Sean and Me

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Hi. My name is Steve. My boyfriend’s name is Sean. I’m 25; he’s 23 but looks younger. I’m a big guy: 6’2” and 210 lbs. of mostly muscle. I work out a lot. Sean is about 5’7”, 140 lbs., slim but with little muscular definition. I act straight. Sean isn’t effeminate, but no one who meets him would be surprised to learn that he’s gay. To see us together, anyone would assume that I am the dominant one, and outside of bed, that’s pretty much true. But sexually, he is the top and I am absolutely the bottom. Most submissives fantasize about being topped by a bigger guy, but I find it more exciting to submit willingly to someone who’s smaller and weaker, the way some straight men like to be dominated by women.

Sean has ordered me to write this narrative. He wants me to tell the world all about how he dominates me. (Actually, it’s the story of a passionate but fairly vanilla d/s relationship. If you’re looking for heavy-duty kink, you won’t find it here.)

Chapter 1

One Friday night, Sean called on his way home from work.

“Can you come over and spend the night?” he asked. Sean and I are lovers, but we don’t live together. We both prefer it that way, at least for now.

“Sure,” I said.

“Great. I thought maybe tomorrow we could go to the park, if you like. I want to see the Japanese Garden.”

“That sounds good.”

“Great. But tonight I’m not going to be so nice.”

“That sounds really good.”

He chuckled, then his tone of voice changed. He wasn’t perky anymore. “OK, here’s what you’re gonna do. Go to my house. Park in the garage and leave your clothes in the car. When I come home, I want to find you on your knees, naked, in my living room.”

“Yes sir.”

He hung up without saying goodbye.

I drove immediately to his house, pulled into the garage and took off my clothes in the car. The garage is separated from the house by a short breezeway, which I had to cross, naked, to get into the house. Anybody across the street or on the sidewalk could see me. I waited until it looked like the coast was clear, and then dashed across. I fumbled with the key, but managed to get in without being seen, as far as I know. Sean’s house is on the side of a hill, with a view from the living room of another hill a short distance away. As ordered, I got down on my knees in the living room, in front of a big picture window. Anybody in the houses on the other hill could clearly see me kneeling there. I’m not an exhibitionist; in fact, I’m rather shy. Being naked in front of the window was embarrassing.

After about a half hour in that uncomfortable position, I heard Sean’s car pull into the garage, and I started to get hard. He came in, walked past me without a glance, and went into the bedroom. He came out naked, walked over to me and put his balls in my face. He hadn’t taken a shower so they smelled rich and musky.

“Lick,” he ordered.

I obeyed. I licked first one, then the other, then took both into my mouth at the same time. With my mouth full of scrotum, I could only breathe through my nose, which was mashed into his damp, sweaty pubic hair. I loved the aroma. Eventually he pulled back, and started slapping my face with his dick. Like a lot of small guys, he has a surprisingly big cock. Then he eased it into my mouth and started slowly fucking my face. At times he shoved it all the way in, which made me gag slightly. He didn’t care. After a while he pulled out, turned around and bent over.

“Sniff,” he ordered.

I obeyed. I breathed in deeply. It wasn’t dirty, but smelled strongly of ass sweat. He started rubbing his asshole up and down on my face, and then grabbed the back of my head and shoved my nose into his hole. He squirmed his ass around to make sure my nose was in as far as it could possibly go. After a while, he stood up and, with his hand still buried in my hair, walked over to a chair, dragging me along behind on my knees. He turned around and sat back with his knees hooked over the arms of the chair and his asshole spread wide.

“Lick,“ he ordered.

I obeyed. I licked all around his asshole. I blew gently on it, then licked it up and down. I clamped my mouth on it and plunged my tongue in and out of it. I backed up and licked all around it. Then he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I stroked his dick while I continued to service his asshole with my tongue. I could tell he was getting close.

“Take my come,” he commanded.

I moved my head up to his cock and took it in my mouth while I jerked him. Soon he shoved my head further down on his dick and I could feel his warm come flow into my mouth. I swallowed it down.

After he relaxed for a moment in the afterglow, he stood up and withdrew his softening cock from my mouth. He dried it off on my hair, and then went to take a shower. As he walked away, I begged, “May I please jerk off?” When we’re together I have to get his permission to masturbate.

