Candy and me_(0)

Candy loves cum, and I can cum multiple times.

I'm not talking that bullshit you read in porn mags where you just bring
yourself as close to orgasm as you can then back off. I'm talking
full-on ejaculations. There's something about my dick where it doesn't
go all sensitive after I've cum. It stays hard. Rock hard. And so long
as I keep on fucking or having it sucked or stroked or whatever, I can
cum as many times as I want.

You could say Candy's a cumslut. She loves it in her pussy, on her
boobs, in her mouth, on her face, anywhere. She loves the taste of it
and she loves to touch it.

The other thing about Candy is that she's bisexual and often she invites
a friend or two around to show my cock off. One time was particularly

It was evening and I was relaxing on the sofa in the lounge. I had my
cock out and Candy was stroking it with her fingers. Every so often she
would lick the precum from the tip.

The doorbell rang. Candy got up, leaving my cock all lonely, and
answered the door.

Into the lounge came Candy and these two babes. One was brunette with a
body just like Candy's, athletic with nice sized breasts and long hair
just like Candy. The other girl was a blonde. She was thin with small
tits, and hair cut short.

My cock stood to attention as if to greet them.

"Ok girls, who wants to play with a magic cock?" Candy asked.

The brunette looked at my dick. "So you're saying I can make it cum as
many times as I want, right Candy?"

"That's right, Amy. You make his cock cum as many times as you want".

Amy kneeled down by the sofa and wrapped her hand around my shaft.

"First time, fingers only, Amy, like we agreed," the thin blonde said.

"Ok, Beth" replied Amy.

I groaned in pleasure as Amy jerked me off .The first few strokes were
real slow, as if she was milking my dick. Candy was smiling like she
was getting off watching. And then Amy began to speed up.

"You're sure he's going to be able to cum as many times as I want?" said
Amy, "I don't want to waste it".

"I'm sure" said Candy.

Amy then began to really pump my dick. Before I knew it cum shot out of
my cock like a fountain and landed all over Amy's hand in thick gobs.
Amy licked it from her fingers then offered them to Candy who sucked
and licked the remaining cum off.

"Your turn now, Beth" said Candy. My dick was still hard.

Amy moved over and Beth got in position. Beth had a different technique
than Amy, and the contrast felt exquisite. Instead of just pumping my
cock up and down with her soft fingers she would give it a little
twist. She built the speed up evenly so by the time she got to about
the tenth stroke, my cock was begging for more. I looked up at the
ceiling. I was going to cum, again. I could feel my balls start to
tighten once more.

"Nnnnnng". Another load of cum shot out of my cock. Beth tried to catch
as much of it as she could with her mouth, and licked the remainder off
with her tongue.

"Game two" said Candy.

It was Beth's turn to start. She got on the sofa and staddled me with
her head facing my feet. She had a short dress on and I could see her
black lacy underwear. I moaned as her soft moist mouth engulfed the
whole of my cock.

Beth sucked me off like an expert, swallowing my whole length then
popping the whole thing out of her mouth before taking it back in
again. As she sucked my dick I moved my hands up under her skirt and
pulled her panties to the side, so I could get a look at her pussy.

"Mmmmmmf, mmmmmf, mmmmmf" Beth said as she worked my cock with her

I was about to cum again.

"Give me your cum, baby, give it to me, let me taste it again" Beth
said, popping my cock out of her mouth then back in.

I lifted my ass off the sofa as my cock jerked and pumped wad after wad
of more fresh cum down Beth's throat. All I could do is moan with
pleasure, it felt that good. Beth took it all, swallowing each wad.

"Mmmmm, Candy was right about your cock, it is magic" Beth said.

"Now girls" said Candy, "time to use your pussies".

My cock was still hard and of course showed no sign of going soft. And
no matter how many times I came, it was going to stay hard.

Amy took off her underwear and quickly got on the sofa and guided by
cock into her cunt. I couldn't see her pussy as her skirt was covering
it, but man did I feel it as she rode me, bouncing up and down. She
leaned forward giving me a view of the top of her tits.

