Saga of a newly-married Couple

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Arindam Biswas, now a 27-year-old young man with medium height and dark complexion whose marriage was arranged by his family with Tulika Ray, a near-ravishing Bengali beauty with a shapely-voluptuous body (34b / 29 / 35), now aged 23 years. Tulika, nick-named Tuli, a modest-kind of girl with usual middle-class values. Right from her school days she used to learn “Rabindra sangeet “, and was a blue-eyed girl of her “Guru”, Arnab Mukherjee, now a 63-year-old childless widower. Tulika’s complexion was pinkish-fair, her eyes were big and attractive like those of south Indian girls. Her stunning beauty and pulchritude would allure many boys in her locality as usual, but she indulged or responded none, though she was not “virgin” at the time of her wedding with handsome fair-skinned Arindam. Her hymen had been ruptured. Or, in other words, she had lost her virginity to her personal domestic servant at the age of -17 years. And year after her graduation from Bethune Collage (Calcutta) she was married off to Arindam (February: 2011), an MBA boy who’s then employed in a textile Company in Gujarat and stationed near its factory complex at Lakshmipua in Mehsana district.

Contextually speaking, Arindam, though the only child of his parents, not unlike Tulika, had spent his early years in a Residential or Boarding school, located in a remote village in west Bengal, where boys would bathe in an open and large village-pond outside the hostel campus. Local people, including young women, would also use it or bathe there, and resulted that young Arindam would be getting ample scopes to watch girls bathing or swimming in that pond. His curious eyes would be glued to the elated breasts of the girls or women that poked or outlined through their water-drenched body-hugging “pallu” while coming out from the pond. And perhaps thus, unselfconsciously or otherwise, Arindam developed a strong lust for woman’s youthful breasts of woman. . . Instinctually he developed a prone to masturbating in toilet with those pert female breasts in mind, strangely fantasizing a male, “other than himself”, enjoying a pair of mature breasts . . . until he underwent his ejaculation. And thus he became breast-obsessed. . .

Years later, or after his marriage or rather soon after seeing his beautiful young wife Tulika’s firm round arrogant pair of breasts on the bridal night, the same old obsession since his adolescent years or school days irresistibly flashed back in his mind . . . with a strange desire that he should share this sexy pair of his bride’s breasts with another male in his presence to live out his suppressed obsession. . . But, in this context, he did not dare speak his mind to his bride lest she might take it otherwise.

However, shortly after marriage, Tuli moved to Lakshmipura (Nandasan) with her husband where she found none around to make friends with. It was an industrial area. She did not know Gujarati language, nor even Hindi properly. So, in initial weeks, it was quite boring for her. Their flat on ground floor (at Rajpur, near Lakshmipura) was also very small, containing only a single bedroom with attached-bath, and kitchen. It’s actually a part of a double-storied house of a Gujarati couple who lived at Surat. They had rented its ground flat out to Arindam.

However,Tuli was, of course, was not unhappy about it. A few weeks later, one day, Tulika received a phone-call from Calcutta. That call was from her “Guru”, Arnab Mukherjee. After her talking, Tulika handed over the phone to Arindam to speak to her “guru”. Arindam cited: “hello Uncle. . .” and invited him to visit to pay a visit to Gujarat. “Guruji” gladly agreed. His invitation to Guru gladdened Tuli also.

That day, while sitting idle in his office-chamber, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind, and he thought why not to open this old man (Guru) out with Tulika --- after all he would be a much safer “third companion” for Tulika in terms of her pregnancy! And thus he made up his mind to share his young new wife with that old man.

That night, while foreplaying with Tulika, he touched upon the topic of her music-Guru (Arnab Mukherjee), and while talking out about him Arindam felt that his wife got a strange sympathy for her music-teacher. Arindam smiled to himself, and he suggested that it would not look good if they, after his advent, let him sleep on the floor while they’re in bed, or vice-versa. So, better they should make a large bed on the floor in which all three could be easily accommodated. Hearing her husband’s proposition Tulika was a bit taken aback, and shyness, if not exactly embarrassment, pervaded her face. By now Arindam had entered her and assumed ramming in her in perfect rhythm with her thrusts-back. Tulika’s blissful moans soon echoed around the room. She’s in habit of moaning and hissing aloud while lovemaking. Arindam pumped his full jab of semen into her womb. Thereafter, the couple fell asleep, satiated and spent out.

Finally, in the last week of March (19th March 2011), their invited Guest --- the “sangeet Guru” --- (Arnab Mukherjee) --- came down, incidentally a day before the “Holi ” to their place at Rajpur.

In terms of feature or physicality, Tulika’s “guru” was anything but handsome or good to look at. He was rather on ugly side ----- he was medium in height, swarthy in complexion, with a senescent body; his eyes were small, lips were quite thick or chubby.

Tulika was, however, very happy to see her Guru-ji, the guest. They chatted together a lot. The guest was served vegetarian lunch, that there was no availability of fishes in the locality, though the old man did not bother it.

It was a Saturday, and the Couple, especially Tulika, used to perform “Shani-puja” every Saturday-evening. This “weekly-Puja habit” she had inherited from her father’s family. Whatever, to do this “puja” (worship), she would fast in the day, and then after an evening-bath, she would perform all rites of this (Shani) ‘puja’ in front of the photographic deity, installed in a corner of the room. And she would do it, only wearing a “saree” ---- nothing else ---- no brassiere or blouse and or petticoat ---- underneath her ‘saree, ---- in empty stomach, unlike Arindam.

However, that evening as usual, after her evening-bath, and wrapping a ‘saree’, she started her worship, while this time her Guru (guest) was also present in the room, apart her husband.

Her both arms and right shoulder were left open or uncovered as she was only in ‘saree’. But she was not bothered about this exposition. She was chanting “mantras” (hymns) with her eyes shut, as usual, in sitting-gesture (‘padmasana’). And sometimes she was leaning forward to give floral tribute to the deity. Both Arindam and their guest were sitting on her right side. Suddenly, Arindam noticed Tulika’s “pallu” (of the saree) sliding off her right shoulder and flank, thus exposing her right breast-side, and to which shut-eyed Tulika paid no heed; she continued away her “puja”.

