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My daughter has a killer body. Long reddish brown hair, 5’ tall, nice full tits and a beautiful face. I’d had lusty feelings for her for a long time, but never made a move on her. The more I ignored her, the more she wanted my attention. She would walk around in her night clothes, no bra or panties and watch to see if I looked at her. She would hug me and push her pussy up to me, rub my back and chest, take my hands and place them on her body, just short of her tits or pussy. I wanted to pick her up and carry her to my bed bad, but I resisted and tried to ignore her.

One afternoon I went in her room to ask her something and she hugged me big and pushed her pussy hard into my dick. She said: “Daddy, how come you never compliment me on how I look?” I sat her down on her bed. I put my arms around her, kissed her on the cheek and whispered: (“I have something to tell you. I have deep feelings for you. Sexual feelings. If I said how hot you make me feel, mom would kill me. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You have a perfect body, and I drives me crazy. If your mother knew how many times I’ve thought of ‘you’, while we have sex with her…., she would throw me out of the house.”)

Lena smiled real big, kissed me on the lips very softly and said:

(“Mom would throw both of us out of the house daddy.”)
She put her arms around my neck, and pushed me on my back on her bed. Now she was laying on top of me. She whispered: (“If mom knew how many times I have played with myself, thinking of you and I having sex, she would flip out…. wow daddy,…and all this time we’ve both felt the same way.”)

She paused and thought while playing with my hair. Mom was home, so she whispered in my ear. (“..there is a way we can both have online sex together though…I know of 2 other girls who do it with their dads…online.”)
I thought about that for a minute. I had my computer in the den, and she had hers in her bedroom, right across the hall. I smiled big and whispered back: (“I think you may have something there, I’ll meet you tonight on our web cams.”) She smiled big and got up and checked to see where mom was. Mom was in the laundry room working away. She came back in her bedroom and gave me a quick tongue kiss, felt my boner and I quick felt her wonderful tits. We broke it off and went on our separate ways.

The wife didn’t do computers. She didn’t even know how to turn one on. I rearranged my computer so the screen faced away from the doorway, but also I faced right at Lena’s bedroom door. Lena did the same, facing me right in the den, and so anyone walking in wouldn’t see the screen, giving us time to minimize the cam picture out of sight.
That night, the wife went to bed, as I stayed up working on the computer. A normal occurrence. Lena’s door was closed. I turned on the web cam, put on my head phones with microphone and there she was, smiling at me. She tilted her camera down to only show her from the neck down. She began to feel her own tits and play with them. She whispered: (“Daddy, these are your hands feeling me….ooooo they feel awesome on me.”)

I did the same and opened my robe up for her to see my big boner standing tall. I whispered: (“…yes they are my hands, feeling the most beautiful tits in the world. I feel your nipples on the tips of my fingers…mmm…firm…. but so soft too.”)
I directed her, and her hands went right where I had them go. She had my hands feeling my boner up and down and feeling my balls. The fact that she was right across the hall, 12 feet away was a turn on, out of this world.
This went on several nights, feeling and talking on how much we were so hot for each other. If I stayed to long, I risk the wife coming in and saying it’s late, come to bed dear.

The next day Lena passed me in the hall and whispered: (…”I want to see us cum daddy, how about tonight?”) I told her that mom was going to her sister’s house this weekend, and we would do it then. She smiled big, looked around and squeezed my boner as I felt again…those wonderful tits of hers. It was clear for a minute, so I reached down her shorts, and stuck my finger in her little damp pussy, and rubbed her little clit firm and fast. She bucked her hips back as she gasp!…I pulled my finger out and stuck it in my mouth.
Her eyes went big…she gasp again….and shivered with an orgasm. I steadied her, as she sucked a big breath. She whispered out of breath: (…”daddy!…that was…. awesome!”…) We heard mom and kept on our way. She quick went into the bathroom to compose herself.
The day came and Lena and I were trembling inside waiting for mom to leave. Finally mom left that night. Lena sat on the couch and I in my chair. When that door closed, we looked at each other and smiled big. We waited for mom’s car to leave. We still waited quietly to make sure she didn’t return for some reason. We both stood up grinning.

