Of Monsters & Men: Mermaid chronicles II

Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me fuck me.

That thought kept running through my head. The airport was my least favorite place on the planet, right after my hometown of Bastion Ohio. The city was exciting but clogged and rheumy in spite of all the people.

You’d think that somewhere along the line people would learn common hospitality towards strangers. These people might as well be in a chute mooing about grass while the slaughterhouse looms up.

Yes, that was an actual thought of mine. Let me make things clearer: I’m Kyle, Kyle McAllen. I just got off the last flight from home to my older brother Ethan’s new home, ready for two weeks of my summer in his apartment. Yippee. Don’t get me wrong, Ethan is a great guy; best older brother on the face of the planet, as well as I can see. He’s this big guy, well six foot but big to me, with plain looks. Standing in a crowd, he almost seems like a backdrop for everyone else around him. And yet there’s something about him that just makes people drop their guard and be themselves. He’s the kind of person who inspires things simply by being Ethan. He talks like a guy who’s lived for a century and thinks like a computer with emotions. And then there’s me, the kid who always gets into trouble. My parents say I got everything compared to him, but I don’t have his empathy, I’ll tell you that much. Okay maybe I do better with girls than he did in high school. Maybe I have better grades. It’s not my fault I have a photographic memory. It isn’t my fault I took after our mother, with auburn hair that seems like it changes colors every time I step into a different shade of sunlight and green eyes that girls seem to enjoy looking at. I’m getting off track. (I don’t have Ethan’s discipline either)

Finally I made my way out of the terminal and onto the escalator, rushing down it with my backpack thumping on my back and my carry on thumping down the metal steps as I pulled it along, and then out into baggage claim. I picked through the crowd until I saw Ethan towering over everyone else. Okay not towering. Am I the only one who thinks of my older brother as being gigantic? I pushed through the crowd of mindless travellers until I found Ethan again. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug, which he hadn’t really done in a long time, since Melissa, at least, but more on that later.

“Kyle! God you really haven’t changed at all.”

“It’s been three months what do you expect me to do grow?”

“Hey calm down its not my fault you turned out to be a midget.” I slugged him hard on the shoulder and started walking toward the doors after that. We talked and laughed and generally reminisced about everything under the sun, though he didn’t mention anything recent, which I found a little strange, but I ignored it. That bitch Melissa probably had him down about something stupid. Finally we got into the car and I woke up an hour and a half later. Okay, woke up is not really the word: I jumped out of my sleep as Ethan opened the car door I was leaning against and let me catch myself- barely.

“Prick! You gonna push me over the railing when we get to the door too?”

“I might, if you fall asleep again. You remember the rules of sleeping in the car.”

“We made those when we were both in the same house, jackass.”

“We never changed them, and we are living in the same house. Two weeks, Kyle. Better be on guard.” Okay, Ethan was being a dick on purpose. I knew that much. He was excited about something and I have very good reflexes… okay, scratch that; he would have caught me if I hadn’t. He’s not a deliberate dick. Grumbling about letting a man sleep in peace, I grabbed my bags out of the backseat of his car and trudged up the steps. He lived on the second floor of a very nice apartment complex, which he really didn’t have to live in. He had a great job that he called pointless but it paid seventy thousand a year and Ethan had been saving the excess for years now. He had paid for our parents’ vacation to England these two weeks on his own as a present for them. He always did things like that.

He was literally giddy as he opened the door and walked inside. I followed him and I didn’t even make it past the threshold of the door. Ethan was embracing the most beautiful woman I had ever seen; okay the most beautiful woman over my age. Her dark, lush hair fell to her ass and her eyes flashed with the different colors of the rainbow. Her figure was perfect, beyond anything I’d thought possible. And then I looked at the two people sitting on the couch. They were my age and my jaw dropped even further for a second as I took them in. The one on the right looked more like the girl Ethan held in his embrace; dark hair, though she had pulled it back into a ponytail, with vividly rainbow flashing eyes and a face that made me just want to stare at her for a long, long time. Her body was thinner than Ethan’s girl, just barely but enough to be noticeable, and her chest was a little larger. Her hips moved so gracefully it hurt as she got up off of the couch and hugged Ethan. Her eyes caught mine and for a second they flashed in a sequence of color I didn’t understand. Then she walked over and shook my hand and I went through the roof. She couldn’t be real. I took a second to look over at her friend, who was equally beautiful. She was a blonde with a body that was similar to the other girls, though she was skinnier than either of the sisters (what else could they be?) and her movements were graceful, just more… forward. Her eyes were a sparkling blue that seemed more silver, like molten mercury. She got up and threw her arms around Ethan, then moved up behind the girl in front of me, waiting. I took the girl’s hand and somehow, in a very calm, small voice, I squeaked.

