My GF got me in to BBC....

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This is a true story. I've tried to fix the errors. Not sure why it uploaded it like that Sorry

This is my first attempt writing on here so be gentle. My ex got me in to BBC. I've always had a very open mind when it came to sex and never judged anyone's lifestyle. My ex is about 5'3, size B cup, Beautiful green eyes and keeps in shape. Where she had was in the back yard as they say! She has the most Amazing plump and round booty. When we first started dating we were keeping it casual. So I was still dating and so was she. We became friends on facebook as most do and I would see posts from other guys saying hi and it was good to see her and things of that nature. I have to say that it made me jealous and sorta competitive horny at the same time.

Sometimes one of her guy "friends" would call and she would tell him she was hanging with me and I could over hear him saying are you going to blow or fuck him?
I was blown away by this but let it go for a while. But I couldn't help getting turned on by the thought of how open sexually she was. We became a couple not long
after we started dating because we just couldn't keep our hands and mouths off of each other! As we got to know each other we started talking about our past sex lives
and things like that. I was shocked to hear how many black guys she had dated. I couldn't help the thoughts of whether the stories are true about them or not. I
asked in a round about way one day and she was like oh yes! Not all of them but most are very hung She said that the first guy she lost it to was black and even for her first time she knew he was huge because some of the girls at school had said he was big!

The more we dated the more I got obsessed and had to hear more. We dated off and on for a while but I couldn't get the thoughts of her taking big black cock out of my head! I really didn't know what was wrong with me or what it was called till I got in tumblr and see the cuck pages. I finally knew what my fetish was and I was hooked I would look and read the pages all day and night! I was ate up to say the least. So one night she was telling about a ex bf (because I had brought it up of course) and I was hard as a rock! We had mostly had these talks through text and calls but this was in person and she could see the effect on me

She said you really get off on ths huh!? She was the first person I had ever really openedup to about this. We fucked like beasts that night! Her talking about her ex's big cocks while I ate her out because I had already came.

I'm not a small guy by any means. I'm between 7-8 inches hard and thick. From the blogs it had seemed like a small dick guy thing being a cuck but it was more about
her taking these big cocks and not being sorry or ashamed about loving it. I wasn't looking to be degraded or made fun of. We started talking about how to make this
come true and I suggested we ease in to it and maybe go to a club and her dance and grind on some guys to make sure I wasn't going to freak out and be the jealous
BF We decided to a place known to be a hip hop club. We hadn't been there very long and she had been on the floor grinding it up! I was loving it! We had decided to
not come in or sit together so I could watch and not spook any guys off

We had been at the club for about a hour. I was getting a good buzz and she was drunk and really having a blast on the florr. I watched as she grinded her plump ass on
several guys that I could tell thought she was alone and was down for whatever. She was wearing a white tank top and a short blue jean skirt. The guys she was dancing
with were wearing what I call track pants. I could see the outline of their cocks and she bent over and really went to town on them.

She kept talking to one guy most of the night and went back to his table a lot. I texted her to see how she was and how it was going. She said she was drunk and having a blast and was so glad I was in to this. Told me that the one was a guy she had knew in school and they had ran track together. As the night went on I seen less and less of her. They would come to
the floor and dance the slow dances and it looked like the were making love out there I started to get a little concerned at this point because it was looking intense. This was about the time she texted me and said that she was going to get a ride home him. I was in shock This had turned faster then I had planned on.
I went to her house and waited and I was so hard I could hardly take it The thoughts racing through my head.

I hadn't heard from her and it was like 3 am. Around 4 am I seen the lights of the car pull up and I hid just in case he came in. I didn't know what to do They came in and she talked to him for a while. I heard her say it had been nice to see him again and she had a good time. He said the same and that they should get together again real soon. I waited to hear her say, no I have a BF or anything like that Nothing She said that sounds good! I could hear nothing at this point but knew they must be kissing and making out. I felt like a trapped rat! I heard the door close and them breathing hard. I was in the bedroom and knew I had to move or I was so busted and probably would get my ass kicked! The only thing I could do was hide under the bed. She must've been shocked when she came in and it was empty. I think she was trying to catch me there. Luckily she turned on the tv and put it on a music station or they probably would've her my breathing.

From underneath the bed I could see the mirror on the dresser. Not the best view but I could make out them going at it hard. She was very drunk and when she's like that nothing is going to stop her. I don't think she set out to cheat on me but now she was horny and past the point of no return. She said she needed to go to the bathroom and got up and left the room. I all of a sudden hear him talking low on his phone telling some one that he's about to pound this white girl he went school with. I got really nervous when he stood up to get undressed and his feet almost touched me. I tried to scoot back but was afraid to make to much noise. She was gone for a while and I think she was trying to find me When he came in he was laying on the bed cock out. She said Oh my! That is a huge penis! I almost laughed because she said penis! Well he found it funny too He said this is a cock girl! It was at this time she bent down to pick up his clothes and seen me, she smiled and winked at me!

He was very vocal, talking about how sexy her big booty was and how he was about to tear it up! She was eating it up! I couldn't see the best but I could tell she was riding his face and jerking and sucking on him. He cock looked big from what I could see. Both her hands were on it and there was still a lot left over. He got on top of her and started to slow grind on her. She was speechless She saying damn it's so deep over and overI couldn't believe that this was going on, here I am trapped under her bed while he is fucking my gf! My cock was so hard it was hurting at this point! With me being under the bed and them going at it hard I had a hard time really getting a good view. When they slowed down I could see her looking at the mirror, smiling with this look of pleasure on her face. He said I have to hit this from behind He got her in doggie and started really pounding away I came with out even touching myself from the sounds she was making and the stuff he was saying as he fucked her senseless. He fucked her hard for a good 5 mins and pulled out and came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop!

In true guy fashion he laid there a few minutes and said he better get home. She hardly said a word, drunk and fucked in to a coma I didn't move as he got up and called his friend again and laughed and said he had put this white girl to sleep! I heard him take a few pics which pissed me off and turned me on at the same time. Then he left. I laid there for what felt like forever till I seen his car lights then I got up and locked the door and went back in to see her. She was covered in sweat, legs all spread open and cum all over her tits and face! I couldn't believe it. I was about to cover her up when I heard her say. How was that?! I said I thought you were drunk and passed out! She said I wanted him to think that I was in shock that she had been alert this whole time! She asked hom I liked the show and I showed her my wet spot. She said you came but you are hard again? I was like I've never been more turned on in my life! She told me to get in bed. I took my clothes off and got in! She started kissing me and I taste his cum on her lips. She rubbed it in her mouth off her face and kept kissing me deep and hard I was so turned on I was licking her chin and tits clean! She pushed my head down as I was kissing her and had me go down on her He had wore her out! It was just red and swollen looking I slowly and gently ate her out and the smell and taste of sex sent me in to a state of sexual desire I have never felt before. I was so hard again that I thought it was going bust! I started easing my cock in to her and she said you have to go slow I thought it would be loose but from being swollen it was actually very tight I didn't make it 5 mins before I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out! We continued to kiss for a hour after that. I could still taste the cum on her and loved it. It was was of the hottest nights of my life! I know I'm not the best writer but I will continue to share more stories and hopefully get better!

Enjoy! H

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