I said: “On the count of three….one…two…, and she took off like a shot, with me chasing right behind her. She squealed as we rounded the hall for our rooms. She stopped in front of the den, putting her arms out blocking the doorway. She said: “You can’t go in till you give me a kiss, daddy.”
“I kissed you last year on your birthday.”
“Gimme a real kiss daddy.”
“Close your eyes little Lena.”
I held up my two fingers to her lips, and pressed. She bit me.
“Get in your bedroom you naughty girl!”
She tried to grab my boner as I took off, her chasing me all the way, yelling…”Daddy, come back here!….you get in that den, you bad boy!, I just want one feel…for now…tee hee.” We chased, hid, laughed, giggled and finally I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and plopped her on her bed. I tickled her so bad she said to stop, or she was going to wet her panties. I went out her door and said: …’’and don’t you leave this room, unless I say you can, young lady!” She hiked her skirt up and wiggled her butt at me. She said: “I need a kiss here too.”

I slowly came back in her room and closed her door. I whispered: (“..now you gone to far, daddy has to spank.”) She grinned and gasp at the same time. She sat on the bed like a naughty little girl, grinning. I said: “Over the knee with you little miss.” She bent over my knees as she giggled. I slowly lifted her skirt up, felt her sweet little ass, and slowly pulled her panties down. She twitched as she waited for a smack….only I did it different this time. I reached under her and slipped my finger in her tight little pussy. He legs stiffened as she gasp!

I gave her two pretty sharp smacks, one on each butt cheek. She yelped, then moaned as I felt her pussy squeeze down on my finger. I pulled my finger out and massaged and kissed her butt cheeks as she shivered and twitched. I said: “Now tell daddy your sorry you teased him and made him get a big boner.“ She slowly stood up with a red face and a grin. She rubbed her butt, leaned over in my face and said:
“No I won’t!”…and took off out her door singing ‘I won’t…I won’t …no no no I won’t“…. I lost it laughing.

I tried to take a shower, I heard her saying: “Daddy, I have to pee real bad, can I come in?”
( we have two bathrooms) I said: “Ok”…and cupped a hand full of water. I saw her grinning as she tipped toed in….Pow! I got her with the water. I hear the usual: “Daddy!”…. Next she get the shower with me. I turned my back so she can’t see the instant boner she has given me. I said:
“No time to fool with you, I’ve got a hot date tonight, sweetie.”
“Well…I do too, so move over.”

We bumped each other for the warm water, as we giggled.
“Daddy, would you wash my back, I can’t reach it.”
“No…no time.” I tried not to look at her beautiful body, all wet and soapy,…damn I wanted to fuck her so bad. Then I felt to little arms going around my waist and feeling my big boner.
“Oh daddy!…you’ve got a big swelling here, you better let me take a look at it!”
“No… no time, I’ll fix it later.” I directed the water right in her face, and escaped out of the shower. I heard again the usual…”Daddy!”.
That was hard to leave that shower, I needed an aspirin bad!
To the cameras we went. Our doors were open and we had all night. Neither one of our computer desk’s had panels on them, so our legs and all were in view. We both had robes on and she of course had hers wide open for me to look at her sweet little pussy. I put a towel over my boner, just to tease her. We started in directing our hands to do what the other one wanted. She kept saying: “Your hands are now removing the towel!…” I stalled and said: “Huh?…your hands are feeling your beautiful tits and rolling your nipples”….

“The TOWEL…daddy!’’ I finally removed the towel, and pointed the camera right at my boner. She stood up and did a sexy dance, slowly removing her robe, a few inches at a time. I watched her sweet pussy close up on camera, and watched her LIVE, peel her robe off.
I knew this was not going to work. Man can only take so much of a hot, sexy, beauty only 12 feet away and not attack it. She knew it too. I stood up, took my robe clear off, walked to my doorway, and started stroking my boner. She, smiling all the way, did the same only putting two fingers in her pussy and feeling her tits. We met ½ way in the hall. I picked her up and carried her to the master bedroom and laid her down with me on top of her. She put her arms around my neck and whispered: (“…oh I forgot to tell you those other girls that do the web cam’s with their daddy’s…..It didn‘t work for them either.”)
We must have spent 30 minutes just feeling us all over and kissing like new lovers do. My dick was screaming for action!…, but I savored it, I admit it. Licking her thigh’s and back up to her tits and hearing her moan so sweet, was awesome.

