The coeds wild field trip

Robert Vickers

The coed_s wild field trip
"I think I'd really like to feel those hot lips of yours sucking on my cock," Frank told Virginia. He chuckled a little as she blushed. She was such a hot bush he could hardly keep his erect prick inside his pants. It was really hurting him and bad.
"That's gross," she primly told him. The heat of her embarrassment was slowly fading but still the way he'd so boldly approached her rankled her. The very, idea!
"No, it's not. I think it would be fun. You look like a Grade A cock sucking chick to me. Am I wrong?"
"YES!" she flared.
He laughed again. That made her even more uncomfortable. There, was something about him that both repulsed and attracted her. She didn't understand what it was. He was attractive. One of the handsomest guys in any of her college classes, in fact. She knew that any of the other girls along on this geology field trip would have fallen all over themselves to get a chance at Frank's long cock.
At least, she thought his prick was huge. If the bulge in his jeans was any indication, it was a monster.
Not that Virginia had had much experience in guessing how big that prick was likely to be. She wasn't the least bit familiar with such thing. Nice girls didn't fool around.
She was a nice girl.
"Do you have to study hard?" he asked, innocently.
"What do you mean?" She was really uncomfortable with Frank. He made her feel unclean. The way he looked at her left no question in her mind what perverted things he wanted to do to her.
"I mean, do you have to study hard to be such a prick teaser?"
"I never!"
"No, you never put out. And that's about all you never do, damn it! How can any normal guy see you sitting there in that skin tight pair of jeans and not get a hard-on? Hell, I could call heads or tails if you stuck a dime in your back pocket. But you won't do that. Know why? You couldn't fit even a thin dime back there in that pocket!"
"My clothing is no concern of yours."
He went on as if he hadn't heard her. "And that work shirt you're almost wearing isn't helping any."
His hot breath gusted across her tits as he raved on.
Self-consciously, she looked down at her shirt. Sure, it was unbuttoned two buttons. But all the girls wore them that way. And if she had a better set of jugs than any of the other chicks out on this field trip, was that her fault? She couldn't help it if her tits were bigger, finer, more desirable to men's animal instincts.
"And no bra," he finished. "God, the way those nipples of yours poke through that cloth is downright criminal."
She tried to pull back a little from the cloth of her shirt as if it were suddenly hot. It was too tight. Her nipples continued to press into the thin fabric. The tiny mushrooms were obvious, that she had to agree about. But so what? He didn't have to get turned on by it. It wasn't her fault if he couldn't control himself. After all, she was just wearing the same type of clothes the other girls were.
"Hell with you," he stormed, struggling to turn in the van. The bedrolls and supplies were in his way but he managed to climb over the mountain of equipment and into the very back of the van where Virginia's best friend, Phyllis, was sitting and looking out the rear window.
Virginia wasn't sure how to take Frank. He was handsome but the way he expected all the chicks to jump through a hoop bothered her. It bothered her almost as much as her obscene desire to do whatever he ordered her to do.
But she wouldn't do that. She wouldn't go to bed with a man. Not until they were married. That was what her parents told her nice girls did.
Looking back over the mound of equipment, she was just able to see the tops of the other two's heads. Then Phyllis' vanished. Curious, Virginia managed to work herself around a little and peer around the supplies.
She gasped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing; Phyllis was actually running Frank's zipper down. And when his cock snapped out, long and hard and ugly red she almost cried out. She had to warn her friend not to do anything wrong.
She'd only known Phyllis a few weeks since the semester had started but Virginia felt as if she'd been friends with the raven-haired girl for years and years. She just wished Phyllis could have gone through the four years of high school with her. Those had been such lonely times. No one had understood her. All the boys were absolutely perverted like Frank and all of them wanted only one thing to fuck her.
Phyllis seemed to understand. Together, the start of college had been less of a hassle. Virginia actually felt as if she belonged at long last. The two of them could kick the world. But not now.
Virginia started to cry out, but couldn't. She watched as her friend's ruby lips kissed lightly on the very tip of Frank's prick. The girl worked her lips around the very end of that quivering cock until she'd taken the entire glans into her mouth.
Making obscene sucking noises, she worked her way down the prick until the spying girl was sure she'd have to choke to death. She not only didn't, she seemed to be enjoying herself.
"God," Frank said, "I love the way your hot mouth moves all around my cock. You're an angel, baby, a living angel. Not like that frigid bitch of a roommate of yours."
"Ummmm," was all the comment the sucking girl made. Virginia could see the look of rapture on the girl's face as she used her tongue all around the very tip of the jerking prick.
What was it that made her friend do that? She looked as if she was actually enjoying sucking on that ugly cock!
"Want me to kiss your balls?" she said.
"Baby, do anything you want. You know all the moves, yeah! Oh, yeah! That's the way. Go on down on me. God, this is tooooo much!"
It almost was for the spying coed. She was getting a real eyeful. The sight was so gross it made her sick to her stomach. But she couldn't force herself to turn away.
There was something, almost hypnotic about watching her friend give this stud head. He was slowly leaning back against the equipment; his hands shaking a little bit as he ran them through the girl's glossy hair.
"Love it to death," he commanded. His hands laced through the girl's hair and he began guiding her head up and down his prick in the exact motion he liked best.
A wet plop and the girl said, "Don't hold back, Frank. If you feel like coming, do it! I love the taste of a man's jizz. There's nothing finer in the whole Goddamn world!"
"I can't believe it. Most chicks hate it when a guy comes in their mouth. But you want it, do you? You got it!"
Virginia watched a lewd smile cross her friend's face, then she couldn't see the details very well. The face was pressed firmly into the man's groin. The loud sucking and kissing noises filled the back of the van. The hiss of the air rushing by outside was drowned out. She worried that Dr. Preston might hear and stop the van. How could she alibi her best friend out of this?
She'd have to tell the truth. Frank had to be forcing Phyllis to do this horrid thing to him. There was no other explanation. She couldn't buy it that Phyllis actually got off a sucking cock.
That wasn't natural!
Yet, she had to admit the way her own cunt was churning. It wasn't natural, either. She felt the thin flow of cunt juice leaking from her pussy. In spite of this unnatural act being performed where she could see it, she was getting turned on. Hating to admit it, she rubbed hard across her crotch hoping the deliciously sinful feelings would go away.
They didn't. If anything, the feel of her own hand working all over her pussy made them worse.
She found she couldn't stop herself from masturbating once she got started. The sexy sight in front of her somehow stoked her inner fires. She was burning up inside. Her cunt was oozing out its oil faster and faster. Her hand almost flew over the rough exterior of her denim-covered crotch.
The way her panties chaffed and rubbed into aroused cunt lips caused her breath to come faster, harsher. Soon, she was panting like Frank.
She wondered if he was feeling anything half this intense. From the way he was babbling, she didn't know.
"Keep going, baby, oh sweet Jesus, keep that mouth sucking on my cock. Never felt a chick who could give a blow-job as good as you're doing."
The long pole of his cock appeared from between Phyllis' lips. It came out slowly, lewdly. The wantonness of it made Virginia even hotter. She couldn't explain it. Her head was tumbling around and around and she couldn't think.
All she could do was keep her hand moving along her covered sex gash. The juices from her cunt had drenched her jeans and left a big wet spot. Wouldn't do any good to hide it. She was too far-gone to even think of doing such a thing, anyway. Right now, the delightful feeling lancing into her cunt and spreading like wildfire occupied her attentions.
She moaned, low and deep. The girl was suddenly frightened. What if the two in the back of the van heard her? They'd think she'd been spying on purpose. She couldn't let that happen. Biting down into her lower lip was painful. Blood flowed where her sharp teeth punctured sensitive flesh.
But it stifled her outcries. She hated herself for this. But the sight of the two in the back doing such awful things had gotten to her in some way she'd never experienced before.
Just the sight of that long, rigid prick was enough. But to see her best friend actually sucking on it was shocking.
The way it shot back and forth into her mouth should have disgusted the spying girl. She knew it. But it didn't. That made her feel even better than before.
She was able to watch her best friend being face-fucked while she masturbated and wasn't sayings thing to stop any of it!
Right then, Virginia found herself hating Frank and Dr. Preston and herself. Herself most of all. She was a good girl and good girls didn't watch such perverted things. Actually taking that hard, throbbing prick into her hot, sucking mouth!
She couldn't understand what it was that they enjoyed about it.
"Shit, baby, I can feel that tongue of yours really working at me. I-I can feel my balls tensing up. God, it's like I'm going to explode."
The girl's head was flying up and down the prick now. She was sucking so hard her cheeks went hollow under the suction. And her fingers were caressing the hairy bag of balls.
"Can't hold it in. Ready, b-baby! I, unnni, ohhhhh!"
The first convulsive jerk made the man's prick leap from the girl's mouth. The white-hot spout of cum splattered into the coed's face. She eagerly grabbed the spouting cock and stuffed it hungrily back into her mouth.
Sucking even harder, she clamped her lips around the end of his prick until the very last drop of his jizz had been milked. And then her snaky tongue lashed out and began working on the come dripping down her face. When the last of the sticky white goo had been lapped up, she smiled.
"You're super, Phyl. You give the best head in the whole damn school."
"Not the best in the whole city?"
"Well," he teased.
She flicked his balls with her thumb in what must have hurt Frank. He let out a yelp that startled Virginia.
"Watch that. How the hell should I know if you're better'n every cocksucker in town? All I've done is concentrate on the college."
"Ah I'll bet that keeps you worn out," Phyllis said.
"Not for long!"
"Let me show you."
What disgusted Virginia the most was that he did. In an improbably short time, he had another hard-on.
She managed to have a little come. Not much, not as big as she'd given herself looking at pictures of all the brawny movie stars, but enough to keep her silent for the rest of the trip.
Virginia had a lot to think about. Did the other girls do this sort of thing all the time? She couldn't believe it. Phyllis was a good girl. A good girl just like she was. Virginia was certain of that. Surely, Phyl had never had that ugly cock of a man shoved between her legs.
Shuddering, Virginia thrust the thought from her minded. But she was uncomfortable with the way her cunt continued to dribble out its thin love juices.
"Good set-up, Virginia. You do much camping?" asked Dr. Chambers. The man was tall, muscular and had an air of authority about him that sent shivers up and down Virginia's spine. He was so damned competent!
"A little, sir. With my family."
"You don't have to call me sir. Hell, I'm not more than ten years older than you. Call me Joe."
"Well, if you say it's okay. Sure, Joe." She smiled shyly. She wasn't sure if she should do this or not. It was so familiar. And he was her professor. He'd only been teaching for a year and wasn't more than ten or eleven years older than she was, but still, nice girls didn't flaunt authority.
She jumped a lot when he pinched her on the ass as he left. Blushing fiercely, she glared at his back.
Phyllis said, "You sure made a big hit with the Prof. 'Call me Joe', indeed! Hell, Ginnie, you're gonna see if he's hung like a stallion real soon. And if you do, please let me know!"
"Us girls have a bet going on to see who fucks Joe Chambers first. God, what an ass he has. All tight and muscular. Not an ounce of fat on him. Nowhere can see."
"I'd never!"
"Don't be such a prude, Ginnie. You can. Will you tell your buddy about it? Share the good times, for Christ's sake!"
"That's not what I meant," she said coldly. But Phyllis was already off and talking with Nancy Duncan. Virginia simply stood open-mouthed looking at her friend. She would never dream of allowing a man, any man– even Joe Chambers – to get into her pants. And to think she had been asked to share the experience if it happened. It was down right gross.
Nice girls didn't do things like that.
She drifted through the rest of the day being sure she had all her notes and pictures of the types of rock they were supposed to search for on this field trip. Virginia was aware of both Frank and Joe Chambers watching her every time she bent over.
At supper that night, things weren't much better. She knew Frank spoke just loud enough for her to overhear. He was talking to his best friend, Ron Larkin, the football jock.
"…and then she turns all icy on me and says for me to beat it."
"Beat off, you mean," joked Ron.
"Same thing to her… I bet she's never been fucked. Cold and I bet she's frigid. So I said to hell with that and got the foxiest chick on this trip to suck me off."
"You mean the hot bush over there?" Ron painted with the end of a smoldering stick he'd pulled from the fire.
"That's her," agreed Frank. "Phyllis is her name. We're going out a little later and I'm gonna get me a piece of ass then, sure thing."
He kept turning just enough so that Virginia was aware he was speaking as much for her benefit as for his friend's. She was beginning to hate him and the way he acted. Still, under all of it, she wondered if he was half as good a fuck as he thought he was.
She knew she'd never find out. She didn't want to know. Glumly, she pushed away from the group around the fire and went to the tent she shared with Phyllis and Nancy.
Crawling into her sleeping bag, she undressed.
She hadn't realized how tired she was until lying down. In a few minutes, she drifted off to a troubled sleep.
In her dreams, a huge cock was chasing her, poking her in the ass, probing for her cunt. And she liked it. She moved and wiggled her ass so that the big eye would follow her. It was obscene. She hated it.
And still she wanted it to fuck her. Once, sitting on a low wall, she'd even spread her legs wantonly to the huge prick. It smashed into her and she gasped as it fucked all the way up her juicy cunt.
Then she was being shaken awake.
"Hey, Ginnie, wake up. You're having a nightmare."
Phyllis reached over and shook Virginia, Virginia moaned then opened her eyes.
"Huh? I oh, hi, Phyl. What happened?"
"You were shouting and moaning and carrying on. Thought you had a guy in there with you."
"Don't be crude."
"Hell, I never fucked in a sleeping bag. I don't have the foggiest idea what it'd be like. All I know about's regular fucking. Though what Frank and I just did is certainly anything but regular."
"What'd you do?" asked Nancy, suddenly eager. Phyllis turned to their tent-mate and said, "It was like something out of a book! Frank and I went off until we found this mossy spot under a tree. He undressed me, really gentle. His hands explored all over my body. Wow, when his hands touched my poor little boobs, I almost came! I mean, God! I was creaming all over myself by then. My crotch was drenched with cunt juice. And then, well, you don't want to hear about that."
"I do, I do!" shouted Nancy.
"Shush, not so loud!" cautioned Phyllis.
Virginia couldn't believe her ears. The girl in the tent with her wasn't the Phyllis who was her friend back in college. This was a sex fiend. This girl was a certifiable nymphomaniac intent on getting all the cock she could stuffed up her twat.
"Okay," Phyllis said, confident now she had an audience. "He started kissing my tits. He'd suck one nipple into his mouth, then tease it a little with his tongue. When I was so strung out I was about to come, he began kissing and licking down my stomach."
"That's exactly the way Ron and I started off last week," exclaimed Nancy. "You suppose they compare notes? He actually managed to unbutton my blouse all the way down with his mouth. That tongue of his feels like a snake when it worked down inside my jeans."
"Bet he couldn't unfasten your jeans using only his tongue and lips. Frank did," boasted Phyllis.
The vision came to Virginia. The man lying on top of Phyllis, his mouth slithering all over her naked chest. From one tit to another, he'd leave a trail of saliva behind. And when he tweaked down hard enough on her nipples, they'd pop up hard and red and pointing at the sky. The milky globes of tit flesh would be pulsing with desire. Almost at the bursting point, they would prove the girl was definitely aroused and hungering for the feel of his tongue in other places.
"And then his tongue stabbed all the way up my cunt. God, did I come! I felt as if the top of my head was blown off! Never had a climax so big before."
"Sounds like what Ron did to me. He licked all over my clit until it was hard and pointy. Looped his tongue around and then slowly worked his way up to the very tip. By that time, I was about ready to explode. When he sucked my cunt between his lips and then had his tongue on it, boom! I was off. But he didn't stop," she continued. "He worked on down to my pussy lips. He ran his tongue back and forth licking up all the love juices that was leaking out. Said he didn't want them to go to waste."
"Bet he didn't get off on it like Frank did. He told it was like drinking wine, only tastier. I can still remember the feel of his tongue pressing into my cuntlips. Each rough touch sent a little tingle all the way up my spine."
She gave a convincing shudder to emphasize how good it had been having the man's mouth all over her snatch.
Virginia's hand drifted to her own crotch. She was sleeping in her panties. She found them totally wet from her lusts. It was hard to believe she could have been so turned on by the lewd mouthing of her two friends. She tried not to listen but there was something fascinating about the words.
Fingers moving along her pink, gently scalloped inner pussy lips, her middle finger slipped easily all the way into her cunt. The slick, velvety folds of her pussy parted for her finger. She began finger-fucking herself as she listened to Phyllis and Nancy brag about getting laid.
Virginia still couldn't believe Phyllis was capable of such obscene behavior. The girl was her friend and she was a good person. A nice girl. But she surely had an active imagination. It couldn't hurt much if she just listened to the girl's obscene story. It was all made up, of that Virginia was sure.
It had to be.
"Yeah, his tongue swirled around inside me like a tornado. He felt like he was going to rip me apart, and with his fuckin' tongue! I couldn't stand it. I ended up begging him for his cock. My whole Goddamn cunt was on fire. And everything was spinning around crazy."
"Same thing happened with me," said Nancy. "As soon as Ron found my pussy, he was pushing me right up there to the brink of orgasm again. My whole body was on fire. And the way his tongue fucked into me, I thought he had an extra cock."
"I know what you mean. He even licked all the way back to my asshole. When he shoved his tongue into my asshole, I did come. I couldn't help myself. It was just too much for one girl to bear!"
Nancy smiled and hummed a little tune to herself. "I heard music. I really did. All the time he was licking across my bush and sucking cunt up between his lips and thrusting his tongue into my cunt, I was hearing a tune like this."
As she hummed, Virginia found finger stroking in and out of her cunt in rhythm to the song. She was panting now and trying to hide her arousal. It was obscene that she could let herself get this carried away. The girls were only swapping lies. Those things hadn't happened to them.
But if only they had.
Her tits were throbbing with need. She wondered what it would have been like if Frank had been there to suck them. According what Phyllis said, he knew how to suck on the nipples in a special way that made her feel better than if she simply took them between thumb and forefinger and began working her nipples around in small circles. The lances of delight surging into her body warmed her. The warmth spread like napalm was consuming her. She was alive, more alive than she could ever remember being before.
"And then I felt his cock pressing into my cuntlips. I knew I was in for a lot of fucking then."
The aroused girl couldn't even tell if it had been Phyllis or Nancy mouthing those vile words. Vile they might have been, but they were the signal she needed. Her hand went back to her bush. She rubbed across the pussy mound a few times, then let her finger slip into her cunt again.
While one hand diddled her cunt, the other was pressing hard to get that finger as far up into her pussy as possible. When she discovered one finger wasn't enough to satisfy her, she added a second. A third quickly joined those. She felt as if she was going to pull herself apart.
It felt great!
The blood was pounding hard in her ears. But she could still hear the other two talking about the ways they'd gotten themselves fucked by Ron and Frank.
"…I thought it was fuckin' piston! Rigid, Christ, he was stiffer than I thought any man could get. And could he fuck. He was a machine. He didn't stop till I'd came three or four times."
