Family Conspiracy- Chapter 3: Marci learns the First Rule

Family Conspiracy- Chapter 3: Marci Learns the First Rule

Marci was almost in tears as she retold the story of her first experience with a glory hole. To her credit, her voice didn’t crack once during the whole story. She had just shared her first sexual experience with her own father. I took another sip of my brandy. It was time she started learning the new rules of the household.

“Marci”, I started in a commanding voice, “take off your clothes”. It was not opened to discussion. I had made plans for my daughter’s life from now on, and her modesty was not in those plans. Her teary eyes widened, thinking I was either kidding, or wasn’t serious. I decided to make sure she knew that I was not kidding . “Things are going to be different here from now on. This will be rule number one: You will always obey me. And from now on, you will wear, or not wear, what I tell you to. For tonight, I don’t want you wearing any clothes, so take them off”.

“But daddy…”, she began to protest. I didn’t stop her, just let her voice trail off. I made a mental note to punish her later for this hesitation. I was going to be obeyed without question from now on, and she would do well to learn that lesson.

I remained motionless, with a stern scowl on my face, but my voice was calm and level. “Right here, right now”.

There was another hesitation, another for which she will be punished. She remained motionless for only a moment longer, before she crossed her arms in front of her, gripping the bottom of her shirt, and slowly pulled it up over her head. I was instantly faced with her chest, her small breasts covered by a sports bra. I imagined her completely topless for a moment, perhaps covered in cum much like the story she just told. Of course, I would be able to see her tits in just a few more moments.

The shirt she just pulled off was dropped on to her duffle bag. She remained motionless, appearing to keep a hold of her modesty by not removing her shorts. Another hesitation, another punishment. “Stand up, and push your shorts off”, I instructed her. “Oh, and this will be the last time I repeat myself, is that clear?”

“Yes Daddy”, she spoke weakly, as she rose from the chair. Her hands slid into her shorts, and then pushed them down. She was reluctant to stand back up, no doubt embarrassed about being nearly naked in front of her father. When she did stand, I was gazing at a pair of red, high-cut satin panties, a perfect V covering her pussy. I simply started at her, no longer seeing my daughter, the little girl I raised for her entire life. Instead, I saw the whore that she had become, and my blood boiled.

“Come within arm’s reach, and part you legs”, I instructed her. I saw her hips sway with the few steps she needed to get closer, and then her legs part. I made no effort to disguise my stare: I was starting right at her barely covered cunt. I imagined how she had her pussy hair, if it was neatly trimmed, a strip or a triangle perhaps, or if she just shaved it all off. With a tentative and still shaky hand, I reach out, planning on grazing my fingers over the panty-clad pussy lips that were so visible, and just mere inches from me.

“Please daddy, don’t. I’ll be good, I promise”, she whispered her protest, but my mind was already made up. I started at her pussy through the flimsy material of her red satin panties. I briefly wondered how many cocks she pushed into herself from the other side of a wall. How many guys she held onto with her tight pussy as they shot their cum into her wet cunt. My little girl, my darling princess was no more. All that remained, was this whore that still called me daddy.

My fingers pushed forward, touching her mound through the silky panties. I swear I could hear her softly cry as my fingertips rubbed up and down over the smooth satin material, with no sign of her pubic hair. I touched her lips, running my finger between them, and feeling how wet she really was.

“I’m going to keep doing this”, I told her, continuing to run my finger softly between her lips. “Take off your bra”. My eyes looked up, fixated on her chest that was soon to be exposed.

To her credit, she didn’t hesitate. She was defeated, and we both knew it. She pulled off her sports bra, allowing her breasts to bounce into view. I marveled at their small size, perfectly proportionate to her petit frame. Each heaving breast topped with a perfectly pink nipple, and areola about the size of a dime. I wanted to see them covered in cum, my cum, as she wipes it all off or scoops it up to swallow it, just as she had told me about in her story. I stared, and daydreamed about getting her implants, so that they’d be large enough that I can titty-fuck her.

Reluctantly, I pulled my hand away from her crotch. “Do you shave your cunt?” It was a simple question, one I already knew the answer to, but one she probably never expected to hear her own father ask it, and certainly not that vulgar.

“Yes daddy”, she managed controlling her tears.

“Show me”, I said. Again, more hesitation, but this wasn’t about not wanting to follow orders, but incapable. She was sobbing, and shaking nearly as bad as I was. “Now”, I spoke again, hoping the forcefulness of my voice would snap her out of self-pity.

It seemed to work, because her hands lowered to the waistband, as her thumbs slipped inside. With effort, she bent at the waist to lower them, pushing them down her athletic legs. With her like that, bent over directly in front of me, I could see her tits jiggling from the gravity. Again I imagined getting her implants that would make them large enough to sway seductively every time she bent over.

She stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor, and repositioned her legs to be shoulder length apart. She stood up slowly, almost as if she would lose her balance if she went any faster. When she rose, I was rewarded with the sight I had been fantasizing about all week. Her pussy was clearly displayed. As she said, there wasn’t a single hair to tarnish the beauty of her perfectly smooth mound. Her breasts bounced seductively as her lungs struggled between gasps of air.

I rose from the chair. For the most part, up until now I had only been a spectator. It was time she found out just what was expected of her the rest of her life. I started unbuttoning my shirt, each button exposing more of my chest, and her chest to heave with greater effort to breathe. Soon, I shucked it off my shoulders, having it land in a pile on top of her red panties.