I arched my back and I felt like I was losing conscience. I came and
felt it shoot upwards from the deepest depths of my cock shaft and with
such power, filling Amy's sweet pussy.

Amy got off me and it was now Beth's turn. But instead of just slipping
her panties off Beth got completely naked.

"Hey, no fair" said Amy.

"We never said clothes on" said Beth.

Beth mounted me. Her body was tanned and perfect. Her nipples were large
and hard and stood out like erasers. It was all I could do to keep from
sucking those sweet things into my mouth and tasting them.

Beth rode me she rode me like a true cowgirl. She rode me so hard I had
to keep my hands on her hips. I felt the cum again from the bottom of
my cock. There's just something about cumming from being ridden that's
so intense.

"Ohhhhh" I cried, cumming once more.

Beth got off me, cum dripping from her pussy.

"See I'm still hard" I said, catching my breath. "Now which one of you
girls won?"

Candy grinned. "I did" she said. "None of them believed you would still
be hard after cumming so many times".

"It looks like he can still cum" said Beth. "How about we take things
into the bedroom".

Those words were music to my ears, and Candy's too, who I just knew had
a pussy itching for some action.

We went into the bedroom and hopped onto the quilt-covered king size
bed. Amy got things rolling by slowly stripping off. She unbuttoned her
blouse and teasingly opened it to reveal her bra, before unclipping it
and letting her tits free.

"Cum on her boobs" said Candy.

I placed my cock over top of Amy's tits and jerked off hard and fast. In
about thirty seconds ampther load was shooting out of my cock and onto
the soft flesh of Amy's boobs.

"Mmmmm" said Candy as she licked the cum off Amy's chest and then took
turns with Beth sucking Amy's nipples into her mouth.

"Ohhhh" said Amy, kneeling back in ectasy.

I got behind Beth and lifted her ass up and pulled her panties down to
her ankles. She moaned with her mouth on Amy's nipple as I entered her
wet cunt.

I thrust hard and fast, holding on tight to Beth's waist. God it felt so

Amy moaned with delight and then came, her body arching and her eyes
clenched tight. That was enough for me. With the feeling of Beth's soft
wet pussy and the pleasure on Amy's face I came, sending Beth over the

Then like syncronized swimmers the girls all changed position. Beth got
on her back and Candy, my cumslut girlfriend, got her head between
Beth's legs and sucked up all of my juices. Meanwhile Amy was spread
eagled on her back and demanding my cock, which I gladly obliged.

I placed my cock head at the entrance of Amy's pussy and pushed forward.
We fucked missionary style while Candy ate out Beth. I looked over at
my girlfriend and the sight of her tongue pleasuring a pussy I had just
cum in turned me on so much and I came again.

"Keep going baby, keep filling that pussy" said Candy.

I kept going and came again, filling Amy's pussy with another load of
cum, then another, then another.

The girls changed position and Amy and Candy were soon in a 69 position
with Candy eating three loads of cum from Amy's pussy. I told you Candy
was a cumslut.

It was Candy's turn now. She screamed with delight as I lifted up her
skirt and pushed her red lacy panties to the side, and fucked her just
like I had done Amy and Beth. Almost straight away I felt the familiar
contractions of her pussy muscles. Candy was loving this.

I came again and so did Candy. I only could but imagine the pleasure she
felt. Then she had one final surprise for me.

"Ok, Keith" she said. "All us girls want to taste your cum, and we mean
a load each".

The girls took turns jerking me off with their mouths wide open. Amy was
first to get me off. My cum covered her face and lips in great big
streams. Then Beth got me off. I saved the best for Candy. For her I
held on for as long as I could to build up a massive load. And when I
did cum I came so much that she almost couldn't swallow it all.

But even this wasn't enough for my resident cum addict. "One more time"
said Candy, "I want to share it". Not only was Candy a cumslut, but she
was a generous cumslut.

Soon I was cumming again, but this time instead of just swallowing my
cum down her throat, Candy kissed each of the other girls and shared my
cum with them. Watching the whole thing was so hot.

We all got dressed and Candy and I said goodbye to Beth and Amy. It had
been one fantastic night of pleasure, one I sure would not forget.

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