Taken Again_(1)

Shay was devastated after that night. She wasn’t the same person, she went through a total transformation. She quit going out with her friends, didn’t date, gave away all her sexy, eye-catching outfits, she only wore black now, and quit doing anything to draw attention to herself. Her friends tried to help her, but she kept pushing them away until now she was all alone. Her roommate had moved out about week ago because she couldn’t deal with Shay’s attitude anymore and since Shay wouldn’t tell her what had happened then she must not want any help from anybody. Since then Shay hardly ever left the apartment. Every time she set foot outside, she had this feeling she was being followed and every now and again she would catch a glimpse of ‘Him’. Oh ‘He’ was good, never making ‘His’ presence known until she was completely alone--walking down a shopping aisle, climbing the stairs back to her apartment--’He’ was turning up everywhere.
Shay put out an ad for a female roommate immediately and pretty soon she was interviewing prospective roommates. However there was a problem, whenever she was showing one of the girls around there ‘He’ was! ‘He’ would approach, introduce himself to the girl, charm her, and then say he would hope to see her around. Afterwards she would turn to Shay and practically swoon, saying how ‘He’ was such a gentleman and so handsome. Shay got so pissed after that, that she actually smacked one girl across the face. She screamed, running away, calling Shay a crazy bitch and few other names. Shay wearily climbed the stairs back to her apartment and was at the door getting ready to go in when all of a sudden she was slammed up against the door, totally stunned, pain reeling through her skull, her lungs gasping for air as she was crushed between the door and the heavy body behind her. ‘His’ heavy, husky voice was right in her ear whispering, “You stupid bitch! Don’t think you’ll be safe just because you’re getting a roommate.” Shay trembled with fear, unable to scream, completely paralyzed. “We’ll be getting together real soon, Shay,” he growled, then licked the rim of her ear and pressed his groin against her ass until she could feel the complete outline of ‘His’ stiff cock. In an instant he was gone and Shay hurried into her apartment, leaning back against the door, her chest heaving and tears streaming down her cheeks. She was terrified of him and her mind replayed that night vividly in her mind. On some dark level of her wildest imagination, there was a part of her that enjoyed that raw animal sex, being forced into it, being dominated by ‘Him’, and some self-satisfaction that ‘He’ wanted her again.
The next day she immediately changed the ad from a female roommate to a male one. There’s no way ‘He’ll come around with another guy here, Shay thought to herself. There weren’t many responses to her ad. Shay began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to find a roommate. As the weeks went she became more panicky; afraid that at any second ‘He’ would come stealing into her room and brutalize her again…and again. She didn’t know which was worse, being afraid of ‘Him’ or the fact that on some depraved, twisted level of her mind she actually wanted it. Finally she had a response, his name was Jeff, but she wasn’t prepared to like him on their first meeting. He showed up promptly for the interview and they chatted awhile then she offered to show him around the building. They were down in the basement where the laundry facility was when ‘He’ showed up. Shay couldn’t help the small smile that touched her lips as she noticed ‘His’ disappointment to see a guy with her. ‘He’ quickly covered it with a smirk and sauntered over. Shay stepped back and slightly behind Jeff, he glanced questioningly at her but she kept her head down looking at the floor. “Hi there mate. My name’s Eric,” he said and held his hand out. Jeff shook hands with him and replied, “Hey, my name’s Jeff.” Eric glanced at Shay, “Well, hello there Shay, almost didn’t see you hiding back there,” he chuckled. Then looking back at Jeff, “Better watch that one,” he winked, “She likes it rough, if you know what I mean.” Shay wanted to scream at him, but Jeff was already handling it. “Man, you are one rude-ass prick!” he growled at Eric, grabbing Shay by the hand and headed to the door, body-checking Eric as he passed. “Hey, I was just trying to give ya some advice,” Eric called after them, laughing.
Once back in the apartment, Shay couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. Jeff guided her over to the couch and rummaged around in the kitchen finding a glass and bringing her back some water. He sat across from her on the coffee table, watching her intently, his soft, blue eyes showing his concern. “Fuck! What a jerk,” he said, stating the obvious. Shay only nodded, looking down at the glass in her hands. “How do you know that guy, ex-boyfriend or something?” Jeff asked. Shay’s voice was barely a whisper, “No, nothing like that.” She was debating on how much to tell him. “He just lives here in the building. He’s been giving me hard time for awhile now,” she lied, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him about what really happened. Jeff put his warm, soft hands on top of hers and looking deeply into her eyes, “Well, I think I’ve seen everything I need to see. When can I move in?” Shay was so relieved, “As soon as you can,” she replied and smiled, the first real smile she’s had in weeks.
