Pure Strip Poker

Pure Strip Poker

Chapter 1 The Rules

I was a PK (preacher's kid). If you are not a PK, you may have never
though about what that means. As a PK in a small town, everybody
knows your father. If you do anything, somebody will tell your father
about it. This makes for a very restricted social life. You don't get
invited to very many parties, and girls are reluctant to go out with you.
When I was 10 or 12 years old things were pretty normal. Most of the
kids in the neighborhood treated me as part of the gang. Though we
were too young for girls, there were a few copies of Playboy around
and there even were some mixed sex strip poker games. But in
following years I got progressively left out of those kinds of actives. I
heard whispered mentions of parties and bolder strip poker games at
school, but no one would dare invite me to one of these.

When I went to college, suddenly everything changed. No one knew I
was a PK. No one knew my father. I could do things for the first time
without worrying about word of it getting back to my father. The only
problem was I had no experience with girls. I had never been out on a
real date in high school, and now I finally had the opportunity, I didn't
know what to do. My freshman year I was pretty shy. I met a lot of
girls in class and at dorm parties, but I was really unsure how to ask
them out, much less get them into bed.

I was a virgin, with no prospect for a cure in sight.

I lived in the dorm my freshman year, and my roommate, Marc, had
no problems with girls. By the second month of the school year he had
a regular girl friend, Charlene, and I frequently had to stay out of the
dorm room until after midnight, so Marc and Charlene could use it.
One Friday night Charlene came over with Mary, a girl I had not met
before. They were going out to a club, and asked me if I wanted to
come along. Some band I had never heard of was playing at the club,
and since I had nothing better to do, I agreed to come along.

Mary was an average looking girl, typical of most girls at the
University. She actually had a very pretty smile and a good figure,
but she dressed and fixed her hair in a plain looking way that meant
you could walk past her on the street without noticing her. This was
not a party school. You had to be in the top 12% of your high school
graduating class to get into the university, so most of the students
there had hit the books pretty hard in high school. There were very
few girls that would turn heads on the street, but that was mostly
because, either by choice or out of ignorance, they simply didn't put
the time into perfecting a killer appearance. Quite frankly the guys,
myself included, were a pretty nerdy looking lot too. As I was soon to
find out, however, many of these plain-Jane looking girls, were pretty
fine looking without their clothes.

The four of us spent the evening dancing and listening to the band at
the club. Between sets there was a little time to talk, and I found out
that Mary was from a small town on the other side of the state, and
she was planning to study aerospace engineering. Like most of us, she
was very unsure what she really wanted to do. Her childhood
ambition had always been to be a schoolteacher, probably an
elementary school teacher, but she had slowly realized that
schoolteachers did not make much money. She had always liked math
and science, and by her senior year in high school, she had decided to
apply to engineering school, but now a few months into the school
year she already had doubts about her choice. There were very few
other women in the engineering school. She felt out of place, and had
a hard time relating to the typical engineering students, but she really
did not know what else to do. She was thinking of changing to the
Literature, Science, and Arts (LSA) school and majoring in Physics or
Math, but was unsure what kind of job you could get with one of
those majors.

Around 11 PM, Marc whispered to me that he and Charlene were
heading back to our dorm room, and suggested 12:30 or 1 AM might
be a good time for me to get back. Mary said she would like to stay
and hear the next set by the band, so I said I would stay and see her
back to her dorm latter. Shortly after midnight, Mary and I left the
club, walking back towards her dorm. On a corner we passed an all
night convenience store, which had a magazine rack inside that
prominently displayed copies of Playboy and Penthouse.

"Do you subscribe to Playboy?" Mary asked. "Almost all the guys I
know in the Engineering school do".

"I don't subscribe to Playboy, but I have bought copies at the
newsstand," I confessed. "All guys do, unless they're gay, or

"Have you ever wondered why guys find naked women so interesting,
while women are really not that interested in looking at naked men?
Oh, girls are curious what guys look like, but a naked guy is just not
the turn on that naked women are for men".

"I guess I have never really thought much about that," I replied.

"Look at the strip clubs," Mary continued. "They all show naked
women. There are no male strip clubs anywhere in this state. Oh, I
guess they have them out in LA or someplace like that, but even there,
I bet there are 100 strip clubs showing naked women for every one
club showing naked men."

I wasn't sure what to think of this conversation. My heart was beating
faster, but I had never discussed anything like this with a girl before.
Did it mean that Mary liked me, and this was her way of arousing my
interest? If so, it was working. Was she trying to get me back to her
room? Did she have a roommate? Or was Mary so inexperienced with
boys that she did not realize what signals she was sending out with
this line of conversation?

"Well, I have never been to a strip club," I replied. "I think you have
to be 21 to get in."

"But I bet you have seen naked girls in the flesh? You played strip
poker or something like that in High School, right?"

"Wellerrr, yeah," I lied. My head was spinning. I hadn't played strip
poker since I was in 6th grade, and none of the girls in those games had
reached puberty yet, but how had this subject come up. One minute I
was walking this girl I had just met back to her dorm room after a
pleasant non-date evening at a club, talking about school and career
prospects, and suddenly we are talking about strip clubs and now strip

Was Mary suggesting we go back to her dorm room and play strip
poker? I was beginning to get a bulge in my pants and I was worried
Mary might notice it. While the thought of playing strip poker with
Mary back in her dorm room was intoxicating, little alarm bells were
going off, warning me I was getting in over my head. This all seemed
to be going way too fast. Maybe I should find a graceful way out of

"Did you play strip poker in high school?" I asked, after a short pause,
then hated myself for not changing the subject of conversation.

"No. Not with boys anyway," Mary answered. "I did play strip poker
at Girl Scout Camp once. We all got in a big tent and played. You
could quit anytime you wanted and leave the tent. Even though there
were no boys around, most of the girls chickened out before they got
naked. I was one of only 3 girls who stayed in the game until they got

"I guess I don't understand," I answered, my mind racing out of
control. "At Boy Scout Camp we never played strip poker. It didn't
make sense to play strip poker without girls. The guys all saw each
other naked every day in the shower. What would be the thrill in
playing strip poker with a bunch of guys you saw naked every day?"

"Well, the girls showers at Girl Scout Camp where not like that,"
Mary continued. "Girls usually don't get naked even with other girls,
but we weren't lesbians. I suppose we mostly were practicing to play
with boys, but my girlfriends and I were always afraid to play with
boys. There is nothing wrong with strip poker. I think it's interesting
to see naked guys, and, while it would be embarrassing to end up
naked in front of guys, it also would be exciting. The problem with
strip poker is what happens after someone gets naked. The guys get
sexually turned on, and thinks get out of control. I would have played
strip poker with boys in high school, if I thought that after some
people were naked, we would all put our clothes back on and go
home. What happened in your strip poker games after people got

Now she called my bluff. In the pre-adolescent strip poker games I
played in, we did not really know what to do after we got naked.
Usually, we did just put our clothes back on and go on to some other
game. One time we made a girl take a pee before we would give her
back her clothes, but this was out of anatomical curiosity because we
really wanted to know how a girl took a pee, since she didn't have a
penis, and not a sexual thing. I wasn't going to tell Mary about that, or
she would think I was a sexual pervert, but what could I say.

"Well, actually, most of the time, the girls chickened out and quit
before they got naked," I finally said. I hoped that sounded believable.

"Probably for the same reason I never played with boys in high
school. Do you think it is possible for guys to play strip poker with
girls and after somebody gets stripped, have everyone just put there
clothes back on and leave?"

"Well, I suppose. If everyone clearly understood that was what was
going to happen before the game started," I said. Then I added,
"Why? Are you trying to organize a strip poker game?" I
immediately felt stupid for asking this. What was I thinking?

"Wellnot exactly," Mary replied. "But I know some girls who are
trying to organize one, and I was thinking of playing in it."

Now things were clearer. Mary wasn't inviting me back to her dorm
room for a hot game of strip poker. She was feeling me out for this
game that these other girls were trying to organize.

"Only couples will be allowed to play in this game," Mary continued,
"so I need to find a guy I trust to behave himself at the game and not
rape me afterwards, if I want to play."

This is why Mary had lead the conversation to strip poker. She was
looking for a safe partner for this upcoming game, and she was asking
me, I guess. "So you are asking me to be your partner for this game?"

"Uhyeah, something like that," Mary flushed a little embarrassed by
my direct statement of her forwardness.

At this point the two of us were a few steps from the front lobby of
her dorm, and Mary stopped and faced me, obviously afraid to invite
me into her dorm. I was trying to think what I should say. I found the
idea of playing strip poker with Mary and some number of other girls
very exciting, even if at the end we just all put our clothes back on and
went our separate ways, but danger signals seem to be blinking all
over the place. Was this some kind of a trap? Would the girls rig the
poker game somehow so that only guys got stripped? Would there be
a secret camera some place to record my embarrassment for latter
blackmail purposes? All these thoughts flew through my head, as I
stood outside Mary's dorm looking into her face, and trying not to
stare down at the bulges pushing out the front of her T-shirt.

"I might be interested," I finally said. "How exactly were these girls
planning to play this game? What rules were they going to use?"

