The Jacuzzi

Les and I were relaxing in the Jacuzzi, recuperating from our early evening fuck session, when Jason (the bell hop) announced his arrival at the cabin. “Hey Baby, I hope you are ready for some great fucking, cuz all I could think about tonight was your great BIG tits and your tight, wet shaved pussy.” Jason was removing his clothes as fast as he could as he headed towards the outdoor hot tub. His dick was already at half mast as he contemplated another fantastic fuck.

I had forewarned Les about the masturbation and subsequent “helping cum session” earlier that day with Jason. Plus, Les had seen Jason’s excitement at the hotel as I exposed my hairless pussy lips and breasts in public. Jason was somewhat shocked to see Les, however. His beginning hard-on went limp until both of us encouraged him to join us in the Jacuzzi. I got out to make drinks for everyone. The “boys” both enjoyed watching me work in the nude. They especially liked watching my humongous 40 DD boobs sway back and forth as I walked, bent over or chopped ice. Seeing this, I took a piece of ice and rubbed it over my nipples. It really excited me, plus it made my nipples very hard and started a familiar sensation stirring in my groin. I proceeded to put some of the daiquiri mix on my nipples then raise each succulent nipple up to my mouth and suck it off my now ½ inch titty hard-ons. MMMmmm it tasted soo good.

As I brought the drinks out, the guys watched every step I took. I rejoined them in the hot tub and sat between the two. We toasted to “a night of fun, pleasure and experiences.” After our drinks, I could feel both men caressing and fondling my breast closest to them. I moaned as I relished the attention. My tits are so sensitive and my nipples are so responsive to any stimulation that I get little electric shock waves moistening my pussy. Each began to massage, lick, suck, pull, and twist my nipples; and encapsulate my areolas in their warm inviting mouths. I was close to cumming just from my nipples being rubbed! I grabbed a cock in each hand and started stroking each with fervor. I paid special attention to the under side, just beneath the head. Soon, I had both shafts jumping in my hands as the blood freely engorged each penis. I began caressing their balls as I moved slightly down in my seat so that a Jacuzzi jet could force water over my clitoris. What a RUSH! Both knew I was nearing climax because I was wiggling and moaning and stroking their shafts faster and faster. Les moved to my lips for a very long wet, sensual kiss. While Jason moved his hand down to explore my hairless pussy. The Jacuzzi jet was so forceful, it was making an umbrella tent out of the protective mons pubis (the pussy covering over the clit). All Jason had to do was begin touching my open clit as he stuck his middle finger in my sopping wet hole. As Les kissed me and tweaked my nipple, as the Jacuzzi engulfed and danced over my clit, and as Jason finger banged my twat and sucked my other nipple, my whole body began violently jerking. I yelled out, “OHHhhh, my GOSH, I’MMMmmm CUMMMmmmingg, I’m freaking Cumming. Suck me harder. I’m going to EXPLODE.” With that, Les sucked more of my nipple into his mouth. Jason lifted my cunt to his mouth and sucked on my clit as he continued to finger bang me with one, two, three fingers. All of a sudden my body jerked again. This time my juices sprayed Jason’s face. He lapped and licked all the juices up as my body continued to shake with after waves of pleasure.
As I was regaining composure, Jason lowered my wet, convulsing pussy onto his awaiting joy stick. He began slowly thrusting his rod into my cunt. Meanwhile, Les was positioning himself into a position to fuck my tits. He buried his dick in my boobs and was pumping away. I did as much as I could, but I was pretty spent for the moment. It did not take long however for both men to shoot their loads. Jason shot his deep into the walls of my vagina and Les thoroughly enjoyed unleashing his load all over my tits. Temporarily satisfied, all of us reclined into a hot tub chair to relax and regain strength for round two.

By this time we were all ready for another drink, so I got out again to make another round of daiquiris. I just love my big watermelon tits and I love showing them off, especially when I am really horny. The men enjoyed watching my tit show as I prepared the drinks. Every move was calculated to highlight my nipples, or my breast size, or the areolas, or my pussy. Gosh, it makes me hot advertising my biggest assets!

When I got back into the Jacuzzi, we all drank while enjoying each others sexual tension and curiosity. I turned to put the drink glasses on the side of the Jacuzzi, providing a perfect view of my ass to Jason. He started squeezing my round, soft yet firm cheeks and he began playing with my pucker hole. I was still sore from my first ass fucking earlier in the day, but OH, did it feel good. I felt his first finger pass my tight sphincter muscle. DAMN, I arched my back from the fantastic warm feeling. This allowed Les to have my tits right in his face. He of course had absolutely no objections as his left hand grabbed my right breast, his mouth and tongue began their assault on my left breast, and his right hand started to titillate my pussy. OH MY, I WAS IN HEAVEN! Both my holes were being filled, my tits were being taken care of – all I needed was something in my mouth. I turned to Jason, pulled his mouth to mine and proceeded to give him the best French tongue fucking of his life. I WAS HOT! My juices were flowing to the point of flooding out of my pussy. Jason reached into my pussy to get a handful of sweet pussy cream, and then he proceeded to lube his 9” dick and my ass hole. He placed his bulging head at the entrance to my poop shoot and pushed – it popped inside. He pulled my hips towards him, as inch by inch his stiff, rod entered my arce. God, it felt so FUCKING GOOD! Not to be denied, Les had his thick, 8” love pole waiting at my flooded pussy opening. He flicked my clit with his hand, positioned his joystick and rammed it into my love tunnel in one swift move. Words can not describe the sensations, electrical shocks, waves of passion and sustained orgasm I felt as I had two cocks wildly pumping my ass and pussy. I was sandwiched between the best fuckers I had ever had and they were pounding me between them! I yelled, “FUCK ME HARDER, I’M CUMMING HARD AND FAST.” Jason yelled, “HOLY SHIT, I’M CUMMING. I’M FUCKING CUMMMINNNG!” And, Les screamed, “I CAN’T HOLD IT, MY BALLS ARE FUCKING EXPLODING. I’M CCCCUUUUMMMIIINNNGG.” I felt Jason unleash a huge load of warm, jiz into my ass hole first. Les followed, filling my tunnel with a massive load of salty, warm, creamy cum. Which, put me over the edge. My body shook, jerked, and unleashed another load of sweet pussy nectar. We were totally spent, out of breath and just collapsed in each others arms. We managed to get enough energy to climb out of the hot tub, dry off and fumble in to the bed inside the cabin. We all fell soundly asleep till the alarm clock went off the next morning.

Les and I married shortly after returning from that conference. Jason completed his schooling and visits us regularly when he is town for business. We always have an enjoyable fuck session during his visits. But, I have never been fucked as many times as I was fucked that memorable day.

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