Arindam cast a side-glance at their guest beside him, and found his eyes were simply glued to the exposed portion of Tulika’s firm breast. The guest was agape in fascination, and his face was sparking with suppressed lust for her. This sight instantly created in him a sexual jolt, and his cock started getting hard in anticipation. Moments later, again Tulika bent forth a little for a “pranama”, and now her “pallu” slid further down, now simply exposing her full breasts, tipped with honey-brown areola and nipple, from right side. Still she did not try to adjust her fallen ‘pallu’ or did not cover her frontal exposition. She remained absorbed in her “puja”. Arindam was not taken aback by her such kind of strange indifference ------ he was at a fix, not being able to make out if she was unaware of it or turning exhibitionist, deliberately. On the other hand, that old man was just eating her revealed domes with his eyes. Whatever. . ., Arindam was liking it that old man was ogling at Tulika’s exposed breasts . . . and sweats had appeared on his face even in this coldish winter climate in Gujarat.

After some 2 minutes, however, Tulika opened her eyes and looked down at her revealed bosom, and then instantly she adjusted her fallen ‘pallu’ to somehow cover her bare breasts. And now her face turned crimson, both in embarrassment and shyness or inhibition. She turned round, towards her husband and “guru”, and gave them the “prasada “.

After dinner, she made the bed on the floor (as it had been decided between the husband and wife) which was comparatively large enough to comfortably accommodate all three of them. But the problem was that they had no separate extra quilt or coverlet for the third person, and so they were to manage it for that night with the only available quilt with them.

The couple requested their guest to share bed on the ground with them for that night, assuring every thing would be set right next day. Guruji smiled and said out: “do not be so hesitant and tensed up. I do not mind sharing the same bed with my daughterly disciple and the host. It is situational . . . and I am not minding it, dear! Besides, I fall asleep the moment I retire to bed.”

Arindam smiled at him. Tulika headed into bathroom to change. And soon she came out in her in her while cotton front-hooked night-suit. The guest was given the wall-side, and the place next to his chosen by

Tulika on her won and Arindam lay next to his wife, on her left side, under the same single-large cotton quilt, supine.

Arindam’s heart was pounding heavily with a strange excitement, finding Tulika sandwiched between two males in the same bed, under the same quilt.

After quite sometime Arindam heard their guest snoring; he understood “guruji” was now asleep. He then turned on his side, towards his supine wife who also seemed to be sleeping. Enter room was dark or almost dark, though a dim night-lamp was still on. Now he carefully placed one his hand on Tulika’s heaving bosom, and then he started slowly and carefully unhooking her top. Barely did he undo 2 hooks, his stealthily prank was hindered as half-sleepy Tulika’s hand came over that of naughty Arindam. And Tulika turned her face to Arindam and whispered to him in a low tone: “ eii, naughty! What are you doing! Guruji is here just beside me. Please do not do it, it shall be very awkward if he by chance gets up.” Arindam whispered back to her:: “it does not matter. . .he has already seen your full breasts this evening.” His words silenced Tulika. Then aroused Arindam unhooked remaining hooks (of her top), one by one, to bare his wife’s breasts. Tulika stayed motionless and speechless, acquiescing Arindam’s advance. Arindam then started cupping her breasts, by turns, until her sensitive nipples turned alive in erotic warmth in no time. She was still lying on her back. After thus making Tulika hot . . Arindam reached out his hand to their sleeping guest, lying on the left of Tulika. And next moment Arindam hand caught hold of Guruji’s right arm and carefully turned him on his right, towards supine Tulika who was practically breathing hard in anticipation. Slowly Arindam placed Guruji’s right hand, or palm of the hand, on his wife’s unveiled aloft breasts, thus facilitating him to feel the sensual warmth and tactual taste of Tulika’s warm brest-flesh.

Tulika shivered at her guruji’s touch on her erogenous pectoral region, and a mild sigh escaped her. This old man, her music-teacher, was her elder by more than 29 years!

However, guru’s hand, or flat of his palm, did just stay flat on Tulika’s bare bosom, inactive or motionless. Finding that old man not pressing Tulika’s domes, Arindam became restless, and then he came forward to livening up their guest’s hand on her heaving bosom, under the same quilt. Her breast-dome over-flew the old man’s palm. .

He now put his left palm over that of Guru, and began slowly pressing the palm, beneath his under-palm, against Tulika’s breast-fresh as if to provide the sleeping guest a taste of the warm resilience of her breasts. Arindam did this a few times . . . until he suddenly felt guruji’s palm becoming active . . . on her breasts. Arindam then withdrew from the guest’s palm-top. Now it was needless . . . as the guest had started slowly cupping Tulika’s youthful breasts . . . in his instinctive spontaneity.

Guruji went on to squeeze Tulika’s pair of arrogant breasts, by turns, making her hiss in low tone. On the other hand, Arindam felt thrilled to have offered his beautiful “recently-married” wife’s breasts to a third male for enjoyment . . . and he had made up his mind to share her with her guru on bed, regularly, or so long he stayed with them. However, the male-Guest had by now come to his sense, and he turned Tulika on her side, towards his face. In no time a typical squelch sound started echoing, suggesting his wild suction on Tulika’s sensitive succulent breasts. It resulted that Tulika turned hornier and lost all her continence, and started moaning aloud . . . in sexual pleasure and delight, without bothering closer presence of her husband Arindam. Her love-sounds made that old man further wild, and he just got up, pulling his favourite student or disciple Tulika alongwith, or from the bed on floor. He did off his ‘lungii’ or clothes, also helping Tulika get rid of hers, and then two of them climbed another bed or divan, while Arindam watched, fascinated, in the light of the dim night-lamp in the room, stealthily from underneath the quilt. Arindam was taken aback by the huge erection of the old man ---- it was huge in size and shape ---- even bigger that that of Arindam!

The 52-year-old guest pinned Tulika to bed on her back, and came over her. And next moment Tulika’s moans faded out as he sealed her mouth with his in a passionate love-kiss. He continued licking and kissing her succulent lips, while simultaneously kneading her “soft-yet-hard-fleshed” firm breasts, somewhat at random.

After wild smooching for some time, he withdrew from Tulika’s mouth, as if to let her breath comfortably. And now his mouth again slid to her bosom, and he engulfed one her breast, anew. He sucked it away . . . until she moved him to her other eager breast. Her nipples were swollen to their fullness. She was moaning in rhythm with his strong suction. She pushed as much of her breast-peak as she could into his sucking mouth, thus almost choking him! His hungry mouth traveled from her one breast to the other, alternatively, giving her his best salivary tribute and bliss, making her head move side-to-side; her outcries of pleasure echoed around, breaking the silence. After paying a prolonged love-tribute to Tulika’s mouth and breasts, the old man now slid his face downwards her body, moving all the way from her elated breasts to her flat belly, and stopped over her deep naval, and did something there which further heighten up Tulika’s moans. Then he finally moved to her pubic region, widening her inner thighs apart to come in between.