"Sharon and Kristen have thought a lot about that. They have been
trying to come up with a set of rules that make strip poker more
interesting than just taking turns removing items of your clothes. They
have written up a set of rules for the first game. I can get it for you to
look at and make up your mind. I'll give you my phone number, and
you can call me tomorrow after the game, and we can meet someplace
where I can show you the written rules."

Mary opened her purse, got out a card from some restaurant, and
wrote her name and number on the back of it and handed it to me.

"One last thing," Mary said. "Don't tell anyone about this game.
Sharon and Kristen don't want a lot of strange people showing up.
Only the people actually playing in the game are suppose to know
about it. Promise?"

"Uh yeah," I replied, while staring down at the card she had just
handed me. Mary leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek,
then turned quickly and in four steps vanished into the dorm.

I slowly turned and started back towards my dorm. What would Mary
look like without clothes? Who were Sharon and Kristen, the girls
who were trying to organize this game? Were they also female
engineering students? Actually writing down the rules to strip poker
seemed a very nerdy think that an engineer might do.

As I neared my own dorm, a new, frightening thought occurred to me.
What about Marc and Charlene? Charlene obviously knew Mary.
Were Marc and Charlene going to be part of this game? It was one
thing to end up naked in front some strange girls you might never see
again, but in front of your roommates girlfriend. That was different.
Should I ask Marc about this tomorrow? Mary had said not to tell
anyone about the game, so I better not asked Marc. He would
probably just laugh at me anyway. Why would someone who was
sleeping with Charlene two or three times a week want to play in a
strip poker game anyway?

When I got back to the room, Marc was gone. Either he was walking
Charlene back to her dorm, or they had gone out somewhere late. I
took a shower, and got into bed, I lay there turning everything over in
my head. It just seemed too good to be true, which usually meant it
was not true.

I never heard Marc come back that night, but he was there, still
sleeping, when I woke up the next morning. I had slept past breakfast,
as I usually do on Saturday. I got dressed and grabbed a book to do a
little studying before lunch. Since Marc was still asleep, I headed for
the dorm lounge and found a vacant chair. At 11:30 I went back to the
room. Marc was up and getting dressed for lunch.

"You and Mary seemed to be hitting it off rather well last night. How
did things go after we left?" Marc asked.

"Ok," I replied.

"Charlene says that Mary is still a virgin."

"Well, if she was a virgin yesterday, then she still is today," I glibly

"Well, did you at least get her number?" Marc implored.

"Yeah, I got her number," I replied, not volunteering how I had got
her number and what I was suppose to call her about.

We had to hurry down to lunch quickly, because everyone would be
eating early so they could get to the football game by 1:30. After Marc
and I gobbled down lunch, we stopped by Charlene's dorm to pick her
up and then headed for the football stadium. Marc and I had taken
turns to stand in line for tickets, not releasing that all freshmen got
lousy seats in the end zone. Our seats were together, and Charlene's
was some place else, but nobody cared were your tickets really were
in the student end zone section, so we always sat together since Marc
and Charlene had began going out all the time.

After we got to our seats, Charlene asked how Mary and I had hit if

"Ok, I guess. I got her phone number," I said.

"Well, that is a good start," Charlene said. "Mary is a really nice girl. I
knew her in high school. She always had her head buried in books.
Her parents really put a lot of pressure on her to do well in school and
they would not let her go out with boys at all in high school. She
needs to find some nice boy and learn what life is all about." It was
clear what Charlene thought life was all about, and she and Marc were
regularly practicing it in my dorm room.

During the game I searched the freshman student section looking for
Mary's face, but I could not find it. That didn't mean she wasn't there.
The stadium was big, and there were 12,000 freshman at the school,
so it was easy to miss her.

After the game, I headed back to my dorm room. Marc and Charlene
had something else to do. When I got back to the room, I got out
Mary's card and stared at her number. Should I really call her or just
forget it. I hesitated. Maybe she wasn't back from the game yet.
Maybe she hated football, and did not even go the game. Maybe she
woke up in the morning and realized she had said foolish things last
night, and would refuse to talk to me. Now I was trying to talk myself
out of calling her. Go ahead, just get it over with. The worst that can
happen is she will tell you to get lost and so you'll never need to see
her again.

I dialed the number. The phone rang once. Mary answered saying

This was it.

"Hi. This is Larry. We met last night." Boy was that lame.

"Oh. Good," Mary sounded happy I called, and my heart skipped a
beat. "I was afraid you would never call after the things I said last
night." Did that mean she changed her mind about what she had said?
"Are you still interested in seeing the rules?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Ok. I can only show you a copy of the rules. I cannot let you keep it.
Sharon and Kristen made me promise not to let you keep a copy of it,
because they do not want copies of it floating around. Part of keeping
the game a secret. You understand?"

"I think so?"

"Good. Where would you like to meet."

I tried to think. Most of the coffee shops and other places in town
would be crowded now with the after game crowd, so it would be hard
to get enough privacy to feel comfortable. On the other hand the
campus would be completely deserted, and it would still be light for
another 2 hours at least.

"There are some benches in front of the Stiles building. Do you know
where those are?" I asked.

"Yes, I think I know the ones you mean," Mary replied.

"Ok, let's meet there. There shouldn't be anyone around now," I said.

"See you there in 15 minutes," Mary said, sounding happy as she
hung up the phone.

Well, now you've done it, I thought. There was still time to back out.
There was always time to back out. It certainly would do no harm to
go and look at this Sharon and Kristen's written rules for strip poker. I
could always back out of it later.

When I got to the Stiles building, Mary waved to me from the bench.
Her dorm was a little closer, and she had gotten there first. As I
predicted, the whole campus was dead. We were almost the only
people around.

Mary had type written sheets of paper with her. This surprised me
even more. Sharon and Kristen had actually typed up the rules for
strip poker.

I sat down on the bench next to Mary and she handed me two sheets
of paper. The document was titled Pure Strip Poker. The rules looked
very detailed. These girls had tried to think of everything. I started to
read the rules. The rules were:

1. This is strictly a game of strip poker. There is to be no touching, no
kissing and no type of sex acts, either real or simulated, as part of
the game.
2. The game ends when the first player loses all their clothes and all
their chips, or as specified in rule 14. If more than one player loses
all their clothes and chips or as specified in rule 14, in the same
hand, then they are all losers.
3. The game is standard five-card draw poker. The minimum hand to
open the first round of betting is a pair of jacks.
4. If six or fewer players are in the game, one deck of cards will be
used. If 7 to 12 players are in the game, two decks will be used. If
13-18 players are in the game, then three decks will be used.
5. In all cases the maximum number of cards you can draw is 3. This
was so there will always be enough cards in the deck for everyone
to draw up to 3 cards.
6. Each person is given 5 chips at the beginning of the game.
7. The ante for each hand is one chip.
8. In the round of betting before the draw, the opening bet can only
be one chip, and no raises are allowed. You must have a pair of
jacks to open, but anyone may see the opening bet.
9. The betting round after the draw begins with whoever opened in
the first round, and the raises must be between 1 and 5 chips.
10. If you do not have any chips left, you must take off a piece of
clothes and sell it to the bank for 5 more chips. You must take off
the piece of clothes before you get your five chips.
11. If you win a hand, you may buy clothes back from the bank, but at
a price of 7 chips. You may only put the clothes back on, provided
you have on the piece of clothes that would be taken off after the
piece you bought back. In other words, the clothes must go back on
in the reverse order they came off.
12. At the end of the hand, everyone must show their hand and the
person with the lowest hand must give one piece of clothing to the
person with the highest hand, regardless of who won the pot.
13. The piece of clothing given by the loser to the winner must be one
of the winners pieces of clothes that the loser had previously won
or one of the loser's own pieces of clothes. It can not be a piece of
clothes from any third party, and it can not be a piece of clothes
bought back from the bank at the end of the hand.
14. If the loser does not have any clothes left and does not have any of
the winners clothes, the game ends and they are the loser.
15. If no one opens the first betting round, then everyone must show
their hand and person with the lowest hand give the person with
the highest hand a piece of clothes as outline in rules 12-14. After
this everyone must ante one more chip into the pot and a new hand
is dealt.
16. If you lose all your clothes, you are still in the game, as long as
you have chips left.
17. You are required to wear 6 pieces of clothes. For guys these are
shoes, socks, shirt, pants, undershirt and underpants, in that order
For girls these are shoes, socks or panty hose, shirt or blouse, skirt
or pants, bra, and panties, in that order. Girls may also wear a dress
and a half-slip.
18. When you take off your underwear, you are required to stand up
while you take it off. You may sit down immediately after you get
it off.
19. You are not allowed to cover anything up with your hands or arms.
You may position your legs to cover up areas below your waist.
20. When the game ends, the loser or losers (see rules 2 & 14) are
required to standup, totally nude, with their hands at their side and
let people examine them as closely as they liked for up to ten
minutes. The losers must also perform reasonable requests by the
other players. Reasonable requests include bending over, spreading
legs, sitting or laying down with legs spread, dancing etc. Note rule
1. Winners may never touch the loser or ask the loser to perform or
simulate sex acts.
21. No players may put on any clothes they have lost during the game,
until the ten-minute penalty period is over.
22. All players are required to stay in the game until the game is over.
If you quit before the game is over, you will not get any of the
clothes you have lost back, and you may never play in any future

These rules were very different than any strip poker game I had heard
of. How did these rules change the game? Well, obviously, only one
person was stripped completely naked in this game. This game was a
real poker game with betting. All the strip poker games I had been in
your just drew cards, and the low card had to take off a piece of
clothes. I had never heard of playing poker with more than one deck
of cards. How did this change the game? In fact I had hardly ever
played real poker.

