Helping a damsel in distress

It was a cold ,dark,rainy evening when I was coming home from work.I was thinking about stopping some where for a drink before going home to an empty house. My girl friend had ran off with another guy 2 months ago and it was time to start looking for some one new.As I passed the first bar it seemed quiet so I went on my way to the next one. A short distance down the road I came up behind a car on the side of the road with it's hazard lights flashing dim and slow.

Being a dark night it wasn't in a safe spot so I stopped to see if I could help the driver.I turned around and went back and parked behind the car using my hazard lights for safety and I got out to assist the driver.

I introduced my self to the driver and when they opened the window I see it was a young female.I offered her the warmth of my vehicle and she eagerly accepted returning with me back to my car.

She said her name was Dawn and she was on her way back home form college.She determined it was the alternator that went bad ,seeming to know some thing about mechanics.

I asked her if she had called any one in which she responded that her cell phone was also dead. I let her the use of my phone but after taking it she paused then handing it back and sniffled.I could see she was troubled after a little coaxing she began to tell me what was wrong.

Apparently her dad wasn't around, her mom had moved out of state leaving her to live with her 85 year old grandmother. To make matters worse her latest boy friend recently dumped her for a girl friend of hers.

She claimed she could fix the car but nothing is open this late and just stared out the window sniffling again.

I sat there in thought then told her she was in luck,that I had triple A. I also told her that I had a garage where we could work on the car .I then offered to have it towed home if she wanted or she could spend the night at my place.She seemed to be pleased at my offer but she lived and hour away.I called triple A and arranged for a tow to my place. She called her grandmother and all that was left was to wait.

We had time to talk ,I assured her that I was not a serial killer or a pervert and she assured me that neither was she.Her spirit seemed to improve as we sat there talking and laughing about things, we seem to have in common.

Being dark out it was really difficult to determine what she looked like but her personality was nice. I did find out that she was 23 years old, taking mechanics in college and enjoyed working on vehicles.

I told her I was 37 and was working as a mechanic my self .I told her admired a woman that wasn't afraid to get her hands greasy. Finally the tow truck came, giving him directions we followed him to my home.

After getting the car in the garage I was finally able to see what Dawn looked like.To my surprise I was pleased to see she was rather pretty.She had short brown hair ,brown eyes ,around 5'2 a little chunky but still attractive.She was rather surprised when I took her inside my home because it was clean and neat .

I explained that I just booted a girlfriend out because she was a slob. I worked hard to get this home and she was lazy and didn't appreciate what I have.I took her suitcase in to the second bedroom as showed her around when she stopped and turned around.

Wait she said walking back towards the the garage "I never checked the fan belt".I marveled at the way she opened the hood and peered in under the hood. She looked around then seen my trouble light hanging and turned it on.Like a pro she leaned over the fender reaching down into the engine pulling out a broken belt.

"I knew I should have changed that " she said as I handed her a rag to wipe the grease from her hand. "Even better " I said " I might even have one around here" I went to my shelf of used parts as she turned around "do you mind" she said picking up my battery charger hooking it up to her dead battery. "Go for it " I said watching her expertly hooking it up "your a woman after my own heart " I said.

I then told her what a welcome sight it is seeing a woman that knew how to work on her own car .Dawn laughed then told me how she grew up helping her grand father work on cars."He owned a salvage yard" she said "I was driving cars around at 12 ".She also commented that she never played with dolls .

"I didn't go to school dances on Friday nights " she said "I was going to the local race track with my grand dad".I was really getting turned on watching her bend over the fender examining the engine, I was thinking how I would love to fuck her that way.

She had a nice butt, It almost seemed she was purposely posing like that for me."I even replaced this engine " she said as I leaned in beside her putting my hand on her back."Nice job" I said when she turned and smiled at me."Thanks ,it was the last thing we worked on before my grandpa passed away ,he said I made him proud" she said.I didn't have a belt that would work so we decided we would go to town and get one in the morning.

