we, my mom and Bill, and Carol and Tim and I, are nudist.” Drew just sat there with a blank expression. “We have been most of our lives. I don’t want secrets between us and this is a big one, but I haven’t been sure how you would take that.”

Drew looked at me for a second, then at Carol and finally spoke; “Well, that is a different life style I would say. When you say nudist, you mean you usually go all the time without clothes at home?”

“Yeah”, said Kim, “And we also belong to a campground that is exclusive to nudists.” Drew shook his head in disbelief and said, “Wow. You kept that pretty secret Babe. Is that something you want to see from us as well?”

“I would like too, but if you do not feel you could be comfortable with it, then no, we would not have to do it.” Kim said.

Drew looked at me and asked, “How did you react to this, when you found out?” I chuckled and said, “Hey, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s. I’ll admit the first time was a little embarrassing because you don’t know what people are thinking, but after you figure out that they don’t care what you look like, it’s really no big deal.”

I continued, “Now we don’t let everyone know about this, we keep it private. I would never tell my family, but only because they are so old fashion, plus, it’s nobody’s business but ours.” “Then you also have to deal with getting excited. I mean, these ladies are very beautiful, even their mother is, so you will pop a hard on the first couple of times, and it is expected.”

Drew laughed and said, “Wow, you don’t mind someone looking at Carol?” I just laughed then and said, “Look, this is all about trust, and I trust that woman there, more than anything in the world. Plus, I get turned on by others looking at her. And, if you haven’t noticed, these ladies are a very sexual bunch, so it does have its rewards.”

Kim stood up, and grabbed Drew’s hand and pulled him to the bedroom. They were gone a good bit. I looked at Carol and said, “Not sure what they are doing, but if this ends it for them, then it is for the best. Some people just don’t understand the life we choose to lead.”

Carol agreed and hoped that if he truly loves her, he would accept it, just like I did. About a minute later, which was about 20 minutes after they left the room, came back out, but now, both were naked.

Carol laughed and looked at her sister and asked, “Do I need to change the sheets now?” Kim giggled and said, “Uh, no, but the carpet may need a touch up.” We all laughed at that.

Carol and I then stripped down, so we were both naked with them. I could see Drew trying not to look at Carol’s naked body, but I knew he was catching a glimpse of it at any opportunity. We then started playing cards again.

Carol asked him, ”You ok with all of this?” Drew chuckled and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Good” Carol said. “And don’t feel embarrassed, you are a very handsome man with clothes on, and even better, out of them.”

Now Drew is 29, a year older than Kim, and stands around my height, which is 5’ 10. He has a slight beer gut, so I would put him around 190 lbs. He does have a hairy chest and quite a bit of hair around his junk. I am sure he noticed that I am shaved down there, and have very little chest hair.

I laughed and said, “Wait, you still get see Susan naked one of these days. And, I will admit, for an older woman, she is quite a beautiful lady. The only thing is, she is the touchy feely type, and that makes me uncomfortable, and she knows it too. So if it bothers you too, just try and ignore it.”

Carol laughed and said, “Yeah, mom tries to get Tim all worked up, but hasn’t succeeded yet. And I mean she tried to get him hard. He pretty much avoids her when she starts that shit”, then Carol and Kim both laughed.

After that evening, we started seeing those two more, and it was getting easier for Drew to be au natural around us. Kim had yet to tell him about the playing aspect, and maybe she wouldn’t, but at the time, we said that was not our call to make.

The evening of our wedding day, at the reception, I was dancing a slow dance with Kim. As we danced she said, “Damn, I sure wanted to play with you two this weekend. You know, as a small wedding present.”

I asked, “So he doesn’t know that you are bi, or that we all have played together?” “No”, she said. “He knows that I have been with a woman, which excites the hell out of him, but I haven’t told him about how we all play. He hasn’t shown signs of jealousy, but that may be too much for him.”

“You’ll know if and when it is right. But, if you think it would cause problems, then keep it to yourself. Some things are best left unsaid, and that may be one of them.”

Kim kissed me on the lips and said, “Aren’t you the sage one. I think after you get back from your honeymoon, and it get’s warm, we should head up to the campground. Then he can see what it is all about. Hope he doesn’t mind sharing a room with you two and fucking me too.” I just shook my head and laughed.

