More with My Cousin Jacqui

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We napped for about forty-five minutes, and I woke as the shade shifted with the movement of the sun. Thirsty, I shook Jacqui awake asking, “How about some water?”

“Let’s go,” she said, smiling sweetly before reaching to kiss my lips. As she sat up her tits stood out firmly and swayed slightly with her movements. The olive tone of her skin glistened with an imperceptible beading of sweat. Her long, dark hair cascaded around her shoulders. We stood together and kissed again.

We left our clothes but slipped into our shoes and walked to the Jeep, taking bottled water from the ice chest in the back. I asked, “Are you hungry?”

In true Jacqui fashion, she replied, “Why, you want me to eat you again?”

“Well, you need your strength, we still have a couple of hours before we have to head back. We can have a lot of fun in that amount of time,” I shot back.

“I’m a little hungry, but I’m also very sticky. Let’s go for a swim before we have lunch,” Jacqui suggested.

This was just what I had in mind and we headed toward the metal tank and windmill. The tank was about 25-feet across, the water crystal clear. Jacqui walked in front of me, and I watched as her naked ass swayed with her steps, her pelvis rocking from side to side. She was so sexy, and I felt my cock begin to grow watching her beautiful body in motion. A metal ladder was built into the side of the water tank, and we used this to climb over into the water after I splashed the rungs to cool them. I then helped Jacqui in, holding her hand and feeling her up in the process; she just felt so good to touch.

The water was about four-feet deep, and we swam around for a bit, enjoying the water and playing grab-ass all the while. Jacqui showed no inhibition and it seemed we might have been lovers for years rather than a mere 24 hours. I couldn’t get enough of the touch and feel of her. I suddenly realized that what we were experiencing together was emotionally deeper than the casual couple of trysts I’d had up to this point. We were cousins, and she would be 350 miles away before I could blink . . . and no one would accept or excuse what was happening between us.

“Austin, what’s wrong?” Jacqui looked into my face, placing her hand on my cheek. “You’re not having second thoughts about any of this are you?”

“No, of course not,” I quickly replied. “I just didn’t expect to be feeling what I’m feeling toward you. What will happen after you go home?”

We stood at the shallower end of the tank, the water just below her breasts. I reached and drew Jacqui close to me, caressing her face to my neck and running my hand down the wet hair draped over her back. Her firm tits felt good against me, and my cock was nestled between her legs.

“Well, we’ll make the most of the time we have together until then. And, we’ll find a way to see each other soon,” Jacqui consoled.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I smiled down at her, “Ready for that sandwich yet?”

“You bet!” she said.

Through the clear water I watched as she lowered her hand to her pussy and inserted two fingers swishing them inside, rinsing. She then reached down and ran her hands up and down along the length of my shaft. She pulled my foreskin back and rubbed her hands around the exposed mushroom head. She caressed my balls, running one finger all the way to my hole and swirling it around there.

“There now, all washed up for lunch,” she giggled.

We climbed from the tank and the sight of Jacqui’s tight pussy from behind as she climbed over the side took my breath away. As she bent, her lips were spread slightly and her pink inner labia peeked into view. She dripped with water and looked to beautiful to be real. She went to our blanket to shake it out, while I retrieved the ice chest from the Jeep and carried it over, my erect cock bouncing all the way. Inside the chest there were sodas, chips and sandwiches. Setting lunch at the edge of our blanket, I leaned on one arm reclining at one side. Jacqui reclined in the opposite direction a couple of feet from me. The sunlight that filtered through the canopy of the cottonwood leaves above felt awesome on our naked skin. A slight breeze rustled Jacqui’s damp hair and I marveled again at just how beautiful she was.

Even watching her eat her sandwich was sensual. As she parted her lips to take a bite I thought of how my cock had looked sliding in and out of her mouth. My prick twitched at the thought, and the movement did not escape her notice.

My mind drifted to what I was feeling emotionally. The incest was exciting, the sex incredible. But, where could this go, really? Jacqui interrupted my thoughts, “I know what you’re thinking,” she said.

“Oh, what’s that?” I replied, blushing.

“The same as me, that this is too cool, and will soon be next to impossible to continue.”

“What can we do though?” I pondered.

“Well, for starters, we are going to really enjoy the rest of today!” Jacqui said, reaching across and playfully tugging at my cock. He responded nobly and went almost immediately to full attention. “Cool,” Jacqui smiled, licking her lips deliciously. “Roll over on your back.”

I lay my unfinished sandwich to the side, and happily complied with her request. She sidled over and placed her knees at either side of my head, raising herself onto all-fours. She leaned forward, resting her breasts onto my torso and placed her elbows at my sides. She slowly lowered her mouth onto my now throbbing pole and suckled the head into her sweet lips. I gasped in pleasure and she giggled around my meat. I reached and gently pulled her hips downward until her very moist pussy was just above my face. I rocked my head forward and lapped softly at the downy mound of her cunt. She tasted so good. Her fluids were virtually dripping into my mouth, and I had to constantly swallow to keep up with her flow.