Next moment, Tulika shrieked aloud as her guru’s mouth came over her wet vaginal mound, and he started licking the region. Tulika was profusely oozing. . . In fact, she had already undergone an orgasm. And the old man went on eating her youth or tasting her oozing nectar of prime youth with gusto, making her reel like a reed in sexual bliss and satisfaction. Tulika soon attained her second orgasm; she now requested him to enter her and pump his seed into her hungry womb. . .

Finally, their guest positioned himself at her gate of Eden for his entry into heaven. Time might have been frozen, as it were! Then, a sharp shriek escaped Tulika as the old man entered her with a bold thrust, shoving deeper into her, and ceased, until she soon indicated him to now churn in her. He started thrusting up and down within her, matching her counter-thrusts in a rhythmic movement, seizing her aloft breasts in hands. Soon the room was filled with their love-sounds and squelchy sounds of copulation, and its strange erotic fragrance.

Arindam was again taken aback by the ‘staying power’ of that old man! He simply went on ramming her, while Tulika’s legs had embraced him in equal response and emotion. And she continued attaining her orgasms, one after another, in her favourite missionary position. Finally the “guru” reached on the verge of his climax, and he tried to pull out himself. But Tulika did not let him do so, asking him to fill her completely. Next moment a groan escaped the old man, and he collapsed on Tulika, flooding out inside her. Without any fear or inhibition and hesitation, Tulika received all jabs of his seminal deluge in her receptive womb . . . till the last drop of it, letting him rest on her body with his manhood inside her body.

They kept lying inter-twined for a couple of minutes there, and then again the old man tuned a youth . . . and resumed pumping himself in her . . . in response to her passion. Thus he pumped his seed into her with fresh vigor and zeal . . . until Tulika was fully satisfied, satiated, and spent out.

So long Arindam acted as a stealthy voyeur, and then when his wife and her teacher retired to deep sleep, inter-twined, he got up, and stood beside the divan to closely see them if they are really asleep. Being sure of their sleep, he undid his “lungi” to free his own angry cock, and then pushing ‘guruji’ little aside from Tulika’s bosom, or thus freeing wife’s one breast from the under-chest of their guest, Arindam started masturbating or pumping his erect and wet cock against the areola of that free breast of his asleep wife. And soon he ejaculated profusely over her open breast-dome; his ejaculated semen ran down her breast-peak like a snowfall . . . and it teemed down all around that breast.

Thereafter, satisfied Arindam sheltered himself under the quilt, again, and retired to sleep.

Next morning was the Holi, and Tulika woke up early and went into bathroom to take a bath. Guruji had also gotten up early and he went out for his morning-walk. Arindam was waiting for his wife to come out from bathroom. And Tulika came out, wrapping bathing-towel, over her petticoat and, upside. Her comely face looked resplendent with delectation, obviously due to her great sexual satisfaction or satiation with her music-teacher previous night. Arindam pulled her to himself and planted a deep kiss, full on her lips. And thereafter he peeled the towel off her upside, thus making her topless. And he found reddish love-scars or deep marks of suction all around her breast-flesh. The view instantly set him on fire of sexual desire . . . and he pulled her to divan (where she had received sperm from her guru last night), and pumped his seed in her in a hurried way. He thanked his wife for giving him a great ‘show’ last night. Tulika smiled and asked if he had really liked her exhibitionistic coition with the old man. He nodded his head in appreciation, further requesting her to repeat it. She looked into her husband’s eyes and then giggled, and suggested him get her some “i-Pills” to avoid complication of pregnancy or impregnation. Arindam smiled and said to her that he’s sure old man’s sperm might not be procreative enough to impregnate her; therefore she could take his sperm without fear and tension. She kissed him back in gratitude and delight. And she clothed herself.

At about 8 o’clock morning, ‘guru-ji’ returned from his matutinal walks. He looked tensed and pale, obviously owing to a fear or guilt of tasting his young married student last night, by stealth. But both Arindam and Tulika were behaving with him very normally . . . as if nothing had happened ever.

On breakfast table, Arindam turned very candid with his senescent guest, asking him if he was comfortable here, especially with his student. Guru-ji felt scared thinking if Arindam had come to know of or guessed anything about his fornication with Tulika! His face turned pale in embarrassment. Arindam smiled to himself. He further asked guru-ji, now straightway, that how long he’d been a widower or devoid of woman’s intimate company! Guru-ji was now agape, and sweats appeared on his forehead. . Tulika was listenting their conversation. Arindam then beckoned his wife to his side, and the moment she came closer, Arindam pulled her to his chest, as though in a mood of prank, and kissed her in front of her ‘guru’ whose eyes popped out in both wonder and lust.

After their breakfast, Arindam came out with a proposal that since it’s the morning of the ‘colour-Play’ or the Holi, they should not miss the mirth of playing it. . . He asked Guru-ji to get ready to go out with them to play Holi in the locality. Guru-ji was hesitant on pretext of his age. Arindam negated his pretext, and encouraged him for the fun.

Zealous Tulika went into bathroom to change, and soon came out, in casuals ---- a blue Capri with white U-necked top (made of soft guernsey-material) with white brassiere underneath it. In it she looked damn hot.

The moment they came outside, on road, a group of the awaiting young boys and girls surrounded them and sprayed jets of different water-colours on them, drenching them skin. And those naughty young folk ran away, thereof.

Watery wetness made Tulika’s translucent or near-transparent, thereby vividly or provocatively outlining the contour of her bosom hidden under her wet brassiere. Guruji’s eyes sparked with lust for her at this. Arindam had noticed it, and then he suggested his colour-drenched wife to get back home so that three of them could now play the fun among themselves only, on the room, undisturbed.

And they walked back to their place in no time, and walked upstairs, to its walled-roof from the back-side entry. Next moment Arindam jumped on his wife with “gulal” in hand, and started smearing it on her face; neck etc in a spontaneous spree, while their guest watched standing nearby. Finding him yet non-participant in the fun, Arindam caught hold of a hand of his, and dragged closer, and giving him some dry colour, Arindam jovially asked him to dab the colour on her body, at random and without inhibition, thus practically openly inviting their guest to take liberty with her in his front.

Guru-ji began with Tulika. Noticing him feeing shy with her a bit, Arindam came forward to opening him out with Tulika, and now he again caught hold of Guruji’s hand and straightway pushed it under his wife’s top, indicating him to play with her breasts to his heart ’s content. Guruji needed no more indication or guidance. He started kneading Tulika’s breasts, making her hiss and giggle. Tulika simply surrendered to her guru to give him a sexual solace ---- and a hedonistic solace to her voyeur husband.