She squirmed and turned quickly to feel and hold my dick. She had waited a long time for this as she stroked me and kissed and licked my dick. We lay sideways, our hearts beating heavy with excitement. I now had her sweet pussy to myself, to lick and savor the feeling on my tongue up and down her wet slit. She jumped and moaned as my tongue danced around her clit.

She scooted her pussy closer and in tight to my tongue. I felt her lips slowly go over the head of my dick, so sensuous and soft. I felt her warm breath on it as her slick tongue began to get my dick wet all over. She almost made me cum right then, but it was going in her pussy the first time, as I held back cuming.
I could take no more, and turned, opened her legs wide and mounted her.

I held my dick and teased her pussy and clit with it. She shook and moaned in an anticipation attack, squirming and pushing her awaiting pussy to me. She moaned…”…oh daddy…put it in…” I started slipping it in, a little at a time, into a tight but wet, sweet pussy. Finally it went all the way in as we both moaned and fell together. My knees went under her legs as her legs went around me tight. We both trembled and moaned out of breath as it now started with a slow fucking motion.

Her fingers dug into my back, pulling with our motion. We panic kissed between breaths and moaned in our mouths. I had never felt my dick get this big, as I savored every feeling inside her tight pussy. She could wait no more and started fucking fast, driving me deep into her pussy. We made deep moaning sounds that were out of our control. She pulled me tight to her and started shaking all over. She climaxed big just as I shot the biggest load I could ever remember. We both yelled something loud and fucked faster and faster….
She moaned so wonderful as I kept pumping my cum in her. I felt her pussy quiver as she squeezed with everything she had.

We want it to last forever. I felt her sweet tits as I savored a thousand feelings. She held me tight as she trembled and kept moaning. Time seemed to stop as we both took a journey somewhere in another world….

Mom was back, and back to the webcams we went at night. Lena and I both had headsets with mic’s on them, so we could whisper to each other as we showed ourselves and filled our requests to each other. Lena had her room lights off, but I got her a small flex light to shine on herself. She always had her door open for my live viewing, plus the webcam. My lights were on as usual. We set it up as ’mom’ proof as possible. Mom slowly got use to my late night ‘Reports‘…I had to do for work. The head phones were for listening to music, (she thought.)

That first night was awesome.
She put on a show for me that had me shaking, I wanted her so bad. She watched me stroke myself as if her and I were fucking like we just did. She had her fingers wet and working her pussy like my cock was in her. I could hear her breathing in her mic, and tiny suppressed moans. We both whispered to each other between our gasps for breath.

(“…it’s cuming Lena…just for you…you feel so good….your pussy is so hot…cum with me baby…let’s cum together….hold me tight baby…hold daddy and let his fingers make you….feel…so good.”…)
(….”..daddy I feel you in me,…. you so big and your making me….cum…it’s cumming…(moan)…I want to feel your hot cum fill me….It’s cumming….It’s…..oh my god!…)

I was going to cum for her finally and we both got red in the face building up to a climax for us. I thought….Oh god, mom don’t come in here now please! We couldn’t moan and our veins bulged as we came together. I shot way up in the air as she shook and twisted her body. Her fingers were deep in her pussy while her other hands fingers speed rubbed her clit. I heard a tiny moan, but not enough for mom to hear. I kept pumping cum all over my desk, my camera showing it all. We just looked at each other in awe of our dual cum.
Time stood still as we just enjoyed us.

I heard mom clear her throat as I had to grab my towel and quick clean up my mess on everything…room spray and I was done…my heart was pounding hard. Lena lay smiling and limp in her chair, her fingers still rubbing her pussy slowly as she had her light right on her pussy.

Torture…the same pussy I had just licked and fucked the night before….pure wonderful torture. I waited for my heart to stop pounding and went to bed, as Lena blew me kisses.

During the day Lena and I yearned for mom to go away for the night, and a weekend was a heavenly wish. We would touch each other behind mom’s back. Maybe just fingers, or a brush against each other. Passing in the hallway was risky but exciting all in one.