"How many people are you expecting to play in this game?" I asked

"Well, there are seven or eight girls looking for partners, so it could
be as many as 16 maximum, but we are only expecting around 10 for
this first game," Mary replied.

"What about Marc and Charlene? Will they be one of the players?" I

"No," Mary replied. "I have never mentioned the game to Charlene. I
doubt that she would be interested."

"Then Sharon and Kristen are not also from your high school?" I

"No. I had never met them before I came to school here. I met Sharon
and Kristen through Betty, who may play in the game, if she finds a
partner. Betty is the only other female freshman engineering student I
have met."

"What about Sharon and Kristen? Are they engineering students too?"
I asked.

"Sharon is, but Kristen is in the nursing school. They have a big
apartment off campus," Mary said. That also meant they were
probably not freshman, because freshman usually lived in the dorm.

"These rules look weird. Has anyone ever tried to play this game to
see if it really works?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Mary immediately answered. "Eight of us girls played a
week ago, using exactly these rules. They worked very well, just the
way we wanted them to work. We did not want to play the game were
the lowest hand takes off a piece of clothes, since that takes all the
betting and skill out of the game, and makes it just a game of chance.
You might as well just be drawing cards, the way little kids play."

This was the only way I had ever played.

"On the other hand," Mary continued, "if you just do the betting part
with 5 chips per piece of clothes, then no one wants to bet. The best
strategy seems to be to fold every hand and lose your ante. You will
not win this way, but the person who bets and loses, will be the first
one out."

Mary or Sharon or someone else had really thought this game through
like an engineer.

"When you add the element of the lowest hand also losing one piece
of clothes each hand, this makes it important not to fold before the
draw. If you just fold every hand before the draw and lose you ante,
you lose one chip every hand, which means with 6 pieces of clothes,
you will last 30 hands. There a good chance someone else will go out
long before then, but you will also have the lowest hand much more
frequently than people who stay in though the draw. In a 6 handed
game, you should lose every 6 hands, but you might lose every 3
hands instead. This means you would actually be out after, oh say
12 hands or so. From our games the best strategy seems to be to stay
in through the draw on every hand, then bet after the draw, if you are
reasonably certain you have the best hand. You probably only need to
win one hand to make sure you will not be the first person out of the

I got the impression Mary had a lot to do with these rules. How had
this group of girls gotten started on the idea of this game? Strip poker
was always a sort of spur of the moment game which nobody ever
really analyzed. There was no strategy to strip poker. It was just a way
to get everyone, or almost everyone, to take their clothes off. This
was a different game. Only one person was suppose to end up
completely naked, although several others could be close. The
"winners" would have most of their clothes. This was a lot more
challenging game than the regular old strip poker I had played. There
was an advantage to being the winner in this game. The childhood
games had frequently been played until everyone was stripped. This
game would be different.

"Well, what do you think of these rules?" Mary asked, after a brief
pause. "Are you interested in playing or do you want to think about it
a bit more?"

I was trying to think. If I lost, I would get stripped in front of five to
eight girls I didn't know. The odds seem to be about 50% of seeing
Mary or one of the other girls, stripped naked, 10% of getting stripped
naked myself. The remaining 40% of the time some other guy in the
game would end up stripped. Those odds sounded good to me.

"Ok. I'll be your partner in this game," I heard myself say. "When and
were is the game?"

"Good," Mary smiled. "The game will be next Friday night at Sharon
and Kristen's apartment."

Chapter 2 The First Game

I had a hard time studying and paying attention in class all next week.
I kept turning the rules Mary had shown me over and over in my head.
Mary and her friends had obviously played some practice games with
these rules. What was the best strategy for the game? I vaguely knew
the rules of poker, but I could not remember what all the exact rank of
poker hands was (is a straight or a flush higher?), much less all the
odds of different hands and draws. Mary sounded like she knew a lot
more about poker than I did, so I bought a book on Sunday, and spent
all my free time the next week studying up for the big game.

The book explained all the basic rules of poker, and it became clear
that the girls had gotten most of their rules from standard poker rules,
with a few changes. The book explained the basic principal of draw
poker. It explained how you have to play tight, and not bet too much
when you did not think you had a winner. It discussed how to "read"
other players hands from how many cards they draw and how they
bet, rather than by peeking or using marked cards. The book said
reading other players hands this way, which is not cheating, was a
very important part of playing poker well. For example, if a player
draws only one card, then he might have two pair, or be drawing to a
straight or a flush. You have to figure out which from the way the
player bet before the draw, how he reacts to the draw, and how he bets
after the draw.

But how did the rules of this strip poker game change the strategy.
The book said you should fold before the draw, if you did not have
anything, but Mary said you should never do that in this game because
you wanted to draw to reduce the chances of having the lowest hand.
The book also recommended trying to draw to a flush or straight
under many conditions. Your chances of getting one were not very
high, but when you got it, you usually had the winner. In the strip
poker game, though, this did not seem like a good idea. Most of the
time you would not make the straight or flush and then you ran a good
chance of having the lowest hand. Better to discard more cards and try
to get a pair or at least some higher cards.

I got out two decks of cards and practiced dealing hands, and playing
all the hands, just to get the feel of what real poker hands were like. I
spent at least one hour each day sitting on my bed dealing out a ten-
handed poker game. This helped me understand better what really was
a good hand and what was not.

When Friday finally arrived, I thought I was ready. After eating
dinner at the dorm, I went back to my dorm room to change clothes. I
decided to put on clean underwear, just in case. Just then Marc walked
in. "What're you doing Larry? Got a hot date tonight?" he said.

"No, not really. Mary and I are going to a get together at some friend
of hers," I said, which was true, as far as it went.

"Good luck bud. Maybe you can score tonight," Marc replied.

"Well, I'll probably need the luck," I said, but not in the way that
Marc meant.

I headed to Mary's dorm to pick her up. When I got to her dorm I
scanned the lobby, but I couldn't find Mary, so I went over to use the
phone in lobby to call her. There were two lobby phones, but both
were in use. I could just go up and knock on her door, but I didn't
know her room number, so I waited for the phone. Finally one the
guys finished and I dialed Mary's room. The phone rang several
times, but no answer.

"Hi Larry. Ready for the big game," Mary said from behind me.

I hung up the phone, and turned to face Mary. Mary was wearing a
tight fitting white blouse and a full blue skirt with a white flower
pattern. Mary looked much more feminine than in the standard issue,
loose fitting T-shirt and blue jeans that she had worn at our previous

"As ready as I will ever be," I replied, and then we walked out of the
dorm and I followed Mary away from the campus to the south into the
student ghetto, where most of the houses had been converted to
rentals. Mary didn't say much, unlike our previous meeting. I felt
pressure to break the silence, but I could not think what to say. Small
talk with girls was not my strong point.

Finally Mary stopped in front of one of the old houses. It looked like
it had probably been built in the 1920s like most of the houses in this

"Sharon and Kristen live on the second floor," Mary said.

We walked through the front door. This house had been cut up into
apartments. Walls and doors had been added. Exposed plumbing and
electrical conduits ran up the walls disfiguring an elegant old house.
Mary started up the stairs, and I followed behind her. At the top of the
stairs there were two doors, and Mary knocked on the first one,
nearest the front of the house. After a minute the door opened and a
girl with reddish brown hair and wearing a basic black dress held the
door open for us to enter.

"Hi Sharon, this is Larry," Mary said, and I reached out my hand to

"And this is Kristen," Mary said, turning to a girl just walking into the
room from what must be the bedroom. Kristen had long dirty blond
hair, and she wore a slender green dress. I reached out and shook
hands with Kristen also.

"You are the first ones here," said Kristen. "Would you like
something to drink? We have pop and juice in the refrigerator."

"I'll take a coke," I said, and Kristen walked over to the refrigerator,
and got me a coke.

I looked around the room. The room had probably been the master
bedroom of the house. Now it was the living room, dinning room and
kitchen for this apartment. There was a small kitchenette built in one
corner next to a door that looked like it led to a bathroom. There was a
square of linoleum on the floor in the kitchenette, but the rest of the
room had light green wall to wall carpeting. In the diagonally opposite
corner of the room was a couch, and some tables, chairs and lamps,
which had been pushed against the wall to clear out a large area on the
floor. This, I guessed, is where the game would be played.

"How many people are you expecting for the game," I asked.

"Well, Bob and George should be here shortly, and Betty is coming
with somebody, so I guess that makes eight," said Sharon.

"Cathy really wanted to play, but she couldn't find anyone she trusted
to play," said Mary.

