Teresa's Tail

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Synopsis: Young HS Teacher toys with a young student to his breaking point. She pays dearly for her teasing.
Predator & Prey Series - Teresa's Tail
by Aquaplod
Teresa Pearson permitted herself this one diversion. It wasn't a very nice one but she had convinced herself that no-one was being hurt, and more importantly, that nobody would find out about it.
" Thanks for your help Rob, you're a dear," she called back to Rob as they walked towards the supply closet .
Carrying a ladder, Rob's attention was fixed on the rhythmic rise and fall of the young teacher's magnificent ass cheeks under her thin white dress.
"I don't know how I would be able to get these supplies down without your help,”
She went on, "That ladder is way too heavy for me."
Inside the closet Rob braced the ladder while she started to climb up, acting as if she wasn't aware of Rob's eyes running up and down her legs.
"That's right take a good look, you horny little fuck," she thought to herself .
"Let's get that cock of yours nice and hard.”
She had a great little body for a woman in her thirties and she was very proud of her large but perky tits. She never missed an opportunity to surreptitiously brush them against a young student or push them into an unsuspecting male face.
At the top of the ladder she leaned towards the shelving to grab a box of rubber bands. From below, Rob was rewarded with an unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pussy. She spread her legs as wide as the ladder rungs permitted to make sure he got a full, clear beaver shot.
"Gee I can't seem to find that box,” She called out from above,
" just give me another minute or two Rob."
She loved doing this. Teasing high school boys was payback. They had all but destroyed her when she was a teenager. Boys that didn't ignore her rather plain looks completely; usually tossed her aside as soon as she put out for them. She had put out for many of them. The strong desires awakened in her often left her horny as hell with no way to relieve herself except by blurring her hand rubbing her pussy or fucking anyone like a slut. Frequently she was just dying for cock and she would have to practically beg one of the boys to fuck her. When they did it was often an ugly girl “pity” fuck or some sadistic gang bang “joke” fuck. Still, she couldn't walk away from them. She felt she had no control over her body's cravings or what she could allow others to do to her. She found herself in a constant state of heat and humiliation. Well, Teresa didn't take shit from little high school assholes these days. Teresa was the one dishing it out.
In addition to making her required English course exceedingly difficult; she always picked out one boy a semester to keep in a state of constant sexual frustration. She found it arousing knowing a handsome young boy was whacking himself raw every day while thinking about her. Rob was her current plaything and he was providing her with a lot of fun. She could raise his cock in a heartbeat. She drenched her bed many an evening while picturing him stroking himself on a toilet seat. Judging by how often he asked her for bathroom passes; she calculated she had him shooting in his hand at least four times a day.
“Hold on tight now, I'm coming down.”
When she descended and passed the box to Rob she brushed her leg casually against his erect cock.
"Glad to see me big boy or is that a ruler in your pocket?" She chuckled to herself.
"Thanks Rob, here's the bathroom pass so you can clean yourself up."
She tried not to laugh while watching him attempt to hide the growth in his pants. He fumbled through the door and then ran down to the boy's room no doubt to jerk off.
So it went like clockwork every Tuesday for weeks . Rob had no idea of why she was doing this to him but he thought looking at teacher pussy on a regular basis was not going to be a problem. He was wrong. He was pulling his dick so much it was starting to sting from rubbing sores. He had also taken more than one unwilling cheerleader behind the football field and; making believe it was Miss Pearson, pounded them senseless with his cock. He was growing obsessed with imagining his cock in Miss Pearson's shaved pussy. Finally one day he decided to actually put it in there.
"Oh Rob”, she sang out, "It's Tuesday, is my little helper ready?
"Let's get the ladder."
As they entered the supply closet this time Teresa didn't notice Rob locking the door behind them. Climbing up the ladder she knew Rob could hardly keep his eyes off her legs while waiting to see her pretty little slit. Today she stayed at the top of the ladder a bit longer than usual and spun her naked ass around without mercy for the benefit of the poor boy below.
When she started her decent Rob lunged at her, grabbed her right ankle and quickly taped it to the side of the ladder with duct tape. Before she understood what was happening he had her other ankle taped to the other side. She was forced to hold onto the top of the ladder to keep her balance.