A quick passion kiss…a feel…a squeeze of tits and a boner. If mom went somewhere, we would hurry to the window to watch her car pull away and our arms wrapped around us and our hands felt everything we wanted so bad.
I had to wear tight jockey shorts to help hide my constant boners. Lena wore lined panties to hide her wetness.

I got an idea…hmmmm…in front of mom, I ask Lena if she would help me tonight on my ‘reports’. She said ‘yes’ and I explained she could read them as I typed them into the computer as my eyes got tired, at night. Mom thought nothing of it. That night Lena sat beside me. Our hands couldn’t keep off each other under the desk. Her warm and wet pussy was just inside her robe, as my boner was exposed for her to fondle.

We both got so hot, and snuck in kisses and whispered to each other what we were going to do the next time we were alone. Mom came by all pleased that father and daughter were doing something together…little did she know ‘what’ we were doing. The next day I rigged up a wireless pressure switch under mom and my bed so that when she got up, it lit a small red light on my desk. Now, if she got out of bed, Lena and I had a warning she was coming.

Lena was thrilled, as she wanted to get bolder with me, and I did with her. That night Lena read the same report quietly over and over again. Her hand stroked my boner as I felt her tits and pussy. She opened her legs wide for me to get two fingers in her pussy. She leaned down and started sucking my dick. No red light, so we went for it. I worked her wet pussy as she sucked me and jacked me faster. It was funny to hear her try not to moan the report at times. We couldn’t moan but couldn’t always hold back a little one.


Lena sat up and read the report, wiping her mouth off. I started typing something crazy, anything to make it look like I was working. Mom came in and smiled and said: “How’s it going you two?”…..”Oh fine”….we both said as I covered up my boner with some papers. “Don’t keep her up to late dad, or she’ll make you pay her overtime.” mom said. We all giggled, and back to bed she went, as the red light went out. Night after night we felt, kissed, licked and got ourselves hotter and hotter.
Lena was excited all the time now. During the day and at night.

She told me later what she thought to herself:

….’wow….this is so cool, being able to feel my dad and him feel me. I’m wet all the time now, and our sneaking touches and feels are so risky and exciting….I just love it. Dad and I want to have sex again, and the waiting is driving us crazy, but exciting too.
It first started with me when I started for the bathroom, and stopped. Dad was shaving with only a towel around him. He didn’t notice me. I moved back and watched him. His smooth tan body, a little hair on his chest and that’s when I first got tingles in my pussy. He looked so sexy, I wanted to get behind him, put my arms around him and feel his chest.

So….I did. I surprised him and he jumped and started breathing hard. He said: “I’ll be done in a minute, sweet.”…I stayed and held him, he give my hands a warm rub, then quick left….but I saw a boner under that towel. That gave me more tingles in my pussy. From then on I pushed my attention on him. Rubbing up against him, surprise hugs from behind him. It appeared he was ignoring me, but his little touches gave him away and the sudden lump in his pants.

Now I wanted to make him cum at his computer. The risk was driving me, I had to do it somehow. I had orgasmed in my chair, now it his turn to cum with me . My plan was to jack him good, and when he couldn’t hold it anymore, I wanted to quick put my lips over his boner and suck it all in my mouth.
That night I made sure we had a towel tucked away and we let the time run so mom would be asleep. Then it all changed….’

I knew what she was up to by the way she kept jacking me so fast. She wanted me to cum in my chair for her. I had another plan. I scooted my chair back some and pretended to be reading a report. She had both of her hands on my dick jacking away. When I got close to cuming….I reached over and set her on my lap, moved her nightie up and stuck my boner in her pussy. I held my hand over her mouth, knowing she’d moan….and did she evermuffled moans in my hand as I fucked her fast.

She rubbed her clit fast we were headed for hot climax. We got carried away and knocked stuff off my desk. I saw the red light come on!
Fuck it!…I shot a huge load in her as she squirmed and climaxed. It was so beautiful we moaned as quietly as we could.
We watched mom walk by scratching her head, all half-asleep and went into the bathroom and shut the door.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, as she never even looked in here. I saw Lena’s eyes panic as she got off my lap. She quick put stuff back up on my desk as her hands shook. She checked, then darted in her bedroom and quietly shut the door. I composed my self and acted like I was reading a report, sucking air but trying to breathing normally. Mom came out of the bathroom, still half asleep and went back to bed. The red light…went out.