"Trusted to play?" I asked. "Every guy on this campus would
probably like to play strip poker with you girls. Why wouldn't you
trust them to play?"

"I mean trust them to follow the rules we outlined, especially the rules
about not touching people who have lost their clothes and no sex. We
want to play strip poker, not get raped," replied Mary.

"Oh," I said. "I can see where that might be a problem." In fact, how
many guys could keep themselves under control with completely
naked girls standing in front of them? Could I?

At that moment I heard steps on the stairway, and a moment later a
knock at the door. Sharon went to answer the door, and two young
guys came into the room. "This is Bob and George," said Sharon. Bob
was tall, probably 6ft 3in, and thin. George was probably closer to six
feet, and more average build. Both were wearing tee shirts and blue

"This is Mary and Larry," continued Sharon. I shook hands with both
of them.

Sharon went to get them something to drink, when there was another
knock on the door. Kristen went to answer it this time, and a tall girl
with curly brown hair came into the apartment, followed by a short
guy. They made a very improbable looking couple, but they probably
were not a couple at all, just like Mary and myself.

"This is Betty," Kristen announced.

"And this is Jim," Betty said.

I reached out my hand to Betty, and said, "Hi, I'm Larry." Everyone
else introduced themselves. Betty was wearing a tight red sweater,
which highlighted her larger than average breasts, and black, slightly
lose fitting pants. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Jim was
short, but otherwise well built. He was wearing a sweatshirt and blue

"Anybody who wants something to drink, come and get it," yelled
Sharon from the kitchenette. A few of the new arrivals went over to
get something.

Sharon came over from the kitchenette and she had a copy of the rules
Mary had let me see. "Ok. Here are the rules for strip poker that we
are going to use tonight," Sharon said. "I would like everyone to read
these, and make sure you understand them completely. We will not
allow any changes to the rules during the game, and everyone
understands the rules against quitting before the game is over?"
Sharon handed the rules to Jim. "We will start the game in about ten

The rules were passed to me. I looked them over again, and passed
them to someone else. Slowly the group assembled on the carpet in a
big circle. When we were all seated, Sharon began to shuffle and deal
out the first hand. She had to divide the deck into two separate stacks
for shuffling, because the double deck stack was too big to shuffle at
one time.

"Everyone ante," Kristen said, and we all tossed a chip in the middle
as Sharon dealt out our five cards. My heart was beating fast as I
picked up the cards and peeked at them. I had an ace, king, ten, eight,
and five. Some big cards, but nothing. I looked around. Everyone else
was looking up from studying their cards. Since Sharon had dealt,
George was the first to act. George checked, and so did Kristen. Jim
opened by tossing in one chip and Betty saw the bet. It was my turn to
act. I had an Ace high, which was poor, but might be good enough to
keep me away from the lowest hand if I just folded. Mary advice
though had been not to fold, so I saw the bet too. Everyone else saw
the bet too.

I kept the Ace and King and took three cards. Bob, George, and Betty
took 2 cards. Everyone else took 3. I peeked at the three new cards, a
pair of sevens and a three. At least I had one pair now. No way I could
win with this, but it should not be the lowest hand. Since Jim had
opened the first round, he was the first to act in this round. Jim
checked. Betty checked, and so did I. Mary opened the betting for one
chip. Bob, Sharon, and George folded. Kristen stared a Mary with her
blue eyes, then saw her bet. Jim let his eyes go back and forth between
Mary and Kristen, then folded. Betty and I folded too.

"Two pair, Queens and Jacks," said Mary.

Kristen tossed her cards down face up. "Just a pair of Aces," she said.

Mary reached out and grabbed in the stack of chips in the center.

"Now everyone show your cards," said Kristen.

I laid down my pair of sevens. Most of the others had a pair of
something. I noted that Jim, who had reluctantly folded his hand, had
a pair of Kings. It turned out Sharon was the loser with a Queen high.
She pulled her shoes off and tossed them to Mary, who placed them
behind her.

Mary now sat next to me smiling with a big stack of chips in front of
her. I had only three remaining. George shuffled the cards and dealt
out another hand. I picked up my cards and peeked at a pair of threes,
a king, jack and a five. Not likely to win unless I get a third three or
another pair, but probably not the lowest hand either. Kristen was the
first to act, and she checked and so did Jim. Betty opened for one chip
and everyone else quickly saw the bet. Apparently everyone was
following Mary advice to never fold until after the draw.

Betty, sitting on my right, took just one card, which probably meant
she had two pair. Kristen took 2 cards, which might mean she had 3 of
a kind, but could just mean she had a pair and an ace kicker, or maybe
just 3 high cards. I took 3 cards. I looked at a pair of nines and an ace.
Now I had 2 pair, nines and threes.

Betty to my right was the first to act. She reached down and took off
her shoes and tossed them to the side. "I'm opening for 5 chips," she
said, as Sharon reached back to the bank box and tossed the 5 chips
into the center.

Now what should I do? Betty probably had 2 pairs before the draw.
Did she have a full house now? Or had she drawn to a straight or a
flush? She must have my two pair beat. So I folded.

Mary looked past me at Betty. "I'll see your bet," she said, as she
tossed 5 chips from her big pile.

Bob was next, and he did not look happy. He paused, and finally
reached down to untie his shoes. "I'll see the bet," he said. Sharon
reached back into the bank box and tossed another 5 chips into the

Sharon and George both folded quickly without another look at their
cards. Kristen picked her cards up and looked at them again. She
started to reach for her shoes, then thought better of it. "I fold," she

Jim then folded. Betty quickly spread out her cards. She had four
fours! Mary and Bob both threw their cards down with a groan. Mary
had three twos and Bob had three sixes.

Betty gathered in the chips in the center. Everyone else spread their
cards out to see who had the lowest hand. Kristen, who almost bet her
shoes, had two pair, aces and fives. It was Jim who had the lowest
hand with a pair of eight's. Jim took off his shoes and handed them to

As Kristen slowly shuffled the cards for the next hand, I could see
why Mary said not to fold before the draw. A pair of eight's had
ended up the lowest hand. I reached down and tossed my one
remaining chip into the center for the ante. Except for Mary and Betty,
who had big stacks of chips, most others were down to their last chip.
Kristen did not have any chips left. After she dealt us all five cards,
she slipped off her shoes and placed them over by the bank pile.
Sharon handed her five more chips, and she put one in the ante.

I picked up my cards and looked at a pair of eight's, an ace, nine and a
two. Given the last hands results, I had better improve this hand in the
draw. Jim and Betty both checked to me. I checked and so did Mary.
Bob reached down and removed his shocks, tossing them into the
bank pile. Sharon handed him five chips from the bank, and Bob
opened for one.

Sharon calmly stood up, reached up under her tight skirt and pulled
off her sheer socks, placing them by the bank pile. "I'll see the bet,"
she said.

George removed his shoes to see the bet. Kristen had chips and just
saw the bet. Jim took off his socks to see the bet. Betty tossed in one
chip from her big stack. I untied my shoes and threw them into the
bank pile to get more chips so I could see the bet.

Mary, who still had lots of chips, just tossed one into the pile.

I decide to keep the ace kicker and just draw two. Bob, Sharon and
Jim each took one card, while everyone else took three cards. Did they
all have two pairs, or were they drawing to straight or flushes. Could
somebody have another four of a kind? I picked up my two cards, but
they were no help, a jack and a six. Well I would have to fold and
hope somebody had a lower hand.

Bob, as the initial opener, was the first to act. He opened for one chip.

Sharon looked at Bob, and pushed the four chips in front of her
towards the pile. "I see your bet and raise you three," she said.

Sharon must have something. George folded. Kristen looked at
Sharon, looked at her cards again, then laid them down and folded.
Jim folded. Now it was Betty's turn. She immediately started counting
chips out of her pile. "I'll see the four to me, and raise you five," she

I folded without looking at my pair of eight's again. Mary folded also.
Bob looked at Betty and Sharon, then folded too.

Sharon stared across the circle at Betty. Sharon had drawn only one,
while Betty had drawn three cards. What did they have? Sharon stood
up, unzipped her dress, and let it drop to the floor, revealing a black
lacy bra and a half-slip. She stepped out of the dress, picked it up and
placed it in the bank pile. She turned and took five chips from the
bank and pushed them into the bet pile. "I'll see your bet. What do
you have Betty?" she said.

Betty smiled and laid down a full house, three's and eight's. Sharon
moaned and dropped her cards. A jack high straight. "How can you be
that lucky, Betty? Four of a kind last hand and a full house this hand.
It's not fair," Sharon protested, and crossed her arms just below her
black bra.

Betty smiled, reaching out to gather in the chips. "Just beginners luck,
I guess," she said. Sharon sat on the floor glaring at Betty. Not only
had she just lost her dress, she did not have any chips left, so she was
going to have to remove her half-slip to get chips to ante in the next
hand. That was going to leave her in just her bra and panties.

While I was staring at Sharon's bra, Kristen turned to me. "Larry, I
think you have the low hand."

I looked around at all the other hands. Jim and George both had pairs
of jacks. Everyone else had two pair or something better. I reached
down and pulled off my socks and handed them to Betty.

