My Husband´s Friend Visits Us

Well, let me start with the usual introductions: I am Lynn, 26, happily married to Jim for 2 years. I am brunette, green eyes, long black hair, 5’9”, with the right curves in the right places: a round, firm ass, small waist and a pretty pair of C cup boobs pointing up, on top of long and well shaped legs. I was born and raised in California and I work as a personal trainer in a gym, so I am very fit and tanned. I hear people saying all the time that I am really hot!

What somehow bother me are my too large vulva lips. My gynecologist suggested a cosmetic surgery to reduce them, but I never had the guts. Instead, I don’t wax or shave, and have quite a dark bush to disguise them. I did that when I was a teen to avoid being mocked by my girlfriends, and got used to it. It’s California, and when I go to the beach showing some pubic hair showing out of my bikini I don’t catch much attention.

Jim is 29, a handsome man, 6’2”, blond hair and blue eyes, well built and fit. Actually, we met when he was a member in the gym I worked for. He is a bright guy, a MIT grad who works in research in a high tech company at the Silicon Valley.

His only small problem – pardon the pun – is that he is quite tiny down there, probably around 4” – I never measured it – and a bit thin. It never caused any problems to our sex life, as Jim is mature enough to live with that - and even make jokes about it – and he also mastered in oil massage and cunnilingus. People say it’s not about the size, but how it’s used, and I totally agree. He always brings me to ecstasy using his ability with his fingers, tongue and also with his cock. We simply use positions which I feel him deeply inside me and have no problem in coming good!

One night, he was on top of me, deeply inside while I kept my legs very open to make his movements easy to penetrate me more. He came close to my ear and whispered: “Honey, how would you feel with a giant cock inside you”? I had never thought about that and actually never had any previous experience with a very big cock, but it really aroused me, I felt a heat wave in my vagina and I came instantly, a big and long orgasm.

After that, we always used this fantasy to spice up our sex life, and we talked about how it would be if I held a giant cock in my hands, put its big head in my mouth or took it deeply inside my pussy, while Jim looked, sucked my tits and tongue kissed me. It was a pleasuring fantasy and I always though about that this way.

One day, returning from work, Jim told me if I would bother if his old college pal, Ben, stayed with is for a couple days. He told me that Ben lived in the East coast, divorced recently, and wanted to move west. He had already scheduled several job interviews and, as he was very bright and successful, he would easily find a position in the Valley. I had never met Ben, but I knew they are best friends and had been roomies at the MIT. Of course I said yes. We live a comfortable life in a fashionable condo, and it would be easy to turn our spacious home office into a guest room. Jim called Ben to confirm and he was told that Ben would be arriving on Friday late in the afternoon, to catch up and somehow adapt to the time zone and be better prepared for the interviews on Monday and Tuesday.

On Friday, Jim picked up Ben at the airport and they were home around 6PM. I was the perfect hostess: dressed up in fashioned burgundy skater mini skirt – sexy but no slutty – white sleeveless silk top with a sexy yet discrete cleavage that showed only the very top of my boobs’ curves, and high heel single strap Jimmy Choo shoes. When he came in I almost froze: Ben was not only very handsome, taller than Jim, well built and with large shoulders, light brown hair and eyes, and a beautiful open smile in his very masculine face. He looked like a man with personality and confidence. I had seen old photos of him and Jim, but he had really improved.

I welcomed them with martinis, and we had a few while sitting in the living room to chat. He told me that when he and Jim graduated, they both had a nice job offer in the Valley, but he was offered a teasing partnership in a start-up company in South Carolina. They developed face recognition software – Ben’s area of expertise – but they could not write software reliable, stable and fast enough to be commercial. He accepted 50% of the shares, fixed everything in months, and the company boomed as security budgets were growing fast. In one year he bought the shares of his partner – who really could not contribute much to the company – and became the sole owner. He married, had a baby boy, and that’s when his good life turned upside down. His eyes became wet when he mentioned the boy, and to cheer him up I asked them to come to the table.

We talked amenities about ourselves while eating appetizers with a good Napa chardonnay, and then lamb, washed down with a full body Australian Shiraz. We were already in the third or fourth bottle, and after the martinis we were all talking openly, like old friends. He started talking about his personal life again, the guy really needed to decompress.