I invited her in to get some thing to eat telling her we could work on it in tomorrow .She agreed asking me if she could take a shower and get cleaned up ."Go ahead I will make us some sandwiches" I said.

When she came out I commented on just how pretty she was. I told her how happy I was having some one to eat dinner with and handed her a beer.We continued to talk about a lot of things as we ate and had a lot of laughs.

"My grandfather told me always look at the positive things when things go wrong" she said ."Even though my car is broken at least I had a charming man come to my rescue" she said with a smile."I have always believed in karma my self "I told her as she agreed and said "that must be what brought us together tonight".

After eating we took our beers and were sitting on the sofa talking when the conversation turned to sex. I was speechless when Dawn flat out asked me what I thought about oral sex.I was trying to think about what to say and how to say it.In my mind I would love to lay her back and eat her pussy .

She then blushed telling me she was sorry for being so blunt and tried to change the subject. I leaned into her giving her a kiss waiting to see how she would react.

She kissed me back and after several more kisses she laid herself back on the sofa.My hand slipped up her legs and touched her crotch,"I love oral sex" I said.

She smiled looking back at me and taking a deep breath as I held my hand against her pussy.She didn't seem to stop me so I then moved down between her spread legs. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans kissing her belly as she lifted up allowing me to pull her pants off.

I removed her panties revealing a pretty shaved pussy,"very nice" I said.I spread the lips of her pussy and started licking away. I watched her reach her hand down expecting it to push my head away,instead she held my head tight.

Her soft legs spread wide as she rubbed her clit with her other hand.It has been a long time since I have been able to perform oral sex so I was enjoying it.It was very arousing hearing her moan and cry through her first orgasm. It gave me the sign that I was doing her right.After twenty minutes of giving her pleasure she released her grip on my head ,"just what I needed" she said.

She told me she had heard that older men are the best"I was told to find one and forget those my age"."Not that I have had many" she said " guys like you sure do know how to please".

I sat back up looking at her smile "I enjoyed that my self" I said wiping her juices from my chin."I was really asking you what you thought of blow jobs" she said ,then giggled.She then begins to tell me about the boys she has been with ."They just expected me to lay back spread my legs and fuck "she said. "I am not that easy ,I like to give head "she said sitting up and kissing me.

"She over heard other girls talking about sucking off their boy friends and always wanted to do it "she said." I have watched porn video's and it gets me hot just watching"she said.

She then told me that her last boy friend would only let her jerk him off,"he said sucking it was dirty". She looked down at the bulge in my pants and smiled only once did I suck him."One night I went out with some friends and got really drunk" she said. "I came home and started sucking his dick while he was sleeping and he got mad.

The next day he called me a dirty slut and broke up with me,so that was the last time I ever tried"she said..

I stood up unzipping my pants"I would love a blow job " I said dropping my pants to the floor."I certainly wouldn't call you a slut" I said". I would thank you" as she leaned forward giving me a kiss.She looked up at me "really " she said lifting her hand up to grasp my cock with a smile.

"Really,just take your time no need to rush" I said as her hand awkwardly felt around on my shaft.I took her hand in mine "stroke it like this" I said "when your comfortable put it in your mouth and suck it like a straw". I was watching her examining my cock in her hand giving her tips on what to do .I was praising her on the eagerness to learn when she looked up.She blushed and covered her eyes "I'm nervous " she said ."I understand"I said "take your time, lick at the head a little before you put it in your mouth"." I told her to softly go down the shaft with her hand but grip it harder coming back up.

She followed my instructions and after a few times a drop of cum formed on the head. She looked at it curiously "go ahead and taste it" I said "it is a sign your doing good". She was a little hesitant but tried it any way licking the drop on her tongue. She sat back "not bad " she said then went back to stroking me this time putting the head in her mouth."Suck on it harder" I said "you will get some more out of it"

I placed my hand on her head running my fingers through her hair"that's it honey your doing fine.Just take a little at a time " I said "eventually go deeper"letting out a moan as encouragement .

