Jades mother day gift two

[b] Jade stroked The thick member of her uncle James. He closed his eyes as the sensation rolled through his muscular form. He moaned as he felt Jade plant a soft kiss on the large purplish head of his dick. After a few licks Jade opened her lips wide and took in an inch of her uncles dick. Again James let out a soft moan as his neice started to bob up and down on his dick and taking in a little more each time until she had fully 8 inches in her mouth and could take no more.With her soft fingers stroking the base of his cock and eight inches in her mouth James was racing towards a massive orgasm. He told her nothing as he enjoyed the sensations his little niece was giving him. after a few more strokes and sucks he erupted into her sucking mouth.Jade did her best to swallow what she could but alas a few drops trickled past her lips to her chin. Extracting her uncle from her mouth she took the cum off her chin with her fingers and licked it clean while looking into her uncles eyes.
Bailey up in her room collapsed to the floor as her self gratification brought her to a satisfying orgasm of her own. May enterd the room as Bailey lay there upon the floor smiling. May helped her sister to her feet and could instantly smell the scent of sex.She smiled at her sister and gave her a long lingering tongue filled kiss. Bailey was surprised but offered no resistance to Mays intruding kiss. Bailey welcomed the softness of Mays lips as they mashed aginst her own and the velvety tongue caressing her own,Bailey was again being aroused.
Down by the pool James had deposited himslef into the water while Jade wiped herself off with a towel and after a quick smile to James she rose and strutted towards the house. Just then Micheal emerged from the house and ran to dive quickly into the water and swim to the shallow end and deposit himself onto one of the loungers.James took the other lounger offered his son a beer and opened himself a second commenting on what a great day this was turning out to be as he reminesced the happenings on his morning.
After their kiss May left the room and headed to her own to put on her teeny bikini and take a dip in the pool. Bailey stood there in glee as Jade entered the room "Happy mothers day "was all she said as she kissed her mother full on the lips and they took each other in their arms. Bailey taking Jade with her sat on the bed. Jade told her mother she had a gift for her as she pushed up her mothers skirt to find her already glisting bald pussy. Jade smiled as her mother told her she witnessed her and James. With a smile Jade buried her face between her mothers thighs and proceeded to gently lick up and down the length of her slit and after every few licks she would flick her tongue a few times around Bailey's quivering clit. Jade contiued tonguing her mother as May was now watching from the door.Bailey moaned with ecstasy as her beautiful busty daughter tongued her hot pussy. This was a mothers day gift Bailey would remember forever. Jade had never been so sexual with her mother but they had kissed and copped a few touches now and again.
James and Mike were talking about taking the ladies out to diner and maybe a movie. James liked the idea and said he would make the arrangements and headed for his den with Micheal in tow.As they entered the house May came into the den from the inside entrance. She greeted them both and they her gave long lingering kisses. She smiled and left to go sit by the pool .James started to dial his phone as Mike returned to the pool to take in the site of his beautiful mother and hopefully be able to pleasure her beofre anyone else came out there.
Bailey moaned loudly as she came on her daughters talented tongue. Jade was happy to please her mother as they both lay on the bed embraced and ready for a rest. Out by the pool May and Micheal were splashing around as he moved closer to her he put his hand out and ran it across her left breast. May gasped but didn't move away. She and her son started kissing and feeling each others bodies. Her hands ran along his strong muscular back.Micheal was built alot like his father. May loved the way hos skin felt against hers. micheal quickly relieved his mother of her bikini top and was sucking on her nipples as they moved to thje edge of the pool.May let out soft moans as Micheal devoured her tits. Soon he lifted his mother onto the edge of the pool removed her bikini panties and placed his hot tongue onmthe sparsely haired pussy before him.May was in heaven as her son attched his mouth to her pussy every couple of seconds giving a few licks around her now engorged clit. Micheal brought his mother to a mind blowing orgasm. As she came down she leaned back to see Ja,es, Bailey and, Jade looking down at her with huge smile on there faces and totally nude..

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