“On your knees, slut”, I said to my own daughter. My mind wrestled again with the moral implications of what was happening. Did I really want to have my own daughter as a sex-slave, a mere toy to be used and put away until it was time to use her again? But as Marci fell quietly to her knees, and her sobbing abated, my mind was made up. “Pull out daddy’s cock, you fucking whore”, I commanded.

Her hands were slow, but she still her nimble fingers pulled down my zipper and unfastened the button. She gasped as her hands gripped the waistband of my pants, and pulled them down, releasing my cock. After the story she recited, and seeing her as naked as she was, the atmosphere was charged with a sexual energy, my full eight inches stood erect under my daughter’s gaze. I realized that this was not the first time she’s seen it, but it was the first time she knew it was mine.

I easily stepped out of my pants, making me as naked as my daughter was. My rigid cock just inches from her face. “Suck it, you bitch”, I spoke quietly, but loud enough for her to hear me.

And she did not disappoint, did not hesitate in the least, as her seductive lips parted, and I felt her warm breath cascading over the sensitive skin of my cock. And as her head leaned forward, her lips parting, stretching to accommodate my circumference, her tongue shot forward, sending a jolt of sexual energy through me, as it made contact with my skin.

Her efforts at the glory hole have made her quite accomplished. She sucked my cock with the same intensity and energy as she did that day a week ago. I felt my orgasm start to bubble to the surface under her efforts. But I wanted this night to last a lot longer than the effort it took a professional cocksucker to get me off. We had all weekend together, and I was going to enjoy every moment of it. “Look at me”, I commanded, as her head looked upwards. Her blue eyes were glazed over and red from all the crying. I realized that even with all the cocks she has sucked, she’s never looked them in the eye while doing it.

“From now on, you’re going to be my little slut”, I started, finding it hard to concentrate while my daughter expertly sucked my cock. “I’m going to use your mouth, your cunt, and your ass for my sexual pleasure”. No sooner had I said this, then I felt her efforts increase. Her tongue flicked over my cock, playing at the sensitive spot right beneath the head. Her mouth took more of me inside, and I could feel her throat struggling against her gag reflexes as she tried to deep-throat me.

I took her head in my hands, holding her tightly as she continued to bob up and down on my cock. As she pulled me into her, I held her there. I saw the panic in her eyes, knowing she could not breathe, but still I held my cock in her throat. I marveled at the sensation as her throat convulsed against my dick. To her credit, she never once broke eye contact, even as I loosened my grip, allowing her a few precious breaths before violating her mouth with my cock again. “You like this, don’t you, you little fucking whore”, I asked, staring deeply into my daughter’s blue eyes.

I released my grip on her head just enough for her to steal three deep breaths, before answering me, “Yes daddy, I’m your little slut”. Her words surprised me, even as her face went back down, impaling her mouth again and again on my steel-hard cock.

And as her efforts continued, compiled with what she had just said, I was pushed over the edge. I glared in her eyes, as my climax overtook me. I held my posture as best as I could, my hands loosely on her head, our eyes locked in a carnal stare, my breathing controlled so that I wasn’t grunting like some horny teen on prom night. Despite my best efforts, my hips were still thrusting wildly, as each jet of cum loosed inside my daughter’s mouth also force more of my cock into her mouth, depositing my precious cum directly into her throat.

I fell backwards on the chair, pulling my cock from my daughter’s mouth. I breathed heavily, as any breath control I had was long gone. I stared at Marci, herself gasping for air, while her hand was cupped just below her chin, as if ready to catch any of the pearly cum that dare escape her lips. I saw one little trickle of renegade semen form at the corner of her mouth as she heaved wildly, struggling to catch her own breath. Her hand easily caught it, and pushed it back into her mouth. I saw her mouth filled with the white goo, as if proudly displaying two facts: First, that she had gotten me to cum, and second, that she could hold my whole load in her tiny mouth.

I admired the way she looked at that moment, her breasts heaving up and down as she gasped for air, her mouth agape displaying my cum to me, and her whole body, naked and glistening with her own perspiration. “Swallow it, whore”, I commanded. She closed her mouth, taking much longer than a task like that should have taken, and I saw the effort she took with swallowing all that cum. She swallowed again, never once breaking eye-contact with me, the primal lust burning like a fire behind her eyes, as she accepted my cum down her throat.

We stayed like that for a long while, both of us trying to get our breathing to return to normal. “So how was she”, I heard the familiar voice from the top of the stairs. My heart leapt from my chest as I instantly recognized the voice. I stood up and quickly spun around, coming face to face with my wife, standing on the top step of the stairs, just as naked as me or our daughter.

“Honey”, I stammered, “I…I can explain”, I lied, but didn’t know what else to say. My mind reeled with images of police breaking down my door, arresting me, and my time behind bars.

“Actually”, she smiled, a knowing grin across her face, “I think it should be us who need to explain. She strolled down the stairs, each step causing her own breasts to bounce. Had this been any other moment, I would have welcomed how sexy she looked, as she took each step with enough purpose to cause her hips to sway seductively, and her tits to bounce.

When she walked to our daughter, who was still on her knees. She leaned over, bending seductively at the waist, and kissed her. This was no sweet kiss a mother and daughter usually share, a quick peck on the cheek. This was a kiss shared by lovers, filled with passion, their lips caressing each other’s as their tongues flitted about between them. She broke the kiss with effort, a strand of saliva, or some of my remaining cum, arched between them before gravity broke the string, the liquid splashing over my daughter’s chin. “Good little slut”, my wife cooed at our daughter, before taking a nearby seat on the couch. “Now, David, we should probably talk”.

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