Sisters By The Pool Part 15

After the latest cheerleader party rendezvous, I had a lot to think about. I managed to head home from that gathering without telling Danielle about what happened. But, how long could this last? What were my priorities?

There were a lot of things on my mind, and I spent the better part of the next week thinking about things. Instead of coming home to work on school assignments, I spent time taking walks and thinking about things. I would circle my neighborhood a dozen times, ear buds firmly in place, as I ignored those passing by. Part of me felt like I was too young to be having an internal clash like this.

If I was to honest, the soul searching didn't yield many answers. I liked the situation I was in, and I wasn't ready to give anything up at the moment. So, I decided to continue with the status quo, dating Danielle, and seeing what random encounters might pop up elsewhere.

The weekend finally arrived, and with it, a school carnival. Danielle and I discussed things on Friday afternoon, and decided that we would meet there at 6 p.m. that night. She said that Hailey might come along, too, and that it would keep her parents from checking in as much with both of them there.

Temperatures were relatively warm, and I decided to dress casually in a red t-shirt and black gym shorts. I arrived at the school's entrance first, and waited on a bench for the girls to arrive. I nodded as a few friends passed by and entered through the gate. Finally, the right car pulled up, and out stepped Danielle and Hailey. Danielle was in a small black t-shirt and jean shorts, while Hailey was in a red tank top and black cheer shorts.

"Hey we're twins" Hailey giggled as she walked towards me, pointing at her similarly colored red shirt. Danielle was the first to hug me, and was quickly followed by her sister.

"What did I tell you about hacking my web cam" I chuckled back to her. Even Danielle laughed a little, as she had grown a bit more accustomed to my relationship with Hailey.

We approached the ticket counter, and I volunteered to buy all three tickets. The girls looked at me appreciatively, and we all entered together. The girls each held one of my hands, and I couldn't help but look on proudly as a gorgeous girl flanked me from either side. I knew it was a bit of an odd situation, but to anyone who cared, Hailey was just an excitable girl, who wanted to fit in with her sister.

"Look how cute!" Hailey exclaimed as we passed by a balloon dart popping game. She had spotted a dog stuffed animal, and was determined to have it.

"First shot is free for the lady" the carnival volunteer said in a southern accent. Hailey eagerly clutched the dart and fired wildly. The shot barely managed to stay on the board, but badly missed the available targets. Hailey pouted and looked down at the ground. I chuckled and stepped up, paying for a round of three darts, and breaking each target quickly. Hailey jumped for joy when I pointed to her prize, before the volunteer instructed I would need to pop another three to win one that big. I paid for another round and again broke each balloon. And that's when our party grew from three to four - me, Danielle, Hailey, and Larry, the giant stuffed pooch. Hailey had to give up possession of my hand to lug her new friend around, clumsily turning it in all directions as she struggled to stay up right.

"Fair prizes just keep getting bigger" Danielle laughed as we watched her sister proudly make her way around with the giant stuffed toy. The dog's tongue flailed around as she tried to get a better grip, sometimes coming in contact with Hailey's body.

"Down boy" I teased as the felt tongue assaulted Hailey. That was enough to elicit a laugh from the girls as we made our way to the ferris wheel.

"I think Larry is going to have to sit this one out" Danielle said, looking at the small size of each sitting area.

"Fine" Hailey said. "We'll wait" she continued, sitting down on a nearby bench, still hanging onto her stuffed friend.

Danielle and I waited in the brief line before getting a chance to board. We climbed in, barely an inch of space between us, as we started to go up and around.

"From here Larry doesn't look so big" I laughed, pointing towards Hailey on the bench. Danielle chuckled and turned towards me. We briefly looked into each other's eyes before we started to kiss. When it came right down to it, Danielle and I really hadn't had many romantic adventures lately. We kissed each other hard and passionately, before our tongues entered the picture and started to dance. My hand rested on her toned thigh, as her's steadied on my shoulder. We kissed for a good few minutes before the ride slowed to a stop. We both started to get up, wobbly from the passionate kiss, before realizing we were at the top. We quickly sat back down and looked out across the gorgeous flashing lights. We held each other's hand tightly as we returned back to the bottom and climbed off.