He told us how a pretty young lady came to see him at his office to talk about a contribution to a NGO dedicated to the wellbeing of children in need. She was so nice and pretty that he soon committed to contribute with a handsome amount monthly, cut a bank check, and then invited her for dinner. She said yes.

They had a very enjoyable dinner the day after and dated a few times later. They looked like soul mates and he liked her company very much, not to mention her beauty that caught everyone’s attention. In their fifth date they finally had sex for the first time, and to his surprise he found out she was a virgin. Sex was great anyway, he was patient and caring, she was loving, tender, and her body was even more beautiful than he had thought. He tried to get together in the following days, but she said she was sore and needed to rest.

A few days later, he travelled on business around the Country and stayed in D.C. a couple weeks to work in a big government deal. He called her every night, but she seemed evasive and distant. It’s nonsense, he thought, I am distant. When finally he came back, she stormed into his apartment, sobbing, and told him she was pregnant. Still crying and with great difficulty, she told him her father was a Minister in a very conservative Puritan Church, and he could not face his congregation with a promiscuous daughter and a bastard child in his house. Abortion was out of question, and he threatened to expel her and his unborn grandson if she did not marry the father very soon, to save his face. He was taken by surprise, obviously: first a virgin 22 years old woman, then an unexpected pregnancy. But he felt she was the one, thought they were in love, and told her they should marry as soon as possible. She opened a big smile, hugged him, kissed him and promised she would make him very happy. To his surprise, she undressed, lay back on his couch and soon he was inside her. He came looking at her big smile on her still wet pretty face, at her perfectly round boobs, and was sure they would be really very happy.

He was soon introduced to the family, a surprisingly friendly Minister and his smiling wife, and they married a couple weeks later.

Before the marriage they had sex several times, and she seemed to enjoy it. He thought they were still in the know-each-other phase usual for any new couple, particularly because she was a virgin until a few weeks ago, and he paid attention to her reactions, her likes and dislikes. She certainly liked when he gently fondled and kissed her perfect tits, suggested him to go down and lick her pussy – she didn’t favor the tongue deep inside – and always demanded that, after treating the pussy, he rimmed her, or “Kiss my buttocks and anus, darling, please”. When he plunged his tongue deep into her asshole, she touched herself and always came, moaning, her body almost convulsing with pleasure. From his side, she was not very enthusiastic when he put his cock close to her mouth: she kissed and licked the head, tried to put something inside her mouth, but always started to gag and took it out. She offered her pussy, missionary position, and she seemed to come with him, but a much lighter orgasm than while being rimmed.

However, just after the wedding ceremony she started complaining about sickness, headaches and that he was too big, it hurt her vagina and might be bad for the baby. When he said he was big I shivered, but I though “what should a virgin know”?

He told us how he had faced abstinence during her pregnancy and after, as she was totally dedicated to the baby, a beautiful boy – named Joshua, after her father – and also concerning about bringing back her body to its original gorgeous shape. They tried again a couple times when the baby was 5 or 6 months old, but he felt her cold and non responsive. He was feeling confused and frustrated.

One day, he confronted her and she finally told him the truth: she always had sexual urges since she was a teen, but her prude parents coerced her to become a virgin until marriage, otherwise they could not handle the humiliation in their community and she would be a sinner. She got that, but really could not resist her impulses, and started having anal sex with her boyfriends. She didn’t feel guilty this way, and learned how to have a lot of pleasure at the back door. She enjoyed it in her anus so much that she felt a penis smelly and dirty in her mouth and repulsive and injuring inside her pussy. To his surprise, she added: “A penis is filthy, and can only enter my dirty hole”. It was amazing how a married, mature woman always said penis, anus, vagina and never mentioned the f… word even alone with her husband.

The alcohol had loosened my tongue, and I intruded myself: “Why didn’t you have anal sex with her”? He looked embarrassed at my husband, who smiled, raised his arms, and said: “You have come this far, now go ahead”.

