Be Carefull What You Text

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We were teasing each other all day with text messages. My wife and I will on occasion do this to keep the boring day moving along. It is like dual personalities for us. We are able to say things to each other through text messaging we normally wouldn't say outside of the normal pillow talk during our less frequent sex sessions now days.

Being married for eighteen years with three kids has taken its toll on our lovemaking as well as our fuck sessions. Our imagination is limited to how tired we are and our kinky side depends on if the kids are home.

Back in the day there was nothing we would not do or not try. I have been called a pervert, a sick-o and a really strange dude by some of my friends when I would tell them of the things my wife and I would do. I have a list of fetishes most people do not understand. Where they came from, only a shrink could say.

One of my most miss-understood fetishes is inserting huge objects inside my wife! People cannot understand why I would stick something as big as my arm into my wife's pussy and get her so stretched out, she gapes open. I do not know either, but there are not many things sexier than watching my wife work a one litter bottle in and out of her over stretched hole. I jack off so hard watching her and just when I start to cum, I slam my spurting dick all the way up her overstretched, sloppy pussy unloading a massive amount of cum. By then her pussy is so worn out, my cum runs right back out, down the crack of her ass with each thrust.

Now days the only time I get to see something like that is in my imagination when we text message each other. On those days it usually ends up with me getting my hopes up only to have a raging hard-on during the drive home. The whole way home I stroke my cock through my pants just thinking about what is to come. She will be in bed or in the bathtub cramming her hole with whatever she can find that is big enough to stretch her pussy to the way I like it. No, better yet she will be on her knees with her head buried in the pillow, fisting her pussy while shoving a huge dildo up her ass. Or even better than that, fisting her ass while riding the giant purple cock I bought her last month, which she lovingly named "the big boy."

I drive as fast as I can (I can't wait); power slide into the driveway (this is going to be great), run to the door (it's been so long), just to find her in the kitchen, yelling at the kids, the kids yelling back at her, the dogs barking, the phone is ringing and my mother-in-law sitting on my couch watching my TV!

"Dinner will be ready in a little bit, and can you do something about the kids?" she yells out to me. Why couldn't she say, "Hey sexy, I can't wait till later and my pussy has been waiting for you all day." Anything like that would have been great.

This is not what I was expecting, but I can work with it. Maybe all that dirty style texting got her so worked up, she could not help herself and fucked that pussy already. There was a time she would do that, telling me all about it while she either sucked my cock that night or gave me a great hand job while letting me feel of her whored out pussy.

With that in mind, I went into our bedroom and opened our toy chest, looking for anything that was moved or could have been used. Then into the bathroom and I looked around the tub for any shampoo bottles or objects she might have played with. Next to the shower to see if maybe in a rush she forgot to clean up or put something away. I caught her once by looking on the shower wall. She has a big, black, suction cup dildo she is in love with and if you do not wipe down the shower wall, you can see the marks where the suction cup had been stuck. I could not find a thing. This was not good. Maybe she is waiting until the kids are in bed and her mother leaves. Yea, that's it. I know it's coming. I am going to get a major, nasty fucking tonight.

The rest of the evening went well just like it always does. Her, bitching at me or the kids, the kids bitching and yelling back, the Mother-in-law is passed out on the couch, and not going home. Just your typical day in paradise. Nine o'clock rolls around and I make the kids go to bed. I tell the wife I am going to go take a shower and give her my best "do you want to join me look." She never came in and after washing my hard cock almost to much I decided to go to bed and wait for her. I grab a towel, the lube, a couple of her favorite toys and one for me.

After about ten minutes I poke my head out of the bedroom door and ask if she is coming to bed. "After this show!" she yells back.

"Fucking bitch." I think to myself, but I am going to fuck her up tonight. I lay in bed for another few minutes, stroking my dick to keep up my highest urges and not to fall asleep.

She finally came to bed and rolled over facing the wall. This is a game we sometimes play. I start by slowly running my hand down her side from her shoulder to where her naked ass is. Pajamas? She has on clothes, not good. I think to myself I have only one more shot at this so I hook a thumb under the waste band of her bottoms and start to move them down.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm taking your pajamas off, they are in the way," I say back to her in the best slutty whisper I can.

"My mother's on the couch, I am pissed off at the kids and you didn't give me the slightest hint you wanted sex. Now I'm tired and I just want to go to sleep."

WHAT, OH MY GOD, YOU COLD BITCH! Talk about getting kicked in the nuts. I grab the towel and stomp off to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

"Fucking cunt," I mumble under my breath. In the shower, I thought about going back in there and showing her whose pussy that is. "That's my Pussy!" I say just loud enough where she could not hear me.

First I will tie her face down and piss all over her back and down the crack of her ass. Then, shove this shampoo bottle up her 'no putting out' little cunt and finally, tonight is the night I get my whole hand up her ass no matter what she says or how loud she yells. That fucking whore. Just then, I blow a huge load of cum all over the shower wall.

"Shit!" I have to clean this up before the wife finds out what I did.

Text messaging is great, but I need to learn it is just to past the time, and not something to take to heart.

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