Our mean aunt Stacy part III

I never got to sleep that night. I was in too much pain. When Billy awoke I limped into the kitchen to make him a bowl of cereal, as I did every morning. I didn’t feel like eating. The only thing I wanted was to get out of there. I leaned over to Billy and whispered into his ear, “we’re running away.” Billy turned and whispered into my ear, “We can’t Bobby. Aunt Stacy put locks on the door and windows last night.” I looked to the door and recognized the shiny brass lock affixed to the door. I went to the window and found that it too had a lock attached to it. That bitch knew I’d try to get out. She anticipated every move we tried to make. We were prisoners, and this was Hell. I tried to imagine what we could have done to our mom that inspired her to leave us here. She had to have known that her sister would torture us like this. I collapsed to the floor and began crying once more.

Later that morning Stacy emerged from her room with a cheerful smile. “Good morning boys” She chimed. “Oops, I almost forgot…” She went back in her bedroom and returned with the bright blue strap-on penis in hand. I cringed at the sight of it. The devastation it inflicted on me the night before was still fresh in my mind. It was stained with my dry blood. Stacy proceeded into the kitchen, humming as she went. She turned on the water in the sink and I heard the rubber dick thump as she tossed it into the sink to wash it. A moment later she carried the now clean torture device into the bedroom and came back into the living room empty handed. She stood looking at us for a moment and then tugged at the belt on her robe as the sides fell open exposing her naked body. The then shucked the terrycloth garment to the floor. Billy and I knew the procedure well. If Aunt Stacy gets naked, we have to look at her and masturbate. We both got to our feet and pulled our shorts down and began stroking our penises for our aunt’s amusement. “Hey Bobby,” Stacy said smiling, I bet you’ve got quite a load built up after last night.” I hated aunt Stacy. She raped me last night and now she’s making jokes about it. We’re in Hell and aunt Stacy is the devil. Stacy walked by us and grabbed my eight-year-old brother by the ear as she passed by. She plopped down on the couch and shoved Billy’s face into her crotch. “Mmmmm I’m so horny after last night” She said as she stretched and leaned back on the couch. After a week of having to do this, Billy knew his duty. He slipped his tongue between Stacy’s pussy lips and lapped at her like a thirsty dog. “Come here Bobby.” She ordered as she beamed blissfully. I reluctantly limped over to her. She took hold of my little twelve-year-old cock and began stroking it. “We’re gunna do something a little different this morning.” Stacy ordered me to stand on the couch over her as she continued to jerk me off. “I’m ready for breakfast and you make pretty good jam.” Stacy stroked my cock until she felt it begin to convulse in her hand. Then she opened her mouth just as I blew my load. She caught ever bit of it on her tongue and even went so far as to lick the rest from the tip of my dick Stacy shoved me off the couch and I landed on my tender ass. She acted like she was savoring my cum, swishing it around in her mouth before finally swallowing it. Then she clamped her thighs around Billy’s head and began to quiver as she came all over his face. She then kicked my brother to the floor and sat sank into the couch with a deep sigh. “There may be some hope for you boys yet.” She said giggling.

Three weeks later my ass had healed up. Stacy kept up a solid regimen of forced masturbation and eating her pussy. Occasionally she would make us sit on either side of her and suck on her D-cup tits while she watched TV. Should we ever fail to satisfy her or make any mistake at all, she wouldn’t hesitate to slap the shit out of us. I couldn’t complain too much though; at least she hadn’t fucked my ass again with her strap on. Though I was still determined to make her pay for that. One day she called us into the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed, naked. As soon as we saw her we both dropped our shorts preparing to perform our ritualistic masturbation display for her. “No”, she said in an unusually sweet tone. “Go ahead and leave your shorts off, but I’m not gunna have you jack off just yet. Come to your aunt Stacy”. She opened her arms and hugged both of us at the same time. Her kind gesture was lost on me. I loathed Stacy for all the horrible things she’d done to us. At one time I found her alluring, even sexy…despite her less than average looks. But no longer. I had nothing but distain for her.

“Today, I’m gunna teach you boys how to fuck a woman…but not with those ridiculous little cocks of yours. You couldn’t satisfy anything with those tiny nubs.” She said condescendingly. “Nope, you’re gunna use this” Stacy reached into the nightstand droor and revealed the red plastic penis I had seen a few weeks ago. The one she didn’t use on me. Or at least she hadn’t before I passed out. Still, the sight of it made my asshole pucker tightly. She handed the larger rubber dick to Billy as she spread her legs and used two fingers to part the saggy loose flaps of flesh from her pussy hole. “Now Billy, I want you to stick that dildo into your aunt Stacy,” she said calmly. Billy’s prick was standing to full attention as he advanced toward her moist orifice. He placed the tip of the plastic rod to her hole and looked to Stacy for approval. Stacy nodded her head and instructed Billy to slide it into her slowly. Billy gripped his tiny fingers around the dildo and pushed it into his aunt Stacy’s gaping pussy. Stacy moaned under her breath as the artificial cock progressed into her. Stacy grabbed Billy’s wrist and urged him to push it deeper inside her until the prosthetic balls were leaving indentions in her ass cheeks. Still holding Billy’s wrist, she guided him to pump the rubber dick in and out of her in a rhythmic motion. She finally released his hand and let him manipulate the dildo freely. Stacy leaned back on her hands and watched blissfully as her eight-year-old nephew fucked her with the plastic cock.

