The incredibly true story of my relationship with my stepmom

This story begins in 1984, when I was 6 years old and had just begun second grade. Like so many people of my generation, my parents divorced, and in this case my dad immediately moved in with another woman, Elizabeth (Beth), who he married several years later. As I grew up I learned that he had been cheating on my mother with her, ergo, the divorce. Beth was a trophy wife for my father, 14 years younger than him, when they moved in together after the divorce she was 22 and my dad was 36. My father was/is an architect and Beth worked in the office for the firm he was with. On learning of their relationship, the firm fired them both, and they moved to another city a couple hours away. My father retained joint custody of me and my younger sister, and we split our time between his house is the city and living with my mother in the house she kept in the divorce.
Beth was a knockout, as trophy wives usually are. She had an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places, IE, big boobs. I know now that she is a D cup, although that is getting a little ahead of myself. She also had a very pretty face and beautiful blonde hair. Even though I was only a child, and completely unaware of the sexual side of life, I instinctively wanted to please her and craved her attention. This I got in spades. Although I care for my father a great deal, he can also be a real ass and very hard to deal with. He often goes away for weeks at a time on work and even when he is home he works 12-15 hour days coming home to sleep and eat and little else. When he doesn’t go into work on weekends he often goes off hunting or fishing, leaving Beth, who has no interest in these things, home. Thus, when we were at Dad’s house, it was Beth who took care of and entertained us. Even though she worked too, she would make dinner, tuck us in, plan activities and vacations, etc. As I grew up and went through puberty, I began to realize what a sexually desirable woman she was. To recount a couple of episodes from this period of my life, on one activity she had planned we went canoeing, bringing a picnic lunch down a stream. My sister and I were in one canoe with the cooler and she was by herself in a one person kayak. At one point, deciding it was too hot and realizing that our chances of meeting anyone else out in the middle of nowhere were slim, Beth took off her shirt, leaving only a pure white bra between her gorgeous rack and the great outdoors. This was the closest I had ever gotten to seeing actual boob at the time other than my mother, who was nothing to brag about. I think I was about 12 and in the awkward beginning stages of puberty. I had probably had boners before, randomly or morning wood, whatever, but this was the first time I had ever gotten one on cue, I guess it could be said, caused by a half naked woman actually in front of me rather than on TV or in a magazine. I knew I couldn’t be caught staring, and since I was in the back steering I did all that I could to position our boat so I could surreptitiously gawk at the woman who was my acting mother half the time.
Several years later Beth decided she wanted a child of her own so she and my father had my half-sister, Nicole. While she was pregnant with Nicole, since she was the one taking care of us and because she wanted us involved in order that we would understand that we weren’t being replaced, my sister and I would go with Beth to her doctors appointments. I was there, in the room, while just a few feet away, Beth lowered her pants a couple inches for an ultrasound, revealing about an inch and a half of pubic hair. I almost passed out. My reaction was so intense everyone else in the room noticed, and they sent me out to sit in the waiting room.
Fast forward several years. As I grew older, as is usually the case, I started working and went to visit my dad less and less. Then, I graduated high school and moved to the city where my Dad and Beth live to go to college. Beth, by this time, was an office manager, and offered me a job working in her office, filing paperwork and answering phones and so on, working around my school schedule. Since my dad was still a workaholic and Nicole was only four and went to bed at like 7:00, Beth and I were spending a lot of time alone together. We found out that we both smoke weed and started hanging out together every day. We started flirting pretty hardcore. I figured with her she was just teasing me. Meanwhile, I would do everything I could to try to see her naked. She got comfortable enough with me that for comforts sake she would often take off her bra when it was just the two of us. I got a lot to think about while I jacked off, looking down her shirt as we play pool in the garage, or in her swimsuit in her hot tub. Often, after hot tubbing she would go inside, take her swimsuit off, then come back out in only a robe to help me put the cover back on the tub. Then, on more than one occasion, the bending and reaching of putting the lid on caused the robe to come open and I would get a flash of much more. I was in heaven and this is as far as I thought it would go. I had fun hanging out with her, and I would always hope to catch a glimpse of titflesh, and this kept me coming back for more. Then, when I was 19, one night at work something happened that changed the rest of my life, of our lives.