"So you were counting? I couldn't. He had me coming like a machinegun going off. All I could feel was his thick cock drilling hard into me. He fucked better than any guy I ever found. And when I felt the pussy juices running down the inside of my leg, even that got me off. It was the perfect fuck."
Virginia's hand clamped hard on her clit. She squeezed the little spire between thumb and forefinger. It was slippery but she stroked along the slopes as hard as she could. Her body was a raging forest fire now. There was no holding back her emotions. She was being ravaged by the thrilling sensations in her twat.
She bit down on her lip as she came. It was a lot more intense than the one she'd had in the van. This was spreading throughout her belly, then washing into the remainder of her body. It wasn't the brain-blowing orgasm Phyllis bragged about, but Virginia was sure the girl was making all that up. To actually have a man's cock stuffed all the way up her pussy would be more than she could bear. She was positive that Phyllis was just bragging about something she had never experienced.
"Ah," said Phyllis, "he got it up again in record time. This afternoon when I sucked him off, he had his erection back in less than five minutes. I tell you Frank is some kind of sex maniac. And I can fuck like a bull, too."
"A real cocks man, huh?" asked Nancy.
"You said it. He got me off a half dozen more times before he came. I could feel his jism spurting into me. I thought he'd stuffed a gun up my cunt and pulled the trigger. I could really feel each and every drop of his cum as it shot into me."
"Sounds super."
"It was, it was. I can't wait till we get out into the mountains tomorrow and go looking for rocks. I can tell you right here and now, its his rocks I'll be looking for!"
"And this is a good example of the type of rock outcropping I mentioned in class last Wednesday," said Joe Chambers, pointing to a definitely phallic pile of rock.
Virginia saw Phyllis sidle up next to Frank. Her hand reached out and grabbed him by the balls. He moaned and bent double but he didn't say a word.
Virginia saw the looks in both their eyes. They were enjoying this to the utmost.
She couldn't believe her friend was actually going off with Frank. In spite of her conviction the night before that Phyllis had been making up all those vile things just to shock and embarrass her, she couldn't understand what the girl saw in Frank.
Phyllis held him back from the rest of the group and actually ran her hand down the front of his pants. There was no way Virginia could mistake what her friend was doing to the man's balls. She was squeezing and kneading them like lumps of bread.
Disgusted, she turned her back on them and hastened off to catch up with the rest of the students. Let the girl fuck her brains out. Virginia was going to learn something on this field trip. That was what she was for.
"And over there is rovle strata you'll see again on a test. Better copy it down so you won't forget what it looks like," Joe was saying as Virginia came up. He smiled at her.
"Okay, class, head for the hills. You all have a list of the types of rock I want you to find and bring back. Be at camp by noon. If not, I'll send the forest rangers out for you. And you wouldn't want to embarrass them, would you?"
"Hell, we could embarrass the fur off the bean," one student mumbled.
Joe didn't seem to have heard. "Off you go."
Virginia watched the others pair off as they headed on the rock hunting expedition. With Phyllis behind the group, probably letting Frank fuck her silly, Virginia didn't have anyone to team up with. She shrugged it off. It was just one of those things. Like high school, she was used to being left on her own.
She started scrambling up a rocky incline in search of the first of her samples. In a way, it was like a scavenger hunt for her. She was breathless and flushed by the time she reached the top of the rack slide.
Standing there, hands on hips, was Joe. He smiled and said, "I thought you'd be coming up this way. I decided I'd join you."
"Sure," she said. "You can help me find the rocks."
"And maybe you can help me get my rocks off."
"You heard me the first time. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I've wanted to lay you. God, you can't imagine how horny I get standing up in front of the class seeing you out there."
"Horny? I don't…"
"I can see all the way to your snatch every time you cross your legs. It drives me wild! Sometimes, I don't know how I stand it. But now that we're alone, why don't we…"
"Hey. Stop that!" she cried, batting his hand away from her tits. "I'm not like that. I don't know what's gotten into you, Dr. Chambers, but I'm not the kind of girl who puts out."
"But, in class. The way you lick your lips. The way your ass wiggles as you walk out. I thought… I thought it was for me."
Virginia was confused. It seemed as if all the men wanted one thing and one thing only to fuck her.
She'd have to put the professor in his place. "Look, Dr. Chambers– Joe – I simply am not like the others. When I get married, then I'll have sex."
The words stung her tongue. She almost flinched as she said them. Nice girls didn't mention things like this in public. Even though Virginia was beginning to doubt her parents were right all the time, she knew they had to be a hundred percent correct on this.
Still, hadn't Phyllis seemed okay until this trip? It was obvious she was friendly and the best friend she'd ever had, but that obsession she had with fucking. And the words she used! Virginia knew she'd never be able to bring herself to say half of those things, even after she was married.
"Sorry, Virginia, I guess I misread you. I didn't mean to come on so strong but I thought you wanted it."
"That's okay, Joe. I'd like you to be my friend."
She hoped he didn't get the wrong impression of her.
"I can handle that, I suppose. Friends?" He stuck out his hand. She looked at it suspiciously, then shook it. Virginia wasn't sure quite what she expected. In a perverse way, she almost hoped he'd yank her to the rough ground, strip off her clothes and then rape the hell out of her.
When he didn't, she couldn't figure out if she was relieved or annoyed.
"I'll go find out how the others are doing. And, uh, look, Ginnie, if you change your mind, keep me in the front of the line. You're one hell of a foxy chick."
"All right, Joe. If you want, I'll keep you in mind." She didn't know why she said that. She wasn't going to change her mind. Not about something like illicit sex.
She continued searching out the rocks she needed to get an A on this field trip, then sat down, tired. The sun was hotter than it looked and she was exhausted from the high altitude.
Mixed in with the wind's low whistle through the boulders, she heard another type of sound. It was familiar to her now, after she'd watched Phyllis suck off Frank.
In spite of herself, she clambered on top of a large rock and peered down into a protected area. There, like she'd thought, two people were fucking. She wanted to turn and leave but couldn't. It was as if her legs were suddenly paralyzed.
She should close her eyes and let them continue their obscene carryings on. The harder she held that thought in mind, the more she perversely wanted to see what was going on down below her.
She wanted to see what this fucking was really like. The way Phyllis and Nancy talked about it, it must be something special. She shuddered at the thought of having a man's long, hard cock fucked into her soft twat. To have a prick that looked like Frank's stuffed between her legs wasn't very pleasing to her.
But they all seemed to enjoy it. And from the way Joe talked, she was unconsciously exuding sex. She was giving him a come-on she simply didn't mean. If she was going to avoid horrible things like that in the future, she was going to have to find out more about the act of fucking.
She slipped down the side of the boulder and into a small crevice not ten feet from the couple. The man's white ass was pumping hard. She could see the muscles tensing and relaxing as he drove his cock into the softly yielding cunt.
"God, Nancy, I'm glad I found you. I was getting so horny, I was going to fuck the next rabbit I found."
"Joe, ummm, you're so big in me! I'm glad I did come along. It'd be a waste having you screw some poor little animal."
"Talk about small! Your cunt is grabbing hard at my prick. You're squeezing down so damned hard, I'm going to lose it any second."
"No, umnim, no, you won't. You are a real, stud. And I love the way you use that long prick of yours! It fills me up so much! And the way it gets me hot!"
The words faded as Virginia changed positions to see the two even better. To her horror, she saw it was Joe– her Joe! – fucking Nancy. She was outraged, more because he'd left her and immediately gone in search of another pussy than because the couple were fucking.
She studied the professor's body and decided he was even more muscular than she'd supposed. He had bulging biceps and the trim waist supported a tight ass. He was really driving his long prick into the girl's cunt.
Virginia suddenly hated Nancy for taking this man away from her. It was very irrational. Nancy hadn't taken him away because she'd never had him. The very thought of letting his cock slip into her pussy, then rock back and forth in the well-greased cunt was repulsive to her. But still, he'd been turned on by her. HER!
And she was only allowed to watch the fun the two were having.
"Wrap your legs around my waist," he said. "I like to feel my chicks all around me. It keeps my cock where it belongs, too."
"And where is that?" she teased.
"Right here," he said, driving his prick all the way into her cunt, then grinding his bush into hers.
"Oh, up my cunt. That's where you meant!"
"Yeah. Up that steamy hot cunt of yours. And damn but you're squeezing down even harder on my cock. How do you do it?"
"Practice. But I'll be practicing a million years before I find a prick that can fill me up like yours!"
He pushed the palms of his hands flat on the rough rock to get better leverage. Virginia watched at he lifted himself up and pulled the girl's body with him. She was treated to the sight of the long, red, well-greased prick splitting apart the girl's pussy lips.
The pink flaps of her cuntlips parted, in a lewd kiss. It was just like Phyllis' lips when she sucked in Frank's cock, but this was millions of times more obscene, lewd, perverted.
The spying girl could hardly believe her eyes. This was happening and right out in plain sight. It wasn't a mirage. This was the real thing. Joe was fucking the hell out of Nancy's little pussy.
She watched as the purple tipped cock separated the inner pussy-lips before plunging all the way up the cunt. The glitter of dewy drops sparkled all over the coed's tush.
The lewd smacking noise as he drove his hips forward and his cock fucked deep up the girl's pussy seemed to echo. The sounds rang in the spying coed's ears and threatened to drive her mad. She wanted to flee. There was no reason she should watch these two debase themselves like they were doing.
As if rooted to the spot, she stood and watched. And found herself beginning to respond. She hated it. She couldn't come to rips with the fact that her breathing was coming faster and sweat beaded her forehead. And the damp spot at her crotch spread like wildfire.
She was getting off on watching her professor fuck one of her friends. And she was damning herself for turning him down. That could be her pinned under his weight. She could be the one moaning with pleasure. Her cunt could be filled to overflowing with that thick plug of cock.
But no, she was a good girl. She couldn't do things like that. She hated herself.
Her fingers slipped down into her jeans. Her white cotton panties were soggy from her inner oils. When her fingers found her juicy twat, she never hesitated. Her fingers crammed all the way up to the third knuckle. She gasped with the enormity of the feelings that caused inside her.
It felt like a sledgehammer had smashed into her guts. Electric tingles blasted into her body and spread with surprising rapidity. She felt weak in the knees. Propping herself against the rough stone, she began masturbating as she watched the two fucking their brains out in front of her.
"I love the way you make it feel inside me, Joe."
"Like this, you mean?" he said, corkscrewing his hips. He groaned as he drilled deep into her pussy. He loved his job as a professor. There was never any lack of ass to fuck. Every good-looking chick was willing to jump into the sack with him in exchange for a good grade.
Hell, these days, some of them were willing to spread their legs for nothing more than a good fucking. He liked those kind best of all. And Nancy was one of them.
"You cock feels so big. Biiiig! Umnimm, I, ooooh!"
"Shit, watch it! When you came? I felt that juicy pussy of yours clamping down all around me. Felt like I'd fucked into a seething hot vise."
"Think I'll melt down that iron poker you call a cock?" she teased.
"No, but damned if I'm not going to let you fry!"
He fucked even harder and faster. Virginia wet her lips. Her vision blurred now and then but she always refocused. She had to see what was going on. This was fucking. This was the obscene thing all the others talked about endlessly.
She didn't really see the attraction. It was like having even more fingers bunched up her cunt. She stroked back and forth until her cunt fluids dripped into her hand. There was an obscene noise now as she masturbated.
The noise was almost the same as from the two fucking. But she somehow doubted the sensations were exactly the same. She wasn't caught up in the obvious ecstasy that made Nancy's face a rigid mask. The girl was thrashing around on the rought rock, out of control.
Virginia felt nothing this intense. She looked in amazement as Nancy closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip. The coed's hips seemed to go wild while Joe was still fucking hard into her cunt.
"Oh, shiiiit! I can't taaake it any longer! I'm commming!"
The man's hips speeded up. The girl seemed to hang on the edge of a great emotional and physical release, then the friction of the man's prick against her cunt walls pushed her to orgasm. She screamed and wildly hunched up to meet his incoming prick.
"Gimme more of that delicious cock? More, damn you, mooooore!"
Virginia wasn't certain but she guessed the girl had climaxed again. She couldn't imagine how fucking could be such an intense experience. She was alive, more alive than she could ever remember being, just from her fingers in her twat. And she felt nothing so grand as that which Nancy obviously did.
Joe was puffing like a steam engine. "Damn you! My balls are at the breaking paint! You're gonna twist my cock off inside you if you keep that up."
"Just so long as you keep this up!" Nancy reached down and found the man's balls. She pulled and then began caressing them. The look on the professor's face was one of mixed lust and agony.
"I can keep it up. But for how much longer I don't know. That's one hell of a greedy cunt you've got. Feels like it's suckin' me all the way up into your belly."
"Like this?"
He groaned but his hips never broke the frantic rhythm of his fucking.
"Yeah, I can massage your cock all the way along my pussy. Well-trained muscles. And the way the friction builds up when I do that!"
The girl moaned softly and limply fell back onto the rock. Virginia couldn't guess at what was happening. The wanton girl's legs slipped to either side of the man's driving body. When Nancy began wiggling her legs like, a butterfly fluttering its wings, Virginia began to understand.
The girl was tightening her cunt up around the thick cock. She was squeezing down on the man so that she could get even more pleasure from the already exciting fucking.
Virginia moved her own legs experimentally and found that she experienced a lot more stimulation in her own cunt when she did that. Moving her legs actually tightened her cunt around the fingers she was using for her self-fucking.
She began rubbing up and down on the stone. It clawed at her back, made her even more acutely aware of where she was. It didn't matter. She felt the inner urges building up to even greater levels inside her.
She wanted something other than her fingers up her twat. She knew she wasn't going to get them. She had to get off on her own.
Fingers sought out her clit. The little nubbin of erectile flesh was throbbing. It had already popped out of its sheath of protective skin and was begging to be diddled. She stroked up and down and felt lightning bolts searing into her flesh.
With her fingers driving cock-hard into her cunt and her thumb pressing down hard on her clit, she was able to come. Her world turned upside down. The way her breath caught in her throat and the way her heart hammered so hard made her think she was going to die. For a brief instant, the entire world simply stopped.
Then things slowly returned to normal. Her hand was covered with a fresh flow of her cunt juices. She had experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.
And still she felt cheated.
She looked out and saw Joe still pumping away into Nancy's cunt. The girl was sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. And those were tears of pain. She was enjoying what he was doing to her. That long, plum-tipped prick was giving her all the excitement and pleasure her body could stand.
Virginia felt cheated all over again. It wasn't fair making her live a life without fucking. Still, her parents would be ashamed of her. They wouldn't say anything but she'd know they disapproved heartily. Heartily.
But to never have a cock reaming her out, never to experience what it was like to suck cock, those were the things she was doomed never to try. And all because she was a good girl.
For the first time in her life, Virginia wished she wasn't.
After lunch, the class lazed around in the shade. Most had scraped hands and knees from climbing the rock in search of their elusive specimens. Some, Virginia guessed, were scraped in places she couldn't see. Nancy had been bare ass naked while she and Joe fucked.
That would have shredded her tender bottom to hell. Yet she didn't seem to notice in the least.
She and Phyllis came over and sat beside Virginia. "I'm pooped. I mean, I'm absolutely out of it for the day. That Joe is a human fucking machine."
"You and Joe actually screwed, huh?" asked Phyllis. "Was it as good as I think it was?"
"Better! He's got a cock on him a stallion would envy. And when he mounts up and begins fucking, he's tireless. He never quits. I think he came just because I was getting tired. Honest!"
"How's he hung. Seven inches? Eight?"
"Eight, easy. Maybe nine, but without a tape measure, I couldn't tell. And hell if I was going to go around measuring anything when I saw that pecker of his come leaping out of his jeans. All I wanted to do was swallow him whole. Up my cunt!"
Phyllis laughed and turned to Virginia, who was blushing. "What's wrong, Ginnie? You act like you don't like sex or something."
"It's nothing. I'm just not used to hearing people talk like that."
"Yeah, I forgot. You and that puritanical up bringing of yours. I tried not to scare you too much the first couple weeks of the semester. I thought you'd come out of your shell. You seem to be crawling into yourself even more, though. Come on, kiddo, loosen up and live!"
"If you mean fuck anything that moves, forget it!" Surprised at herself for using such a vulgar word, she blushed again.
Both Phyllis and Nancy laughed. That made it even worse.
She stood with what dignity she could muster and said, "I'm going to wash my hair. Good day."
Almost aimlessly, she wandered into the mountains until she found a clear stream of cold, clear water. Dipping her finger into it caused gooseflesh to ripple all the way up her arm. She shivered and wondered why it felt so good. Usually she had to have hot water.
That was just one of the things she couldn't understand. Her body was slowly turning traitor on her. She didn't want to respond to all the obscene things she'd seen. She should have turned and walked away when she found Joe fucking the hell out of Nancy. She hadn't.
She watched.
Somehow, that was even worse than the evil thoughts she was thinking. That it might not be wrong to let a guy screw her before marriage was something she was beginning to question. What was worse, she was letting the attitudes of those other loose morals people infect her. She was actually considering that it might not be that bad letting just any guy fuck her just for the fun.
To feel good just to feel good was a concept that was almost alien to her. Her parents had warned her about promiscuous sex. They'd said not to let any guy fuck her unless he loved her and had already married her.
But what about letting someone who loved her get into her pants? Was that so wrong, not being married and then fucking? What was that magic piece of paper? Did it mean anything?
And if fucking and not being married was okay, what about screwing just for fun? No love, just pure, physical sex?
Virginia shook her head as if this would clean out the mental cobwebs. It didn't seem to help. She was still as confused about her feelings as she had been before.
Taking her shoes and socks off, she began wading upstream. The cold water shocked her into a semblance of awareness. The way it rippled through her toes was sensuous, soothing, exciting.
When she came to the tiny grotto with the waterfall, she knew she was going to have to take a bath. Without even thinking that others might be near, she stripped off her clothes and plunged into the icy pool under the waterfall. The sudden coldness took her breath. Gooseflesh marred her perfect white skin with its tiny bumps.
"Whee!" she cried to no one. She was enjoying the way the water cascaded over her head, ran down her body, touching tits and ass and cunt before racing away downstream.
"I'll second that," came a quiet voice.
She was more shocked by the sound than she had been by the chill water. Looking around, Virginia saw Joe sitting on a boulder overlooking her secluded little pool. He was grinning and obviously enjoying the sight nature provided him. "How dare you!"
"Easy. A lovely woman should be studied. Perhaps even studied in depth." He looked at her significantly.
She was suddenly uneasy. She felt her insides churning. There was no way she could describe what she felt towards Joe. Never had this particular emotion so totally invaded her body and possessed her like a demon spirit.
Virginia realized she was feeling, for the very first time, what the other girls called horniness.
And she didn't like it.
"Go away! Let me get my clothes on!"
"Why should I leave? Why can't I join you?" Joe stood and began stripping off his clothes. Virginia wanted to flee but didn't dare. The man was standing where he could watch her every movement. She couldn't leave the water without showing him more than she wanted to.