Then, within a couple of minutes, a real fun began . . . with her aroused Guru’s zeal and savage advances. Tulika did not resist when her oldie restless ‘guru’ simply tore her wet top, and grabbed her elated firm breasts in hands. . . At this impulsive moment Arindam came behind Tulika and unhooked her bra to let her be topless under the sky.

No outsiders were there, or none was able to see what going on there on the roof, that the roof was surrounded with chest-high wall.

Now both males were upon Tulika. In no time Tulika was lying supine on floor, topless, and her beloved husband and naughty ‘guru’ shared her breasts . . . between themselves, one each.

Tulika started moaning and shrieking aloud . . . as her pert breasts were fighting with the savage attacks, of two lovers at a time, with all their feminine warmth and resilience of her prime youth.

As she was colour-coated, she did not let them suck her succulent breasts and lips, rather instead, she demanded them to pull out their respective cocks so that she could suck them to ejaculation in her mouth, one by one.

Next moment, her music-teacher knelt before hornier Tulika, and she helped him pull out his swollen erection which she hungrily engulfed, while her voyeur husband watched and awaited his turn. Tulika’s eager mouth assumed bobbing, to and fro, over Guruji’s throbbing cock, and her saliva overflew and ran down in drops from her mouth-corner. Guru-ji was in his seventh heaven . . . and groans of pleasure escaping him. He was also simultaneously pressing Tulika’s bare breasts . . . while being sucked by her.

Gradually, within a couple of minutes, Tulika brought him closer to his climax . . . and she felt him on the verge of ejaculation. And within next couple of seconds her ‘guru’ he trembled and erupted in her mouth, choking her almost. His semen jutted out in her mouth in squirts while she went on to swallow his nectar, and when after a few seconds his jet-force was getting subsided a bit, she pulled it out to let the remaining jabs fell upon her breasts.

Arindam watched the whole show, fascinated. And now it was his turn. The same way Tulika now pleasured him, and finally, thereafter, she invited them to yank off her Capri, and next moment she was totally naked before them. At her instance, those two males were now eager to suck her to orgasms. She naturally scoped her ‘guru’ to mouth her heavily-oozing vaginal zone. And he religiously sucked multi-orgasmic Tulika to a few shuddering orgasms, one after another, until she begged for a mercy.

Next turn was Arindam’s. And instead of sucking her, he straightway entered her and filled her with his seed. Tulika kept lying on her back there itself, satiated and exhausted.

That night, after dinner, her two zealous lovers --- husband and Guru ---- took her by turns . . . until midnight. Now “guru-ji” was totally open as a secret “third companion” in the conjugality of a new Couple, and would be eating Arindam’s lovely and horny wife Tulika regularly, both in presence or absence of him, so long he stayed with them at Lakshmipura.

He was very happy and delighted that the young ‘straight’ couple looked him after in their best possible way, and the widower old man was especially grateful to Arindam who almost rejuvenated him with his beautiful young wife’s “bridal service” to him. Guruji stayed with them more than a month, or till the first week of May 2011, and in this one month Guru-ji consummated sex with Arindam’s bride Tulika (whom he married + 3 months ago only) many a time, without, of course, impregnating her.

Well, this episode tacitly made a strange and unique conjugal understanding between Arindam and Tulika.

Yet when Arindam spoke of a next “show” . . . his intelligent wife tuned down his request, suggesting that they should avoid locals that it or such escapade might put them into trouble or other complications.

Another couple of months went away, and then came the famous 9-day-festival --- “Navaratris” [from the end of September] in Gujarat, which’s corresponding with the “Durga Puja” (1st week of October) in Bengal.

On occasion of the ‘navaratris’ Arindam was sanctioned leave for 10 days, and they air-dashed to Calcutta on 1st October, i.e., on the day of ‘Panchumi’. In first couple of days they stayed at Tulika’s home at Bhavanipur, in south Calcutta.

Reaching Calcutta, Arindam called up “guru-ji”, obviously for a ‘threesome tryst’. But guru-ji was then down with jaundice, so their expected secret escapade-programme was cancelled, which frustrated the young couple.

At night, while fore-playing with Tulika in the bed, Arindam asked his wife if she was interested in a promiscuous “blind-date”! Curious Tulika asked if he got someone like that in mind. “Not exactly or particularly anyone as such,” Arindam replied. Tulika smiled, and blurted: “I have a distant septuagenarian maternal grandpa (dadu) in a remote village in Hooghly district, some 80 kilometers away from Calcutta city. I have not seen him years together. Last I saw him by the end of my high school. He is also a widower and childless, living all alone in his ancestral house in village.”

Zealous Arindam’s excitement mounted in anticipation, and he asked if he had every tried with her. Tulika burst into a giggle, and fixing her eyes on Arindam’s, she said: “no, not that way. But I heard he was a prurient man in his heydays . . . and had eaten a number of girls of his times! Hmm! Can he now taste you in this senile age !, Arindam doubted. “Let’s visit him, and we will see it there”, she coaxed.

Then suddenly, to Tulika’s utter surprise and shock, Arindam came out with a strange proposition. He blurted: “Today I saw a young slim swarthy servant at your place. I noticed him stealthily staring at your boobs while you were sitting in the hall this evening.” “What ! Do you want me to seduce him?! Oh my god !,” she exclaimed, smiling to herself. Arindam yet insisted, and finally persuaded or molded his wife into his naughty plan to secretly get him teased, if not seduced or fornicated, by Tulika Biswas! “All right, I will, but he shouldn’t make out that he was a game”, Tulika said out to Arindam, again smiling to herself.

The boy, now aged some 20+ years, working in Tulika’s home, or her advocate father’s house was as a full-time domestic servant; his name was Ratan Bera, originally belonging to a village in west-Mednipur district in west Bengal.

An orphan Ratan came to Tulika’s parental house (1999) when he was bare a teenage boy (of 12+ years) and Tulika, elder by him by some +2 years, was then studying in school (in VIII standard).

However, when husband Arindam came out with his proposition, Tulika went to some flashback incidents in mind ----- episodes in her school days that had taken place between then school-girl Tulika and their young domestic servant Ratan, within the privacy of four-walls of her room. Those days Tulika’s ailing mother was confined to bed.

