Meeting My Best Friend

Matt’s heart beat fast, he took deep breaths, and his mind raced. In just a few moments his plane would land on the ground and he would finally meet the girl of his dreams. Matt was a third year college student at the University of Georgia who had spent most of his first two years in college in an awful one-sided relationship with a mean, although very hot, girl. During that time, she would not let him go out and do typical college guy stuff such as drinking or even go to parties because there would be “too many other girls there” as she would say. As a result Matt would spend a lot of time online just fooling around or whatever. During his first year, while his girlfriend was on spring break in Florida (they went to different colleges and thus their spring breaks were during different weeks), Matt was bored and decided to into an AOL chatroom. Now Matt’s favorite thing to do in chatrooms was to talk to girls, not for cybersex but just to chat, and on this particular day a girl with the s/n “Moomookikbutt” imed him. Right away this caught his attention and so he started chatting with her. They hit it off pretty much immediately and she told him that her name was Elisa, she was from Pennsylvania, and that she was15. Although she was a bit young for him, he was 19 at the time, Matt figured it was just talking and so it was fine. Besides, he found her funny and interesting. Matt and Elisa kept chatting online and even started talking on the phone about six months later.
After Christmas Break his second year, Matt finally broke it off with his bitch of a girlfriend when he caught her cheating on him for the second time. Having loved her very much despite the way she treated him, he was pretty depressed and lonely after losing her, but fortunately Elisa was there to comfort him and made him feel better. From then on, Matt and Elisa’s relationship developed to a whole new level; they talked on the phone quite frequently, sometimes for hours at a time, and told each other everything. They even told each other exactly where they lived and all their other secrets as they trusted each other and had become really good friends. Matt had seen a few pictures of Elisa and basically thought that she was one of the hottest girls he had ever seen. She was half-Itallian and so she had a beautiful olive skin tone, long jet black hair, and gorgeous dark brown eyes, not to mention a beautiful smile, which had always been a turnon for him. Elisa had also seen a few pictures of Matt and to his surprise, she apparently thought that he was pretty hot too. He was fairly tall at just over 6 feet, his hair was dark brown, not too long but just a little shaggy, and he had a pretty muscular build. From talking to each other so much over the next year, despite never meeting her, Matt now considered Elisa to be one of his best friends; she was always there for him and he could tell her anything.
Most importantly though, Matt was falling in love with Elisa. Every time she called him it made him feel a lot better no matter mood he was in. Unfortunately though, a lot of the time that Elisa called him, she told him about a date she had been on or some guy she hooked up with. While Matt of course wouldn’t tell her this, he was jealous. He wanted her for himself. He just wanted to grab her and tell her how he felt and then make love to her. He just wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. He hoped she looked at him as more than just a friend, but was hesitant to come out about his feelings for fear that he might lose her if he did. Matt wouldn’t have to tell her his feelings though because much to his delight, she actually told him that she loved him; furthermore, he found out that she got jealous about his girlfriends just as he did about her boyfriends. Hearing this made Matt absolutely elated and he was quick to tell her that the felt the same way. What made him even happier was that Elisa also realized that perhaps she was a little too promiscuous for her age and decided to stop fooling around with guys for a while. From there, their relationship got even stronger as they openly told each other “I love you” on the phone, among other private and personal things along those lines.
As Christmas Break during his third year approached, and their relationship stronger than ever, Matt and Elisa decided that they finally had to meet. In order to do this Matt was going to have to get a plane ticket to Pennsylvania, a hotel room for however long he was going to stay, and a rental car so that he could get around while he was there. Matt decided that the best thing to do would be to get these things for Christmas so that he use his money to take Elisa on dates and for other expenses while he was there. The only way he could ask for those things from his parents would be to lie, he certainly couldn’t tell his parents that he was going to see some underage girl that he met on the net. He made up a story that Elisa was really a friend from college and that he just wanted to visit her over the break because he really liked her and that she wanted him to visit too. His parents believed him and they set up the whole trip for 6 days, 5 nights including the plane ticket, hotel room, and rental car as his Christmas present. Everything was set and three days after Christmas, Matt headed to the airport and got on the plane that would take him to his best friend and love of his life whom he had never met. Now more than a year and a half after they first talked online, Matt, who was now 21, was finally going to meet Elisa, who was now 16, although turning 17 in a month.
“Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We’re now beginning our final descent in the Pittsburgh Airport, please return your tray tables to their upright and locked position and fasten your safety belts,” came out of the loudspeaker. A wave of anxiousness swept over his body and he was nervous and excited at the same time as it finally hit him that this was it-he was going to meet Elisa. Not only that, but Matt was going to see her very shortly after he got off the plane as Elisa had told him that she was going to take a bus to the airport and would meet him at baggage claim. The plane landed a few minutes later and Matt stepped off and started walking towards baggage claim. It seemed like an eternity for him to reach baggage, but when he finally did he saw her standing about 20 feet away. She didn’t see him but Matt just stood there for a second staring at her. She was stunning and his jaw dropped. As he looked at her Matt couldn’t believe how sexy and gorgeous she was. She was just wearing a low cut long sleeve shirt and jeans, but even in regular clothes like these he had never seen any girl look so beautiful. He just had to watch her for a while to take in her beauty. After a few seconds, he walked around behind her without her noticing and put his arm around her. She quickly turned around and got her first look at him in the flesh. Matt was very pleased to see that she smiled and immediately threw her arms around and him and whispered “I love you” in his ear. This took away a lot of Matt’s nervousness right away and he told her that he loved her too.
As they walked to the rental car counter they talked about what they got for Christmas and what they wanted to do while Matt was there. He was amazed how comfortable around her he was, and how easily they were talking to each other. It was like they had hung out together everyday, not just meeting for the first time. They got the rental car and drove out of the airport parking lot, still continuing to talk about anything. As Matt drove he kept an eye for the perfect spot to pull over and really kick off his little vacation. Suddenly he noticed a little secluded parking lot that didn’t seem to belong to anything, but it was empty and a little ways off the main road. He took a left and headed about 100 yards off the road and pulled into the far side of the parking lot. “What are you doing?” she asked. Without saying a word, Matt leaned over the other seat and kissed Elisa for the first time. He was slow at first just pushing his lips up against hers and enjoying a slow passionate kiss. Then Elisa just shoved her tongue into his mouth and he was quick to follow suit. He wrapped his arms around her and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth as passion became lust. These two had wanted each other for over a year and now they would finally have it. Matt moved his hands up and down her body and starting rubbing her back. He then took his other hand and caressed her firm round boobs. He moved his hand down to the bottom of her shirt and slid it up inside of it and started rubbing her belly. He could feel Elisa’s pulse start to quicken as they continued to make out. He then finally moved his hand up inside of her shirt and slipped it under her bra. Her tits felt amazing in his hands, they were so smooth and the perfect size. Her nipples were very hard and large, which was exactly what he liked. He pinched her left nipple and started tugging on it. He could sense that she was really starting to get turned on as she started breathing harder.
All of sudden she stopped kissing him and pulled back. “What’s wrong?” he said. “Nothing,” she replied, “I just wanted to tell you that I’m really wet.” Matt took that as his cue to take this to the next level. He pulled his hand out from under her bra, lowered his own seat back, and then wrapped both of his strong hands around her sexy body and lifted her out of her seat and pulled him on top of his lap. They continued making out and she started grinding her hips against his. She could feel his dick harden in his pants. She reached down and started rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans. It felt a like a good size to her, perhaps a little longer than average, but very thick. Matt moved both of his hands to her jeans and unbuttoned them. He then slid his right hand inside them and started rubbing her pussy through her thong. He could tell that she was completely shaved and her panties were soaked at this point. He pushed them aside and finally felt her wet hot pussy for the first time. He put his middle finger on her clit and started rubbing back and forth slowly at first but gradually picked up speed. She stopped kissing him again and sat straight up and closed her eyes. She started gently moaning, saying, “Ohh Matt, ahhh.” As he went faster she got louder and louder until his hand started moving as fast as he could make it. She started shaking and then let out a loud scream, Matt could feel a rush of her juice squirt out on his hand and he knew he had just made her cum and made her cum hard. She slumped forward and put her head on his chest. “Let’s go to my hotel room so we can take this all the way, I want you so bad,” he said. She emphatically agreed as she buttoned up her pants and moved back to her seat.
