The Business Trip

I was out of town for business. I was in my hotel room and bored.I thought I may as well do my laundry. I always wait until I get home to do the laundry, but as I said, I was bored. I thought to myself, how pathetic doing laundry. I went to the laundry room and the washers were being used. I went back to my room to look up nearby laundromats. There was one close by. I grabbed my dirty clothes, hopped in the rental car and headed off. When I got there it was empty. It was a small neighborhood laundromat. there were 8-10 washers and 8-10 dryers and a couple of folding tables. I got change from the machine and purchased some detergent. A large black woman came in. I loaded may machine and sat down to read my book. She loaded a machine and sat down with a magazine. My machine finished and her machine finished a few seconds later. I loaded my damp clothes into 2 dryers. She loaded her clothes into a dryer. A few minutes later she got up to check her machine.

She sat down next to me and asked me how I was. I told her fine and asked her the same. She said she was good.She said her name was Tambra. We talked about the weather and her children.She asked me if I lived close by. I told her that I was not from around here. I was here on a business trip.She asked for how long and I told her for 2 more days.She then put her hand on my upper thigh. I really did not know what to say or do. Like I said, she was very heavy and not very good looking. I do not mind heavy women, but she seemed a bit to large for my tastes. I would guess that she was over 300 pounds. I decided to tell her that it did not bother me. She moved her hand to my crotch and said "I want to see you." I said " Th is a laundromat." Just then the timer went off on the dryer. Her's went off a few seconds later. I got up to remove the clothes from the machine. she got up, went behind me and squeezed me close to her. She again said she wanted to see me.I could feel my cock getting tight in my pants. I thought, maybe I could get off with her. I said " So where?" She said we could go to her apartment.she said it was just down the road. She said I could follow her there. i agreed. We got our laundry I got in my car to follow her I almost went the other way but I had an erection. We got to her apartment and we went in. She asked me if I wanted something to drink. I told her I was ok. She must have seen the bulge in my pants. She came up to me, grabbed my cock and said " I want this." I could feel my cock getting harder in her hand. She proceeded to undo my pants and pull my pants down. She stroked my cock a few times. I sat down on the couch and took my shoes off and removed my pants.Then she took her pants off. She was a very large woman. Big legs and a big ass. Then she took her top off. She had a big stomach and huge bra covered breasts. I could no even see her pussy. She asked me to take my shirt off. I did. She reached behind to undo her bra. she removed her bra. She had huge tits that hung below her navel they hung flat against her body. They looked like two brown 2X8s. I could see the stretch marks on them from all that weight.. She bent over and grabbed my cock. Her huge udders were hanging straight down. They were thinner at her chest and looked like huge sandbags hanging there. i have to admit, it was a turn on. I really wanted to squeeze them. I first put my hand on one and gave it a slight push. It swayed. I put my hand under her tit and pushed it up, trying to mash it to her chest. It was heavy. I could not believe how heavy it was. I grabbed one of her tits with both hands to squeeze it. I could not get both hands around it. these were the biggest tits I had ever squeezed. She moaned slightly. My cock was rock hard. She got on her knees and put it in her mouth. I really wanted to play with those knockers. She sucked me for a bit and then laid back on the floor. Her tits hung to her side to the floor. Tambra said "Come here." I got on top of her. I grabbed one of her tits to suck on. I only got the smallest part of it in my mouth. I licked and sucked, trying to touch every part of her huge udder. I needed both hands to control her huge tit.I thought I could massage her tits. I got off of her and got to my knees beside her so I could use both hands. I sat it on her chest and pushed. I massaged it. I them thought I would give her other tit some attention. I pushed it over her shoulder and it stayed there! I sucked and licked her other tit. Sh said "Do you like those?" I told her I did. She then grabbed my cock and said "Get over here." I strattled her face and she said "Turn around." I swung around so I was looking at her lower body. I lowered my cock into her open mouth. She started to suck. She took my arm and pushed it down her body. I slid over her ample belly to her crotch. She bent her knees and spread her legs. I started to probe her pussy area. It was clean shaven. She had a lot of skin around her pussy I kept feeling for her pussy lips. She spread her legs wider. I found her pussy opening. With my fingers, i spread her pussy lips. I slid my finger in. She was wet. I was moving my hips up and down, sliding my cock in her mouth. I found her clit and squeezed it slightly between my fingers. She sucked harder. I did not want to cum yet. I pulled out of her mouth. I went between her legs to finger her wet pussy. I pushed my finger in her hole. I started to finger fuck her. There was more room. I slid 4 fingers into her. they slid in easily with all of her pussy juice as a lube. She said "Put your hand in me." I pulled my fingers out, put all my fingers together and pushed. She spread her legs even wider and started bucking her hips. My hand went in to my wrist. I moved my fingers around inside of her. I wanted to feel every part of her insides. She grabbed my arm and started to pump.She was fucking my hand. I could not believe how such a large woman could move her hips so fast.. She was moving her entire body. Her tits were jiggling every which way. She said " I am going to cum." She squeezed her knees together. I brought my other hand up to her clit and pushed on it with my finger. She shouted Holy fuck!" I could feel the inner parts of her contracting on my hand. I rubbed her clit hard and fast. Her legs were shaking. She said "Keep rubbing. I think I am going to cum again."Her entire body was shaking. it was hot seeing all of her juggling. I pulled my hand from between her legs. She laid there trying to catch her breath. After she caught her breath she said " Lay on the couch." She came over to me, bent over with her hips near my face, and swallowed my cock. It was hot watching her move up and down on my shaft. What made it more intense was watching her huge tits swinging like 2 punching bags. I reached over and played with her tits, still in amazement at the size of them and how heavy they were. I could feel my cum ready to explode. i kept holding it back until I couldn't any longer. I said " I am going to cum." She kept sucking. I arched my back and thrust my cock into her mouth. I pumped my hot cum into her mouth. I fantasized of it filling her huge tits. She kept sucking. She sucked me dry. She kept sucking even after my member was soft. I said "If you keep this up, you might get another load." She sucked for a little while, but I was empty. She laid back on the floor and pulled me toward her . I laid down next to her and used one of her tits as a pillow and sucked on the other one. She asked me if I would want to get together tomorrow. I told her that I could not. I will admit that I did make my way back there a month later. I think It was worth the 4 hour drive.

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