However, it was that young Ratan’s one of the menial tasks was then to look after Tulika’s personal affairs or to run her errands at home. Well, Tulika attained or underwent her first menstrual Periods at the age of -13 (2003), and her boobs thereafter started blossoming out rapidly . . . and, in fact, a few months subsequent to the advent of Ratan in their house, mid-adolescent Tulika started using brassiere. And initially, or in initial days, Tulika would feel difficult to hook up her back-clasped brassiere . . . and, situationally, one day she, after stepping out in her room from her bathroom or after her bath, found Ratan booming off the floor. Finding her in the room Ratan looked up at her. She was standing there in her school-skirt and a “gaamchha” (a kind of bathing-napkin) just wrapping around top, with her both hands on her blooming breast-domes, cross-wise, over white cups of the brassiere. Ratan felt shy, somewhat scared either, seeing her under-clothed. But Tulika did not feel shy with him that way. She innocently sought his help in hooking up her bra which was left undone at her back. With trembling fingers Ratan hooked up her brassiere. Then onwards, it became a tacit ‘special task’ for servant Ratan to hook up and unhook Tulika’s brassiere . . . before her going to school and after returning home from school, obviously on the blind-side of others in the house.

Thus grew a strange intimacy between Tulika and servant Ratan who used to call her “Tuli-di”. Basically modest, Tulika was otherwise a very high-nosed girl, self-conscious of her lovely body and feature, and would never pay a heed to or give “patta” to the boys, inside or outside her school, who used to try to be closer or often make a bee-line for her.

On the other hand, gradually, she had, perhaps somewhat unselfconsciously, developed a kind of un-inhibitions with her “mid-adolescent” menial boy, Ratan. However, by the end of her high school, Tulika’s breasts blossomed out into their nubile fullness ---- round and very firm in arrogance of early prime youth, ‘34-A’ in size. And from the “skirt-Shirt” (earlier school-dress in junior classes) she shifted or changed into traditional “saree-blouse” . . . Still then Ratan’s ‘special job’ with her was to “hook-up and unhook her brassiere” as usual. By then Ratan had already assumed a habit of masturbation (in toilet) ---- naturally with his nubile full-bodied Tuli-di in mind. He would dream about his “choli-maalkin ” (Tulika). . . but, at the same time, he was scared to take liberty with her lest he might invite trouble for him or be thrown out of the house. Yet one sweaty summer day . . . he finally, and instinctively, dared turn bold in his ‘special service’ to Tulika. . .and his pranks won him her body in no time.

It so happened (mid-June 2007 during Tulika’s vacation after the HS examination) that it was a hot summer day, and Tulika was, after her lunch, in rest in her room upstairs, as usual. She had then no AC in her room, and though the ceiling-fan was on in its full speed, she was feeling uncomfortable with sweaty warmth of the mid-Summer. On the top of it, that day she was feeling uncomfortable due to prickly-heats in her dorsal region, and therefore, to get a relief from it she called Ratan and asked him to apply and dub some talc-powder upon her back. She was then in her saree etc (with no brassiere under her blouse, by chance). So, Ratan closed the door, bolting it from within, and came back to her. And observing her for a few seconds, he, in an innocent way, said to Tulika: “how can I do it unless your blouse is removed!” On hearing his blunt words Tulika looked at him and cited: “Hmm!.” Then she asked him to turn round and shut his eyes. He obeyed her then and there, with a pondering heart. Now Tulika slowly peeled her blouse off, and then assuming a prostrate position in the bed, she asked him to turn round and begin his job. Ratan turned round and found her lying on her back with her dorsal exposed. He could now see a considerable portion of her breast-sides being revealed or jutted out due to her body-pressure against the bed. He kept staring it agape, but then he started his task with some talc-power in hands. He poured some on her back and assumed smearing it there, making his palm-flats run all over her dorsal region, and thus making her sigh in comfort and relief. And thus, while running his palms there, his fingers often slid to her flanks or ribs, rather her breast-sides, and brushed up. But Tulika did not resist his advances with her breast-sides. Only sighs of comfort escaping her then. Her indulgence encouraged Ratan, and he now began touching her warm breast-flesh, from sides, as if in a massaging style. Soon her sighs of relief turned into sighs or moans of pleasure, in a low tone. By now Ratan was irresistibly aroused in anticipation, and he lost his continence. And suddenly, to an utter shock and surprise of Tulika, he overturned her, and Tulika looked at him with her eyes smiling with desire. It was the first occasion for Ratan to see his beautiful “late-adolescent” Tuli-di completely topless. Her pair of firm breasts, tipped with already swollen nipples, stood aloft or high in arrogance of nubile youth, as if in challenge to his masculinity, to be molested in his strong hands. Her honey-brown circumferences --- the areolae--- around each taut nipple, instantly watered his mouth. And on the impulse of that exciting moment, Ratan simply closed one his hand around a breast of hers and bent over it to engulf the breast-tip in mouth. She trembled and moaned the moment his eager mouth came over it. Instinctively Talika thrust up to shove as much of her succulent breast-flesh into his mouth as she could, and thus indicating her consent, in an unspoken way, to younger Ratan to devour her nubile youth and nectar. Ratan continued hungrily sovouring virgin Tulika’s sensitive breasts, by turns, pressing, kneading, sucking and biting them at random. His saliva ran down her breast-tops. Tulika was trembling her head, side-to-side, in sexual heat that had set her on fire, and hissing in bliss. She was already wet, and dying for his cock to invade her maidenhood or felinity. Ratan was getting wild, moment by moment, and he bit harder in her pinkish breast-flesh, making her outcry in pleasurable pain. Then suddenly, he got off her body, and yanked off all his clothes, --- his huge angry cock jutted out in sexual fury before his Tuli-di’s eyes; her eyes popped out in wonder. Next moment Ratan peeled her disheveled saree, also her petticoat, off her body, and came over her naked body. He resumed showering kisses all over her bare body, right from her forehead to toes, in spontaneous spontaneity, and Tulika was just enjoying his impulsive pranks. Finally he moved to her pubic area, and widening her thighs apart, he placed his mouth on her wet vaginal mound. She shrieked the moment his eager tongue invaded her vaginal lips, totally wet with her the oozing nectar from her youth. And Ratan started eating her with gusto. And the moment his tongue-tip started licking her wet clitoris, she saw stars, and a shuddering orgasm overtook her with spasm of ecstasy. He went on working on it, and she was reeling like a reed in her ecstatic bliss, and was moaning louder now. She pleaded mercy. . . Ratan withdrew from her pubic part, and now came atop her, and positioned himself on her belly he put his huge large lubricated cock in between her firm elated breasts, while Tulika instinctively pressed her both breasts against his erection, granting him a cushioning-comfort and sensation. He assumed a ramming-movement, to-and fro, between her domes, with his eyes shut in emotion. Pre-ejaculatory fluid was profusely oozing out from Ratan’s cock-head, and Ratan hissed as Tulika’s lips closed over his oozing cock-head; he opened his eyes in wonder and delight, finding his beautiful girl-womanly “maalkin” now in her horny mood to suck him to climax! He felt grateful to her affection ----and next moment he resumed his to-and fro movement against her sucking mouth. Tulika was eagerly sucking his love-stick, tasting his “precum” with gusto, with her fervent tongue gyrating over his cock-head, thus taking him closer to his climax, moment by moment. Then within a couple of minutes, he reached his ecstatic climax, and next moment a jet of warm young sperm from Ratan’s penis jutted out into Tulika’s mouth, almost choking her up for initial few seconds. She allowed him to fill her mouth to brim, and then she pulled him out, and, without any hesitation or inhibition, she just swallowed all his ejaculated nectar in her mouth, with gusto. Ratan, even after his huge ejaculation, still stayed strong and high as before, to her utter surprise. Some stuff or seminal milk had fallen on Tulika’s pert bosom while Ratan was pulling out from her mouth after his deluge. And she now smeared or embrocated it over her two domes of youth until the fluid was dried down in her skin.