He said “No” without looking back. I would have to wait until later, probably until morning. I knelt there, in front of the window, with the taste of come in my mouth and the smell of ass on my face, until he finished his shower and got ready for bed. Then I was permitted to clean myself up. I joined him in bed and we snuggled like puppies. The dominance and submission were over for the night, although he wore underwear to bed and I had to remain naked since all my clothes were in the car.

Chapter 2

In the morning I got up before Sean, as I usually do. I made coffee, naked of course, and turned on the TV. Some time later he called from the bedroom, “Hey!’

I could tell from his voice, and from the fact that he didn’t use my name, that we were back to our dominant/submissive roles. I got excited and hoped this time he would let me come after he was through with me.

“Yes, sir?” I replied.

“Crawl in here and eat my ass.”

I got down on my knees and crawled through the living room, past the big window, and into his bedroom. I crawled over to the bed. He was on his stomach with his legs over the side, his cheeks spread and his asshole ready for my attention. I should mention that, for someone who does a lot of ass licking, it’s not really my favorite thing to do. I’m not one of those guys who just love to eat ass. I think it’s kind of gross, actually. But what really turns me on is being forced to do it. I love it when Sean acts like ass eating is the most humiliating, degrading, disgusting thing anyone could possibly do, and then makes me do it.

I dove in. I licked up, down and sideways. When my jaw got tired, I licked his thighs, then his balls, then I traced his tan line. I went back to his asshole, and tried to get my tongue in far enough for it to come out his mouth. After a while, he said, “OK, get on the bed, on your back.”

I did and he sat down on my face and started to jerk himself off. He moved my hand to my own cock, indicating that I had permission to jerk off too. I was so horny from the night before that I came before him. As soon as I shot, I moved my face out of his ass. After I come, I don’t even want to look at it. Sean knows this but he doesn’t care. He moved his balls over my mouth, so I had to suck them while breathing through my nose again. This time my nose was right against his asshole. He kept jerking himself while I had to sniff his ass. When he was ready to come, he backed up, positioned his dick over my mouth, and squirted his sperm into my mouth and on my face.

Again, I waited for him to get cleaned up, while the come on my face became runny and then started to dry, contorting my skin. I’m not allowed to wipe his come off my face without permission.

After he got showered and dressed, and I got showered, we had breakfast. He was fully dressed and I was still naked. Finally, we were ready to start our day. I made the naked dash across the breezeway to the garage and got dressed in the car. He was nice again, then, and we spent a wonderful day together.

Chapter 3

Sean called from his car while I was getting ready for bed one weeknight.

“Do you want to come over tonight?” he asked.

“Wish I could. I have to get up early for a stupid meeting in the morning.”

“No problem. We’ll do it another night.”

“You could stop by here for a quickie on your way home if you like,” I suggested hopefully.

“OK.” His tone changed from nice to nasty. “Be on your knees in your living room wearing your blindfold, and leave the door unlocked.” He hung up without saying goodbye. He didn’t have to tell me that the blindfold was the only thing I should be wearing. I was puzzled by his order to leave the door unlocked. He has a key, but perhaps he forgot it.

My house is on a hill, too. It’s set up from the street so passersby can’t see in, but there is an apartment building across the street and down the block a bit. The people in that building can see everything that happens in my living room. Being on display in front of Sean’s window is bad enough. I don’t know any of his neighbors. But I see the people from that building all the time on the street. I recognize them when I see them at the grocery store and I assume they recognize me. Also, my next-door neighbors can see in. They’re friends of mine, a nice married couple. I didn’t want them to see me naked.

But what could I do?