“Hi, I’m Kyle. Ethan’s younger brother.”

“Hello Kyle. My name is Serena.” Jut then my brain kicked in again and I was able to become myself. Looking into those rainbow colored eyes made me very uncomfortable.

“It’s nice to meet you Serena.” She peered at me. She literally peered at me. She walked in a full circle around me doing absolutely nothing but humming. Finally she walked over to the woman on Ethan’s arm and began to whisper in her ear. Immediately the whispers became an argument that I tried desperately not to hear. At least until Serena shouted

“He’s not going to be my mate!” Everyone looked at her. Stared is a better word. She was very conscious of our eyes. Finally I busted out laughing. Now they all stared at me, though Serena was glaring more than staring. Finally I managed to gasp out a few intelligible words.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Ethan…” The woman on his arm blushed at my laughter. Serena’s friend put a hand over her mouth to hide her laughter. Ethan just stared at all of us, ignoring the laughter. Finally Serena walked up and shoved me.

“What are you laughing at? What?” Finally I stood up and I managed to get some breath back.

“I just think it’s funny… you act like I would actually want such a thing from such a stuck up, superior girl who isn’t anything other than beauty. But please, give me one reason I’m not good enough for you.” She boiled in her clothes. Literally boiled in her clothes. Her face turned red and her eyes were like daggers, her fists balled and ready to use.

“First off, you’re too short. Second, you aren’t nearly attractive enough. Third, you have no real intelligence. Fourth, you are what people call an asshole. And finally, you have no flair!”

“Your first point is just annoying. Your second makes you a bitch. Third is based off of appearance and you can’t back it up, and your fourth is based off of your bitch actions toward me in the first few minutes after we were introduced. Finally, suck it bitch.” She looked surprised. Everyone but Ethan looked surprised. What they’d heard was “sucer salope”, one of my more useful French phrases. I’d become fluent over the past two years, which made for a good amount of ‘flair’. Ethan had never been good with language, but I think he had a pretty good idea of what I’d said.

“What did you say?” Serena stared at me.

“That, my lovely adversary, was French. Oh didn’t I tell you I was fluent in three languages? School gets boring when you’re at the top of the class in your school and attending college lectures. I mean, I’m not a genius, but having an IQ of 157 and a photographic memory is very helpful.” The girls gradually became more and more shocked. Eventually Serena blushed and stared at the ground.

“Well you’re still short. And not attractive. And an asshole.”

“Oh didn’t Ethan tell you? He was shorter than I am when he was my age. I’m considered tall among our youngest cousins and I haven’t hit my major growth yet. It’s normal. And the attractiveness is a measure of opinion, of which you have basically none, and the asshole thing… I think you’ve so far proven that you’re the only asshole here.” Finally I turned away from Serena and I turned to her friend, who was, in my opinion, a better waste of my time. “What’s your name, beautiful?”

“…My name is Veronica.” She looked… satisfied at saying that name. She was obviously lying about her name, but I wasn’t going to complain too much about it. “It’s… nice to meet you, Kyle.”

Serena shot Veronica a glare that I was very proud of. They were both stunning, but Serena was too bitchy for me to deal with. She’d called me stupid. And ugly. Not to mention an asshole. I was done with her. Okay maybe not done, but as much as I wanted to be, I couldn’t get her out of my head. The words she had said weighed my chest like lead filled lungs. Finally the woman on Ethan’s arm walked over and took my hand.

“Kyle, I’m sorry about my younger sister. I’m Clara.”

“My older brother’s fiancé. It’s nice to meet you.” She threw a glance over her shoulder at Ethan and he shrugged. She looked at me with curiosity in her eyes and I chuckled.

“You’re wearing a ring. It has a diamond on it.” She looked at her hand and shook her head.

“Yes yes I am. How did you…”

“I pay attention.”

“Ethan warned me about that. I forgot. You really are as smart as he says.” I’ve got to admit I blushed. Not many people are as smart as Ethan, and that he would compliment me was something. He didn’t seem or act half as smart as he really was.