Ben explained me that he was very well endowed. After knowing about her preferences, he tried anal with her, sucking her pussy and licking her asshole first to relax her, used a lot of lube, but when he tried to put his cock very carefully in her asshole and penetrated a few inches, she screamed, and they eventually ended the night in an ER, where she got a lot of stitches. Their sex life was over. She would never have him inside her pussy again, she would never blow him, and she wouldn’t even think about having him in her ass. Had to jerk off ever since. I shivered again and my pussy got wet when he mentioned how endowed he was, and I pictured him alone in the bathroom jerking off his huge prick.

Then, he told us about another big mistake. “I travelled to a business conference, and met a hot woman, a bit older than me, that was all over me during the gala dinner. We drank a lot, eventually went to her room, and had a long night of pleasure. I felt I had a dam inside me that needed to explode, she knew how to do it, and she did everything like a pro – which she was not. It would be an innocent one night stand, but one week later the woman drank a lot of vodkas alone at home, got lonely, depressed, aroused, and sent me a picture of her naked, legs spread, opening her pussy, and the killing message: “We both miss you. Come again”. When I left the shower to go to bed, I saw my wife sobbing, her face red with anger, with my cell in her hand, showing me the picture. I tried to talk, but she told me to go immediately to a hotel. I was wrong, so I did that.”

He told us how he tried to call her the following days, but she never picked or returned his calls, until he got a call from her lawyer informing she was filing for divorce. Later he learned that her attorney was probably the best divorce lawyer in the region, and he made another mistake: he hired a lawyer who was his friend in the golf club, who turned out to be a better friend than lawyer. The guy proposed a defense strategy recognizing that he had had an affair, but it was a one night stand and his judgment was blurred by the alcohol. That was all her lawyer needed: he was not only an adulterer, cheating on his model wife who was at home nursing his baby, but also an alcoholic who could not discern between right and wrong. He also got her medical record to show how he had forced her violently to have non consented anal sex. He was a perv New Yorker in a good, traditional and religious community! He was a menace to his family! He was toast!

The Judge was also very conservative – they were in the Bible Belt – and ruled fiercely: she got 50% of his company – where she had set foot only once, to ask for a donation – the house – his house, which he owned and already lived before the wedding – a huge alimony, and the sole custody of the baby. When he mentioned the baby he would never be able to see again, tears ran over his face.

With a choked voice, he continued: “The worst is yet to come: our lawyers scheduled a day and time for me to pick up my last personal goods in the house when she would be away. The pool boy was working there and he came to me, embarrassed, to tell me how sorry he was – all the neighborhood knew about and enjoyed the Judge’s ruling – and that he might help. Then he told me how she had seduced him to fuck her ass at least twice a week, even when she was pregnant, that a neighbor was doing the same, and how they had a 3sum a few times. I almost fainted: my wife – ex-wife – was a lying, cheating nympho, who was after my money all the time. The guy told me he should have told me that before, but her other lover threatened him if he did. He then offered to testify in court, but I told him everything was over, turned back, and walked away from there forever”.

“That’s when I decided to sell my business, give that lying bitch 50% of something she never deserved, and move as far away as possible. I already got a very good buying offer, and all I want now is to get a job, close the deal, and start a new life”.

He seemed to have removed 1 ton from his shoulders. He sat back straight, proudly again, smiled and said: “Enough of me and my sad conversation, let’s talk about good things and have fun! Let me help you out with the dishes”, and he stood up. I walked to him, hugged him firmly, kissed him in the cheek, and said: “You are a good man, Ben, but you have made the right decision and I am sure you will start a new and happy life around here, and find someone who deserves you!” I thought I felt an odd volume against my belly when I hugged him.

“There is no need to help, you are the guest – I continued – just sit in the living room and I will bring you a liqueur. Jim will help me out”. Ben walked away and when I was close to Jim by the sink, I whispered: “Do you still have that fantasy”? He smiled and said: “Your call, my love. If you want to go for it, you will be surprised to know why we called him Big Ben in college”.

We have a set of comfortable and fashionable couch and 2 armchairs over a thick and soft rug in the living room. Ben was sitting on the armchair when I brought him a tall glass of Amarula on the rocks. I could not avoid thinking about the aphrodisiac effects attributed to this African little fruit.