So I took off my clothes, put on the blindfold and knelt in front of the sliding glass door that leads to my balcony, in plain view of anyone who happened to look. I waited there, with my head slightly bowed, for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about 15 minutes. When I heard the door open, I realized in a flash why he had told me to leave it unlocked. Being blindfolded, I didn’t know who was coming in. It could be anybody. Maybe somebody from the apartment building. The momentary panic passed when I heard his familiar footsteps. He walked slowly to me, and I heard him unzip his pants and pull them partway down. Without any preliminaries, he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth roughly. He kept pounding, treating me like an inanimate come dump. Finally, he pulled my hair, shoved his cock deep in my mouth, and let out a groan. I felt his come spurt to the back of my throat. Then another spurt, and another. He paused for a moment, then withdrew. He wiped his cock off on my cheek. I then heard him pull up his pants, zip up, and walk to the door. I heard the door open and close. He was gone, without having said a word. I felt totally used. I was so turned on, I ripped off the blindfold, jumped up, locked the door, and ran to the privacy of my bedroom. I jerked off, shooting huge gobs of come, which I lapped up greedily.

Chapter 4

By now, the reader may be wondering “When is this sub ever going to get fucked?” Sorry, but the answer is never. It’s not that I don’t want to. Sean would like it, and I would love the submissive aspect of it. The problem is, I have an extraordinarily tight asshole. We’ve tried many times to loosen it up, but even a finger up there is painful. I could never take his dick. So he has to be content with my mouth and hands. Sometimes, though, he’ll make me take his finger in my ass, usually while I’m sucking him off.

One day I made the mistake of giving him a digital video camera. I knew when I bought it that he would use it as a tool of domination, but I had no idea to what degree. As soon as he opened the package, he pointed it at me and ordered me to strip. He made me bend over and spread my cheeks wide for a close-up of my asshole. Then he told me to stick my finger in my mouth. I knew what was coming next, and I didn’t like it.

“Now stick it up your ass,” he commanded. I complied, reluctantly. It hurt.

“Now walk around in a circle.” I had to bend over to get my finger all the way in, so I could only waddle around in that ridiculous position. I would have felt like a fool even if he weren’t preserving it for posterity.

“Now take it out…”

“Thank God,” I thought.

“…and stick it in your mouth.”

“Oh my God,” I thought. I had never done anything like that. Ass licking is one thing, but I’m definitely not into scat or piss. He was testing my limits. But I had to do it, so I did it. I put it in my mouth quickly before I had to smell it, and licked it clean.

He said, “Smile for the camera,” so I tried to put on as dignified a grin as I could manage, while standing there naked with my finger in my mouth.

“Now get on your knees and suck my cock.” I took his dick out of his pants and gave him a blowjob while he pointed the camera at my face.

When he was ready to shoot, he said “Back up,” so I pulled my mouth off his dick and jerked him off onto my face. He got a great shot of the come splattering on my cheek, in my hair, in my eye, and on my lips.

When he recovered, he asked, “Do you want to jerk off?”

I said, “Yes, sir.”

“OK, but you have to put your finger back up your ass while you do it.” This from a guy I could bench-press two of.

So with his come dripping down my face, and my finger up my ass, he recorded me jerking off. When I was about to come, I asked him meekly, “Face or mouth, sir?” It was a standard question between us. I am not allowed to waste come, so I have to either swallow it or smear it all over my face. He gets to decide which.

“Mouth,” he said simply.

I pulled my finger out of my ass so I could catch my come in my hand. I missed with the first two shots, which went way past my hand and landed on the floor. The rest landed in my hand, and I lapped them up. I could clearly smell the odor from my finger. I know better than to leave come on the floor, so when my hand was relatively clean, I crawled over to the gobs that missed, and licked them up before he had to tell me to.

He told me to smile once more for the camera, which I did, and he shut if off.

For a while, that damn camera was like a third member of the relationship. He recorded every sexual encounter we had. He always positioned the camera so that it wouldn’t show his face, only mine. He kept the videos for himself. Most of them I haven’t seen, but the most degrading ones he makes me watch. He has never told me whether he has shown them to anyone else. Eventually he got tired of that toy and now only brings it out occasionally.

Chapter 5

Some say turnabout is fair play. I’m sure Sean would be willing to reverse roles occasionally if I wanted. But I don’t want. When he’s making me eat his ass I like the thought that I’m doing something he would never do for me. The closest we came to switching roles was the time he suggested we play strip poker. The rules were obvious: when the first one was naked and then lost the next hand, he had to be the slave. I grinned lasciviously, as if to say “Payback time!”

Sean said “Uh-oh,” but we were just pretending. We both knew I would cheat to lose.