Jim gathered up the cards and began shuffling them. Sharon stood up,
forced a smile. "Well, here goes," she said. As she pulled her half-slip
off and tossed it in the bank pile, revealing a pair of black lacy
panties, that were sold in the center, but semi-transparent at the sides.
Sharon quickly grabbed five chips from the bank and sat back down,
making it much more difficult to see her panties. Everyone anted in
one chip. Betty had a huge pile of chips in front of her. Mary still had
a sizable stack. Everyone else had three or four chips.

Jim dealt out the cards, and I picked up and peeked at my hand. It was
a king, ten, nine, six and four, or nothing. I really needed to improve
this hand in the draw, or I was in big trouble.

Jim had dealt, so Betty had to act first. She passed, I passed, and so
did Mary, Bob, Sharon and George. I thought maybe no one would
have an opening hand, but Kristen opened and everyone quickly saw
the bet. I took three cards, and so did everyone except Betty, who took
two. Did Betty have three of kind this time, or was she just keeping an
ace kicker. Betty had enough chips in front of her that she could try to
bluff, although since you had to show your hand, everyone would
know what she had done.

I picked up my three cards and looked at them, a king, a ten and an
ace. I now had two pairs, kings and tens, plus an ace. This was a very
good hand, it could be a winner, but in the last two hands it would not
even have been the second best hand, so I had to be very careful.
Since Kristen had opened the betting, she was the first to act, and she
passed. Then Jim and Betty quickly passed. So this time Betty did not
have three of a kind. I looked at the two chips still in front of me, and
decided to go for it. I picked one chip and tossed it in the center. "I bet
one," I said.

Bob looked at me, stood up and took off his shirt, tossing it in the
bank pile. "I'll see your bet of one and raise you five," he said. He
picked up the single chip in front of him, and shoved it towards the
pot. Sharon counted out 5 chips from the bank and added it to the pot.

Sharon then folded. George looked at me, then looked at Bob. George
took off his socks and tossed them on the bank pile. "I'll see the bet,"
he said, tossing one chip from the two in front of him into the pot.
Sharon counted out five more chips from the bank and added them to
the pot.

Kristen, Jim and Betty quickly folded. That left it up to me. I figured I
was beat, and folded.

"Ok, what have you got?" asked George.

"A king high straight," replied Bob, as he spread his cards.

"What!" George protested. "You drew three cards, and you got a
straight. How can you beat that luck?" George spread out three

Everyone else spread their cards out to figure who had the lowest
hand. It was Jim, who had only a K high hand. Jim took off his
sweatshirt and handed it to Bob.

It was now Betty's deal, and she began to shuffle the cards. I had only
one chip left, and I pushed it into the center. Kristen and George were
also down to their last chip. Betty had a huge pile in front of her, Bob
had a big stack, and Mary still had a little pile.

Betty dealt out the cards, and I picked up my cards and looked at
them. I had a pair of queens, an ace, a six and a three. Probably good
enough to keep me from losing, but I would need to draw another
queen at least to win. Since Betty had dealt, I had to act first. I could
have opened, but I was going to start losing some real clothes shortly,
so I decided I had better be real careful, and I passed.

Mary passed, and Bob opened. Sharon saw the bet. George stood up
and removed his shirt without hesitation, dropping it into the bank
pile. Sharon handed him five chips and he pushed one into the pot.

Now it was Kristen's turn. She didn't have any chips either. Kristen
stood up, and reached under her tight skirt to pull down her shear
stockings. As she leaned over, I caught a glimpse of her white panties
under her dress. Kristen tossed her socks into the growing bank pile
and Sharon handed her five chips. Kristen sat down and shoved one
chip into the pot.

Jim pushed his last chip into the pot, and Betty added one from her

That left me. Mary had said it was best to always see the bet before
the draw, but with a pair of queens, I was pretty sure I would not end
up with the lowest hand. Unless I was really lucky, I was not going to
win anything with this hand either. To bet I would have to take my
shirt off. If I folded, I knew that meant I would have to take my shirt
off to ante for the next hand, but I had not been very lucky so far, and
I wanted to conserve my clothes as much as possible. "I fold," I said.

Everyone looked up at me. No one else had folded before the draw,
and Mary was looking at me kind of funny. Everyone took three cards
this time, meaning no one had a super hand before the draw. Since
Bob had opened, he was the first to act. He passed. So did Sharon,
George, Kristen, and Jim.

Betty separated out five chips from her pile. "I bet five," she
announced. Everyone looked at her. Did she have another sure winner
or was she just trying to use her big stack of chips to bluff everyone
off the pot.

I had already folded, so it went to Mary, who quickly folded. Bob,
who had something because he had opened, also folded. Then Sharon,
George, Kristen and Jim quickly followed suite.

"Well, I guess I have you all spooked," Betty said, as she showed
three tens. Everyone shook their head as they spread their cards out to
find the lowest hand. Bob had a pair of aces, and Kristen had a pair of
kings, but Betty clearly had the best hand.

"Oh my God!" Sharon said. I turned and looked at Sharon's hand. It
was a pair of fours.

Kristen glanced around. "I am sorry, Sharon," she said. "It looks like
you have the lowest hand."

Sharon's cheeks were beginning to get a little flush. "Well" she said.
"I guess we knew this was going to happen. I had just hoped it would
be to one of you other girls. Oh well." Sharon stood up and turned
around with her back to us as she reached behind her back to unfasten
her bra. After a few seconds she had it free. She held the bra to her
breast with one hand, while she threaded her arms out of the shoulder
straps. Then she turned around to face the circle, the bra still held
against her breast with one hand. "This is what you came her for
boys," see proclaimed, as she pulled the bra away and let her breast
flow free.

And what breast they were. I had only seen girls' breasts in the pages
of Playboy and Penthouse, but never in the flesh. Sharon's breasts
were not huge, like some of the girls in the magazines, but they were
very nicely shaped, like a half an orange in size and fairly firm
looking. As Sharon stood there a few seconds for us to admire her
breasts, I noticed her nipples were big, round and erect.

Sharon sat down, but did not make an obvious attempt to hide her
breasts. "Ok guys, admire them while you can," Sharon said with a
wry smile. "You are going to be out of your pants in no time."

Betty turned to me. "Larry, it's your deal," she said. "Stop staring at
Sharon's tits and start shuffling the cards."

"Oh," I said, and started to gather up the cards. I shuffled the cards
and dealt them out again. As I dealt the cards, I now noticed that
Sharon only had one chip left. That meant she would have to take off
her panties just to be in the draw this hand. After I dealt the hand, I
stood up and removed my shirt, adding it to the bank pile. Sharon
reached back and handed me five chips. I pushed one into the ante.
Sharon pushed her last chip into the pot.

I picked up my cards and looked at them. I had a pair of kings this
time, with a ten, eight and a two. Slightly better than last hand, but not
by much. Since I had dealt, Mary was the first to act, and she passed.
So did everyone else. It came back to me. I had a minimum hand to
open, so I could open, or we would all have to ante again, and let
Mary deal. I decided to open this time, and pushed one chip into the

Mary and Bob quickly saw my bet. Then it was Sharon's turn. Sharon
did not have any chips to see the bet. Sharon stood up again, giving us
a great view of her breasts again. "Ok guys, a big treat for you, but
just remember, you'll be losing your pants in a minute, after I win
mine back," she said. With that she quickly slid her panties down and
sat down in a single motion. I caught a brief glimpse of her brownish
bush, a little darker than her hair. After she sat down, she pulled legs
up in front of her and pulled her panties off over her feet. She kept her
legs up so we could not see were her panties had been directly, but
from my angle I could make out a little under the thigh of her leg.
Sharon reached back and grabbed five chips, and tossed one in the

Everyone else quickly saw the bet. Except for Kristen, who took two,
everyone took three cards. I looked at my three new cards. A seven, a
five and a four, so I still had just a pair of kings. I peeked over at
Sharon again, but she had shifted so I could not see her private parts,
although her breasts were still clearly in view. Since I had opened, I
had to act first. I passed, but Mary immediately bet one. Bob saw the

I noticed Sharon was smiling. She reached forward and shoved her
four remaining chips into the pot. "I call your bet and raise you three.
I'm all in," she announced.

Sharon was betting everything on this hand. If she lost, the game was
over, and she was the big loser. She had to stand up and let us all get a
real good look at her.

George, Kristen, Jim and Betty all quickly folded. I looked at my
cards, a pair of kings, and folded also.

Mary looked at Sharon, then at her pile of chips. It had dwindled
down to a very small stack. She pulled off three chips and tossed them
into the pot. "I'll call your bet," she said. I could see that Mary now
had only a single chip left.

Bob had a larger stack of chips. He confidently pushed forward three
chips. "I'll call too," he said. "Ok let's see what you bet your all on

Sharon smiled and spread out her cards. "A full house, nines and
jacks," she said.

Bob and Mary both dropped their cards. They clearly didn't have this

Sharon leaned forward and scooped up a few of the chips in the pot.
"Now I'll buy my panties back from the bank," she said. She counted
out seven chips and put them back in the bank. She grabbed the
panties and slipped them on over her feet, then slid them up her legs
and all the way on, without standing up. Then she gathered up the rest
of the chips in the pot. "Let me see. Can I buy my bra back now too?"
she asked.