I also got to dance with my little cousin Ann, who was like 17 at the time. I used to babysit her when I was a teen. Her mom and my mom were sisters. She always wanted to marry me, but she grew out of that. Before I met Carol, I used to take her and her friend Connie out on the boat. She used to tell me then if I wasn’t her cousin, she fucked the hell out of me. Her and Connie used to wear some of the skimpiest bikinis when with me too. Connie was definitely a tease too. Always rubbing against me. They were both 13 at the time and there was no way I would even consider that.

As we danced, Ann said that she was sad, yet happy for me. Sad, because I went and married someone else, and not her, but happy, because she thinks Carol is great and hopes they can become friends. I knew Ann was not a virgin, losing that a couple years back and the guy she was dating now, was just awesome. She did eventually end up marrying him, then divorced his dead ass, when she came home one day from work early, and caught him fucking some young slut he worked with, right in their bed.

After the reception, we stayed at our apartment and made love twice. We also had to hear Karen and Pete going at it, but I think they were being loud on purpose. They did join us the next morning for breakfast, nude of course. Then we went to both parents house’s, before taking off for our trip to the Pocono’s.

That was a 6 hour trip, which Carol slept most of the way. The room was fantastic. It had a Jacuzzi tub and a swimming pool, right in the room. We spent 5 days there and had a blast. Made some new friends, but not the playing type. We think our next door neighbors fucked the whole week. They never came out of their room, except twice that we know of.

When we got back, we started looking at houses. That was our dream, to own our own place. Susan, Carol’s mom, had recently moved to Bill’s house, which was out in the country. She wanted to sell us her place, but we both wanted something that was our own. Kim was still staying there, so that made sense not too.

Then, around July 4th, we all headed up to the campground. Kim and Drew, Carol and myself, and Bill and Susan. Bill and Susan took their own truck up there, while Kim and Drew went with us. So basically, if this bothered Drew, he was stuck until that Sunday.

After getting the boat in the water, after dropping the girls off at the cabin, Drew asked me, “Christ, did you see all the great looking ladies that are naked up here?” I chuckled and said, “Yeah, but you really do get used to it. Now don’t be shocked if Susan gives you a big hug when she see’s you. She can be quite the tease. And, I might as well warn you, she get’s quite loud when her and Bill have sex.”

“No fucking way. They have sex with us around?” I laughed and said, “Yeah, and so will Carol and I and I am sure that will make your girlfriend quite horny, so be expecting to fuck her a lot this weekend.” He laughed and said, “Wow, I don’t know about that.” All I could say was, “Whatever. I will. We’re here to have fun and we’re with the women we love, so why not.”

When we got back to the cabin, everyone was outside on the deck. Drew and I went to the bedroom to shed our clothes. “Look, Susan will hug you, and do it to tease you. She means no harm, but for me, it still makes me uncomfortable. You will probably get hard, but don’t worry, it’s no big deal.”

Sure enough, once we came outside, Susan and Bill welcomed us. Susan gave Drew a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but she did not tease. I suspect Kim asked her not too, at least until Drew got real comfortable with all of this.

Then she walked up to me and hugged me. Now, I don’t get excited around her anymore, so my cock stayed flaccid. But I did make sure it did not come in contact with her body. As she kissed me on the cheek she said in a hushed tone, “One of these day’s your dick is going to touch me.”, and laughed. I said softly, “When that happens, we’ll be fucking too.” She laughed and said, “Ohhhh, promises, promises.”

It did take Drew some time to get comfortable with all of the nudity, but by evenings end, he seemed more at ease. I know on the boat he was, mostly because of the beer, and it was just us 4 out there, and, a blow job from Kim didn’t hurt either.

That evening, after dinner and Bill and Susan off visiting friends, we hung around the fire. Carol asked Drew what he thought now. “Actually, this is pretty cool, but seeing your mom naked is something I’ll need to get used too.” We all laughed and said, “yeah, and don’t be surprised if you hear them having sex later, because they will, and don’t care who knows it.”, Kim spoke out

It was almost 11pm when Susan and Bill came strolling back to the cabin and bid us all a good night. We left them for another 20 minutes, before we all decided to head to bed. We all took turns in the bathroom and then retired to our bedroom, which we were sharing with Drew and Kim.