The first several hands I actually tried to win. Soon we both had our shoes and socks off, and Sean had his shirt off. Then I decided it was time to start losing. I gave back good cards and kept junk. One hand I was dealt three fives and turned in two of them. It didn’t take long before I was naked and he still had his pants on. I tried to win the next hand, just to prolong the time that I had to sit there naked in front of him, but as it turned out, he won. I had to do whatever he wanted. I do anyway, of course, but somehow the game added another element of obligation.

“Put your underpants back on, but just up to your ankles,” he ordered.

“Now spread your asscheeks with your hands, bow your head and come with me.” He pulled me by the dick, while I did my best to keep up, shuffling behind him. There was no point to it, really, other than to embarrass me. He pulled me around in an awkward circle in the living room, and then into the bedroom. He pushed me face first onto the bed. He hadn’t told me I could remove my hands from my ass cheeks, so I kept them there. He removed the rest of his clothes, and then squirted some cold hand cream on my asshole. He got on top of me, as if he were going to fuck me. I knew he wouldn’t do that, but I wasn’t sure what he had in mind. He slapped my hands away from my ass and began to slide his dick up and down along my crack, between my cheeks but not entering my hole. This massaged my asshole and felt great. It also allowed me to make believe I was getting fucked. I was loving it. Soon I felt his hot come shoot up my back. He pulled my underpants off, which were still around my ankles. He wiped up the mess with them and rolled me over onto my back. He threw the underwear on my face so they covered my eyes and nose. They were wet and smelled strongly of fresh come.

What he did next really surprised me. He started to suck my cock. He gives me hand jobs sometimes, usually while he’s sitting on my face. But this was the first time he ever put his mouth on my dick. I lay back and enjoyed it, and soon I felt like I was ready to erupt. I knew he wouldn’t want me to come in his mouth, so I deliberately started to moan and hump my hips up and down so he’d know it was about to happen. Amazingly, he kept sucking, so I shot my load into his mouth. It felt great. As I was catching my breath, I felt him shift positions on the bed. The underpants were still covering my eyes, so I wasn’t sure what he was doing. Then he pulled my chin down so my mouth was wide open. I felt warm fluid enter my mouth and realized he was drooling my own come into my mouth. Leave it to Sean to find a way to turn giving a blowjob into an act of dominance.

“Swallow,” he ordered, and I obeyed. He went to clean up and I waited my turn. By the way, both of our houses have more than one bathroom. There’s no reason we couldn’t shower at the same time, or together for that matter. But he likes to make me wait, especially since I’m always the messier one.

Chapter 6

As I’ve said, when we’re not having sex, the dominance/submission ends. He is thoughtful, kind and sweet, and has a great sense of humor. But sometimes he finds a way of slipping an undercurrent of dominance into our regular life.

Once we were at the movies watching the trailers and waiting for the feature to begin. He whispered, “Go into the bathroom, take off your underpants and put them in your back pocket.”

Dutifully, I complied. There was a short line for the stalls. When I got in and locked the door, I untied and removed my sneakers, then, standing on the dirty floor in my socks, pulled off my pants. It wasn’t easy to maneuver in that cramped space. There was no place to hang my pants, so I held them in one hand while I peeled off my briefs with the other. I got my pants and shoes back on and stuffed the underpants in my pocket. The partition was a couple feet off the ground, so anyone who glanced down would have wondered what was going on. Clearly I wasn’t sitting on the can doing what you’re supposed to be doing in there. I went back to watch the movie, and we held hands like teenagers. Gradually, I realized why he had made me do that. I find it mildly uncomfortable not to wear underwear, and I was constantly aware that I was sitting on that lump in my pocket. So while this was not the kind of humiliation he puts me through at home, it was a gentle, persistent reminder of his dominance.

A similar thing happened once when we were just getting ready to leave my house to go to a nice restaurant for brunch. As I was grabbing my keys, out of the blue he said, “Lick my ass.”

I didn’t ask any questions. I dropped immediately to my knees behind him, reached around and undid his pants. I slipped his pants and underwear down, and spread his cheeks with my hands. He spread his legs slightly and leaned forward. I took a long, slow, lap from his balls to the top of his crack. I was ready to keep going, but he stepped forward, pulled his pants back up, and said cheerfully “OK, let’s go.”