He pulled out of the parking lot and waited for his turn to pull back onto the main road. Paying attention to the road, he didn’t notice her hand moving in his direction until she rested it on the bulge in his pants that was still there. She undid his belt and then unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his rock hard dick out and finally got a look at it for the first time. It was impressive over 6 inches long, but really thick as she had thought. She could see the veins popping out of his shaft as she wrapped her hand around it and started moving her hand up and down. “That feels so good,” he said as he drove towards the hotel. “Well then how does this feel?” she said and leaned over and started licking his head. “Oh, that’s amazing,” he said as he felt her warm lips wrap around his head. She pushed her head farther down on his dick and kept her tongue licking around his head in a swirling motion. It was feeling so good to Matt that it was a little hard for him to concentrate on driving, but he definitely wasn’t going to tell her to stop. Then he felt her push her head all the way down on his dick as she deep throated him. He could feel the back of her throat and it was so warm and wet that he nearly shot his load down into her stomach right then, but he held it back, there was still so much he wanted to do before that happened. She continued licking and sucking on his hard dick until they pulled into the hotel parking lot. After he parked, he put his hand on the back of her head and started pushing it up and down the length of his dick as he fucked her face. Finally, although it was extremely hard, he told her to stop so that he could check in.
They headed into the lobby, Matt received his key, and they headed up to his hotel room. After they got off the elevator he got the idea to make this really romantic, so he scooped Elisa up in his arms and carried her down the hallway. When they got to his room he was able to slide the card in the reader and open the door without having to put her down. He pushed the door open and threw her down on the bed. The room was pretty nice, there was just one large bed, a couple dressers, a tv, and bathroom. But the nicest sight was seeing this beautiful teenager waiting for him. She smiled at him a cute, yet devious smile. “What?” he asked. “Nothing, I’m just waiting for you to fuck me hard,” she said. That was all the inspiration that he need and he quickly jumped on the bed to join her. He got on top of her and wrapped his arms around her sexy body as they started making out again. Once again, Matt started rubbing all over her body, but this time he removed her shirt. He got a good look at her half naked body, only wearing a bra for a top, and just marveled at how incredibly sexy she looked. He reached around her again and undid her bra removing it from her body. Finally he got to see her boobs. They were perfect in his eyes, just the right size, with large dark brown nipples that stuck pretty far out, and had a great bounce and general look to them. He started rubbing them with his hands and pinched both of her nipples as they started kissing again. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth all over her chest but that would only be one part of his plans for her body. Matt had a licking fetish-he loved to lick girls all over their bodies. In fact, there were only four places that he wouldn’t lick a girl: her hair, her feet, her armpits, and her ass crack (although the cheeks were fair game to him).
He started off by licking her cute cheeks, he then moved his expert tongue over to her ear. He shoved his tongue into her lobe while sucking and nibbling on the rest of her ear. This drove Elisa wild, it did tickle a little but felt so good, and she squirmed around and moaned as he continued licking out her ear. He then licked down to her neck, and knowing that Elisa had a biting fetish the same as his licking fetish, he started gently biting and sucking on it. He could hear Elisa moaning a lot now, and knew that she wanted him to get to her more sensitive parts. He continued licking down her hot body until he reached her chest. He started moving his tongue up and down in the area between her tits and then moved over to her right boob. He licked circles around her nipple just to tease her and rubbed the other one with his hand. After driving her nuts, he finally put her nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it. He then bit down it hard, which caused her to scream, but in a good way, and as he bit down and sucked on her tit he flicked his tongue across her nipple which made Elisa feel really horny. After giving the other one the same treatment, Matt licked a trail down to her stomach and then licked all over her entire belly and put his tongue into her belly button. While licking her belly button, he removed her pants and thong, now leaving her completely naked. Matt was about to reach his ultimate destination, but had to tease her just a little more first. He licked down to the very top of her pussy, just before he was about to start eating her out, his tongue took a left and he licked all the way around her pussy and down her inner thigh. He kissed her sexy thigh and then licked back up to pussy, went around it again and kissed her other thigh. He could see her pussy absolutely leaking juice and she had a look on her face that as if she was begging for him to stop teasing her and just get to it and knew it was time.