There was another reason she didn't move. Her eyes were fixed on the man's slowly exposed body. His broad shoulders and virtually hairless chest were only hints of his total maleness. Never had she seen a man so virile. Not even in the pictures she hid under her bed at borne.
But it was his prick that fascinated her. It stood long and hard and red in the soft, afternoon sunlight. The way the light reflected off the plum-tipped prick reached her on some basic level. She found both her mouth and her cunt watering at the sight.
Still, this was the man who had left her and gone to fuck Nancy. She couldn't forget the way he'd simply turned and walked off when she told him she wanted no part of his lewd suggestion. She shook her hair, sending tiny droplets of water flying.
Who was to blame for that? Hadn't she run him off? Hadn't he offered that lovely wok to her first? She was the one responsible for him sinking it balls deep up Nancy's cunt.
Virginia was suddenly stirred by her body's needs. In a way she'd never experienced before, she knew this was going to be the time. She wanted this man's huge prick driving in and out of her cunt. She wanted him to take her cherry. Him and no other.
He kicked the last of his clothes aside and then jumped into the pool beside her. He landed and immediately cried, "Goddamn! It's cold! Why didn't you warn me?"
He was close, too close. His body pressed against hers. Virginia suddenly wished she knew what to do. She didn't want him to leave her here. Not now. She wanted him to crush her in his strong arms and then stuff that prick into her hungry cunt and fuck hell out of her.
She wanted it all. And she didn't know how to get it.
The coed need not have worried. Joe's arms reached out and pulled her close. Her body shivered. She wasn't certain it was only from the cold water or whether it was something else. It might have been the nearness of his powerful body.
And his cock.
"You're cold, aren't you? I can warm you up," he said. And she believed him.
Their lips brushed. Then he crushed down firmly on hers. She was a bit startled. She hadn't expected a simple kiss. But it wasn't a kiss like she was used to. For the first time, she damned herself for not going out and enjoying herself more with men. For not going out at all, she corrected. She'd been scared of men and their rough ways. She rejected them, not wanting to be caught up in that hassle.
Now she wished she had learned earlier. She wanted to please this man more than anyone else in the world. And she didn't know how.
His tongue prodded through her lips and her entire body stiffened. He was French kissing her!
She struggled in his arms but he pulled her even closer. His tongue drove mercilessly into her mouth and began softly stroking and caressing her tongue. She found she liked it. It stimulated her.
She began responding. Her hippies hardened and poked into his chest. She awkwardly put her arms around him and pulled him closer. The water rippling around their bodies provided a sensuous feel and sound as they kissed.
Her tongue began dancing around, trying to elude his. The hide and seek game raced from one mouth to the other. She started to learn how, to use her tongue to the best advantage. Stroking, massaging, caressing, touching, she was everywhere in his mouth.
The hardness of his teeth aroused her. The softness of his lips soothed her. His driving tongue began a mock fucking. She realized he was hinting at what she'd always thought a forbidden thing. He wanted to really fuck her. He wanted to drive that spike of rigid cock all the way up her pussy and fuck her good.
She broke off the kiss and panted, "God! I never thought it would be like this!"
"You don't mean you've never let a man kiss you?" he asked. "You-you're not a lez, are you?"
"A lez?"
"Lesbian. You don't get off on women more than men?"
"Hell, no!" and she threw her arms around his neck and really kissed him this time.
This went on until the professor finally broke off the prolonged kiss. Laughing, he said, "You are a sex-starved bitch, I'll say that. And I'd like to really fuck you, but I've got a small problem."
"What's that?"
He looked down at his crotch. His once proud prick had deflated to a tiny worm dangling between his legs. She gasped. For a horrible moment, she thought she'd done this awful thing to him. She didn't know how, but it had to be her fault.
"Wh-what happened?"
"When I jumped into the cold water, it was a big shock for me. I guess no matter how much I lusted after you, the cold was more than a bitch."
"What can I do?"
"You might suck on it and get it all warm and big again," he suggested, trying not to laugh at the expression on her face.
"Suck on it? I… I've never done that."
"I think there's a lot you've never done. Are you sure you want me to be the one to show you all of it?"
That decided her. She dived under the surface of the freezing cold water and found the pink worm of his penis. She couldn't call it a cock. A cock was big and proud and a pussy pleaser. This was a penis, but she'd make it into a real cock as quick as she could.
He said it had to be kept warm. She sucked it into her mouth along with a fair amount of water. She managed to blow the water put of her mouth leaving just his prick. It quivered and throbbed under her tongue. She wondered what it would be like if it was at full fucking length.
She vowed to find out.
Her tongue worked around the limp pillar of flesh. It was like a tiny hose in her mouth. No longer than her thumb, she didn't see how it would ever grow back to its proper size. But it did, slowly.
She felt excited blood hammering into his organ. Slowly, the cock grew in size. She kept her tongue moving roughly over it, touching first here, then there in an attempt to stimulate him.
Without knowing it, she found the most sensitive portions of his prick. Her tongue worked eagerly on the tiny flap of skin dangling under the cocks head. She rubbed back and forth across it until the huge head was obviously pawing by leaps and bounds.
Soon, she felt the entire glans spreading out under her oral stroking. Her tongue never stopped. She worked back and forth along the stiffening prick held in her mouth until it was pressing firmly into her lips.
She found that the cock was becoming a real fucking tool. Also, she discovered that she couldn't hold her breath under water very long. Her heart was beating furiously. Whether from the excitement she felt at getting a man's cock into her mouth for the very first time or because of holding her breath for long minutes, she didn't know or care.
She surfaced, gasping.
"I thought you were going to drown. Never see a chick so cock-hungry before. But this isn't going to work. Every time my boner slips out of your mouth, the cold water works on it. Let's climb out of the water."
"Why not?"
She didn't know how to say it. She was still self-conscious of her naked body. Sure, he could see her tits with the blood-red nipples pointing so obscenely at him.
He couldn't see her snatch too clearly. Her bush was just a dark smear under the water's surface. And the water turned her on, too. She enjoyed the sensual feel of it running across her bare ass.
"Let's keep doing it in the water. I enjoy it."
"Well," he said, hesitant, "at least let me climb up a bit so you can get a better shot at giving me head. I love the way your mouth feels all over my prick."
"You do?" She couldn't believe it. He was complimenting her on the way she was sucking his prick.
"You've got native talent, girl. But I think you're being coy with me. You've sucked cock before, I'll bet. Lots of it, haven't you?"
She decided not to answer. His prick was jumping around from the cold and she wanted to pop it back into her hot mouth. It was the least she could do. It also kept her from having to answer a lot of his questions.
The man was half-seated on the edge of the pool, his legs dangling in the water while his ass was perched on a rock. Spreading his legs wide, this gave her an excellent view of his prick. Sure, she'd seen pictures of a man's prick. But this was so much more vibrant than any picture ever could be.
She held his balls almost as if they were some religious relic. They were precious, to her. She could feel the nuts churning around inside the hairy little bag.
She knew she was responsible for their agitated condition. She had sucked him hard. Her mouth was responsible for everything!
His cock was beginning to wilt again from the cold. She decided it was about time to really learn how to suck on a man's prick. Popping just the purpled tip into her mouth, she sucked. She sucked hard.
The professor groaned and began thrashing around. She held him firmly on the spot, her tongue giving him a constant tongue-lashing while she continued to suck harder and harder.
"Goddamn! You're pullin' my guts out the end of my cock!" he bellowed.
It was a measure of how much lust possessed her that she didn't worry about anyone hearing that outcry and coming to see what caused it. All that mattered to her was that lovely cock resting in her mouth. Sucking and licking, she worked her way down the man's cock until she had a mouthful of hard cock meat.
The rubbery tip of his glans banged into the roof of her mouth. She wondered what to do then. There was still another couple inches of his lovely prick to go and she wasn't able to suck it all into her mouth.
His hips convulsively shot forward and the cock slid down her throat. She gagged and backed off from his groin a little. Then she worked forward again, this time getting the hang of it. She was able to take his entire prick down her throat.
She wondered if this was what was meant by deep throat. She guessed it might be. And she loved it! It wasn't perverted at all!
The warmth flooding her body told her this couldn't possibly be the evil thing she'd once thought it tote. How she feel so good about something sinful?
She couldn't.
The cock pulsed and throbbed against her tongue. She felt it bucking a little as it stirred in her throat. Starting to gag again, she slipped back allowing the cock to escape her mouth. Her tongue continued stroking all over the roundness of his prick until just the broad arrowhead was left between her lips.
She sucked harder and her cheeks went hollow. Her tongue swirled around the captive cock until the man wasn't able to sit still any longer. He was trying to drive his cook all the way into her mouth.
He wanted to face fuck her!
She'd wondered what Phyllis and the others meant by that. She knew now. She knew firsthand and up close. And she loved it. He cared enough for her to want to give her his entire cock.
The only thing she could do was thank him for it with her mouth.
"Fuck don't suck any more!" he begged. "Please don't! I… I'll come if yaw do. And I want to really fuck you up the cunt. It is just too much for me to take!"
She reluctantly let his stiff, jerking cock pop free of her mouth. Looking up at him, she asked, "You don't want me to suck you off?"
"I'd love it, but I want to mount up and ride you like the wind, too. I want to feel that sweet cunt of yours all around my cock while I'm fucking you. Really fucking you."
The words were obscene but they sent shivers of anticipation racing up and down the girl's spine. This was what the others were always talking about. This was the moment of truth for her.
Virginia wasn't going to back out. Not after she'd sucked on Joe's prick and gotten it firm enough to really fuck her. She wanted it, she wanted it all.
Virginia found herself loving the taste of his prick. She couldn't get enough of it. When he pushed her away, she felt insulted. He couldn't offer her his cock, then deny it to her!
He didn't dare!
"Whoa, there, Ginnie," Joe said. "I feel myself getting all hot and hard and about ready to come. I think I'd better break for a little while or I'm going to blow my wad."
"But you're feeling cheated? Don't. I'll make it up to you."
His hands gripped her under the arms and lifted. She almost shot out of the water. He twisted her in midair and plunked her down beside him on the rock. His eyes worked over her naked body, drinking in the luscious sight of her wet boobs and the matted fleece of her bush.
"God, you're even prettier than I thought. To cover yourself up all the time is more than a waste, it's downright criminal!"
"I guess that's a compliment," she said.
"It sure is! You're so innocent looking! I can't get over it. You have to be putting me on. You've sucked cock before, haven't you? And you've certainly had a man do this to you."
He pushed her gently back onto the rock and planted his mouth firmly on one of her tits. She gasped when his lips closed on the very end of her boob. His tongue worked around and around like a miniature tornado. He completely aroused her nipple. Before she knew what was happening, it was hard with new lust for her professor.
"That feels so gooooood!" she cooed. "I never dreamed a man's mouth could feel so nice."
He didn't say a word. He was too busy licking and kissing the mounds of her tit flesh. Pushing with his tongue, he found he could move the very top a few inches. When he released it, the firm, young boob snapped back into position. Then he began slavering her tits.
"When I fingered my own tits, it was never this good. How do you make me feel so… sinful?"
He looked up, surprised. "Sinful? What got that into your pretty head? There's nothing sinful about this. Tell me the truth, does it feel evil for me to suck on your tit like this?"
He closed his lips around the top of her right tit. Sucking, he pulled the throbbing nubbin of nipple between his lips and firmly grasped the flesh with his pearly hard teeth. Biting down a little, he rolled the pebble around in his mouth. His tongue caressed and stroked across the very tip until she was gasping.
Her back arched and she thrust her chest out. She wanted as much of her boob in his mouth as possible. Gone was all thought that this was wrong. The pleasure flooding her neglected body told her it couldn't be bad. It felt too damn good!
"More, oh, do it some more! Love it! I love the way your mouth is moving all over my tits!"
At the base of one of her fleshy canes of tit flesh, he started licking. He traced the entire circumference, then began spiraling up the slope. Behind he left a glistening trail of his drying saliva. It tickled and stimulated her snowy white flesh. When he came to the very top of her jug, his tongue teased the nipple a little.
He pushed it first one way, then another. She was moaning in constant arousal now. He let his tongue push downward into the softness of her breast. The hard nipple was like a rock sinking in a swamp. When he released it, the nipple popped to the surface. All around it was the coppery disc of her areola.
Even these tiny bumps received his attention. He wanted this to be so damned good the girl wouldn't think about what he was going to do next. She had odd ideas of what was right and what wasn't. He was hornier than hell and determined to get his rocks off. To do that, he had to keep her so aroused she couldn't argue.
His mouth left the throbbing nipple and worked down to her slightly domed belly. The silky fine hairs on her belly were quickly wettened by his tongue. When he got to the deep depression of her navel, he stopped.
Tongue flashing out, he dipped far down into her belly button. She moaned, thrusting her belly up to his face. She wanted his tongue to impale her through the navel.
He had better ideas.
As his tongue lightly touched the very top of her bush, she struggled to get away from him. "No," she cried. "Not there! I… I can't let you do that!"
He held her down. She had a lot of puritanical views to get rid of. He was going to help her do it while he was enjoying himself immensely.
He swirled and twirled up little spires of her pussy fur. The entire bush was still wet from her bath in the cold mountain stream. He licked and pressed out the water he found there.
When he did, he detected another flavor, the flavor of an aroused woman. Her cunt juices were slugglishly flowing. He tasted the salty tang of a real woman, then licked across her pussy mound. Heading lower.
He wanted to get to more exciting territory before she really decided to stop him. The tiny spire of her curious clit was poking out of the sheath of its protective skin. He seized on the opportunity to give her a first class come.
As his mouth fastened hungrily on the small clit, she gasped. "I'm burning up inside! Your mouth is doing it to me! I never thought…"
She was continuously writhing on the rough rock. He held her down but knew she could escape him if she really wanted. Her violent motions now weren't from desire to escape but simply desire. He was turning her on; he was turning her into a real woman.
Her clit was pulsing slightly. He licked across it, tasting her cunt juice. He sucked the clitoris into his mouth and used his lips on it. The slippery little spike of flesh was literally quivering when he abandoned it to push down even lower.
Pussy lips were rigid with excited blood. He gently took one flap of sex lip between his teeth and bit down. She screamed out something he didn't understand. He knew she wasn't in pain.
This was joy she was voicing, nothing else.
"I'm burning up inside! Every time you licked my clit, I shook inside! And the way you're chewing on my cuntlips! I can't stand it!"
The tiny fires ravaging her belly spread rapidly. The message of bliss blasted down her spine and exploded in her head. She came. Her first real orgasm caused by a man was dozen times more potent than any she'd ever given herself.
She couldn't understand what the difference was. The coed just knew there was a monstrous one.
The slithery tongue was like a whip flagellating her tender snatch. No matter how she turned, it was there, lashing across her pussy lips or clit or pressing firmly into her soft inner thighs. It was so wonderful she wanted this moment to last forever. There couldn't possibly be more intense sensations awaiting her.
It just wasn't possible.
She quickly found out different.
When his tongue probed into her cunt hole, she came again. It wasn't a thing she wanted to do. Her body dictated to her brain now. Gone were all thoughts of good or evil. She felt good. Her body was responding; it was telling her exactly what to do.
As the tongue rushed into her snatch, she let the ripples of delight course through her. And once inside, that tongue began exploring the deepest, most secret recesses of her cunt.
"Tongue lick me good!" she moaned out. "I want to get it all the way up my cunt!"
Her fleshy thighs closed on each side of her professor's head. She clamped firmly to keep his head exactly where it was. To have it leave her cunt would be disaster. She wanted his rough, wet, pink tongue slithering in and out of her cunt.
"Ummm, you taste good," she heard his mutter. She didn't want him talking, she wanted him sucking and licking and stuffing that wonderful tongue all the way up her twat.
Her legs tensed and she pulled his face even more firmly into her snatch. By lifting her ass off the hot rock, she was able to reposition herself enough to wantonly expose her cunt to the man's oral attentions.
Something in the back of her head told her this was sinful. To have a man's mouth– her own professor – all over her cunt was wrong. It shouldn't happen until she was married, and maybe not even then. But the pleasure surging into her body drowned her weak protests.
She knew this felt good. Her parents had lied to her. There was nothing wrong in letting him eat out her pussy. It was great!
When his tongue fucked hard into her cunt again, she came. This orgasm was even more intense than the prior ones. She didn't understand this change in her. Every time was getting better. How could he continue improving?
Or was it her? Was she changing?
She hoped so. Her breath was coming in harsh, grating pants. The air felt like sandpaper in the girl's throat and her lungs were going to explode pulsing wildly with blood, she knew they would pop at any second.
But the center of all her sensation was the rough, cock-hard tongue reaming her out. He was giving her one hell of a tongue fucking.
He didn't miss a single soft fold of her gently yielding cunt. He pressed into the well-oiled walls with his tongue and stroked to and fro. She was stretching her virgin-tight cunt to meet his every thrust.
The professor was surprised when his tongue found her hymen intact. She was a virgin. He couldn't hope to pop her cherry with his tongue; it wasn't long enough. But he could bounce back and forth off the rubbery curtain over her cunt. Each time he did, she let out a piteous little moan.
He might be hurting her. He didn't think so. Not unless she really got off on pain. She was responding just like any other chick to his mouth love. As his tongue rolled around against her inner cuntlips, she came a fourth time.
"My God! It's better than any of the girls ever said! And I thought they were lying about this!"
The sudden flood of cunt juices almost deluged the professor. He sucked and licked and slurped up her fuck fluids as they came pouring out. Her legs held his head firmly. For a moment, he was blind and deaf. It didn't matter.
As long as his tongue was free to move and rub over her tender cunt flesh, he was happy. And the cunt juices he was drinking in were worth any small discomfort like having her firm thighs clamped on the sides of his head.
As she relaxed, she sighed, "It was super. I never dreamed it would be so good."
"I can make it better."
"Liar. Nothing could be."
"Let me show you."
He felt her tense a little as he licked across her clit. Then she relaxed. He figured she would. This was almost common to her now. She knew what her body would do as he licked past her cuntlips. But she tensed once more as he pressed farther down.
He left the back vee of her pussy lips and pressed firmly between the thick slabs of her ass cheeks. She was completely tensed up now. But he didn't give up. If anything, the way her ass clutched at his tongue spurred him on to seek her asshole.
He found the tight little muscle. Licking across the puckered ring of flesh, he felt it relax a little. Licking some more caused it to momentarily relax enough for him to stuff his tongue into her asshole.
He thought she was going to pull his tongue out by the roots. Her ass muscles clamped firmly onto him. It was almost like a noose tossed around his tongue, which was then tightened.
Wiggling a little, he succeeded in working his tongue even deeper into her bowels. The muscle continued to grip and clutch at his tongue. But he was determined. He wished he could tell her to relax, but there was no way his tongue was going to be removed for that.
"Don't, please, don't! That's so perverted! I… I can't be enjoying it! But dam!"
He heard her arguing with herself and losing. His tongue drove even deeper up her ass.