Betty picked up her bra. "I have your bra over here," she said. "I think
the rules say you can only buy things back from the bank. You'll have
to win your bra back from me."

"Ok," Sharon said. "Enjoy the view while you can guys. You're going
to be out of your pants shortly. By the way, who lost this hand?"

We all looked around at our hands. George, Kristen, Jim and Betty all
had ace high hands. Remember this game was played with two decks,
so there were eight aces in the deck. George's second card was only a
ten, so he was the loser. George started to take off his undershirt, but
Sharon spoke up. "No George. You have to take off your pants.
Remember it's in the rules. We girls have to get some break for baring
our breasts with one piece of clothes left, while you guys don't show
anything until you lose that final piece." George slipped his undershirt
back on, and unbuckled his pants. He slipped them off his legs one at
a time, revealing boxer shorts with an obvious bulge in the front.
George quickly sat down and handed his pants to Sharon. "Ok, now
this is more like it," Sharon teased George. George adjusted his briefs
and moved his legs to try to hide his excitement. I turned and looked
at Mary. She was staring directly at Gorge's problem with a little
smile on her face.

"I think it is your deal Mary," I finally said.

Mary began to pick up the cards and shuffle for the next hand. I
turned and looked at Betty. She seemed to be checking out George,
and sneaking a look at Jim as well. Mary dealt out the cards, and
everyone tossed their one chip ante into the center. I noticed that Mary
finally had no chips left in front of her, although she still had all her
clothes. I picked up and looked at my hand. I had a pair of nines, a
queen, a jack, and an eight, not a very promising hand. Since it was
Mary's deal, Bob had to act first, and he passed. Then Sharon, George
and Kristen quickly passed also. Jim seemed to think about it for a
minute, but then he passed. Betty immediately passed. Since I did not
have an opening hand, I passed. Mary reached down and pulled off
her shoes, pushing them into the bank pile. "I open for one," she said,
as Sharon handed her four chips and tossed the one in the pot.

Everyone quickly saw the bet. People seem to be getting more
cautious as they lost their clothes. Everyone took three cards. I picked
my three cards up and looked at a queen, a seven and a three. That
was no help. At least the pair of nines should not end up the lowest
hand. Since Mary had opened, she led the betting and she just glanced
at her cards. "I open for one," she said, as she pushed one chip
towards the pot. Everyone folded quickly to me, and I folded as well.

"Well, you have to show us what you had anyway, Mary," Sharon
said. "I hope you didn't bluff us."

Mary spread out her cards. "Two pair, Aces and two's," she said.
Everyone just placed their cards on the floor without protest, so Mary
must have had the best hand. I looked around. There were a lot of
pairs of jacks. This was a two decked game, so there were potentially
four pairs of jacks, but seeing three pairs looked funny.

"Kristen," Sharon said. "It looks like you have the low hand."

Kristen looked at her ace high hand. Everyone else had at least a pair
of something. "Well, I guess you're right. I'm out of chips too, so I
guess I better get this over." Kristen stood up, reached to her side and
unzipped her dress. She then let the shoulder straps fall over her arms
and the dress fell at her feet. Kristen had a white lacy bra, and it
looked like her breasts were bigger than Sharon's. Kristen was
wearing a white half-slip below the waist. She picked the dress up and
handed it to Mary. Then she grabbed the elastic bands of the half-slip,
and slid it down her legs, lifting one foot at a time out of the slip. She
then stood up revealing a very low cut white, laced panties as she
tossed the slip into the large bank pile.

Kristen stood there for a minute sticking her chest out a little to
emphasize her breast. "You like what you see boys?" she asked, and
then sat down, with all the guy's eyes firmly fix on her chest. "Ok
Bob, wake up. Time to deal", she added teasingly, as she pushed some
of the cards towards Bob.

Bob looked down and started to gather up all the cards, and then
shuffled them. My eyes went back and forth between Sharon's firm
breasts and Kristen's lacy bra. The girls began to ante and I looked
down to see only one chip. I pushed my last chip into the ante. George
stood up and removed his undershirt with great flare, and tossed it into
the bank pile. Sharon handed him five more chips, and he anted one of
them. I picked up my hand and looked at it. I had an ace, a king, a six,
a five and a four, an ace high hand. I better find some way to improve
this hand, or I was in big trouble. I was going to have to take off my
pants now just to say in the game. With this hand I did not dare drop
out before the draw.

Since Bob dealt, Sharon was the first to act, and she opened without
hesitation. George and Kristen saw the bet. Then it was Jim's turn,
and he was out of chips. Jim quickly removed his undershirt and
tossed it towards the bank pile. Sharon handed him 5 chips, and Jim
tossed one into the pot to see the bet. Betty then saw the bet. Now it
was my turn. I stood up, unbuckled my pants and slid them down. The
erection I had gotten from staring at Sharon and Kristen's breasts
immediately pushed the front of my boxers out.

"Boy," Mary blurted out. "Larry sure likes what he sees there Sharon
and Kristen."

"Next time you play strip poker Larry, you might get some jockey
briefs," giggled Betty next to me.

I stood there struggling to get my pants off my legs. Finally I got them
free and sat down abruptly, pulling my legs up in front of me to cover
up my erections. Sharon reached across to give me my five chips,
giving me a heavenly view of her breasts as she extended her hand
across the circle, but this had the side effect of making my erection
even harder. I had to concentrate on the game more and lose this
erection quick. I tossed in my bet, and Mary and Bob did also.

Everyone took three cards, except for Sharon, who took only two. I
looked at my three cards. They were a queen, a four and a two. That
was no help at all. I still just had an ace high hand. I was in big trouble
now. I had only two pieces of clothes left, and it looked like I might
be sitting there in only my briefs at the end of this hand.

Sharon opened the betting for one chip. George, Kristen, Jim and
Betty all folded. I had no choice but too fold also, and pray someone
had a lower hand. Mary and Bob then folded. Obviously, everyone
was being careful.

Sharon laid down her cards. "Three sixes," she announced. I had
figured she had three of a kind, because she seemed so sure of her bets
and she only took two cards. As I lay down my ace high hand I
searched anxiously for a lower hand. Suddenly, my heart jumped.
Kristen had an ace, king, jack. I had an ace, king queen. I didn't have
the low hand, and Kristen was going to lose her bra!

Kristen was also looking carefully at all the hands. "Mary, I think you
have the lowest hand," she finally said. I looked down at Mary's hand.
She had an ace, eight, even lower than Kristen. Mary had only lost her
shoes, so far, so that was not very promising.

"I guess your right," said Mary. "But both you and Larry almost lost it
there." Mary stood up and bent down and reached under her full skirt
to pull down her panty hose. She got a hold of the top of the panty
hose and pulled them down to her knees, and then sat down to pull
them the rest of the way off her feet. She reached over and handed
them to Sharon.

George gathered up the cards, shuffled them and dealt them out again.
While he did that, I tried to check out how many chips and clothes
everyone had. George had only his underpants left and he had three
chips. Jim also had only his underpants left, but he had four chips.
Kristen had her panties and bra left, plus three chips. I had my boxers
and undershirt left, plus four chips. Sharon was wearing only her
panties, but she had a big stack of chips in front of her. Bob, Mary and
Betty all had big stacks and most of their clothes left. If I could avoid
having the lowest hand, and losing another piece of clothes, then most
likely either George or Jim would be the big loser, but not before
Kristen lost her bra.

I picked up my cards and looked at them. I had a very poor hand, a
queen, a nine, an eight, a three and a two. I had to hope for
improvement in this hand.

Since George had dealt, Kristen was the first to act, and she passed,
then Jim and Betty. Now it was my turn. I immediately passed without
looking at my hand again. Mary checked after me and Bob opened for
one chip. Everyone quickly saw the bet. I discarded three cards and
waited for George to deal me more cards.

Finally, Bob got to me and I picked up my three new cards, a seven, a
three and a two. Now I was in real trouble. I had a queen high hand.
Unless I was very lucky, I was about to lose my undershirt and be in
the same state of undress as George and Jim.

Bob had opened the first round, and he passed. Sharon grabbed a chip
from her pile and tossed it into the pot to open the betting for one
chip. George, Kristen and Jim all folded. Betty, with an even bigger
pile of chips than Sharon, grabbed a handful, counted out six. "I see
your one and raise you five," she said.

Well clearly I folded, and so did Mary. Bob looked at Betty and then
Sharon, and folded also.

"Ok, Betty, what have you got?" asked Sharon. Betty laid down three
Jacks. "Well, you got me again, Betty," Sharon said, as dropped a pair
of kings and a pair of threes on the floor.

As Betty started to gather in the pot to add it to her already huge pile
of chips, I nervously looked around for a lower hand than my queen
high. Kristen had an ace high hand, and was also carefully checking
the other hands. She spotted my queen high. "Larry, I think you have
the lowest hand," she said. "Anyone lower than a queen high?" There
wasn't anyone. I quickly pulled my undershirt off and handed it to
Betty next to me.

