Mummy Tummy

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Mummy Tummy To A Yummy Mummy

When my nineteen-year-old daughter got pregnant in college she decided to drop out of school and come home to daddy. It was just an accidental pregnancy. She had been on birth control but nothing is a hundred percent fool proof. She certainly wasn’t going to marry the guy that knocked her up either. Likewise she wasn’t going to have an abortion either. So in essence she decided to have it, raise it at home with me, and make the father support it until it is twenty-one years old. Of course the boy said that it wasn’t his child, so a paternity test had to be done on the baby when it was born.

When I admired her slightly bulging tummy Patricia said that she was just starting to show at four months along. I had forgotten just how beautiful my daughter really was. She was average height at five feet six inches and she was about average weight before the pregnancy too. She always had nice hair and great breasts just like her mother had had. Of course her ass was phenomenal too.

When Patricia arrived home I went out to greet her as she got out of her car. She opened her door and stood up to give me a hug. Wow! She had certainly changed in that nine months that she had been at college. Her hair was then short and sassy. It was even blonde with brown streaks all over the place. She called it frosted. She had on a tiny tube top that just barely cradled her enlarged breasts, which had definitely grown some. Her micro miniskirt was way below her rounded tummy and it still just barely cover her panties. She was wearing high heels and her fingernails were over an inch long. Then I saw that her belly button had been pierced. She just laughed when she saw me looking at her belly button and said, “Daddy you haven’t seen nothing yet.” I tried to correct her English to “haven’t seen anything yet” but she didn’t want to hear it.

I helped her take her stuff into the house but I couldn’t help noticing her as she bent over to get a box out of her trunk. I could see most of her bare ass and then I finally saw a little pink color around her pussy lips and realized that she had thong panties on. I also noticed that I was getting an erection as I looked at my own pregnant daughter.

Eventually we got everything inside the house and then I took her suitcases up to her bedroom. Patricia asked me to barbecue some chicken, while she took a bubble bath. Then she asked me to bring her a glass of wine. Now I knew perfectly well that Patricia wasn’t old enough to drink. I also knew that I had been giving her wine since she was sixteen years old. Besides I knew that she had been to several drinking parties at college. That was how she wound up pregnant.

I got out the chicken leg quarters and put them in the marinade. Then I poured two glasses of wine and took them up to the bathroom. I knocked lightly on the door and she said for me to come in. I opened the door and went in. I took one look at her lying in the water and started to tremble. I sat on the toilet and handed Patricia one of the wineglasses. She sat up to take it from me and then sipped it before lying back against the tub again. I was treated to the best view of her enlarged breasts that I had ever seen. She had said bubble bath but there were certainly no bubbles in the water. When she was younger she used to almost fill the bathtub with water but right then she only had a few inches in the tub. Her knees were spread out so that they touched the sides of the tub and I could see her pussy clearly, her slit partly open, and her well-rounded belly. I could see that both of her nipples were pierced and that both of her pussy lips were pierced too. When I asked her about her piercings she just smiled at me and then she told me all about them. As she told me she was pulling on her nipples, playing with her belly button, and opening up her pussy lips to show me the various piercings. She told me that in another month or two that she would have to remove her belly piercing and put a piece of string in the hole so that it wouldn’t close up on her. Then she opened up her mouth and showed me that her tongue was pierced too. When I asked her why she had pierced her tongue she just smiled and said that the boys love it when she sucks their cocks. Wow! Patricia and I had never had a conversation like that before. I told her that I enjoyed bath time with her. Patricia smiled and told me to join her every evening if I wanted too. I wanted too join her that was for sure.

I went downstairs to start the chicken. I was out on the back patio when she came out. Patricia had on a very short white silk robe. My mouth dropped open when I saw her. She just smiled at me and then opened up her robe to show me a transparent baby doll nightie. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. She was still sipping her glass of wine. She sat down and talked about college. She had enjoyed herself and she had been doing well too. She talked about finishing college some day. She was sorry that she had gotten pregnant. She swore to me that she had taken her birth control pills every single day without fail. She admitted that she had played the field for a while but that she had settled down with one guy fairly quickly. Curiously I asked her about playing the field. Patricia smiled and said, “Well I let about fifty guys fuck me in the first three months. Then I met James and settled down. In the nine months that I was in college I was with James for the last six months. I’m now four months pregnant so it has to be his baby.

Every time I got up to turn the chicken I was treated to a shot of her bare pussy. Patricia noticed me looking and opened her legs up for me with a smile. She also noticed my erection. That was when Patricia said, “Daddy I can fix that for you. I can give you a blowjob that will thrill you more than you can ever imagine. Or you can just fuck me. You certainly can’t do me any harm now.” Then she laughed.

I just looked at her. Patricia smiled and said, “Come on daddy don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about fucking me. I know for a fact that I have thought about you fucking me. Many a night I have fallen asleep while rubbing my pussy and thinking about you.”

I confessed, “Well I have jerked off thinking about you too, many, many times in fact.”

“Well then we should do something about it. Besides I’m horny as hell right now.” Patricia said.

Jokingly I said, “Should we eat the chicken first or just let it burn?”

Patricia said, “The baby is hungry so we had better eat first. We can always fuck later. I’m not going anywhere for some time now.”

When the chicken was crisp and done just right I put it on the plate and took it inside. I had cooked the entire package of five leg quarters thinking that we could eat the leftovers for dinner the next day. Well there were no leftovers. Patricia was certainly eating for two that was for sure and she was no lady about it either. After I threw the bones in the trash and put the dirty dishes in the sink I took Patricia up to the bathroom to get cleaned up again.

She had no more than dried her hands when she told me that she wanted sex…right then too. She dragged me into my bedroom, undressed, and rolled onto her back. I just looked at her. She smiled and told me to hurry up and get undressed. I asked her about her big belly and she told me not to worry about it. She did tell me not to try to squeeze the baby too much though.

As I slipped my cock into my daughter’s pussy all I could think about was when I used to slip it into her mother when she was pregnant for Patricia. I kept my arms stiff to hold my body up and then we bumped crotches as she called it. I was really excited but I didn’t want it to end too quickly either. I tried to think about work, mowing the lawn, and my mother-in-law but every time that I looked at the expression of pleasure on my daughter’s face, I got more and more excited. Before I knew it I was shooting cum into her depths as she shouting out, “Oh God that felt great. I hope you can do it again real soon.”

As I lay there next to her, Patricia told me that I was the best lover that she had ever had. I told her that I couldn’t be, but she argued with me over it. She said that she had been sexually active since she turned thirteen and that I was by far the very best that she had ever had. She had let over twenty high school boys fuck her when she was still in grade school along with about thirty boys her own age too. She said that she had probably let about fifty college boys fuck her during high school along with probable another eighty to a hundred boys her own age too. Then in college she had let anyone that wanted too, fuck her for the first few months until she met James. She was sure that he was the one. However he didn’t feel the same way about her and that he was fucking every girl that he could. She had had several threesomes with other girls just to please him. Then when she found out that she was pregnant he just up and left her. He also insisted that it wasn’t his baby based on her past history.

So once again Patricia said, “Daddy, of the three hundred or so guys that have fucked me over the last six years you are truly the very best. Thank you!”

I knew that she was telling me the truth. All those years she had been searching for a guy just like me. I knew that because ever since my wife died I too had been searching for a woman just like her…and now I had found one.

After childbirth Patricia worked very hard to get rid of her “Mummy Tummy” and to become a “Yummy Mummy.” Yummy was certainly the word for her too.

The End
Mummy Tummy To A Yummy Mummy

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