“Okay everyone, I think that’s enough of introductions. Kyle, I’m sorry but I’ve got to ask you to take the couch, the girls are in the guest room. Is that cool?”

“Can I have your bed?”

“Kyle, you’re still short for a little while. Don’t make me kick your ass in front of the girls over a bed.” We laughed, though I definitely didn’t challenge that. Serena and Veronica walked out of the room toward the guest room, Serena muttering something unintelligible, while I put my bags in the corner and Clara walked toward the master bedroom. Ethan and I crashed on the couch and turned on the TV, though I have no idea what we were watching. We talked about home, who was still there and who was doing well and how the parents were doing, all the standard sibling talk. Of course that became old memories and that became old arguments and that turned into old fights with other people, so eventually it was seven thirty and we were still sitting there not paying attention to the TV. The girls had all migrated in and sat in various places around the room, laughing with us as we told our stories of valor and blood. Finally I felt my legs start to twitch and got up, stretching long and hard as I did.

“Hey Ethan, I’m going to go for a walk out back, that cool?” he nodded and threw me some random ‘go ahead’ phrase as he and Clara talked about something in hushed whispers.

“May we come?” Veronica stood up and smiled, and I swear the room lit up. Serena stood, staring at the ground and glancing at me only occasionally. I sighed and waved for them to come along. I smiled at Veronica and held the door for them both as they walked out, though it was hard not to slam it on Serena’s ass as she left. We walked through the parking lot and back into the woods as the sun reached the horizon, just touching the hills beyond the city. The forest was pretty big I guess, not a forest but just a large park area, like a national park or something. We walked down the trails for a long time, not really talking at all. I walked behind the girls who talked in hushed whispers with thrown glances at me over their shoulders. Finally I’d had enough. I stopped on a nice cool spot near a river and sat down on the grass beside the path, letting them walk ahead. After a minute or so Veronica noticed I wasn’t following anymore and dragged Serena back.

“You don’t want to walk with us anymore?” she actually looked sad. Maybe this girl was worth the time.

“I just thought I’d give you two some privacy instead of making you whisper about whatever it is.” Serena blushed and Veronica avoided my eyes. I grinned and skipped a stone across the river. “After all, it’s not like I wanted to walk that much anyway. Just sitting here and waiting is fine.”

“Kyle, I’m sorry we didn’t say anything to you.” I looked up at Veronica. She really was beautiful, and she seemed sincere. I found myself liking her more and more.

“Well if you want to talk or sit or whatever, I’m fine, but don’t let me tear you away from Serena’s hip.” Okay it was low but Serena was pissing me off a little.

“What do you mean? We are not touching hips.” They both looked at me like I was crazy. First mating and now this?

“It’s a turn on a phrase, just forget I said anything. Look, I’m probably not smart enough or pretty enough for either of you anyway, so you walk ahead; I’ll head back to the apartment, all right? I’ll see you later.” I got up and walked back down the trail. I took some different turns to make it more interesting, but I kept heading in the general direction of the house. After ten minutes or so Veronica came jogging up the trail behind me.

“Kyle! Kyle wait, I’m sorry!” I stopped and let her catch up. To my surprise she didn’t seem winded at all. In fact, now that I was paying attention, she smelled perfectly fine, like flowers and fresh wind on a summer’s day. It was heavenly, that smell on a woman. I smiled at her and we kept walking.

“Where’s Serena?”

“She didn’t want to walk… with you. She thinks she pissed you off and now she’s sulking.”

“Ahh. Well it’s not like she insulted me five times in less than a minute… oh wait, she did.”

“She was wrong, but Serena has had trouble with being stuck up in the past. Trust me, if you knew what it’s like being her, where we come from… you’d understand.”

“Enough about Serena. What about you?” Veronica just looked at me blankly.


“Yeah, you. It seems like you always get introduced second; you’re too used to Serena being the important one out of the two of you. Just because a girl is pretty doesn’t mean she’s worth the trouble. So tell me about you.”

“I don’t think that that’s a good idea. Really, there’s nothing to tell.”

“What do you like?”

“Freedom… that’s what I like. But I like being warm, and having friends… Serena is my best friend.” she almost looked sad for a minute. I watched her glance back into the forest and sighed.