Now I was in trouble. I was sitting there in only my boxer shorts. I
had two chips left, which would hold me through the next hand, if I
didn't bet. After that I was going to have to lose my boxers, just to
ante. Jim was in the same situation, and George had only one chip left,
so he was going to have to lose his underpants in the next hand. It was
some relieve that George would lose his underpants first, but Jim and
I would be right behind him.

Kristen began to gather up the cards for the next hand. All I could
think about was I was sitting on the floor in this apartment, in only my
boxers, with four girls I barely knew. Jim and George were in there
underpants, Kristen was in her panties and bra, and Sharon was in her
just her panties, with her round beautiful breast bouncing as she
shifted her weight. Sharon's breasts were causing me an enormous
erection, which forced me to pull my legs up in front of me.

I pushed one of my chips into the pot for my ante, and picked up my
five cards. I had a pair of sixes, and a queen, a nine, and a three. This
was better, but certainly not a winner. Kristen had dealt, so Jim had to
act first. He looked at his hand for a long time, and finally opened by
tossing a chip into the pot. Betty saw the bet, and I tossed my last chip
into the pot. Mary, Bob and Sharon saw the bet. Now it was George's
turn. He had no chips left, and was going to have to take his
underpants off to stay in this hand. He could fold and delay it for a
few minutes. George stared at his cards for a long time, and finally
stood up and looked around. George then tried to pull his jockey
briefs down and sit down in a single movement, just as Sharon had
done earlier with her panties. The only problem is that when the briefs
came off, George's erection popped almost straight out. I heard Betty
whisper "Oh wow." I looked at Mary. She just stared at George, as he
wiggled to try to hide his erection between his legs. Based on what
Charlene had told me, I wondered if Mary had ever seen an erection

Sharon finally reached back and handed George four chips, tossing
the one into the pot. Kristen then tossed one chip into the pot to finish
the first round of betting. Everyone discarded 3 cards, so a pair was
the best that anyone must have had before the draw. I picked up my
three new cards. They were a pair of sevens and a ten, so I now had
two pair, sixes and sevens. Could that be good enough to win the
hand? It was possible, but I doubted it. Then there was the problem
that I had no chips left to bet. I would have to give up my boxers to
find out. Of course, if I folded, I would have to give up my boxers
right after the hand anyway, so it might not make that much

I looked up at Jim. He was the first to act, and he was staring at his
cards. He didn't have any chips either, so if he was thinking of betting
he was going to have to lose his briefs now too. Suddenly, Jim stood
up, whipped his briefs down and sat back down, using his legs to
cover up his erections. I think everyone but me was studying their
own cards and was caught completely be surprise when Jim did this. I
looked at Mary. She seemed confused. I think see had missed her
chance to get a peek at Jim's equipment.

Sharon looked at Jim. "I take it you want to open," she said. "How
many you want to bet?"

"Just one," said Jim. Sharon tossed one chip in the pot for Jim and
handed the other four to Jim.

Betty then folded. Now it was my turn. "Well how about it Larry? Are
you as bold as Jim?" teased Kristen.

I looked at my two pair. Jim had opened and taken three cards. That
means he must have had a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces before
the draw. He would not be betting his underpants on one of those
hands. So he must have at least two pair. If one of those pairs was a
jack, queen, king or ace, he had my two pair beat. "I fold," I finally

"Ok Larry," said Mary. "We can wait. I fold too."

Bob looked at Jim and saw the bet. Sharon folded, and so did George.
Kristen immediately saw the bet. "Ok, Jim," she said. "Let's see what
you got."

"Two pair, queens and tens," Jim said nervously, as he spread his

"Sorry, Jim, three kings," said Kristen, but the smile on Kristen's face
did not indicate she was sorry at all.

"Damn," was all the Jim said, and he began to gather up the cards for
the next hand.

I decided this was my best chance. The boxers were going to have to
come off to get chips to say in the game, and it would be best to do it
now, rather than when everyone was staring at me. I jumped up,
yanked my boxers down to my knees, and sat back down, folding my
legs over the top of my erection.

"Good job, Larry," said Mary, next to me with a big smile on her face.
I don't think I caught her completely be surprise, and she must have
gotten a little eyeful.

I finished pulling my boxers off my legs and tossed them onto the
bank pile. Sharon reached back into the bank box and pulled out five
chips. She got partially up and leaned across the circle of players to
hand me the chips. This gave me another good look at her breasts as I
reached out to accept the chips, and my erection seemed to get even
bigger pushing up on my legs.

Jim was now dealing out the cards, and everyone tossed their one chip
ante into the pot. I picked up my cards. This time I had a pair of twos,
a jack, a six and a four. In most of the hands we had played a pair of
twos would not have been the lowest, so that was good. Should I risk
folding and hope someone else would have a lower hand?

Betty passed, I passed, and Mary and Bob passed. Without taking
another look at her cards, Sharon opened with one chip. She seemed
very sure of herself. George looked at his cards again and saw the bet.
Kristen saw the bet. Then it was Jim's turn. Jim was studying his
cards carefully. Obviously, he was thinking about folding. In our
situation, if you had a good enough hand to be sure you would not be
lowest, you might be better off to fold. Jim finally decided to bet and
threw in one chip. Betty quickly bet, and then it was my turn.

Here was my situation. To not be the first one out, I had to make sure
Jim or George ran out of chips before I did. If at the end of a hand, I
had even one chip left and either or both of them had none, then I
would not have to stand up and let the girls examine my private parts
for 10 minutes. I could just sit here, covering up like I was now, and
then put my clothes back on when the 10 minutes was up. At the
beginning of this hand I was one chip ahead of both Jim and George.
Both Jim and George now had two chips left, just enough for one
more hand, if they saw the bet. If I folded right now, and my pair of
twos was not the lowest hand, then I would have four chips left after
this hand. If I saw the bet I would have three chips left after this hand,
still one ahead of Jim and George. Was a pair of twos good enough to
not be the worst hand?

On the positive side, if I did bet, there always was the chance of
getting a killer hand and winning my boxers back. Everyone was
looking at me, so I finally tossed one chip into the pot, since I would
be one chip up on Jim and George anyway. Mary and Bob quickly
saw the bet.

I took three cards, but Mary only took one card and both Bob and
Sharon took two cards. Everyone else took three cards. I picked up a
pair of queens and an eight. Now I had two pair, queens and twos.
Definitely, not the lowest hand, but could it be a winner? Possibly, but
it seem a long shot.

Sharon seemed to like whatever she got in her draw. "I'll open for
five," she said. "Any of you gentlemen with less than five chips, can
go all in, and we will divide the pot."

George immediately folded, looking kind of nervous. Kristen folded.
Jim looked at his hand, shook his head, and folded. Betty folded, and
then it was my turn.

Sharon was much too sure of herself. She had only taken two cards, so
she may have had three of a kind or a pair with an ace kicker. She was
happy with her draw too. So she might have a full house or at least
two pair, with one of them being an ace. In any event, I felt like she
had my two pair, queens and twos, beaten, so I folded.

Mary and Bob folded too. "Ok, show us what you had," said Jim.

Sharon smiled, and laid down four aces. Two or three players howled
in protest almost simultaneously. Everyone spread their cards on the
carpet and looked around to see who had the lowest hand. I wasn't
worried with two pair, but I checked out Jim and George. Jim had two
pair, queens and fours, but George only had a King high. Could that
be the low hand? Then I saw Mary only had a ten high hand. She had
only taken one card. It looked like she had been trying to draw to a
straight, and had not made it. Drawing to a straight or flush was a big
risk in this game, but Mary had lots of clothes left, so she had taken
the chance, and lost.

Mary stood up and started to pull her blouse out of her shirt to take it
off. "Actually, Mary, you have my shoes from the first hand. You
could give them back to me instead of your blouse. Unless, of course,
you would rather give me your blouse," said Sharon.

Mary looked down behind her at Sharon's shoes. "Ok, I'll give you
back your shoes," said Mary.

"Not that they will do me any good," continued Sharon to no one in
particular. "Since Betty had my bra, and I've been sitting here topless
practically the whole game." Sharon sat up straight, pushed her chest
out, wiggled her breast back and fourth a few times. "Have you
enjoyed these boys? Get a good look at them. I think we are going to
get a real good look at your equipment after this hand."

Betty began to gather up the cards for the next hand. As she shuffled
the cards I stared at Sharon's round breasts, but my mind was turning
over what the best strategy would be for this next hand. If one or both
of Jim and George went all in on this hand, then I should just fold
after the draw, and keep my one chip, thus barely escaping being the
big loser. But if both Jim and George folded before the draw, I would
have to consider doing the same. I tossed one of my three remaining
chips into the pot and picked up my cards. I had an ace, a queen, a
four, a three and a two. If I just folded, there was a good chance this
would not be the lowest hand, but could I take that chance. Since
Betty had dealt, I had to act first. I just passed.

"I'll open for one," Mary said. This was good, now George and Jim
had to decide what they were doing before I did.