"That was really nice" Danielle smiled warmly and gave me one more kiss as we returned to Hailey. I nodded in agreement, not even quite being aware how long it had been since we spent some nice time together. Moments like this were why I felt so guilty about my actions with the other girls, and why I felt like there eventually had to be some kind of solution.

It didn't take me long to remember why everything was so confusing. As soon as we started to walk again, Hailey briefly broke out in front, giving me a nice view of her unreal ass, hugged tight in her little cheer shorts. I was really fortunate that Danielle has come to grips with Hailey's involvement, because she was nearly irresistible.

The night went off pretty well. We shared some ice cream, which Hailey nearly managed to feed Larry with. Hailey also drew more than a few stares, as she continued to be determined to carry her large canine friend around without assistance. Finally, the night wrapped up with a beautiful fireworks display, and we took off for home.

I decided to spend the night at the girl's house again. The three of us changed into pajamas, and agreed to meet around the living room table for a board game. I put on a comfortable shirt and shorts, not able to wear my normal boxer pi's in case any of their family was around. Both girls probably dressed up, as well, with Danielle wearing a small pink tank top and pj pants, and Hailey wearing the same red tank top and short pj shorts.

The three of us settled on Monopoly, and gathered some popcorn and sodas for the evening.

"Man, popcorn always smells so good" I said, finishing another kernel.

"Save some for us" Danielle teased, before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"Looks like you're in trouble Hailey" I chuckled, checking out her decreasing pile of cash.

"I'll totally sleep with you to pay off my debt" she teasingly shot back with an innocent look. Both Danielle and I laughed, but I felt like Danielle held something back. A few minutes later, Hailey excused herself to use the restroom and wash the butter from her hands.

"Are you sure you're ok with this set up?" I asked Danielle. "You said you understood and didn't mind the three of us, but I still feel like you're not quite ok with it."

"Yeah" Danielle paused. "It's just weird, obviously. Like, the three of us aren't going to get married someday. There's going to have to be a point where it stops. I don't know how she'll take it. I don't even know if…"

"What?" I asked, when she never finished her sentence.

"I don't even know if you'd pick me" she finally finished, a slight glisten in her eye. "I see how you look at her. She's beautiful, I know. And I agreed to this. I even like it when it's happening. I just don't know what our future is."

"I get it" I responded, letting out a long sigh. "She is beautiful. But so are you. And you and I connect on a level that is unmatched. We're a little young to be thinking that far ahead anyway, but I would never blow you off for her. Don't ever think that. You're my favorite person in the world."

Danielle brushed away a little tear and hugged me tight. She didn't respond, but seemed to be extremely comforted by my words. A few seconds later, Hailey emerged, and sat back down.

"So is my offer accepted?" Hailey grinned. "Otherwise, I lose. And Monopoly is really boring with two people."

I looked over towards Danielle and she nodded.

"Why don't we all head upstairs?" she said, suggestively. The three of us joined hands and headed up the stairs towards Danielle's room, in the same formation as the carnival. Danielle led the way, left hand in my right hand, while my left hand extended back to hold Hailey's right.

"There's a shirt fee to get in" Danielle giggled as she held open the door, but denied entry. I was glad she was initiating this, and being this playful. She started by removing her own shirt, revealing a black lace bra, and then demanded ours. Hailey and I followed suit, leaving me shirtless, and Hailey in a blue push up.

"And a pants fee to get on the bed" I laughed, removing my bottoms, leaving myself in gray boxers. The girls giggled and joined in, each revealing underwear that matched the tops. Danielle was in a gorgeous matching set of black lace, which contained a sexy pair of panties. Hailey showed off a blue thong, and made sure to give a quick spin to show off her gorgeous ass.

"I can't believe this perky thing" Danielle laughed, spanking one side of Hailey's butt. I followed up by spanking the other, then letting my hand linger on it, squeezing playfully.

