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So I work as security. and I work some sites where I sit there for hours on end and make sure no one comes on site either day or night. so I got the idea to bring Steve onto my site and utilize my time.
While on duty just as it was getting dark io messaged Steve and asked him if he was able to meet me at my site. He asked what we would be doing, I said "anything you want". He thought the idea was great. so he was there writhing the hour. while he was on the way I got out a blanket from my trunk, the lube from my glove box and headed to the second floor of one of the houses on my site. the houses were just being build so only the frames and outer walls were up. I folded there blanket in half and layer it down in the middle of the room and tossed the bottle in the middle of it. then I headed down to the main gate and waited for Steve to arrive. When I saw his car approach I unlocked the gate and waved him in. he parked next to my car and when he got out of his car I walked up to him and gave him a passionate kiss. We lock lips for a few seconds. Once I pull away he says "well hello to you too". I smile as he grabs a plastic back from his back seat. then he asks where he was going to fuck me. I point to the building and lead the way up the stairs and into the room with the blanket. he laughs a bit and says "already set up already I see, were you excited or something?". I have to admit I was kinda excited because he had just got back from a vacation I wasn't able to go on. he pulls out a mask form the bag and tells me to put it on. I obey and it's one I've had on before that looks realistic. Then he pulls out some handcuffs and cuffs my hands in front on me. He then tells me he has a present for me. I ask what it is. He says "get on your knees and I'll give it to you" I immediately obey and drop to my knees (With a smile on my face). he unzips his pants and slides them down to his knees revealing his 6 inch uncut cock. I see my "present", I pull back his for skin and lick the tip. I can tell he's enjoying himself. While holding his cock in my hands, i lick down the underside of his cock to his balls. I lightly suck on the bottom of his balls and every now and then put on whole nut in my mouth and letting it slide out slowly. I lick and suck his balls for a few minutes then head back to the head of his cock. Where I slide the head of his cock into my mouth. I work his cock in my mouth until my nose pushes on his shaven pubic region. I could feel the head of his cock glide down my throat a bit. Not enough to gag me but enough to feel great. I sucked his dick for about 10 minutes. He just sat there enjoying me worshiping his cock. After the 10 minutes I stand up and ask him to take my pants off. he asked me "why" I told him "because I want you cock inside my boypussy". He smiled, didn't say anything and started to take my pants off. When he gets my pants to my knees I lay down and kick off my boots then he takes my pants off completely. I planed on Steve coming to my site so I wore blue leopard print silk panties underneath my work clothes. He threw my pants over his shoulders and started rubbing my little dick through my panties. He said "I like them" and had a smirk of lust on his face. he then grabs the bottle of lube that was sitting by my head and lubed up his cock and his first 2 fingers really well. Then he leaned over me and with on hand he pulled my panties aside and started to finger my hold. He started with on hand then shortly after he added the second finger. while he was finger fucking my hole he was whispering in my ear "do you like that bitch?' "Do you want my cock inside you instead?" "Do you want me to fill you with all my cum bitch?" "You like it when I breed you like my personal cum dumpster?" all I could do was answer yes to everything he said. He finger fuck me for a few minutes then all of a sudden he positioned himself so his cock was lined up with my hole. He told me "beg for my cock you slut, tell me how bad you want it". While he was saying that he was lightly pressing his cock against my hole. he keep teasing me with his cock until I begged him "please, put your cock inside me. I want to be filled with your manly cum. I want you to fuck every last shred of manhood out of me!" He said "that's a good girl" then pressed his cock against my holds a bit harder as it slid so smoothly inside my hole. He continued to push further inside me until he was completely inside me. For some reason it felt much deeper than before, which felt amazing. He slid his cock all the way out and re-entered he several times before he kept it inside me and started thrusting consistently. He was fucking me with slow, long, hard thrusts while using my thighs as handles to prevent me from sliding away from him after ever hard thrust. my legs were by his side to start. when he was about to pick up speed he moved his hands to the under side on my knees, forcing my legs higher so my knees were almost touching my chest. Then he got to his feel and was leaning all his weight on my legs and he fuck me harder and harder all I could do was scream. By this point we were both breathing very heavy. He asked me "who's my bitch?" I replied "I am, I'm your bitch baby". The thruster into me hard and stayed there. Before pulling put and throwing my legs to on side forcing me to roll over. He helped me up on my knees. He immediately spread my lets and got between them. He slid himself deep inside me again this time smacking my ass hard leaving red handprints. He began fucking me at the same pace as before while holding onto my hip bones as handles and was slapping my ass after a few thrust. He continued to fuck me until he yelled "I'm going to cum inside you and make you my little girl, you want that?". i said "yes! Please make me your girl. My only purpose is to please you cock whenever you want". His pace quickened and while holding my hips hard he pulled me onto his cock while he pushed deep inside me forcing himself as deep as he could go before exploding deep inside me. About 7 jets of his warm cum flooded deep inside my bowels. I felt so full that if I was a girl I'm sure I would have been pregnant. he kept his cock inside me for a few minutes allowing my insides to absorb as much of it as possible while letting the rest slide deeper inside me. He eventually pulled out of me. To my surprise not much feel out of me. Which meant his cum was so deep inside me that it couldn't drain out as fast as usual. i roll over with my hands still handcuffed and resting on my stomachhe climbs on top of my chest and tell me to clean his cock. I obey like the good girl he just turned me into. I lick and suck his cock completely clean while loving every second of it. He said I was a good girl. He un cuffed me and we both got dressed quietly as I take off the mask. I walk him to his car and he turns to me, grabs me by the waist and pulls me close to him. He asks me "do you like being my little bitch?" I say "of course, it's my favourite thing to do. I like pleasing you and love the feeling when you fill me with your cum. It makes me feel whole" he smiled and said "good, I'll call you later and see if your free". He kissed me a few times before getting in his car and driving off.
still feeling so full I smile and quietly thank him as he drives away. It wasn't long after that he called me. :)

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