It was only in the car that I understood what that was all about. I started to smell the faint aroma of his ass. He had just taken a shower and was clean, but an ass is an ass. All through brunch I would occasionally get a whiff of it. I wondered if the waitress smelled it on me. No mention was made of the incident, and we had a delightful conversation during the meal, but there was always that subtle reminder of what he had made me do.

Chapter 7

Sean and I had planned to spend the night together at his house. I was at mine, waiting for him to call with instructions. When the phone rang I jumped to it.


“When you get to my house, take off your clothes and go the bedroom closet. Go through my hamper and pull out all the dirty underwear. Take them into the living room and put them in a pile on the floor. Put one of them on your head and lie down on the floor with your face in the pile and your hands clasped behind your back.” He then hung up.

I raced to his house, glad that I didn’t have to get naked before I got inside this time. I did as I was told. I was surprised by how many dirty underpants he had. It was way out of proportion to the other clothes, so he must have been saving them up. There must have been a couple dozen pair. As I collected them, I didn’t notice any skid marks, which would have grossed me out. Each one smelled faintly of his crotch sweat, my favorite scent. All piled together the smell was overpowering. I brought them into the living room and got into position, in front of the window. When he got home, he went into the bedroom and came out a short time later. With the underwear on my head, I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him flop down on the couch and turn on the TV. I didn’t think he’d lie on his sofa naked, so I assumed he changed into jeans or sweats. He didn’t say anything until a commercial came on. He muted the TV and said, “Wipe your ass with one of those.”

My ass was clean, but I had begun to sweat a little. I reached forward, picked one up, reached back and wiped it from bottom to top. I had to lift my butt to make sure my hole was exposed.

“Now stuff it in your mouth.” I shoved as much as I could fit into my mouth, then instinctively returned my hands to their clasped position behind my back. He didn’t say anything more. When the commercial was over, he turned the sound back on. He continued to watch TV for a couple of hours. When the commercials came on, he would usually go take a leak or get a drink. Each time, he would spank my ass on the way there and back. He likes to spank me and I like to let him, but I like it best when he spanks me while I’m sucking him. I don’t get off on pain like serious S&M types, but I do get off on the idea of allowing someone to hurt me a little while I am giving him pleasure. Apparently, spanking was going to be the theme for the night.

Eventually, he decided it was time for bed. He turned off the TV. “Gather those up and stand up,” he said.

I was stiff from being in the same position so long. I pulled all the underwear together and struggled to get to my feet. It isn’t easy to stand when you can’t see and your arms are full. You can’t balance yourself. I stumbled a little but managed to stand. He slapped my ass, not too hard, and said, “You missed one.”

I got back down on my knees and tried to feel around while holding onto the rest. I found it and got back up. He pulled me by my dick toward the bedroom. Before we got there, he stopped. “You dropped another one.” This time he didn’t make me pick it up. He must have picked it up, because I felt him wedge it between my ass cheeks. He grabbed my dick again and pulled me forward. It’s hard to walk blindfolded, especially when you have to keep your ass cheeks clenched. I didn’t want to drop it again.

We stopped next to the bed. He said, “Spread those around on your side of the bed, including the one from your head and the one from your crack. Set the one from your mouth aside.” I figured he had something in mind for that one. It was sopping wet from absorbing my saliva.

“Lie down,” he ordered. I lay on top of the underwear. Spread out on the bed they made a kind of crotch sweat potpourri. He lay next to me on his side of the bed in a 69 position and commanded, “Service me.” This was another code phrase between us. It meant I had to eat his ass while I jerked him off. He pulled my leg over so he could reach my ass and began spanking me. I went to work. Soon my ass was beginning to get sore, so I jerked him faster. Before long, his hips started to buck. I pointed his dick straight up, hoping that some of his come would fall back onto my face. Some did. He shot four or five wads. Some landed on his stomach and one in his pubic hair. Without waiting to be told, I lapped the come from his belly and sucked the one out of his bush.

After he caught his breath, he got up to take his shower. “You can jerk off. Mouth. Then put those back in the hamper, except the one that was in your mouth.” I still wasn’t sure what he had in mind for that one.