"Stop! My body's on fire! It… it feels like ants crawling around in my asshole! Oh my God, I said a bad word! Shiit!"
The way she was going, he wasn't going to have to worry about her at all. She was getting herself off mouthing what she had once considered dirty words. He began tongue fucking her asshole as hard as he could. The anal sphincter muscle didn't relax. That, however, simply added to the friction of the tongue fucking.
He knew her guts must be really on fire by now. The warmth of his tongue would be spreading throughout her belly like melted butter. It would fill her to the point where she could no longer stand it then she'd come.
His tongue flew back and forth in the seething hot asshole. Wiggling and twirling it the best he could, he made certain she got the maximum turn on out of this butt fucking.
"No more, no more! I… I'm commmiing!"
Her legs battered his body as she thrashed around. She had gone berserk with this come.
There was no way he could control her. With only his tongue up her ass, he wasn't able to make her stay in one place.
If anything, he was being threatened with having his tongue ripped out by the roots. Her body was strong, young, muscular. And her anus was firmly clutching his tongue even as it ran in and out of her rectum.
"No more, please! I'm melting inside!" she sobbed.
He could feel the wracking sobs of her cries. She was really torn apart by what he was doing to her. He let his tongue slip from her ass and worked back to her cunt. Driving cock-hard into her pussy again took her by surprise. And it had to be a pleasurable surprise.
She came again.
When she came down from her sexual high, she cried out, "No more! My poor body can't take it! I didn't know it was so great! It was super!"
He looked up at her, his lips coated with her frothy cunt juice. She thought a man had never looked better to a woman. When he started to kiss her, she hesitated. The cunt juice on his lips was hers. She couldn't do that.
But she kissed him anyway. And she loved the taste of her own body on his mouth. This time, it was her tongue that surged into his mouth. If he was surprised, he didn't show it.
Breaking off his kiss, Joe asked, "Like it?"
"I loved it," she told him. Virginia couldn't believe it. All those horrible things her mother had told her were wrong. Sex wasn't bad. It wasn't something a man forced on a woman. Why, she wanted Joe to stuff his tongue up her cunt– and yes, even up her asshole!
"I figured you might. When you really uptight chicks cut loose, it's usually all the way."
"I don't know how my parents could have been lying to me all these years. They… they had to know! Surely they must know how great this feels!"
She pulled Joe's hand down to her crotch. His middle finger curled around her pussy mound and parted her cunt lips. The finger delved far into her cunt.
Catching her breath, she let the pleasurable sensations echo through her body. Even this simple thing was so much better when a man did it to her. She'd masturbated enough times to know what it was like.
A man's finger prodding into her snatch was completely different! She liked it a million times more than her own finger!
"Well, Ginnie, sometimes parents goof. They think their daughter doesn't have any sense. Maybe they think they are trying to protect her from all us evil men. I don't know. Whatever it is, don't think too badly of them. They were trying to do what was right by you."
"But the way your tongue felt in me. IN ME! I was driven wild! I never felt that way before, not one second in my whole life!"
"There are even more, uh, stimulating things we can do, you know." His hand was pressing firmly down into her pussy mound.
He moved his other hand around her shoulders cradling her head and then cupped her left tit firmly. Squeezing down, he saw the angry red marks appear where his fingers marred her perfect flesh. He took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began tweaking it.
The hard little nubbin responded immediately.
She wiggled in his arms and said, "More fun? I don't believe it."
"I can show you."
She was silent for a while. The sensations tormenting her promised that he might be right. But to take that long, thick cock of his all the way up her cunt?
That was unthinkable. She'd always been told that was forbidden. Even with a husband, she wasn't sure how often that was to be allowed.
She looked down at Joe's throbbing cock dancing in the sunlight. The plum-tipped prick was ugly. There was no other way she could think of it. But it seemed to appeal to her on a basic level. There was something deep down inside that made her want to grab that prick and stuff it into her cunt.
What would it be like, that cock fucking her tight pussy? She didn't know. Joe said it was even better than having his tongue in her twat. That didn't seem possible. But then, none of this seemed possible a short time ago.
"It won't hurt, will it?"
"It will a little. But then the pain will be gone and nothing but joy will be left. I'll try to make it just great for you."
"I'm scared."
"You're honest about it. But be even more honest. You're scared, sure, but aren't you just a little curious about what it feels like? Like, take my cock in your hand. Feel it. Ummm, yeah, baby, yeah! Imagine that inside you, giving you all the pleasure you can stand."
She snuggled closer to the man sprawled beside her on the rough rock. The pebbles under her back cut into her skin and annoyed her. But still, the feel of his hand on her cunt was even nicer than she'd imagined. With his fingering of her nipple, she could forget all the discomforts like the rock. And having the pulling pole of the man's cock firmly jitter hand, she could forget everything but sex.
"Ummm, I don't know," she said but wasn't too convincing about it. The professor picked up his cue.
"I think you do. I think you know what you want."
"But not how to get it."
"Yes, even that." He rolled over between her legs. As if nature had built in all the proper responses in the girl's body, Virginia knew exactly how to position herself.
Her legs drifted open to widely expose her snatch. The man's hand had left her pussy mound but it no longer mattered to her. He had a far more exciting thing prodding into her sensitive pussy lips.
The broad head of his prick nudged firmly into her cuntlips. The flow of her inner oils increased until she was certain she would permanently stain the rock under her ass. The thick juices boiled out of her cunt and frothed onto her legs. Her bush was entirely drenched by the time the man edged a little closer to her snatch.
She gasped when his cock pushed between her pussy lips. She felt her delicately scalloped inner pussy lips pout and reach for the man's cock, as if to kiss it.
"I… I didn't know it would be like this," she said.
"Just relax. You're too tense. Relax." His voice soothed her. And the way his hands moved alt over her boobs, she began to feel an odd combination of arousal and contentment pass through her body.
His hips moved a fraction of an inch toward hers. She felt his cock slowly penetrating her body. The cuntlips were lewdly kissing his prick now in a way she was positive was wrong. Not wrong meaning evil, but wrong meaning how she was doing it.
Gone was her fear of not pleasing her parents. She was letting her body tell her what was good and what was bad now. The intense comes she'd felt were ever so much better than the ones she'd given herself masturbating. If anything, it must be the masturbating that was bad. The way the man ate her out was so damned good, it had to be proper!
"Not feeling any pain, are you?"
"Ummm," she sighed, smiling. "Not a bit."
"Good. You'll feel some, remember, but then it'll all be gone and only pleasant feelings will be left inside your cunt."
She gasped as his purpled cock head hit her rubbery cherry. He pressed even harder and the pain mounted. She wanted to scream out her agony. It wasn't too bad. Certainly not as bad as the time she'd broken her leg, but still, this was inside her.
As the hymen popped and he surged all the way up her cunt with his eight-inch long battering ram of prick, she almost passed out. The pain blasted into her body. The nerves in her untried cunt screamed out a message of sheer pain.
She felt the thick flood of her blood seeping from her plugged cunt. The man had lied! She was hurt bad! It was actually bleeding, maybe bleeding to death.
Her voice refused to work right, though. She couldn't say a single word. Choked and sobbing, she tried to push the pain tearing at her clit away. It couldn't be ignored but she could try to make it seem less intense.
Somehow, even without her trying, the pain was fading in her twat. It soon vanished and only a dull ache was left. And through the haze of her pain, she felt the strong throbbing of the man's prick buried deep inside her juicy cunt.
"All better flaw?" he asked.
"Hurts, but, ummmm, not tooooo bad!"
"That's what I thought. Now comes the good stuff!"
His hips moved a little and he used his cock to stir around far up in her twat. The soft folds of her juicy cunt clutched and clung to his prick. He knew he was stretching her to limits her pussy never reached before. She was a virgin, all right.
He couldn't deny that. Not the way her impossibly tight cunt hole gripped his cock. He was being crushed to death by her tiny twat!
He rotated his hips, stirring both their lusts. When he began pulling out of his tight sheath of clutching female flesh, he had stretched her pussy walls just a little. Still, there was an obscene sucking noise as he slipped free from her pussy.
"What was that?" she demanded. "That horrible noise, what?"
"Not horrible," he said, barely able to keep his voice calm. He was feeling the full effect of her virgin-tight cunt. His cock demanded to be sunk back into that seething hot twat. It had to feel the cunt flesh stroking and tending to every inch of it. His prick wanted no less.
"It startled me. But, you know? Now that you've pulled your… cock… out of my cunt, I feel hollow! Fill me up again! Fast!"
"You're learning," he said. "And there's nothing I'd love to do more than give you your fill of my pussy-pleasing prick!"
She felt tears of joy running down her cheeks as he drove his hard spike of cock back into her tiny cunt. She thought for a moment he was tearing her apart again. The flow of blood had almost stopped, washed away by the floods of her own fuck fluids.
She couldn't believe this was what it felt like to actually be fucked. This was what all the girls were talking about. This was why they'd go to any lengths to get a guy hot and bothered. It he lusted enough after them, they'd get every single inch of his prick!
"More! Give me more of that lovely cock!"
He grunted as his hips snapped forward. He buried himself balls deep into her freshly explored cunt. No longer virgin territory, he was enjoying the fucking more. She wasn't feeling any pain and she was beginning to respond to his every movement.
That was the way he liked it. Having a chick, lie under him like a log while he fucked away wasn't his idea of a good lay. He liked them to respond, to move with him, around him against him. Most of all, he liked to fuck his prick into a juicy, hot pussy.
This sultry coed certainly qualified on those grounds. Her cunt was literally sucking his jizz from his balls. He'd already tightened up into a hard, achingly tight sphere. His balls were churning and boiling, begging for release.
As they slapped against her ass, her cunt juices dribbled over the surface of the little bag. The tickly sensation was almost enough to make him lose his control and blast out his jism into her sucking hole.
"Got to watch it. You might be new at this but you're really giving my balls a workout."
"You like that?"
"Love it!" he shouted.
She was loving every second of her first fuck, too. The way his prick rubbed against her pussy walls thrilled her. The friction seemed to burn away her love juices enough to warm her. The warmth spread rapidly and started tiny fires blazing throughout her belly. When her loins were flaring brightly from the friction of his fucking, she found herself unable to merely lie there and let him fuck her.
She had to move.
Her hips began to drive downward as his cock raced up into her twat. She rotated her crotch in tiny circles to stimulate herself. With her clit being ground into his bush, even more intense feelings seeped into her body. No matter how she moved, it increased the sensations inside her.
"My cunt's going to explode! Every time I move like this," and she showed him, "it drives me wild!"
"It's doing a number on me, too," he told her. "You're making it damn near impossible for my poor little cock to keep going. I'm going to come any second if you keep that up."
"Just so you keep it up!"
"God, I'm trying! I want to really fuck the hell out of your virgin cunt!"
Their bodies began to move together in an erotically planned move. She was moving clockwise. He moved in the other direction. Then he quickly reversed and used the motion to drive his prick a fraction of an inch farther up her juicy twat.
The heat was threatening to char his cock to a burned nubb. But he knew that wasn't possible, not as long as her cunt was flooding their genitals with the oily love juices. He was slowly becoming totally submerged in his own pleasure. All that mattered to him was lasting, lasting so he could enjoy her hot cunt even more!
He used his hands to lift himself up. It was an awkward move but he managed to raise his torso up so that he was pistoning into the girl's twat and was able to look down into her eyes.
Her brown eyes were barely visible behind half-closed lids. She was biting her lower lip in obvious ecstasy. And the way she was rolling her head from side to side told him that she was really getting off on her very first fucking.
Looking down at his crotch, he was pleased to see his fierce red, cock splitting the pink, fragile-looking pussy lips. He pulled back enough so that his cunt-juice-coated prick was just barely touching her cuntlips. The throbbing pole was poised like a battering ram.
Instead of slamming himself all the way into her yearning cunt, he leaned forward a little bit. Just the head of his prick vanished up her pussy. He rotated his hips, corkscrewing himself into her soft, hot twat. She moaned as he entered her slowly.
"Like this better than the hard and fast fucking?"
"I love it all!"
"Then how's this?"
He used short, fast stokes designed to push her over the brink of orgasm in a hurry. He was burning up with the friction of the rapid fucking. Each stroke only went a few inches into her cunt. But she was clamping down harder and harder on his length. She was becoming more excited as he fucked.
She let out a tiny, frightened animal scream. Then she relaxed and lay back on the rock. Her eyes stayed half closed and her voice was weak and distant.
"That was nice. It felt like a red hot poker jabbing into my guts. I never thought it would be this nice."
"Nice for a nice girl," he said.
"I'm not a nice girl. Not any longer. But I'm having a hell of a lot more fun!"
He continued with the short, swift strokes of his prick. He was shoving her repeatedly over the edge of orgasm. But he was also burning away his own firn control.
The man didn't know how much longer he would be able to give the virgin girl this much fucking skill. His cock stiffened a bit wore. He could feel the added blood hammering into the very tip of his cock. He was going to blow his wad any second and spew his jism into her thirsty twat.
"Do more to my poor little clit," she begged. "I want to feel it getting all itchy again!"
He leaned forward and began driving himself deeper into her cunt. Only in this way could he begin to touch her clit. This wasn't going to work. He was sure he was fucking into a vacuum cleaner. Never had he felt such suction at the very end of his prick. She was literally trying to suck his guts out the pin-prick hole at the end of his cock.
"Gotta… something else!" he panted. The sweat was running down his face and blurring his vision. He could see her lust-glazed eyes but they weren't focusing any longer. He didn't even know if she was aware of what she was saying.
She was totally lost in the wonderland of lust.
He was giving her the best first fuck a girl ever received from any man. And he wasn't doing too badly himself in return.
Usually, virgins didn't attract him. He preferred to pick up on chicks who knew the score. They were more fun in the sack. But Virginia was a definite exception.
She seemed to learn damned fast. It wasn't possible any hung-up virgin like Virginia had been could learn the ways of fucking so fast unless she was tapping some elemental knowledge. He could feel the young muscles straining all around his cock. She was giving him the best hole to fuck any man had ever gotten.
"Gonna speed it up. Have to, have toooo!"
His hips began working deeper, more powerfully. The rapid strokes had almost burned the flesh from his fuck stick. Now he had to bathe his prick in the healing juices of her cunt. And he did.
Every time he sank balls deep into her, he paused for a moment. He reveled in the warmth and tightness surrounding him. Female flesh, firm cunt walls, and all his!
He was the first and this was all his!
His hips exploded in a frenzy of action. He was a human piston driving fiercely into the yielding girl's cunt. She seemed to be milking him of his jism. Her every move was contrived to rob him of his control.
With a loud shout, he fucked as hard as his muscular body permitted and let his prick erupt. He fountained his sticky white cum into her eagerly awaiting cunt.
She drank his jizz and sucked hard at his prick for more. The girl's cunt was bottomless. As the hot jizz hit her pussy walls, she came.
And clamped down even harder around his cock. He'd thought she was tight before. Now she punished him.
But it was sweet agony. He could live like this forever! He wanted to split her apart all the way to the chin. He had to sink his cock as far up her cunt as he could.
His hips became white blurs in the sunlight. And then he'd pumped the last drop of his jism into her cunt. His cock slipped from her pussy, exhausted and limp.
"Damn, but you fuck like a veteran."
"A veteran of the sexual revolution, huh?" she asked, smiling up at him.
"Call it what you want. If I hadn't popped your cherry myself, I'd never have thought you were a virgin. You gonna change your name now?"
"Okay. Just call me Ginnie and forget the Virginia stuff."
She looked into his dark eyes and sighed. It had been even better than he'd promised. Now she understood what the other girls meant. No wonder they lusted after men's cocks like they did. That was the single best thing she'd ever done. Fucking wasn't evil, it was super!
The only thins wrong, as far as Virginia could was that she wanted more. And Joe's cock was limp.
"How long before this will be hard again?"
"You'd better learn to call everything by its proper name. Now, tell me what you want?"
She licked her lips, a little worried. Fucking was okay. She'd just found that out for herself. But actually saying all those dirty words? She didn't know about that.
But if Joe wanted her to do it, she would! "When will your… cock… be hard again? I want it fucking my poor little cunt so bad!"
He laughed. "Damn, but you learn fast. I wish my deflated pecker could get up as fast as you learn. It's going to take me a while. Not too long, maybe, but awhile."
"Let's take a swim, then. I'm absolutely filthy!" She looked at herself and shuddered. Sweating as she had caked dirt and, grime on her smooth, soft skin.
"You're gorgeous. And you know something? You've got that glow chicks get when they're well fucked."
"I… I feel different. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's not like anything I've ever felt before. I can't explain it."
"I can. You've had a lot of loving all tied up inside you. It's finally been turned loose. I suspect you'll really get into life now."
Ginnie looked at the professor, perhaps for the first time. She was seeing him through a woman's eyes, not the eyes of an untried girl. She liked what she saw. A lot.
"It sounds so simple. Just lay back and let a guy fuck away. But there's so much more to it. I feel like I'm starting school all over again."
"Well, but this time I hope the course work's not going to kill your desire to learn."
"I don't think that'll happen." She idly flicked her finger against the man's flaccid prick. It moved easily. To think that had been a eight-inch spike of pure pleasure not too long before. It had taken her cherry and given her more excitement than she'd ever gotten in her entire life.
"Joe?" she asked. "Was it better with me than with Nancy?"
"You know that I got it on with Nancy, huh?" I was watching.
"Learn anything?"
"Yes. I learned how much I wanted you. Before I saw you fucking her, I thought it was all so sordid. That got me to thinking hard about this entire man-woman relationship. I decided I couldn't pick anyone better than you to show me."
He smiled and gently stroked her hair. "I'm glad you picked me. I wouldn't have missed that for the world."
To cover her feelings, Ginnie smiled, then stood. "I'm still grimy and I'm still going to dive into that pool. It's so damned cold, I've got to do it fast or not at all."
With that, she executed a clean dive and cut the water with only a slight splash. The chill water took her breath away. But she stroked for the bottom of the shallow pool scrapping her tits along the smooth stone at the edge of the waterfall.
Surfacing, she sputtered and tossed her head to shake her hair from her eyes. "Cold! I…"
Joe had entered the water with less flair but more skill. Swimming under the surface, he managed to find one of her slender legs. He grabbed it and pulled her under.
They both laughed when she broke the surface again.
"Damn you! I'm going to get you good for doing that!"
"Come on," he urged.
She easily caught him but found hanging on was harder than she'd thought it would be. He was slippery, his naked skin oily slick. But that didn't matter. They were too happy frolicking in the water like a pair of kids.
And before Ginnie realized it, she was reaching under the water to grab Joe's balls only to find a long, hard handle. He had a splendid boner. Using his cock to guide him she pulled and nudged until he was in position.
She floated in the water, her legs on either side of his body. Bobbing up and down let her gently drop down on the tip of his prick. She wasn't exactly fucking herself but she was tormenting the hell out of herself.
"That feels great!"
"Says you. You're just begging me to fuck you again, aren't you?"
