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I have a weakness that I pray to God no one ever finds about however just less than 100 years ago, my weakness would be main street living in America. I do not know why this dark passenger found his way to me, but the only thing I am sure of is, he is here to stay as long as there are drugs and little girls 8 years old to 15. In my early years I was attracted to big breasted, full grown ladies-moms-films-teachers, etc. What makes this so crazy is I had many opportunities with girls 8-15 when I was those ages and in some instances I did.

It started when my wife and I moved in with her mother. We were early twenties, just married -no kids and struggling. I was a bartender and played drums in a country band for little pay but it was enough. I met my wife when she was 19. Marnie was a 5' – 4” 120lbs smoking blonde hottie with no idea how sexy she was. I saw a photo of her when she was 12 yrs old at the beach wearing a one piece bathing suit with small tits but very long nipples that could poke though the thickest of fabrics and legs that were athletic well beyond her age of innocents with a little pigeon toe stance, like she always had to pee. No man could resist the thought of seeing this little 7 grader tied up in a bed with a swollen, cum drained dick stuffed down her throat as tears and throw up mixed with sweat, cum and spit streamed down her scared little face begging for the abuse to stop and promising not to tell mommy or stepdaddy.”NOW THE STAGE IS SET”

My wife and I fucked every day but she was very conservative in bed. So I started experimenting with drugs to see if she would be more open to my suggestions, like slutty nighty stuff for bed but she was not having any of my perverted desires. “Why don't you go pick up a hooker on the streets, if that's what you want”. I would tell her “no honey, I want one woman and that's you however I want you to be many types of lovers” but I never could get her thinking sex was not dirty. So in a way this is all her fault ! She got this attitude from her mom. So conservative, a single mom working or sleeping her way through the ranks of IBM. A stuck up cunt of the highest order, she tried to separate herself from her incest infested, white trash Kentucky hill fuckers family. Anyone that did not attend college was frowned upon with complete contempt as a life form void of a good reason to exist or take up any space on the same planet as her lady-ship. I fit into this category, however I saw a weakness in my mother-in-law. She was horny as hell during this stage of her life and I was living in her house with access to her hidden treasures and personal information, photos and video, I just had to exploit it to my benefit, if only to bring her down to earth like the rest of humanity. But that kinda turned me on and I wanted to fuck her. A smaller version of my wife, a short blonde standing 5'- 2” weighing 105lbs with c-cup tits, she was a wine drinker at night which opened the darker side of mommy dearest.

Her bedroom had sliding doors that opened in to an enclosed sun-room. This was me and my wife's area to watch television and to have alone time. Late at night I used it to unwind after closing the bar or to unwind after a gig and to get my porn fix. It was such a night after a gig, about 3 am, I tried to be quiet as I unloaded the drums in the garage but I was high on cocaine and drunk so I made more noise than usual just hoping Gloria would be drunk and laying in bed with the vertical shades open so I could stand at her sliding door with my dick in hand jacking it so violently that it should be awarded the Purple Hart medal and she would feel sorry for the abuse member, arise from her bed and take me into her room to use me for her pleasure while her daughter sleeps in the next room down the hall. This drug induced fantasy was slightly off. I was in the garage with a line of cocaine that resembled a hash mark on a football field. It took four tries to get it all up my nose but when I headed for the sun-room all I needed to cum would be a peek at mother-in-law lying in bed. As I came thru the garage door into the kitchen everything was dark . “Damn” , I hoped she was still awake or so drunk she passed out with her blinds open but the blinds were closed, not even a slight crack between two slats, no visuals tonight. Well I turned on the television, then went into the bedroom where my wife was sound asleep closed her door and went back to the sun-room The coke makes me think of nothing but sex and I was up for the next six to ten hours, so I grabbed one of my porn magazines from under the couch and lay there with my hand down my pants just going to town, pulling and moaning until finally I dropped the jeans and now I had full access to rip my dick apart and when your doing coke it takes a lot of physical activity to stimulate an erection. The mind is completely a different matter. I had three fantasies running at the same time and all of them had me spying on Gloria. I flipped the page and saw a picture that looked a little like her and I went postal on my dick. I was talking to the photo and and jerking my dick so hard it was making the couch squeak, so I was into my the world and did not notice something was different .I jerked my head up and back to see Gloria's blinds and sliding door were open half way and a light was on in the bathroom. Just then she appeared from no where. I guess she had been behind a large plant because she startled me, I was looking at her bathroom door and her she was in the same room with me. As she headed for her room she stopped and bent completely over at the waist with her legs straight. This pulled the oversized tee shirt up to reveal an exposed dark patch of hair so I did not have a clear view but it was enough. I was the absolute most excited I have ever been in my life seeing her bent over for what seemed like hours as I burned that image into my memory vault, were it resides today and recalled every now and then. When she did straighten back up, she did not turn around, she ignored me as if I were invisible. I watch her go into the bathroom and pull the door almost closed. I changed positions trying to get a better view without being seen. There were huge plants, floor to ceiling, in this sun room and I was trying to find the perfect spot to sling my cum a drowned one of these plants. There was no vantage point I could see her from so a bolder tact was implemented, one that required opening her sliding door and creep up to her bathroom door and try and not get caught. I heard the water in the shower running and I saw her in front of the mirror still wearing a white cotton robe. I slid between her bed and the aquarium and had a pretty good vantage point for both the shower and mirror, if the door stayed open. Then the shower door opened and in walked a naked white woman with perfect pink teenage titties and a firm body. My dick was daring me to touch it because it would have shot a hole in the wall if I had. I watched her wash every part of her body as though she was making love to herself. Then thru the steamed glass I noticed she was cumming and convulsing with a deep moan as she rested against the glass which brought her ass into focus. This then led to my explosion and I damn near knocked over the furniture encased aquarium as my load of cum was jettisoned at the speed of light up and on to her bed. I crawled over to the edge of the bed to clean up but the shower door opened and immediately she came into the bedroom with only a towel in her hand. I ducked down and slid under the bed. She was at the dresser putting lotion on her face, neck, shoulders then lower parts followed and I saw perfectly thru the mirror on the dresser. When she went back to the bathroom I made my break for the sun-room and lay on the couch about to pass out from over excitement. I closed my eyes and relived the adventure burning every detail into the vault, to used when ever I decided she needed it.

I will leave it hear and write the continuing saga later;

Thanks for reading

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