However, by then, Ratan had already reached back to her nether region, between her thighs. Now he spontaneously positioned himself between the entry-gate to her heaven. For a moment Tulika was scared, but then she was on no point of return either. She shut her eyes and guided him into her. Intelligent Ratan made a slow and careful entry into Tulia, by pushing his throbbing cock deeper inside her, as if centimeter by centimeter, and surged ahead a little within her body until his cock-head touched her hymen; he stopped there and pulled himself out a little before further attack. And then a couple of seconds later he thrust back into her deeper, forcefully, tearing her hymen inside. Tulika shrieked in pain, but at the same time requested to go ahead or continue lovemaking. Ratan went on to pump himself up-and-down within her, with long deeper thrusts, with his hands now squeezing her high breasts. She also spontaneously responded to him with same emotion and zeal, by rhythmically counter-thrusting against each of his coital thrusts. . . A couple of minutes passed away, and then she felt orgasms pervading her, and next moment she started undergoing her most elastic orgasms, one after another, with him; she felt like traveling in her seventh heaven. Moans of ecstasy escaped her frequently . . . and her soul waited for that transcendental moment of her transformation into women! Soon the awaited moment came as Ratan made a full deeper thrust inside her and just collapsed upon her heaving bosom and sperm squirted out into her receptive womb like a volcano eruption, making her tremble in ecstasy and satiation. Satisfied Tulika ran her fingers on his head, into hair, in deep affection and gratitude. He kept lying upon him, without still withdrawing from her within. And moments later he started churning in her, anew and afresh, with great zeal. And once again he filled her with his seed. Tulika did not regret having lost her virginity to her servant-boy.

Nobody in the house could ever come to know this incident as the behaviour between Tulika and Ratan was very normal in front of others, but they would mate together in secret or wherever scopes came. In fact, after that first tryst or initiation, Tulika virtually gave her favourite younger servant-boy a free access to her mouth-watering body, like a clandestine lover, and Ratan would also satiate her hunger regularly, especially on her save days.

Days passed into month, months into year, and year into. . . Gradually, Tulika stepped out from her school periphery and entered the ambit of Collage.

Tulika felt for poor Ratan when she was betrothed to Anirban or was married off to him soon after it. . .

And now when a proposal abruptly came from her hedonist husband about her ‘teasing’ Ratan, she burst out into a giggle in mind, but she did not reveal to him the fact that she had lost her virginity to Ratan when was about to pass out of high school or it was he who had tasted her a number of times . . . until her marriage a few months ago in early 2011. She only said to her husband Arindam: “Okey! I shall try it out if scope comes up.”

Arindam was restless . . . in the want of his voyeuristic delectation and this very desire of his was not beyond the knowledge of his ‘recently-married’ wife, Tulika, who was equally fond of sex.

However, next day was “Shasthi”, the 6th day of the “navaratris”. And last night Arindam and Tulika decided that next day they would go to meet that old man, Tulika’s “dadu” in his village. And thereafter, after a wild lovemaking, they retied to sleep. Next morning Arindam woke up early and found his wife still sleeping. She was in her ‘front-hooked’ nightie. He watched the sleeping beauty, and while watching her naughty idea suddenly flashed in his mind. He was expecting Ratan to come up with bed-tea in hand, and so, and egged upon by that naughty idea in mind, Arindam slowly unhooked all the hooks down her front to expose sleeping Tulika’s protruded breasts in the open . . . so that Ratan could see her pectoral assets when entered the room. And then he got off the bed and unbolted the door, and leaving it slightly ajar he came back beside his sleeping wife. And he, shutting his eyes, waited for any moment’s entry of that servant into the room. His heart was palpitating hard in excitement and he was already aroused in anticipating. He did shut his eyes, but not to the extent of fully closing them at the same time. A couple of minutes Arindam heard the sound of foot-steps of someone coming upstairs, and he knew it was servant Ratan coming up to serve them morning-tea. He stayed shut-eyed as though still in his sound sleep.

Next moment Ratan entered, and he turned agape seeing his “Tuli-di” sleeping with her full breasts out in the open. His eyes sparked with lust for her, and stealthily he walked closer to her side, and keeping his tray on the side-table, he leaned forth a little to see if her husband was really asleep. And he became sure that “dadababu” (Arindam) was sleeping. Thus being sure of “no risk”, Ratan brought his face to one breast of the sleeping beauty which was already left open for him (by Arindam). And he took the nipple in his mouth, placing his one hand on the other bare breast, carefully. On the other hand, Arindam watched it in his athwart stare, stealthily or not letting the sucking servant know that he’s being secretly watched.

In the beginning, Ratant was sucking and pressing Tulika’s breasts very mildly. But gradually he increased his force or fervency, resulting that a typical squishy-sound of breast-suction started coming up, and in no time a low moan escaped Tulika suddenly and which made Arindam sure that Tulika was no longer asleep . . . But she neither opened her eyes, nor did she push Ratan off her bosom. Her both nipples by now were swollen in sexual heat. Ratan suddenly cast her off, and ran to bolt the door from within. Then he came back to his place and resumed fondling Tulika’s pert breasts. Frequent moans of pleasure started escaping Tulika’s lips, suggesting that she was enjoying it with Ratan. But Ratan did not go ahead with his ‘stealthy love’ with ‘sleeping’ Tulika lest her ‘sleeping husband’ lying besider her might get up and catch him red-handed. In a hurry Ratan unzipped his shorts and pulled out his huge erected cock, already wet with ‘precum’. And then he started brushing his oozing cock-head against Tulika’s whole bosom, gyrating his lubricated cock-head over her breast-tips, or the brown nipples, thus coating her breast-skin with his sticky watery fluid. Watching it Arindam was almost on the verge of his climax, without practically masturbation. Ratan now started pumping his swollen cock over Tulika’s breast-domes, and after a couple of minutes, with a groan escaping his mouth; he simply flooded over Tulika’s breasts in a huge quantity. The milky fluid splashed all around her bosom and ran down from peaks to flanks and belly like streams running down the hill-tops.