"Okay, doll, you asked for it. Here's your introduction to water sports."
"But isn't that…"
"Yeah, just kidding. Maybe I should have said here's your introduction to really fucking. It's unlike anything you've ever tried before. The water holds you up and you float almost weightless. Next best thing to fucking in free fall."
"So you're an expert?"
"I should be. And who was it who showed you how great it is to have a strong, rigid prick fucking all the way up into your steamy hot cunt?"
"You're the professor. So teach me!"
His eyes drank in her beauty as if for the first time. The way her tits bounced and seemed to float on the surface made him think they were two snowy white, lovely melons. But no melon ever had the hard nipple lasciviously pointing directly at him. She was turned on by all their little playing around.
Now she was ready to fuck.
He'd created a real monster when he deflowered her. Simply fucking her had given her an insatiable appetite for sex. He'd seen it happen before. A lovely girl was repressed and all hung-up by her parents on what was right and wrong, sinful and good.
When the plug was pulled on her sexuality, she couldn't get enough cock. She'd fuck like a rabbit for hours on end. The professor remembered one coed in a similar position who'd pulled a train eight guys long. He guessed she could have gone on all night long, fucking and sucking, but she'd worn out the only eight guys at the party.
"Feels good, doesn't it?"
"Feels like I want all your cock in me. Not just the very tip, but every God damn inch of your prick!"
"You sure speak dirty for a recent virgin." That seemed to excite the girl more than anything else. He decided to press it and get her really hot to fuck. "Tell me exactly what you want or I won't do it."
"I… I want your cock. Your lovely prick. I want it all and I want it fucking into my cunt. My poor little twat! It's so hungry for your cock!"
Her tits rose and fell heavily in the water. He guessed she was really starting to churn inside. The words were working their magic on her cunt juices would be flooding her snatch, only to be washed away by the swift flow of the river.
He kicked his feet off the bottom of the pool and floated upward. His cock was already resting just inside her pinkly scalloped, fragile cunt lips. As he buoyed up, he penetrated her and went surging into her cunt. It took him by surprise. He'd been ready for tight, clutching sheath of female cunt, but this!
She was crushing down all around him. He felt as if he'd fucked into a blast furnace. Or a vise. He was being squeezed and heated by her pussy in a way no other woman had ever shown him.
"You're a demon, that's what you are," he told her.
"Why? Because I'm so willing to spread my lovely legs for you?"
"Nope. You learned too damn quick to have been a virgin. Maybe you'd had a cherry transplant. Those doctors are transplanting everything these days. God, the way you're clamped all down on me!"
"And maybe you've had a prick transplant. I didn't think cocks grew as big as yours."
"Your tender cultivation did it. Hell, you could give a bronze statue a hard-on, Ginnie!"
She wiggled her ass just enough to twist around his cock. He groaned and almost drowned. He had simply leaned back, letting the water support his weight. Her sudden movement had pushed him under.
"That'll teach you!" she cried.
But she was busy paddling to stay on tap of the water. Although it wasn't deep, the water gave her a feeling of total freedom. She was cast off from the bonds of gravity. There was nothing more she could ask for in the entire world than what she had.
No weight and a rigid, steely hard prick rammed all the way up her twat.
"Did you become a geology professor because of that prick of yours?"
"What do you mean?"
"It's like stone. So stiff but alive. The way it quivers and jerks in me is driving me wild with lust. I don't know if I can take much more of it without coming."
"So go on," he told the girl. "Do whatever turns you on the most. Fucking covers a hell of a lot of territory."
He was almost sorry he told her to use her imagination. She let her legs drift up and then she started paddling around in circles. She was literally screwing herself. While he was stationary in the water, she pushed herself in circles, the center being his prick shoved all the way up her cunt.
The friction on his cock warmed him. His balls began boiling and lurching in their hairy sac. He knew she was working her magic on him again. Her innocence, her naive approach to fucking, were turn-ons for him. Also, knowing this was excitingly new and different for her added to his own thrill.
A virgin. Who would have ever expected it in a college girl these days? They fucked anything that moved he ought to know. A hell of a lot had fucked their way to A's in his class.
"This is fun!" she cried. "And I love the way your cock is shaking inside my twat. Am I exciting you a lot?"
"A whole lot," he assured her. "You're burning my cock off with that water acrobatics deal of yours. Where did you see that?"
"I didn't. It just came to me. I'm a natural talent at fucking, maybe."
And she was beginning to think she was. From the very, first, she'd seemed to know what to do. Her every move had added to her own excitement and she hadn't heard any complaints from the man, either. She was giving as well as receiving.
"Let's really get it on. I want to feel your cock really drilling deep into my cunt."
He was filling her to overflowing. Her body was beginning to ache with need. The hollow feeling had fled when she vee'd herself around his body and took his cock all the way up her cunt. But it had been replaced with a different feeling.
She was sexually hungry for a good fucking. The first she'd gotten was like an appetizer. Now she wanted the main, course. She didn't know if she was going too far, too fast or not. She'd sucked him hard and then he'd eaten her out.
It'd felt so good having his tongue driving deep all the way up her cunt!
But the fucking! That had been worth any of the pain she'd felt. The tiny trickle of blood from her popped cherry hadn't lasted long. Her own cunt juices had washed it away quickly. The feel of that prick reaming her out was what she was after again, though.
Pleasure! Sheer pleasure! That was where it was at. That was all she lived for now! How had she missed out on this joy for so long!
She damned her parents as she settled her legs on both sides of the man's body again. Holding him in the scissors hold was good enough for the moment. His cock was firmly lodged in her pussy. That was where it belonged.
The girl didn't want it out in the cold water too much. She remembered what had happened before. Having it go limp on her would be humiliating.
Almost a defeat. She'd keep him hard and willing to fuck her silly!
"Come on, Joe. Fuck me good."
"Let me get my feet braced on the rock. I need a little leverage to do this tight."
She felt his body moving, then stop. When he began a gentle rocking motion, she rode with it. The water lapped around her tits making them float and bounce. Then she realized he was pulling out of her cunt as she drifted upwards.
When the water released its hold on her and she went back down into the tough created, his prick reentered her cunt.
He was using the wave motion to give her a nice, gentle screwing. It was so gentle she was barely aware of the effect it was having on her until she realized how great the sexual tension in her belly was.
Her tits were being stimulated. The water was caressing them, making the nipples feel even harder and more aroused than ever. The motion of the cool water across her snatch was also giving her subtle stimulation. It tickled and fondled her cuntlips. Even washing through the tangled jungle of her pussy mound was a tiny jolt of joy.
The thick spike of his cock slowly entering and leaving her twat lit fires she thought were still slumbering. The embers of her first fucking came back to life. Gently touching her own walls, his prick was stoking the flames of her lust.
She gasped every time he shot all the way up into her cunt. Her juices billowed out into the water, swept away. The normal lubrication she had come to expect was gone. His cock was rubbing her raw. But the friction was so intense she couldn't really complain. That seemed to be the thing that got her most excited.
She hurriedly changed her mind when he brushed across her clit with his fingertips. That was her trigger. He was playing her like a stringed instrument. She was as taut as a string waiting to be plucked.
"Do it to me! Do it tome good!"
"Do what?" He wanted her to voice the words she found so titillating. He wanted to hear her innocent lips forming those forbidden words.
"I want you to fuck me, damn you! I want to feel that Goddamn prick of yours all the way up my tight little cunt!"
She was gasping as she said the words. A tight fist clutched fiercely on her chest, squeezing the breath from her lungs. She came. Her entire body convulsed and lifted her upwards out of the water.
And when she smashed back down into the water, a steely hard prick shot all the way into her cunt. Her orgasm was prolonged until she thought she was going to lose her mind. The world spun crazily around her. She couldn't focus her eyes. Her tits heaved up and down, bobbing wildly.
And then she was tired. Exhausted. Completely drained emotionally.
The man was still avidly fucking her, though. His prick was stiff and quivering in lust. The thought that she could make a man go to such lengths got her hot all over again.
"Keep fucking," she begged. "I love it! I can't live without that sweet prick of yours screwing me deep up the pussy!"
Just as he rammed himself balls deep up her twat, he slipped. Clutching wildly, he grabbed a handful of titflesh. But that wasn't enough to let him keep his balance. He went rolling over in the water, taking her with him.
They both came up, sputtering and laughing.
"I didn't expect that," he said.
"And I didn't expect you to give up. Fuck me, damn you, and do it quick!"
"Yes. Now fuck me!"
He laughed again. This was more fun than he'd had with a chick in a long time. Most of them wanted nothing but the old in-out fucking. No experimentation. Simply the missionary position.
Sure, they enjoyed it. And he certainly did. But the spice of fucking in the water was a bonus for him. Having Ginnie enjoy it as much as he was added to the entire thing.
He began massaging her tits. Her flesh was flushed but cold from the chilly water. He stroked from the very base of her thick tits to the pointy tip of her nipples. She closed her eyes and arched her back to shove her book harder into his hands.
The marble white flesh was flawless. He could fondle those boobs all day long and never tire. Most of all, he loved watching the nipples pulse and throb.
That was as good an indicator of how turned on she was as anything he'd ever found.
"Like this, don't you?"
"Ummmm, yeah, love it. It's so niiice!"
Feeling her butt rubbing into his groin was nice, too. His hairy thighs were pressing firmly into the girl's upturned ass as he drove his cock in and out of her twat. This water fucking had a lot to recommend it. Lazy, it didn't require a lot of exertion to do. He could drift up and down on the waves and let that motion send his hips forward and back.
It was almost like fucking in the middle of a waterbed.
Only he found this a lot better.
The girl would have agreed, if she'd ever screwed on a waterbed. To her, all this was a brand new experience.
"I… I feel myself building up to it! Ungh! I… aaaaieeee!"
He felt her thrashing around in the water as she came. And this time, her violent motions and the convulsions of her already tight cunt trapped him. He felt his balls give a lurch, then the slow tide of his jism heated the entire length of his prick.
Spewing out another load of his come, he whitewashed the walls of her pussy. Somewhere in the middle of the fucking, he twisted away and sent gobs of his sperm and semen billowing into the water. The white jizz formed tiny strings and floated downstream with the current.
Ginnie laughed and said, "What waste that could have gone in a lot better place."
"Don't look now, doll, but what I put in is already leaking out!"
She turned in the water and saw the steady stream of jizz oozing from her snatch. But she didn't care. The physical thrill was what counted.
And she had really been turned on. What else could there be to fucking? She didn't think there was anything else this man could show her.
She was wrong.
Ginnie pulled the slippery body of her geology professor close to her and whispered in his ear, "That was fun! I wish we could do it again!"
His hands were roaming all over her ass. The smooth flesh was marred only by the goosebumps. The cold water was having its effect, even on a hot chick like her.
"You feel so damned good, I think we might be able to work something out in a few minutes." He looked at his limp cock. There was no way he was going to get an erection back sooner than that. She'd drained him good.
"Spoil sport," she said, breaking away. Paddling for the rocks on the edge of the pool, she pulled herself out of the water.
The man felt his limp prick give a convulsive twitch. Just the sight of the girl was enough to make him want to fuck again. She was pale white gleaming in the sun. The water made her body appear to be coated entirely in oil. It reflected back a shining silver color but there was no mistaking the lovely skin for anything but flawless woman.
She shook like a dog, her ass wiggling for a second. Water flew in all directions. Then she turned around and sat on the rock. This time, he felt excited blood pounding back into his cock. The sight was just too erotic for him not to respond instantly.
Her legs were slightly parted. He got a clear look at her cunt. The dark fur was dotted with sparkling droplets of water. Her trim waist flowed upwards and out into a pair of the most delicious looking knockers he could ever remember seeing.
Sitting on top of her firm, high placed tits were the bright red nubbins of her nipples. They were still erect and jutting out in a wanton invitation to be sucked into his mouth.
He couldn't resist that. No man could.
He made his way over to her and positioned himself between her legs. His hand reached out and gently stroked over the wet bush.
"You're gorgeous and you know it, don't you?"
"Yes, but tell me again."
"I want to fuck you again. I want to feel your cunt all around me in the worst way possible."
Ginnie smiled a little and lay back on the rock. "Come on up and join me, then. I'm ready for you. And… and I want that fantastic prick of yours fucking hell out of me, too!"
He laughed. The professor marveled at the sudden change in the coed. She hadn't been putting him on when she said she didn't want to fuck before. The girl had been a virgin and he'd been the one to pop her cherry. After that, she couldn't get enough cock.
Joe couldn't give her enough. He felt his prick beginning to stir into full, fucking life again. It was hurting him something fierce, that cock. The cold water had assaulted his balls and robbed him of one hard-on. And then the girl's sucking had made it better.
He'd loved every second of it when he fucked her. Never had he found a cunt so tight and clinging. It made his cock feel as if it had been shoved into a seething hot furnace. Fucking her was one of the nicest things that had ever occurred to him on one of these field trips.
"No," he told her. "I want to fuck you again. But not up the cunt."
"You want me to suck you off?" she said eagerly. She licked her ruby lips, the tongue making a wet, pink-tipped trip around her mouth.
"No. I want to fuck that lovely ass of yours."
The words exploded like a bomb in her head. He didn't want to fuck her like he had before. He wanted to ram that huge prick all the way up her asshole!
She couldn't let him do that!
"I… I don't know, Joe. That's mighty perverted, isn't it?"
"Who's the young girl who thought fucking was perverted? And who was it who changed her mind? Who is it that can't get enough of my cock now?"
His hands were stroking up and down the insides of her legs. The soft flesh flowed like satin under his fingers. He slowly traced almost up to her cunt, then raced back to her knee, only to repeat this teasing, slow approach to her twat again.
His technique was working. She was breathing harder. Her tits rose and fell in a seductive manner. He couldn't take his eyes off the way the nipples bounced around. The slight swaying made his prick even stiffer.
"You can't fuck me there!"
"Why not? You haven't tried it, have you? How do you know what it's like until afterwards."
"But my asshole!"
The coed was afraid the man's huge girth would rip her apart. And the very thought of him actually fucking her there made her shiver. She was so confused. The way his hand felt on her leg, threatening to dip into her still juicy cunt, made her sexually alive. But the thought of having him reaming out her ass was a complete unknown to her.
Sex was good. Fucking was the best thing that had ever happened to her and she was happy about it. The shackles binding her had been cast off. She could ignore her parents' ideas on lots of things now that she'd proven to herself that they were wrong.
Taking Joe's prick all the way up her cunt was the way fucking was supposed to be done. It was a little perverted sucking on his cock and having him eat her out. She had been a bit hesitant about that, but like fucking, it was fun.
She couldn't possible deny how big a thrill it had been having his cock resting on her tongue, pulsing with virile life, thrusting into her mouth in an attempt to face fuck her.
Good, damned good. But to take that cock up her asshole? She couldn't bring herself to agree to go that far. She had to draw the line somewhere or her raging emotions wouldn't let her rest until she'd done everything, no matter how obscene or perverted.
"I can't, Joe. Really. Just, ummmmm, ooooh! Just keep stroking up and down on my leg. It feels so good!"
"I can make you feel good all over. Let me butt fuck you."
"No, ummm, oh nooo!" But she felt her resistance weakening. His hands were driving her insane with renewed lust. Her gut was shaking. She had to have his prick fucking her. Up her cunt, in her mouth, even into her asshole it didn't matter.
She had to have this man's cock.
"You mean yes, don't you? I can tell."
She softly moaned as his fingers penetrated her pussy lips and urged into her cunt. The sudden entry sent electric jolts thrilling through her body. It was so good being this close to a man who cared for her. He knew how to love her. He could make her feel better than she'd ever felt before in her whole Goddamned life.
"Umn, I don't know. It's not right, Joe. Your fingers! They're so nice!"
His fingers worked against the folds of her cuntlips until she was no longer able to speak. Only incoherent groans of pleasure gushed from her mouth. He stroked back and forth along her pussy lips until they were entirely coated with her thick inner oils.
His intent was immediately apparent to the girl when she felt his fingers working down past her cunt hole and towards her ass. The cunt juice slickened fingers reached between her asscheeks and sought her anus.
She screamed when he touched the tightly clenched little muscle.
She came with the power of an atomic bomb exploding. It was entirely unexpected. Never had the girl gotten off in such a way.
"You liked that, didn't you?" she heard his voice. Her temples were pounding with the rushing blood. She could barely make out his words over the passionate roar in her ears.
"Yes, oh God, forgive me! Yes, dammit, yes! I liked it! I liked it!"
She lifted her ass off the hard rock when the probing finger began smearing the thick cunt juices all around her anus. The anal sphincter tightened. She couldn't help herself. She was uptight and nervous about letting even a single finger up her asshole.
The prodding of the middle finger against that wall of muscle was insistent. He managed to finally relax the muscle enough to get up her shit chute. It felt as if a red hot poker had been thrust into her guts.
She couldn't stand it any longer. In a voice that wasn't hers, she cried out, "Go on, damn you. Fuck my sweet ass! I want your Goddamn cock fucking me up the asshole!"
Strong hands rolled her over onto her belly. Her nipples rubbed harshly against the rock, scraping and hurting. Somehow, the pain heightened her senses. She became totally aware of her body. The lightest touch became sheer magic. She could hardly wait for his cock to enter her back door and sail all the way up, fucking her with all the speed and gusto he used on her cunt.
"I love the way that ass of yours curves," he told her. His hands worked over the smooth lines, stroking, fondling, touching. Each feathery touch lighted new fires inside her belly. She was shaking with anticipation by the time she felt his prick begin poking between her asscheeks.
The thick cylinder of his cock came slowly. He wasn't in any hurry to shove himself all the way up into her ass. This was just as exciting as anything they'd done together and he wanted to prolong it.
The delightful feel of her meaty ass on both sides of his prick warmed him, made him know exactly how much she wanted him. By the time his purpled cockhead touched her asshole, he was fully erect and throbbingly hard.
"God, that's it! That's where you have to fuck me!" she sobbed.
"I will, I will!" he gasped. The professor hadn't realized what he was getting into. This was one hell of a hot chick. She could fuck like a rabbit, sure. But to actually beg him to cornhole her was something he had, never come across before. He had turned her into a raving sex maniac.
Now he had to satisfy that lust. He knew only one way to do it. Actually bugger the living hell out after.
The tight anal sphincter muscle was clamped tight again, but it was still, drenched with her cunt juices. He had lubricated the spot well. He leaned forward over the girl's back and exerted pressure on her. His cock pressed harder and harder into her anus.
He felt the ring of muscle giving up. When the plum-tipped glans of his prick was buried inside her hot flesh, he paused. He was covered with sweat. This was taking more out of him than he'd thought. His pulse was racing and the erotic messages arrowing down his cock and into his balls told him this was going to be a butt-fucking to remember.
"In! I want you all the way in! Fuck my poor little ass! I want to feel you moving inside my asshole!"
His hips levered forward and his cock shot up her back passage. The sudden heat and clutching flesh all around his cock took his breath away. She was crushing his prick with a force he hadn't believed possible.