Bob and Sharon quickly saw the bet. George put his cards down on
the floor and tossed his last chip into the pot. "I'm all in," he

George had not spent much time thinking about it, so either he had a
very poor hand, or it had not occurred to him that he could fold in this

Kristen saw the bet, and then it was Jim's turn. Jim was studying his
cards carefully. He was obviously thinking about folding. Finally he
looked up. "Oh well," he said. "This is what you girls are waiting for.
I'm all in too." He tossed his last chip into the pot.

Betty saw the bet, and then it was my turn. Both Jim and George were
all in already, so even if one of them won the hand, the game would
be over this hand. The most important thing now was to make sure I
did not have the lowest hand, so I saw the bet.

Everyone took three cards. I picked up my new cards. They were a
pair of jacks and an ace. This was now my best hand of the night. I
had two pair, aces and jacks. This could be a good enough hand to
win, but then again, it might not be.

Mary, who still had a little pile of chips in front of her, studied her
cards for a long time, and finally opened the betting with one chip.
Bob and Sharon quickly folded. George was, of course all in, so
Sharon reached out and divided the pot, putting Mary's second round
opening bet in a separate pile. Kristen then folded. Jim was all in.
Betty also folded, making it my turn.

The safe thing to do was too fold. Jim or George, and probably both,
would be out of the game after this hand. If I just folded, I would have
one chip left, and I would have escaped the embarrassment of
standing up completely naked in front of these girls. On the other
hand, from the vibes I was getting from Mary, I thought I probably
had her hand beat. Before the draw, Mary must have had a high pair,
jacks, queens, kings, or aces, since she discarded three cards. If she
had gotten three of a kind, I thought she would have bet more than
one, probably five chips given the stack she still had in front of her. If
I was right and the more I thought about it the more sure I became that
I was, I could buy back my boxers from the bank. This would allow
me to cover up for the ten-minute show off period

Then a thought occurred to me. What did George and Jim have? I did
not have any read on what they had. What if one of them beat both
Mary and I. Of course the pot had been split. If I bet my last chip and
George or Jim won the hand, the side pot would still go to either Mary
or myself depending. If I won the side pot, I would still have chips,
and I felt sure I had Mary beat. Everyone was looking at me, so I
picked up my last chip and tossed it into the side pot. "I see the bet," I

Mary looked very surprised. "Come on Mary. It looks we with have a
three man show tonight," bubbled Kristen.

It was beginning to sink in what I had just done. Why was I so stupid
as to risk standing naked in front of four girls on my hunch that I had
Mary beat? Why couldn't I have just played it safe, and folded?

"Well, I don't know Kristen," Mary said, as she spread out her cards.
"I only have a pair of Kings. What do you have Larry?"

A pair of Kings! That was even worse than I had expected. I laid
down my cards. "Two pair, aces and jacks," I said, with a big smile on
my face. "What about Jim and George. What do you have?"

"Not much," Jim said. Apparently he could not beat me. George just
tossed down his cards and did not say anything. I looked at Jim's
hand. It was a king high. George had a queen high. Well, I should not
have wasted my time worrying about their hands. Everyone else put
down their cards, and we looked for the low hand. It was George, with
his queen high. He was already out of the game, so he could not give
me anything for winning the bet.

"Do you want to buy back your underpants, Larry," asked Mary.

"Sure, of course," I replied. Mary gathered up 7 chips and handed
them to Sharon, then got up and grabbed my boxers from the bank
pile and handed them to me. This was very nice of her, since I had a
little problem getting up to get them without showing off as much as
Jim and George were shortly going to have to do. I slipped the boxers
up over my knee, and slid them on without getting up.

Now I felt a little better. I was still sitting in my boxer shorts in a
room with four girls I barely knew, in various stages of undress. All
the tension of the last hand and relief over the game being over had
caused me to forget about Sharon's breasts, which were still on
display over in the kitchenette were Sharon had gone to look for a
timer. My erection had subsided considerably, and I was wondering if
I could standup now without something popping out of my boxers. I
decided to chance it, and got up to stretch my legs.

Kristen and Betty were moving some furniture, apparently to get some
chairs we could sit in for Jim and George's show. Except for a small
stroke of luck, it could have been the Jim, George and Larry show. I
walked over towards the kitchenette and the bathroom. I needed to go
to the bathroom, but the door was closed. Somebody was already
using it. I waited for it to be free. I looked back and saw Jim and
George still sitting on the floor looking at each other and the rest of
us, wondering what was going to happen next.

Finally, Bob came out of the bathroom, which gave me my chance.
After relieving myself I had completely lost my erection, and I felt
safe walking around in my boxers. I just had to avoid looking at
Sharon's bare breast.

"Ok, now listen up," said Sharon. "Jim and George are now going to
provide our entertainment. Come on. Don't be shy. Come and stand
here in the middle of the room, so we can get a good look at you."
Jim and George looked at each other and then slowly stood up. They
had not gotten their erections under control, and the girls started
yelling and making catcalls when Jim and George stood up.

"Come on over here where we can get a better look at you," said
Sharon. Jim and George slowly walked over towards the middle of the
room, their erections bouncing up and down with every step they
took. I looked at Mary face. She loved this. There was a big smile on
her face, and she could not take her eyes off from Jim and George.
Mary got up and walked over closer to Jim. She looked down and
examined Jim very closely. Then she went over to George for a close
look also. Betty got up and joined Mary for a close up inspection.
Then Sharon and Kristen when over to get a closer look.

"Can you guys dance?" asked Sharon. Kristen went over to turn up
the music.

The answer was Jim and George could not dance, at least not buck
naked in front of four girls. They wiggled around and looked silly.
The girls were giggling and Betty got out a dollar bill to wave at Jim.
Jim, however, was not interested in a dollar at this point. Kristen then
suggested that George should get her a soda and glass from the
refrigerator. George compiled, and came back and handed Kristen her
soda and a glass. This gave Kristen the opportunity to check out Jim's
manhood very carefully.

Mercifully the kitchen timer finally went off signaling the end of Jim
and George's ordeal. They both immediately ran to find their
underpants. I was just starting to gather up my clothes, when I noticed
that Jim and George were dressed and pulling on their shoes. They
both left without saying anything to anyone. Jim had come with Betty,
but apparently he was not going to wait for her to leave.

I pulled my pants on and looked around for Mary. She was getting
into her panty hose. I pulled on my shirt and undershirt. I spotted my
shoes, but had to look around for my socks. Mary came up behind me.
"Ready to go?" she asked.

"As soon as I find my socksoh there they are over there," I replied.

I pulled on my socks and shoes. Then Mary and I said good bye to the
others and we started back towards the campus.

"That was a very gusty move, betting everything on that last hand,"
said Mary. "I don't think I would have had the courage to do that."

"I am still not sure why I did it," I replied. "I thought I had you beat,
but still, I could've just played it safe. I could've just sat nude in the
corner while Jim and George tried to dance for you girls, but I wanted
my shorts back and something inside told me I had you beat and to
just go for it".

"And go for it you did," said Mary. "Did you enjoy the game, Larry?"

"Well, I kind of wish I had more clothes on there at the end," I said.

"Well, you did get to see a lot of Sharon," Mary said, "and Kristen
was in her underwear for a long time."

"Yeah, that was ok," I said. "It's just that I expected to do better than
what I did."

"You just didn't get very good cards tonight," Mary said. "From what
I could see, you played very well given the cards that you were
getting. Luck is a big factor in poker. Given that you only have 30
chips to lose for all your clothes, luck will be a big factor in strip
poker. The way most kids play it, luck is the only factor. We wanted
to bring some regular poker skill back into the game to make it more
interesting, but still luck is an important factor. Maybe next game you
will be more lucky."

"Next game?" I said in surprise. I hadn't recovered from this game,
and Mary was already talking about another game. "I don't know. I'm
not sure Sharon and Kristen are going to be all that excited after this

"Oh, Sharon and Kristen understood the risks in playing strip poker,"
replied Mary. "When you play strip poker, somebody is going to get
stripped. No mater how skillful a player you are, it can be you.
Besides, if none of the girls had shown anything, we would probably
have to find all new guys for the next game. Sharon gave you a little
sample of what you might see next game. Chances are a girl will be
the big loser next game, and then you can get a real good look at

"Well, you got a pretty good look at me there," I said.

Mary giggled and smiled. "I got a peek at you. I got a good look at
Jim and George."

I stared back at Mary, as we walked along, not quite able to believe
her attitude. "What about Jim and George?" I asked. "I don't think
they are going to want to play again, and if they do, they are going to
be out for revenge."

"I don't know," replied Marry. "Maybe Jim and George will chicken
out, maybe they will come back for revenge. If they chicken out, then
Kristen and Betty will have to find someone else, or maybe Kristen
and Betty will just decide to invite someone else for the next game,
even if Jim and George want to come back for their revenge."

"How about you Larry?" Mary continued. "Are you up for another

Did Mary like me, or did see just think I was a safe person to bring to
a strip poker game, or maybe just a fun person to play strip poker
against? I was just a scrawny, nerdy looking college freshman, so it
wasn't my fantastic body that made me her strip poker partner of
choice, but I couldn't tell what had.

"I guess so," I replied.

Mary smiled. "Good," she said. "I will let you know if we get another
game organized."

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