Once the light was out and all of us in bed, we all talked about the next day and what we may do. Then Drew said, “Shit, is that your mom?” Kim giggled, and said, “Yep. Told you they would have sex.”

“Oh Christ, she is quite vocal. This is so weird.” Carol and Kim both giggled. Carol then said, “Damn that is making me horny too, so I guess you better take care of that stud.”

Drew looked at us, and our eyes could see each other because of the moonlight coming through the thin drapery. “You guys aren’t really going too?” Now Carol was already stroking me hard, then pushed me to being laying on my back. “Watch us”, she said, and mounted me.

Carol started fucking me slowly, not a care in the world that Drew could see us. “Damn, I have needed this cock all day Baby” she said. “OH Honey, your pussy is so hot and tight too, Fuck I have needed this too”

We both looked over at them and Drew was wide eye’d and watching us, as we fucked. Kim moved down and started taking Drew’s cock into her mouth, and once he started to protest, Kim held up her hand and said, “Just lie back and enjoy Sweetie, because I need fucked too and your cock is going to do it.”

Once Kim mounted him and started fucking, whatever apprehensions he may have had, were long gone now. Kim was quite vocal too in what they were doing, as was Carol and I. I am pretty sure, Susan and Bill knew exactly what we were doing too.

By the time we left the campground Sunday afternoon, Drew was quite at ease with the nudity and sex. They must have fucked 5 different times Saturday. One time, was right on the boat, but down in the cabin as we putted along the reservoir. The only thing we didn’t do, was swap with them, and the girls did not play together, but I knew Kimmy really wanted too. I know Bill and Susan did play with their friends. Bill let me in on that.

By the end of august, we finally found a house and bought it. What sucked was the interest rate. Back in the early 80’s it wasn’t unusual to have 8% rates. We moved in by mid-September. It was a 25 year old split level, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It needed some updating, but we figured we had plenty of time to tackle that.

Pete and Karen had also found a house, about 10 minutes from us too. We usually got together with them every other weekend. Not always for sex, because we were good friends and didn’t always feel the need to play around. Karen did say that she really missed having Kim around, but totally understood.

Kim and Drew started coming over a lot more too, since Drew was starting to grow comfortable around this screwed up family. He did confide in me that, that he still felt uncomfortable nude around Carol. “I know she is your wife and all, and Kim’s sister, but seeing her naked, does get me turned on.”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it. I get turned on by Kim too, and to be honest, if we ever had the chance, we’d swap one evening with you guys.” Now I said this, just to plant the seed.

“No fucking way”, he said. “You’d let me fuck your wife?” “Only if I could have Kim, while you two played around”

He shook his head and said, “Man, I don’t know. I doubt if Kim would go for that. But who knows, in this crazy ass family, anything is possible.” I laughed and said “Yeah, one never knows”

Later that night I told Carol what transpired, and she chuckled and said, “If he only knew. But Kim hopes he would like to swing, she misses it big time.”

Drew and Kim got engaged at Christmas time. We thought a tad quick, but hey, what do we know. Kim was elated, as was Drew.

That New Year’s Eve, we planned on just having them over, along with Pete and Karen. Now Drew did find out the Pete and Karen were also nudist, but has yet to be around them in that situation. He met them at regular parties, with other vanilla guest involved.

Both couples showed up around 8pm that evening. Food was a plenty, as was drink. We already told them all that they were staying the night, so no one would have to worry about getting drunk, or high. Pete did bring some killer weed that night. Drew said he hadn’t smoked since college days, but was quite receptive.

We started playing a new board game, that Carol and Karen saw at Spencer’s Gifts. It was for open minded couples, that had you roll dice, and then move your token around the board, sort of like Monopoly. But, the 2 stacks of cards had you doing sexual things, like kiss the neighbor next to you, or fondle another person, and such. It even told you to remove articles of clothing.

Since we were all pretty high, we all agreed to play, even Drew. It took almost an hour of playing before most of us were naked. The first card Drew got was one that told him to kiss the first women to his right, using plenty of tongue and feel her breast as he did it. Carol was the lucky recipient.