Eating girls out was one of Matt’s favorite things to do. Next to actual sex, it was his favorite thing to do in the bedroom; he liked doing that a lot more than even getting head himself. He got on his knees on the floor next to the bed and positioned Elisa so that her legs hung off the edge. He then grabbed her legs, put them up in the air, and spread them as far as he could. He now got his first good look at her most private part. It looked wonderful, certainly there are some girls who’s pussies aren’t very aesthetically pleasing due to hair or the lips hanging too much, but her’s looked absolutely perfect and was completely devoid of hair. This was the type of pussy that Matt just loved to dive into tongue first and go to town on. That’s exactly what he did. He put his face right up against her pussy and started sucking on her lips and slid his tongue underneath to reach her clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth across it repeatedly as fast as he could until it began to get tired. He then thrusted it as deep into her pussy hole as he could and moved his head in and out so as to tongue fuck her. While doing this he kept rubbing her clit with thumb. This was absolutely driving Elisa wild. Never before had she had a guy eat her out so expertly, his tongue felt like heaven inside of her and him rubbing her clit at the same time was almost too much to take. She rubbed her tits as she squirmed back and forth and moaned almost as loud as she could. “Oh my God Matt, don’t stop, keep licking me with your tongue, I’m about to cum!” she screamed. Matt was also loving every minute of this, he could taste her so well, and she was delicious. He knew exactly how he wanted to make her cum. He pulled his cum drenched tongue out of her hot, tight hole and put it flat up against her entire pussy. Matt had a very long and wide tongue-he could actually touch the tip of his nose with it. He was easily able to cover every part of her pussy, and with it in place, he shook his head side to side fast and hard. This sent Elisa over the edge. His tongue was moving so fast and hitting every part of her, she could no longer take it. She shook almost violently, screamed at the tops of her lungs, and began to cum. This was exactly what Matt was waiting for. He could feel her juices rush up to his tongue from her hole, and he could taste every drop of it. Finally, she stopped cumming, and he knew he had just given her the best orgasm of her life. She was breathless and speechless at the same time. Never before had she cum so hard, and this was only from being eaten out!
Matt knew that this was just the beginning though, now the real fun would begin. Matt took his shirt off, then his pants and boxers. He now stood there naked just like her. He repositioned Elisa at the head of the bed and got on top of her again. They kissed deeply once again, and this time Elisa could taste her own juice. This certainly was not the first taste of pussy she’d ever had, and she loved how sweet it tasted and so that only further put her in to the mood. Matt stop kissing her and got on his knees in between her legs. He grabbed her long sexy legs and put them up on his shoulders. Her pussy was now just waiting for him to enter. He grabbed his throbbing dick and guided it to the entrance of her pussy and just barely put the tip inside. He looked deep into her eyes, said “I love you Elisa,” leaned forward, and thrust his dick deep inside of her. She let out a little yelp as she felt his dick being driven into her. Her pussy expanded to accommodate the thickness of his cock, and she had never felt so full. Matt had never felt such a tight pussy, it was amazing and he just had to sit there for a minute and take in the pleasure. Then he started fucking her. Right away he started going at a pretty fast speed, he wanted to make cum as much as he could. Elisa just laid there and moaned as she felt him continuously drive his dick in and out. Matt was going at an extremely fast pace now and was just pounding away at her tight teenage pussy. She was screaming his name now, and clawing at his back. Suddenly he felt her cum as her pussy tightened and her juice rushed around his dick. Matt knew that this would be the first of many orgasms she would have while they fucked.
