Brazilian Connection 2

Brazilian Connection 2

Joe and Emma were eagerly awaiting the plane carrying the six new girl’s fresh from Brazil. The airport at Cincinnati was bustling and Joe knew the girls would go unnoticed with all the commotion going on. Emma assured Joe, all the girls were either 16 or 17, all of them were virgins and lastly, none of them had any relatives who would be looking for them. Joe hand selected these six girls based on their beauty and size, knowing the men who would pay to be with them would want nothing less than beautiful. They ranged in height from the shortest being five foot two and the tallest standing a nice five foot eight for those who wanted a tall woman. Their breasts ranged from 32B to 36C and all were nicely formed and firm. All six girls had the Brazilian almost black hair and had a mixed bag of lengths, ranging from just above the shoulder, to the tip just touching the lower back. Three had brown eyes, one had blue, one had green and the tallest of them had almost black which gave her the look of mystery and intrigue. Of course their weight would be assessed once back at the house in Kentucky, but Joe estimated them to be from one hundred pounds (the five foot two girl) to maybe one thirty five for the tallest. The five foot eight girl had a nice rounded ass, the type men loved to grab and massage.

After Emma let the girls know that once in the van, they would not be stopping until they reached their destination approximately two hours later the girls took care of any business and proceeded to the van. Joe’s van was a white non-descript van with dark tinted side and back windows for privacy. Since it was a passenger van, it was equipped with the two bucket seats up front and then three bench seats in the passenger area where up to nine people could sit. The girls were instructed to only bring one bag each, containing their best clothes and makeup with a promise they would be provided with new clothing once in America. Although three of the girls had brought their cell phones with them, Emma confiscated them before loading into van. Emma told the girls they would get the phones back once settled in, even though she knew the phones would be disposed of somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville. Most new phones had tracking and Joe didn’t want to take any chance of any of the girls being tracked to his place in Kentucky. Joe liked the fact the flight landed at approximately noon. This would give him and Emma a chance to inspect the girls more closely and see what refinement they might need before being presented to the clients. Once all inspections were made by Emma, with Joe watching from another room via the video cameras, the girls would be allowed to bathe and dress in figure enhancing outfits before sitting down to a full three course meal. The girls would sleep in the guest bedrooms upstairs where Joe had furnished each with two twin beds. During the first week, the girls would be treated as normal visiting house guests with the exception of Emma training them in proper posture, speech and applying makeup to bring out their most favorable features. During this initiation period, Joe would refrain from any sexual contact with the girls but he was fine with that, after all he had his super-hot Emma to fuck anytime the mood struck him.

The girls began sleeping in their new quarters and several hours a day they were subjected to videos of men dominating women sexually. Emma would watch for the girl’s reactions to see how the mind training of submissiveness was being received. Although most of them were somewhat repulsed at first, over the days Emma noticed all but one of them was beginning to soften to the fact they were pawns in a man’s world and should never deny a man any sexual favor. The exception was Aline, one of the two seventeen year old girls. She continuously made comments of how no woman should ever bow down to a man. She believed a woman had the right to decide when and where to have sex and what sexual acts to allow the man to perform on her. Aline was five foot four and had hair that was just below her shoulders. Her blue eyes were dull and her lips were thin but seductive looking. Her firm 34C breasts had large nipples and the areoles were a dark brownish pink. After voicing her concerns to Joe, Emma was instructed to bring Aline upstairs to him. The other five girls were seated in front of the monitor in the basement as the live feed revealed what was in store for Aline.