After I finished myself off and dutifully lapped up my come, I put everything away and took a shower. When I was through I started toward the kitchen where I had left my clothes.

“No,” Sean said with a smirk. “Wear those.” He pointed to the underwear that had been in my mouth, which were still wet. They felt cold and yucky when I put them on. Plus, they were way too tight since he’s smaller than I am. And who the hell wants to put on somebody else’s soiled underwear after he has just taken a shower? I climbed into bed, but I knew I should stay way over on my side until they dried. Sean leaned over and kissed me gently, then moved back to his side.

Chapter 8

One Sunday morning, after spending the night at my house, Sean gave me some new instructions.

“For the next week you’re not allowed to masturbate without my permission, even at home. If you want to masturbate, call me, but only on the land line. Don’t use my cell.” This restricted the times I could jerk off to late evening and early morning, when he would be at home but not asleep.

Then he turned nice again, and we spent the day together running errands and enjoying each other’s company.

The next day, Monday, I abstained. By Tuesday night I was getting pretty horny, so I gave it a shot, not really expecting him to consent that soon.

When he answered his phone, I asked simply, “May I masturbate?”

“No.” He hung up.

I debated with myself whether to try for permission on Wednesday, but decided against it. Of course, I could have cheated and he would never have known, but I liked the feeling of being at his mercy. During this period we spoke a couple of times about other, non-sexual, things. Sometimes he calls me at work just to let me know he’s thinking about me. I don’t like to ruin those conversations by letting Mr. Hyde out. He always ends those calls with “Bye-bye. I love you.”

By Thursday morning I thought I would explode. I tried again.

“Please sir, may I masturbate?”

“No. Maybe tonight.” That gave me hope. Taking my shower that morning, it was all I could do to keep from coming just from soaping up my dick. I had a hard on most of the day at work. I started calling as soon as I got home, but it kept rolling over to his answering machine. He might have been late getting home, or he might not have been picking up deliberately, knowing it was me and why I was calling. Finally he answered.

“Please, please, please let me jerk off, please.”

“OK, go ahead, but when you come, collect it in your hand and call me back for instructions.”

I started stroking myself between the O and the K. I wanked furiously. When I came, I tried to catch it in my hand, but it blasted all over the place. I did my best to scoop up the biggest globs and called him back.

“Mouth or face?” I asked.

“Face. And leave it there overnight. And you don’t have to call for permission anymore.” That last part wasn’t a kindness. He just didn’t want me to keep calling him every time I wanted to jerk off. While he was talking I smeared the come on my face.

“Here are your new instructions,” he continued. “Until I tell you otherwise, every time you work out you are to wear the same jockstrap. Do not wash it. And every time you jerk off, you have to come into that same jockstrap.” He hung up.

It didn’t take a psychic to know that at some point in the future I would have my face in the pouch of one smelly jockstrap.

Chapter 9

Sometimes we make time for a quiet evening at home. This night it was at my house. I picked up some food and dvd’s, and Sean cooked. He’s a good cook. After dinner we snuggled together on the sofa and put on a dvd of an old movie. After a while I began to notice Sean glancing at the clock a lot. I sensed something was up. At 9:45 he sat up and turned off the TV.

“We’re going to have a guest,” he announced. “I want you to show him how subservient you are to me.”

I got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. He was testing my limits again, but I didn’t know how far he would go. I couldn’t imagine he would want a three-way. For one thing, we’re too close. For another, we’ve been monogamous for a very long time, so we feel safe doing unsafe things with each other, but I know he wouldn’t expose either of us to an STD. At the very least I was going to be watched having sex. It was bad enough to be put on display in front of the window where someone might see. It was a whole different matter to put on a live performance for someone a few feet away. If I refused, I knew he would call it off with no hard feelings, but then what kind of a submissive would I be? With great reluctance, I decided to go along. I said nothing, but dropped my head slightly as a sign of acquiescence.

“Go in the bedroom and get on your knees. Put on your blindfold and lay out two ties. He’ll be here soon.” We keep some old neckties around for such purposes. Two usually meant he would be tying my wrists and ankles. If he were going to tie me to the bed he would use four.

I went to the bedroom and got undressed. I assumed my customary position and waited. At least it was in the bedroom, not in the living room where the whole world could see. A short time later, my doorbell rang. I heard the door open and close. Neither of them spoke. I heard them come into the bedroom.