I sat on the couch in front of Ben, and Jim sat on the other armchair so he could share with Ben the side table between them to keep their drinks. Our minds were light after all these drinks, and I felt particularly outspoken. “Well, Ben, you told us about the dry season – I started. Tell us about all the women jumping over you since you left your house”. “Well, not really – he started. My stupid lawyer told me not to make any move before settling the divorce not to make things even worse for me. And it was the only thing he was probably right. After the sentence, I became the official pervert of the town, and no one worthy dating would do that with me. I don’t like picking up hookers, so that’s why I am looking forward to moving and meeting some of the famous Californian girls”, he added with a smile. While he spoke, I watched disguisedly at the volume in his soft, relaxed fit khaki pants. I had made my decision.

I stood up and said: “Excuse me, boys, I will be back in a sec” and walked out provocatively, on top of my high heels, feeling their eyes piercing my ass. I went to my bathroom, took off my bra and panties, freshened up, fixed my makeup and sprayed another touch of perfume.

I came back to the same place on the couch. Jim and Ben were chatting, but he immediately noticed my free bouncing boobs when I walked in and sat down. After a while, I said: “We have no formalities, OK? These shoes are killing me”, and bent down to release the straps. My top went down when I did that and I did not even try to hold it. My then discrete cleavage was now an open show for them, and Ben in particular could see most of my boobs, including my hard nipples.

I pretended not to notice, and happily sat over my legs, yoga style. While I carelessly raised my legs, I felt sure he took a good look of my beaver. We continued to chat naturally, but Ben did not look at ease, and always stared at me when I changed my legs position. I am not Sharon Stone, but I was sure I was making quite a hairy show.

Finally, Ben, pretending to be discreet, got a cushion from behind his back and put it on his lap. I had already seen the growing volume. I stood up, walked smiling in his direction, put a hand on his shoulders and took the cushion off, showing an impressive bulge. “Am I doing this to you, darling”? I asked. Ben was embarrassed, looked at me, at Jim – who ensured him with nod and a smile too –at his bulge and back to me again. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I want you to feel welcome in our home”, and I kissed him in the mouth and touched him with one finger, trying to feel the entire length of his tool. It was very hard and seemed impressively long!

“Wow, that’s appealing”, I said, and knelt down on the rug, in front of him. I had to see it, the sooner the better, and I quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and slowly pulled them down. He was wearing a shorty – probably to hide his volume when soft – but half of his cock already jumped out of his shorty when it lost the pants’ support, pointing up to his belly. I kept smiling, and took out his underwear.

I had imagined over dinner how big it would be, but I was wrong: it was much bigger. I held it, but my hand could not hold the entire base girth: it was almost like a beer bottle. It would take about four of my closed hands to hold the entire length; it should be around 6” at least, maybe more. On top of it gleamed a knob that looked like a red plum in size and color.

I smiled at him, raised my body to his lap, and took it in my mouth. I like to suck cock and Jim says I’m good, but I could barely take the head and a few more inches inside my mouth. It was warm and pulsing. I played with him a bit, enjoying his moans, but I needed something else. I stood up and said: “No more foreplay, I need it now!” Slowly, sensually, I took my skirt and top off, my bush almost at the level of his eyes. His mouth was open and he stared up to my big boobs and down to my pussy. Finally, he said: “You are gorgeous, and I always enjoyed a hairy pussy”.

I asked him to sit back at the couch where I was. His cock was bigger than ever, and bounced when he walked and sat down. I came close, turned my back to him, positioned his thighs between my open legs, and slowly flexed them, until his head touched my pussy. I stopped, opened my big lips with 2 fingers, and with the other hand I rubbed softly his cock against my pussy, and soon started to move down. He was oozing so much that the drops flowed down along his cock, I was flooded, but yet it was difficult to accommodate his cockhead. I moved up and down patiently, slowly, waiting for my vagina to adapt. Jim was already naked, caressing his hard tiny cock and enjoying the scene. We smiled to each other, and suddenly I had an idea, remembering the fantasies Jim and I had talked about.