“Go back to her. I’ll see you two back at the apartment, but you should check on her.” Veronica smiled at me and pecked me on the cheek. I swear she blushed as she ran off. It took me about ten minutes to get back to Ethan’s apartment. When I did I changed into my nightclothes, a pair of basketball shorts, under armor underwear (since I was in a house with three gorgeous women) and a white t-shirt. I had intended to watch television for a while, but I guess I fell asleep; I woke up at around one in the morning with the urge to use the bathroom and I stumbled off the couch to do so. The light was on, but I guess in my state of half sleep I didn’t care enough to knock. I walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks. I rubbed my eyes. I pinched myself. There in the bathtub was Serena, completely naked. Her naked chest wasn’t what startled me though. What scared the living hell out of me was the tail. It began at her hips and encompassed her legs: a beautiful, rainbow scaled fish tail with a wide flipper on the end. Serena stared at me; I stared at Serena. Finally I turned around and walked out of the bathroom, out the front door, and into the park again. There was enough light from the city to see where I was going, so I just kept walking. And walking, and walking and walking and walking. Finally I found a pond and sat down on the bank. It was shock I guess, though I felt ridiculous. I knew it had to be true; the talk of mating, the stuck up attitude, Veronica’s lying about her name… it just made sense in my mind, but I didn’t want it to. I wanted the world back where it was supposed to be, conformed to what every other human being on the planet believed. Finally I just started to laugh. I didn’t stop laughing for a long time. I didn’t stop laughing until I heard splashing form the pool and looked out to see Serena looking at me from the far edge of the pond. I looked at the pool and jumped a little; the water had become clean where it had once been a murky stagnant pool. The water even glowed with light that shouldn’t have been there. Apparently mermaids could do magic too… God, my world was falling apart. I stood and stepped into the water’s edge, feeling the warm sand of the bottom push up between my toes. Serena slowly swam over to me, though she didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry I walked in on you. I didn’t mean to, I was half asleep.” She looked at the water for a long before dropping a long sigh.

“I… I forgive you. And I apologize for what I said when we first met.”

“Why did you say all that? I mean I had just met you; I get that there’s something I’m missing… okay a lot that I’m missing… but why would you tell anyone those things? Are we really such low beings in your world?”

“No! Humans are frightening most times because you may try to kill and stuff my kind, or any other sort of creature of the Realm. But Ethan told us you were kind and smart… he made you sound too good to be true. And my older sister is trying to get me to take a human to mate, which I…”

“You don’t want a human?”

“It’s not that, I do, really, but… I don’t know why I said all those things. I just said them, and then you made me seem like such an awful person And you were so kind to Veronica.”

“That’s because she didn’t insult me five times.” Serena looked at me with a pained expression and saw my grin.

“Why are you smiling? Why were you laughing earlier?”

“Because as much as I want this all to be a dream, I know it isn’t just a dream. I know that it’s real and I suppose I’ve already accepted it as truth, but I just want the world to go back to the way it was. Only now the old way seems ridiculous. It’s all so backward, just because I didn’t knock on the bathroom door in the middle of the night. It seems a bit ridiculous doesn’t it? That the entire world should change because of a mistake like that…” Serena actually smiled at me.

“Yes, I suppose a human would find that funny… it does seem a bit strange.” Finally she laughed. “Okay, it’s funny.”

“And I was smiling at you because as much as I want to be mad at you for insulting me five times in a few of the worst ways humanly possible, I can’t stop thinking of you. Of how beautiful you are. It’s strange. I’ve never felt hat way toward anyone. I’ve never wanted to make any girl smile as much as I want to make you and Veronica smile.” The Veronica part slipped out by mistake, but to my surprise Serena just smiled shyly at me.

“You know, humans are a strange creature in the Realm. A few of you are so kind and romantic toward us because you find us beautiful and unforgettable, and then there are those few who frighten us. It is the ultimate achievement for a mermaid to have what humans call a husband.”

“But I don’t meet your standards?” She stared at me for a little bit after that. Finally she swam to the edge. I watched as the tail slowly faded, changing from a rainbow scaled single limb to two legs, tightly pressed together, draped in a thin cornhusk like fabric. And then she stood up and the tail was gone, replaced by a human set of hips, legs and feet. She tried to take a step toward me and stumbled, falling forward. I caught her gently and pulled her up, off of her trembling legs. She shuddered and I hugged her close. Finally she sighed and pushed lightly against my chest, separating us just enough to look up at me.