Dawn was sucking and stroking me for about ten minutes when I pulled her head off my cock. I backed away and cupped her face and gave her a deep kiss."Your so beautiful" I said "will you let me see your tit's" putting my hand on them. I pulled my shirt off and sat down on the couch facing her, "they are not much "she said blushing."I will be the judge of that "I said helping her lift her shirt over her head. They were small but firm as a 23 year old's should be.

I cupped them both in my hands leaning forward giving each nipple a suck."very nice" I said. Rubbing her hard nipples"I love them"going back to sucking on them.They were getting harder and her moans told me she was enjoying it.

I slid my hand down to her pussy and started fingering her .I could feel she was wet "stand up "I said"lets go to the bedroom".We walked hand in hand back to my room and stood beside the bed kissing.Her body felt nice pressed against me , she was on her tip toes stretching to kiss me.

"I want to eat you some more I said" laying down on the bed guiding her hips over my head. "I eat, you can suck"sound good I asked her. "Yes" was her reply then taking a hold of my cock.She wasted no time putting her mouth on my cock and lowering her pussy down on my face.I licked at her juices that were covering her lips, my fingers explored the folds.

I could see her pussy open up it made me wonder just how long she has been fucking.I could see her pussy muscles tightening and relaxing to the pleasure I was giving her.I wasn't paying much attention to her sucking my cock except when she moaned. I could feel her going deeper and hear an occasional gag from going to deep.

I dont know how long we were going at it or how many orgasms she had. I was too busy keeping up with her sweet juices that were running out of her.Finally she rolled over on her side "do you have a condom"she said still stroking my cock."Why" I asked,with a puzzled look she said "you want to fuck me dont you?" "If you want me too "I said "but right now I thought you would want to finish your blow job".I told her she might as well fulfill her fantasy and feel what it is like to have a cock explode in her mouth."Maybe you will like it,maybe you wont" I said "you wont know until you try".

With that she turned over and started stroking and sucking my cock.I had held off as long as I could until finally I told her to get ready.I was surprised she didn't stop sucking when the first shot of cum went down her throat.She moaned and just kept swallowing as fast as she could. She did not stop until I had finished and my dick went limp.Even then I had to stop her "well" I said whatcha think".

She moved up by my side "I loved it" she said " it was all that I had imagined" then kissed me."Thank you" she said with a smile on her face.She then said "feeling your dick swell and jerk in my mouth was awe some". "I didn't mind the taste and feeling that warm sperm slide down my throat was rewarding."

I kissed her again "well thank you "I said you were wonderful , a quick learner too I must add"."Can we do it again ?" she asked. I chuckled "It will take me a while but I will eat you until I am ready" I said with a grin."Maybe we should rest then "she said laying her head on my chest"it was nice".

There really was no way I was going to sleep feeling her warm body next to me.We laid there talking about the experience we just had and how by chance we ended up together.I told her my thoughts about relationships and how important oral sex was to me."Even though intercourse may good between two people, there needs to be oral sex too"I told Dawn.

I told her I just got out of a relationship where she was a good lay but didn't like oral giving or receiving."To me it was like driving the same road day in and day out sooner or later you get bored and have to take another route"

Dawn was looking at me with her chin on my chest she smiled"well I liked this road" she laughed"can I travel it again?" I placed my hand on her cheek giving it a rub "you sure can" I said looking into her sexy brown eyes. I was thinking about that wet pussy I had eaten and how not tight it looked."Can I ask you about your sexual experiences" I asked Dawn, she said" sure what would you like to know?" I told her I wondered since being so young and never giving a blow job how old she was when she lost her cherry.