Her attention to my prick was fluid and wonderful. She sucked me with impassioned hunger, no hint of hesitation or reluctance. I tried to match her passion in my assault on her snatch, making it my purpose to please her. As I felt her warm mouth and throat engulfing my rod, I lapped at her pussy like it would be my last meal. I had shot my wad so many times in the past few hours that I knew I’d have no trouble lasting for a while. Even as this thought crossed my mind, Jacqui began to buck and whimper, convulsing and thrashing as she held my hard cock in her lips. She came hard, extending her legs straight out behind her and grinding her pussy roughly into my face. She shuddered as deep moans escaped around my cock still buried in her throat.

As her orgasm subsided, Jacqui didn’t release her hold on my dick, though she did slide out to the very tip. She rotated off my belly and lay beside me on the blanket, with her head extended across my thigh, her breathing revealing how hard she had cum. Her left hand gripped my cock, and her right went to my balls. She resumed sucking me, her head bobbing up and down as she jacked my rod. I had no idea where she learned to suck cock, but she was incredible. As she toyed with my nuts, she pressed her fingers below and grazed across my sphincter. I responded by opening my legs and raising my backside slightly. Encouraged, Jacqui began to draw slow circles around my hole and probed slightly at the opening. She pressed her finger into me lightly, and the sensation sent waves of ecstacy through my being.

Sensing the effect she was having on me, Jacqui increased the pressure of her finger until she had slid just the tip inside my ass. She kept pressure there, without losing a beat in her mouthy assault on my dick. As I relaxed my opening, she pressed her finger deeper inside me. I’d never experienced anything remotely like this before, and couldn’t believe how incredibly wonderful it felt. She continued deeper, until I felt her knuckles tight against my ass, her finger extended fully inside. I expected her to finger-fuck me; instead she began to apply pressure against my prostate gland and wiggled her finger against me there. The intensity of these feelings threw me over the edge quickly. I felt an orgasm begin to send shivers throughout my body. My legs tensed as never before, and I felt my ass convulse around Jacqui’s finger. Sperm began to boil out of my cock and flooded her throat in long, hot streams. With the number of times I’d come recently, I couldn’t believe how I just kept shooting streams of my seed into my cousin’s mouth. She swallowed, but couldn’t keep up as my overflow ran down her chin and pooled around my cock. As my climax began to subside, aftershocks of pleasure continued to cause waves of convulsions; I felt almost possessed. I grunted heavily and fought to keep my breath.

Jacqui sucked and licked my spent dick as she pulled her lips off of me. With a slurppy plop, my cock fell to one side. I’d cum so hard my breath was ragged and I felt weak all over. Aftershocks continued, and I just lay still, basking in the glow. Jacqui slowly pulled her finger out of me, and that sensation sent new thrills across my body. “So . . . how was that for you?” she asked demurely after a moment.

“You couldn’t tell?” was all I could muster, still shuddering in ecstacy.

“When you get your breath back, let’s get back in the water for a while,” Jacqui offered coyly, “you look like you need a break.”

I raised up on my elbows and could just reach her pointed nips. I kissed one, then the other and reached to toy with her breasts. Jacqui sat back and enjoyed this for a moment, smiling at my affections. “So, you’re a big ‘titty-baby’ too!” she exclaimed laughing. “Come on, let’s go for a swim.”

She stood up and reached to pull me to my feet. Her lips, chin, and upper chest shone with remnants of my most recent explosion. As I stood, I leaned in and kissed her fully and with passion, little caring that I received a mouthful of my own cum in the process. Our tongues entwined and circled as our mutual fluids were exchanged. My hands quickly found her firm breasts and I played with her little buds as we continued our embrace. We slowly made our way back to the water tank, and I pulled her to me and held her tightly, our bodies melded as if one. “I don’t want this day to ever end,” I whispered into her ear.

“Well, don’t waste any of it wishing then, come on,” Jacqui invited.

She stepped to the second rung on the metal ladder and leaned forward across a small platform at the top. Her ass-cheeks were spread and I found myself at eye level with her tight little puckered hole. Below that, her outer labia, slightly darker and swollen, opened into a pink slit that beaded moisture. The downy patch on her mons was neatly trimmed. I placed my hands on her ass-cheeks and spread them slightly further apart. Extending my tongue, I lapped around the small circled spot, slowing working my way inward. Jacqui drew in a deep breath when I finally made full contact. The texture was smooth, and there was nothing unpleasant at all about what I was doing. I probed gently, applying pressure and pushing with my tongue. She opened to me, and I penetrated her ass, slightly at first. I pushed my tongue as deeply as it would go, and Jacqui moaned in pleasure. I tongue-fucked her and alternated by pulling out and rimming around her, then penetrating again as deeply as I could go.

“That feels fucking great,” Jacqui exclaimed. “Eat my ass baby! Yes!”