And not only was her ass smashing him flat, she was threatening to bum him off. Her ass was so flaming hot, he could barely stand it. He was totally surrounded by clutching hot, seething tight woman.
"God, I never thought it'd be this goooad! You fill me uuuuuuup!"
And the girl wasn't exaggerating at all. She felt as if her guts were filled to overflowing with the plug of his prick. The lusty cock was pulsing hotly in the small channel up her back. Every single twitch was felt. It echoed along her spine and jarred her brain.
This was even better than she'd thought it would be. Why had she ever thought butt-fucking was wrong? Like getting that delicious cock all the way up her cunt, this was good!
Not good, great!
She had to have more!
Her ass began wiggling back and forth. She managed to pull him a little deeper into her ass. She could feel his balls wetly smacking against her cuntlips. The wiry feeling of the hairy bag banging into her frothing lips made her even more excited.
"Fuck my ass hard! Hard, damn you, all the way up and hard!"
"Okay. You asked for it and now you're gonna get it!"
He had managed to get a little control back. For a horrible second, he had thought she was going to pull his jizz from his prick. Now that he had settled himself down, he could fuck her ass all she wanted.
He slid back until only the head of his prick was left inside the tight ring of her anus. Then he slipped back into her rectum. His cock was dancing in lust. It wanted to bolt and run like a race horse. He held back. There would be plenty of time for all-out, hell-bent fucking. Now he simply wanted to luxuriate in the warmth and tightness of this sweet ass.
"That's it. That's what I want. Oh, dear God, your cock feels so good. So damned fuckin' gooooood!"
When his hairy thighs rubbed against her rounded bottom, he reached around the girl's body and found her dangling tits. With a quick motion, he made like he was milking them.
This caused the her to come. All the blood was pulled down into the hard points of her nipples. The throbbing made her boobs feel like they would explode into a million pieces.
Most of all, her body was craving more and more stimulation. This was exactly what it took for her to get off. The orgasm wasn't too big and didn't last long, but it promised better things to come.
The man almost lost his wad. The sudden convulsive grabbing of her hot flesh all around his prick had surprised him. He rode out the storm winds of her passion, then began fucking her ass. This time his strong strokes were a little faster.
Hands filled with succulent tit flesh and his cock surrounded by clinging hot ass, he was in a carnal paradise. His mind was wiped clean of everything except fucking the living hell out of this foxy chick.
"More! Faster and more! I need you!"
Her words spurred him on. His cock flashed back and forth into her ass. He felt like he was being seared off so intense was the heat seething from the girl's butt.
But this only made him more aroused, more determined to give her the best he could deliver. His balls had tightened up into a hard sphere. The nuts churning inside pained him. He was going to have to get off and quick or go out of his mind.
Fucking faster, he started twisting just a little.
The corkscrewing action pulled him even deeper into, the girl's ass. Her soft, flesh asscheeks were turning slippery from the sweat off their bodies. His hairy legs ground into her rear and stimulated both of them to even higher levels of arousal.
Her tits pulsed wildly under his fingers. Taking one pebble-hard nipple between thumb and forefinger, he felt it growing stiffer. The nipple felt as if it would explode at any instant. He pushed it down into the soft marshmallowy flesh of her boob.
She shrieked and he felt hot come again. Her asshole felt like a noose tightening around his cock. He was sure she was going to rip him out by the roots as her body gyrated wildly, caught up in the powerful sexual release of her climax.
"Gotta go faster," he muttered. "Just gotta really butt-fuck you. Coming too soon! God, you're so fucking tight, you're makin' me come too soon!"
His hips blurred, as they fucked into the girl's ass. He was sheathing himself all the way into her clutching asshole. He rammed in harder, faster. He had to shove his cock all the way into her.
She came again. This time, he couldn't hold back any longer. She was shoving her ass into his groin. Grinding it in, whirling it around, she was doing her damnedest to get him off.
The white flood of his jism splattered into asshole. He whitewashed her rectum while pumping furiously in and out.
He gave her the sexiest enema she'd ever received.
Together, locked cock-up-asshole, they rocked through a mutual orgasm. Never had the girl felt anything this intense, this intimate, this sexy. Her entire body was one giant nerve ending. And that man's cock stimulated her to the point of losing her mind.
As they came down from their sexual high, she limply fell forward. The rock was hot under her naked body but she didn't care. Her asshole burned as if a flaming arrow had been shot into it. But she felt all warm and contented inside.
That was what counted, the way she felt inside. How could she have ever thought getting her ass fucked was perverted? It was as much fun in its own way as regular fucking or sucking a man off.
She heard his voice, as if in the distance, saying, "Enough? Or do you want to try it one more time?"
The way she rolled over and embraced him gave the man the answer. He wasn't going to escape her clutches until she was totally exhausted.
It took all afternoon.
"I'm completely out of it," admitted Joe. His entire body ached, but it was a good ache. His balls were sore from too much fucking, but there wasn't anything else in the whole world he'd rather do to get them in this condition.
Stretching full length in the sun, causing her tits to flatten as she arched her back, Ginnie said, "No chance for getting it on again?"
"Sex-hungry bitch," he snarled in mock-anger. "All you can think of now is fucking. I've created a monster!" His eyes rolled heavenward as if asking for help.
"It's your fault. You're the one who showed me how much fun fucking could be. I just can't believe I was so hung-up."
Her voice drifted off as she remembered what a completely different person she'd been just a few hours prior. Now, she was a woman of the world. She guessed she and Joe had done things that most of the other girls on this field trip had never dreamed of doing.
She shivered a little in spite of the hot sun as she thought how great it had been getting that huge prick all the way up her cunt for the first time. Or into her asshole. Or sucking on the tasty cock.
She'd done more in a short time than she'd done the entire rest or her life. If it hadn't been for the glow that still filled her, she would have been angry at her parents.
They'd lied to her all these years. Sex wasn't perverted or dirty or obscene. It was the best thing in the whole wide world! She couldn't guess why they felt the way they obviously did about fucking and sucking.
It must have been the generation gap.
"I've got to get back to camp and check up on the other hellions under my expert guidance," the professor said.
"Under you?" Ginnie asked. "I just bet the girls all are, literally. Have you fucked all of them?"
"Only Nancy. And you. And now that I've found you, I don't have to go hunting for anymore tail. I've got the sweetest ass to fuck right here in you."
He leaned over and kissed her thigh. Before long, he was avidly licking at her pussy, his tongue probing back into the darkest recesses of that flowing slash.
After Ginnie had come twice Joe sat up and said, "This time, definitely back to camp."
Through half-opened eyes the girl looked at him and said, "More later? Please?"
"Tonight," he promised. "I've got quite a yen for fucking in sleeping bags. It makes it a hell of a lot more fun when you're all tied up inside the damn thing."
"Tonight," she sighed, wondering how she could possibly survive that long without his wonderful cock-fucking her.
She lay on the rock for a short time longer untilshe was completely relaxed. A quick plunge back into the pool to wash off the sweat from a frantic bout at fucking, then a little more sun and she was ready to go back to the camp.
Phyllis was sitting outside the tent talking with Nancy. Ginnie heard her friend saying, "and then Frank really fucked me with that gorgeous prick of his. Shit, I never saw a cock that big! I mean, Christ, it huge!"
Ginnie brushed by the two and heard Phyllis comment, "I guess she's a total loss. Ginnie's got to be frigid. Did you see the way Joe was looking at her? And she shut him down!"
"Her loss, my gain," laughed Nancy. "I'll take all Joe has to offer all day long and as far into the night as he wants. God, can he ever screw. He goes at it like a fucking machine!"
Ginnie heard the two talking about her shortcomings and Joe's sexual prowess. Just hours before, she would have been outraged. She would have been blushing all the way to her toes. Not now. She knew what it was all about. Maybe better than the other two coeds.
She curled up in the sleeping bag, finding it extremely cold. As she drifted off to sleep, she wondered what it would be like having Joe in there with her. However it was, it wouldn't be cold. She'd bet a million dollars on that.
The others were milling around outside when she heard Dr. Preston telling everyone, "Curfew tonight. We've got to get going early in the morning."
Phyllis and Nancy crowded into the tent and waited for the man to pass by their tent. As soon as he was gone, they began chattering like magpies.
"Think I'm gonna sleep? Ha! I'm gonna get my bush over to where Frank can stuff his prick into it, just wait and see," Phyllis said.
"You and Frank, sure. Me, I'm going to get Ron all hot and bothered. I want to suck on his cock in the worst way possible. Just the sight of that guy's pecker bulging up in his jeans is enough to make me start creaming all over myself," Nancy announced.
Ginnie quietly listened. The other girls would be leaving the tent soon. That suited her just fine. Joe would come by and crawl into her bag and then crawl into her pants. And then he would fuck her even better than he had that afternoon. This time, she knew what was going down. She could return the fucking– measure for measure, blow for blow.
And it would be in the privacy of the tent with her friends gone off on their own erotic excursions. They'd be fucking their brains out in other parts of the camp.
"Okay, Nancy, the coast is clear. I don't see old man Preston anywhere. Good luck with Ron!"
"Luck? I won't need it. I'm hot enough to rape the bastard if he doesn't let me suck him off right away!"
They laughed, then turned and eyed the prone girl in the sleeping bag. In a sad voice, Phyllis said, "She doesn't know what she's missing. When you say you're going to sleep with a guy, she thinks that's all you want to do."
"Her loss. Let's split. I'm getting so damned horny, I can barely stand myself!"
The two left silent as shadows. Ginnie lay in the bag, waiting. In less than ten minutes, she heard leaves rustling outside. A twig broke and then a dark form loomed in the opened flap of the tent.
"All alone?" came Joe's soft voice.
"Not now. You look cold. Why not climb in and slip that cock of yours into something hot!"
The words would have horrified her parents. And now they came so easily to her lips. She was turning into a slut and she loved it.
"Best invitation I've had all day." With that, he quickly shucked off his clothes and worked his body down into the bag, not bothering to unzip it. Just the feel of his hairy legs rubbing against her boobs was exciting her. She had to have his cock now.
"Ummm, you're all soft and nice. I like that." His hands clamped firmly on her tits as he scooted himself into position beside her in the tight-fitting sleeping bag.
"God, you don't know how I've wanted you! My poor cunt hasn't been the same since you fucked me this afternoon. Do it again! Stuff that prick of yours all the way up my twat!"
"Such foul language from such a little girl," he chided. He wanted to goad her into saying more. He knew how she got off on the words.
"Fuck the hell out of me, you lousy motherfucker! I want this, damn you, not your talk!" She gripped his prick and wrapped her fingers around it. She pulled him powerfully toward her snatch.
He silenced her with a crushing kiss on her lips. She stiffened at the wet feel on her lips, then relaxed. She didn't want to fall back into her old behavior patterns. She'd outgrown the other personality as soon as she'd felt how good it was to have a real man using his cock on her juicy, tight cunt.
Her lips parted enough to allow his tongue to rush into her mouth. There, his tongue tangled erotically with hers. She returned the deep kiss as best she could. Her tongue stroked across the sides of his, rubbing, fondling, stimulating until they were both gasping for breath.
His hot breath caressed her cheek as he panted, "I never found a chick as ready to fuck as you. When I broke that plug in your cunt, I didn't realize I was loosing a flood of fucking. God, you're hornier than if you'd been locked up for a thousand years without a man."
"You're responsible. You do that to me. I've got to have more of that precious prick of yours. All the way up here."
She pulled his hand to her twat. She sighed when he pressed down on her pubic bone. Deep inside, she could feel her already tight cunt narrowing due to his hand. When his finger invaded her pussy, she moaned soft and low. This was living. The man knew all the right things to do to her and he was doing them!
"That's nice, isn't it? How does this feel?"
His finger worked around her clit. She came. The light touch was all she needed to get off in a big way. The man's weight pressed even more firmly down on her now as he jockeyed for a better position. She let her legs drift open to hint.
It took a little bit of acrobatic skill to properly position his cock in the exact spot she wanted it, but she kept moving until everything was perfect.
He wasn't inside her yet. That would come in a bit. Right now he was lavishing kisses all over her face and lips and throat. The man's tongue lightly touched the hollow at the base of her throat before working up to her jaw and back to her ear. His tongue shot out, cock-hard, into the tiny cavity it found.
She gasped. The hot breath was making the already sensitive flesh even more responsive to his every touch. When that tongue lashed out and into her ear, she had to respond. Arching her back, she lifted both their weights upward. The sleeping bag kept her from turning over. She was pinned under him. She had to take whatever he dished out.
And the girl loved every second of that tongue lashing.
She managed to lift her legs on either side of his trim body. Raising her knees as much as possible, she was able to get her ass off the ground enough to cause his prick to nudge into her cuntlips.
She was already frothing over with her thick inner lubricating oils. Her cunt was hungering for cock. She had to have him. Everything he did to her was stimulating, exciting, arousing. And she had to have more. His huge prick splitting her apart was all that was left.
The coed had to have her professor fucking her so hard he threatened to split her apart all the way up to her chin. She was begging for it, her cunt demanded it. She was going to get it.
She got it.
His cockhead parted her labia and paused for a second just inside the humid chamber of her pussy. Then like a rocket sled on rails, he shot all the way into her belly. The friction of his cock against her softly folded cunt walls almost tipped her mind loose from sanity.
Her entire body came alive, more alive than it ever had been before. She groaned and managed, to gasp out, "Fuck me good, damn you! That's what I want. Your cock, your lovely fucking cock all the way up my twat!"
"And you've got it. God, but you're squeezing down harder now than you did this afternoon. And you were a Goddamn virgin then. Shit, you learn fast, girl. Maybe too damn fast. You're gonna rip my cock out by the roots!"
She could barely hear him. Her head was too twisted up by the wonderful sensations smashing into her body. The warmth of his twitching cock testing in her twat was filling her belly. The friction of the fucking was burning hot in her cunt and spreading throughout her hips and pelvis. The man's weight crushing her down into the soft down of the sleeping bag mashed her tits flat.
The tiny nipples were poking holes in his chest. They had to be. They were hard and jabbing into her chest. Excited blood pounded fiercely into her tits. She was positive those creamy globes of tit flesh would explode like overinflated balloons. But she was happy. He was fucking her. She had that long cock all to herself again. Let the other girls brag. She didn't have to. She had the real thing and knew it. They had to live in their dream worlds of huge cocks and men stuffing themselves into open mouths.
That was their dream world. It was her reality. She had all the hard, fucking-stiff cock she could handle. And it was driving hard all the way up into her belly at that instant.
She couldn't have asked for more.
"Isn't this something else?" he asked.
"You're something else! That cock of yours! Heaven, sheer heaven!"
"I meant fucking in the sleeping bag. It's sort of like being tied up, yet we've got some freedom to wiggle around. Like you're doing."
She was thrashing about in her ecstasy. Hips lifted off the ground in a vain attempt to get even more of his prick up her cunt. Her legs wrapped around his upper thighs. Her feet rested on the backs of the man's calves. She began rubbing the instep of her foot against his hairy legs, spurring him on.
The effort was wasted. He didn't need to be urged to fuck her harder. Her cunt was giving him the best loving he'd ever gotten.
Totally surrounded by the hot flesh of her twat, he drove in and out with powerful strokes. The flesh clawed and grabbed at him in a way that turned him on. Every single inch up and down her cunt clutched at him, willing him to stay buried balls deep.
His body told him to move, to stroke, to give her the fucking of her young life. Her cunt tried to imprison him. It took all the power locked up in his hips to pull free from her manhole. There was a lewd smacking noise as he broke the immense vacuum she was building up inside. That sound seemed to turn her into a sex-starved maniac.
Her fingers clawed at his back, leaving bloody tracks. Her hips wiggled and shoved down around his cock in wanton invitation for him to fuck her even harder than he was doing. And her legs tried to pull him powerfully into her cunt. Her entire body had transformed into one giant raw nerve begging for all the cock he could give.
"I can't stand it any longer, love. I gotta really fuck you now. My cock's going to pop if I don't. You've made my balls feel like a Goddamn pressure cooker."
He slammed powerfully into her. His crotch ground forcefully into hers. Her dark bush mingled with his as his hips rotated. He tried to drive the spike of his cock as deep into her willing cunt as possible. Not satisfied, lie shoved down with his knees and lifted her off her ass using only the cock buried inside her cunt.
She screamed and came. He'd penetrated her virgin-tight cunt as deeply as any man ever could. His cock had bounced off the softly padded neck of her deeply hidden cervix.
"Aaaaieeeee! It… it's alive inside me! Your cock, it's nice!"
Her entire body shivered and shook with orgasm. He held on to her, his hands under her armpits, palms resting on the tops of his shoulders. This was the only way he could get enough leverage to drive his cock all the way up into her juicy, tight, hot cunt.
The sleeping bag kept his ass from going too far up into the air. He had to use every available trick to keep himself inside her slippery pussy and to give them both the maximum pleasure from the fucking.
"Hang on, doll. I don't know how much more of your superheated twat I can take. My balls are about ready to explode."
"Fuck me harder," she moaned over and over. "Fuck me good!"
He was certain she was totally lost in lust. Her eyes were closed and the mask of fucking had settled over her face. She was lost to everything but his cock reaming out her cunt. He kept his body low in the sleeping bag to make certain his hairless chest was stimulating her boobs.
She gasped as he drove forward again. Their bodies were drenched with sweat. This lubricated their skin enough to let him slide across her tits. His chest pulled and stimulated her nipples. Her marshmallowy tits had been crushed flat since the fucking began but had been pushing her passions to ever higher levels by the motion against her rock-hard nipples.
This was all it took to get her off again. She sobbed, whimpered a little and then screeched out her lust.
His hot breath came into her face as he strained to fuck her even harder. Dimly, she appreciated this. But she was too lost in her own emotions to really do much about it. She felt his prick sailing in and out of her cunt. Trying to grip his cock with her youthful stomach muscles had failed.
Her own body had betrayed her. The flood of her cunt juices had made his prick simply too slick to hang on to for long. But she didn't stop trying. She was able to feel every contour of his cock when it was in her twat.
The big blue vein an the top pulsed and throbbed with life. The wrinkly skin rubbing her soft pussy walls as he pulled out made her feel as if he were pulling her guts out of her cunt hole with every downward stroke.
She loved it. She climaxed again.
This time, her entire cunt convulsively smashed down on the man's buried cock. He couldn't even free himself from the powerful contractions until her come had passed.
The squeezing on his cock was the last straw. It was all he needed, for his balls to erupt like a volcano. His white jism blew into her cunt and whitewashed her cunt walls.
Resting after another strenuous fucking, Joe managed to get his weight off Ginnie's chest. She heaved a big sigh of relief. It was great having him over her like that, when they were fucking, but while they rested, it was a big drag.
"You know all the tricks, Joe," she told him. "How long did you have to practice to get to know all this stuff?"
"I started earlier than you did. But you're learning faster than any other chick I ever saw. If you, keep up the pace, you'll outdistance me and leave me far behind."
