My night with bryan

Post time7-02-2021, 11:28

it all started back when i was 16, it was summer time and all me and my friends ever did was go to parties and get completly hammered. well one night i was hangin with this kid bryan and we didnt ususally hang out but, he was really hotttt. llike it was bad. he was around 5'9'' brown hair brown eyes with a very athletic body..

we decided one night to just hangout over at my house and jsut chill welll i had some vodka left over from another night so me and him finished that. but as the night went on i stole some beers from my rents and we continued to drink.. we were both sitting on the couch together and i got up and popped in a porno. at this point i was pretty drunk.. and bryan was lookin prettty good..i sat back down on the couch and threw a blanket over me.. and bryan goes yeah im pretty cold too and takes some of it

well at this point i was startin to get really horny. so i slowly moved my had over and touched te side of his leg and waited for a response.. he didnt say anything. i waited a little while and moved my hand on top of his leg and he still didnt say anything. i kept inching my hand untill i reached his dick. it was rock hard in his shorts.. both of our eyes in a dead stare at the screen. i pulled the blanket off of me and he moved his hand down to his lap. after about 20 minutes i put the blanket back on and moved my hand back to his dick..

once i touched it he made his move on me. from that point on we started to rub each other and i slowly slipped my hand into his shorts and grabbed it firmly in my hand. it felt so good i could tell he was so horny. after a little while of jerking each other off he got up and walked to my bed. i followed of course and we layed down next to each other. he went down on me first and began sucking my dick, it felt so good i wanted to shoot right then.. after a couple minutes he lifted up his head. it was my turn

i went down and began licking his stomach untill i reached the head of his dick.. i licked it up and down, and slowly put it in my mouth.. it felt so warm and hard. he moved his leg so i could get a good reach at his ass while i did it..we switched positions a couple times untill i went down on him and he shot it in my mouth. i tasted so good i didnt wanna stop. he returned the favor and swallowed every last dropp as i came in his mouth

idk what else to writeee
leave good comments and ill write a part twoo :)

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