“Kyle, you said you hadn’t been able to get me out of your head… right?” I nodded. “I have the same problem with you. I can’t get you out of my mind, and it is a little bit frustrating… but I’m finding that I don’t mind so much anymore.” She smiled, slightly, but it was enough. I leaned down and kissed her, gently pulling her close. After a few moments of stiffness and a sharp breath, she returned my kiss. Her arms slid up and draped themselves around my neck. Her body pressed itself to mine and we stood there, kissing gently. Finally I pulled back and looked into her eyes, almost becoming as entranced as she told me humans did with her kind.

“So I guess I’m not that ugly.” She smiled at me and laughed.

“No… No I guess you aren’t, for a human.” She laughed at the face I pulled.

“For a human? What, are mermen the most beautiful men on the face of the earth?”

“Kyle, there are no mermen. Only mermaids.”

“But then how are there mermaids born? How do you have a sister?”

“Because the Spirit of the Waters bears us from the seabed every fifty years. Mermaids only live so long, and there are only so many of us.”

“How long do you live?”

“Longer than humans… but time runs differently where we live. Kyle…”


“Will… will you make love to me? I want to be yours. I’ve always wanted to love like a human, but I’m afraid… I was afraid. I don’t think I am as long as you’re mine. And I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” Her eyes turned a brilliant pink and then to the deepest shade of red, finally to purple and green. I could guess what the pink and the red meant.

“Serena” For a moment I debated it. I wanted to more than I had ever wanted any other woman in my entire life… but there was Veronica to consider. I really liked her. But here was Serena, offering to be, essentially, my wife. I couldn’t turn her down. I finally understood why I couldn’t get her out of my head. I leaned down and kissed her again. This time there was no delay; her lips met mine with a gentle passion. Her fingers ran through my hair and her arms held me close to her. I slid my hands up and down her back, lightly stroking her wet, glistening tanned skin. Our kiss gradually stoked a burning desire in my chest, pushing me to kiss her harder, to hold her tighter. Our breath became rapid, uncertain gasps as we gripped one another. Her hands slid from my hair to my back and yanked the wet shirt up, trying to pull off. Finally I pulled back, yanking the shirt off and throwing it onto the shore before our lips were drawn back together, this time burning for one another. I could feel her nails as they dug into the back of my neck, keeping me close as her other explored my back, dragging nails leaving a trail of desperate need and goose bumps on my back. My hands slid from her back to her hips to her thighs and pulled her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around my waist as I walked out of the pond and onto the shore, laying her down on the discarded t shirt and relishing the feeling of her breasts against my chest. Our lips never once stopped dancing. Finally I dragged my face away from hers and found her breasts, kissing each one lightly before sliding down further and kissing the skin of her groin.

“Kyle, what are you…” Whatever she had been about to ask was cut off as my tongue pressed gently against her clitoris, causing her hips to buck and her voice to become a strange squeak/moan hybrid sound that made me chuckle. Her hips bucked more as I laughed at the sound she made, forcing me to remember that my tongue was pressed against the most sensitive portion of her body. I sucked on it once and slipped further down, kissing and pressing against her labia as she squirmed under my attention. Finally I slipped my tongue inside of her and brought a sharp cry from her lips. I looked up and found her staring down at me with ragged breath and wild, desperate eyes as I pushed a finger into her dripping wet sex. As my finger entered her she groaned and fell back onto her back, one hand continuing to massage my scalp while her other found her breasts and began to massage one. My tongue found her clit again and my finger became two, slipping in and out of her tight slit faster and faster. Finally she bucked upwards once and her squeals became a long, animalistic groan as she shook under my fingers. Her hips slowly fell to the ground and stayed there as she got her breath back. I lifted my chest and slid up her body, placing kisses lightly wherever I felt like and finally found her lips again, gently kissing her and pressing my tongue against her bottom lip for just a second. When I pulled back her eyes stopped flashing and held on a mixture of the deep red and pink I had seen earlier, now mixed to make a light scarlet color. She bit her bottom lip ever so slightly and wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing us over until I was on my back in the grass with Serena’s beauty above me, straddling me. I could feel her sex directly over my now fully hardened shaft. It was almost embarrassing to have her sitting on my dick, at least until I noticed that she was moving her hips back and forth on my shaft as she kissed her way down my chest. Finally she pulled my shorts and underwear slowly, slowly down. Her kisses as she moved down made my breath come faster and faster until she finally began to pull my underwear over my organ. Both her hands pulled on either side of my shorts as she pulled, her eyes growing wider and wider until she finally let my cock flop up and slap against my stomach. She bit her lip again and it jumped as I watched her. She pulled my shorts off of my legs completely and threw them over by the shirt, wrapping her fingers around my shaft. Finally she rose up on her knees and placed the head just under her entrance, rubbing me around her entrance and moaning as she did it. Finally, brushing the head against her clitoris, she moved it to her opening and lowered herself, taking the head inside and sliding down with that same agonizingly slow movement. Her eyes changed from any pink at all to pure, blood red as I filled her. Finally her hips met mine and I gasped. I had expected her to be a virgin, but we had met no resistance or pain inside of her. I had been inside of other girls before, fuck buddies who had never really enjoyed dating before fucking, and none of them had been like Serena. Her body was tighter and wetter than any girl I’d had sex with, not to mention burning hot. I placed my hands on her hips, resting them there without asking her to move at all. She leaned down and kissed me hard, moaning into my mouth as she lifted my hands and firmly placing them above my head, causing me to twitch inside of her. Finally she pulled back and pulled her hair out of her face, lifting herself up on my shaft and falling back down, barely pulling off, but gaining height as she moved faster. Finally she pulled up until just the head was inside and fell back down, only to do it again. Her moans became gasps and her hands slipped down between her legs, massaging her clit and moving faster. I began thrusting up to meet her and she moaned long and hard as I pushed up inside of her. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I came, unloading my seed into her as she fell fully onto my cock. She gasped as she felt my cock shoot up into her and stopped moving as it twitched inside of her. She shuddered as I finished and gasped, lifting herself off of me and lying down with her head on my chest. We lay there for a little while, with my arms around Serena and her hands rubbing my chest lightly. Finally she rose and looked into my eyes with her rose colored irises.