Even though Danielle seemed genuinely into this, I wanted to make sure I didn't make her feel slighted at all. I turned towards her and made sure to strip her first, coming up behind her and unclasping her bra. It fell to the floor, as my hands roamed up her tight, petite body. I felt goosebumps take over her skin as my hands explored. Hailey joined us, moving the action towards the bed, and taking off Danielle's panties.

With Danielle now naked in front of us, I could already feel myself getting hard. Danielle returned the favor on my useless boxers, tossing those aside as Hailey eagerly started to strip herself. While she did, I returned to Danielle's backside, kissing her neck from behind, as my hard length rubbed against her own nice ass. My hands ran up her front, stopping on her breasts, and squeezing them in my hands. I gently twisted her nipples between my fingers, making her moan with delight.

Surprisingly, Hailey started with Danielle, pulling her sister onto the bed and starting to work between her legs. She started to lap at her clit, making Danielle moan in pleasure again. I climbed onto the bed with them, nearly Danielle's face, and she wasted no time in taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily on my cock as Hailey picked up the pace on her pussy. She used one hand to pump my shaft, and the other to hold Hailey's face closer. I could see Danielle's body tense up, her abs even showing slightly as she drew near climax, before she released, orgasming on her sister's tongue. She held my cock tightly, but had to stop sucking, as she panted in post orgasmic euphoria.

After she finished coming down, Danielle invited Hailey to come up and join her. The two girls got onto their knees, on the bed in front of me, and started to work on me together. Danielle sucked on as much of my cock as she could. Hailey helped her sister pump my shaft, while occasionally leaning into suck and lick my balls and lower shaft. Danielle took more into her mouth, and Hailey licked up and down the big underside vein of my cock. I reached down to grab one of each other their breasts in my hands, squeezing and enjoying the little differences. Danielle went a little faster, while both girl's hands pumped me more. Hailey's tongue went as far up the underside vein as possible, then dropped down all the way, before shooting back up.

My breathing increased as I could feel myself building towards my own orgasm. At this point, I was used to a little dirty talk, especially from Hailey, but that wasn't the approach this time. Both girls looked up at me, shooting me piercing sexual daggers. They were two of the most gorgeous sets of eyes I had ever seen. Danielle's were a beautiful blue, while Hailey's were nearly a glowing shade of blue, with a hint of green. Danielle started to rub my thigh, and Hailey followed suit by running her hand up and down the other. They continued to stare into my eyes with their unbelievable seduction, giving me the slightest hint of a smirk as I built closer. I finally couldn't look back anymore, squeezing onto their breasts again as I thrusted further into Danielle's mouth. She sucked eagerly as I started to explode, while Hailey's tongue darted all across the underside, forcing more and more spurts into Danielle's mouth. Danielle swallowed some, but kept the last few shots, then kissed her sister with some after pulling off me. I shivered in arousal at the amazing sight.

"How about we torture him while he's incapacitated?" Hailey asked Danielle in a teasing tone. She laid down on her back and invited Danielle into a 69 position. I could only watch helplessly, cock currently spent, as the two gorgeous girls ate each other out. Moans filled the room and hands roamed each other's bodies as they worked. Hailey was wasting no time in building towards climax, having not had any action yet tonight. She moved herself back and forth on Danielle's tongue, which only made her lick more. Hailey returned the favor as long as she could, before closing in on her orgasm. She paused, holding onto Danielle's ass as she squealed, squirting a little in her face. Her body shook and bucked as she briefly went limp on the bed.

"Fuck yes, don't stop" Danielle encouraged when Hailey got back to work. Hailey alternated sliding a finger inside, and letting her tongue do work on her clit, and before long, Danielle hit orgasm number two, once again from Hailey's tongue.

It wasn't long before the girls' playtime started to build my blood flow back up. I looked at the two girls with pure lust, unsure of which way to go first. Hailey volunteered to let her sister go first, and she eagerly obliged. Danielle quickly made her way into the doggy position, and looked back at me with her perky ass up in the air. I couldn't resist coming up behind her and entering her, sliding my cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy without hesitation. Danielle was extremely lubed up from her orgasms, allowing me to start things at a fast and rough pace. Hailey went underneath her sister and started to suck on her bouncing tits, as I plowed Danielle from behind. I spanked her pretty ass a few times as she bucked back against me. My cock had no trouble rubbing against her gspot from this position, and it wasn't too long before Danielle started to show signs of another orgasm.