She thought for a few minutes then began to tell me how her mothers boy friend fucked her one day.She said "he picked her up from school and took her to a secluded park.He told me to get in the back of the van and told me to strip. "I was 16 at the time" she said "I was scared but curious too". She was telling me how he forced her down and just fucked her."He wasn't mean,it did hurt at first but felt good the longer he fucked me. He even apologized when he came in me and said he was sorry.When he finished" she said "he gave me $50 and told me not to tell any one". She told me he would come into her bedroom some nights when her mom was asleep and fuck her .

She said it was a weekly thing and she really started enjoying being fucked. Each time he would leave $50 on my pillow when he finished.I made a lot of money until her mom caught us one night."That's when she blamed me and sent me to live with my grandparents.She never talked to me again and moved out of state".

"There wasn't any boys around there"she said "I missed the feeling of having sex".She told me she met a girl who was bisexual and together they played with each other."She introduced me to using objects to get off"she said then looked up at me "I hope you dont think different about me ".I hugged her tight "no I have also had to take care of my urges my self too" I said."It isn't the same is it "she said "I have only been with a couple of boys since and that wasn't as good"."I have been with several girls though and up until now I was wondering if I was becoming a lesbian".

Her hand moved down feeling me getting hard again "I would really like to feel this in side me" she said stroking it. I leaned over her and reached into my bed side drawer getting a condom "your wish will be granted" I said. "But I want you to fuck me, I am guessing the only way you have had sex was laying on your back." I laid back rolling the condom on "climb on" I said she looked at me holding my cock straight up.Dawn got the idea and got up positioning her self above my cock. "I have seen this before in porn videos too" she said slowly lowering her self down.

I am 8" and by how easily she slid all the way down on it I knew she has used bigger things inside her before. "Man you feel good inside me " she said with a smile slowly, rocking back and forth . I had both of my hands on her nipples softly pinching them ,she was smiling from ear to ear."I am not a lesbian "she cried out "you feel great" picking up the pace .

She was staring into my eyes as I moved my hands down to her hips.She then leaned down and kissed me.She was lifting her self up and slamming her self down hard on me,moaning each time."Fuck me baby "I said "fuck me hard ,cum all over my cock " she was following my requests.I was moving my hands up and down her back when I pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear ."That's it baby grind that sweet pussy on my hard cock, cum for me " I heard her scream "Yes" and started fucking me harder.

I could hear the sloppy sounds her pussy was making as it hit my balls. I could feel her warm juices running down the crack of my ass when she finally came hard and stopped.

She was laying on me kissing me with a lot more passion and breathing heavily. "I have never cum that hard " she said ."You didn't cum yet"she said "did you enjoy it ?" I smiled and gave her a kiss "I enjoyed it very much ,but I didn't cum yet"I said."I was also thinking we could try a few different positions if your up for more".

I rolled her on to her belly lifting her butt up and rubbed my cock up and down her wet lips .I was dipping the head in and out of her gaping hole occasionally going farther.I placed my hands on her hips pulling her deeper and fucked her hard waiting for her moans.

After a while of that I sat back on my legs pull her up cupping her small tits .She was impaled on my cock ,her juices dripping out of her like a stream. She rubbed on her clit moaning through another orgasm .I waited until she calmed down then said "now you can practice your blow job techniques and finish me off if you want".

Dawn slid off my cock laid there on her belly and grabbed my cock. Taking the condom off she smiled and said" I want to taste you again". "It wont take long "I said "I love getting sucked off". Feeling her warm mouth on my cock it didn't take long .With in minutes I was unloading inside her mouth, again she swallowed it all. She moved up beside me with a big smile and a hug"thank you" she said.

We laid down while we kissed and snuggled together until we fell asleep in each others arms.

She woke me up in the morning sucking on my cock, I ate her out for breakfast .Later we went into town and got the parts she needed and fixed her car.

She gave me another blow job before leaving vowing she would stop back again.She did stop by often and we ended up dating for almost two years.

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