We were working a little late, everyone else had gone home. I was doing something on the computer, printing up some documents. She came in the room I was working, looking ultra fine in her business attire, as always. She was wearing a tight black skirt and a leopard print blouse. We started talking about what we were going to do for dinner, when she came over and sat on my lap. Not to the side, sitting on my leg, but full on, her crack on my crotch. At this point my mind went in three directions. One was speaking to Beth normally, pretending it was no big deal that only a couple thin layers of clothing separated our reproductive organs. The second was enjoying the sensation of the experience. The third, and most important, was wondering how I could prolong this, or even get it going further. If she had sat differently, I figured, it would have been the cute flirting we constantly kept up. Since she sat straight on my manhood, she wasn’t fooling around. Slowly, keeping up our conversation, I reached up and around her, and started massaging her left breast. Beth didn’t put up any resistance, she kept talking, although she starting speaking slower and breathier. Since she wasn’t stopping me, I went to work on the right one with my other hand. She slowly started grinding on my crotch. My hands worked their way up under her shirt, but I couldn’t at this point figure what to do with her bra. At this point I began to realize that she wasn’t just grinding away, she was using the motion to work her skirt up over her hips. When my mind became aware of exactly what was happening, I knew it was in the bag. I dropped any pretense and began unbuttoning her blouse. Seeing her bra from behind, I realized it was the kind that clasped in front. The next instant it was off and I had unfettered access to that which I had dreamt of for so long. Meanwhile, she had worked her skirt up high enough that it was basically a belt, and had removed her panties and was undoing my slacks. I was a little surprised I hadn’t noticed most of this happening. I was too involved in what was going on upstairs. Before I knew it, she was positioning herself with my cock in her hand, and then I was inside her. It was glorious. I had been with several girls in high school, and even one other older woman (my boss’s wife at my high school job, I may write about this later), but they were nothing compared to Beth. She was unbelievably tight, and very, very wet already. I loved that first time, her riding me in that reverse cowgirl as I was sprawled on the office chair, fondling her breasts from behind. After about 5 minutes of thrusting and bouncing she knew I was close and whispered to me the words that made me lose it, “Let it go inside me”. I was finished and almost the happiest I have ever been. The one problem was that our positions were such that I really didn’t get to see her as we fucked. Twenty minutes later that problem was solved on the couch in the foyer, again me loosing my seed inside her at her request. That was the happiest I have ever been, on top of her with her legs wrapped around me, being able to see her beautiful face, and her amazing breasts, both of us completely going at it unrestrained.
I learned in our post-coital cuddling that her and my father hadn’t had sex since Nicole was born. I learned a couple years later that by this point my father had been cheating on Beth for a couple years with a woman he eventually left Beth for, although by that point she couldn’t have cared less. Beth told me that she had been sexually abused by her uncle as a child, and had her whole life never felt really loved until, as an adult, I had come around wanting to spend time with her. She said she had always been gawked at by men, but with me, she felt it was different because I really loved her, and cared about her, and she was right. Since then, almost ten years now, I have had a full on emotional and sexual relationship with Beth. If anything, the sex has gotten better with time as our relationship has grown, our feelings deepened, and we‘ve gotten to know each others bodies. I graduated college, but took a lower paying job to stay living in the same town. I haven’t had any desire to date other, younger women closer to my own age. As Nicole grew older we had to be more discrete, but she is going to be a senior in high school next year, and I am looking forward to her going off to college, and having Beth to myself. My family doesn’t realize how much time I spend with her and they think the time they do know about is because I feel bad about how my dad left her and I am helping her with yard work and such. It’s kind of hard when we all get together as a family for birthday parties and such, as I can’t hold her hand or put my arms around her, but on the whole, I couldn’t imagine being any happier with my life.

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