Drew was quite nervous, until carol said, “Oh come on, kiss me sexy. No one is going to get mad or upset with any of this. Play your cards right, I may even suck your cock later”

He did lean in and kissed her. Carol took the initiative and pull him in closer and really sucked face with him. Kimmy was egging him on, telling him to go for it, and don’t forget to feel her boobs too.

A few minutes later, Kim drew a card that said, take your mates pants and underwear off and kiss his penis. She wasted little time in obeying the card. All Drew had on was his boxers, so he was now the last to get naked. Kim decided kissing it just wasn’t good enough, and started sucking him off in front of us.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that looks pretty good” Karen said. She bent down and started sucking Pete, and Carol started doing me. This went on for like 5 minutes and Carol, finally said, “Hold Up. It’s almost midnight. We can resume afterwards”

We all stood in the living room, watching the TV, then counted down from 10. At midnight, we kissed our partners. All kissed very passionately. Then we started kissing the others. Carol grabbed Pete first, kissed him, as he played with her ass, and she stroked his hard cock. Kim was kissing me the same way, but I was fingering her pussy, which was wet as hell.

Karen was sucking face with Drew then, and as she did, she started stroking his hard cock. He looked at Kim and saw that we were busy, then at Carol, and saw that they were too. He must of said, what the hell, and got into with her.

Then the girls pushed us guys onto the couch, with Pete and Carol in the middle and me on one end and Drew on the other. They smiled down on us and Carol looked at Drew and said, “Look, this is what we really like to do, and I hope you are ok with it. If not, you better get up now, or forever hold your peace”

Drew didn’t say a word, until Karen straddled him, and guided his cock straight into her smoking hot pussy. “Oh Fuck”, he said, then, “Kim, you ok with this?”

Now Kim was guiding my cock into her at the same time and said, “Oh Yeah. Enjoy it baby. Fuck her brains out. Then you and I will fuck later, I promise”

Drew then got into it and from the sounds and actions, really enjoyed Karen’s ministrations. He didn’t last long with her, cumming well before the rest of us. He did get to fuck Carol next, and did last a lot longer that time. I think the combination of weed and alcohol, really lowered any doubts he had.

He did see me the next morning and asked if that really happened the night before. I laughed and told him it had and I hoped he enjoyed it and that he had to ill will towards anyone, especially Kim.

“No, her and I talked a lot after we went to bed. She was scared to tell me about this part of her life. Then she shocked me even more when she told me she was bi. Now that has always been a fantasy of mine.” He chuckled after saying that.

After that night, our group of 5, grew to a group of six, and stayed that way for many years. He even accepted Carol and Kim playing.

Over the years, we kept the playing to just us 6, or just 4 somes. The girls still got their play time in too, while we guys went and golfed, or went hunting on occasions.

Both of those couples had kids, and they were brought up nudists, as well. As I said before Carol and I never did have kids. The only way that would happen was through artificial insemination. But back then, it was new and very costly. We resigned ourselves to not having them, but always had Kim’s or Karen’s kids over and babysat a lot for them. Carol did have her tubes tied when she was 40, so she could quit taking the pill.

Carol and Ann became close too, after Ann got married. Especially after Ann caught her ex cheating on her and divorced. Ann knew we were nudist and wanted to see what that was like. So one weekend, Carol invited Ann and her daughter, Mary, to go up with her and Kim, and Kim’s daughter Karen, to the campground. I wasn’t allowed to go. Ann thought it would make Mary uncomfortable, seeing she was around 10 at the time. They had a great tome, and enjoyed it a great deal.

For me, it all came crashing down, when I lost Carol, about 10 years ago. I have to admit, I had great support from Pete and Karen, and at the time, Kim and Drew, and even Annie. She swore off men for a long time, except for sex and that was it. But she always called me, or came over and we’d talk and just hang out.

Then Drew up and left Kim, which totally devastated her. Kim and Ann, also become good friends, but neither ever admitted to being sexual back then, but I suspected that they did a few times. I know Ann and Carol did on a few occasions.

I have more stories to write about adventures, but those will now be about Kim and I, and now even Ann and her husband Sam, who she just married a couple years back. I never thought she would ever marry again. But I have to admit, Sam is a great guy and treats her like a queen.

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