We waited for a while….all quiet. Lena slowly opened her door and grinned. She danced and lifted up her nightie and flashed her tits and pussy at me.
What a pleasant way to be driven crazy.
Mom’s over-nighter was on.

The girls club was going to camp out for one night. Lena and I tried to not act excited, but we were counting the minutes until she left.
It was now…teasing time!

I whispered to her in the kitchen: (“I’m going to lick you till you wet yourself, girl!”) She gaspand whispered back: (“I’m chaining you to my bed, and never let you up for 24 hours!”) I said: (“you better rest up girl, I’m going to chase you down the street naked, catch you and fuck you on the sidewalk!)…She snuck a feel of my boner and said: (“…you’ll be to sore to fuck anything when I’m done with you!”) This went on and on until we watched mom’s car pull away that night.

Lena squeezed my dick, then took off outside. She stood in front of the window and felt her tits, lifted her skirt and flashed me with no panties on. I grabbed a flash light and went after her. She ran in the garage and hid. I shined the light around and said: “I know I saw a girl burglar outside, and she came in here OFFICER!.” I heard her giggle, somewhere in the back. “Hold the dogs, officer….I think I can catcher her! Here little burglar….come to me and take your punishment.”

By now she got the giggles and was easy to find. I jumped on her and whispered: (“…I’m not turning you in girlif you ’cooperate’, you understand.”) She said: ( “How about hot sex for my freedom?” )
I said: (“oooo your nasty, get in the house and I’ll just have to take all your clothes off and punish you good. ”) She squealed and she darted away from me and into the house she went. I went in and I hear: “I’m NOT in here.” coming from my bedroom.

I stomped the floor as I walked to the bedroom. I heard her say: “Keep away Mr. Monster!”…and giggle. I walked in my bedroom, and there she is, standing up in the middle of the bed, shaking her ass at me. She jumped in my arms and said: “Protect me from the monster, daddy.” I felt her bare ass, so smooth and warm. She started kissing me and wouldn’t stop as I undressed her.

She kept it up as she undressed me. We fell into bed still kissing, our tongues going crazy. We lay there a long time just enjoying our freedom and feeling us all over naked. The next 24 hours was the fastest ever, yet it was pure heaven. We hardly slept at all. I think we kissed and licked every part of our body’s six times over. We fucked and fucked some more. I fucked her from behind for the first time, she moaned loud as I reached around and rubbed her clit.

She rubbed it with me, then felt my cum flow out onto her fingers as she played with it. We fucked in the middle of the living room floor, the kitchen, the back porch and on cardboard in the garage. I carried her around the house, naked on my back. We snuck out in the back yard with a blanket and fucked outside. I thought I’d ran out of cum, but still a little more was there for us. We took naps naked, but woke up all hot again for each other.

Finally we had 1 hour left. We fixed my soaking bed and moved to her bedroom. She got on top of me and put my kinda sore dick in her carefully, as she was a little sore too. 45 minutes left. She started sliding back and forth on me. My dick was still hard, It never really stopped being hard. She started fucking me like it was the last fuck we’d ever get, and I did too.

Now we really knew what turned each other on and raced for it. We moaned with dry throats and let it all out. I was afraid I’d hurt her as my arms held her so tight. We let it build up and up and then it all happened….
Our body’s took over from us, pumping ourselves crazy with euphoria.
I came a big one and we flooded us with our juices. We both yelled and moaned as the jolting spasms took our breath away.
I had never felt a cum like that …ever.
She lay spent on me as we rubbed each other. We both felt dizzy and happy.
Oh shit…I heard mom’s car.
I quick moved her off of me and covered her up. I ran to the shower, and turned on the water.
I heard…..
“Hello…you two, what ch’a been up to?”
I smiled and yelled out from the shower:
“Oh,…. nothing much…Dear.”
Mom yelled back…”I had so much fun, I’m going to go overnight once a week now.”

Lena began to giggle as her pussy tingled real good.

I washed my hard dick as I sang in the shower….

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