“That was amazing…” I smiled up at her.

“It can be even better, if we try.” Her eyebrows went up.

“Really? It can be even better than that? I don’t know, maybe if you lasted a little longer…” I feigned shock but I knew it was true. She would’ve had a better time if I’d just lasted a little longer.

“Do you want me to prove it, my love?” She grinned at first and then suddenly she gasped and her eyes turned white. “What? What did I say?”

“You called me…”

“My love? Does that not work? I’m sorry I just thought…” She threw herself on me, kissing me with one long, passionate kiss. Her nails danced in my scalp again as she held me. I could feel tears fall down her face as she kissed me. With her sitting across my lap and her body once again straddling me, I found myself hard quickly. She rose, keeping our lips locked together somehow, and pressed my shaft inside of her sex before she sank down, taking me completely inside of her in one stroke. The salt of her tears found our lips and finally I stopped her.

“Serena what’s wrong? What did I do?”

“You said… you said my love… you… you love me?”

“I think so, though I know girls don’t like to hear that when I guy is balls-deep inside of them. I’m sorry, it was just a pet name…”
“Kyle!” I stopped talking and looked at her smiling face. Behind her I swear I heard the water singing, if that makes any sense. “I love you too. I knew the first time I saw you. That’s why I insulted you, I think… I was afraid, at first, that I could fall in love with a human… but I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” She kissed me again, with burning passion and desire plain in the way she held me. Neither of us had forgotten that I was filling her; I could feel her squeezing me occasionally as we kissed. Finally I rolled us back over onto her back and pulled back as I pulled out of her. She mewed in disappointment and gasped as I pressed the head of my organ against her clit before pushing downward and slipping back inside of her heavenly sex. She groaned as I pushed as deep as I could, pressing the head of my cock against her cervix. I sped up as fast as I dared, needing to last just long enough for her to cum with me. Her fingers reached down and found her clitoris as she bit her lip. I leaned down and pressed my lips to the hollow of her neck, forcing her to arch her back and shake in another miniature orgasm. My lips slid to her breasts and teased them, biting and sucking on each for a little while, enjoying the sounds she made as I made love to her. Finally I couldn’t stop myself any more. I sped up, trying desperately to bring Serena with me as I reached my high. As I started so did she, crying out loudly as her fingers pressed hard on her clit and I pushed one final time against her groin, pressing the head of my cock against her cervix; heat shot up my shaft and laced my entire being with veins of fire while Serena’s hips and back lifted up off of the grass. Her body trembled and from somewhere in her chest came a long cry of absolute bliss while I pumped her full for the second time in an hour. Finally I pulled my cock out of her body and watched as she bucked her hips once, twice, three times before coming down off of her orgasm. When she came down she looked at me with a lazy smile and pulled my lips to hers for one last kiss.

“You were right, it can be better.”

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