“Mmmmm good boy” She uttered heavily. Now let your brother try it. Billy removed the dildo from Stacy’s pussy and turned to me placing the prosthesis in my hand. I examined it for a brief moment. It was red, with veins molded into it and a protruding shaft ran the length of one side, ending just beneath the bulbous helmet-shaped tip. It easily dwarfed my own real penis and doubled that difference when compared to my brother. The whole thing glistened with aunt Stacy’s juices. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was anything like the one aunt Stacy forced into my ass weeks ago. No wonder it hurt so much. I obverted my gaze from it to Stacy’s eyes. She nodded to me approvingly and instructed me to slide it into her. I was overwhelmed with the urge to ram it into her forcefully. To try to hurt her, the way she did me. I even looked at her asshole thinking I might be able to shove it into her ass. I must have been contemplating that thought too long because I didn’t notice when Stacy leaned forward. She reached down and grabbed my balls, crushing them in a vice-like grip. My knees buckled as I dropped the dildo to the floor. Stacy leaned in close to me and said, “I know what you’re thinking you little shit. And if you even try it, I’m gunna tie you up and force you to watch me fuck your little brother’s ass just like I fucked yours. And I haven’t conditioned him for that yet. Nor will I. So you can pick that dick up off the floor and play nice…or else.” There’s no way I wanted Stacy to do that to Billy. There’s no way he could take it. I’m amazed that I even survived that ordeal. She would rip little Billy’s ass apart. I nodded in agreement and Stacy slowly released my balls. I retrieved the dildo and took my position between her legs. Stacy laid back on the bed and I gently submerged the rubber penis into her waiting pussy. I quickly found my rhythm as I pumped the dildo into Stacy. Her cunt made a squishing sound as I protruded into her and a sucking sound as I pulled it back. Stacy beckoned Billy onto the bed and instructed him to suck her nipples while I toy-fuck her.

My cock quickly became more rigid as I watched my little hand pushing and pulling this plastic dick in and out of my aunt. I began pretending it was my own cock that I was fucking her with. I even went so far as to hold it right in front of my crotch and used my hips to push it into her. Stacy must have detected what I was doing because she pulled Billy’s mouth away from her breast. Her nipple released from his oral grip with an audible pop. Stacy sat up and looked at me. I was frozen in place as she glared at me. “You dirty little bastard.” She said, “You’re pretending that you’re fucking your aunt.” Stacy reached back and backhanded me to the floor. She stood over me panting heavily with anger. “You could only dream of having a dick that size that you could fuck me with.” Stacy lunged to the nightstand and pulled out a set of handcuffs. My mind instantly flashed back to that night a few weeks ago when she chained me to the bed and fucked my ass with a strap-on dildo. “Oh god aunt Stacy, no! Please not again!” I begged. Stacy jerked me up off the floor and threw me into a chair and handcuffed my arms behind it. She then grabbed my erect cock and looked me in the eye. “You were gunna be the first to fuck me, but your little pervert ass just blew it!” She screamed. She turned to Billy and approached him stroking his cheek with the back of her hand. She wiped away his fear-spawned tears and spoke to him assuringly. “Billy, you’re a good little boy…not at all like your brother. I’m going to reward you.” Stacy turned to me and scowled. She gently took hold of Billy’s penis and massaged it back into a full erection as she sat on the bed next to him. Still holding his little cock, she leaned back and coaxed him to climb on top of her. She guided his dick to her open slit and rubbed the tip of it up and down the length before wrapping her legs around his ass and pulling him closer. Stacy held Billy’s cock between her thumb and forefinger and slipped it easily into her as she urged his hips into hers. Billy let out a euphoric moan as he entered his aunt’s wet pussy. “That’s a good boy Billy,” Stacy praised. “Now use your dick on your aunt Stacy just like you did with the dildo.” Billy pumped his cock into Stacy over and over again, occasionally letting happy sounds slip past his lips. Stacy turned her head and glared at me. “Bobby, do you see what good little boys get to do? Look at your brother. He’s having fun, he feels good, and he got to fuck a woman before you did. Bad little boys get fucked in the ass. Good little boys get to do the fucking.” She turned to Billy and stroked his cheek. “Do you like fucking your aunt, Billy?” Without breaking stride, Billy moaned acknowledgeably. “Are you gunna orgasm for your aunt Stacy?” She asks. Billy smiled and responded with a simple, “Mmhmm”. Billy began trusting his little penis into her faster and harder, deeper and more vigorously. Moments later he whaled out in blissful pleasure as his body began to tremble. Stacy wrapped her arms around Billy and cradled him gently while praising him.
Billy climbed off of Stacy, his little prick dripping with Stacy’s Juices. Stacy acknowledged this by leaning forward and slurping Billy’s cock into her mouth, sucking it clean. Billy squealed with delight as Stacy sucked her preteen nephew’s cock. Stacy got up off the bed and walked over to me, standing over me. “Did it turn you on to watch your little brother fuck me?” She inquired of me. Defeated, I nodded my head in agreement before letting it hang low. Stacy stooped down to me and took hold of my cock and began stroking it. “Maybe I’ve been to hard on you”, she said softly. Stacy pumped my dick for a minute before taking it into her mouth. The warm dampness of her mouth felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before. She sucked on my dick, stroking it with her lips until I shot my boy juices in her mouth. Stacy uncuffed my hands and tucked her fingertips under my chin and pulling me to look at her. “Be a good boy and I’ll be nice to you.” She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips…and spit my expended wad back into my mouth. “Swallow your cum you little fuck!” Begrudgingly I gulped and felt my own warm load slide down my throat. “Keep being a bad boy and I will fuck you over more ways than you can imagine!” Stacy grabbed my hair and jerked me to the floor. “I think your brother blew a prepubescent load into me, and you’re gunna suck it out!” I hate my aunt Stacy.

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