"I doubt that. I like your cock inside my cunt too much to leave you behind for long."
"Thanks," he said. "But you'll find out there are other studs just itching to get into your pants and fuck you."
"But I don't want them. I want you." She snuggled closer. He felt her hand stroking across his chest and down his belly. The tight slabs of muscle were quickly left behind in preference for a nice grip on his limp cock.
"That's what you say now. Just wait till you find out how Frank and Ron and some of the others screw. You might prefer them to me."
"How do you know how they fuck?"
"Listen. To talk and I overhear. Phyllis seems to think Frank is one hell of a stud. Did you know that he fucked ber this afternoon on top of Needle Rock?"
"That pointy spire of rook that looks like a… a cock?"
He laughed at her. In spite of her new found sophistication, she still hesitated in actually calling a cock a cock.
"Yep. He took her up there and they really got it on. Guess some of the others were watching and they worried they might erode the tip of the peak off."
"I guess that's only to be expected. Knocking a piece off isn't good conservation."
He looked at her in the darkness for a moment, then laughed. "You're learning, Ginnie, you really are. I wouldn't have thought you could come up with a joke like that and not be embarrassed."
"Oh, you! You're saying that so you won't have to fuck me again. I want this all nice and stiff and ready to use." She pulled on his slippery cock. The limp prick was still wet from her cunt juices and his own jism.
"I… hey, that's Phyllis coming back. She'd better not catch me here with you. Bad for discipline, you know."
Joe started slithering from the sleeping bag. Ginnie held onto his cock until he yelped, "Stop that. I've got to go!"
"Not without me!"
"Then hurry, dammit! Phyllis is almost here!"
He lifted the back wall of the tent and slipped under it, bare ass naked. Without thinking of what she was doing or what anyone would say if they saw her, Ginnie followed. Outside the canvas wall, they heard Phyllis blundering around in the dark, swearing to herself. Finally, the sound of a zipper on her sleeping bag and they figured she was safely asleep.
"What now?" Ginnie asked her naked professor. The man looked at her, his cock beginning to feel pangs of lust again. She stood proud and naked in the moonlight. The silver beams bathed her in a light that was totally erotic. Every line of her body cast a tiny shadow. Her nipples were dull red cherries perched high atop her snowy white tits, now turned silver by the light.
The dark bush nestled between her legs seemed to pull at his cock like a magnet attracts iron. He knew he was going to have to fuck her again. There was no way out of it, as if he wanted to avoid it!
"Into the woods. We can whatever we want there. Without waking anyone up, of course."
He waited until the girl started for the dark forest. He watched her silvery ass wiggle and twitch. He wondered how much of it was just for him and how much was her natural self coming out after all those years of harsh suppression.
It didn't matter. All he cared about was fucking that lovely little ass again. His cock was jerking painfully, telling him it wanted to sink deep into a cunt or asshole or sucking mouth.
"This is fun, running around without any clothes on," she called to the professor. "I feel like a wood nymph or something."
"A numpho is closer to it," he said. He made a grab for her but she avoided his grasping hands.
"Nope. Not that easy. You're going to have to catch me." She bent and quickly kissed the tip of his half-erect prick, then raced off deeper into the forest.
He cursed and got to his feet. He took off after her, his cock bouncing painfully in front of his groin. The girl was laughing and dodging and making him harder and harder as he grabbed repeatedly for her.
"You'll have to do better than that, Joe," she taunted him, her tits resting on the top of a tree limb. She bent forward enough to let him catch a tantalizing glimpse of her bush, then dropped from the tree and ran.
This time he caught her. He tackled her and they both went dawn onto a grassy knoll. Rolling over and aver, he managed to slip between her legs. His cock prodded into her juicy cuntlips but he didn't drive his fuck stick into her seething depths.
"Fuck me. Go on! You caught me fair and square. Do whatever you want with me!" she begged.
"Anything? Okay. I'm going to punish you for running away from me like you did. My cock is about to kill me. You bounced the hell out of it while I was chasing you."
He upended her over his lap and began spanking her. She screamed and twisted, trying to get away. He held her firmly and she wasn't able to move.
"You bastard! You mother fucking son of a bitch! Stop that! My poor ass is burning up!"
The words she was mouthing made her hotter and hotter for the cock poking into her body. She couldn't leave it high and dry. She had to get that prick into her cunt where she could feel it. But still the paddling he was giving her ass made her feel all warm and wiggly.
The girl didn't understand the feelings in her ass. The spanking hurt. His fingers were leaving red welts across her lily white rear. But the warmth flowed into her cunt and made her even hotter to fuck.
It was as if he was pouring melted butter into her body. It was slowly pooling inside her belly, making her even hornier than before. She tried to… figure out why the spanking should do that to her. She couldn't. So she simply lay across his legs and enjoyed it.
"You're not struggling any more. Do you like it?"
"Darn you!" he cried. "I'll show you a good paddling!"
His hand rose and fell until her ass was a shining red in the dull moonlight. Her young flesh barely rippled every time he swatted her rounded ass. His fingers stung and he guessed how her bottom must feel. The red criss cross pattern he left on her once-white skin seemed to be a pattern for him, an erotic pattern drawing him on.
He stopped his spanking for a moment and put his hand flat on the curve of her right ass cheek. The flesh was rosy and warm to the touch. And he could feel her body straining under his touch. He'd lit a fire that was blazing bright inside the girl's body.
If she'd wanted to be fucked before, now she must be about driven mad with lust for him.
"Is that punishment enough for you?"
"Oh yes, yes! Now fuck me!"
"Not enough, I see that now." His hand lashed out and swatted the tender area between her legs. His fingers slapped wetly down on her overflowing cuntlips. The soft flesh was swatted as hard as he had been paddling her ass. She began wiggling around like a fish on a string.
"That hurts!" she cried. "Stop it!"
"Hell, no. You've got to learn a lesson."
He was getting horny himself from dishing this out to the wanton girl. He knew her protests weren't real. She was getting off on the spanking as much as he was. It was turning them both into quivering blobs of flesh itching for a good fucking.
She wiggled free but didn't get far. Turning so that she presented her well-spanked ass for his inspection, she stayed on hands and knees. Wiggling her behind a little to make sure he got the message, she said, "How about it now, stud? Fuck my ass now?"
He paused. His cock snapped rigidly to attention. It was dancing with his flaming desire to sink into her cunt.
The sight of her bottom, all red and rosy and spanked made him almost blow his wad. He could see, between her shining legs, the darkness that was her snatch. The tiny strands of her bush poked out enough to make it look as if it were covered with wire bristles. Rut he knew better.
It was soft and wet and wanton. And his cock fit perfectly into the well-greased slot. He should know. He was the only man to ever fuck this hot chick.
"How about it? You're just begging for trouble, aren't you?"
But he was crouching down behind her in a flash. His hands groped out and found her tits. He clamped his fingers down hard on them.
The pain shot through her entire body. He was really squeezing too hard on her tender boobs. But she didn't care that much. The pain was minor if he'd only give her that long length of his prick. Up her cunt. Where it belonged.
He pulled her backwards. Rolling so that his legs slipped under her, he pulled her onto his lap. As if they'd rehearsed it a million times, her cunt landed squarely, on top of his plum-tipped cock.
It vanished into her cunt. They both gasped at the sudden intrusion all the way up her pussy. It had surprised her and crushed down on his prick. He collapsed onto his back, the girl still crouching over his cock.
She twisted from side to side, reveling in the feel of the prick moving around in her cunt, then decided on the best course of action. She could fuck herself on his upright pole.
"I never thought it would be like this," he mumbled.
"What's that, love?"
"Having you all around me again. You get tighter each time I fuck you. You're not any college girl. You're a demon come to tempt me!"
"So let me tempt. Just as long as that cock of yours stays nice and hard and long and in me!"
He groaned a little as she spun around. She used the prick in her cunt like an axle. The twisting motion about drove the man out of his head. His prick was turned and pulled and moved in new and deliciously different ways. Sure she would pull his cock out by the roots, he was still determined to enjoy it to the hilt.
The wet pussy lips caressed and kissed his cock. The heat boiling from her inside threatened to burn him to a nubbin. And the tightness of her cunt gripped him with all the power of a hand inside a soft leather glove. No glove, however, had ever been this erotic.
She let the friction of the spinning warm her pussy walls. She knew she was well juiced and in no danger of tearing her sensitive inner membrane. And when she finally came to a rest, she had one leg on either side of his body. She was looking straight down at the man's face, now glowing in the silver moonlight.
"Should I just fuck myself? Or do you want to do something else?"
He looked the situation over. She was well a straddle his waist. But the way her legs extended out gave him an idea. He reached up and gripped each of her ankles in his hands. By lifting her heels off the ground a little, he rocked her backwards.
And that slipped her cunt off his cock.
Relaxing and letting her legs go back down to the ground caused her twat to swallow up his prick again. He could fuck himself using her lithe body.
She felt the way his cock bent inside her. The shivers of excitement rippled throughout her belly and rocketed up her spine. She was worried, he might hurt himself. If he got carried away, he might tip her too far back. She could literally tear his prick from his body.
Then all such thoughts were erased from her mind. He was pushing her up and down in a slow, rhythmic motion. She felt his cock slipping in and out of her cunt in a totally lascivious fashion. The sensations ripping into her body made certain she couldn't concentrate on anything else but that cock.
She began diddling herself. As she fingered her clit she felt the skin all around her snatch tighten and loosen as she rocked to and fro. The man's hands on her legs moved slowly up and down, too, giving her an extra measure of excitement.
"Oooooh, Joe, this is like nothing I ever read about! You're giving me too much too fast!"
"Yeah, I know," he panted. He was bathed in sweat. It was running down into his eyes and obscuring his luscious vision.
The sight of the girl gleaming nakedly in the moonlight was giving him one hell of a thrill. The man could even see his cock entering and leaving her cunt. The pinkly scalloped inner pussy lips poked out of the rigid flaps of her outer labia.
Juicy and puckered just right, they sucked in his cock every time he let the girl come forward on him.
His entire length was gobbled up by that hungry pussy. He saw and felt it disappear. He couldn't tell which turned him on the most. The sight was interesting, that he had to admit.
The ugly red of his prick completely parted her cuntlips only to be shoved all the way up into her clutching interior. He watched silver ribbons of her cunt juice leak out and down the sides of his cock. The cunt juices puddled in his bush and sparkled in the moonlight.
But he couldn't deny how great it felt to have her sheath of hot female flesh all around him again. He was jerking hard against the velvet wails of her cunt every time he sank into her.
This was a slow, awkward fucking, but one which turned them both on more than anything previously.
"You're too big, lover, too biiiiig!"
He kept rocking her back and forth. The lewd sounds echoing into the forest now made him even hornier than before. Every time she let herself be rocked back she broke the intense vacuum inside her cunt. The fuck fluids formed an almost perfect suction seal between his cock and her pussy. Only when his prick left her cunt did they both sigh with relief.
She continued rubbing her finger over her cunt. The tiny little spire of her most sensitive flesh was blasting lightning bolts into her belly. She felt the sexual tensions mounting inside her. It wouldn't be long until everything came crashing down in one huge orgasm.
Grimly, she held on. She wanted it to be the biggest ever. Her hand reached up to one nipple. She took the mushroom of flesh between thumb and forefinger and began rolling it around like a marble. Her fingers were still wet from her cunt juices. They kept slipping from the nipple.
But she didn't care. It only stimulated her more. She wished that one hand wasn't necessary to balance herself on. She could have used it to tweak and tease both her tits, or one tit and her clit at the same time. That would have lit the fuse inside her.
She could feel that fuse of her climax slowly burning. Each tiny touch was a little closer to the powder keg of her desire.
The way she was pulling at her nipples finally got her off. She gasped and the world spun around her. She felt her cunt convulsing, collapsing all around the cock buried far up her cunt.
The man gasped and began rocking her to and fro even faster. His cock fucked her with renewed vigor. He was strong and big inside her.
She bit her lower lip, so intense was her emotion. She finally cried out, "Keep doing it! I love the feel of your cock fucking me! It's all so big and stiff!"
"You're a tight one yourself, baby," he grunted.
"Don't let it slip out! I couldn't stand that! I… aaaaieeeee!"
She came. Her cunt clamped down firmly on his cock. He grunted harshly and continued rocking her on his prick. He was almost at the point of coming himself but he wanted her to know the full joy of orgasm before he shot his load into her yearning cunt.
Panting, she gasped out, "Do it to me again! Make me come again with that fucking cock of yours!"
"Sex hungry bitch," he laughed. "Never get enough, do you?"
"No, umnim, oh, never, never!"
He was burning up inside. His balls had tightened to a hard little bag dangling under his long cock. Every time she came forward to engulf him, more of her fuck fluids trickled down his prick. The cunt juices tickled and stimulated him by dripping onto the sensitive sac containing his nuts.
He thought he'd go out of his mind as she began wiggling her ass. The twisty motion carried her from side to side and the cock worked inside her. She was moving in a way calculated to drive him out of his mind, to milk him of his come.
"Don't do that, Ginnie!" he begged. "I can't hold it in much longer!"
"MSLICC me come! Fuck me good and hard! Umxnmmm, so niiice that cock of yours. So good inside my hot little cunt!"
The geology professor was lifting and dropping her iegs with greater urgency now. She was sucking his jizz from the very tip of his cock. Her cunt was strong all around him. The velvety walls were juicy and clinging. They squeezed and caressed and fondled his buried prick. Most of all, her cunt sucked.
It was as if Joe had shoved his prick into the girl's mouth. The suction on the very tip of his cock was intense, so intense he could hardly stand it much longer.
When Virginia started the side to side twisting motion again, he knew he was lost.
His fountain of jism erupted into her greedy manhole. Her thirsty cunt drank each and every drop from his spurting prick.
The look on her face carried the man to a higher and better orgasm than he'd ever experienced before. She had a look of peace, of lust, of sheer carnal desire.
And her words came to him, "Fuck me with that cock. Your prick is so good in my cunt. My poor pussy has never fell a dick like yours, you bastard stud of a man!"
The words flowed from the girl's lips. She was building herself up to a fever pitch of orgasm again by mouthing the once forbidden dirty words. The man couldn't say a thing. It worked for her.
She came amid arms flapping and cunt gripping even more strongly on his cock.
"I don't believe it," he told her, looking up into her shining face. "Let me hear that again."
"Why not fuck hanging from a tree limb? We've got the whole Goddamn forest. Surely one of the limbs would hold me."
"It's going to take a while for me to get my boner back," he told her. He didn't think that would hold down her lust and he was right.
She dived down to his limp penis and kissed it. She brushed a strand of dark hair from her eyes as she peered up the length of his body at him. It was as if she expected him to complain.
He would have except he was a bit curious about actually fucking a girl while she dangled from a tree limb. The whole idea made him hot to try it. And who else but Ginnie would be willing to give it a go? The girl had transformed into a sex maniac in the span of one short day. She'd squeezed more fucking into the past few hours than most chicks got in a week.
Hell, it was more than some got in a month, and she wanted more.
The only way Joe could satisfy his curiosity about the unique form of fucking and get the girl what she wanted his cock– was for him to get his erection back.
It wasn't going to be easy. She'd damn near worn his prick out.
But the feel of her mouth on his penis told him she was going to do her damnedest to get him up for the occasion again. He leaned back in the soft grass and watched the clouds lacing across the moon, turning and twisting and diving among each other.
All the time, her wet tongue was avidly licking and lapping at his prick. She wasn't interested in the cloud formations or the lovely moon. Her attention was entirely focused on his limp prick. It was a challenge to her to get his cock erect again.
After all, her cunt was still hungry for it. She wanted to feel the friction of him inside her twat, fucking hard and fast.
Her tongue looped around the limp cock and pulled it between her lips. She sucked hard on the loose snake of flesh. Tasting the salty jizz and her own acrid love juices made her mouth water. She devoured his prick as if it were a taste treat presented to a gourmet.
"Hmmm, hey, not so hard," he yelled. "You're gonna ruin me!"
"Umphgh!" was all she could answer. The girl wasn't about to let his prick slip out of her mouth. It was too tasty.
She totally mouthed his cock and then worked down to his balls. The hairy sac containing his nuts was limp now, dangling lazily. She sucked it all into her mouth. Using her tongue, she was able to bat his twin balls around inside her mouth.
He moaned again, stirring. He didn't dare move. She held him captive, his balls in her mouth. But it wasn't a moan of pain. It was the reverse. The tiny needles of sensation poking into his groin were delightful. She was resurrecting his cock. He was coming alive again and this wasn't taking any three days.
It was an immediate hard-on. Her tongue lavished wet, loving care all over him. She felt his cock slowly hardening with her tongue. As he stiffened into a useable fucking tool again, she slowly let his balls flop from her lips. Just as slowly, she backed off on his prick until only the purple hooded glans remained in between her ruby lips.
Sucking hard, she pulled him into a stiffness he wouldn't have thought possible a few minutes earlier.
"You're a fuckin' magician, Ginnie. I don't know what it is about you, but I've got an erection again!"
"It's my mouth. Or maybe my tight cunt. Or could it be my clinging ass that you like? I might just be sexier than hell!"
"All of those," he readily agreed. "Now let's get on with this new type of fucking you thought up. Pick your tree and show me all about it!"
She dashed off to a tree with low-hanging limbs. Swinging like a sexy monkey, she finally found a limb that suspended her, stretched at arm's length, so that her toes just barely touched the ground.
"This is it! Come on!"
He didn't need to be told twice. His cock was hard and he was ready to fuck. She'd worked her charm on him and now he was ready to bury his cock all the way up into her tight cunt again.
"What do I do?"
She swung agilely and wrapped her legs around his waist. She found his cock just inches away from the dark mysteries of her cunt lips. All he had to do was move forward a little and his prick would sink out of sight up her juicy cunt.
He got the idea immediately. He reached under her body and gripped her ass in both hands. She sighed and relaxed. Her legs fell down to the sides of his, but her snatch was still within easy reach. He edged forward and prodded her with the very tip of his prick.
She was already juicy with lust for him. The fuck fluids were running out of her cunt and down the insides of her inner thighs. He worked himself a little closer and buried the tip of his cock in between her pink, fluttery pussy lips.
"Go on and do it to me," she begged. "I want to feel that cock in me, not just diddling around outside my poor little cunt."
"Whatever else I can say about your cunt, darling, it sure as hell isn't poor. Little, yeah. That's what I like about you. But poor? Hah!"
"Call it anything you want, but fuck me!" she cried.
Her entire body was aching for that long, hard prick. She knew she was turning into some sort of nymphomaniac. She couldn't help herself. Ever since Joe had shown her how wonderful sex was, how great fucking could be, the joys of sucking on a man's prick, she couldn't get enough. No matter how much he fucked her, she still wanted more.
Lots more.
"Just cool down for a second."
"I can't! I'm too fucking hot!"
"I'll say," he muttered, moving closer to her. His cock poked a little farther up her twat. Now the entire head of his prick was being sucked into her greedy cunt.