After his ejaculation, he smeared or embrocated the released fluid on her breasts until it dried down in her breast-skin. And then he zipped up and left the room. Immediately after Ratan’s departure, Tulika looked at Arindam and both of them burst out into laughter. Arindam appreciated his courage and strength, also his seminal quantity.

Tulika smiled and asked if he enjoyed the “show”. . . Arindam thanked her for it, and then dragged her into bathroom to fill her.

After 4 days, or day after the “dashami” (Dasera ), the Couple, set out for the place (where the aforesaid maternal uncle (dadu) of Tulika resided) to pay a “pranam” to him. He lived in a village called ‘Balampur’, situated some 80 kilometers away from Calcutta city, in the district of Hooghly in west Bengal.

This grandfatherly septuagenarian old man, more or less down now with the senility of age, was prone to prurience in his heydays. A childless widower “Dadu” who lived all alone in his small house was seldom visited by any kin from Calcutta. So he was overwhelmed seeing Tulika and Arindam before him. He had seen Tulika years before or when she was in her mid-teens, but now at the advent of the beautiful and “full-bodied” Tulika, “Dadu” seemed to have found a boon out of the blue!

Witty “dadu” would call Tulika usually by her nick-name (Tulii) or sometimes as “Bou” (wife)! There was none else lived there with Dadu, only excepting a local middle-aged or ‘early middle-aged’ maidservant (Lakkhi-di ) who would look him after. In fact, ailing “dadu” was almost confined to bed, suffering from many diseases, caused by decrepitude, including partial deafness and glaucoma in eyes.

In fact, “Lakkhi-di” should not be termed or called a domestic ‘maidservant’ as such; she was like a ‘governess’ who would be cooking for him or feeding him medicine, or even bathing and toweling him etc, and thereby she was a kind of guardian of him. Sober Lakkhi-di was sweet in feature, dark in complexion, and voluptuous in figure, and younger by “dadu” by some 44 years! Separated or deserted by husband, Lakkhi-di would virtually stay with “dadu”

However, Lakkhi-di looked after the guests (Arindam & Tulika) very well in her best possible way. Tulika liked her. They were given a room next to that of Dadu.

Next day, while Lakkhi-di was taking senile ‘dadu’ to their [open-placed] “kaltala” (tube-well), situated outside room in the courtyard, Tulika accompanied them. Tulika pumped the tube-well whereas Lakkhi-di poured water on “dadu”, thus bathing the old man. All this Arindam was watching from his balcony. However, after the bath, Lakkhi-di started drying him up with a “gamchha” (bathing-napkin), making him sit on a stool. Dadu placed one his hand on Lakkhi-di ’s shoulder. In her drying-movements, her “pallu” naturally slid off her shoulder, or rather bosom, unveiling her full cleavage. It appeared she had not worn any bra inside. And Dadu ‘s trembling senile hand, or fingers in particular, slid down over her protruded bosom, and his palm-flat just closed over one her pert breast-dome. The view brought tingles in Tulika’s spine . . . and she instantly felt like being wet in her pubic zone. She kept looking on them, fascinated. After drying him up, Lakkhi-di helped him again walk inside his room by giving him her shoulder in support, easing his hand work on her breasts freely over her (braless) blouse. Tulika followed them back.

Lakkhi-di positioned “dadu” recumbent in the bed and went out thereof. Little later Lakkhi-di entered Dadu’s room with his lunch in a tray in hand, and started feeding him with lot of care and affection.

Tulika was watching it, sitting nearby a chair. Dadu did not wear his specs this time, so he was virtually blind then or unable to see Tulika clearly. However, shortly after the start of his eating, Tulika’s saucy ‘dadu’ reached out for Lakkhi-di’s heaving bosom and seized one her revealing dome in hand. To ease him she helped him undo her two blouse-hooks down the front, thereby allowing her much of her breasts to jut out in the open, and Tulika’s grand-father continued cupping her breasts while being fed by her, simultaneously. All this was going on dead in front of stunned and excited Tulika. Lakkhi-di simply did not bother about younger Tulika’s presence in the room. Some moments later, Lakkhi-di looked at Tulika, and smiled, and Tulika smiled back. The old man then asked his doting governess to fetch him some more of a particular vegetable item which ran sort. Lakkhi-di then got from his bed-edge, and went out for kitchen. Tulika followed her. In kitchen she requested Lakkhi-di to let her feed him now. Lakkhi-di giggled, and said: “I do not mind it. But your naughty breast-crazy dadu will not eat unless he fondles boobs. . . Are you ready for it?” Tulika’s comely face turned crimson in coy, but she nodded her head in agreement. Wearing a smile on lips, Lakkhi-di then asked her to take out her brassiere from beneath her blouse, and let the blouse remain undone down her front. She obeyed her advice.

Next moment Tulika was in Lakkhi-di’’s place . . . and in no time her dadu’s hand reached out for her jutting breasts, obviously not knowing that Lakkhi-di had inter-exchanged her seat with his grand-daughter now. The old man as usual resumed cupping the breasts, mildly, running his palm-flat from one breast to the other, making her nipples erect under his naughty palm. On the other hand, somehow controlling the hisses in her throat, Tulika went on to feed him food.

After cupping and pressing Tulika’s firm and round breasts for a minute or so, the old man blurted out a doubt: “ Lakkhi! How do your breasts become a bit hard-fleshed and slightly smaller in size, now suddenly?” Tulika felt scared and embarrassed also. She turned her face to Lakkhi-di, somewhat in confusion. Lakkhi-di winked at her, thus beckoning her to continue with him The old man, on the other hand, did not stop or withdraw. He was still on his job. . . Tulika’s firm resilient breasts rebounded to his every compression or squeeze . . . with arrogance and warmth of prime youth. Tulika felt a strange delight and satisfaction that she was meting out bliss of sexual comfort to her senile grandpa who had been deprived of such pleasure from a “very young girl” like her. By the time he finished his lunch Tulika had a climax, and was oozing continuously.