Jeff moved into the second bedroom. At first it was kind of awkward having Jeff around all the time, Shay wasn’t used to having a male constantly around. After a few weeks things settled down and Shay was as comfortable around him as she was with her old roommate. He made her feel so safe, they started going out to eat together and to the movies. Shay made it clear that she wasn’t interested in a boyfriend, just that she enjoyed his company and he was completely free to date whoever he wanted. But he never did, and secretly Shay was pleased. She finally felt as though she had moved past it all, Eric was hardly a thought in her head anymore. She no longer felt like a prisoner in her apartment and felt that her life was returning to something more normal.
She came into the apartment after work and Jeff was watching TV. “Hey Shay, how was your day?” he asked, “I went ahead and ordered some Chinese for us.” Shay set her purse down and walked to her bedroom. “It was fine,” she replied as she changed her clothes. “Chinese sounds great,” she replied as she came back out dressed in some loose gray shorts and pink camisole top and sat down on the couch next to Jeff. After a little while there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it. It’s probably the food,” Jeff said and headed for the door. “Fine, I’ll go grab some plates,” Shay said and got up and went into the kitchen. “Hey Jeff, how bout some wine…” she was saying as she entered the living room and looked up to see Eric standing there! In her surprise she dropped the plates and they shattered, scattering shards of glass all over the hardwood floor. Eric turned to look at her, that same terrible smile stretching across his lips, “Some wine sounds really good Shay.” She was stunned, she couldn’t move, she looked toward Jeff pleading with him, “What the hell is goin on here Jeff?!” “Oh, I guess I should of told you that Eric and I are old friends,” Jeff chuckled and clapped Eric on the shoulder. She became angry, Jeff had betrayed her, “GET OUT!” she screamed, “Both of you, get out now!” Eric just smiled, “Now that’s no way to treat a guest that brought you dinner.” Shay made a run for her room and stepped on some glass, falling to the floor. Eric and Jeff were on her in an instant, dragging her back to the living room. Shay kicked and fought and screamed. Eric slapped her across the face hard. It stung like hell and reddened her face, but Shay stopped screaming. “If you don’t start behaving, next time it’ll be with a closed fist,” he said. “Now, since you’ve broken the dishes we’ll have to find something else to eat off of,” Eric said never taking his eyes from her, “Take your clothes off.” Stunned Shay looked up at the both of them and shook her head, “No. I won’t.”
Jeff grabbed her roughly, pinning her arms to her sides. Eric approached her threateningly, grabbing the front of her camisole tightly he completely ripped it from her body. Her shoulders stung as the straps broke and she felt the fabric rip along her sides. She didn’t scream, she didn’t struggle in Jeff’s vice-like grip, and Eric gave Jeff a little wink as he stepped up to Shay grabbing the top of her shorts and pulling them down to her feet. Shay obligingly stepped out of the shorts, knowing there was no way out of this, but as she lifted her leg to step completely out of them, she managed to land a kick straight to Eric’s jaw and he fell back to the floor. He was up in an instant and punched Shay in the stomach, she crumbled to the floor, doubled in pain and unable to breathe. Eric stood above her, screaming, “You stupid, goddamn BITCH!” Shay felt something land wetly on her cheek and run down along her jaw and neck, she reached up to wipe it off and her fingers came back bloody. Eric was wiping his mouth and growled at Jeff, “Go get the rope.” Jeff left the room momentarily and Eric slid the coffee table to the middle of the floor and roughly cleared everything off of it. Jeff was back carrying several lengths of rope. Shay still lay on the floor, pain starting to subside but struggling with each breath. “Grab her up,” Eric ordered, “it’s time this bitch learned her place.” They snatched her up and dragged her to the table. As they slammed her down on the table, Jeff held her shoulders down while Eric savagely twisted her arms and tied them to the legs of the table, then moving down they tied her legs to the table as well. Now Shay was lying on the table so that her shoulders were lined up with the edge of the table, nothing to support her head, and her bent knees at the opposite edge.
She held her head up as long as she could, until the pain from straining her neck was too much for her. Her head hung off the edge of the table, the only thing she saw was the opposite end of the room turned upside down and she could feel a dull throbbing in her skull as the blood rushed in. “Well, Jeff, I don’t know ‘bout you,” Eric was chuckling, “but I’m kinda hungry.” Jeff laughed as well, “Yeah, I think it’s time we had something to eat.” Shay instinctively tried to close her legs but to no avail, they laughed at her feeble attempts as they boorishly mauled her naked body. She could hear them moving around the table and then they stopped. They had sat down on either side of her on the floor and started to take out boxes of Chinese take-out from the bag, the smell permeated the room. Shay was completely caught unawares for what happened next. They started to pile the hot food on her body. Shay squirmed and whined, it burned so much, it felt as though her skin was blistering. They used every inch of her body, from her firm breasts to the tops of her tender thighs. “Wow, it all looks so good,” Jeff purred, looking Shay up and down hungrily. “Yeah,” Eric replied and smirked, “I’ve eaten here before.” And they both laughed raucously at the innuendo. They started to eat their dinner and Shay lay there, wincing every time they came in contact with her raw skin. Finally they had their fill and Shay was more afraid of what was about to happen now. “Clean her up Jeff,” Eric ordered, “I’m gonna go grab a beer.” Eric left, so Jeff scraped the food, starting at her tits and moving down her body. Shay screamed as he did so, he wasn’t gentle with her at all actually he seemed to take some sick, sadistic pleasure in her pain. Jeff took out a spray bottle and started to mist her body with ice-cold water. Shay moaned with relief, the cold water gave her a brief reprieve from the burning and her nipples hardened from the cold. Eric was back and sitting on the couch, drinking and watching Jeff. “I think you’re right, she likes it,” Jeff crowed as he cupped her tits and rubbed his thumbs across her tight, hard nipples. “Finish cleaning her up Jeff,” Eric said. Jeff obediently did so, stealing quick pinches at her body as he toweled her off.