"Rob? What the ,"
She felt a burst of cold air on her ass as her dress was lifted up and pushed over her head. Already a little wet from her teasing game the initial sensation of Rob's tongue on her pussy was enough to send an intense shudder through her frame.
Rob, don't!" She cried.
At first she wiggled her bottom around to avoid his tongue but soon her gyrations signaled her approval of his squirming tongue in her snatch.
There was no hiding her excitement from the boy. She was a squirter and she was already soaking. It would only be a matter of seconds before she would drench his face and her legs with gushes from a juicy orgasm. Legs all but immobile she squatted at her knees to bounce her twat up and down on his tongue.
"Gimme that pussy Miss Pearson!
"Come on cunt, bounce on my tongue!"
"Holy shit, Holy shit," she cried, grinding her slit deeper into Rob's face.
He lapped at her without restraint. Unexpectedly the sounds of Rob slurping up her heavy discharges signaled her first orgasm; followed by another, followed by another.
By the time he climbed up the ladder to her step and positioned himself to enter her from behind she was delirious with lust. One deft snap of a bra hook and Rob had those perky breasts she loved so much released and firmly in his grip.
"Tell me you want me to fuck it Miss Pearson"
He placed his cock below her pussy, the length running back and forth over her pussy lips. She was dripping all over him now. She reached back to guide his cock home but he didn't move.
"I can't hear you, you soaking little pig."
"Oooooooooooohhhhh yyyyeeessss, Fuck it Rob, fuck it, fuck my pussy Rob, I want you to fuck my pussy Rob!" She was absolutely sincere in her request.
He bent his knees; put his knob under her pussy opening and ever so slowly entered her to his full length. The unbelievable warmth of his cock sliding into her drove her to push his hands away, grab her own tits and squeeze her nipples between her thumb and forefingers until they ached. She completed an orgasm and squirted again before he even had a chance to begin his pounding strokes.
Not a man of great finesse, at eighteen Rob's lovemaking repertoire consisted mainly of hammering a pussy raw. Teresa had never experienced such a rapid and prolonged assault on her cunt. She thought he would never stop. She wiggled and gushed and gasped for air. The ladder swayed and creaked under her abandon. She lost count of the times she came before he snapped her head back by her hair, thrust his hips deep into her crotch and spewed a huge glob of sperm into her box.
As far as Teresa's cunt was concerned it was high school all over again. She felt like the little slut who let the football team use her like a piece of equipment; and she loved it. Her body loved it and she couldn't think past her throbbing cunt right now if her life depended upon it.
"Tease me now bitch; come on bitch,
"tease your little helper now". He toyed with her.
Rob held her up by her hair. Already, he was getting hard again; then he heard her whisper.
“Fuck me up the ass Rob, put your cock in my ass.”
Teresa now recognized in her cries the familiar voice of the sixteen year old girl she once was; lying on her stomach spreading her cheeks, begging the boys standing above her to gang bang her.
“Fuck me up the ass guys, please fuck me up my ass. Plllleeeeaaaseeee.”
The Following Semester:
Teresa Pearson permitted herself this one diversion. It wasn't a very nice one but she had convinced herself that no-one was being hurt, and more importantly, that nobody would find out about it.
When Rob opened the supply closet she was already in her required position. He walked around her naked form and methodically duct taped her wrists to her ankles. Then, he stroked the edge of his hand back and forth through her cunt lips until she was dripping like a leaky faucet. She began to moan deeply as her ass swayed back and forth.
Rob stepped back to admire his work and commanded, "Sing it cunt , or I leave you here to drown in your own cunt juices. Sing it!”
“Oh Rob,” she sang, “it's Tuesday, is my little helper ready?” Teresa's warble was an anguished plea.
Rob stood behind her grabbed her waist and inched his way up her asshole. Teresa had not felt so humbled by a boy since her high school days, nor was she; as she admitted to herself with cock deep in her asshole, ever so satisfied. From a different vantage point Rob would have seen a look of sheer contentment pass over her face.

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