My sweet, sweet Daddy part 2

Part 2 and also my favorite part of the fantasy

The three of us stared at each other. Casey with a smirk on her pretty little face. I with, what I'm sure was, a look of sheer panic on my face. And my sweet, sweet Daddy..well he has fainted. I think the shock was a bit much for him. I unwrapped myself from Daddy's arms, and sat up, grimacing as I felt his still warm cum leak more out of my very sore asshole. “Damn it Casey! You weren’t supposed to come over till AFTER I called!” I put my hands on my hips and tried to look stern. I even shook my finger thusly at her. “Yeah, yeah I know but I was bored and Mom was becoming quite friendly with her bottle of Johnnie again, so I decided to get out early. Stop trying to change the subject! I just saw you get butt fucked by your old man!”

“Would you believe it was an assignment for my human sexuality class?” I asked, with a smirk on my face. “Why yes, yes that's quite believable. And I assume that was scientific moaning and screaming that I heard?” We looked at each other for a few seconds and started laughing. How could we not. She wasn't freaked out by it, and I must admit, I was a little turned on by having my pretty little bestie standing in the same room as me and my very naked and very unconscious Daddy. Casey was about 2 inches taller then me, and weighed about 20 pounds more, but all in the right places. Her tits were bigger, her ass was bigger, her hips were curvier. I seriously envied that body. She had long brunette hair with fire engine red streaks in them, and the biggest green eyes you could even see.

I leaned over my Daddy and started to lightly slap him in the face. “Daddy! Wake up!” He started to stir. “Daddy! Wake your fine ass up!” His eyes opened and focused on my face. “Oh baby girl I just had the most beautiful dream. You were there” His eyes swung around and landed on Casey “And you were there! Oh wasn't a dream was it?” He looked at me for confirmation. I shook my head and tried not to laugh at my poor Daddy. “Well Casey since your not freaked out by what you just saw, me and Daddy are going to take a shower. We'll be out in 5” I helped Daddy off the bed, and shoved him out the door, with a very dazed and confused look on his face. Casey didn't hide her roving eyes as he passed her. “Damn girl.I can't say as I blame you. I wouldn't mind fucking him myself.” She said to me as I passed. Her eyes passed over my body, lingering on my tits. “You would have to be included too, of course” She said, her eyes locked on mine. I knew she was serious. She was always serious when it came to anything sex based. And that was only because she was still a virgin. I could hear the water start in the bathroom, and made my move. I walked up to Casey, backing her up against the wall and moved my face in closer. “Can I kiss you Casey?” I asked. She nodded, her eyes never leaving mine. I leaned in, and gently placed my lips against hers. My body was pressed against hers, and the rough fabric of her denim jacket scraping against my still tender nipples thrilled me.

Casey lifted her arms and placed them around my neck. I pressed against her lips harder and her mouth opened. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and wrapped it around hers. She gasped and moaned into my mouth and pulled me even closer. I tilted my head to get my tongue in deeper. Her mouth tasted so good. My arms trailed up her sides, under her shirt, my fingers tracing patterns on the flat skin of her stomach. Up higher they went till I felt the material of her lacy bra. I dragged my fingers just under the wire of her bra, feeling the smooth swells of the underside of her tits. I pulled my mouth off of hers, and whispered into her ear “I want to see you. To taste you. To hear you scream my name as you cum over and over again. I want to have your clit in my mouth. I want to watch my Daddy fuck your little pussy while I ride your face, feeling your wet tongue fuck my pussy. This is what I want. And Casey, you know I always get what I want.” She threw her head back and moaned, almost collapsing from the sheer anticipation. “Get undressed. Go into my Daddy's room. Lay on his bed with your legs spread. Play with your pussy. Get it wet for us. Do it. Now.” I said, backing myself off of her, turning and walking out of the room. I crossed the hallway and opened the bathroom door, the steam from Daddy's shower enveloping me. I opened the shower curtain and there was my sweet, sweet Daddy, standing under the scalding water, looking like her was going to cry.

“Daddy? What's the matter?” I wrapped my arms around him. “Whats the matter? Seriously?? Your best friend, a girl that I've known since she was a baby, just walked in on me and you in bed together!” He wrapped his arms tight around me. “Were in trouble baby girl. Daddy's going to go to jail. Your going to go to a foster home. I'll never see you again!” I buried my head in Daddy's chest and tried not to laugh. If only he could have seen what me and Casey were just doing and planning. “Daddy, lets shower and go talk in your room. Mine stinks of sex.” We quickly showered, and dried off. Walking down the hall, naked as the day we were born, we opened the door to Daddy's room. And there was my Casey. Deliciously naked. Deliciously wet. Her head thrown back in ecstasy. “Surprise Daddy! I don't think were going to have to worry about anything” I said, hugging him close. He couldn't take his eyes off the girl on the bed with the long brunette hair and fire engine red streaks. “Look at her Daddy. Doesn't she look hot? Don't you just want to taste her, and fuck her?” He slowly nodded, eyes still locked on the bed. Casey had opened her eyes and was looking at us, her fingers still moving over her clit.