“Have a seat. Get comfortable,” Sean said. I heard the visitor sit down in my big upholstered chair.

I heard Sean step in front of me. “Take off my shoes and socks.” I did.

“Lick my feet.” Neither of us has much of a foot fetish, so I figured this was for the visitor’s benefit. Perhaps he had requested it. I licked the tops, one at a time. Then he lifted them, one at a time, for me to lick the bottoms and suck the toes.

“Dry them.” I knew what he meant. I rubbed them in my hair to dry them off a bit.

“Stand up and take off my shirt.” I scrambled to my feet and felt my way to all the buttons. I slipped it off and it fell to the floor. Or maybe he caught it and tossed it somewhere.

“Lick my armpit.” I felt my way to his armpit and began to lick. In some ways I think licking an armpit is more demeaning than licking an asshole. Assholes usually smell worse, but they’re a very sensitive part of the body. When a guy makes you lick his ass, you know it’s making him feel real good. When he makes you lick his armpit, it is purely because he wants to dominate you. I dove in like a hungry calf.

“Now the other one.” I moved to his other armpit and lapped at it.

After a time he backed away and put his hands on my shoulders. He gently pushed me backward and to one side. I figured he was pushing me toward the visitor.

“Bend over and spread your cheeks with your hands so our guest can inspect your asshole.” This was really humiliating. I’m embarrassed when I have to do that for a doctor, much less an unseen stranger. In my own home, no less. Still, I had to do as I was told. I thought I heard a soft moan, as if the visitor was enjoying this. It occurred to me that he hadn’t said anything yet. I wondered if he and Sean might have arranged that ahead of time, so I wouldn’t recognize his voice.

Sean pulled me forward a few steps and pushed down hard on my shoulders. “Back on your knees,” he ordered. “Take off my pants.” I undid the belt and pulled them down. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. “Underwear. Use your teeth.” I pulled them down to his feet, and he stepped out of them. I heard him walk around behind me. He pulled my arms back and tied my wrists, then pulled my ankles together and tied them. He walked around in front again.

“Lick my balls.” I raised my head and began to lick, but he pushed my head away. “No. From behind.” I clumsily hobbled around behind him. He must have bent over and spread his legs because I was able to reach his balls easily. I took them both in my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. My nose was against his butthole. It felt warm and moist.

“Now lick my asshole,” he said in a commanding, slightly threatening voice.

I decided to ham it up a bit. “Please don’t make me do that,” I whimpered. “You know I don’t like to do that.” He grabbed my hair and shoved my face into his ass.

“Lick it!” he practically shouted. I ate him like I never had before. My cock was throbbing at this point. I still didn’t like the idea of being watched, but it was making Sean more aggressive, and I liked that. I slobbered all over it. I tongue-fucked it. I rubbed my face all over it. He relaxed his sphincter and let my tongue go way up in. Then he tightened and squeezed it out. He repeated that over and over again. It went on for a long time.

Finally, he pulled forward and commanded, “Now suck me off.” I hobbled back in front of him and started sucking. I pictured him standing over me with his hands on his hips, looking down on me as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I imagined how it must look to the voyeur: the slim, boyish Sean exercising total control over his much larger, well-muscled subordinate. It didn’t take Sean long. When he was ready, he pulled out, stroked himself a couple times, then came all over my face and in my open, waiting mouth.

After he recovered, I heard the visitor get up and the two of them walked to the door. Sean said goodnight to him. The door opened and closed. I don’t think the guy had jerked off while he watched us. If he did, he did it quietly.

I heard Sean come back into the bedroom. He untied my wrists and ankles and slipped off my blindfold. He helped me up and gestured toward the bed. I lay down and he sat on my face while he gave me a hand job. That is my favorite thing in the world. It was my reward for putting on a good show. Afterward, I still had to wait for him to clean up first, though.

I never found out who the visitor was. If I asked Sean he would tell me. My guess is it was one of our mutual friends. It is horribly degrading to think that any time we have friends over, one of them might be looking at me and thinking about the time he watched Sean make me lick his asshole. That’s why I don’t ask. It’s more degrading not to know.

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