She felt a tingle, then a bolt of carnal lightning. His cock was a magic wand. Its lightest touch set her off and sailing on gusts of wind blowing through her body.
Hanging from the free added to the effect. Somehow, the exertion it took to dangle from the tree limb made her even more aware of what he was doing to her cock-hungry pussy. As the purple tipped head of his prick nudged a little farther up her seething hot cunt, she started swinging to and fro on the limb.
This pushed her hips forward enough to suck in more of his prick. She was able to fuck herself a bit more than he wanted. She sighed when she realized better that hilt of his long, steely prick was buried up her clinging hot tunnel of cunt flesh.
Everything about this add fucking turned her on.
She'd thought of it. She was able to show him she knew what she wanted. That gave a tiny thrill to her. But the physical strain of actually supporting her entire weight from the limb made it all the more exciting.
She couldn't say why. It just did. The wind slithering by her body caressed and soothed her. She let it carry away the sweat beading her face and trickling down between her ample tits.
"Be good, Joe darling, be damned good and fuck me! I love the feel of that hard cock of yours up my cunt. I… I can feel the cunt juices leaking out around the plug of your cock."
He grunted and began swinging her on the tree limb like an erotic playground toy. Itcarried her first away from his cock, and then firmly planted her cunt directly around him. He gasped when he felt all his prick firmly buried in her boiling hot cunt.
She gasped and a long, wracking shudder passed through her. The man's cock was lighting inner fires she'd thought were long since put out. He was stoking the furnace of her lust again. He was making her respond to him.
Everything he did was simply perfect. His hands gripped fiercely at her ass flesh. The way he took one perky ass cheek in each hand and used these sexy handles to move her made her think he was trying to rip her apart.
What a way to go!
The cock impaling her all the way up the pussy, though, was what made her come entirely alive.
"Wonderfuuuuuuul!" she cried out. "I can't stand it it's so wonderful!"
"My cock?"
"Everything! Every fucking thing is super! Your cock, my cunt, the way I feel! Everything!"
He began swinging her in a shallow arc. It wasn't enough to take his cock entirely out of her cunt, but it came close. Only the head of his prick remained in between the pink, slick pussy lips when she was far back on the swing. When she was pulled toward him, his fingers digging into her ass, her cuntlips parted and lewdly kissed him until they were locked together, groin to groin.
She wiggled seductively. He felt her bush grind into his. The heat boiling out of her cunt threatened to melt his prick. She was going to make him come too fast.
He fought it down. It was hard to do. His balls were aching now. He could barely concentrate on giving this hot bush the fucking she deserved. His nuts began tumbling and, lurching, in their need for release. He fought it down again and again.
He mustn't come. Not yet. He had a lot of fucking to do yet. He began swinging her faster.
This drove his iron-hard cock firmly into her softly yielding twat. The juicy folds of her pussy walls expanded to take his large girth. He felt like he was fucking into a surgeon's glove filled with hot lava. Opening his eyes, he was treated witb the most seductive sight imaginable.
The girl's naked body was coiled around his. He could see her pink inner pussy lips licking and caressing his cock mid he moved her body back and forth. The trim belly was heaving with the exertion of the fucking. Her tits were gleaming globes of bouncing flesh. He bent forward and sucked the hard cherry colored nipple on top of one. His tongue rushed out and circled around the coppery area of her areola.
She shuddered again. He knew that her come wasn't far off. He could feel her cunt beginning to tense. He'd release the torrential floods of her passion any second now. He had to be ready.
He was.
When she screamed and began thrashing around the long pole of his cock, he gripped her firmly at the waist. He didn't want to let her go. That would rob him of his pleasure. He loved the way her liquid cunt clamped firmly down around his prick. It was like fucking into velvet fist, a fist heated to boiling.
"More, ummm, ohlihh, more, damn you, fuck me mooooore!"
He fucked harder. The noise of their screwing filled the forest. He imagined he heard tiny animals fleeing in terror. He laughed. This was fun. They were frightening the animals!
This gave him more strength. His cock had never pumped faster, been stiffer, pleased a woman's pussy more. He turned her every way but loose. His cock tried to split her apart all the way to the chin. Her cunt was burning from the friction and still he fucked harder.
Her hips were blurred around the man's cock. She looked down with half-opened eyes. The entire world was glazed from lust. She arched her back in an attempt to cram her hips down on that fucking cock even harder than he was fucking her.
She didn't know if she succeeded or not. The come was too big for her to worry about such things for long.
"I… I… oh sweet God, aaaaieeee!"
The physical exertion made her work even harder. She could feel her tits flattened by the way she was hanging from the tree. As more and more blood hammered into her boobs, it made her acutely aware of every single nerve in her jugs.
They were hurting her something fierce. She felt the rock-hard tips pulsing with every heart beat.
Her cunt was ablaze from the friction of cock against her cunt walls. The fuck fluids that normally protected her delicate pussy had been burned away long ago. All that remained was pleasure.
She wanted to reach out and grab his around the neck. She didn't dare. Or did she? Could she make the move fast enough?
Leaning her head back and letting her hair dangle down behind her gave a new sense of freedom. Her cunt was smashing down hard into the man's crotch. Every move slid his prick a fraction of an inch deeper up into her seething twat.
She decided what the hell? She simply released her hold on they tree limb and tumbled backwards. She felt his cock twitch hard inside her. It bent downwards as her body carried it to a new angle.
Then it was as if the man's cock went berserk inside her hot cunt. It was throbbingly alive, all male, virile and strong, before. Now it went wild. She could feel it growing. The already huge prick was growing in girth.
She twisted a little from side to side to encourage him. His hands were firmly gripping her ass. He held her upright as if she was still hanging from the limb. That told her he was getting off on this. As her forehead touched the ground, she felt his cock give one last convulsive jerk.
She was filled with his hot, gushing cum. His jism erupted and blasted far up into her belly. She sobbed and felt tears tracking salty paths down her cheeks as she came. They racked and crushed together in a mutual orgasm.
It was the most wonderful thing she could ever remember in the whole Goddamn world.
He eased her to the ground after he had begun to grow limp inside her twat. She felt the grass under her shoulders, then under her ass as he slipped down to lie prone beside her. One of his hands cupped a bulging tit. The other stroked across her juicy snatch.
"God, you're something special," he said. "I never found a chick who could screw like that. You're a Goddamn fucking machine!"
"You just say that to all the girls," she teased.
"Hell, most of them are just cunts to stuff a cock into. You… you're someone to fuck with. Not fuck, but fuck with. We're a team. We can do things together."
She snuggled up close, feeling a chill on her naked body. The sweat was evaporating. Having him close was its own reward, too. She could hang on to his limp cock and remember how great it was shoved all the way up her cunt.
"I could lie here all night," she cooed in his ear.
"Ummm, so could I."
His mouth was quickly used for more enjoyable things than talking. His tongue shot out, cock-hard, into her ear. Gently, he rubbed the rough pink tongue around the rim, then thrust it into her car again.
She felt the wetness, the heat of his breath, and responded. It was turning her on again. No matter that she'd just been fucked. No matter that she'd gotten off several times. Her body seemed a limitless reserve of sexual energy. She could fuck all night long with Joe and still beg him far more.
Ginnie knew she was truly awakened now. She was a woman, a woman who wouldn't settle for second best when it came to men.
She had Joe to blame for that. Most teenaged chicks weren't as lucky as she'd been. They fumbled around with their teenaged boyfriends, maybe not enjoying what was being done to them. Clumsy, insecure, their men could turn them off to fucking.
At best, they would only get a hint of how great it might be.
Not her. Not Ginnie. She'd had the best teacher in the whole wide world. From the start when he'd popped her cherry, he'd shown her how it could be. He'd encouraged her to experiment with her body. She was learning what made her come. She was experiencing things most chicks probably never did.
He'd butt fucked her. She'd thought that was perverted. If it had been any other man, she probably wouldn't have responded the way she did. She loved the feel of his thick cock poking between her meaty ass cheeks, seeking out her asshole, then fucking hell out of her back. And the enema his jizz gave her!
She shivered thinking about it.
It was almost as much fun as having him fuck her up the cunt. Nothing would ever take the place of feeling his turgid prick slowly separate her tightly held pussy lips, then plunge deep up into her seething cunt.
That was the finest any woman could ever experience. To be pleasured by a man's cock was the ultimate.
"What's wrong? You cold? Maybe we should go back to camp."
"Oh, so you're wanting some more fooling around, huh?"
"Yes, of course. I'm not wasting this time for anything! I want that great prick of yours shoved between my legs again. I love the feel of it when you're drilling deep into my cunt."
His fingers curled around her soggy bush and found her blood-engorged pussy lips. He pushed them aside and then plunged his finger all the way up into her cunt.
"Ummrn! Ohhh!"
"Like that, don't you? That's all you're going to get from me. You've worn me out. Fucked me out, you have."
Her fingers curled around his flaccid cock. She was painfully aware of how right Joe was. His prick would take a hell of a lot of work to ever be that lovely fucking tool she loved so much.
"Just keep those fingers in me. The way it pulls me around makes me feel so damn good!"
"Want something else up there? Like my… tongue?"
"Don't ask! Daft!"
Their bodies slithered together wetly in the dim moonlight. They ended up with their heads pressed erotically between the other's thighs.
She shivered again as his tongue found her cunt. He licked from one end of the pink sex slash to the other. Using his tongue like a lever, he pried open the cuntlips enough to tease and torment the inner pussy lips.
Sucking, he pulled the delicate flaps of flesh into his mouth. He caught them up between his lips and sucked. Then his tongue shot out and licked along the gently scalloped cunt lip.
The tremors racing into her belly made her gasp and moan. It was almost too much for her to bear. She felt the sexual tensions building in her body. It wouldn't be long before he licked across her clit and set them all raging free.
She hurried. She took Joe's entire cock into her mouth. The once proud fuck stick was a dead worm now. She licked off all the succulent jism caking it. It was mixed with her own cunt juices. The mixture was more intoxicating than any booze she could hope to find.
This was sex, pure undiluted sex. They'd fucked hard to get those juices to just the right texture. And now she was going to enjoy them.
Her tongue shot out and raced around the flaccid cock. Virginia played with his penis until she was certain he wasn't going to be getting it up any time soon. It was truly dead. She'd have to find other ways of stimulating it like he was stimulating her cunt.
No matter how she tried, Virginia couldn't get him hard again. It'd take a little time. She'd have to be content with what he was doing to her twat.
Not that she could complain about that. Joe was a master when it came to using his tongue. He sought and found nerves she barely knew existed. And then he gave them his full oral attentions.
The pressure mounting inside her body was almost at the breaking point. She hadn't realized how uptight she was. The man was pushing her toward the brink of orgasm with only his tongue.
"Keep doing it to me, Joe! I love that fucking tongue of yours! Keep licking my poor little pussy. It needs your attention so bad!"
His answer was lost in a mouthful of pussy.
She collapsed between his hairy thighs to get a better position. She shoved her cunt down onto his face to make sure he could find each and every spot. She had to have his tongue thrust up her cunt. If she couldn't have his long, hard erect cock, she'd have to settle for his agile tongue worming around inside her.
Raising herself and squatting down so that she was widely exposed over his face, she shuddered as his tongue shot into her cunt. He licked back and forth in a slow, rhythmic motion until she was completely lost in the wonderland of her body's reactions.
Each time his tongue invaded her cunt, she felt a little tremor blast into her belly. Soon, she had stored up a powder keg of sensations. As his tongue slickly went from the back of her gash up to her clit, she came.
She felt herself creaming out a flood of cunt juices. She shook her entire body like a wet dog. Her tits danced around in front of her and her head was tossed back. The long mane of her fluttered in the moonlight as she rode the hurricane winds of her lust.
As soon as her passions had quieted a little and she was able to talk, she told him, "do it again! I want that fucking tongue of yours all the way up my cunt! Tongue fuck me. I want it! I want it."
She got it.
His tongue flew like a piston. It swirled and twirled around inside her moist cunt. He pressed smooth her folded cunt walls and licked them clean of all her juices. Then he shoved deep into her belly. It was as if his tongue had become an eight-inch cock. It felt as if it were driving all the way through her body to come out her mouth.
"That's the way! Ohhhh, my cunt! My cunt's burning up with desire!"
He was ringing around her bristly cunt hole. His tongue pressed and licked and then stabbed out into her pussy again. He kept her strung out sexually until she was unable to relax. No matter what he did, it increased her excitement.
When he scooped up her clit and sucked it between his lips, she came again. He didn't let up on his sweet torture of her clit, though. He kept it firmly clamped between his lips and sucked for all he was worth.
Then his tongue began punishing the tiny spire of erectile tissue. He brushed across the tip of her clit, teasing it, playing with it like a dog with a bone.
She was coming like a machine gun firing. One climax after another seized and shook her body. Still he refused to let up. She was panting, sweating, shivering as if in the grip of an epileptic fit.
Finally, her body unable to came any more, she fell forward again between his legs. Immediately she found his cock sticking around. It had come to life while she was getting the tongue lashing of her young life.
"You cock! It's getting stiff again!"
"Go on, doll, suck it till it's good and hard."
"It's good whenever it's hard," she laughed. Her eyes were fixed on the slowly rising cock. It jerked harder with every passing second. Finally, she couldn't simply watch any longer.
She took the acorn-tipped prick between her lips and sucked until he wouldn't have it. Her cheeks went hollow she applied so much suction. It was as if she could bring that cock erect simply by pulling his guts out the pin-prick hole at the end.
Whatever mouth-magic she used, it worked.
His cock snapped firm in her mouth, then his hips lifted off the ground in an attempt to face fuck her. She wed her tongue to control him. Running around the rim, she made sure he was hard as he could get, then she lowered her face around his prick.
The rubbery tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth, then sank down into her throat. She'd gagged the first time she tried this. It seemed like years ago even though it was less than twenty-four hours. She knew all the moves now. She didn't gag.
She took him like she'd been swallowing cock for years.
"I… I can't take that much longer. God, you're driving me wild!"
She smiled around the plug of cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched to the limit. His huge girth filled her entire mouth.
Then she started lifting her face away. She felt herself gagging in spite of her determination not too. He was just too big.
With a wet plop, she let her lips leave the tip of his cock. The saliva drenched cock stood proud and shining in the dim moonlight. For a moment she thought it had been dipped in liquid silver. Then she saw a tiny trickle of her spit running down the sides.
"It's beautiful. That prick is beautiful!"
"So suck, damn you!"
"Okay, everybody up. Rise and shine. Time to be on the road!"
Ginnie turned over in her sleeping bag, arms reaching out for Joe. She awoke with a start when she didn't find him. It took long seconds to come fully awake and remember where she was.
She was in the sleeping bag alone. Joe had been with her. But that had been last night. And out in the woods, they'd continued their frantic fucking.
Ginnie smiled as she remembered the feel of him spanking her, then fucking the living hell out of her. And how she'd come repeatedly when she swung from the tree limb.
And the sixty-nine! She would remember it forever. The feel of his tongue fucking her while she was sucking on his prick wasn't going to be something she would ever forget. It had been too nice.
"Come on and load up. Time to get back to town."
Dr. Preston's voice annoyed her. All she wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep with her memories.
The man wouldn't let her. He threw open the flap of the tent and shouted again, "Come on, you lazy freshmen. Time to roll. Ten minutes or we'll leave you behind!"
Phyllis moaned and said, "Hell, for two cents they could leave me behind. As long as they left Frank, too."
"No such luck," said Nancy. "I'd settle for Ron, but old Dr. Preston wouldn't let us keep a pair like that."
"Let's keep the son of a bitch happy." Phyllis reluctantly pulled herself from her sleeping bag and began rolling it. She looked at Ginnie and said, "You'd think Sleeping Beauty there had been out having herself a ball the way she's sacked out."
"Fat chance," mumbled Nancy. "Chick is positively frigid, if you ask me."
Ginnie opened one eye and mumbled, "Have to go? Really?"
"Yeah, move your lily white ass, girl, or they'll strand us up here high and dry and without any men. Though that wouldn't bother you."
Ginnie said nothing. She was too sleepy to argue with Phyllis. Besides, it was her joke on the girl knowing how many times she'd sampled Joe's prick. That was something Phyllis hadn't done and. Nancy had only succeeded in doing one time.
The bumpy ride down the mountain was enough to get her awake. She was tossed all over the back of the van. And, like before, she was having to share the compartment with Frank.
"Well, little Miss Cock Teaser. How'd you like the field trip? Get your rocks off?"
She glared at him, thinking of an appropriate comment. Phyllis called out to Frank, "Never mind her. Why not come on back and keep me company?"
The two of them were fucking merrily away when the van pulled into the filling station. Dr. Preston told her, "Ten minutes and no longer."
Ginnie was out of the van like a flash. In back of the gas station, she found Joe.
They flowed into each other's arms and kissed deeply. She let his tongue stir around in her mouth until she was gasping. Her tits were rising and falling and she felt the now familiar urge coming over her.
She needed his cock, long and hard, thrusting into her cunt.
"Fuck me, Joe, fuck me right here!"
"Here?" He couldn't believe his ears. "You're out of your fucking mind!"
"Of course I am. Now do it!"
She dropped her jeans and kicked one leg free. She curled it around his waist and pulled his crotch close to hers. With a deft movement, she had his fly unzipped. His cock came leaping out like a stallion in a race.
"See? You want the same thing."
"God, you're something else. I never…"
"The hell you never. Now fuck me!"
She gasped as his hips thrust forward. His cock missed its target to go skittering along her gash. The liquid slit molded itself around his prick. She reached down and pressed her cuntlips around his cock before rocking back and forth.
"Not as good as being in me, but still nice!" she purred.
"Hell with that. We only got a few minutes I'm gonna fuck you if that's what you want."
The noise of their screwing could have been heard around the front of the station if anyone had been listening. Virginia gasped repeatedly as she let his prick surge in and out of her cunt. The lewd smacking noise filled the air at the same time her cunt was being filled with his long cock.
She began hopping up and down. The cock reamed her out. Twisting, thrashing, moving her hips, she got off.
"So tiiiight!" he mumbled. "Can't hold back!"
"Don't try, love, don't try! Let me massage you!"
She tensed her cunt muscles and clamped firmly down all around his buried pillar of cock. The liquid squishing noise as her cunt juices oozed out around his prick seemed to be the trigger for his come. He blasted out his jism into her hungrily awaiting cunt.
She quickly pulled her jeans back up, put his cock back into his pants, zipped him up and patted the bulge.
"There you are. All nice and respectable again."
"Yeah. Now let's fly. Old Preston is probably chomping at the bit and ready to roll."
Dr. Preston was. Ginnie clambered into the back of the van and they were off again. She settled back against the soft pile of sleeping bags and heard Phyllis telling Frank, "She's frigid, I tell you."
"Sure seems that way. Hell, I offered to fuck her and you should have seen the look on her face. Honor. I swear, it repulsed her. The thought of my cock actually turned her off!"
Ginnie smiled to herself. Let them think she was frigid.

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