“You're not going to leave me on the bed all by myself are you?” She asked, a little smile on her face. I walked up to the bed. I looked back. Daddy was still standing there with a brain dead smile on his face. I sighed and took his hand and pulled him to the edge of the bed with me. “Daddy! Pay attention! Casey has something very important to ask you.” His eyes cleared and focused. He looked at me first, and then Casey. “I actually have two things to ask you. The first thing is.can I call you Daddy too? And the second thing is.will you be my very first fuck?” Daddy smiled like he hit the teenage poontang lottery. “Oh sweetheart, of course you can call me Daddy. And I would be honored to be your first fuck.” He knelt on the bed, and crawled over to Casey. He leaned over her and kissed her. Softly at first, and then the kiss intensified. I sat in the chair in the corner, ready to enjoy the show. I could see that Daddy's cock was already halfway hard. His mouth moved off of Casey's, and he trailed little kisses on her jaw, down her neck and throat. Down her chest, pausing to take each of her big nipples into her mouth, worrying them with his teeth lightly. Casey arched her back, and wrapped her hands around Daddy's head, pulling him closer. “Mmmm Daddy” She whispered, trying out the name for the first time. “You have me so wet right now.” I could see him smile with a mouth full of Casey nipple. He moved his mouth lower, brushing feather light kisses over her chest, and stomach. He spread her legs wider. “Can I taste you Casey? My beautiful sweetheart. Can Daddy taste you?” He asked, looking at her. All she could do was nod, her body already quivering. Daddy wasted no time. He spread her puffy pussy lips, and dove in. Her back arched off the bed and she groaned “Ohh Daddy! Oh my god!” I squirmed in my seat. I knew what she was feeling. I was so wet, watching my Daddy and my best friend in bed together.

“Shit sweetheart. Your pussy taste amazing.” Daddy mumbled. He dragged his tongue up her slit, parting the lips. He nibbled on her clit, her pussy juices coating his chin and flooding into her mouth. “Mmmm yeah Daddy. Lick that little pussy,” I moaned, watching them. I couldn't help but to start playing with myself. “Mmmm Casey you look so beautiful right now with Daddy between your legs!” She looked at me and cocked her finger, beckoning me over. I stood up and crossed the room, kneeling on the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. It was hot and wet. Not questioning like before. Her hips were moving up and down, natural instinct taking over. I reached down and pushed the back of Daddy's head harder against Casey's pussy. “Ohh god! I feel it! I think I'm going to cum!” I ripped my mouth off of Casey's. “Make her cum Daddy! Make your sweetheart cum in your mouth! Lick her pussy! Tongue fuck her. Harder Daddy! Faster! Come on Daddy and make her cum for you!” Casey was moaning and panting and panting. She squirmed and arched her back. Then she exploded “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!! Here it comes! Oh Daddy!!” She screamed, her head thrown back as her orgasm hit. She clamped her thighs shut, trapping Daddy's face between her creamy thighs. Her head flung from side to side as her orgasm kept coursing thru her. Finally it slowed, and she quieted. Her legs fell open and Daddy sat up. His lips were swollen, his chin red and glistening with pussy juices. His eyes had fire in them. I knew what was going to happen next. Ohhh Casey, I thought. You're going to get it.

Daddy stood up and walked to the other side of the bed. He grabbed Casey by the shoulders and dragged her to the end of the bed, her head and neck hanging off the side. “Open your mouth Casey.” He demanded. She was still in the afterglow of her orgasm, and slow to respond. He slapped her across the face, lightly. “Open your goddamned mouth! You're going to suck Daddy's cock. I'm going to teach you to deep throat it like the little slut that you are!” I smiled. That's what he said to me my first time! Casey looked at me and Daddy. “I've never sucked a cock before.” She whispered, fear in her voice. “Well you're going to now slut!” I said, glee in my voice. “Now open that hot little mouth of yours!”c Casey opened her mouth and Daddy moved in. He pressed the head of his cock into her mouth, aided by the copious amount of precum he was already leaking. He cock entered her mouth, inch by inch. I could see her start to panic. “Shhhhh Casey baby. Daddy would never hurt you like that. Just relax. It's much easier if you relax.” I whispered in her ear. Daddy pressed in further and I could see him starting to enter her throat. He pulled back and out of her mouth and she gasped for breath. “You'll learn how to time your breathing Casey baby. Just relax and let Daddy do all the work.” I said, trying to reassure her. “Be gentle with her Daddy.but not to gentle.” I winked at him and he nodded. He pushed his cock back into her mouth and throat and pulled out again, increasing his speed. I could see the strain on his face, as he concentrated on not impaling her throat.

