Shy Neighbor's Wife Part 2

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Hey everyone. Well, I hope you enjoyed the first part of this entry from my diary. Here is the follow-up.
Carol and I had lots of fun for about a week. We recored several love making sessions and put them all together on one DVD. My ex did a lot of the camera work that turned out really good. Well, Alex, Carol's hubby, was really paranoid that I would tell Carol that he and I had fucked. In fact I had told Carol already and we were putting our plan together for some more fun. My ex and I had set up the apartment for everything. Carol wore a nice wrap around dress that tied at the waist and accented her tits perfectly. She had no bra and had on a thong that was almost no more than a string. I wore a tank top sheer shirt and thong.

They got there at 8 and we had drinks ready and Alex looked like he almost shit seeing me. Carol hugged me tight and smiled as she saw his reaction. They took their drinks and sat on the couch across from the wide screen TV where we placed them. After a couple drinks my husband put in a DVD and sat back. "Wanna see some really good stuff?" he asked Alex. "Sure." Alex told him and the screen came on to a lesbian seduction movie we had and I could see Alex was turned on and so was Carol. My nipples were hard and huge sticking out like rocks. The video was over and the women laid all worn out on a bed and that was it. "What did you think Carol" I asked her. "Well, It was awesome. Do you have another?" she smiled. "Oh yeah, I just got a new one but it is over an hour long. How about you Alex, wanna see more?" He was nervous I am sure wondering what was going on. "ah, yeah, sure." he said and so I bent over showing my ass to him and Carol and put in the DVD. Carol said, "My girl, not much panties." I laughed and pulled them off and tossed them to her. She took them and put them to her face smelling my scent and seeing they were wet she licked them. Alex sat there frozen.

The video came on and it showed me going to the door and letting Carol in. We hugged and sat down sipping wine on the couch. I had on the string bikini that was my favorite and Carol liked it too. We talked and drank more wine till we were both well on. My tits fell out on purpose and Carol said, "Girl, those tits will not stay in." "Well, you put them back' I said to her and she reached out and cupped them both and tried but then she was playing with my tits, pulling the nipples and massaging them and I moaned and laid back as she took them in her mouth and sucked them. I held her head to them and she laid forward between my legs and her face was between my tits sucking one then the other. I managed to undo her dress and it fell open and she stood in front of me and let the dress drop and then lad on top of me again and we kissed deep for a long time. I looked over and Alex was looking first at Carol and then the screen. We went through a lot of different wonderful things and all the time orgasms left of screaming at some points and I squirted all over her face and chest and we laid there over and over worn out till we started making love again.

Finally the DVD ended and we al sat sipping wine and Alex said, "I can't believe this is you on the vodeo." She leaned in and kissed him, "Yes dear, I have come out of my shell and love sex so much. Now you have to take care of me." She had pulled his hard cock out of his pants and he was embarrassed and he pulled away and was shocked. "Ah, maybe we should go back to our place to finish this" he said. Carol laid back and took off her thong and wentto my ex and pulled out his cock as she got on her knees between his legs and he lifted his hips to let her pull off his pants. She ooked out of the corner of her eyes and tok his cock into her mouth, sinking it deep until it sank all the way in. 9 inches of cocks was going in and out of her throat as he laid back. I got up and went to him and was on my knees and pulled his pants down. "Either you enjoy with us or we enjoy without you dear." as I took his cock in my throat. "You enjoyed it the other night." I said as I sucked him. He moaned and went to the couch as I followed him and kept sucking him. He moaned and groaned and not too long he filled my throat. I went to Carol and kissed her and swapped the cum into her mouth. she licked her lips and kissed me back.

My ex tok Carol and laid her on her back and spread her legs and began eating her pussy and then slammed his cock into her pussy. She let out a gasp and then wrapped her legs around his hips and was crying out like a slut, "Oh fuck me, fuck me good, oh yeah, streach out my pussy." and he did just that. She had orgasm after orgasm. he filed her pussy and then she laid back gasping for air. "Oh that was fucking great." she moaned and her husband was trying to fuck me but was not doing very good at it. It was obvious that he was distracted and not in a good way. His cock was onky half hard. Carol rolled onto one elbow and smiled. "Are you fucking Susan good Dear?" she said. "He is doing the worst anyone has done in ages." I said. "You know, I am still in need, will you help me Dear?" she said. He just stared at her. "Oh well, you ready for more?" she sid to my ex. "Hell yes." he said and Carol got on all four and put her ass in the air. "Oh hell yes." my ex said and slipped his hard cock into her ass. "Oh yeah, fuck me good baby." she was moaning and he grabbed her hips and began really ramming her ass. I went down on Alex again but he would not get all the way hard so I moved to my ex and Carol and slipped under her so we were 69ing and my ex was ramming her ass. Now she really went nuts screaming and begging for more of everything we could do.
He filled her ass and she sprayed my face with her juices. She looked at her hubby and he just sat there stunned and so she turned around and began sucking my ex off and I moved o eating her pussy and ass. It was midnight before my ex and Caol amd I laid in a tangle and Alex just sat there. Carol went to kiss him and turned away. "Wash out your mouth first." he said. "Fuck you." she said to him. "From now on we have sex all I want and the way I want." she stood over him now her pussy and ass leaking cum. He got up and left after he dressed. Carol and I went to bed and my ex laid on the couch drinking more. Carol laid in my arms and kissed me deep. "Oh damn, Susan, I love you" she whispered. "I love you." I said and we snuggled together and fell asleep in each others arms.

Not long after that Carol and Alex divorced and she moved in with us for 2 years. We both began hunting other women together and sometimes guys who we made sure there were enough of to satisify our needs. Carol and I are still friends but she has moved and so have I.
Love you all,

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