Hailey's tongue had done the trick a couple of times tonight, but it couldn't rival having my cock buried deep inside her. Danielle lost balance on the front end, and crashed to her bed as she built up closer. She held onto Hailey as she started to stiffen, screaming in pleasure as her pussy started to spasm around my cock. She couldn't buck back against me anymore, spent from her third, and more powerful orgasm. She laid there, moaning against Hailey, while Hailey continued to suck on her tits. Finally, Hailey reached back and cupped my balls, gently playing with them as I thrust deep into Danielle's unprotected pussy. The feeling of her walls wrapped tightly around me, squeezing me, was finally too much. I stuffed myself completely into her depths, and started to cum hard. Hot ropes quickly spurted inside her pussy, painting and flooding her insides with my seed. This sent off another spasm of Danielle's pussy, milking me for everything I had. I could feel myself contract one or two last times, emptying my load, firmly entrenched deep inside Danielle's pussy.

"That was quite the show you two" Hailey grinned at us and applauded lightly. I couldn't help but think back to the fateful day when this all started. An innocent pool session with these two turned into an incredible day. I could have never dreamed it would continue, and turn into this. I wasn't sure where this would ultimately head, but I couldn't have been more satisfied with where it was.

"Yes you will be rewarded for helping" Danielle giggled, as if reading her sister's thoughts. She mustered whatever strength she had left, crawling between Hailey's legs, and teasing her clit a little. She kept her ass pointed towards me, giving me a nice view of some dripping cum, as she swayed it back and forth. A few more minutes of a similar show was enough to help me build up, one more time.

It had only been a week since Hailey and I had last fucked. I had taken her doggy style, with the help of all her friends, at the end of the cheerleader party. This time was so much different, with Danielle in the room and approving. I loved getting to look at her gorgeous ass while fucking her, but wanted to change things up this time. After Danielle moved away, I climbed on top of Hailey, looking down into her hypnotizing eyes. I could only look at her inviting stare and body for a few seconds before I parted her lips with my cock head, and pushed myself inside. I decided I wanted to take Hailey a bit rougher, so I playfully pinned her shoulders to the bed and started to pound myself in and out of her pussy. She quickly started screeching in delight, only muffled when Danielle parted her legs over her mouth. The scene only got more erotic as Hailey started to lick my cum from Danielle's pussy, while I continued to ram her hard. Danielle was just able to squeeze herself into position, and that put her right in front of me. She bent down and kissed me while I mercilessly pounded Hailey's tiny entrance. Her unprotected walls gripped my rhythmically, and she quickly hit orgasm. She moaned into Danielle's pussy as her tight pussy gripped me. I continued to thrust into her harder, and it just kept building her up more. She squealed and started shaking, juices spraying against my cock from her pussy as she writhed helplessly beneath me. I embraced her shaking body, helping to hold her in position as her pussy continued to go crazy on my cock. I fucked her through the entire orgasm, which was intensely long, as she continued to pant beneath me.

"It's too good" she moaned, still wriggling around, as Danielle got off from over her mouth and laid down with us. She helped me hold Hailey in position, and it wasn't long before Hailey thrashed back into the throws of another orgasm. Her whole body shook again, and I angled myself in deeper and fucked her as fast and as deep as I could. More juices sprayed against me as she could barely scream in pleasure. Her arms went up and reached out for anything, but I continued to pound her with everything I had. With Danielle and I keeping her firmly in place, even as her body nearly spasmed out of control, I finally felt myself building up again. Hailey's pussy just felt too good in this insane state of orgasm, and I fully impaled her unprotected opening on my rod. My mind went blank for a second, and then hot cum started rocketing out, and deep into Hailey's pussy. I bucked against her with the last of my strength, before falling on top of her, cum still pouring out of me and depositing into her deepest depths. The three of us laid there, my cock still buried in Hailey, as small contractions and spurts added to the overflow I had already given her.

For the first time, the three of us slept together, happily and contently, in the same bed for the night.

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