“Oh fuck Casey baby. Oh fuck little slut. Yeah, take Daddy's cock like that. I'm fucking your face Casey baby.” He moaned as his pace increased even more, his hips moving like pistons. I could see that her breathing had evened out, and she was relaxed. I could hear little moans of pleasure coming from her. “Oh she likes it. She likes it when Daddy fucks her mouth with his big cock! Don't you Casey baby!” I leaned down and took one her nipples in my mouth, chewing on it gently. My pussy was dripping wet and I wanted to play with it, but I was saving it. I was saving it for my Casey baby. Daddy had his head thrown back in sheer ecstasy. “Ohh Casey, Daddy wants to cum in your mouth. Suck it baby, that's right. But Daddy's not going to cum in your mouth. Oh no baby girl. Daddy's going to cum in your little pussy. Daddy's going to bust your cherry and fuck you like the slut that you are. Ohhhh fuck Casey! Oh take Daddy's cock in your mouth” I pulled my mouth off her nipple. “Now Daddy! Fuck her now! I can't wait anymore!” I begged. He slowly pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth. I grabbed her by her legs and pulled her all the way onto the bed. Daddy moved between her legs. “What do you think baby girl?”He asked, looking at me. “Should I be gentle?” I looked at Casey, at the lust played across her face. “She's a big girl Daddy. She can handle a pounding. Give it to her hard” He smiled. “Anything for my baby girl!” He grabbed her ankles, and put them on his shoulders. He positioned himself just right, pushing the head of his cock into her very wet pussy. “Here we go Casey baby. Daddy’s going to fuck you!” And with that he pushed his cock into her pussy. He wasn't gentle. He wasn't slow. He entered, plowed thru her hymen and didn't stop till he bottomed out. Casey's mouth was open, her eyes wide. A single tear trickled down her cheeks. A long hissing noise escaped her lungs. Daddy didn't move for a minute, afraid he had really hurt her. She looked at him. “I thought you were going to fuck me Daddy. Not just lay there!”

Daddy smiled. I smiled. “You heard her Daddy. Fuck that cunt!” I shouted and Daddy did. He drew his hips back and slammed forward, not stopping anymore. He moved fast, with a single goal in mind. He put all of his weight and strength into fucking Casey baby. He grunted, and growled, sweat flying off his brow. “Now here comes my turn Casey baby!” I whispered in her ear. She was moaning and swearing begging Daddy to make her cum. I got up on my knees and straddled her head, making sure not to kneel on her long brunette hair with the fire engine red streaks. “Now eat my pussy slut!” I said to her, “And you better do a fucking good job!” I lowered my pussy to her mouth and instantly felt her tongue on me. Casey's tongue was inside my cunt hole, and playing with my clit. I ground her face with my pussy. “Mmmmm that's a good little pussy licker. Oh fuck yeah Casey baby. You're a fucking natural at eating pussy baby. Mmmmm make me cum little slut.” Daddy and me locked eyes. He was pumping in and out of Casey hard and fast. “Oh god little whore. Your fucking pussy is so tight around Daddy's cock. Make her cum Casey baby. Make my baby girl's pussy cum hard! If you don't do it right I'm going to fuck your ass!” Daddy growled, with our eyes still locked. “Oh she's so good at this Daddy!” I moaned. Daddy leaned down and started to suck and bite my nipples. I held his head close and whispered “I love you so much Daddy.” I ground my pussy harder on Casey baby's face and could feel my orgasm building.

“Oh god I love you too baby girl. I'm so close to cumming. I'm going to cum in her little cunt!” He moaned. “Wait for me Daddy..” I whispered to him. “Don't cum yet!” He kissed me, our tongues playing together. “Mmmmm almost Daddy. She's going to make me cum soon.” I whispered to him. “Make her cum Casey!” He shouted. “Make my baby girl cum or I swear I'll fuck your asshole so hard you won't be able to sit for a fucking month!” Casey was licking and sucking. Moaning and panting. Her hips were thrusting against Daddy's hips. She was close to cumming. We all were. “Ohhh god Daddy! Oh god here it comes! Cum with me Daddy! She's going to make me cum Daddy!” I felt the tingling starting in my toes. It spread outwards, taking my breath away. “I'm cumming Casey! My cunt's cumming in your mouth!” I screamed as it overtook me. I heard Daddy shouting as he came in Casey baby's pussy. Casey was screaming into my cunt as she came. We all screamed, and bucked. I grabbed Daddy's neck and pulled him close, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. Our orgasms quieted. We were all weak. I rolled off of Casey's face, hearing her draw long, deep breaths. Daddy collapsed on top of me. Casey laid there, legs spread, arms flung to the side. We stayed like that for many minutes, or breathing getting back to normal. I sat up and crawled to Casey. I kissed her gently. “You were amazing Casey baby.” I whispered in her ear. “Yes you were sweetheart.” Daddy said. “Such a good girl for us” She kissed us both, a happy smile on her face. She looked at me. “So about that science project..”

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