The very first thing Joe told Aline as he walked into the room was for her to drop to her knees and take his dick from his trousers. Aline refused to take her position and told Joe she would never drop to her knees to suck a man’s cock just because he told her to. Clamping his right hand around Aline’s neck, Joe pushed her back against the wall and lifted her off the floor by three inches. As she gasped for her breath and tried to speak, she frantically tried to kick at Joe, but he just laughed in her face and begged her to piss him off more. Holding steady pressure on Aline’s thin neck, Joe was amused as her frantic movements lessened as the lack of oxygen began to take its’ toll on her. Aline’s eyes began to glaze over and her feet twitched but no longer kicked as her deflated lungs struggled to suck the air in. Joe’s cock was rock hard as the excitement of choking the life from Aline turned him on. Joe kept the choke hold on Aline until she no longer struggled and then he let loose and watch her crumple to the floor like a rag doll. Joe positioned Aline on her back and began chest compressions to revive her. As she slowly came back to consciousness, Joe told her in no uncertain terms if she defied him again he wouldn’t revive her next time. Helping Aline to her feet, Joe once again instructed her to drop to her knees and take his dick from his trousers. Aline swiftly unzipped Joe’s trousers and gripped Joe’s penis in her soft petite hand as she pulled it free. Her hand began to slowly stroke him as he gently moved his hips and encouraged her to run her hand from the tip of the head and down to the base on each stroke. Working in a trance like state, Aline milked Joe’s dick as instructed as he got harder and thicker the more she worked him over. Joes’ low guttural groans urged her on as she gripped him tighter and pumped with more vigor. She just wanted to make him cum so he would leave her alone for the night. As he continued to groan, Joe grabbed the back of Aline’s head and held it in place as he pushed his hips forward. At first, Aline kept her mouth tightly shut, but when Joe twisted a hand full of her hair and threatened to pull it out by the roots, she let his thick dick push past her lips and into her youthful hot mouth. With tears running down her face, Aline allowed Joe to push the length of his seven inch dick into her mouth to the point where she gagged. As Joe kept his dick deep in Aline’s mouth, she began to slobber to the point where drool was running down her chin. Aline feebly tried to push him away, but Joe just laughed and lodged the head of his dick even deeper in the girls’ sweet hot throat. When Joe told her he was going to cum and fill her mouth full of thick cum, using all her strength, Aline pushed hard against Joe’s upper thighs and freed herself. Jumping to her feet, Aline screamed that no matter what he said, she wasn’t going to drink his cum.

Her mouth was bleeding profusely when Aline came to and most of her front teeth was scattered on the floor. All she remembered was Joe’s fist coming up and hitting her in the mouth. Touching her mouth, Aline realized both her top and bottom front teeth were missing and it felt also as if her bottom jaw was broken. Joe walked over and grabbed her hair and yanked her to a kneeling position as He held his still rigid dick in the other hand. Pushing it to her lips, Aline obediently opened her mouth and let her tormentor pump his hips wildly against her bruised and bleeding gums. Aline realized one good thing was the fact her gums were numb so she really wasn’t feeling any pain. Joe’s balls were slapping her lower jaw with each of his brutal thrusts and Aline knew this time she had no recourse except to drink his cum when he spewed it. Joe wanted the pain and humiliation to last and each time he’d get close to orgasm he would slow down and let the feeling subside. Aline was silently praying he would finish and let her get some sleep, but knew he was having too much fun punishing her. Each time Joe shoved his dick deep into Aline’s throat he would grind against her face, keeping the blood flowing from her split lips and gums. As the feeling returned, Aline’s pain was evident as Joe saw the tears stream down the young woman’s face. Getting off on the power he held over this woman, Joe looked into the camera while telling the other’s watching how Aline was begging for him to stop. As soon as he told the other girls this, Joe grabbed a hand full of Aline’s hair and rapidly and brutally slammed her face into his crotch again and again. After what seemed like hours to Aline, Joe finally let out a loud grunt and the first wave of his thick pungent cum washed across her tonsils as he buried his dick all the way in. The first couple powerful spurts was so great that some of Joe’s cum splashed back and was now oozing from the corners of Aline’s mouth. Gagging and swallowing, Aline finally sucked every drop of his cum as Joe yanked her up and turned her bloodied face towards the camera. Joe wanted the other five girls to see what would happen to them if they also decided to reject his or any of his clients advances.

Holding her upright and facing the camera with his right arm wrapped around Aline’s waist, Joe reached around with his left hand and took her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Joe knew Emma would be forcing the other five young ladies to watch the torture and he wanted to make a statement none of them would soon forget. Joe twisted and pulled on the nipple simultaneously as Aline screamed and tried to wrench free. The louder she screamed, the harder Joe would work on the nipple, and stretching it to point it was over twice its original length. Joe’s dick was so hard again and as he punished the nipple, he was pushing his hardness against Aline’s sweet virgin ass. Joe told her he was going to fuck that tight ass and rip it open with his big dick. Aline fought more fiercely, trying to free herself from his tight grip but to no avail. Pinching down on the nipple as hard as he could, Joe yanked and literally ripped the nipple from the breast. As tears streamed down her cheeks and screams escaped her mouth, Joe shoved the nipple into her mouth. Holding his hand over Aline’s mouth, Joe told her to either swallow the nipple or he would rip the other one off also. Joe kept his hand clamped over Aline’s mouth and tilted her head back until he was sure she had indeed swallowed her own nipple. Aline sobbed uncontrollably as she tried to choke back vomit from being repulsed after swallowing the nipple. She knew Joe would beat her more if she vomited it back up and she kept swallowing hard until she was sure it would stay down.