“Jim, darling, please, lick my clit. I will relax my pussy and he will go inside easier”, I commanded. Jim looked weird for a second, but smiled and knelt in front of me. He knew – and Ben too – that he would also lick Ben’s cock while he licked my pussy. Neither of them objected. He started tonguing my protruding clit, softly, then went a bit below where the vagina was being stretched by that rod, and kept licking up and down. I really relaxed more and started to move down, accommodating it inside me, just a little bit per move. When I looked down again, I saw half of the prick already inside me, and Jim was licking from my clit to Ben’s balls and back. Ben grabbed my hooters softly, and soon I was sitting on his lap. It was all inside me and I had never felt so stretched, so replenished, so hot, so sopping wet inside. I felt his head pressuring my womb, but it did not hurt.

It was so good, and I started moving up and down, slowly first and then accelerating. I was glad I had strong legs, the long hours in the gym had paid off. Jim was no longer licking us, but stared closely at his friend’s rod fucking his wife. I sensed my orgasm was coming, I was so hot, it was so good, and I accelerated. Ben sensed that too, left my boobs alone and held my hips, helping me up and then pulling me back strongly against his crotch. It was a perfect timing, because my legs started to weaken, shaking, and he kept his strong up and down movements while I exploded in the best orgasm ever. It took a long time: I moaned, yelled, felt his cock stretching me even more, trembled. One pleasure wave was followed by another one; I lost the sense of time, and finally collapsed on the couch beside Ben. It took a while to catch my breath. I touched my pussy and was surprised about how big it was, and then I saw Ben looking at me, his cock still hard, pointing to the ceiling.

I told him I was sorry not to have waited for him, but it was so strong and I couldn’t hold it. “Don’t worry, Lynn, it was great, you are wonderful. And I always take more time to come when I drink too much.” I felt sorry for him anyway, and said: “Jim, why don’t you help him out?” Jim approached, took Ben’s cock in his mouth again, and started moving up and down along the shaft. He took a good one third or fourth of the length in his mouth, and started jerking him off at the same time. Ben kept looking at my body, my boobs, touched my pussy, and soon he also exploded, shaking his entire body. Jim kept sucking, a lot of spunk flowing thru the sides of his mouth, until Ben relaxed and he stopped. Jim slowly came to me, smiling, and tongue kissed me with Ben’s sperm. It was deliciously sweet.

Ben had recovered by then, his cock semi-soft but still huge, and both of us looked at Jim’s hard cock. Ben turned around, all fours on the couch, and said to Jim: “Your turn, buddy”. Jim stood, bent over, opened Ben’s buttocks and started rimming him. Then he expertly spat in a finger and plunged it in. When he felt Ben was ready, he stood up, spread a lot of saliva in his knob and started fucking Ben. He was soon all in, held Ben by the hips and moved in and out with strong strokes. Ben was also becoming more and more excited with the situation and with the stimulus in his prostate, and started touching his cock. It was still semi-hard, curve, hanging like a horse with its own weight after fucking. It was getting harder, and I was aroused again: I sneaked under Ben and started blowing him, feeling him harder and harder in my mouth. Soon, Jim pushed faster and faster, slamming his crotch noisily against Ben’s ass, and finally came too.

Ben turned over, his back on the couch, and I moved myself to keep blowing him. I was getting used to it, and could already take much more cock in my mouth than in the first time. He was fully hard now, smiling, and looked at me with needy eyes. I asked if he wanted it again, and he promptly said yes.

It was my turn to take a doggy position. He stood up behind me, smeared his ooze in my juicy pussy, caressed it and plunged a finger in to see how dilated and wet it was. Then he my hips and his monster started its journey inside me. We both were in much more comfortable positions, so I simply relaxed my muscles as much as I could. He, standing up, could control easily the speed and strength of his strokes, and soon I felt his balls slamming against my ass. He kept his pace, almost taking it all out and then pushing in slowly. It felt wonderful, but after a few minutes I started to get sore. It was really too much for an untrained pussy, but I clenched my teeth and held it: I wanted him to come inside me.

Fortunately, soon I felt him accelerating, stroking his crotch against my ass faster, and finally he came. I felt his pulsing head and all the goo inside my vagina and I came again.

We lay down on the couch for a while, gasping for air, until I stood up – my legs still weakened like if I had ridden a horse for hours, my pussy red and sore – and said: “Let’s go to the bedroom and have a shower, guys, the night is only beginning. Welcome to California, Ben!”

It was a memorable night, but this will be another story.

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