When he was finished, Eric came over and sat close to her head, gently running a hand through her hair. Then he lifted her head so she could look at him. “Oh poor, poor Shay,” he crooned gently to her, “you look so thirsty.” “Ple…please, please let me go,” Shay begged, her eyes starting to well up with tears. “Do you want something to drink Shay?” he continued. Shay just nodded. He held the can of beer up to her lips, then he took it away, “It’ll make a mess like this,” he explained reasonably. He took a big mouth full and held his lips just above her mouth. She kept her lips tightly shut. Eric still had his hand in her hair and he yanked painfully on her hair until she obediently opened her mouth. He then spit the beer into her mouth, she closed her mouth but didn’t swallow. “If you know what’s good for you,” he growled ominously, “you’ll swallow that without losing a single drop.” Shay was all to familiar with his threats, so she did. He spit-fed her beer until she could hardly hold her head up. She turned her head as he tried to give her more, and he yanked on her hair again. She cried out and he sprayed the beer all over her face and tits. She coughed, nearly choking on the beer and her own spit, her tits bouncing enticingly before them. She could here Jeff moan from somewhere in the direction of the couch. “Oh come on Eric,” he complained, “let’s have some real fun with the bitch.” “Be patient, damn,” Eric answered, “if you want her to last, she has to be taken care of.” He leaned down closer to her ear whispering, “You’ve really got him quite excited, Shay,” he continued, “you should see how hard his cock is.” Then laughing cruelly, “But you will get to see it…and so much more Shay, so much more.” He let go of her head and she just let it fall back, hanging over the edge of the table. Eric walked out of her line of sight, but she could still hear them.
“I think she’s a bit hungry, Jeff,” Eric said, “it’s time she was fed.” Shay was numb with pain, dizzy from the beer and blood-rush, and her skin still felt raw. She was only dimly aware that Eric had come back, pants off, and stroking his monstrous cock, which looked rather funny upside-down. He stood over her, his knees against her shoulders, and pressed the head of his cock against her pursed lips until she yielded, letting him slide into her mouth. He groaned with pleasure, pressing deeper until he could go no further. He started to fuck her mouth slowly, his balls hitting against her face, the scent of his sweaty balls and ass filling her nostrils. He fucked deeper into her throat until she gagged, he laughed and watched as her body jerked, trying to vomit but unable to because his cock sealed her throat shut. He grabbed her tits in both hands and fucked harder into her mouth, groaning deeply in his throat. “God yeah Eric,” Jeff crowed, “fuck that slut’s mouth.” Eric laughed and slammed in so hard he managed to force the head of his cock down into her throat. He held it there, reveling in the feeling of her throat trying desperately to dislodge him, her throat tightening around the head while her tongue spasmed along the length of his cock. He pulled out of her mouth and Shay coughed so violently that she threw up the beer. She was weak and gasping for breath, her nose clogged with her own vomit.
Jeff was on her in a second. He shoved his cock brutally into her mouth, holding it deep for a moment. Then fucking her mouth slowly and savoring every second of her depravation. Shay lay there, knowing it was wrong to enjoy such treatment, but she did and she showed it. She started sucking on his cock in time to his fucking, using every trick she knew when it came to sucking cock. Jeff laughed, “Damn, she’s sucking my cock!” “I told you she’d love it,” Eric replied while caressing Shay’s tits, rolling the nipples between his fingers, “didn’t I say she likes it rough.” Jeff increased the speed and force of his pumping, now slamming into her mouth, easily hitting the back of her throat. His thrusts got deeper, but they also got shorter, so that now his cock head was lodged into her throat. She strained against her bonds, making gurgling noises, trying to get him out of her mouth so she could breath, but she was nothing to him right now other than a hole made specifically for his pleasure and he continued to throat rape her. Her thrashing subsided as she became oxygen deprived, she was only dimly aware of Jeff erupting into her mouth and howling with triumph, then blackness over took her consciousness.


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