He pulled his dick out of her dripping pussy and moved to the head of the bed. He then put his dick right up to her mouth. She eagerly opened up for him and he started fucking her face. Elisa loved the taste of her own pussy and sucked all of her own juices off of him. He put both of his hands on the sides of her head and really started to pound her mouth. Elisa was on the brink of gagging with his dick being forced so deep into her throat, but loved knowing that she was deep throating like no girl has before. Matt then laid down on the bed next to her. She knew what he wanted and she wanted it too. She quickly straddled him, grabbed his hard dick and guided it into her pussy as she sat down on him. “Elisa, that feel so good,” he said as she started riding him. Matt reached his hands around her and grabbed her ass so he could help her bounce up and down. Once again Elisa started moaning as she felt his dick sliding in and out of her hole. She leaned forward and put her tits in his face, and he hungrily sucked on and bit them.. This just added to her pleasure and sent Elisa into ecstasy. Matt again fell her shake and she moaned loudly, even louder than before this time. He could see the juice running down his shaft and his entire groin and lower stomach were sopped at this point. As she finished cumming again, she lifted herself off of his dick and started sucking on it again. Matt just laid there this time and enjoyed the blowjob that he was receiving. Even though she was only 16, she was sucking his dick like she was a seasoned pro. He watched her head bob up and down on his member and admired at how cute she looked with his dick in her mouth.
He reached the verge of cumming himself, and so he told her to stop and get on her hands and knees. He moved behind and her and stuck his dick inside of her pussy again, but this time only took a few strokes before pulling out. “What are you doing baby?” she asked. “You’ll see,” he replied. With that he started to push his dick inside her asshole. It was unbelievably tight and very hard to penetrate at first. “I haven’t been fucked up there in a while,” she said, “but I’m glad you want to, I love anal.” Matt pushed the rest of his dick inside of her ass and started taking short slow thrusts. To his surprise, Elisa was moaning louder than ever at this point, apparently she was loving this. More confident, he really started giving it to her, pulling the entire length of his dick in and out of her ass. “Slap me hard while you fuck me,” she yelled. CRACK! Matt’s hand landed hard on her ass just as his dick slammed into her butt. The sight of the flesh of her young butt bouncing around was incredibly hot and he continued to spank her every few strokes or so. While that was going on, Elisa started rubbing her pussy with her hand and slipped a finger inside. What a true anal slut she is was all Matt could think about as he continued pounding away at her ass. Elisa started cumming, but this time didn’t stop after one orgasm. She yelled and moaned, she shook, and screamed his name. Her pussy actually started squirting at this point and Matt could feel her juice splattering all over his thighs.
This was just too much for him to take. Matt had to cum, but there was only one place he wanted to put it. He pulled his dick out of her ass and she laid back down on the bed. He straddled her chest and put his dick in her mouth again. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and began stroking it as fast as she could. He let out a little moan just before his dick began to erupt cum into her mouth. It felt so incredible as her tongue worked it’s way around his head while he shot strand after strand of cum down her throat and into her belly. She was quick to swallow every drop as it continued to pour from his dick. He had never cum so much in his life and it began to leak out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Finally he finished cumming what felt like must have been a gallon of sperm. “Oh my God, that was so much, I’ve never swallowed that much cum in life. I feel so full,” she said. Matt Just stood there looking into her face. She had a little cum dribbling down her chin and she looked so cute. But more than that she truly was beautiful. Just being there with her made him feel so sated. He wiped the cum from her face onto the blanket and then and cuddled up with her and held her tight.
“I really do love you,” he said, “ I was nervous about coming to see you and meeting you for the first time, but I want you to know that that was the best sex I’ve ever had by far, and I feel so comfortable around you.” “I love you too Matt,” she replied, “I’m so glad you came to see me and when you do have to leave I don’t think I’m going to be able to let you go.” “Don’t think about that, yet,” he said, “we still have five more days to enjoy.” And with that they started making out again.

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