Jacqui arched her back to raise her ass, meeting my assault with gusto. With the improved angle of her now upturned cunt, I was able to lick both her openings and preceded to lap at her clit and raising my face, dragged my tongue just inside her pink flesh and reinserted into her ass at the top. Jacqui’s legs began to tremble as she continued leaning across the ladder. I kept working her pussy and ass together with my tongue. As I felt her tremors become more intense, I reached and pressed my thumb against her sphincter, easing gently inside her. I pushed until my thumb was buried and began to slowly work it in and out of her. This produced grunts and moans from my lover, and I redoubled my attention to her dripping pussy.

Bending lower, I pulled at her clit with my lips and sucked the little button into my mouth. Holding it there, I worked my tongue around the tip like a piece of candy. All the while, Jacqui’s trembling legs grew weaker until I was literally holding her in place as I ate her out. When she finally came again, she thrashed about on the platform and cried out, “Oh, fuck! Yes! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Auuugghh! Eat me baby! Eat my pussy! Fuck my ass! Oh, yes - yes!”

Her legs bucked and she repeatedly slammed her ass into my face as I finished her off. When her orgasm calmed, she collapsed weakly where she lay draped across the ladder. To my relief, my cock was rock hard and ready for action. Before this, I was sure he’d been done for the day. I stroked myself as I waited for Jacqui to recover enough to climb on over into the water.

She half climbed, half rolled across the platform and let herself fall into the tank. I had to turn to the side as I climbed over, my throbbing pole bobbing with each step. The water enveloped me as I fell in beside Jacqui, her skin bright in the sun-drenched pool. She looked at my engorged cock and reached to stroke me with her hand.

Insatiable, I saw raw lust in her eyes as she toyed with my prick. More than that, a fiery passion burned, not just for a lover, but for me. The chemistry flowing between us was tremendous. Towing me by my cock, Jacqui lead me to an area of the water tank that was less deep. Overflow plumbing allowed her to lean forward and rest her hands on some piping. This postured her ass at the perfect height for me to take her from behind. Leaning there, her head and shoulders just out of the water, she looked over her shoulder to me and whispered, “Come and get me.”

I stepped forward and placed the pinkish-purple head of my dick at her swollen slit. Through the water, our bodies shimmered in the sunlight. Even there, in the coolness, heat from Jacqui’s pussy radiated onto my erect prick. I pushed forward and felt her lips spread to engulf me, the heat even more intense. Slipping through the outer surface of her cunt, I felt myself drawn inside her flesh. She was tight and quite hot. I held myself deeply inside for a moment, relishing in the awesome sensation of her sex. Pulling back, it felt as if Jacqui’s pussy was drawing me inside and preventing my withdrawal. Just as the tip of my cock pulled from inside her, I eased forward and entered her again. If it were possible, she was even hotter inside than before.

I slowly pulled out of her again, and as I rocked my body forward, Jacqui reached back and lifted my cock to align with her ass. I felt slight resistance as I pushed against her flesh, and the slow relaxing of her opening. As the tip of my cock entered I paused, but Jacqui pulled me forward by my hip. “No, don’t stop, I’m ok,” she moaned to me.

Still, not wanting to hurt my lover, I eased into her slowly and sank myself to the hilt in her equally hot ass. Giving her a moment to adjust, I began to slowly piston in and out of her hole. Our movement in the water made it difficult to hold very stable and on one backstroke, I slipped from her ass and impaled my cock back into her pussy before I could readjust. Jacqui turned to look at me and moaned her approval. “Fuck yeah!” she said.

For a few minutes, I continued pumping her holes, alternating between her hot cunt below and tight ass above. I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew I’d get at least one more blast today. Wanting to cum with her, I watched Jacqui respond to my fucking and waited until I heard the tell-tale gasp and stiffening of her shoulders that indicated she was going to cum. I stayed in her pussy and hammered against her, the water between us splashing noisily. Jacqui screamed as she came, “Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! Fuckin’ shit! Oh, fuckin’ shit! That feels good! Fuck me, yes, fuck me. Hard, hard, harder!”

At her first climaxing convulsion, I released my seed deep inside her. With each thrust of my hips I shot another stream into her womb. I’m certain there was not much cum, but what I felt was as intense as any of the times we had coupled since the first time the night before. As my orgasm concluded, all I could do was stand, half leaning against Jacqui’s ass. We were completely spent. I even wondered how we would be able to climb out of the water. Her legs were trembling as badly as mine.

I reached, taking her shoulders in my hands and pulled her upright against my chest. My cock dropped loosely out of her, and we just stood catching our breath.

It was getting late, and we’d have to leave before very long. We washed each other in the cool water and prepared to go. As we stood, naked together at the steps, I pulled Jacqui to me and held her in a tight embrace. She turned her face upward and we kissed a deep and passionate kiss. The look on her face as we stood in the water said as much as the words she spoke, “I love you Austin. Always have–always will.”

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