After Dadu’s lunch she went upstairs and said to her eagerly awaiting husband about her experiences with ‘dadu’. Arindam was overwhelmed about this incident, and he thanked Tulika for her compassion with her “dadu”. While they were talking out, Lakkhi-di came up there with their lunch, and while she was serving the lunch, Arindam observed her voluptuous figure ---- and strangely appealed to him. She was smiling in her sleeve. Tulika also did notice Arindam ogling, somewhat by stealth, at Lakkhi-di. Tulika thought it’s the best time and opportunity that she now ought to open out Lakkh-di . . . and she abruptly asked Lakkhi-di , in front of Arindam: “Do you regularly comfort our Dadu in such intimate way, Lakkhi-di ?” Lakkhi-di looked at Tulika, with a naughty smile in her eyes, and nodded her head in affirmation. Tulika smiled and then asked her further, and now to her surprise: “I want to feed Dadu my nectar . . . and will you help me out in it ?”

Lakkhi-di, looked at Arindam, and fixing her eyes on him she said out in reply: “Yah! Sure! I can help you gladly. But before that I think I should feed mine to your aroused husband. . And what about this fun ?” Her words both stunned and gladdened the guest-Couple.

An hour subsequent to lunch, Lakkh-di again came into the guest room upstairs, now with a different purpose. The guests --- Tulika and her husband Arindam --- were eagerly waiting for her. Lakkhi-di climed to the bed, and straightway came over Arindam, while Tulika watched. Soon Lakkhi-di stripped off Arindam, simultaneously letting him denude her. And she rode him atop, easing his throbbing cock to settle within her and offering him her soft-fleshed heavy breasts to savour.

Excited Tulika kept voyeuring their love-bouts, fascinated, and, of course, without envying horny Lakkhi-di. Soon Lakkhi-di ‘s love-moans echoed around. . . Tulika’s excitement mounted moment by moment, watching their love-bout, and after some time she also joined the bout, having stripped herself off. She pressed her pert breasts against the face of Arindam. . . and that afternoon Arindam took 2 woman by turns on same bed. . .filling their respective wombs.

At night (or late evening) while dinner was being served to Dadu , Arindam took a chair in corner to watch the fun. Now Tulika was feeding Dadu, while Lakkhi-di stood nearby or beside Arindam, --- a little away from Dadu ’s bed. Voyeur Arindam turned highly aroused and delighted when the old man placed his hand on Tulika’s breasts, over her blouse. Tulika helped her grandpa unhook it and peel it off her upside. Tacitly she did not wear brassiere underneath. And the grandpa now started feeling after Tulika’s topless upside. . . Her nipples had already been swollen, and he began gyratory movement on swollen nipples with his trembling fingers. Tulika bit her nether lip to control her moans of sexual bliss . . . though it was not necessary . . . that the old man was almost blind and deaf to clearly see and hear her. By now Arindam had unzipped and pulled out his erection to wank. But Lakkhi-di who was standing beside him did not let him masturbate. She knelt down in his front and engulfed him in her warm mouth, simultaneously letting him yanking her blouse off her body.

After feeding grandpa the dinner and washing and drying his mouth, topless Tulika made him comforted him in the bed by positioning him in recumbence, and came beside him in the bed. And then she started massaging him mildly, running her hands over his hairless chest to belly, and gradually she slid further below . . . and slowly unknotted his “dhoti”. The shut-eyed grandpa remained tacitly silent, offering any resistance to her advance. In no time Tulika’s hand reached out for his senile penis and found it still droopy, though it was often trembling in sensual excitement. Tulika grabbed it in her right fingers, and to enliven it she brought her mouth on it and engulfed it with both love and lust for him. A soft moan escaped him the moment his sleeping penis started being sucked by his horny grand-daughter.

On the other hand, Tulika’s husband had by now erupted one ejaculation in Lakkhi-di ‘s hungry mouth, and having swallowed it all Lakkhi-di had now pulled him over her bare body lying on her back on the floor. . .

Tulika kept sucking her grandpa . . . until he came alive in her hungry mouth . . . after quite some time. To her surprise and delight, Tulika now found her grandpa’s penis getting an erection to its full length and size in her sucking mouth, and she eagerly continued to bring him to his first climax in her mouth.

On the other hand, Arindam had started churning in Lakkhi-di in a missionary position, with hands working on her breasts, creating their law-toned sounds of physical love, in the same room, obviously without comprehension of the “male-partner” of the other Couple --- the grandpa and his doting grand-daughter, in the bed.

Tulika’s mouth was bobbing, up and down, over grandpa’s penis, in the pool of her profusely oozing saliva. And letting hands feel after her arrogantly firm breasts, Tulika was zeroing on her grandpa’s ‘now stiffened’ manhood, hoping to suck out his sperm. Soon the old man appeared to be in position or capability to fulfil Tulika’s desire; Tulika was sensing the urge of liberty in his cock-head and she knew he was about to erupt his lava. And she was ready for it. . . And moments later an audible shriek escaped Grandpa’s mouth, and a squirt of watery semen, not much huge in quantity, jutted out in Tulika’s mouth, sending tingles through her spine. She swallowed every drop of it with gusto.

After his release, grandpa thanked her, and to her utter surprise and embarrassment and also delight Tulika heard him saying: “God bless you, Bou! So kind of it that you are feeding me the nectarine prime youth of your body . . . to make me feel rejuvenated! Where is your husband?” Tulika looked down to Arindam who winked at her as indication to her to carry on with him.

Next moment, Tulika became totally nude, and positioned herself beside her supine grandpa in such gesture that now she could easily accommodate his face on her breasts. And thus she sealed his agape mouth with one her breast, pushing much of its tip, including the swollen nipple, thus encouraging him to suck on it and molest her breasts. The experienced grandpa initially began sucking her breasts like a child frantically looking for milk in them. Tulika felt strange . . . because her grandpa was devoid of any teeth in mouth, and it was Tulika’s first experience that a toothless adult mouth was sucking her breasts. She felt contented and happy about it. She wished she could really feed him her breast-milk at that time! A typical squelchy sound of savage breast-suction echoed out. The grandpa continued his suction on her breasts, by turns, along with his both hands working on them.

He became wild, finding such a pair of young youthful resilient breasts in his possession. And soon, Tulika, who was moaning aloud in pleasure, found him ready, and now ready enough to enter her hot body. And finally she rode him, or came atop him, easing him to settle inside her body. Both Arindam and Lakkhi-di watched this unique coital bout or fornication, between the ‘young and the old’, fascinated and impressed. Grandapa, seizing Tulika’s fleshy breasts in hands, was thrusting against hers in perfect rhythm and tempo . . . and their wild love-moans were creating a strange erotic and hedonistic circumstance in the room, a spree of orgy in two different pairs. Tulika forgot to count the number of her ecstatic orgasms with her savage rejuvenated grandpa and similar the case with Lakkhi-di with Arindam.

Their escapade continued until midnight, or until they all fell asleep, totally satiated and exhausted.

Tulika and Anirban stayed there two more days, and they enjoyed their stay with Grandpa a lot.

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