Joe had no trouble holding Aline erect and in place while he touched, pinched, slap and bit her. It was now time to fulfill his promise of shoving his thick seven inch dick up her tight virgin ass. Guiding his dick with his right hand while holding her tight with his left, Joe pushed the big mushroom head against her tight and resisting butthole. Even though he pushed hard and with steady pressure, Aline kept her hole cinched tight, rejecting Joe’s big dick head from raping her ass. Finally Joe was tired of fighting her resistance and shouted to her that he was going to fuck the hell out of her ass with his big cock and she could either relax or he would relax her. Trying again to shove it inside her, Joe was met with the same resistance. Releasing his grip around her waist, Joe pushed Aline against the wall and while choking her with one hand, he formed a fist with the other and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Aline would have crumpled to the floor if it wasn’t for the vise like grip around her neck keeping her erect. Gasping for breath Aline was surprised when Joe continued to punch her in the stomach. He punched her a half dozen times before releasing his grip on her neck and she dropped to the floor, gasping and grabbing her stomach. Before she could even regain her breath, Joe dragged her across the room by her hair and bent her over the mattress of the king sized bed. Aline was so weak from the punches and the choking and she couldn’t resist as Joe shoved all of his cock deep into her ass with one plunge. She could feel her intestine walls tearing as he fucked her viciously and deep. Although tears flowed like a waterfall, Aline couldn’t get enough breath in her lungs to scream and just let her half limp body be used by this madman. Joe loved how tight Aline’s ass was and although he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her within minutes he remained hard and continued to rape her. His own cum served as a natural lubricant and as he plunged into her, the friction was gone and the sensation of her warm insides caressed his cock like a soft wet mouth. When Aline regained the ability to talk and scream, she begged Joe to pull his cock from her ass and let her be. Joe ignored her pleas and while his cock was still buried deep in her ass, he half carried and half dragged her until her face was in full view of the camera. It was imperative the other girls see the pain in her expression. Aline saw Joe reach in the night stand drawer while lifting her from the bed, but had no idea what he took from it. His battering cock brought tears of pain streaking along Aline’s cheeks and audible pleas of protest. The girls in the basement were subjected not only to the sight of one of their friends being brutally raped anally but they could hear her pleas and sobbing. Joe was relentless in his plowing the young hot ass of Aline and he knew within minutes he would shoot his second load deep in her bowels. Looking to his left, Joe saw her image on the monitor and saw just how bruised her face was and the absence of front teeth or breast nipple made her grotesque looking. How could he expect any of his clients to want to spend time with her? It was then he knew what he had to do. As his own orgasm built within him, Joe slipped the heavy clear plastic bag over Aline’s head and pulled the drawstring taut. Keeping his right arm wrapped around her waist to keep her erect, he effectively also immobilized Aline’s arms. His cock actually grew thicker and harder as her body squirmed and jerked as she tried desperately to free herself. Her gasping for air would suck the bag into her mouth and then inflate as she exhaled violently. Joe saw her bulging eyes as he glanced at the monitor as his cock pounded harder and deeper than ever before in the young girl’s tight sweet ass. As Aline’s body began to convulse and twitch and on the verge of death, Joe groaned loud as a massive load of cum shot deep inside her twitching ass. Joe knew the girls in the basement watching would not only be horrified but it would demonstrate to them the fate they faced should they defy him in any manner. It took over five minutes of Aline twitching and gasping before her head finally drooped and no sign of life was left in the girl. Putting one hand on each side of her head, Joe snapped her head to the right, breaking her neck just to make sure she was dead. Letting her drop to the floor like a piece of garbage, Joe went to the basement and instructed Emma to have the girls remove Aline’s body and to bury her in the back yard. With training complete it was now time to set up parties with the girl’s being offered to the highest bidder for the night.

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